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Photos of the U.K. in the Shadow of Brexit
Britain feels anxious, with traditional loyalties cracking. A fifth election in five years has cleaved the country into Leave and Remain, and raised questions about whether the United Kingdom can remain united.
The Fate of Boris and Brexit
Britain’s prime minister has hitched his re-election campaign to a promise to “get Brexit done.” But he’s selling bankers and blue-collar workers two very different visions for the country.
The Life of Mike Nichols
Ash Carter and Sam Kashner discuss their new oral history of the director, and Alexandra Jacobs talks about her biography of Elaine Stritch.
Why Nothing Happened for Ukraine
How Putin kept a meeting of the leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine from moving closer to an end of a calamitous five-year war.
36 Hours in King’s Cross, London
Among the postindustrial-chic buildings and stylish restaurants and shops: Victorian splendor, verdant hide-outs and the long-ago haunts of writers and musicians.
JR’s Street Gallery Comes Indoors
At the Brooklyn Museum, his pictures skim the surface of social problems. It can be a frustratingly reductive vision of world peace. “I think being naïve is what has helped me the most,” he says.
Go Ahead, Take a Spin on Titan
Saturn’s biggest moon has gasoline for rain, soot for snow and a subsurface ocean of ammonia. Now there’s a map to help guide the search for possible life there.
The 54 Best Songs of 2019
Young women blurring genres, global artists pushing boundaries and a rapper playing with a meme made the most exciting tracks of the year.