Did America Misjudge Bernie Sanders? Or Did He Misjudge America?

Throughout his insurgent campaign, he remained steadfast in his radical vision — and forced a reckoning for the Democratic Party.

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  1. Yes! Bernie is pure and consistent and that is admirable and is also easy when you are an Independent and free to do whatever you like. That is much harder when you are part of the governing party and have the *responsibility* to govern. Bernie's policies are not all that radical but he is. Radicals are necessary and even essential in a democracy. His radicalism, at this time, just suggest four more years of hard core polarization. Can Biden pacify that without selling out to the radical Republicans? Maybe not, but ---- *maybe*!? Any promise of improvement over the present situation would be worth trying! More radicalism would not likely work to anyone's benefit?

  2. Bernie should realize that he will not be the nominee. Yet he should not quit. He's playing a crucial role in pressing and critiquing the establishment Democratic PArty to be receptive and responsive to more progressive issues, especially universal health care, to climate change, to educational issues, to the importance of the public sector (which he should drop the "socialist" term to refer to it). The public sector represents America and is the main sector that citizens can control. The rest is the private sector and has walls around it. The candidate debates in TV, the adds, the organizing are crucial fora to explain and unpack the importance of his policies. He and his followers should keep mobilizing to make the public and the party more receptive to these traditional issues of the old Democratic PArty, now renewed with new issues. Biden is a stiff stick. I suppose he will be able to appoint capable people to do the work for him, but he's too old and tame to lead. The left sector of the party needs to press on to be heard. This is his great role.

  3. Bernie and Trump both played heavily to their base and I don't fit in with either nor would I want to. Normally I would vote for the Democratic candidate but when Bernie talks about his working class backers and you realize that you are not working class or part of the 1% you go for the candidate who fills that void, Joe Biden.

  4. @Peggysmomil Looking for your cut, or maybe worried you will have to pay your fair share and get American jobs back onshore. We don't need republican lite any longer. Look where it got us over the past 30 years.

  5. It's baffling to me that the idea of national healthcare is still being trumpeted as radical. It's a massive drain on our economy even in the best of times. Second, the idea that we have to take real action to forestall climate change is anything but radical. Are you not aware of the cost of doing nothing? The media (and the Times) keeps framing the argument as though Bernie is proposing something that is inconceivably radical when it is more about restoring some sanity to our way of life and to the future of every single American and person on the planet.

  6. I think EVERYONE knows the democratic nomination process is inherently corrupt and designed to favor preselected candidates. Some admit that it's undemocratic, but say it's a political "party" after all and these things just happen. No. They don't have to. The Republican party can apparently be less corrupt. In 2016, Donald Trump was loathed by the party establishment, much as Bernie was then and now by the Democratic establishment. This changed after his nomination and, especially, after his election and the failed (democracy-rejecting) efforts to immediately impeach him. Trump won the nomination, just as Bernie was set to do two or three weeks ago, by splitting the support for establishment candidates of the party. But Republicans did NOT collude to get their candidate elected. Democrats CLEARLY coordinated the dropping-out and endorsements of the other major candidates, even the day before Super Tuesday! This historical display of party corruption is now glossed over. Democrats act as though Joe Biden is responsible for this dramatic turnaround! As though Klobuchar and Buttigieg (and Warren's non-endorsement) had no effect! What was offered to Amy, Pete, and Beto to suddenly fall in-line and to Warren NOT to fall in-line? When did this likely "quid-pro-quo" arrangement start. Julian Castro weirdly endorsed Warren in January, well after she fell in the polls. We should know in four days who's behind the Super Pac that Warren embraced before the Super Tuesday contests.

  7. @carl bumba It was a pathetically desperate display by the remnants of republicon lite. It will historically be viewed as another chapter in the failed script from the DNC; since the sellout in 1984. The COVID-19 shock to the system is the only phenomenon to depose trump in 2020.

  8. Bernie is not going away. His message is beginning to loom larger given the health and economic crisis. With tax cuts to the wealthy while healthcare has diminished due to the 2008 crash and particularly Trump, his message only becomes more pronounced. Unfortunately the danger we are in presently is not looking for a radical. There could be no more radical a person then our current president in all the wrong ways! Life is complicated.

  9. @Dana Comparing Bernie to trump is a stretch beyond sentient reality. His proposals are as radical as asking for what was stolen from Americans when Banks were de-regulated, neo-liberal trade agreement sent U.S. Manufacturing offshore with clinton and bush policy, regulating the ongoing mortgage fraud, taxing unearned income of speculators. I would immediately Nationalize the airline industry and shut down shale-based oil operations, not bail them out, nor any wall street speculators running junk bonds Credit default swaps and mortgage-backed derivatives...THere would be a National Healthcare mandate with free testing and free care for COVID-19 virus treatment. Not very radical ideas, but pracitcal and necessary. You've been brain-washed over the past 40 years of unstable markets, bubble economies, non-taxed wealth transfers, deeper recession to depression cycles in '84, '87, 98,2007-2020 etc.

  10. In all the myriad written and spoken words since the debate, NO-ONE has called attention to Biden's calling Putin a "thug". In a world of nations facing economic and viability collapse from another threat---pandemic added to climatic---it is the height of irresponsibility to alienate rather than cooperate, with any and all governments. Same old, same old destructive American hubris and saber rattling is NOT helpful. Bernie has been, and last night was again, more constructive and NOT destructive in foreign (and domestic) policy. The doomsday clock approaches midnight. We CAN do better with Bernie! Diplomacy, NOT divisiveness. The future, NOT the past. Positive, NOT negative. Let's ALL help each other, for a change---NOW.

  11. I'm registered in California as affiliating with the Socialist Party. I did not vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary in 2016. And I did not vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary in 2020. Here's why: Bernie Sanders is at his BEST when he lays out a vision for radical political change through socialized medicine and termination of all student loan debt. These are investments of TRILLIONS of dollars into the lives of people who need it most. But Bernie Sanders NEVER explained HOW he would accomplish these. His supporters kept asserting is that somehow they would get passed once he was in office. Passed by whom? One Bernie Sanders supporter, YouTube star Kyle Kulinski, suggested that it would have to come to a general strike to force Sanders' agenda through Congress. A General Strike? Look at the reaction of the coronavirus, which took WEEKS to happen and only after political leadership by Governors in California, New York, Ohio, Illinois forced the coronavirus response. Back to Sanders, if a General Strike was never in the cards to begin with, then SANDERS' ENTIRE CAMPAIGN WAS FRAUDULENT and it counts for NOTHING this phony claim that Sanders "pulled the party to the left." Biden is not being pulled to the left. Biden is courting Sanders voters, 12% of whom voted for Trump in 2016. MY socialism is to refuse to vote for Biden. Let the chips fall. And enact Sanders' revolution by force. The federal government must be brought to its knees. Secession is key.

  12. @Louis Anthes Thank you for providing this perspective. Very informative. "MY socialism is to refuse to vote for Biden. Let the chips fall. And enact Sanders' revolution by force. The federal government must be brought to its knees. Secession is key." Moderates, are you paying attention? Bolshevicks in 1917 Russia were supported by only 6% of population but they were ready to use force and they brought the country to her knees for 80 years. America now is at a boiling point. Warren and Sanders offered the ways to relieve the pressure and achieve some balance, and you do not want to take it. This is the first time I'm reading a call to "revolution by force" from the Left, it is usually far Right domain, but in this case ideology does not matter. When inequality reaches certain point, democratic governments either turn into brutal dictatorships or are blown up. I want to make sure to point out that the commentator is NOT Bernie supporter. He is indeed far Left. Note the difference.

  13. @Louis Anthes Climate change will not be addressed unless we vote for a Democrat - period We do not have the luxury to be concerned about other matters in politics

  14. @NBO Would not hurt to add the decimation of the population, economic failure and starvation due to the after-effects of WWI and rule by a monarchy, but you can spin your tall tales any way you wish. Did not mention the Mensheviks nor the Trotskyites either.

  15. The Democratic Party has just committed suicide. The overwhelming majority of young Sanders voters will never vote for a capitalist candidate again. But the showdown between capitalist and socialist candidates has has not been ended, only postponed. The Democratic Party leadership derailing the Sanders campaign was predictable. But, more historically important, the political consciousness of the American working class has been awakened.

  16. @Red Allover And the majority of the party would never have voted for Bernie. The Bros said all that 4 years ago and Hillary still got the popular vote. This time we have some of the Independent and moderate Republican vote. Threaten all you want--we're not voting for Bernie.

  17. That Sanders has come this far shows that this country has learned to appreciate much of the values of socialism, if not its ideology.

  18. Sanders is a great orator. He speaks cogently about our modern dilemmas. This was clear in the debate that he is cognitively equipped to deal with the sheer scale of a global pandemic. There has been a conspiratorial side to his campaign that states we must tear down the existing order because that order is solely responsible for the failure of society. I don't like that part about Sanders' platform. It is disturbing to me that such a significant portion of Americans believe that the government's invisible hand is THE pernicious force in politics. Americans are forced into two camps: 1. You abide by what institutions and establishment media tell you, and you conversely interpret meaning from those very props. 2. Everything is a conspiracy - criminality, greed and the shadowy dictates of the DNC, the Clintons, etc., run the show. Humans are replete with contradiction - dividing us into two such inflexible positions defies our very nature. There is a veneration of martyrdom in his campaign. By that I mean that if you disagree with certain parts of the Sanders agenda then that is a moral deficiency on your behalf, and his supporters will become online martyrs to signal within their in-group their political bonafides. Bernie Sanders is a good person with a good heart and good ideas. Maybe if his insurgent campaign was geared towards unification rather than division, then he would be more popular.

  19. It's really just two world views. (1) Biden believes America can function with a billionaire banking class leeching the lifeblood out of the host body on a daily basis. In this view, we just need to tweak the system to keep the host alive. (2) Sanders' view is that the host will die with the parasite attached. The Corona virus gives America a nice chance to test these two theories. We've already seen a multi-trillion dollar intervention to save the markets, but Congress can't even agree on sick leave for big companies like McDonalds and Starbucks. So far, it looks like (2) is correct, but the test has just begun.

  20. Will Sanders leave already? There is a pandemic going on. Holding primaries endangers lives. He has no path to the nomination. If he truly cared about the American public, he would say, "I was going to fight a little longer. But given the circumstances, it would be immoral of me to do so. The voters have spoken, and they have chosen my good friend Joe Biden. I unequivocally support him and will throw all my resources in helping him to defeat Donald Trump." Please, astonish me. PLEASE leave. Please do the right thing.

  21. @SYJ Why in the world is this the "right thing"? Ignore what you have no interest in, and let me have my vote. Immoral? Wish of the voters? Voting's not done.

  22. I highly suspect that in 10-15 years we will praise Bernie's vision about revolutionary changes. Absolutely, drastic measures are in order. And every day we remain complacent and ineffectual, the more costly will be recovery, if even possible. The question is if Biden will, during his four years, also adapt sufficient hard measures against economic inequalities, oil-dependent energy, caving infrastructure and the rest. It is possible with an effective team including owning the Senate, that close to similar draconian measures could begin to be implemented. But he may also be hung with "too little too late". In any case, Bernie is a visionary and very astute in his realization that life as we know it is in for an unimaginable disaster. COVID 19 is just a whisper. In essence, the "what' of Bernie's message is right on....it is the "how" for most folks that is hard to stomach. But these drastic "hows" may be what are praised in 10-20 years. Our situation is like trying to turn around a huge container ship in the Panama Canal. It ain't happenin' without a very skilled pilot. (or pilotess)

  23. Bernie's ideas are sound and should be pursed. I like and agree with much of what he says. The problem is with the delivery. USA citizens do not vote on the issues. They vote on the"look," the personality, sometimes just the name. Does a candidate look, move, speak like the voters' ideal leader? Who cares about policies and issues? No one. Just take a close look at The Chosen One in the formerly white house.

  24. Sanders has no excuse to continue to blame "the establishment" especially because this is his second run. He saw how strong the establishment is when he ran against Hillary in 2016, he saw all the media and institutional obstacles that would be placed in front of him. No one in power yields without a fight. Yet it was his campaign that decided to run a 35% to victory strategy. That strategy was working fine until the establishment gave Pete and Amy the marching orders. Sanders has to exhibit the humility to admit that his tactics failed. Young people did not show up in big enough numbers. In spite of its corruption, Black voters in the South do not see the party that gave them civil rights as a corrupt institution that needs to be toppled. Sanders time as the leader of the progressive movement is coming to an end. It is up to the next generation of leaders like AOC, Ro Khanna, Pramila Jayapal etc that are working within the Democratic party to build a 51% strategy for victory instead of a 35% strategy for defeat.

  25. Recent interesting articles are arguing that the existence of a strong moderate conservative Party is a major buttress for liberal democracy in a modern state whether or not that Party often forms the Government. In addition to the perspectives such a Party provides, its presence & relevance helps scotch the prospects of xenophobic, atavistic, authoritarian, reactionary populism, tinged with a taste for violence & nihilism. Arguably, the existence of a strong, moderate social democratic Party serves a similar role on the centre left of the political spectrum in many advanced modern democracies. Currently, the GOP inadequately, putting it mildly, fills the role of such a strong, moderate conservative Party & the Democrat Party has great difficulty accommodating both its centrist & quasi social democratic factions in a creative & coherent way. The US unquestionably remains a democracy, but its capacity to express a full, creative & responsive expression of all sides of important issues in a moderate & productive way is hindered by the impasse I've tried to describe above.

  26. I have a newfound respect for Bernie Sanders for demanding an equal healthcare system for all after the Coronavirus has reached epic proportions. Our healthcare system is the most expensive in the world and the cost of caring for Americans under the current system will dwarf Senator Sanders proposal. What a difference a week makes.

  27. I think people know who Bernie is. Most people don't want to help their fellow Americans. They want for themselves and that is it. I think Bernie knows that. Some people tell the truth even when they know that most people disagree with them. Americans have consistently voted not to share the wealth. You can poll them all you want but when it comes down to the action that they can take to change things for the better they choose not to. I have heard all of the excuses, but doubt they are the real reasons for their votes. Americans just don't want to help the people they hate.

  28. @Chris Truth? Bernie does not do well on fact check sites - do not mistake passion for honesty - some will lie to achieve their passion - they assume they are correct and therefore feel justified in all their lies

  29. @Chris Some people tell the truth even when they know that most people disagree with them. That's called leadership.

  30. I think lost in the discussion about Bernie’s waning support is the coalition behind him. The ultra left progressives - AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Jayapal, Michael Moore, etc., have weakened Bernie’s grip on the working class- white and non- white. Their strident rhetoric on immigration - disband ICE, free healthcare to border crossers, less border control, created a narrative of open borders and anti-American/pro-illegal immigrant. Why would a struggling working class look kindly at such largesse? I think it was Immigration more than Medicare for all that brought down Bernie. Being against trade international agreements but advocating lax immigration from Mexico and Central America don’t align together. Both are about labor and laborers.

  31. As we watch the unequal struggle between Bernie and Joe, I'm thinking of the emotional dynamic behind some of the support for Sanders. Bernie is phenomenon reminiscent of the late 60's. We marched, we protested, most of us went counter culture while some went moderate to hard core revolutionary. We felt a rush at participating in anything communal as if there was a power there that was going to transform the world and make it a kinder and gentler place. We yearned for change and it did come but just not in the way we thought, it's a big country and we were miniscule. And we changed too. Brothers and sisters, look at us now. In the recesses of our hearts we're the same people but there's been years of settling for realities and so we're older and wiser now. But this we do know, we do understand the impatience and the fury of young supporters of Liz and Bernie and we do empathize with them. But crooks and criminals are endemic because there's always people who game any system for their own profit. It's a lifelong profession to accomplish changes. You do what you can when you can. For some, it's their sole priority - a revolutionary's life. For most of us, we also want lovers, spouses, children, and family and that tames us. It's why we're supporting Joe.

  32. Bernie misjudged America. If character mattered in a presidential candidate, Bernie should win, hands down. He's the most authentic and honest candidate for president this country has seen in a long time. But character does not matter. Second, words like "revolution" and "systemic change" are just too scary for the average "moderate" voter. Too many Americans are not behaving in a selfless way when it comes to the welfare of their nation. It's "me first" and everyone second or last. Bernie is such a special candidate. I'm not even sure this country is worthy of Bernie Sanders. Someone who truly champions the working class and fights for systemic change is not someone who will get elected in the United States. If COVID were to trigger a massive economic depression then Bernie would be the man for the times. It's only in times of massive economic upheaval that Americans are much more open to "systemic change" and "revolution."

  33. @Gordon No, I believe character does matter, Gordon. You can have all the best laws on the books, but if you've got rotten politicians you're sunk. If a man has integrity, nothing else matters. If a man lacks integrity, again, nothing else matters. And who's president now?

  34. I think Bernie Sanders misjudged America. Like many Bernie Sanders thought Americans cared for every body's wellbeing, while they care only about their persons and a little about those close to them.

  35. Given the mess Trump made of our world standing I think Biden is more suitable a candidate to restore order and respect with our allies. I prefer smiling Joe the status quo to belligerent Bernie any day. Biden is not Clinton who was not liked by a lot of voters. He is very well liked and admired which I think poses a problem for Bernie

  36. @Rit Biden: a kinder and gentler Clinton, without the girl friends. Elect a moderate, and you will get moderate results. Good luck.

  37. Was Bernie's "revolution" thought of as such prior to his 2016 book, _Our Revolution_? If you are the first to call whatever a "revolution," there's a very good chance it isn't a revolution, and far moreso if the whatever emerged from your own mind.

  38. @Carl Revolutions tend to be formed from a bottom up need- not as a top down strategy to try to convince others they need your ideology. Bernie has had to manufacture enemies for the imaginary revolution to fight against- were in many places none existed - like the Democrats The Democrats are certainly not the enemy - not even close - but Bernie needed one -so he has been making stuff up - and it is pretty bad. I wish his supporters would look stuff up.

  39. I don't believe either misjudged. Bernie Sanders knew what he was up against, made his points and runs a great campaign. America knew where Bernie stood. How couldn't we? Biden and Sanders, as well as the last handful of democratic candidates all had what the Republican party squandered away over the last 5 years, integrity and a heart to serve the US citizens. Make it clear who the candidates are really serving and the Democratic party will win. If Biden locks up the nomination and the Sander supporters keep trying to damage Joe Biden's integrity, all that will be accomplished is to blur what should be a clear line of difference.

  40. Biden’s integrity... Aren’t you just the adorable comedian? If Biden could have lied more last night.. wait. That wasn’t possible. Biden’s Chief accomplishment was to oversee and personally benefit from the creation of not, Russian, but our very own, American Oligarchs! That’s integrity incarnate.

  41. Bernie constantly trumpets his campaign as "historic." I have lived long enough to witness Goldwater, Gene McCarthy, Bobby Kennedy and George McGovern. Bobby may not have been an outsider but the rest were and their campaigns ended as Bernie's will - not as president. Movement based candidates have a shelf life. Unless they are true revolutions, and one can argue that Goldwater did seed a revolution within the Republican Party, the movements fade and the adults take over.

  42. @lion2019 I find some truth in your comparisons, but come to a different (and interesting) conclusion/prediction: Bernie is, or will come to be seen as, the a Democratic Goldwater (recognizing how Goldwater’s views came to strongly influence the Republican party over the long haul.

  43. All this reminds me so much of my youth fifty years ago. Back then, our hero was Sen Eugene McCarthy from Minnesota, another progressive-to-moderate State. He was the first--and for a time the only--major voice that challenged the Democratic establishment's support for Pres Johnson's war in Vietnam. He lost the N.H. primary, but embarrassed LBJ into resigning. He was the first. Robt Kennedy followed to grab the limelight. Alas, he was murdered, and Sen McCarthy faded--and things have never been the same since. Until now. Thank you, Sen Sanders! You restore hope. Even in losing the nomination, you've moved the discussion and changed the Party of the people. There is still hope. It may take a while before we get other Americans to see as we do, but we'll get there.

  44. I have no confidence that the U.S. will do what is right during and after this pandemic. This country is structurally incapable and fundamentally unwilling to put people over money, and all people over just some. In the U.S., millions are uninsured or underinsured, people working multiple jobs can’t make rent, and workers making a few dollars an hour are told that if they miss a shift their hours will be cut. This is a society that responds to poverty with police, and to health care needs with jail. It may be true that viruses only see bodies, not class or immigration status, but there is no question that those who will bear the brunt of this pandemic will be the poorest and most marginalized. The fundamental inequality on which everything in this country is predicated will be exacerbated by this crisis in ways we cannot fathom.

  45. Bernie's existential problem is that there is no socialist country that is democratic as well, and Bernie very clearly does not have a majority following even within the Democratic Party in the United States. Biden already earned a huge majority of the primary and caucuses votes in 2020, in competition with Bernie.

  46. How misinformed (possibly willfully) can a person, a country be, to come to a conclusion that a socialist country cannot be democratic or democratic and socialist? There is an American mindset, guarded by Republican talking heads and some conservative and centrist Democrats, who insist on comparing socialism with totalitarian communism. Every country in Europe (and not alone in Europe has major socialist parties who are part of their government or leading their government at least since world war II. Nobody in their right mind would call Europe communist or socialist apart from warmongering hardliners in all media. In Europe these states are called social democratic countries or democratic social countries. The American political education system is stuck in a prewar dogmatic red and blue world and that stigma benefits both parties extremely well. They prefer the world to divide into good and bad. Good is capitalist, bad is communist. Nothing in between they are willing to trust, despite the fact that America’s capitalism is now rotten to the core as it has handed over all power to a small group of extreme wealthy individuals creating the largest inequality in the world since the ‘feudal society’ when the common citizen had no rights and poorly paid. In fact one can say that both sides are similar, as they depend on a similar component, ownership and control of all important bussiness in their territories. It is time Americans are opening their eyes to other party colors.

  47. @Johan D. The countries of Western Europe are generally democratic and liberal with a social safety net, but not socialist in that they are mainly liberal capitalist countries driven by private enterprise. None of them regard themselves as socialist. Bernie long ago reject the liberal model in favor of democratic socialist model, which actually does not exist in the real world.

  48. It is telling that Bernie’s speech is the same one he gave 5 years ago, according to the author. And that was highlighted in last night’s debate, when too often his responses were limited to cut and paste parts of his stump speech. Which highlights his limitations as a candidate.

  49. Do any other photographers find the photo editors choices odd? or are they just post-modern?

  50. Imagine if the DNC and the media, instead of continuously characterizing Sanders in every negative way they can come up with, whether it’s accurate or not, and they had discussed how essential, not only important his policies are to save lives, save the planet and increase democracy, away from the current fact that we are living in an increasing oligarchy. What would the election look like if instead of the hysteria and actually stating, how can we stop Sanders?!?!?! they all were even minimally being fair and accurate about how access to healthcare, which almost no American but the very rich reliably have, is a basic cornerstone of civilization? That’s what we see. Why don’t you? Because of the media and the narrative controlled by those who want to continue to amass obscene amounts of dynastic wealth. If I were you, I’d feel like I’ve been duped. I’d be angry. I am. I’ve lived in Japan, France and Germany and I know the truth. Don’t you want the truth?

  51. Biden has been pushed to his front runner status by the warmongering, Wall Street supporting, status quo protecting Republican and Democratic Establishment, not by his merits. Sanders keep on! America needs Real Change Now! The American Dream died decades ago, and the Establishment, and that includes Biden, never noticed. America has obscene, colossal and growing inequality of opportunity, income and wealth, where the richest .1 percent take in 196 times as much as the bottom ninety percent. https://inequality.org/facts/income-inequality/ This pandemic is going to showcase the insanity of our healthcare systems, and make medicare for all look like the sane alternative. In 2017, the United States spent about $3.5 trillion, or 18 percent of GDP, on health expenditures – more than twice the average among developed countries. That 18 percent of GDP can be rejiggered to pay for medicare for all, with money left over, and no new monies needed. This pandemic will be demonstrating the corrupt priorities of the US economic system reliant on Wall Street as its arbiter. America would be a better country for having President Sanders lead the way to a more equal society with healthier, better educated, more thriving citizens prepared to participate in a more principled economy.

  52. I began to reconsider "vote blue, no matter who" when Biden allowed he'd consider changes to (i.e., killing) Social Security and Medicare. Biden's corporate sponsors would love to see the death of SS and Medicare, which explains their sudden interest in Biden.

  53. Hey its how to win. Biden told a few lies so what. Sanders shouldn't be so darned honest all the time. That's politics. Biden for decades wanted to be buddies with Republicans so he told everyone he was the most conservative democrat in congress. So what he lied because now he says hes progressive. So he lied about wanting to cut Social Security. So what he still wants to cut it but just doesn't say it out loud. He can lie if he wants to its not like the NYT or any other corporate media will say one word about it. Win Win Period.

  54. The current Crisis will prove that Sanders is correct that we need Democratic Socialism or whatever you want to call a humane and human country. Those persons without medical insurance who will be very sick -- but if we had Medicare for all -- they would be covered? Will there be bills and how huge? Anyone able to pay them. The closing down of American jobs demonstrates the need for a yuge social safety net. I don't need the 1K Mr. Romney nor do many of my friends and some families need much more than 1K.. AI soon will put many truckers out of work.. robots already have and will continue to do so.... and of course all the jobs are in China -- why make anything in the USA. The Federal Govmt should put tariffs on drugs made in China -- forcing the industry to cut prices and have smaller profits... and allow Medicare to negotiate for drugs.. but most meds IMO should be made in USA> The American public mistakes Joe Biden for a Democrat-- The ACA?Romeney care like Medicare Advantage plans preserves the hegemony of INSURANCE COMPANIES -- aka middle men add a layer of cost) -- and the PRESS can never find anything nice to say about Bernie... Maybe the DOW will end at 16000: two days ago I said 18K -- but now there is more hope... but will Americans learn anything -- like maybe we need things like a luxury tax (so the rich pay something), an estate tax, no deductions for charitable donations-to pay for Medicare for all, free education for those who qualify?? NO

  55. Bernie took America for granted. Period.

  56. Is Sanders hoping that this pandemic will keep older voters from voting and nudge his numbers higher than they would have been if there hadn't been a pandemic? Is he really that much of an opportunist? Perhaps, given that he hijacked the Democratic party, the answer is yes. For shame.

  57. If SC had voted on Super Tuesday, and Biden had not secured the endorsement of Jim Clyburn—followed shortly by Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Beto, and later Harris, Bernie would be the frontrunner. People want Bernie's agenda—which is virtually identical to Warren's. People want to beat Trump more than they care about their agenda winning the day. After SC, and just before Super Tuesday, the Democratic party signaled to the American people that they thought that person was Biden. This delivered Bernie and unanticipated and crushing blow. Warren still has a chance to endorse Bernie, and right this ship. If she ran as his running mate that might signal to voters that Bernie is still in this for the win, and give voters the confidence that he's just as electable. A Bernie-Warren ticket would deliver a clear path to the presidency--just look at who won the primaries in the states that Clinton didn't secure in 2016. Joe has the weaker record, is the weaker debater, and as Warren said, a Washington Insider is not the right candidate for this moment. There's a reason his campaign was on its last leg just before Super Tuesday. Clyburn, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Beto should be getting more credit for Biden's success. America didn't misjudge Bernie, America didn't expect that virtually all of the candidates and Clyburn would side with Biden right before the most important primary of the year.

  58. @Abigail Bernie was the "frontrunner" because the moderate vote was split 5 ways. Tell yourself what you want but it doesn't make it true.

  59. @Abigail there's a saying in Russian : "If grandfather would be a grandmother, maybe he could cook ..."

  60. His ideas are generally right. His communications skills are horrible. He and his believers that we the voters are wrong for not seeing that he's right the right person to lead the country. If he really wanted to change the country, he would have done everything he possibly could to improve his communication skills. That's how it works in the real world.

  61. One reason some of us lifelong Dems don't especially care for Bernie is his knee-jerk negativity about capitalism and the reflexive use of the word "corporatist" to trash everything they dislike. Not everyone can work for the government, or wants to. Not everyone can work for nonprofits. Academia is not exactly a benign and level playing field; ask the adjuncts who teach the majority of undergrad classes for low pay, no job security, and no benefits (yet the tenured profs don't seem to mind, since it lightens their load). And unions, viewed with misty-eyed nostalgia by many, still harbor their share of featherbedding and corruption. Yes, corporate governance needs to improve in many ways -- starting with the lowering of overinflated CEO compensation -- but public companies just can't be wiped off the map. If they were, the lights would go out tomorrow because you'd be destroying most of the electric utilities. Elizabeth Warren understood this better than any of the candidates, but I think Biden does too.

  62. I don't like Bernie. I kept an open mind for a long, long time. Sure, free healthcare, school, on and on. But he keeps railing against the "1%" and "Wall Street". Sure they can be crooked, but that is capitalism! That's why they need checks and balances, not dismantling. If everyone is always equal, then there is nothing to strive for. Most of those "1%" started with nothing or very little and built companies that employ thousands. And if you rail against pharma companies in general, who is going to find the vaccine for the CoVid 19? Congress? CDC? Bern's all or nothing measures, along with comparing us to homogenous countries with less than 20 million citizens is ridiculous. I wish he would just get out of the way already.

  63. @Kathy M Who do you think is funding the vaccine trial right now? It's the NIH. They fund the research. They are a government agency, not a pharma company.

  64. One reason some of us lifelong Dems don't especially cotton to Bernie is his knee-jerk negativity about capitalism and the reflexive use of the word "corporatist" to trash everything they dislike. Not everyone can work for the government, or wants to. Not everyone can work for nonprofits. Academia is not exactly a benign and level playing field; ask the adjuncts who teach the majority of undergrad classes for low pay, no job security, and no benefits (yet the tenured profs don't seem to mind, since it lightens their load). And unions, viewed with misty-eyed nostalgia by many, still harbor their share of featherbedding and corruption. Yes, corporate governance needs to improve in many ways -- starting with the lowering of overinflated CEO compensation -- but public companies just can't be wiped off the map. If they were, the lights would go out tomorrow because you'd be destroying most of the electric utilities. Elizabeth Warren understood this better than any of the candidates, but I think Biden does too. All this said, if Bernie becomes the candidate I will vote for him, and I imagine most Dems will too.

  65. @jerseyjazz Fail. No one is talking about that. It is about removing subsidies and tax credits. It is about forcing on shoring so that the race to the bottom is stopped and we do not face the systemic risk. It is about fixing the systemic and deep risk in the financial system. It is about removing profit from healthcare so no one makes money off the death and misery of others. But I got my party card with my MBA and the two Big 4 firms where I was a practice lead or co-lead kept renewing my party membership /s.

  66. He would be a terrible president.

  67. I thought that either the writer of the article or the staff at the NYT fact checked before putting anything in print. I felt um-bridge in the beginning of the article because I saw Bernie labeled as a socialist twice. This label awakens a lot of automatic fear in people because they read about socialist governments that terrorize their populations. He is not a socialist, He is a democratic socialist and there is a world of difference. By alluding to him as a socialist, you are doing Trump' s job for him. I think you owe Sanders an apology in writing in the NYT.

  68. For millions of us now sitting home now with no paid leave some of that awful socialism Draper talks about sounds pretty good

  69. How about if Biden runs with Warren as Vice-President? But he will probably name some really really mainstream and tame woman. Please not Klobuchar nor Kamala Harris.

  70. Bernie always blamed everyone else for his failure to get enough votes. Why is he still in the race he has no mathematical chance of winnning? ego, pure ego.

  71. @Joseph B Delegates, pure delegates.

  72. I think the answer is fairly simple: 1. America has never embraced the left edge of its spectrum, or at least hasn't since FDR was elected in 1932 - when unemployment was almost 25%. 2. About a year ago a Gallup poll the majority of Democrats said they wanted a more moderate party. 3. Sen. Sanders is generally running behind where he ran in 2016, proving that primary was more about Hillary than his proposals. 4. Democrats won the House in 2018 because "moderates" flipped seats held by Republicans. No Sanders-type progressive did. Sanders is out of step with America, he is out of step with his party.

  73. America, definitely, embraced the left spectrum policies as Medicare and Medicaid. The younger people, clearly, embrace the socialist agenda, especially because 'moderate' policies leave them much worse than their parents while doing nothing, except cuts, to prevent the crisis of such program as SS. Bernie, evidently, expanded his bases, making significant gain among Latinos and young blacks. 'Moderate' lost the Congress in 2016 together with the Presidency, and got back the House only because the progressive were able to generate enthusiasm that lifted the moderate candidates. But some incumbent moderate Dem Senators lost nevertheless. And although American say they want moderate policies, they very often vote for candidates who are quite extreme. That is how we got extreme right Rep party and Trump.

  74. @Bumpercar I think that, as Oscar Wilde said, "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." Sen Sanders is not out of step with America. I think his biggest accomplishment has been making people more aware of the toxic effect of big money in politics and the obscene amount of power that the major corporations have over OUR government.

  75. @yulia The Democrats lost the House of Reps in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. And Bernie's base has contracted since 2016 when you compare the numbers he got to his 202 showings. Progressive candidates across the ticket in 2018 failed to win. In fact, the ONLY reason Democrats won the House back in 2018 (and with Pelosi's leadership, were able to provide at least some push back on Trump, hampered as it is by career Republicans who have sold out the nation and their souls to Putin) is because of the more moderate Democratic voters nationwide...you know, the same ones who have just come out for Biden in contest after contest (despite him not even running a campaign in several states he won) and will bring him the presidency, if his candidacy isn't hampered by another great friend of Putin's, Bernie Sanders. Hey, it was news to me that Bernie didn't vote for sanctions against Russia after the 2016 elections, but like his A rating from the NRA shows, Sanders is a true member of the political elite, and his "principles" fall to the wayside if enough money and/or influence helping him is at stake.

  76. It’s so clear right that the last thing we need is a revolution; what we need is a steady hand and good governance. The election shouldn’t fall completely to the back burner, but after Bernie gets annihilated in Florida, Ohio, Illinois and Arizona tomorrow, it’s time to go back to Vermont. We really don’t need him doing damage to Democratic nominee solely on an effort to boost his ego this time like in 2016. The stakes are way too high. Anyway, I hear Havana is nice this time of year, Bernie.

  77. @Mike I guess it depends on how you judge the situation. if I had a serious cancer ( and I think we do) I wouldn't want a smooth talker to slap a band-aid on it. I'd want action, even if it hurt.

  78. @David Well, Bernie would hurt. And his “action” in 30 years in Washington is renaming a few post offices. We need someone who knows how government works. Which excludes Bernie. All he knows is that he gets a check every two weeks and health insurance for life.

  79. @Mike Right you are. Bernie also gets a very good retirement for life. Kinda not what other comrades get.

  80. I can't believe anybody prefers Biden to Bernie. After all, Bernie is such a savvy negotiator with a great record of legislative accomplishment. He successfully sponsored S. 885 (113th): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 35 Park Street in Danville, Vermont, as the “Thaddeus Stevens Post Office”.

  81. @Steve Simels You are sarcastic, right?

  82. No

  83. At this point, Sander's insistence to continue his campaign- requiring further primaries- is nothing short of selfish. Congregating people at poll places when the CDC says less than 50 people in a room? We are cancelling schools. We are practicing social isolation. Bernie, it's over. Bow out, cede all the remaining delegates to Biden, and let the voters stay safe.

  84. @Jonny I do not think so. Yesterday he made Biden take stand for this and that. If he wouldn’t be around would you actually know Biden’s program? I wouldn’t and I have been following this election very closely. The only think I worry is that Biden’s “I changed my mind now” will be Trumps weapon against him will the day come he is the nominee. His new beliefs are not rock solid and given criticism will he change again? And us? Will we get what he “promises “ now or are we in for a (again) a surprise given the fact then that he is the candidate? For being steady I believe Bernie would run Trump into the ground. And guess what? I believe he would be very presidential and just start laughing if Trump bashes this and that and (finally!) ignore that guy. An emperor without clothes. Exactly what Trump is.

  85. @Jonny it's selfish to decide a race before even half the country voted. Sorry Biden's too much a liar for me.

  86. @Jonny Your suggestion for Bernie is too supporting of the country. Bernie is only out for Bernie and so will go until he's wrung everything out. Sad. However he knows when this is over so is he.

  87. America judged Bernie for exactly what he is. Unlikeable, nasty, Cult leader, dishonest ( I'll release all my health records) , selfish ( torpedoed the nominee in 2016, resulting in a Trump victory, ready to do it again.....doesn't matter as long as his ego is fed) , arrogant. oh I think America judged Bernie to a T

  88. It’s always amusing when centrists call other people “nasty” with such bile. It’s toilet paper that’s sold out - not mirrors. Get one.

  89. @Christian Haesemeyer Ah, yes. Not nasty at all.

  90. @Jos Kohl Hillary (too good to campaign in Mich, Penn, and Wisc) lost the election on her own.

  91. Trump was told to do nothing about the Coronavirus for more than a month by his corporate billionaire puppet masters, so they could keep the stock market juiced- Joe, if he’s allowed to be president by those puppet masters, will do the same thing when the next pandemic arrives, because he’s beholden to the same billionaires, sixty of whom have donated to his campaign. Only Bernie and M4A will keep all Americans safe, safe from the billionaires!

  92. I do NOT want for President: —Anyone who HASN'T changed and evolved over the last 20 years. —Anyone so myopic that they can't gauge where their ideas lie on the continuum between Real and Ideal. Ideas like Sanders' are great. But, if Democrats don't win the Senate, Obamacare will fail ultimately because it hasn't been refined, improved, updated for 10 years for fear the Republicans will eliminate it entirely. Medicare for All? Not happening. He only hurt himself with his rigidity. —Anyone that similar to Trump in temperament. Sanders is a nasty old man who won't be challenged by anyone, won't respond to questions, gets angry at questions he doesn't like, such as renouncing the bro trolls. —Anyone who looks like a marionette when he talks, and sounds like him. I couldn't stand it. —Anyone who just had a heart attack, although rage will keep Sanders going longer than Biden, I think. I don't get what younger people see in him except free college, which has less chance than MfA of seeing Congressional daylight. I said from the very beginning that only a good man can beat Trump. Who projects that persona better than Biden?

  93. @Gabrielle Rose I couldn't disagree more. Biden is not a good man ,if policy means anything. He was the architect of the bankruptcy bill in 2005. Republicans like Orren Hatch were falling all over themselves thanking Joe. This bill hurt families and women so badly. It allowed rich people to file on that 3rd house in the Bahamas but not students on their loans. He was know as the Senator for the credit card companies FOR A REASON. Then there is his bringing along fellow Dems to vote to allow Bush to go into Iraq. The crime bill which created the largest gulag the world has ever seen. I could go on. Social Security , trade agreements that gutted our industrial base. Yeah he's a great guy if you hate the middle class and especially if you hate the working class. And he lies about it all. He's almost as big a liar as Trump. But he did get arrested trying to see Mandela. That's a good lie from a good man. Honestly can we look at this guys record, just a little glimpse. You know Trump supporters are lied to constantly mostly from Trumps media FOX and right wing radio. But the Dems are constantly lied to on MSNBC and CNN, NYT, about how the Dems are saving the middle class/working class. And Biden is never seriously vetted as a candidate. The entire media is in the tank for one party or the other.Check out RISING on internet for independent journalism

  94. @Gabrielle Rose Sanders represents the views and values that the Ds had that led to a large middle class, a strong country and rich people. I am 61 btw and reached the same conclusions Sanders and Warren did before I knew who they were. It is called understanding how things work. Want my vote if it is Biden. There better be real change or I will abstain.

  95. The main problem with Bernie, Mao, the Sandistas, and everyone else who demands revolution is that most people don't want revolution even when they do want change in their political/social system. Bernie has run on a purist platform. His way or the highway. His recent attempts and statements about beating Trump being the highest campaign priority, are too little too late. Bernie and his people keep trying to push an agenda that has been soundly rejected by the majority of Democrats and Liberals. They further their push by making the claim, false though it is, that MOST Americans support MFA. They don't. The exit polling asks "do you want more affordable health care". What they don't ask is "do you prefer MFA over ACA". That is a distinct problem with the far left claims of Bernie and his supporters. Bernie lacks nuance and compromise in his demands and real Democrats reject that stance. If Bernie Supporters want to be Socialists, that is fine, form your own party. See how much support you gain across the nation or just admit that most people don't agree with your demands of purity, chaos and revolution; all of which are just code-words for destruction of the American way of life.

  96. @mikenola, Truth!

  97. @mikenola I'm pretty sure you were trying to be insulting, but in the end everything you said had me nodding my head in agreement. Well, except the "form your own party" line. The DSA already is a party, and already threw its weight -- nominal as it is -- behind Bernie Sanders. I'm maybe not the person toward which you directed your ire, but I'll respond anyway. As a card-carrying Socialist, I support Bernie not because I want the "destruction of the American way of life," but because I want to stop it. Affluent people took a hit these last two weeks, and I suspect they believe their "American way of life" is slipping away, and I for one applaud it. This affluent lifestyle you suppose is your birthright has been built with (and at the expense of) many hard-working American's blood. Those Americans -- the ones you don't see, but whose labor you pretend is your own -- don't really feel compelled to work for you anymore. So if you're hoping I'll vote for Biden just to beat Trump, you're going to profess surprise when he loses. I won't be surprised at all. Sad? Sure. But in my eyes, the American way of life I want to destroy is income inequality, and only Sanders can do that.

  98. @mikenola 1. The ACA is an unaffordable joke. High deductible plans that are catastrophic insurance at best. 2. Mao and the Sandinistas are not the kind of revolution that is meant. It is about real change not slow drip oligarchy. Note that in the case of your examples both were successful in winning. Mao not so much on bringing progress.

  99. The campaign to marginalize Sanders and the restoration of democracy he represents is in full swing. Even the title and image of this article are part of that bias. Taxation for corporations and billionaires is coming, and it’s only a matter of when.

  100. @Skip Bonbright Voters selecting Biden is democracy in action.

  101. I am getting weary of those, including Sanders, who believe that the establishment is out to get Sanders. Sanders is losing because his supporters aren’t voting in the primaries. That isn’t difficult to understand, just look at the numbers.

  102. Bernie isn't radical, this country has just allowed the far right to dominate conversations for so long people don't recognize the center.

  103. @Keith It’s up to voters to decide what’s Left, Right, and Center. This changes some over time. Democracy sets the level. If voters continually vote out a specific party then it’s up to that party to change. This is why a Democrat in North Carolina is not the same as a Democrat in California for instance. Additionally, what’s progressive in America may be conservative in another country. That does not mean it’s center or conservative here though. It’s up to our populace to decide.

  104. @Keith Actually, Bernie is radical in many positions. He wants workers to own 20 percent of all corporations and said workers to have 45 percent of seats on corporate boards. Some European countries (notably, Germany and Sweden) have these so-called co-determination policies re: boards , especially boards of very large companies (this means they have worker representation on boards) but note that there is a higher level of worker representation on the less-powerful "supervisory boards" as opposed to "management boards" (highest level); and the head of the management board, who has veto power, is a shareholder rather than a worker. In a nutshell: Bernie goes FARTHER than the most progressive of these countries do, and these policies have been evolving in Europe since the 1920s. So, yeah, he's left of Europe. And he's not center or center left on other policies, too -- he won't allow private insurance. Germany does. France does. The problem isn't that his policies are all bad or shouldn't be introduced in some form, but they can't be enacted and imposed -- bam! -- the Bernie way, which is all or nothing, my way or the highway, I'm always right period. The country doesn't work like that; for better or worse.

  105. But if people read the article they’d realize that Bernie’s “words” or rhetoric by which he is judged and his actual leadership style, which was shown to be in both Burlington and the Senate amenable to compromise or at least open-minded on the basis of what was best for the community, are two different things, and this article describes his in-office activities as “center-left.” What Jane Sanders says later in the article about their primary platform is that why not put forward what we believe in the primaries, if not the general election...you can question this stuff strategically but I gather from these comments and others I’ve read that people have either not read the article or disregarded its information or perspectives.

  106. I phone banked for Bernie in 2016, donated to his campaign, and voted for him in the primary. All this while knowing he could not win. Unfortunately, he eschewed "identity politics' (a slur created by conservatives to denigrate anyone who isn't a straight white man) rather than see them for what they are: coalition politics. No candidate can win the primary without the majority support of women and black people--thogh we are not monoliths as groups of people, we are the backbone of the Democratic Party. This is both historical and statistical fact. Conspiracy theories that the DNC was out to get him don't hold water when you look at the breakdown of votes in both 2016 and 2020. He also made a strategic error in 2016 in not supporting Clinton the second it became clear that he was not the candidate, and not calling off his Internet army of Bernie Bros who only became worse over time. Followers take cues from their leaders, after all. 2020, I was all in for Warren but will vote for him in the primary now even though I know he can't win. He should have done everything that he could have done to win the base in the past four years but he didn't, and that was his downfall.

  107. @Valerie I agree with you. For Sanders it has always been "my way or the highway". It never occurs to him that if everyone thought that way we would get nowhere, which is what would happen if he became President. No progress would be made, he would be a one term President, and Republicans would be back in office.

  108. @Valerie He campaigned for Hillary extensively even though the DNC had been openly trying to sabotage him. His supporters are not disproportionately male, and the whole bernie-bro thing has been exposed as a lie. There's no internet army of bernie-bros that are under his control. What could he possibly gain from covertly controlling an army of people harassing people on twitter? Over and over again people are hiding a dislike of his politics behind basically phony criticisms, which is strange. If you're against medicare for all or free college, just say so, plenty of people are. "I'd be for these things but a random person was being mean on twitter so now I'm going to vote Biden" is just a really bizarre way to think. It's also really strange to have your politics hinge on the opinions of black people in the south. Whether or not black people support the candidate I favor is not going to change my support of him.

  109. @MK "There's no internet army of bernie-bros that are under his control." Oh yes there are. Don't try to gaslight us and tell us who have been dealing with their venom for a year that we didn't live through what we did. "What could he possibly gain from covertly controlling an army of people harassing people on twitter?" He thought he was going to win power through bullying. It worked for Trump. Democrats however are not as easy to cow.

  110. The comments in this thread reveal a very common misunderstanding of politics. The job description of candidate is entirely different from that of president. The first job gets you elected. The second job influences and leads. The further misunderstanding inherent in the Bernie people is that the first one doesn’t matter. That’s just authoritarianism repackaged for the left. So, yes, they are correct, the parties are the same - Bernie’s Democrats and trump’s republicans. That’s why they will take trump over Biden.

  111. This is not accurate. It’s not surprising because DNC Democrats seem to share the characteristics of the equivalent of ‘mansplaining’ to Progressives, Millennials and Independents thinking process. The levels of hubris and misplaced sense of superiority is simply astonishing.

  112. You actually need us. And we need the policies of Sanders.

  113. @Lilly Nope. We don't. It's not Bernie's way or the highway. He's tried that approach and gotten nowhere. Why do his acolytes persist in making such demands? Politics is about compromises that make things happen. Big ideals are fine. But great leaders make things happen that are possible now and then go from there. That's the career of Joe Biden, who gets real change accomplished.

  114. I am a hardcore Dem and libeal who won't vote for Bernie for a number of reasons that others have identified in their comments. It is his hypocrisy that bugs me the most. Notice how in 2016 he railed against millionaires and billionaires and now that he is a millionaire he only rails against billionaires, some of whom have done more for society and the truly disadvantaged than he could ever dream of doing (Bill Gates, for one). But, it is his rape essay, written when he was in his thirties that is absolutely disqualifying. His breast cancer essay, written in the same publication is also disgusting. I first read them in Mother Jones, who did a story on them during the 2016 election cycle. If he had been 15, I could get over it, but he was a full grown man. I urge everyone who supports him to find those essays and read them.

  115. When 40 Republicans can't even vote to allow American's to be tested free for the Corona Virus and the media hardly mention it, you begin to realise who sets the agenda in American Politics and the divisiveness that exists. Stock markets crashing and the virus rampant and Wall Street and the Pharma's dictating to the President on putting profits before people. Logic would tell you that enough is enough and it is time to put the majority of American people first. The future is uncertain and the most important thing you can have is your health, not profits. You need to protect that. Bernie Sanders has been passionate about those people for over 30 years, he has being fighting for his people when others were laughing at him but he still moved the Agenda. Joe Biden is a good man but he is compromised by Wall Street. Whether you are a white person , African American, Latino or lucky enough to have youth on your side, you cannot afford to compromise your Health. AMERICA misjudged Bernie Sanders because they refused to debate the issues. At least he can home at night and say "he did his best" You get what you vote for. P.S. I think it is crazy that the Dem Primaries are being held over the next couple of weeks

  116. Bernie's leadership qualities, or lack thereof, were quickly demonstrated last night when asked about what he would do to help the country fight the coronavirus. His response of taxing the rich and destroying the pharmaceutical companies, the same companies that are now working overtime to find a cure and vaccine for the virus, demonstrated for all both his tone deafness and his separation from reality. Maybe Bernie should look in the mirror and realize that both he and his message are the problem, not all the corrupt bogeyman that are out there trying to stop his moral crusade.

  117. @philly Bernie looks past tomorrow. Unfortunately, most people can't and vote accordingly, to the detriment of our country. To deny our government is corrupt is to deny reality. A little morality couldn't hurt. It's weird that you're so angrily against that.

  118. @J.C. We may be dead by "past tomorrow." As for my morality, cast more stones, divider.

  119. I like Bernie but not enough people do for him to beat Trump. And that's the only agenda item this year for any Democrat and, yes, for any true American.

  120. All I can say is life is much easier now knowing I won't have to worry about who I'll vote for in November because I'm so over it.

  121. Bernie is a typical far left liberal. CAN'T STAND BUSINESS and EVIL CAPITALISTS. But he is 1st in line to get his hands on their money and spend it. Spending money is great fun when it's someone else's.

  122. @Reader In Wash, DC Well, you're going to get what's coming to you in time. My grandpa was a great man, he owned the big property with an airfield that I live on right now. He was a self made man who bought and rented out properties and lived on his own, flying us in his airplanes when we were kids. He was also a pure capitalist who hated the idea of taxes going to social programs. When he started to get dementia and couldn't make decisions for himself anymore, instead of taking care of him and keeping him here my mostly hard conservative family pushed him out into a nursing home, sold his planes and divvied up his property. He died alone in a nursing home and now I'm one of the few who thinks about him as I live in one of his houses and occasionally walk down his airfield. That was the ignoble fate he suffered under the right wing system of "get your own money and take care of yourself, or else." I doubt you're even a third as successful as he was, so I wonder how sad your karmic end days will be all because you hated the "far left liberal" systems that are meant to take care of everyone when their personal situations go badly downhill and they suddenly become powerless.

  123. @Colin This is about your family, not country and capitalism.

  124. Bernie, though well meanin is ignorant about lots of things. He seem suprised lin last night's debate when Biden mentioned that during the 2008 financial crisis that the banks were saved no to necessarly save the banks but to save the financial system and keep the economy working. Not to mention saving the stockholders. Some the largest stockholds are pension funds. Guess Bernie wanted retired little old ladies to lose their income? Bernie also does not get that countries in Europe and else where can afford lavish social spending because their defense is provided for by the US taxpayer and soldier. And drug prices are so high in the US because we end up paying for all the R&D without which no new miracle drugs. Bernie also does not get that the high standard of living Americans enjoyed WWII - 1970 /1980 was a historica and ecomonic anomoly. Most people throughout history has lived subsistance lives. And with globalization and the labor glut that kind of life for most Americans will return.

  125. @Reader In Wash, DC The banks shouldn't have been given a blank check, with no strings attached, and allowed back in the casino without consequence. That's pretty much what happened. Globalization was a choice, not an inevitability. Moving jobs overseas was about greed, not what was best for America. We have the means to bring everyone in this country out of subsistence living, but our corrupt political system won't allow that to happen. That's why some form of bloodless revolution is necessary now. The people whom we trusted with running our country have run it into the ground.

  126. Bernie has always wanted to turn this into a socialist country and as an opportunist, thought this was his chance to do it. Nothing else explains why he decided to run for President so late after getting nearly nothing done in Senate. It's always been about him and his ego and his insistence that the most important thing is to get rid of Trump doesn't match his single-minded behavior. For many, if not most of his supporters, there is no supporting anyone but him and he knows it. It's his (their) way or the highway and he/they aren't interested in any type of compromise. All the other people who ran for the Democratic nomination dropped out when the writing was on the wall but not Bernie, he's determined to force Biden to adopt his policies--doesn't sound like getting rid of Trump is really his first priority.

  127. You did not read the article, did you?

  128. "Did America Misjudge Bernie Sanders? Or Did He Misjudge America?" One can say both exist simultaneously. But it's more the latter. And Bernie is obstinate in his insistence. He doesn't care how many people he alienates. He repeatedly insists these things have been done in other countries like those in the Nordic region. But their models are less liberal. He seems to imply that this is only a natural progression to The New Deal of FDR. That part is actually credible. But in the 1980s, a former New Dealer, Ronald Reagan reversed course and went about the opposite way. (A critical factor here is that Bernie is no FDR, nor Reagan. Unlike these two, he can’t move masses though he did move youngsters in 2016 & this time around) And we are still in the Reagan era, which calls for tax-cuts for the rich and cuts in safety-net programs. In a white majority country where far too many whites fear of losing their privileges, Reagan managed to scapegoat blacks as the undeserving welfare recipients – remember the “welfare queen?” Any suggestion of tax-hike on the rich will be (rather passively/silently but firmly and effectively) countered by gaslighting-like arguments that “your hard-earned money” will be wasted on unnecessary things.

  129. @A.G. Exactly. The idea that Sanders could withstand sustained G.O.P. attacks of "Fidel Sanders" and "former Bolshevik" among the middle, the independent voters, is pure fantasy, as Democrats from Maine to Washington to Texas to Minnesota to Florida all realize. It's over, Sanders.

  130. When you get out in front of the parade, such that the trombone section loses sight of your coattails, you will become an irrelevance. I am tired of repeating the most basic principle of electoral politics. You have to WIN the election! Promising ponies and lollipops does not work in a general. Fifteen point slides and charts and budget analysis and future striped ponies are useless. Sanders is no different than other visionaries who don't understand why everyone doesn't see that he has all the answers. "Join me and we'll all have cake and ice cream and single payer and free homes and free college and every thing I plan for y'all to enjoy". Dust bins of history. I wish Richard Ben Cramer was still with us to put his thumb on these mooks.

  131. @P.C.Chapman How quickly Americans forgot how left wing the campaign agenda of Obama and Biden was in 2008. After eight years of Bush-Cheney the entire world wanted big progressive changes in the US. For whatever set of reasons, Obama-Biden failed big time. That's why Trump was elected. By proposing radical left wing changes, Sanders and his supporters do not expect revolution. They are hoping for a decent, reasonable move to the left that should have been done 12 or more years ago.

  132. @Lawrence Chanin The Sanders-Biden debate highlighted the futility of a Trump-Biden general election. It will be an election about nothing. The result will be a strengthening of the far right.

  133. @Lawrence Chanin I hope you don't try to tell them that they don't really want a revolution. You might get some negative feedback on that.

  134. Well, I voted for Bernie in 2016, as I could see early on that Hillary Clinton was going to be a train wreck. I honestly think he would have beaten Trump if he had succeeded in that primary. But in the ensuing 4 years, Bernie has gone still further left, and lost my support. I supported Warren, but will now have little choice but to support Biden. If Biden fails to achieve anything as president, which he surely will if the republicans keep the senate, and likely will even if that is not the case, then 2024 will see him challenged by a modern day Lenin on the left and Hitler on the right.

  135. I'm going to two extremely radical things here. Bernie Sanders, due to the pandemic, should step aside for Joe Biden. Normally I would say let democracy play out. That I am a fan of Sanders and a 2016 Bernie Bro. That Sanders and his followers support ideas that are too important simply to silence. But considering the health of our electorate, Sanders should do the mature thing and step down. The second even more radical idea is that if the Pandemic is still going... or if it is worse, that the November Election should be postponed too... Maybe to January or March 2021. Or should be done entirely mail in. Yes, President Donald Trump is the worst President in American history. Yes, his administration has been utterly incompetent in handling Coronavirus. Yes, postponement would feed his authoritarian tendencies. But social distancing is incredibly difficult standing in line to vote. The elderly and most vulnerable are the most consistent voters. And the continuity of leadership, even incompetent leadership, is comforting in troubled times. While voting is a heroic action for democracy, voting should not be a life endangering heroic action.

  136. The constitution contains no provision to keep the current president (or VP) in office beyond his term unless he has won re-election BEFORE the current term ends. If there were no 2020 election, then the next in line would step in — whoever that turned out to be.

  137. @Harry I don't think the constitution contains any provision for postponing an election, either, and yet it might turn out to be necessary, under some circumstances, even if not under these circumstances. The common sense thing would be to just grit our teeth and let the current occupant stay in office until very shortly after the election. One alternative would be to turn it over the the Speaker of the House. Or possibly a steering committee could be formed to manage things. It would probably be simpler to hold the elections, taking all kinds of precautions, encouraging early voting and voting by mail and so on. A lot depends on the trajectory of the epidemic in this country.

  138. @Hypoteneus Look at the coronavirus map. Now look at the majority Blue areas. See any overlap? Now ask why Trump and those behind him, like McConnell and who knows who else are just dragging their feet on containing it. If it wipes out the most reliable voters, the elderly, they just want to foot drag even more. Now they are leaving getting respirators up to the individual states. The states were blindsided, waiting for the feds to act. If this were happening primarily in red states, you bet we'd have effective action. Yesterday.

  139. Yes, America misjudged Bernie Sanders. You can't find a person with more integrity. Jimmy Carter has integrity. Ralph Nader has integrity. Marianne Williamson has integrity. Biden? He's a Politician through and through, and I'm sad to see Sen. Sanders get so close but go down in defeat, when he could have made life better for so many Americans.

  140. @Diane I'll never forgive Ralph Nader for the defeat of Al Gore. We'd be in a whole different place today with the Climate Crisis if not for self-righteous Nader. And with endless wars. Gore was campaigning about climate change when everyone made fun of him. Then he got panned for flying in jets when he campaigned. Inexcusable. America was not ready for Sanders. But I'm thinking his proposals will get enacted very soon if we have the House, Senate, and Presidency, that is, unless the Republicans win again. Then we're done with Democracy and it all goes out the window. Bernie knows this, too.

  141. @Kathleen The 97,000 votes Nader won (of which where evenly split in thirds by D's, R's 'n I's) are a footnote compared to the 308,000 votes Bush won from registered Fla. Dems. Or compared to the 1 million D's that stayed home. Or compared to the other 8 3rd. party candidates that all won over the 538 needed to win. Or compared to the SCOTUS, the Chads, the purged voter rolls, the thousands uncounted etc. etc. Give up the senseless Nader hatred. It's wasted and ignorant. It's always your own centrist's that defect in the most numbers and lose it for D's.

  142. The coronavirus has shown us how much the country needs every idea Bernie has championed. Universal health care: the virus doesn’t care who you are. State sponsored childcare: it’s the state that’s now guaranteeing the kids of firefighters, hospital workers etc will be looked after while they work, at least in NY. Paid sick leave: it took this virus to bring the importance of this home. Yes, America has misjudged Sanders. He didn’t do himself any favors by waving the democratic socialist flag; as if the average voter has the attention span to figure out what that’s all about. The young people got it. They’ll have larger representation after the virus is through with us.

  143. People want change, not tired old ideas. So they weren't satisfied, elected Obama, still not satisfied, elected Trump. Who's promising a difference from the way things have been throughout this millennium now?

  144. When Sanders challenged Biden over the fact that he hadn't supported an increase of the minimum wage to $15 an hour, Biden answered: "I went to Jeff Bezos to get his approval but he wants to build a floating city in the sky, and can't do so if forced to give workers a decent wage. . . . Everyone told Bezos the idea is unworkable but he's gotten hold of this notion . . . He has promised me an apartment in he new city, so win-win."

  145. People who aren't in the progressive movement continually display an ignorance of it, and depict it as a cult of personality around Bernie Sanders. It's not about Bernie. It was growing before Bernie ran in 2016 and it will continue to grow after 2020. Bernie is the current conduit, but he won't be the last. In some ways, he's not a great conduit because he's frankly not a great candidate, but his place in history is secure. He is setting the agenda for the future and we will thank him for that. Anyone who doesn't understand the true state of the country and the world, and doesn't understand that something "radical" needs to be done about it, has their head in the sand. You can't ignore it and you can't continue to kick the can down the road. That makes older people uncomfortable, and they vote against it for their own comfort and feeling of security. Those are the "getting rid of Trump is the ONLY thing that matters" voters. No, it's not the only thing that matters. Not even close. I'm angry at older voters who cast votes for what makes them feel safe and comfortable in the moment and have no eye on the future. That's a selfish vote. You're not going to be around to pay the piper for your votes. You might want to give some thought to those of us who will be. We need you to think differently about this. What you fear as "extreme" and "radical" is simply what is necessary for us to have a decent future in this country and on this planet.

  146. @J.C. The candidate who should've taken over the progressive movement, if there truly is one, is Elizabeth Warren. But Sanders and his campaign treated her rather shabbily. If Sanders was truly about his ideas, he'd have let someone else carry the banner. But he's always all about Bernie.

  147. @Robert G. K. Sanders didn't start any fights with Warren. Just the opposite. He didn't repeat any "private conversations" in order to do damage to his campaign. She did that to him. She hasn't acted with integrity. She still has her supporters, but she's dead to a lot of progressives. No viable candidate is going step aside for a much less viable candidate. Is that what you mean by treating her shabbily? That he didn't get out of the race so she could get more votes? That's ludicrous. She came in third in her home state. If she can't win on the merits, that's not anyone's problem but her own.

  148. @J.C. People who ARE in the progressive movement continually display an ignorance of American political history. We have been fighting with everything we have since the '60s. The revolution is not coming. Ever heard of Dennis Kucinich? Put your energy into a political coalition with folks that are more conservative than you. That will require you to sacrifice your ideals. But it could help save our country.

  149. It's been my theory that many of the abusive Bernie Bros were not that dedicated to Bernie personally but were using him as a vehicle to wrest control of the party from moderates. Now that Bernie has pledged to fully support & campaign for the Democratic nominee we will see where their loyalty really lies.

  150. And I think the so-called abusive Sanders supporters are not actually Sanders supporters. I’ve canvassed and know supporters all over the country never met a single person who didn’t adhere to the directives directly from Bernie to be respectful of everyone.

  151. @Phil Rubin Your theory might hold some water if there were actually such a thing as Bernie Bros. It's a campaign tool created by the Clinton people. It was never a real thing, and there is reliable research to prove that. Look it up.

  152. @J.C. I'm sorry, but the Bernie bros are real. They are my former friends who succumbed to a cult of personality in 2016. They spewed so many toxic, insane, Alex Jones style conspiracy theories about establishment dems, including jaw-dropping displays of naked misogyny, that I can no longer associate with them. Nor will I ever forgive them. I believe they were effectively manipulated by the Putin assisted right, but they exist. Look, supporting the democratic establishment does not feel like justice, but it is the best way to improve our government. Sorry, that's just the way it is.

  153. Bernie is unfortunately ahead of his time. And people are so panicked they want the "safe" candidate - but Biden is as dottering as Trump, just not as mean. Bernie would bring the US into the rest of the industrialized world. Too bad if people just don't get it. And hopefully the young won't just twitter - they will VOTE!

  154. Bernie's the BEST America's going to get for a LONG time. Too bad it wasn't ready.

  155. America is ‘ready’. People are literally dying. The ones who aren’t yet, or who are doing barely well enough, even if they are one paycheck away from disaster or homelessness, have been brainwashed into thinking this is 1. all they deserve, and 2. as good as it gets, 3. America is the best - in any way. We are being told a story that’s not true. If you’ve lived in other countries, you know Americans are being lied to. Oh, America is ready. The ones who set the story, the ones who are doing the brainwashing, they are the ones not ‘ready’...

  156. @Lilly That includes this very newspaper, whose op-ed section is nothing but propaganda for business interests and the centrist politicians who support those interests.

  157. I'm really sad that right-of-center Biden will probably be the Democratic candidate. First, I don't think he's particularly electable. That is, I think there's a good chance Trump will win. And second, if Biden becomes president, the rich will continue to get richer and the poor will continue to get poorer. I'll vote for him only because I can't stand Trump's gratuitous cruelty.

  158. @Jenifer Wolf Biden is not right of center. He's a moderate dem, where most of the country is on the political spectrum.

  159. And did you know you only think that because you’re brainwashed to think that? Doesn’t that fact make you feel manipulated? Because you are. Have you ever traveled outside the States? I have. I’ve lived in Japan and France. I’ve gotten better healthcare there than I have here. And it was free. As a foreigner. You’ve been lied to. We all have. And the rest of the world feels sorry for you. Once you know that, you fight for Sanders, who is fighting for you.

  160. @jdl51 By the old standards, when we actually had a Democrat Party of The People, starting with FDR, Biden is definitely right of center. The party has shifted to the right to that degree. Haven't you noticed, or are you trying not to?

  161. Bernie better do a much better job of supporting the Democratic nominee so they can beat Trump.

  162. And I think the entire country should treat the candidate with the policies we need to survive fairly and not lie about access to healthcare being too radical. It is a basic cornerstone of civilization. This candidate fighting for us and not only the wealthy, deserves our respect and support.

  163. @Lilly A "survive fairly" requires consensus of the governed. Please define.

  164. Excellent article. We often get 2-D characterizations of politicians, nice to see the 3-D version. In the last debate Sanders was lower key and more likable. He has done a lot to move the party and even the opposition to the left. If Biden wins, his proposals will have an outsized impact.

  165. Bernie's electoral experience in America is typical. Bernie just lost every single County in Mississippi, Missouri and Michigan in the Democratic primaries because voters will not voluntarily vote for socialism. There is not one single country in the world which is both socialist and democratic. Socialism is a system which simply does not work and therefore people do not vote for socialism. Despite losing the primaries by a huge margin in the democratic votes Bernard will not concede defeat because Bernie is a socialist. Is Bernard a democrat? Quite apparently not so much.

  166. @David After today's, Tuesday-March 17th-results in Arizoina, Illinois, and Florida, it will be incredibly obvious where the American electorate is trending. They're rejectinhg Sanders, knowing fully Trump is licking his chops, knife and fork in hand, as he settles in and embraces the notion of how easily he'll get to carve up Sanders if Sanders wins the Democratic primary nod to run for president, all the while with Trump insuring his re-election.

  167. @merc You think he won't do that to Sleepy Joe? Do you folks really think Biden isn't going to get shredded, or that Trump is going to take it easy on him? Just wait and see. And what if Joe is having one of his "off days"?

  168. Bernie is hung up on his single mined issue and refuses to make it more gradual or even consider alternatives to get to a universal health care system. Medicare coverage is also rather incomplete without a Medi-gap add-on. Copays up to 20%, lack of ability of patients to negotiate surprise bills, and lack of direct coverage for glasses and dental work. Lastly, when you need long-term care, Medicare bugs out after 125 days. The patient is then completely impoverished, his/her estate squandered, and relegated to a remaining life of abject care and indignity as a ward of the state. Bernie, we can do better and Biden shows a willingness to try.

  169. Bernie would be labelled a Socialist/Marxist/Communist by Trump, and be defeated in a general election. His best route is to withdraw, particularly if Biden wins all 3 states in the next primaries, support him enthusiastically and get as many of his followers to do so. The main Democratic focus should to defeat Trump, soundly, retain the House and possibly regain the Senate.

  170. @turbot Thereby tearing the country apart, just like a previous president did 160 years ago.

  171. @turbot Bernie doesn't get his supporters to do anything. They don't take commands, like moderates have done, all jumping on the Biden bandwagon when they're told to. Progressives do or don't of their own free will.

  172. @J.C. That's why Trump is currently president.

  173. America understands Bernie very well. That's the good news. Thank Goodness it's over.

  174. @Ash Nothing is over until Biden wins. If you think that's a sure thing, think again. Biden has as many negatives as Sanders.

  175. "radical vision " ... yea health care for everyone.. real radical .. But Trump stacking the courts with ultra right judges. The 750 billion defense budget. Polluting everything in sight .. that's not radical, that's ok

  176. @Doctor Woo Trump wouldn't have got his 750 million budget passed without democratic party voting for it. Bernie voted against it.

  177. @Doctor Woo Every democratic candidate was for healthcare for all. Sanders specifically touted Medicare for all, a solution that created needless distracting debate among candidates, and gave fodder to attacking Republican's and right wing media, all so Sanders could differentiate himself and stand on his holier than though horse. Moreover, it was unlikely that Sanders could ever pass this solution so all about his political theater to rally his naive impractical supporters. It would be one thing if we were starting from scratch but we have to work to modify a complicated and flawed existing system that evolved long ago. Obama care as well is flawed but it is a start in the right direction. That said, Medicare is also a flawed system as is healthcare for veterans. Cooler and smarter heads than Sanders need to come together to figure out a better way. Sanders would rather propose simple-minded slogans.

  178. Bernie won't quit until Trump is re-elected. Bernie's ego prevents him from acknowledging his own poor record on gun control and the fact that his my-way-or-the-highway quest for political purity (along with his total unawareness of power relationships in politics) has led him to waste decades in Congress without getting anything done. On the very outside chance Bernie were to be elected president, does he really think he will 1) have coattails and 2) be able to put together the coalitions necessary for enacting his agenda? His campaign slogan should be "Get Real!"

  179. @Joe Whether you agree with him or not, just look at his record and you will see that he has always fought for a better deal for all. His Medicare for All proves that, especially today. Forget about the Politics for a moment, look at the consistency of any Politicians record. Whether you agree with them or not, Bernie has always being consistent. You cannot trust what most Politicians say and do and rarely know where their funding comes from and that funding dictates their loyalties. Regardless of your Politics, you have to respect, not necessarily agree with, those rare politicians who stand on Principle and fight for, at least what they think, is right, by fulfilling their Democratic pledge to voters. You and I then know what we are getting and instead of getting crumbs from the table of most Politicians, we can instead sit down and have the full meal with them. Blind Loyalty to any cause makes us a lesser people. I wish more people had Bernie Sander's "ego"

  180. @Joe That good honest compassionate Democrats like Obama, Biden, Howard Dean John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton,and now, Bernie Sanders, have been completely neutralized by the right wing power structure is the strongest reason why America needs big political changes, big economic changes, and big social changes

  181. Judging by the comments, nobody really bothered reading the article. What it depicts is a decent human being and that rarest of things -- a politician that actually cares for other people.

  182. @Claudio Even those of us who don't want to be "cared for" by government. "Care for" is what you do for pets, children, and those incapable of managing their own lives, which is what seems to think of the average American.

  183. @Claudio go to the oldest comments, 90 percent are extremely pro Bernie and the recommended likes.

  184. Actually America misjudges what America needs. Again and again.

  185. In a campaign dominated by herd journalism, this is an excellent price by Robert Draper. The point that needs to be remembered is that Bernie's real strength in this race was the sheer number of his opponents dividing up the majority of the party to his advantage, not his movement. Outside of Nevada, there was really nothing impressive for him. Buttigieg beat him in Iowa and almost beat him in New Hampshire which was Bernie's backyard (and Buttigieg would have won NH were it not for Amy's late surge). And then he got walloped in SC. To me the (unanswerable) question is what if Amy's Nevada debate melt down had occurred before NH putting her out of the race and what if we had not the vanity distractions of the two billionaires. How might have a 4 way race between Biden, Bernie, Buttigieg and Warren have played out? I think that would have been a better scenario for the voters and the party. My sense is that low information voters (who are most voters) got no help from the large number of candidates and the heavy advertising from the billionaire class.

  186. Bernie won't become the next President or even the Democratic Party's nominee. That seems nearly certain to me and I am a Sanders Democrat. So, where do we Sanders Democrats go from here? My answer is I will vote on November 3, and I will vote for the Democratic nominee because I am an FDR Democrat as well as a Sanders Democrat. Am I disappointed with the Democratic Party? You bet I am. Then why support the Democratic Party? It may be disappointing but the Republican Party is evil. Our only hope is to take control of both the Senate and the White House.

  187. Did America Misjudge Bernie Sanders? Or Did He Misjudge America? It's slightly more complicated than that: Bernie's supporters have wildly misjudged about half of America--there's just no way half of us will allow Lenin's heir to run--i.e., ruin-- the country. Either electorally or by taking scissors to the map, Bernie was never going to be our president. The rest of us, of course, have certainly not misjudged Bernie--he's a fanatic who would have fit right in with the Russian Bolsheviks of a century, and would have brought to America the same destruction the Bolsheviks, after 70 years, brought to the Soviet Union.

  188. @Henry Miller, Libertarian You are all imagination, no facts. Typical Republican.

  189. There was massive voter suppression in primaries, all in favor of Biden. 750 polling stations were closed in Texas in poor areas where Latinos lived, who would have voted for Bernie. Exit polls were out by over 4% all favouring Biden. U.S. is an oligarchy. Democratic party would prefer Trump as President than Bernie as President. Biden will lose to Trump, he has got cognitive decline and Trump will expose this and a history of lying.

  190. If voter suppression was the underlying reason for Sanders defeat please explain the ,massive African American turnout.

  191. Apart from not getting much done because of his “one trick” ideological bent, not mentioned in this article is Bernie’s support for Pakistan just because his campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, happens to be of Pakistani origin. Bernie supports Castro, Ortega - both lethal dictators - but criticizes India, a democratic country and culture with no history of enslaving or mass killing dictators. On the other hand he has nothing to say about terrorist organizations and terrorism coming out of Pakistan. Bernie is just an ideological opportunist with no practical problem solving skills. Medicare for All would be great if doctors are government employees and hospitals are owned by the government and “Death” panels ration care. Without cost control, it’s another expensive inefficient government program.

  192. I like Bernie but he's not recognizing this historical moment. The state of our country is dire. Even before this pandemic, Trump & McConnell were ignoring the law, corrupting our government & installing an unqualified far-right judiciary. Watch the latest episode of AXIOS on HBO featuring an interview w/ James Clyburn, whose endorsement propelled Biden to victory. Clyburn repeatedly invokes 1932 Germany, claiming he understands how Hitler came to power - because Germans didn't object. Clyburn's estimation of Trump is an existential threat & danger to this country. Clyburn believes Biden can beat Trump. End of story. Watching Clyburn talk about Trump reminded me of Richard Clarke saying "My hair is on fire!" before 9/11. (Clarke believed Al Qaeda was going to attack us.) It would behoove Bernie to stop thinking - & announcing - the Democratic establishment is out to get him because his revolutionary ideas threaten them. The Democratic establishment - & voters - voted for Biden en masse because they believe Biden can beat Trump & Bernie can't. Bernie, like Warren, is so caught up in "big structural changes" that he seems to overlook Trump & McConnell are burning down the house. We can't beat Trump w/ a nominee who says good things about Castro. Bernie's misapprehending this moment in history. We just can't afford him. Biden's the closest thing to a sure bet. Anything to get Trump out of office. If that means Biden's the nominee, so be it.

  193. @fast/furious Remember when Hillary Clinton was a sure bet? When are people going to stop this "electability" guessing game and just vote for the candidate they want? You're just going to keep getting it wrong. If it doesn't give pause to people that Joe Biden had no support and was coming in 4th and 5th place before South Carolina, it definitely should. Everybody is jumping on this "electable" band wagon and not learning any lessons from the past. Biden stands for nothing, so he gives people no reason to vote for him, except "not Trump". That's should have you worried.

  194. @J.C. If voters were convinced that Bernie could beat Trump, they would flock to him. But they aren't. And the polls and the primaries suggest they are right. Bernie has earned a rightful place as a prophet of the future. But there isn't going to be a future if we don't fix the present. Splintering the anti-Trump vote is akin to what happened in Germany in 1932. A luxury we can't afford.

  195. @fast/furious No, not at all. If you sit down and actually think through Bernie's plans, they offer hope to most Americans. Biden will throw the Poor a few scraps and then go back to serving the Elites. Most American would vote for Bernie if his message, undistorted by the Elites, was actually heard and understood. Bernie cleaned Biden's clock in the last debate. No reason to think the Republicans won't flood the airwaves with the same points and demonstrate that Biden is but a tool of the Elites.

  196. Bernie raised very valid points and eventually every American will have medical coverage guaranteed as a right ; just not now . That the wealth of this country is concentrated in the hands of the very few and the sweat on the working class brows gives them just enough to survive is a wrong that needs to be addressed also . What Bernie and his campaign missed , was the intractability of his political stand and the appearance of " my way or the highway " philosophy that just simply did not attract the other voters to him . It is said we are our own worse enemy ; and it is true for the ardent Bernie supporter as well as the non-supporter . Bernie should have run as a socialist or Independent and not as a Democrat and the visuals of trying to destroy the Democratic party as we all had a view of what Trump did to the Republican party . He might have had better success with the rest of the voting public without appearing as a cult figure of the Bernie Bros .

  197. There are two America’s right now. The boomers still depend on traditional outlets like the Times. The under 45 don’t because they have proven disingenuous and biased. I’ll give an example. Sanders called Biden our for printing austerity and considering social security, medicare, veterans benefits on the table when republicans were pushing for it. Yet where are the facts checks like they do on Trump. Instead excuses. If Sanders had lied would they have attacked him? Of course they wood. Another example is asking Sanders to drop out. If the roles were reversed would they have asked the opponent to Sanders to drop out or fight on because they could still win or potentially have the DNC crown? We see the bias. It’s totally obvious. Also Hiding Bidens flaws will be a serious problem in the upcoming election. It will lend validity to republicans to call the Times etc fake news. Why? Because they are ignore lies when it’s their favored candidate and attack those they disagree with. They also complain and attack progressives constantly. Every progressive is now a Bernie Bro. Yet they don’t care about the bundlers that scream and attack with their moment in silence. One group has no money and uses their voice and the only tools they have. The other uses their money to legally bribe people like Biden yet they see no problem with the money Bros. They are nicer I guess though their actions cause massive suffering. But the Bernie Bros are far more dangerous.

  198. There's not much point in even mentioning Bernie now. Democrats are going to be stuck with Biden. Whether Bernie's fans are able to pin their noses tightly enough to vote for Biden will be of some interest though.

  199. I lived in a country with free healthcare, affordable housing and free college etc I am forever grateful I could ran away. Free healthcare leads to expected ambulance time of an hour in the major city, immobilized stroke patients warehoused 20 ppl to a room, no diapers, with one aid per floor - in the major hospital, yes now as well. And if you want to be treated in time, and by a reputable doctor - bribe. My aunt recently was refused "free" oncological surgery as it was not "cost effective due to her age - 67". The same surgery was happily done for payment. Affordable housing is achieved by controlling where ppl can live, at 4 sq m per person. And free college - huge bribes to get into the good colleges. Thank you , but no, thanks. Or - and ambulance outside of major city does not have oxygen supply.

  200. @Maria It is rather difficult to evaluate the veracity of your claims, Maria, without knowing which country you come from. There are 195 countries in the world. Eighty-five percent of these countries have healthcare that is either free, universal, or both free and universal. The US is the ONLY developed country with healthcare that is neither free nor universal. So the gamut of countries with free/universal healthcare is vast -- including everyone from Zambia to Switzerland. The very real problems you described are almost certainly due to the level of socio-economic development of your native country rather than the fact that it has free healthcare. By withholding that information, you have weakened your case.

  201. @Alex Ross I agree. Furthermore,when i see people saying that universal healthcare means longer waits, etc., what they're really saying is that it is necessary for some people to do without healthcare, in order for the rest of to have healthcare. In other words, they are demanding that others must be sacrificed for their benefit. That seems morally repugnant.

  202. @Rita Prangle People in the US are very bad it seems at learning about other places. There are many systems of universal health care. Ours in MX combines public hospitals, free medical school for the qualified and to get doctors to rural areas, a huge variety of private and public combos, fanciest doctor and hospital you want to pay for as well as pharmacies with $5 USD medical consults. Works pretty well.

  203. Please. Please. Just one thing, stop calling Bernie or other mild democratic socialists/social democratics radical. Or as having radical policies. There's nothing radical about them, they're the norm right across Europe. Just the U.S. is so very rightwing, and individualist, that there is barely a "society" to us looking in from outside. From Europe anyway. Disarm the police (90% anyway), disarm the populace (apart from shotguns for licensed farmers etc), enact a free (at the point of use/need) health service, and give ALL kids the option to go to free 3rd level courses. Either uni or technical courses or apprenticeships. It's NOT rocket science, not unachievable, and NOT radical. Until then you're barely civil and hardly a society. Harsh yes. But tough love needs to be told Massive stock market reform also needed. Some kind of timelock on trades or other high-tech mechanism to slow the gambling impulses of the investors. Stock markets should be providing relatively easy access to liquid capital for either growing or productive companies. Only (of course allowing for the long-term growth of the investment capital too). But very short (within day, or even within week) reselling is opportunistic and only negative for society. We move slowly toward a ban cigarettes eventually, for societal good. We should ban short term stock trading too. Have a think about it.... And have a nice day

  204. Bernie (along with the circumstances of the last three plus years) has moved the Democratic Party way to the left of where it was when Trump won, so in that sense, Bernie won the debate. But with all the Dems calling for a public option, Bernie’s failure to crank up the youth turnout, and the unending angry tone of his campaign (and its most ardent supporters) him getting the nod was always a long shot. Throw in a super virus and a tanking economy and it’s game over.

  205. @Michael Malyszko I think Liz is a much better candidate for her appeal, grasp of issues, life of work.

  206. "no across-the-board denunciations of Bernie Bro harassment" Anyone in the news business who keeps pushing this Bernie Bros conspiracy theory should be sued for journalistic malpractice. It's fake and has been debunked as such several times. It's a very clever opposition ploy, but also very dirty campaigning. It works by spreading it around the Twitterverse and repeating it so often it becomes "true". No evidence required, except a bunch of "friend of a friend" stories that can't be checked out. The compliant press, always in the market for clickbait, especially if it's some good, divisive identity politics, picks up on it and gives it legs and respectability. Then comes the knockout blow: the call for an apology from Sanders that creates a no-win situation for him. If he apologizes, he's admitting that this is actually happening and then it's set in stone and can be used against him for the remainder of the campaign. If he refuses to apologize, he's immediately cast as sexist and misogynist and that can be used against him for the remainder of the campaign. Brilliant. We can thank the Hillary Clinton campaign for birthing this monster. It didn't work on Trump because it only works on honorable people who actually care that people think these things of them and are willing to address it and apologize for it. Trump's supporters, meanwhile, knew what they were getting and didn't care either.

  207. @J.C. Seriously couldn't agree more. "no across-the-board denunciations of Bernie Bro harassment" isn't even exactly true; he did condemn online harrassment when it was brought up.

  208. America is a Second World Country that is sliding toward being a Third World Country for the bottom half of those in income. But the Elites that support Biden could care less. That Amy, Peter and Elizabeth all dropped out just shows how powerful the DNC and the Elites are. The pressure on Bernie to drop out so that Biden is the anointed Nominee is the same thing that happened in 2016 and could lead to the same result in November 2020. Please stay in the race Bernie, all the way to the Convention and beyond.

  209. @John Brown there you go again the same folks that gave us Trump the Elites trope is getting tiresome

  210. @JRV Perhaps, JRV you are one of the Elites. Biden is their servant. The rich will stay rich and the poor will get poorer under Biden or Trump.

  211. Just because I didn’t vote for Bernie you dare categorize me? I am decidedly a middle class worker with a college degree working a little more than paycheck to paycheck. I cast my vote with no coercion from ANYONE, and in fact my first choice dropped from the race. But the attitude you express, and so many Sanders’ supporters do, is insulting. You’re all about “me” and not “us.” That is elitist.

  212. Let's not pillory Bernie for recognizing some good things that otherwise evil dictatorships have done. That's called nuance, and, like patience and other virtues, seems to be vanishing at Internet speed. When I visited the Soviet Union in 1988, the regime which (along with Hitler) had previously killed 10% of its population had also built subways in Moscow and Leningrad that were -far- better than their counterparts in New York and Chicago - cleaner, cheaper, more frequent service, ran on time, with signs indicating how many minutes and seconds until the next train, no more than 5 minutes apart for much of the day. Yes, it was an ugly dictatorship, and I'm glad it's gone, but it did some good things. With China, we have another brutal dictatorship, which spies on its people and locks Uighurs up in concentration camps. It killed 50-60 million people during its Cultural Revolution. But it ended almost-annual famines and floods that killed 5-10 million, made the vast majority literate, has brought 150-200 million people into the the middle class in the last 20 years, and we'll have to work with it to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. A movement, and its leaders, tries to improve society by opposing the status quo. Bernie is doing what he did in Burlington as mayor, stating maximalist positions in public, and then working out compromises to get things done. That's nuanced, it's progressive, and I'd expect the same of a President Sanders.

  213. @Aram Hollman I agree with virtually everything in your comment, but unfortunately you have left out the issue of framing. I don't recall Bernie's exact words in the 60 Minutes interview or in the last debate, but I do know that he seemed more concerned with proving that his assertions were factually correct than appeasing the legitimate fears of many voters (especially in Florida) about his apparent lifelong sympathy with Stalinist regimes. In his framing, he for-fronted Cuba's (undeniable) achievements in education and medicine, and conceded Cuba's "authoritarian" nature almost as an afterthought. If he cared more about winning the election and less about winning the argument, he would have apologized -- yes apologized -- for his previous framing of the issue and asserted forcefully that even education can be a tool of social control when freedom to read and write is severely restricted. In a debate where he needed to make a strong impression, imagine the headlines that would have garnered.

  214. @Aram Hollman Hi Let me add something to this "nuanced" evaluation. Nuances are always good, but the do not cross fundamental categories. Any democracy is better than any dictatorship. Within these categories there are a number of important distinctions and nuances. But no nuance and distinction makes a dictatorship better than the worst democracy. That we need to understand.

  215. @Alex Ross I think you have not been watching the news and town halls. Bernie went on no less than 7 shows in 2 days and clearly articulated his rejection of authoritarian regimes right out of the gate.

  216. Good to see that the Times has the space and inclination to seriously examine the Sanders campaign for what it is, rather than trying to create a scapegoat for the Democrats to blame for a Biden loss. What' they'd say? Yeah, this election is there for Biden to lose. There is a better atmosphere than in 2016, showing that the party at least acknowledges Sanders and his supporters have a legitimate beef, even as they keep that message muffled by excessive hand-wringing over democratic socialism and the misplaced fears over the downticket effects he might have had on the Dems. Unless the Dems embrace much of the Sanders agenda, it's hard to see enough traction from the mantra of "Anyone but Trump." Biden may see that as change, but the voters often don't, including the majority of Americans who voted against Trump in 2016, when the party chose to accommodate Sen. Clinton and her enormous train of political baggage. True, the right veep choice - Warren, not Klobuchar, for instance - could do much to keep Sanders voters engaged. Enough to beat Trump? Possibly, with the help of a pandemic. Ironically, that will make the case for Medicare for All that much stronger even as it undermines public faith in our reeling and crippled pay-to-play healthcare system.

  217. Trump is linked to the spread of the virus and the dissolution of the structure to fight a pandemic. That and innumerable crimes, including economic treason, should be enough to defeat him across America. If we get to vote...

  218. In retrospect wish Bernie Sanders should have used Medicare for All as his major major campaign issue, leaving the GND, and free college, college loan forgiveness programs off his agenda, incorporating it later as an after thought. Going after Wall St., Banks, Pharmaceuticals, Lobbying /Lobbyist ect could have waited until elected, but that process can be very cumbersome for any proposals. To much, to far left, for many who cannot not cope with massive systemic changes, mostly of their own fears, both people and from the corporate's. But these are the systemic changes that are needed, warranted, and most people would agree, should and would be preferable to how our current system is run and by whom...money and influence. A very good current example is the House version of tax payers monies going to find a cure for the corona virus that was legislated thru lobbying, allows pharmaceuticals to patent and hold intellectual property rights to make profits off finding a cure for this pandemic, setting pricing , distribution ect. So there is currently something inherently wrong with in our system that, we as voters and members of, agree is not how this system should be run. We vote for candidates who want to correct these values we see as either unfair, or just purposely enacted for the few to benefit. A candidate such as Sanders comes along we look to not to change, but but retain the same 'values' despised, yet are willing to keep because we fear what we want.

  219. The results of the Florida primary last night made it clear that Sanders mistook his 2016 popularity as a sign of widespread support for his far-left policies, instead of for what it really was: a refusal of so many voters to accept polarizing Hilary Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate. This elucidates two points, confirmed in this primary cycle, which pain me: one, that voters are not ready to accept a female presidential candidate, no matter how qualified; and two, that Hilary Clinton's ego-fueled candidacy put Donald Trump in the White House.

  220. @ELK I agree that voters were not ready for a female president, but after very careful scrutiny of both, I found Clinton to be the better candidate. Every candidate is fueled by ego -- their belief that they can do the job they campaign for. Bernie seems to be more about his ego than about effectively serving the public.

  221. Bernie has nor rolled the the times.

  222. It is not enough to "take on everybody", you have to do so without looking like a crazy lunatic. Trying to sell free healthcare to everyone, even illegal aliens at the expense of taxpayers is not going to work, people are no that stupid. Giving the vote to convicted murderers and child rapist is not a selling point either, it merely convinces many you have no intention at all to win anyway.

  223. @Anon E Mouse People are that stupid. When the so called illegal aliens in our midsts become the flash point for Corvid-19, you can be darn sure 'merica is going to be clamoring for them to be covered and taken care of. To do else is the epitome of stupid. As for the vote, either we believe ALL citizens have that right...or we don't. Thus democracy is a sham. Dunning-Kruger is alive and well in 'merica.

  224. Have you travelled anywhere in the world outside of the US? All industrialized nations in the first block and most third world countries have socialized medicine. The US is behind and waisting most taxpayers moneys in the military industrial complex. Medicare is socialized medicine, social security is socialized, congress and senate have socialized medicine as all expenses paid - the best of the best - made possible by tax payers money: your taxes. Why not extend this to all its citizens? Everyone pays taxes. The US needs to move into the present. And sadly, its citizens are paying the price for the blind, naive trust they’ve put on the government. As other readers have commented here, the legislative branch seems to pander and be in the hands of corporations and private interests. They don’t work for the people that elected them. Mr. Sanders has dedicated most of his life to work tirelessly on behalf of people. He is the president the US needs. Sadly, people seem to be sympathetic to recycled politicians like Joe Biden. He is not a good candidate for the presidency: he’s running using the reputation and the name of the previous president.

  225. Senator Sanders ‘steadfast in his radical vision’ ?? Democracy demands its leaders & citizens remain steadfast in their faith in Democracy - the will of the people. Over 2.2 million Democratic primary voters have voted for VP Biden’s call for Obamacare & against Senator Sanders Medicare for All. And Senator Sander’s response is to deride 2.2 million voters as ‘establishment’ ! Senator Sanders has No Respect for the 65% of voters who oppose his ideas. It is time the American people & US Media demand Senator Sanders to stop demeaning 65% of Americans because they oppose his plans. It is time the US Media Fact Check Senator Sanders false claims that every major economy in the World has single-payer universal healthcare. The 30% of Senator Sanders supporters, youth & otherwise, must understand Democracy progresses only by seeking common ground, never by rigid positions trampling all dissenting views. It is time Senator Sanders grew up (at 78yrs !) & acknowledged Democratic voters & the American people do not support Medicare for All, Tution-free College for All...and him. VP Biden should also keep faith with his voters & Not surrender to exotic notions only because they have usurped the label of ‘Progressive’.

  226. @S Venkatesh Almost all of your "facts" are wrong. The most glaring one is that voters rejected Medicare for All. The exit polls for the primaries showed clearly that a majority of voters were in favor of Medicare for All but somehow decided that Joe Biden was the person who would bring that about. Democratic voters once again decide to support a person who will not bring about the change they want. I fear they will get exactly what they got last time. And when you talk about "youth" supporting Sanders, please know you are talking about the majority of people under 50 years old.

  227. Massive corruption has set our Democracy on the road to being a third rate country. the Supreme Court baloney about "money is free speech" flooded our elections with dark money. Money buys propaganda and propaganda works - not always but often enough so that now politicians court and serve Donors, not voters. The Senate is a Millionaire Club. It would have been more useful to impeach McConnell than Trump for abusing his power to create an unconstitutional and non-reversible veto: not putting legislation up for a vote. He is the Grim Reaper for Democratic or bipartisan legislation.

  228. @Saint999 - Did America Misjudge Bernie Sanders Or Did He Misjudge America Neither It is just our parasitic aristocratic plutocracy foul handiwork. Joe Biden Takes Credit For Writing The Patriot Act https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/andrewkaczynski/surveillance-joe Visualize the Ads when the GOP digs into these little tidbits. Our aristocracy should have done a better job of choosing. This fight isn't over. The DNC is trying panic people.

  229. Maybe the times should put “Crony capitalist” in front of Bidens name as much as they put socialist in front of Bernies. Know your Boomer audience triggers? Centrist bias but lacking neutrality. Neutrality would be to label both in a pejorative manner. And why is Biden a crony capitalist? How did his son get a job in a position he wasn’t qualified for? Totally legal but morally and ethically a problem. Any other candidate than Biden would have been better against Trump. Hope you moderates made the right choice.

  230. Bernie, stop being a baby and drop out; Screaming at everyone and losing primaries does no one any good and your tilting at windmills is just plain nuts

  231. @Chris S Lol...whom's the one screaming and acting the baby here Chris/Kettle?! Projection is an ugly thing. Be better.

  232. @Chris S I accidentally hit, "Share" and in looking for a way to cancel that, "recommend." I see no way to amend so I am just commenting to make it clear I neither share or recommend your opinion.

  233. Bernie's campaign was doomed from the start by identifying himself as a socialist. Americans have been taught for 100 years that socialism equals communism and though the youngest cohort may have been more accepting, the most reliable voting group, older voters were not. Trump knew this and planned his entire campaign, should Bernie be his opponent, on that perception. Had Sanders abandoned this identifier, he could have well positioned himself as a latter day FDR, as his ideas were popular. Now, he needs to give up his own ambition so that those ideas can live on in and help to shape the Biden era.

  234. @Jay S Lol...we've already lived through the "Biden era" . (at least some of us did. Not those Biden sent to their doom in Iraq, or prison, or...) It's a grave mistake to attempt another rehash of disastrous policy, increased wealth inequality and wars for oil.

  235. Sanders just got in the way of Warren's opportunity to lay out a new vision where the Citizens get to take their society back from the raptor, the corporation. All his ego driven "my way" jingoism served to block a real debate (along with the opportunists running for name recognition, like Harris). Sanders plan was to never get real or explain his view. Now, hope that Biden chooses Warren to add economic hope to his campaign!

  236. Bernie is not radical and not out of step with the people. Rather, he is feared and despised by the party leaders who want most to retain their power. Joe Biden was way behind in delegates and polls until the party elite (Clyburn, Perez, Obama, Clinton, etc) weighed in and both endorsed Biden and warned of disaster if Bernie were the candidate. Biden didn't get better or improve his chances of beating Trump. The party decided that the strategy that brought us Gore, Kerry, Clinton, now place their bets on tottering Biden who has a poor legislative history, a bad campaign style and a less than capable debating ability. I am not hopeful.

  237. @Charles pack No and no. Sanders is an egotistical and irresponsible spoiler. A man who deep inside cares more about his own ambitions and "Wall Street" obsession than about the welfare of the country. (Has he ever spoken without defaulting to "Wall Street" as what is wrong with America?) I abjure him and his obsessed apologists. I've had enough of this old gadfly. He has aggregated far too much power and is wrecking the Left.

  238. @Charles pack This was an honest article. Too bad it wasn’t published earlier. If Bernie was 10 years younger, he’d be unstoppable.

  239. If your readers had read Who Will Tell the People, the betrayal of democracy by William Greider, they would learn exactly the kind of candidate who is needed to heal this country. Bernie Sanders is the person America needs. It was written around 1994 and it is still relevant today. Too bad both parties and the corporate media don’t care about the people.

  240. @Barbara Johnson Thank you for your gift of history and the genius of William Greider. His writing continues to help guide us through the jungle of propaganda and politics.

  241. Robert- no mention of AOC’s advocacy of and for Bernie?

  242. Democrats will soon have buyer’s remorse for selecting dimwitted Joe Biden to run against demented Donald Trump. He’s going to lose in the general election. And then all of us who supported Senator Sanders will have to say, “Don’t blame me, I voted for Bernie.”

  243. Americans don't deserve Bernie, the same way Brazilians didn't deserved Lula. Sad reality, and a great opportunity lost.

  244. @psd Twice lost

  245. A little bit of both. The times they are a changing but not as fast that.

  246. As I write this I imagine that Bernie is days away from dropping out. Here’s hoping he mans up and supports Biden and convinces his Bernie Bro’s to support Biden as well. Because we all know that there is no I in team. He needs to be a team player and focus on the number one Democrat objective. Defeat Trump.

  247. @Douglas Ritter Never.

  248. We are still in the shadow of disinformation by the hate media run by the GOP supporters. Those who get their news from Fox, Limbaugh, etc. have no idea what truth really is. Trump has an approval of over 50% by these uninformed folks. Their ignorance rains supreme at the voting booth when GOP voter suppression tactics are added to this ignorance.