McConnell Has a Request for Veteran Federal Judges: Please Quit

The Senate majority leader has encouraged judges thinking about stepping down to do so soon to ensure that Republicans confirm their replacements this year.

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  1. "Mr. Davis estimated that judges would need to decide by late summer or early fall to provide sufficient time for a nomination and confirmation." Too late, if 2016 is any precedent.

  2. Just another move by McConnell to legitimize court expansion after Democrats assemble sufficient political power to do as they please with the courts. There are ways that impulse could be turned into permanent reform against over-politicization, and as soon as Democrats are in power, those ought to be considered. But it will require restraint to go with reform, when McConnell is encouraging instead a brutal lunge for partisan advantage.

  3. McConnell and colleagues are bent on populating the judiciary with judges whose beliefs are out of touch with a sizable majority of Americans. The GOP has been astonishingly radicalized - I don't even recognize the Republican party of my youth. It should be noted that this whole "conservative long game" (Federalist Society, Heritage Foundation, etc.) was a direct response to the civil rights advances of the Warren Court. Segregationists railed that the Warren Court was "legislating from the bench" with decisions like Brown vs. Board of Education. Anyone who considers Martin Luther King an American hero should be alarmed by the direction the GOP is enforcing on the courts.

  4. are lifetime appointments to the judiciary enshrined in the constitution or by law? Either way, change is possible.

  5. It’s an election year shouldn’t the incoming President get to make those appointments you two faced unpatriotic American

  6. @David Real patriots don’t call out their fellow citizens when they disagree with other so-called patriots.

  7. This unbelievable call by Mitch McConnell should alone cement his legacy as the most despicable, vile and dangerous Senate Majority Leader in United States history. His whole country is spiraling downward in a state of panic desperation and all Mitch is worried about how many judges he can appoint before his boy, Donald Trump is tarred, feathered and run out of town.

  8. We have an opportunity here to replace Confederate statues with likenesses of this loathsome man so that his legacy is forever remembered. Only relocate all of them to dog parks to replace all of the faux fire hydrants.

  9. We all know this takes priority for Mitch McConnell over trying to address the coronavirus. If millions of Americans need to die in war or as a result of a virus, so be it, so long as he gets his conservative judges. Hoping one day McConnel is seen in the history books as the traitor he is to the American people.

  10. Glad to know that McConnell has his mind on the most important matters s/

  11. This is beyond the pale. I don’t know what else to say.

  12. I have a request for Mitch McConnell, retire so a human being can be confirmed as your replacement.

  13. I have a message for them:. Please hang on for another 10 months.

  14. We have a pandemic that the president stoked in the US, but is there anyone sicker than Mitch McConnell?

  15. How about the veteran ‘leader’ steps down instead.

  16. To quote President Obama, “ Elections have consequences “.

  17. Keep your hands off of the judiciary please. Judges, the good ones, aren’t tools and they’re usually smart enough to know when politicians are using them. Gosh, I can’t wait for the day when people like McConnel, Devos, “the president,” and the rest of these quislings are booted from the government in the disgrace they so richly deserve. Unfortunately, they won’t go to jail—they never seem to—just alone and neglected and powerless wondering what it was all about.

  18. Dems should do everything possible to stop any further appointments. It is contrary to the Merrick Garland precedent established by McConnell: no appointments within a year of a general election. Go, uh, bite yourself, Mitch.

  19. I sincerely doubt that Mitch’s reflection can be seen in the mirror.

  20. Same to you, Mitch.

  21. Because he knows the GOP will go down in flames in the fall. Up and down the ballot.

  22. It sounds like McConnell is expecting to lose the Senate and probably the presidency. Good riddance!

  23. McConnell is asking Republican federal judges who are thinking of retiring to do it now. Hey, Mitch why don’t you think of retiring and take your entire GOP with you. Trump and Pence can join in the big GOP going away party.

  24. President Roosevelt spoke about the bombing of Pearl Harbor as “a date which will live in infamy." Sen. McConnell will go down in the record books as Senator Infamy.

  25. Vote the rascals out i 2016. Remove all judges installed by the fake Trump administration once it is shown he was not elected in 2016, but only came to the White House through Russian supported fraud.

  26. Take note America: This is what the Republican head of the Republican Senate has been focusing his attention on as the coronavirus has been spreading around the world and within the United States.

  27. All I had to do was read the lede to reinforce my commitment to remove Mitch McConnell from power. The GOP can no longer win on policy, so they take every opportunity they can to distort the power structure in our country. He is truly despicable. VOTE 11.3.20.

  28. @Greenfish What if Republicans play the Electoral Card again?

  29. Ladies and Gentlemen, with all due respect to Donald Trump, America's worst citizen is Mitch McConnell, the man who can't stand a single thing about representative government, American democracy or the will of the people. The man is simply unAmerican.

  30. The voters in KY who have continued to re-elect him have played a role in this as well.

  31. If you thought there was no bottom to Trump's venality, Mitch McConnell is trying to out-do him. If I were Chuck Schumer and Dems take the Senate on Nov 3, I would use EVERY threat against EVERY GOP Senator I had, to investigate them within an inch of their lives, to cut every dime of federal funding to their states, except Dem districts, and punish them in every possible way if they confirm one, single judge from November 4th to January 2nd...and DO IT! As for McConnell, whether he holds his seat or loses it, every connection he and Elaine have to China will be investigated and, under a restored DOJ he and she will have to answer for all their underhanded tricks. McConnell wants a Republican dictatorship for White right-wing Christian men, especially wealthy ones, that lasts far into the future. That's about as un-American as you can get.

  32. How is "stacking the bench" not against some law? Forget the DOJ, how can John Roberts and the Supreme Court sit by and allow this to happen? Bernie's Socialist Democracy is not revolutionary....this is truly revolutionary.

  33. Wait I thought we wait to appoint judges until after the election, Mitch? #merrickgarland

  34. Message for veteran Republican senators: please quit now so voters can find a competent replacement.

  35. I hate to admire this guy but he's brilliant. Only way forward for rpubs is through judiciary and he is making sure they get an iron grip on it. For the country, though this is disastrous

  36. Actually he isn’t brilliant just too clever. See while he eyes this permanence of power he destroys the very institution of laws and governance that names this power legitimate. So the world burns, pandemics destroy the economy and end lives because of our lack of preparation (thanks to Trumps I doing of Obama preparations - I guess they were too “black” for Trump) so what power does McConnell have for the GOP? Control of a sinking ship still means you end up at the bottom in the ocean.

  37. Any news about what the Senate is doing about the bill which the House stayed behind on Friday night to vote on, to provide Americans some type of security on the fallout from the Covid 19 virus, but which the senate decided was not important enough to stay around for? But McConnell has time for THIS partisan stuff? By the way, completely off topic, I think this virus should be renamed the Trump virus - he truly deserves this honour - and he can boast about it all he wants with my blessing!

  38. @mariamsaunders Excellent idea.

  39. I have an equally terse two-word phrase in response to McConnell.

  40. Wait, he certainly wouldn't presume to approve judges during an election year??? I thought that was the McConnell doctrine. Merrick Garland should be surprised by this news.

  41. Boycott Kentucky. When politics fails to answer to the people, an economic price must be paid. Best if it starts here, at the source of the problem.

  42. Easy! Thanks to our President’s woeful misjudgment and misappropriation of emergency preparedness funds, we Americans can’t go anywhere now.

  43. Of we get a Democrat president bold enough, there will be a massive reversal of what McConnell is doing to the courts.

  44. "The Senate majority leader has encouraged judges thinking about stepping down to do so soon to ensure that Republicans confirm their replacements this year." I understand that the judges are apolitical and make decisions regardless of any political considerations. Any judge who heeds to Mitch McConnel'sl exhortation (extortion?) will lay bare the political neutrality of the judiciary.

  45. I hope that Federal judges in Mr. McConnell’s cross hairs have the good grace and impartial wisdom to respond that blatant political influence that the Kentucky senator suggests is anathema to our ideal and form of equal and unbiased justice. Such a bald-faced assertion of political pressure is wrong.

  46. Doesn't McConnell have something better to be thinking about? How about a UNIFIED FEDERAL response to the Covid-19 pandemic rather than telling state governors to "go it on your own". I'm disgusted with our Federal leadership.

  47. McConnell himself is 78 years old. Why not engage in some self-reflection and do what you urge of others? This general problem of old men clinging to office (I am almost 70) is unhealthy.

  48. @richard AND IT'S WHY WE NEED AGE LIMITS INSTITUTED. Mandatory retirement at age 70. Judges retire at age 70. And if you're going to turn 71 during an upcoming term, you're disqualified from the Senate. That would have taken care of mcconnell and a whole host of others by now. If you're 65, you cannot run for a senate seat. That gets rid of senators at 65 or 66-70 in their last term. Further it to the presidency. You are disqualified if you're 67 years old. And for the House, you can't run again if you're 69 year old. This would have already taken care of everyone from trump to biden to mcconnell to graham to bernie to warren to every other member of this current geriocracy. We can't and should never have people from a generation 40-60 years ago running things today.

  49. So much for the separation of powers put in place by the founders of the nation. GOP loves loves loves to wrap themselves up the flag, claim themselves the only patriots while undermining every institution and founding principals of the Constitution to retain their dogmatic single party rule of the minority over the majority.

  50. Wait a second, I thought no new judges until the election? Wasn't that McConnell's own rules for Obama admin in 2016? So, no more judges for the Republicans until the election.

  51. Just when I think I can't despise this man any more something like this comes along. BUT, the big hidden message here is that he is assuming that the time is running out on the trump administration.

  52. McConnell has no shame at all. First he blocks Obama's nominees because too close to the end of his term. Now he wants Republican judges near the end of their terms to step aside and be replaced by Trump nominees (by the end of his term, of course).

  53. @Diane They're not at the end of their terms. Judges are appointed for life. They're at or near or past retirement age. But they can stay there, if they want as long as they want.

  54. Senator McConnell is one of the most disgraceful people to ever serve in Congress. Kentucky voters: do the patriotic thing. Vote McConnell out of office!

  55. Next to tRUMP, McConnell really is the most despicable person in the GOP leadership. Please your duty!

  56. @Mike Schmidt Michigander, can't tell those Southern (or Border) states apart? He's from Kentucky.

  57. @Mike Schmidt Kentucky, please. They both make good bourbon, but Tennessee has better politicians.

  58. Kentucky, Mike Schmidt. Amy McGrath is his Democratic opponent for Senate in Kentucky.

  59. McConnell is pathetic. When he and the Republicans could be working to overcome a pandemic they are more interested in complete control of government.

  60. I rarely wish ill on even my enemies, but McConnell can't die soon enough for me.

  61. But, but, but whatever happened to no confirmations in an election year? Oh wait.....that's for Democrats only....what a snake....

  62. Wasn't he the one saying four years ago that we can't appoint a Supreme Court judge during a presidential election year because we should "let the people decide"? What a hypocrite.

  63. Mitch McConnell, step down now!

  64. McConnell's dream is to maximize the number of incompetent, Alt-right, white supremacist judges sitting in the federal court system, before the November election. He wants the country to be like Kentucky, which has some of the highest poverty, worst healthcare and poorest educational development in the USA.

  65. The ultimate in Gerrymandering. McConnell has gone past the boundaries of his office and he needs to either step down immediately or face a treason trial. Does he represent Kentucky or Donald Trump?

  66. Don't worry. When the Democrats regain control of our government, they can greatly increase the number of judges, and justices, to render these Republican hacks less relevant.

  67. @JoeBftsplk That's the only path left to us. It's happened before and, no matter what happens now, it is already in the cards.

  68. This man McConnell could be the reason why we still have Trump today. No witnesses at the impeachment hearings, really? We could have been past this dangerous POTUS.

  69. Corrupting the courts wholesale. And what does Roberts have to say about Moscow's direct manipulation, again!, of our "justice" system ?

  70. Because, why not make the courts an extension of the GOP for a few decades??? The judges who heed this call will be showing themselves to be partisan hacks, not arbiters of justice.

  71. now is the time to stop having your judges "declare" Republican or Democrat leaning. I could never understand why neutral judges always had to declare their political viewpoint. Human nature what it is , will always be a tip-off to pre-decision banter . I think our Canadian judges aren't required to declare their political affiliations, but probably some are known how they do lean, maybe not overtly though

  72. “...declare republican or Democrat...”. Well, when an ironclad requirement is that the only judges nominated must be fully indoctrinated by the ultra right wing fringe Federalist Society and swear fealty to that political group, there is no need to guess about “declaring” anything.

  73. If Chief Justice John Roberts wants to maintain his judicial integrity, and the integrity of the entire US judicial system, he would publicly step in to halt McConnell's efforts to pack the courts with Republican judges. But I'm not going to hold my breath.

  74. If I were a federal judge, and I cared about the future of the United States, the last thing I would do is retire because a politician—any politician—asked me to do so. It must be certainly true that most, if not all, judges understand that there is already too great a tendency in this country to consider members of the judiciary to be lacking in objectivity on any given issue, depending on who appointed and confirmed them to their office. This erodes confidence in an entire branch of the federal government, and cannot possibly be good for the nation. While one could sympathize with conservatives if they strove to avoid naming judges who might lean too far to the left, the truth is that current Republican leadership from the POTUS on down is laser-focused on nominating only ultra-conservative zealots to federal judgeships. The ideologues who have taken over the Republican party turn a blind eye to the possibility that they are damaging our republic: the important thing is that they prevail, no matter what, and no matter what tactics must be employed to achieve their goals. The ends justify the means.

  75. Even more reason to expand the court and the federal judiciary.

  76. This says two things: It is a completely partisan power grab. McConnell is not confident of the Party of Trump retaining either the Presidency or control of Congress after the election.

  77. If Americans don’t see the treasonous plans & actions of McConnell...... If they don’t vote against this ...... Then we lost American Democracy.

  78. @Mlk189 It may be a small consolation, but this has the potential of destroying the Republican Party forever. All the credibility Republicans may have, (or whatever's left of it), will be lost. Not only here, but around the world.

  79. @Glenn Thomas Unless covid-19 kills off every Republican voter, the people who are responsible for voting so irresponsibly for this hateful, evil man and his like will still be here and still be willing and eager to vote for hateful evil candidates. They'll all just crawl back under their rocks and bide their time...

  80. This is the most disheartening article I've read in a month of extremely disheartening articles. It is clear that McConnell has zero interest in our democracy and in our public health, but this just caps it. I hope the KY voters wisen up and get him out.

  81. There is no one in the world more repulsive ,more devious, more ethically bankrupt than Trump. McConnell runs a close second. Politicizing the judicial branch? Doesn't get more morally bankrupt than that.

  82. @dog lover I agree, except you have the rankings reversed. McConnell knows exactly what he is doing, whereas Trump is not right in the head. That makes McConnell worse.

  83. I guess he's looking for more "Trump judges." What does Justice Roberts have to say about that? Better yet, what do the prospective justices have to say about that? Will they be honest and declare that they will work hard for partisan judgments? Is this all that remains of any "integrity" in the Republican Party? I honestly would not be surprised.

  84. I have made the exact same recommendation, without the "please" — for Mitch McConnell.

  85. Two words: Merrick Garland.

  86. A takes a real professional to be proud of being a weasel. McConnell takes it to new heights. This is about as un-American as you can get. He needs to not be appointing judges in an election year, and let the people decide who should be appointed.

  87. Anyone waiting for an admonition from John Roberts for such blatant disregard for the politicization of the courts by McConnell should not hold their breaths. Those admonitions are held for Democrats to assure them of the impartiality of the Judiciary.

  88. Ironic that March 16 is the day Merrick Garland was nominated to the Supreme Court! Thought Republicans said that after this day, they should hold off on any judicial confirmations to give the new administration a chance to nominate its own choices. Hypocrisy to the 100th power. Donating to the Ditch Mitch fund as soon as I finish typing this.

  89. I have my own suggestion as to what McConnell should to himself. It is not printable.

  90. Senator McConnell, "Have You No Sense of Decency, Sir?" Four years ago you refused to considered President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to fill a vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia saying that "the American people should have a say in the court's direction.” Shouldn’t the American people have an equal say in the direction of the entire federal judiciary?

  91. And now, in the mist of a serious threat to the health of Americans. mcconnell.doing tump’s bidding has ordered older republican judges to step down before the elections. It was mcconnell that said Affordable health care for the middle class is socialism and republicans will never allow it.

  92. - Moscow Mitch has done much to destroy many of our governmental traditions that promoted a somewhat of smooth operation. When the Democrats take charge they need to reverse some damage that Moscow Mitch has done to our third branch of government. And hopefully codify some of the traditions to slow down the next Republican rampage. As we can count on continuing Republican rampages as long as the are Republicans being funded by the very wealthy. --

  93. For some strange reason we refuse to see the elephant in the room: how is it possible for republican judges to decide cases differently from the democrats? After all, is it possible for the republican-voting umpire to declare Red Sox a winner in a game while his democrat colleague decides that Yankees won? This is because, as I learned in my own litigation (Overview Books V. US), federal judges don't judge parties' argument; after you've paid tons of money to you lawyer, they just replace his argument with a bogus argument of judges' concoction that makes the decision look plausible, and yet allows them to decide the case the way they want to, rather than the way they have to. When I sued judges themselves for fraud, their argument was that in Pierson v. Ray they gave themselves a right to act from the bench "maliciously and corruptly." This dirty arrangement, in which judges act as lawyers to the party they want to win, giving victory to their own argument, is what underpins our court system, allowing for bizarre 4-5 decisions. Bizarrely, the press refuses to report on the subject of judicial fraud (journalists actually refuse to discuss the subject when I contact them, and my op-eds go unpublished) -- apparently, the "appearance" of judicial honesty is too valuable to ruin it by honest reporting of how judicial decision-making is done. As a result we wring our hands at politicians' manipulation of judiciary -- but do nothing to stop judicial fraud that underpins it.

  94. Wait, didn’t Chief Justice John “Pretend I’m a Moderate” Roberts claim there are no democrat or republican judges? Oops.

  95. Well I guess Mitch is not to optimistic about Trump getting reelected.

  96. If I had to face one of the judges as a Democrat I would immediately challenge their impartiality and independence. McConnell has opened the door to all of the judges appointed by Trump and company to be challenged.

  97. I guess Mitch McConnell deserves some credit for his dedication and commitment. Even in this seemingly apocalyptic time, when the economy is collapsing like the Twin Towers on 9/11 and many of us fear for our very lives, Mitch is steadfastly maintaining a laser-sharp focus on ensuring the long-term hegemony of his Party and interests of the wealthy donors it exclusively represents. Never mind that the House just worked overtime to pass a desperately-needed bipartisan coronavirus relief bill that Trump (for now) tweeted that he would sign. That can wait. Replacing old Republican judges with young litmus-tested Federalist Society ideologues while he still rules the Senate is a much higher priority, since his proudest legacy will be to turn the federal courts into a partisan institution that will reliably serve Republicans and their donors even if the libs somehow usurp control of the other branches. The filthy "takers" can wait for their undeserved socialist handouts. That's Mitch McConnell. A latter-day Nero fiddling with the courts while the country disintegrates. But to Republicans and their donors, he's a true hero who always puts Party and Donors first!

  98. This is how McConnell spends his time instead of bringing federal legislation to reality and helping his poor state out of the 19th century. He, too, needs to go down to defeat this fall. Kentuckians, what say you?

  99. "Leave no vacancy behind," except in agencies needed to protect the public.

  100. But wait, Mitch.... if my memory is correct it was you who told us that in the close run-up to an election we shouldn't be appointing new justices and judges. We should wait until the "voters have spoken". That was you who said that - wasn't it, Mitch? I don't think it was Merrick Garland that made that comment -- was it, Mitch?

  101. I've been saying all along, "McConnell is a bigger danger than Trump." I'm happy to see many others are finally seeing the light. I agree with the comments that MM anticipates the loss of the Rep. Presidency. The Dem. must win the Senate in addition to the Presidency or else MM will still rule the roost.

  102. That is nothing short of saying the judiciary is biased and can be politicized, which is not just a perfidious mark on the character of Mr. McConnell but an insult to the judiciary.

  103. @Robert Howell I'm not so sure it will be understood or taken as, " insult to the judiciary." at all, with the possible exception of Roberts. Roberts is very, very concerned about his legacy and the actions of the Republican Party will continue to give him pause for thought.

  104. Senator McConnell is reaching out judge to discuss retirement to nominate replacements goes to heart of a creating in appearance, if not in fact, a biased judicial system. Senator McConnell is so Machiavellian in his role as a United States Senator, as we is clearly willing to destroy the very system he purports to protect.

  105. I cannot imagine any honest judge taking senior status between now and the swearing in of the next Congress without self identifying him/herself as political.

  106. Do any of these judges have children that work in the private banking industry and perhaps have Mitch as a client?

  107. McConnel should use some of his energy to pass or at least bring to the floor the hundreds of bills the House has already passed instead of packing the courts again with potentially limited time left in the Republican held Senate.

  108. But the official McConnell policy is that when we are this close to an election, judicial nominations should wait until after the election so that "the American people have a voice in this momentous decision".

  109. Well now, Article 3 provides that Congress can create all inferior courts including District Courts and Courts of Appeal. What Congress creates it can uncreate. With a Democrat in the White House and with a Democratic Congress, the number of Federal Courts and judges can be cut back. In the interest of fairness, the courts can be eliminated based on seniority. A judge has a lifetime appointment providing that the court to which he or she is appointed exists.

  110. Many Republican judges chosen by Reagan and the two Bush presidents have very different views than the extremely right wing judges chosen by Trump and McConnell. For Mitch McConnell, filling court vacancies is a game he plays to gain power and loyalty to the Republican Party. But for many honest, conservative Republican judges, the law is not a game but something sacred and worth protecting. It would be unwise for them to retire in order to further politicize the judiciary and promote Trump's anti-democratic policies. If, under pressure from the Senate majority leader, they leave their positions, their legacy will be one of complicity in the American public's loss of faith in an independent judiciary.

  111. @AA I have news for you, "...American public's loss of faith in an independent judiciary..." began with the appointment of Justice Thomas, a largely incompetent, political hack.

  112. @Glenn Thomas you definitely have a point

  113. You mean the same republicans that blocked the nomination of judges when Obama was president? if I didn't hate republicans's another stick to add to the growing pile.

  114. Here’s a better idea, Mitch, why don’t you quit? Many agree that you’re well past your sell-by date. Why not make room for someone with a few less miles on the tires, and a better appreciation for what the country really needs?

  115. Of course Chief Justice John Roberts has spoken against this. Oh, I guess he hasn't. Apparently Roberts is just another political hack.

  116. God didn't hand down to Moses stone tablets with rules about US benches. All things can change, and the sooner, the better . . .

  117. Moscow Mitch and the rest of the GOP crooks, need to step down now,instead of any judge. And if this nightmare ever ends,every Trump appointee needs to be kicked out of whatever position Mr. Impeachment has stuck them in.

  118. It is McConnell and Trump who should quit!

  119. "Justices" walking away no doubt with a generous golden parachute. These people have no shame.

  120. People will remember the scene in "Strangelove" where there is a meeting to try to solve a question of life or death by atomic warfare and the Russian ambassador is still trying to steal some bit of military information. That's McConnell trying to sneak in a few more political judges while the world is threatened by social and economic collapse. What a malevolent man and totally despicable politician!

  121. Aren’t they always telling us judges are impartial?

  122. You guys don’t want Moscow Mitch and Trump to stay in power? Go outside and do something about it instead of ranting here.

  123. Veteran Federal Judges Have a Request for McConnell: Please Quit

  124. And what’s the litmus test? Greater leeway for his wife’s shipping interests and his own interests in Russian aluminum? This compromised, unpatriotic man will never step down because his position in then senate is inextricably linked to his own greed. Only the people of the great state of Kentucky can fix this.

  125. I suggest McConnell quit. Or if he doesn't then he be voted OUT of office in November. We have had enough of him and his ilk.

  126. How much contempt can a person have for another person? Mitch McConnell stretches the limits.

  127. This. This may be the ultimate hypocrisy. Merrick Garland, anyone?

  128. More than anything else, this indicates to me that McConnell believes the Senate might flip!

  129. He’ll have plenty of takers. After all, Gorsuch proved how dishonorable he is by gleefully taking Garland’s seat when it was thrown to him. These guys are politicians through and through, despite the weak minded protestations of John “Pretend I’m a Moderate “ Roberts.

  130. March 16, 2016 “The leader reiterated his position that the American people will have a voice in this vacancy and that the Senate will appropriately revisit the matter when it considers the qualifications of the person the next president nominates. And since the Senate will not be acting on this nomination, he would not be holding a perfunctory meeting, but he wished Judge Garland well.” Mr. McConnell’s spokesman, Don Stewart, said in a statement. So now on March 16, 2020, it would seem that the senate should revist the matter of all future judicial nominations after we hear the voice of the American people in November 2020.

  131. I have a request for McConnell and Trump: You quit. History is going to be so unkind to you both.

  132. A majority of Americans has a message for Mitch McConnell: Please quit!

  133. I keep thinking things can't get worse or more surreal, and along comes this eye-popping headline and article. Well past time for McConnell to resign. His only goal is to make this country over in his image, odious and antiquated.

  134. I know that many people have the same request of McConnell.

  135. People are getting very sick and dying. Retirement savings are evaporating by the minute, our medical system is at the breaking point, Americans are suffering, and all McConnell and the Republican Party care about are judges. This is a very dark moment in this country and our leaders are out to lunch.

  136. President Carter's aides constantly pressured Justice Thurgood Marshall to step down so that Carter could replace him, in the event that Carter lost in 1980, and so Democrats have done this as well. Let's be fair NYT.

  137. Yes but the Dems were working on maintain status quo. McConnell is attempting to accelerate the establishment of an embedded highly conservative judicial base. Not quite the same thing.

  138. @Isle a long time ago in a land far far away

  139. @Isle So that’s one example. McConnell is doing this wholesale.

  140. The best he can now hope to achieve is to replace older incompetent ideologues with younger ones. Truly, McConnell is a man who has wasted the one life each of us is given.

  141. Perhaps we shouldn’t appoint judges in an election year ?

  142. Good luck with that one, Bucko. Judges are fairly well educated and they see Trump dumbing down judges he picks.

  143. McConnell and his gang of trogolodytes have done more damage to America and the world than we will be able to recover from in my lifetime. And he's still at it, swinging a sledgehammer at the foundations of our democracy with all his strength.

  144. @William Tyler Please don't insult troglodytes!

  145. The new Trump GOP has turned us into a third world banana republic, without the bananas.

  146. Don't you all dare! He just wants to be able to appoint more unqualified judges who don't care about the American people just their paymasters, McConnell, the GOP and corporations... I never saw such a sad and morally bankrupt cast of characters already confirmed by McConnell's sham process...

  147. McConnell knows he is going to lose to Amy McGrath.

  148. The right is completely out of their minds and this is just the latest example of toads being toads.