McConnell Has a Request for Veteran Federal Judges: Please Quit

The Senate majority leader has encouraged judges thinking about stepping down to do so soon to ensure that Republicans confirm their replacements this year.

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  1. The aim here is to solidify the oligarchy's grip on government for decades or centuries to come and thus cement rule by oligarchy, whether it is overt or covert, through tight control of our political parties. This is what has long been happening in the most undemocratic institution in our United States. This and our political setup, with two political parties that exclude prevailing public opinion and need, make Professor Sanford Levinson's case for a new constitution. The current one has outlived its optimism and, instead of ensuring democracy, is now entrenching our descent into tyranny of the few. McConnell is not an accident of history anymore than Trump is. To those who vote in the remaining primary states, please think long and hard as you make your choice.

  2. @Rima Regas I will still vote for Sanders in May, as I want representation of my views. But I would crawl over broken glass to vote for the newly anointed Dem nominee, whom I would have picked dead last over the others.

  3. @Rima Regas: Think about what the USSC would look like today if Hillary had been elected. Then think about what the USSC will look like if Trump gets reelected. We can't allow the Democratic Party to be divided again. Biden will be the nominee. Time to get behind him and put our energy into defeating Trump.

  4. @Rima Regas The defining characteristic of these judges is their ferociously pro-business stance. The fact that they also happen to be religious zealots is what makes them palatable to the GOP's working class base, who once again, are the ones who will be most hurt by their rulings.

  5. We are in the midst of a global pandemic and Mitch McConnell can only focus on his lifetime obsession with power. He his actions are deplorable.

  6. If you need a big reason to vote blue, here it is. McConnell is the single greatest threat to Democracy (after Trump).

  7. Looks like Mitch has just predicted the winner in November. IN other words, retire now because after this fiasco, Republicans will lose everything and this is the last chance to appoint a judge of any sort. Hang on Ruth!

  8. If a democrat is elected president this fall and they manage to take the senate the administration should consider very tough measures to counter this blatant attempt to pack the courts with young inexperienced conservative ideologies. The current senate and administration has violated so many norms and changed so many rules to their favor that democrats should be prepared to act the same. That means yanking many of these newly appointed judges from their posts and replacing them. Frankly that would apply to Gorsuch as well, since his appointment was completely tainted following the senate’s refusal to advise and consent the nomination of Garland. This entire presidency is frankly illegitimate due to its open collusion with a foreign power (easy enough to prove) and the therefore the new administration should have the right to invalidate most every one of their “accomplishments”. It starts with removing illegitimately appointed and unqualified federal judges and ends with overturning toxic Trump administration regulations affecting..... everything.

  9. Considering his actions at the appointments towards the end of the Obama administration we find it hard to believe - no make that easy to believe - that McConnell would go after judge ships in the last part of Trump’ very Presidential existence So let us dump Trump and funnel McConnell

  10. Sounds like McConnell knows Trump and the GOP are going down in flames in November. Thank for telegraphing your fear, Mitch. We plan to make sure you're included in the reaping coming.

  11. @Debbie Gomez: After the reaping, a little weeding and draining would render the garden a little more cultivated. Already too much fertilizer has been applied...

  12. @Fred Yaffe You are obviously a person of great insight and verbiage; said with respect. Let's all rally together; silent no more.

  13. Is Mitch McConnell planning on forcing resignations of those who don’t agree with him?

  14. Mr. McConnel needs to follow the McConnel Rule he established in 2016: No confirmation of federal judges during an election year.

  15. @lilrabbit Thank you! You are absolutely right.

  16. @lilrabbit Rules only apply to Democrats.

  17. Mitch McConnell found rock bottom, ordered a drill rig, and continues to surpass to new record depths. With no shame to hold him back, his ambition will just see him traverse further and further downward. If the upcoming election is stolen, the damage to our institutions will be irreversible, and the consequences may be unstoppable.

  18. What about McConnell stepping down so we can replace him with someone more competent and fit for the job? Corruption is everywhere. We have a failed health system and no good way to address a pandemic, and McConnell worries about replacing federal judges with his kind of guys?

  19. The encouraging news about this development is that it suggests McConnell is nervous about holding the Senate and winning the White House in November.

  20. Any shred of judicial impartiality or neutrality is being ripped to shreds by the extreme partisanship and brazenness of the Republican party. The message is unequivocally clear: if the Democrats return to power in 2020 in the Congress, any progressive legislation will face a court challenge and a hostile judiciary. Same as FDR faced in 1930’s-1940’s. If democracy is to survive this time, we are going to have to find a way to neuter the wholesale abuse of power Mitch McConnell is putting in place for America in 2020-2024.

  21. So now he wants to install more wacky birds. The average American citizen does not know how crazy these Federalist Society think tank zombies are. Their aim is to trample the empire down and undo the status quo through judicial means. Their ultimate goal is to shift all power to corporations and reduce workers to glorified serfs. But fear not fellow serfs, there will be plenty of God and guns to soothe any misgivings.

  22. During the current health and economic crises, the U.S. Senate Majority leader has nothing better to do than push his decades long judicial agenda of replacing federal judges?

  23. What happened to the Republican party? Do they no longer believe in our Constitution and the norms and customs that make it work? That's a rhetorical question. Of course, they don't.

  24. Mr. McConnell, why should the elder judges retire only because you, in your obvious subtext, and Mr. Trump, know you will be voted out of power? Any judge who would leave for your reasons would be giving up his life's work for a replacement with possibly no experience and a strong objection by the American Bar Association whose assessment is that the replacement is unqualified.

  25. And who said that courts were not political? Yes M. Roberts, a whole lot will be called Trump’s judges and that will not be far from the truth. In a few years, the ‘’new’’ Republican jurisprudence will not be enforced in ‘’liberal’’ states and that is good. Something must be done.

  26. Every spending bill must originate in the House of Representatives. Why should the House with a Democratic majority finance the packing of the judiciary with Federalist Society clones and Trump lickspittles? The Constitution forbids eliminating or reducing the salaries of sitting judges but is silent on the salaries of vacant judicial positions. House Democrats should attach a rider to an appropriate bill eliminating the salary of judicial positions that fall vacant.

  27. One thing is for sure - the Republicans play for keeps. My question is how do get back to normal once these guys are gone.

  28. Well at least for now it's all in the open (an ironic kind of transparency) and as far as we know most judges don't take bribes.

  29. I think it is time for veteran senators to quit, starting with Mitch. Time for him to pitch in and help all of us.

  30. But wait, there are no Trump judges or Obama judges. Chief Justice Roberts told us so. McConnell senses that the ship is going down and would put in the fix before it's too late. He already threw out the constitution with the Merrick Garland nomination.

  31. This from a guy who wouldn't even permit a hearing on Merrick Garland. Shameful. One downside is that when the pendulum swings—and it will—the Democrats will have no choice but to clear out political appointments in the bureaucracy and initiate their own round of politically aligned judicial appointments. They'll be accused of doing what Trump, with McConnell's too-willing complicity, has been doing for years. We'll be right back into the 19th century spoils system.

  32. When the Democrats regain control of the White House and the Senate, they would do well to follow Mitch McConnell's lead and encourage the three suspect Supreme Court justices to retire. The credible accusations of immoral and potentially illegal behavior leveled against Justices Thomas and Kavanaugh, and the underhanded methods that led to the appointment of Justice Gorsuch, raise fundamental questions about the legitimacy of the Court. In light of the darkness that now shrouds all Court decisions, all three should be urged to retire -- for the sake of both the Court and the nation.

  33. Not urged but forced to retire or impeached.

  34. @dOr While I agree with you, I cannot but gasp at the irony that Joe Biden was key to getting Thomas put on the SC.

  35. I am really heartened that GOP Leader McConnell is, as always, keeping his focus on the mission and his eyes on the prize. Despite the doubters, McConnell, had faith that voters would rally for Donald Trump. And although he couldn't keep Barack Obama from a second term, McConnell did keep that president's judicial nominees off the bench. In doing so he secured his own and Pres. Trump's legacy, which will long be celebrated by all those who held their nose to vote for Trump. Or as John Milton wrote of the fallen star of the morning, 'by merit raised to that bad eminence.' Few have sunk as far to the adamantine depths as Mitch McConnell. He rivals Trump as to the long lasting harm he's done to the institutions and norms of government. And these days, that's saying a lot.

  36. Mitch McConnell should move to Russia where his form of government is flourishing. Decent Americans should vote this Russian-Republican out of office on November 3 2020. Vote For Amy McGrath For Kentucky Senator.

  37. we should donate $5 to Amy McGrath

  38. @Socrates Apparently in Kentucky decent Americans are in very short supply.

  39. I truly hope that if/when the tables turn and the Senate and Executive are held by Democrats, Democrats employ the same extreme judicial partisanship pioneered by their opposition. This includes disregarding "blue-slips" from republican senators and confirming Supreme Court justices regardless of when the vacancies occur. Democrats will receive no credit for "going high", and nominating centrist judges.

  40. He is the Supreme Machiavelli of our time. A deeply corrupt and unethical man with too much power.

  41. Ever the multi-tasker, McConnell is ensuring that his progeny have every advantage over others that his pappy and his granddaddy did. I dissent.

  42. Mr. McConnell, please quit.

  43. Maybe McConnell should take his own advice.

  44. I would like to make the same request of Senator Mitch McConnell: "Please Quit!"

  45. I'm over your nauseating hypocracy Mitch. can you say Merrick Garland? :-)

  46. Mitch must really be scared about Trump's reelection chances.

  47. @Steve, I hope he is also scared of his chances of reelection.

  48. I have a message to Mitch McConnell - PLEASE QUIT!

  49. Mr. McConnell, please step down.

  50. A suggestion for Mitch McConnell: You and three of your henchmen/women, Donald Trump and Mike Pence should resign effective immediately.

  51. If I were cynical, ahem, I would think this open secret was constructed to worry Trump voters and get them to the polls in November. But then I think Abraham Lincoln himself would have difficulty beating Trump today, especially with Democrats in complete and ugly disarray.

  52. @Cate Actually, the Democrats are doing pretty well. They won the House in 2018 and most state and local elections went their way in that year and in 2019 as well. Most likely the House will stay in their hands this November and now they’re starting to unite around Biden. Are things perfect? No, but to say that Democrats are “in complete and ugly disarray” is the wishful thinking of extremely nervous Republicans.

  53. Mitch McConnell has embraced "despicable." Democracy is dying.

  54. Guess the GOP expects to lose in November....

  55. This is a truly sick man. He will do anything to enhance minority government in the United States. It is as important to defeat him in KY as it is to defeat Trump in the national election.

  56. When is "bipartisan" Lamar Alexander going to condemn this?

  57. McConnell is one of the principal architects of a very nasty and dangerous situation. After preventing Obama’s final supreme court appointment on procedural grounds, he’s now using every trick he can to stack the courts with Republicans before Trump’s massive incompetence in the face of coronavirus ends the Republican grip on power. As usual, McConnell is putting party over country, money over country. It’s treasonous and corrupt. Unfortunately, also legal.

  58. Sounds like Mitch thinks he’s only got a few months left with GOP potus.

  59. Dear MItch, Good idea. But first, send the appropriate signal by you stepping aside first. - The American People.

  60. The whole point of a lifetime appointment is that judges can act independently. As most of them are not stupid, they know their choices and the likely consequences of future elections and do not need to be coached by political hacks. Mitch's pleading accomplishes nothing other than confirming his Trump-induced desperation.

  61. what a manipulation of the institution? you can call it a dictatorship by a party as is done in the third world.

  62. Note to the Unites States Federal Judiciary, "In the sincere interest of rigging the courts radically rightward in favor of corporations, billionaires and the unrich, please resign your elderly judgeship in order to ensure tyranny of the radical right, unrepresentative government, the will of the American people and miscarriage of justice." Sincerely, The Honorable Monarch Mitch McConnell Trump may be one of the worst American citizens in history, but I think Mitch McConnell is probably worse. Both men oppose American values and repeatedly demonstrate an undying commitment to corrupt oligarchy. What awful Americans. Nov 3 2020

  63. @Socrates - Trump and McConnell aren't awful Americans. They are traitors.

  64. Vote-rigging, election-rigging, court-rigging, healthcare-rigging, CEO-wage-rigging. income-tax-rigging, 0.1% dark money campaign-finance-rigging as far as the corrupt Republican eye can see. The Republican party is a radical, authoritarian, criminal political syndicate on steroids. They completely reject democracy, representative government, fair play and the will of the American people. Why not just move to Russia where the Republican oligarchic swamp is alive and well, Mitch McConnell and Republican voters ??

  65. @Socrates Why move? He moved Russia into Kentucky with the aluminum mine.

  66. McConnell is so grossly out of line. Let's replace him instead!

  67. McConnell is the single most awful 'leader' in our government today. He has used Trump as a sideshow smoke screen to implement his awful anti-American policies. Just what did he agree to in exchange for all those millions that came to his campaign from Len Blavatnik, the Russian-born RUSAL-owning oligarch and good friends of Vladimir Putin?

  68. So what you are saying is: Mitch is a health crises profiteer? In the middle of a global pandemic, he’s prioritizing replacing judges with Conservative, Republican judges over managing COVID-19?

  69. McConnell has done more damage to our country than any politician in the last 100 years.

  70. Unbelievable grab for power. I think he should take some of his own advice and step down. Let someone who really cares about America become the new senator from Kentucky.

  71. McConnell should follow his own advice and quit. He has done more damage to this country than Trump ever will.

  72. I don’t want my choice in elections to feel confined to one party, but this cynical behavior makes it hard to even consider voting for any Republican senator. Now that the dirty work is being done so brazenly in the open, it’s likely Democrats will stoop to the same level should they regain power. Petty gains for the continued erosion of our institutional legitimacy. This will not end well.

  73. Dear Senator McConnell - For the good of the country, please consider resigning your senate seat. Thanks, The majority of the US populace

  74. This smells so bad in so many ways. McConnell needs to keep his hands off judges. He can approve them but to coerce is so irresponsible to a fair and democratic republic. But knowing his track on approval of judges, ie, Merrick Garland, it’s not totally a surprise. Mitch has been and always be an embarrassment to his office.

  75. To Senator McConnell or any other of his Senate lackeys having the gall to ask these judges to retire soon, these judges should all respond "all of you retire first".

  76. Mitch is the one that needs to go.

  77. I can’t think of anyone more Machiavellian than Mitch McConnell.

  78. If he works too hard at this, it’ll harden the positions of those of us who want successive Democratic administrations to impeach and remove ‘partisan’ judges. Mitch and this administration have already ‘crossed the Rubicon’ on this and other violations of norms and traditions. Its become a war between neofascists masquerading as conservatives and the rest of society already.

  79. Except their philosophical believes dictate the laws of a nation, where citizens of differing beliefs will have to endure the cruelty of GOP philosophies. The difference between democrats and republicans is that democrats want to promote policies that enhance the wellbeing of its citizens, whereas the GOP wants to implement draconian laws to ensure the suffering of all that aren’t white and rich.

  80. @HelgaGiselaMeisterzock Any one who favors impeaching sitting federal judges simply because they may hold philosophical beliefs differing from his or her own is him/herself the worst kind of neofascist...someone to be feared by all reasonable people...

  81. I have long suspected that McConnell and the GOP were making their “last stand” before a permanent exile by American voters. This confirms it.

  82. Just what I needed - yet another reason to despise Mitch McConnell. Thank you, good people of Kentucky!

  83. Rigging the game is the only way Republicans can maintain control of the country and they know it. We need to win in November and flood the courts with our judges. If Trump wins, we will become utterly regulated by the Religious Right and libertarian corporations who completely own this administration. Social and economic oppression for everyone below the top 5% of the country; the rest can do as they please, above the law. Just reading this makes my blood boil. If you have the money, please donate to Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath, McConnell's Democratic rival in KY, and help take him down. No single state's views deserve to dominate the United States, and especially not a state as socially conservative, small, and non-representative of the nation as KY. No senator deserves a seat if he can't be bothered to keep his lazy cruel caucus in DC and help protect the nation's citizens against the economic impact of coronavirus. All he cares about is consolidating power for the top people - he is a Marie Antoinette, ready to let the people he's responsible for burn.

  84. @ann McGrath hasn't won the Democratic primary yet! Personally I'd rather vote for Charles Booker, he has legislative experience. It's not that I dislike McGrath, but she hasn't been elected to dogcatcher.

  85. @ann Is Amy McGrath marines or Air Force?

  86. By using his unwarranted power to exert pressure in order to appoint conservative federal judges, Mitch McConnell seeks to extend his malignant tentacles into the heart of our judiciary system in the same way he has done in our legislative branch, where more than 250 House-passed bills are currently languishing in what is known as “Mitch’s legislative graveyard.” Mitch McConnell has arguably been even more destructive to our democratic institutions than Trump- and that’s saying something!

  87. I expect nothing less from the man who declined to hold a vote on a sitting president's SC nomination and who steamrolled the impeachment process by having no witnesses or trial. Mitch McConnell is a demagogue matched only by Donald Trump, willing to void constitutional purposes to advance partisan goals by any means necessary. He is impressive in his audacity. He will go down in history as an effective leader who used his power to destroy the United States' checks and balances. His current supporters, like those who supported GW Bush's push for 0 regulation, unfunded government, and endless wars will be considered his stooges. We will have destroyed our country from within.

  88. @Me - Don't you realize that Mitch is running the country?

  89. @KBronson Only if you are living in Wacko World would Mitch McConnell ever be considered "great", "saving" OR a "statesman". Meanwhile here in Real Life, an accurate statement would be "If the Republic survives this century, Mitch McConnell will go down in history as one of its corrupt, damaging traitors

  90. @Me If the Republic survives this century, Mitch McConnell will go down in history as one of its great saving statesmen.

  91. Good thing Coronavirus doesn’t infect turtles.

  92. BAD thing!

  93. I hope that the voters will have a demand - rather than a request - of McConnell in November of doing the same

  94. I think it is very clear who should be stepping down and his initials are MM and he hails from the great state of Kentucky!

  95. Any residual thought that McConnell is anything more than a shill for American oligarchs and white racists fearful of their coming minority status flies right out the window with this entreaty. Where is Chief Justice Roberts’ condemnation of this rank politicization of the nation’s judiciary. Or is his disdain reserved only for Democrats seeking to protect women’s and individual’s rights under law?

  96. Mitch McConnell & the GOP.....the politics of cheating, lying and hypocrisy. A true virus.

  97. Really Mitch? Really? Federal judges? Get off your behind and pass legislation to address our viral pandemic. Or you surely will be defeated in November and at minimum loose your precious majority role in the senate. Come on Mitch, even you cant be this partisan.....oh, forgive me, yes you can .

  98. This man is a disgrace to my state. His downfall started when he told Obama he couldn't fulfill his constitutional duty to fill a vacant SCOTUS seat, stealing a seat that was rightfully Merrick Garland's, giving it to Trump lapdog Neil Gorsuch. It worsened when Kavanaugh was ramrodded through when it was clear during the "interview" that he was unfit for a lifetime position on SCOTUS. Now he wants veteran judges on the federal courts to quit so Trump can ramrod more pseudo-conservative lapdogs through the courts? I honestly hope those judges he ask tell him to stuff that idea where the sun don't shine... The judicial system needs a little sanity, not hyperpartisan Trump lapdogs...

  99. @Josh C. I truly believe his downfall began way before that. Even before he stated it was his goal to make Obama a one term President.

  100. @Frank True. I was just focused on the most recent exploits regarding the judicial system, which was the focus of this article.

  101. @Josh C. Let’s hope that McConnell’s political end comes sooner than later. The man is a disgrace to the US democracy.

  102. Let’s do this: Mitch McConnell, why don’t _you_ quit?

  103. @PC Don't ask him to quit. MAKE HIM QUIT. He is running for re-election this November. Support his Democratic opponent Amy McGrath.

  104. Isn't it sad that this guy who is about 80 years wants to set the agenda for the next generation of GenX and Z's? shameful guy.

  105. This man has no soul.

  106. @William W Nor ethics or morals.

  107. This is how the Republic of Gilead begins...

  108. Mitch McConnell is a fascist monster. He is the one who could vacate his position. He's been in power for far too long advancing his right wing agenda, packing the courts with lifetime right wing judges. What is his end goal? What is William Barr's end goal? The Republican Party (the party of Trump) seems, to me, to be laser focused on turning this country into a theocratic authoritarian dictatorship, one that resembles, in far too many ways, Atwood's 'The Handmaids Tale.' Is this how we want our beautiful American democracy to die?

  109. Nothing like stacking the courts!

  110. Land of the free ??, packed courts

  111. So: now we are *openly* politicizing the judiciary? How are we to restore any kind of faith in the political neutrality of the law? (Not to mention getting it to the point of being rave-neutral, which it never has been in the U.S.)

  112. @Deborah Ensuring political neutrality of the law requires that the electorate prevent ‘progressives’ from attaining power.

  113. @Deborah "Now?" Open politicization of the judiciary is old news. Political neutrality of this court went down the drain the day it stopped the Florida vote count and handed the presidency to George W. Bush. Gutting voting rights legislation was aiding and abetting GOP voter suppression. Throughout the Obama administration, Mitch McConnell as senate leader blocked every Obama judicial nominee he could. "Now" has nothing to do with it.

  114. I'm over your nauseating hypocracy Mitch.. Can you say Merrick Garland? :)

  115. As the nation faces a health and economic crisis, McConnell is laser focused on how to turn it to partisan advantage. Had to take a long weekend at home so no time to consider the emergency CoVid-19 response bill, but plenty of time to try to further undermine the independence of our once nonpartisan court system.

  116. @Ken He is in the high-risk category.

  117. @Ken Welcome to alternating episodes of the Hunger Games and Handmaid's Tale. Watch live on CSPAN.

  118. @Ken What do you expect from the man who said that his top priority was making Obama a one term President while we were engaged in 2 wars and an economic collapse. Then later when confronted with the fact that Russia was engaging in active efforts to sway our election told Obama that if he made it public, he (McConnell) would declare that the President was interfering in the election. McConnell dances on the line of treason.

  119. McConnell openly politicized the judiciary when he refused to hold a hearing on Obama appointment to Supreme Court. Time for every judge to stay in place and hope we elect Democrats up and down the ballot. Especially replace McConnell (and all republican senators up for election this year) as he (and them) has done more damage to our country in the past decade than any other person.

  120. @GSK Hear, hear! We can't be rid of these traitors of democracy soon enough.

  121. @Heysus You should know your history even a little. During the Bush presidency, the democrats blocked numerous nominations, trying to pack the Court with liberal justices. During the Reagan presidency, the democrats blocked the nomination of a Hispanic justice because they didn't want the republicans to be the first to nominate a Hispanic. I don't at all agree with what McConnell is trying to do, but my question is, where was the outrage when the dems were at fault? It is a little hypocritical to call republicans traitors to democracy when the democrats did it first and did it more often, and in recent times. The history of democratic politics if far dirtier than the history of republican politics.

  122. @Elaine Difference: McConnell didn't merely "block" Merrick Merrick Garland, he ignored him outright. It was an abomination. By the way: what kind of response do you expect to a question like "where was all the outrage"? Just because you didn't get wind of it or have forgotten about it, doesn't mean it didn't exist. It's the most ridiculous variation on the "both sides" canard.

  123. The world is crumbling all around him and all McConnell can think about is ensuring that he maintains control -- not of the House, not of the Senate, but of the courts where he can maintain conservative control of the future. I guess we should read this as a positive sign that at least McConnell et al. realize that their days overall are numbered. But it's nasty none the less.

  124. @avrds I think that what McConnell is really saying is that Trump himself is on his way out. Senate Republicans need that empty vessel in the White House to nominate the judges they want. Without him and with a Democrat as President they can only block.

  125. @avrds McConnell is, among other things, void of empathy.

  126. @avrds - It's such a narrow-minded, evil framework going against all that democracy stands for. The tyranny of McConnell reminds me of the catholic bishops during the era of the Spanish Inquisition.

  127. This is great news. McConnell is signalling that America is about to wake up and boot Trump out office. The only question is, can we survive till he's gone and will he leave when he loses the next election? Based upon two back to back rate cuts which did nothing to help our health crisis, my bet is that many of us won't survive corona and many businesses will not survive Trump's abysmal leadership. Perhaps if voters read his resume which included six bankruptcies, we wouldn't be in this mess.

  128. @Truck Co Owner - Amen. I have reportedly worried in these pages that Trump openly questioning the wisdom of term limits, boasting that he could murder an American citizen in Manhattan without consequences, and claiming that neither Congress nor the judiciary can review his actions indicate that he may attempt the first coup in U.S. history. Alarmist? As an ex-doctoral fellow at UNM's Latin American Institute, I can tell you these are *identical* to the remarks of would-be despots over and over again throughout modern history. Indeed, they are identical to similar signs across the span of European history.

  129. @Truck Co Owner What I find equally terrifying is that George W. came from a similar background, with similar failures in business (with his daddy's friends bailing him out). And still the US elected him not once but twice ... (with some assists in Ohio that limited voting). They all say we cannot afford universal healthcare and education, but I would argue we cannot afford NOT to have them. When will they ever learn?

  130. @Truck Co Owner This is an interesting take on McConnell's current actions! I was just thinking: "this is his priority in perhaps the biggest crisis America has encountered since 2008 or even 2001 ?!" ... Really speaks volumes. I didn't even consider that perhaps he feels a sense of urgency as he thinks republicans might lose the senate and white house in 2020. I find this interpretation more comforting. But sadly, I think this guy is just such a craven lunatic I fear that he could care less about what's going on right now -- just so long as he gets to confirm more "trump" judges. God help us.

  131. McConnell is a total political partisan who has no respect for the independence and impartiality of our judicial system. He wants the Federal Judiciary to be packed with conservative Republican partisans who will pursue the Republican agenda in the courts. Again, McConnell demonstrates that he is a Republican first and a Patriotic American interested in a fair and functioning democracy last.

  132. I regret both Biden and Sanders did not point how how Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate impede progress on coronavirus and on all other issues. Mitch took a long weekend to celebrate Brett Kavanaugh instead of working. My terrible senator John Cornyn was busy drinking beer instead of working to solve this crisis. McConnell and the GOP are packing the courts with unqualified ideologues, which this country is going to be stuck with for decades after Donald Trump. They block all the wonderful bills the Democratic House has passed, from HR 1, to the Equality Act and gun reform. We have to take back the Senate and ditch Mitch.

  133. This presidency has proven that the executive branch can rule the country and those in the minority have to wait their turn (per Mitch McConnell and William Barr). So if Biden becomes president we need him to undo all judicial nominations that were not bipartisan and start over.

  134. Reason # 2 for why to vote blue. Conservatism is more defined by social conservatism than economic conservatism these days. Nothing like having a bunch of judges in a free country deciding that a subset of a religion can force its need to discriminate against "them" is okay.

  135. Sounds like Mitch has a good handle on how much longer his current opportunity will be lasting.

  136. I have nothing but utter contempt for this man who has such narrow vision of how he should carry out his duties as the Senate Majority Leader. He is not truly attempting to meet the needs of the American public but of his own personal agenda much in the same manner that AG Barr has been trying to reshape the DOJ. At this point there is only one option left for those who value our system of government, flipping the senate is as important if not more important than voting Trump out this fall.

  137. I fear nothing will lead to the collapse of our American Experiment faster than the growing divide betweenthe courts and the people they govern. In the coming years it is likely Democratically elected leaders will see any attempt at progressive legislation thrown out by this hyper-partisan judicial system. What will be our recourse when the majority of people no longer believe in following the law?

  138. The Grim Reaper never quits and is always on the prowl. Now that he realizes Lieutenant Trump will soon be retiring he will be doubling down!

  139. Let's please NOT promote bone spurs from cadet to a higher rank!

  140. First Nunes served on Trump's transition team, now this. So much for the "Separation of Powers."

  141. A sure sign he thinks Trump is going to lose in November. Here’s an idea - how about if McConnell resigns so we can get Congress back to something functional?

  142. Mitch McConnell is really the poster child for what anti-Americanism looks like. Selfishness personified.

  143. Gonna play politics with judges? OK. It's time to impeach or sideline quite a few judges after 2021.

  144. McConnell is sniffing the wind and smells DEFEAT on it. His and his party's defeat would be a good thing for those who feel that government should represent us all, not just the views of a tiny minority of ideologues better suited to running the Kremlin. It's also a reminder that the problem isn't just Trump, it's his enablers who've pursued absolute power at the cost of the needs and opinions of not only the rest of us, but even at the cost of their fellow Republicans. They may be bullied and silenced now, but when this creaky dirigible of hot, foul air crashes, the backlash may not only deprive them of power for 8 years, but we can only hope permanently.

  145. The only one (well, there's another one, but that's for later) who should step down now is Mr McConnell. Enough already.

  146. Mitch McConnell is the most dangerous politician in America. He should be using his role in the Senate to focus on how to help all Americans at this most challenging time in our history, not how to sway the political stance of a different branch of the government, one that is NOT supposed to be political anyway. Where is this McConnell's sense of decency?

  147. Democrats should ask for the same treatment delivered by McConnell around Supreme Court picks in Obama's last year- it is an election year! No more court appointments until the election! Let the people of the country decide! The fact that he is doing this when we are all rightfully distracted by the coronavirus demonstrates that he has no code of ethics. Then again, I never thought he did.

  148. @Lisa Using the Plague as cover for his naughty depredations... Pretty clever, but evil geniuses can ride until toppled, like a bronze Confederate statue before a Bulldozer. Pinky promises, anyone?

  149. It's really odd to me that we still perceive the judicial branch as being legitimate. If a liberal judge is on the bench, it'll be a liberal ruling. If it's a conservative judge, you get a conservative ruling. If you're a judge, you basically have the discretion to make any inane ruling that you want if you throw in a few esoteric Latin legal phrases. The courts are only as legitimate as their rulings, and their rulings are clearly bogus. It's only a matter of time before there's a major court ruling, and the people who lose it to say that the courts may have their decisions, but let them try to enforce them.

  150. Both the president and the president of the senate think federal judges are partisan. Roberts, what say you?

  151. There are no good words for Mitch McConnell. There can be no neutral words for him either. He represents, in human form, all the worst aspects that can afflict a political party: undying insistence upon power, extreme selfishness and ultimately abandonment of even a pretense of fairness. He is likely the most deplorable character in our legislative history.

  152. Very encouraging sign. Sounds like even Mitch is beginning to see the handwriting on the wall over the GOP’s 2020 prospects.

  153. Even if we get rid of trump, we are doomed to be owned by Corporate America for a generation at least. That is the whole point of right wing maneuvers.

  154. I don't know how our Democratic leaders - Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, manage to control their blood pressure and not literally explode. I understand why the "squad" want progress yesterday, but the revolution is not coming. We will be leaving a legacy for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to work on and make the world a better place.

  155. Okay, I know this statement by Mr McConnell is political but it is so unethical and blatant. Politics aside, can't we at least pretend to pick judges based on qualifications and peer review? Didn't we fight and "win" the Cold War to defeat political and civil corruption and protect truth and honesty as values to which we all should aspire? Wrong I guess. The senate majority and the president care nothing about truth or the trust of the American people. “In war, truth is the first casualty.” - Aeschylus I'm betting on Amy McGrath to bring some truth and integrity back to the 502 area code, Kentucky and America's senate.

  156. So much for an independent judiciary. In McConnell's mind their are only two types of judges: "My kind" and the Democrats' kind. And so much for the oath of office he took upon becoming a U.S. senator.

  157. When the Democrats are back in power, I will need to contact my elected Democrat officials every day to remind them of exactly this nonsense. Republicans strategize, when they are in power, for the years they are not in power. Democrats, when they are in power, hope for the best, assuming we'll always be in power. Democrats, please, please stop being like this. It gets us nowhere.

  158. Maybe those same Justices will show more integrity and guts than the GOP senators and representatives and they will collectively (regardless of who appointed them) tell the Senator and President to stop politicizing their sworn oath. Just when you think it can't get more sick... Or maybe that's the strategy - pull out the greatest hits of outrageous ideas to get the virus off the front page (Flynn, justices, etc)

  159. There is nothing good that one can say about this Senator. His obstructionism during the Obama Administration and now during a time the Democrats are in control of the House will go down in history as one of the worst periods for the ideal of democracy. He absolutely MUST be removed from power, if not at the ballot box then by impeachment.

  160. In some ways, this reminds me of the Norman invasion. After the Normans took control, England and Scotland were "beheaded", with all the Anglo-Saxon lords overthrown and all the seats of power being taken over by Normans. (Bad) French became the lingua franca of the ruling elite.

  161. Sorry, Sen. McConnell, no federal judges can be appointed in an election year. Your rule, not ours.

  162. Yes! That’s exactly what needs to be said.

  163. One small step to end this madness of president-as-judge-appointer would be a Constitutional amendment to set a minimum age of 50 for any federal judge and 60 for SCOTUS. There is no reason to continue a race to the bottom in appointee age that ramps up the stakes of every appointment to the point they dominate all of our elections.

  164. @Alan I also think 10 years on a federal bench isn't too much to ask for someone seeking a SC seat.

  165. If the democrats win the presidency and the senate this November, their first order of business should be enlarging the Supreme Court by two seats and the rest of the federal judiciary by a number appropriate to offset the damage done by Mr. McConnell (I hope he's one of this year's election casualties). I don't want to hear the screams from the so-called moderates about the evils of court packing. If anything, this would be un-packing. America deserves a court system that is not beholden to right wing ideology.

  166. @James R. Filyaw THANK YOU, Sir!!!! I've been trying to distill my thoughts and get them down in writing but you managed to read my mind first. This has to happen on Day 1. Enlarge the court by 2. Then impeach Kavanaugh. Seat 3 new justices from a list of the very finest legal minds in the country that are progressive and preferably agnostic. Get "Citizens United" reversed immediately.

  167. . . . and we are asking McConnell to resign. Judges confirmed by less than two-thirds vote should not be eligible for lifetime appointments.

  168. When Democrats retake majority of the Senate, I strongly suggest they initiate a rule change allowing each new bill a ranking by when it is submitted and bringing the bills up for consideration and vote based only on that chronological ranking. Take the partisan power out of it. It would be a start to put American’s interests above Party politics.

  169. @PeterG And then the Democrats would play by those rules, and the next time the GOP gained power, Republicans would throw them out and do what they've been doing.

  170. Maybe a better strategy is for McConnell to bring them to the White House for a gigantic group hug, and let the coronavirus do the rest?

  171. There is no level to which McConnell will not sink to enforce his autocracy. He has proven time and again that no rules apply to him, the Republican controlled Senate and the judiciary. He has created a country that is only good for one class, the wealthy class. The non-wealthy class should simply pass into extinction as far as this autocracy is concerned. I have said before that genocide is not out of the question for the Republican Party. I still believe that now, more than ever. They will wipe out the poorest of the poor by providing them with no assistance in the way of shelter, food, and health care. Anyone who doubts it should examine the record that speaks to this issue in black and white. The autocrats approach to governance is to do away with all entitlements and the problem of the poor takes care of itself. They all die off and simply disappear.

  172. McConnell can also resign at any time. He has done nothing beneficial for the US in his career as a politician.

  173. "Mr. McConnell has long been intently focused on the federal courts and considers his record on installing conservative judges the hallmark of his career, along with his decision to block the 2016 Supreme Court nomination of Judge Merrick B. Garland." Seriously. Has he heard of the current public health crisis? Has he been speaking with his colleagues on the Hill to determine best moves to keep the country from going under? Or is he really so pathologically power hungry that it takes all precedence???

  174. I would say, at this point, that any vacancies now should wait until the voters decide in November to be filled. it's only fair.

  175. Lets give Mr. McConnell credit for being a realistic observer, he knows that the current Trump GOP has no future whatsoever.