U.S. Offered ‘Large Sum’ to German Company for Access to Coronavirus Vaccine Research, German Officials Say

The United States says it will share any vaccine breakthroughs with the world, but German officials appeared rattled by its reported overture to a biotech firm.

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  1. There is NOTHING that six time serial bankrupt, tacxcheat, and proven sociopath Donald J Trump will not do to make a fast buck for himself. There is no corrupt activity he will avoid if he thinks it will help him skew an election. He is a pox to democracy and is the biggest threat to national and global security.

  2. OUT! vote November.

  3. Is this representative of the new Christianity? all the vaccine for me, none for you?I guess Pence is OK with this.

  4. With a slogan like "America first," German suspicion should be expected.

  5. If ya can't buy Greenland

  6. Such a typical American response to everything - if you don't have it, buy it.

  7. Not American response. Trumpian and Republican. I am an Independent.

  8. @PeterW ....Who is putting up the money for the German research company? The United States? Wouldn't that be Socialism?

  9. @Claire Green some call it "Imperialism" some just call it the golden rule. distasteful, but it's been here for a long, long, time.

  10. Where was #45 when Berlin had COVID-19 tests kits available for global distribution soon after China released the genome sequence? Instead in all of his glorious arrogance/ignorance, the supreme negotiator in chief, gave a hard pass. Genius.

  11. I hope the NY Times investigates the financial interests that members of the Trump and Kushner families have in both vaccine development and covid-19 testing.

  12. I thought Trump didn't believe in vaccines.

  13. Of all the contemptible things the current occupant of the White House has done, this might be the worst.

  14. The bill that has just past in the House in reaction to the spread of the coronavirus will allow pharmaceuticals to reap major profits from any vaccine. Some politicians in Washington did not want this and others (republicans more notably) felt it would hinder research(profits). Would think research is continuing, along with the politics/lobbying unfortunately. Sounds more like profits instead are most important here, again not the peoples health and well being. Better to be the owner/discoverer? or the discoverer/sharer? Reuters also broke this story.

  15. This incredibly selfish move by Trump makes me even more embarrassed to be an American. Koch brothers and their Libertarian nonsense 1 Americans 0 Don’t like the score? Then only way to change it is to vote.

  16. Before being so quick to let personal politics decide which country you really believe is more likely to freely share any vaccine here, I urge every American replying (especially during what are now TRULY difficult times) to have a little think about the following; especially in regards to the 2nd question (which, without a doubt, has a less-obvious answer): - At less than 300 years old, to this day, what is the USA known for providing to the world? ....Leader, by far, in providing the world and 100+ nations w global stability, protection, financial & humanitarian aid, and unquantifiable measures of philanthropic/ technological/ democratic/ healthcare/ medical/ scientific/ military/ economic/ educational/ etc. advancements & assistance. - At least over a 1000 years old, to this day, what is Germany known for providing to the world?...????

  17. Your analogy is false. We may believe in our country, but to all thinking and decent Americans Trump is the revolting antithesis of everything just and moral and humane. Nothing American about him. Merkel’s behavior as a leader is just, moral and humane. My parents fought for our country in WWII, and they fought to preserve the American values that Trump and his supporters have destroyed practically overnight.

  18. Normally this article would be passed off as fake news however knowing the crowd in the White House anything is possible. Probably just another act in the Trump tragedy play. Dump them in November.

  19. Industrial espionage, is it not? And with one of our allies, which indicates, if we didn't already know, what a bum Trump is. LeBron James had it right from the beginning.

  20. Sad but not surprising. Selfishness is what the GOP is built. Whole party is nothing but callous greedy white people. That’s why they adore Trump.

  21. Donald Trump’s publicly known behavior has demonstrated to nations around the world that he is a completely untrustworthy liar. Imagine what he has done behind the scenes. The Mueller probe and the impeachment hearings are the tip of the iceberg. American voters unleashed a monstrous thug on the world. Astonishingly, millions of us still believe him. I hope to God that millions more of us will vote him out of office and drag him out if he refuses to leave.

  22. There is truly no limit to his depravity. Let’s hope history vilifies him and his sycophants (assuming civilization survives this crisis that he has only made worse)

  23. The USA is now the USSR of my childhood.

  24. Donald Trump, vulture capitalist.

  25. One word: chutzpah.

  26. The market slide today is a NO CONFIDENCE vote in Trump and the brain trust at the podium. Maybe if they get on their knees and beg, President Obama can come back and show them how to handle a pandemic. Otherwise the TrumpTrain will destroy what’s left of our economy and our nation.

  27. Funny how the privat health care system that told everybody for years that they charge so much in the US because they put it all in science and development...now it turns out they are behind and have to buy up companies from socialist Europe -.-

  28. The word from a friend - American citizen, German-born, living in Switzerland - - is that if folks there didn't already think he was a dangerous clown, now they are convinced he's a treacherous direct threat to their health as well.

  29. there it is folks. the moral black hole that has consumed the white house is clearly visible.

  30. BOTTOMLESS The Trump way: Buy somebody else’s success and take credit for it himself. He’s done it his entire life. He stamps “TRUMP” on everything. He did it with the “TRUMP” economy. Now he’s trying to stamp “TRUMP” on a vaccine for the pandemic—and then make a speech from the Rose Garden as the man who saved the world. Moral: There is no bottom for a completely Hollow Man.

  31. More proof at how much of an inept president we have along with a totally unqualified and inept Administration. Time for that to change in November folks. Let's take back our Government from these thieves along with the good name we USED to hve

  32. @Never Ever Again Actually, let’s not wait for November. Anyone for a little 25th Amendment action?

  33. @Never Ever Again The first task will be easier than the second. The world is wary now.

  34. According to the German newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag, Trump offered CureVac roughly $1 billion in exchange for exclusive access to the vaccine and an unnamed German government source who said Trump wanted the resulting vaccine “only for the United States.” ----- Trump is the kind of a guy who would want the vaccine only for himself, his family and people who voted for him....and not a single other human. He's the first and only guy into the lifeboat.....abandoning women, children, seniors and 'others' to save himself. What an international disgrace Individual #1 is.

  35. @Socrates Amen, Glen. Do you share my feeling that if Trump had pulled off this dirty deal and actually had a vaccine in hand, he'd try to legislate its availability only to the Red states?

  36. @Socrates When asked about the dismantling of the White House Emergency Pandemic Response unit, Trump said: "I take no responsibility for that." In other words, anything good that happens(or doesn't happen!) he takes credit for, but anything that he or his appointees do that is disastrous, he has nothing to do with. He has placed millions of Americans at risk...to defend his ego and his re-election chances. How sick.

  37. @Socrates What is worse, he'll probably get re-elected. Yesterday, there was an article in this paper giving trump supporters opinions on why they'll vote for him again

  38. If this story is true, Trump and his cronies are even more vile than anyone would have thought. This is a pandemic with people around the world dying. Reseach labs should all be pressing ahead and sharing information. When vaccines are developed, they should be tested on a collaborative. When proven it should be shared universally with restriction, preference or prejudice. Anything less is beyond any concept of humanity or even basic christianity. Beyond shameful and beyond disgusting!

  39. @NFirinne Apologies for some of the typos. I was so enraged and upset when I read this story, my attention to detail escaped me briefly. Any vaccine should be shared without restrictions of any sort.

  40. @NFirinne The fact that this man still sits as president is breathtaking. Yes, it takes your breath away.

  41. @NFirinne A week ago, Trump is not doing enough. Now, he is vile when he tried to do something for his people. He is US president, not earth president. :)

  42. EU countries should immediately ban flights from the US!

  43. Didn't Trump trash Germany and insult Angela Merkel last year? Now the Trump Administration wants to buy their research. I know Germany will do the right thing and help the world get through this.... Trump?... no way. Don't do it Germany.... we need you to save the world. Angela Merkel is one of a few in the western world that has shown true leadership.

  44. The Trump regime's ham -fisted attempts to monopolize a potential cure for COVID-19 should be regarded not as a farce but as an international crime against humanity. No wonder that a year ago the Trump regime ordered that no International Criminal Court staff be permitted entry into the US. We are staring down the barrel of American fascism.

  45. He is not trustable. He's not a good person in the moral sense. He lies. The world knows it. When will 43% of Americans know it? I'm ready to ask Justin for political asylum.

  46. Trump makes another “perfect” phone call.

  47. Dear Germany, If you do entertain this proposition, I recommend that you get paid upfront. Just ask prior contractors in the Trump world.

  48. As a German who lived in the US for a year as a foreign exchange student, I generally admire American culture for its openness and creativity. What saddens me in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic is how it seems to shed light on Trump’s moral values, or rather a staggering lack thereof. Past American presidents, Democrat and Republican, seemed to be able to make use of soft power and demonstrate leadership not only nationally but especially on an international level. German politicians have tried every trick in the book to appease and remain “reasonable“ in their dealings with Trump’s “unconventional” style of politics. It is rather unusual that German politicians utter confrontational statements like these, quoted in English on theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/16/not-for-sale-anger-in-germany-at-report-trump-seeking-exclusive-coronavirus-vaccine-deal “German researchers are taking a leading role in developing medication and vaccines as part of global cooperation networks. We cannot allow a situation where others want to exclusively acquire the results of their research.” foreign minister Heiko Maas or “International co-operation is important now, not national self-interest,” Erwin Rüddel, conservative lawmaker on the German parliament’s health committee Trump quite literally doesn’t seem to mind walking on dead bodies to further his own ego and career...

  49. Not surprising that Jared Kushner is trying to monetize this pandemic as he also leads our effort to combat it. With this criminal republican administration, money trumps everything else.

  50. Trump is desperate, absolutely desperate, to succeed in his re-election bid. To fail means he will not outlast the statute of limitations on his crimes (money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, who knows what else) that are currently under investigation at the SDNY. So once he’s a private citizen again in 2021 he will be prosecuted and go to jail. However, if he is re-elected the statutes of limitation for his crimes will come into effect by 2025 and he will be safe from prosecution. He doesn’t care how many people die from this pandemic or whether they die in Germany or the US. All he cares about is being able to announce that HE has a vaccine so he will be re-elected and therefore able to stay out of jail. The coronavirus is the worst thing that could happen to the Trump administration, really showcasing its abject incompetence just when the American people need competence in our federal government the most. The only thing that will save him is a vaccine. Since he doesn’t understand science, he thinks a vaccine can be made available in time to save the election for him, thus his desperate grab for the intellectual property of CureVac. Trump’s actions are pathetic, shameful, COMPLETELY desperate, and futile.

  51. If Trump was successful in buying the German vaccine company (likely with taxpayer dollars) wouldn’t Trump give the exclusivity clause to a private American company(s) to produce the vaccine? I maybe wrong but wouldn’t a private company need this “exclusive” safeguard before they gear up to produce the vaccine? My problem is then the private American companies can charge huge amounts for the vaccine to Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies, the uninsured and other counties. Would we make this vaccine available to other suffering countries like Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, etc?

  52. The longer that imp stays in office the lesser Americans are in the eyes of the world (which is unfortunate). I used to think of him as a fool now I can see he is the devil indeed taking his ‘America First’ ideology to new heights. First he’ll decide only Americans can have it and then he’ll decide only the ‘right’ kind of American should have it. Whatever disgust you feel now, whatever shame you feel as an American at these new lows VOTE. Vote for your souls, for your children’s, vote for your country but more so vote for decency. It must be restored.

  53. In Germany, there is an understood bond of confidentiality between corporations, government research facilities and the people. As well as well as in human interaction. The idea of a possible profit motive as proposed by Trump and his associates is criminal and repulsive. F3

  54. Thanks for this and all the NYT is doing to get the truth out here-please follow up with the information that comes out from the German meeting today. In CV notice about Menichella "stepping down" as CBO it's noted he was largely responsible for agreements with Eli Lilly. Menichella prior to being CBO of the company was CBO of it's US subsidy. Alex Azar the Trump appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services, was the "top lobbyist for Eli Lilly. Big Pharm already has many billions of dollars of profits and benefits from tax payer drug research programs. A Democrat tried to get legislation passed last week to limit prices on test and vaccines for this virus which was quashed by the GOP. So, middle classers, many of whom are now not working because of the virus-and more to come likely, will bear the brunt of the cost. David Lenhard's (I know spelling off) month to month bungling of this catastrophe by Trump and appointees who have little background and education about the departments they lead is spot on. Something Obama said around the time of Trump's the inauguration after he met with him has stuck with me all this long 3 years. He said something like "I only told him that on main thing he needs to understand is that 'the buck stops with him". He is the ultimate leader. This is all on him. I hope voters remember in November.

  55. @soulou the plot thickens as more info comes to light. You can only imagine how much money theses crooks would make if this deal went through. Good the Germans figured this out!

  56. Four years ago, Americans voted for an arrogant narcissistic clown with an obvious disdain for science and knowledge to lead them into the future. One of the first steps that arrogant narcissist took was to dismantled the pandemic response team and fire anyone with any hint of scientific and economic knowledge who had the audacity to linger near the White House - knowledge and truth, for the first time in American History, became blemishes and ignorance and lies became virtues. For four long years, ignorance reigned supreme, and White America applauded. We aren't applauding that much now, are we.

  57. @Richard Monckton - It is more than just Donald Trump. In many ways Donald Trump is the perfect president for the Right Wing, the Republican, and the Conservative. "For decades, the Republican Party has committed itself to destroying state capacity, disparaging science, punishing expertise, and masquerading as populist while enriching narrow interests. It has all led to this: an undetected pandemic spreading, likely exponentially, as the president and his representatives mock the disease and oversee a state apparatus too incompetent to test for it. The resilience of some American institutions many miles from Pennsylvania Avenue may temporarily blunt this federal ineptitude, but it cannot for long overcome it. At some point, the competence gap between Washington and America has to close. At some point, a state that survives needs a government bent on something more than its own self-destruction." America Is Acting Like a Failed State - by Derek Thompson Staff writer at The Atlantic --

  58. @Richard Monckton: Well, the rest of the world acknowledge that he was more "selected" than elected, because the majority of voters didn't vote for him. Only your mediaval system of the "Electoral College" made it happen. It's up to all voters to elect in the future representatives and senators who change this into a system were one vote is counted as one vote.

  59. Trump knows he has utterly botched the response to the pandemic "bigly" with breathtaking incompetence, so now he's desperate to find something to wave about and say "See? I'm the one who fixed it." As with everything else, he only cares about how it makes him look. This is just another example of how truly despicable he is.

  60. @Danny - Hard to know what Donald Trump really understands. - As Trump can't even get thru his prepared remarks without charging off into some strange direction. --

  61. After reading this, I feel like I have to take a shower. I, for sure, am washing my hands.

  62. @Lisa Shacket - Yup, I understand totally.

  63. If all the information presented are true, then the only thing not shocking is the depth of the slime pit which is trump, inc.

  64. Another Great example of why we should vote for Bernie Sanders in 2020....

  65. @Kerm - I totally agree with you.

  66. Vote.Them.Out. This is a corrupt government that only understands life as a series of transactions that will benefit them.

  67. War and disease profiteers are cut from the same cloth. We need to soldier through this pandemic and elect people who believe in science instead of fleecing people over this pandemic.

  68. We already knew about the character of the First Fraud. What is more revealing every day is the equally rotten character of his besotted admirers.

  69. Whose billion dollars, I wonder?

  70. Wondering how the pro-life folks like this president now? Is it pro-life to say the virus is a hoax? Is it pro-life to slow roll testing? Is it Pro-life to falsely tell everyone it’s all under control? Is it pro-life to fire the pandemic team? If pro-life people were really about life they would be outraged- their silence shows they don’t care about life- just control.

  71. @Deirdre they haven't changed their opinion of him one little bit. I still see remarks in comment sections on various other sites, screaming about how "pro-life" they are while professing their undying devotion to trump, going into rhapsodies about what a great man he is. Don't think this is going to change their opinions about him, because it won't.

  72. @Deirdre They only are "pro-life" for the unborn. They don't give a hoot about life after it's born.

  73. We don’t have virus vaccines for one simple reason… private equity, venture capitalist, big banks and the wealth can’t make billions off of it or does conform to their thoughts on the essential functions of government. Unfortunately, the US Congress is too dependent on their campaign and slush fund money to do anything about it --- the effect is the US has the best bought and paid for government in the world.

  74. This is so insidious...It makes those in the current administration more like super-villains...there are some dark forces working behind the scenes.

  75. European governments should ban all Americans from their shores. They should also ban any travel to the US by their citizens as long as Trump remains president. When I say all Americans I incluide Trump and anyone in his administration or associated with anyone in his administration.

  76. @Arlene No, by doing that we would come down to the level of this selfish and narcissistic liar-in-chief.

  77. The US are now definitely a rogue state. Trump is mad, evil, but not very smart: even if he had succeeded, there would have been immediate and worldwide consequences and sanctions. If he were to show us the US don't wan't to share, then, it's simple, we would learn to live without the US. Without anything from the US. No more extortion, no more trade war when there is no trade at all. Now it seems obvious the the US with Trump is much more dangerous to global peace than China with Xi. This pandemic is eye opening.

  78. For shame! Isolating ourselves from the world instead of working together across national boundaries will be the death of us, literally.

  79. After hearing this, we Europeans have no other choice but to treat the USA as a hostile adversary.

  80. Is there any hope for the world to imagine a different GOP and free mind Republicans, who should ensure retirement of the current POTUS in order to save America and the rest of our planet? Have the Republicans lost any sense of the American general interest and decided to sink the Great Old Party together with Trump and ruin the great nation who should still lead the West? See the deep crack in the Atlantic Alliance comparing this vaccine story with the picture of the Chinese doctors landed in Rome to help the Italians!! It seems that the American POTUS is seriously doing everything to destroy the global leadership conquered at a cost by his predecessors.

  81. With this approach Trump may end up with a vaccine that is totally bogus. It may do nothing. It may cause serious harm. We don’t need a Trump University solution to corona virus.

  82. The Trump Admin as most interested in getting the exclusive rights on the potential C-Virus vaccine basically to control the world market with this privilege. Mr. Menichella, an American, was fired by the biotechnology company because of the ethical concerns that the Trump Admin would exploit the exclusive rights and not share the vaccine with other affected nations except for huge payments. Trump, the evil dealmaker fell flat on his face in this one, and "Czar" Pence as well. Menichella, an economist not a scientist, was fired, rightly so, because of his willingness to make this shady deal. One Trump in this American C-Virus mismanagement is enough for creating chaos.

  83. Whether this administration was being honest or not when asserting that they would not keep the vaccine from the rest of the world, Humpty's track record of constant lies and denials makes it impossible for any other country to take him at his word, in any situation. This is the lesson most parents teach their children before third grade. The man-baby is trusted by no one. It's too late for him to even attempt to salvage his reputation. And our whole country, red and blue, is suffering the consequences.

  84. Some say this article is doubtful rumor, but really, it's extremely 'sad' that it's believable rumor. Trump and allies have illustrated on many occasions that avarice, self-promotion, self-interest, and competition are the guiding principles of this administration. They embody some of the basest qualities in human nature. In a sci-fi apocalyptic movie, they'd be the human-eating zombies.

  85. the article mentioned that this company is partially funded by the German taxpayer, cannot believe that Trump's administration wants to have anything to do with those socialist projects. What would be next trying to buy Airbus as the air force one?

  86. @pablo: Do you really mean that funding ground research with federal money is a socialist project? Well, you should google a little bit how many "socialist" project funding" is done for companies in the military-industrial complex of the U.S.. But be aware, ou might change your mind after finding the facts. And in fact, it's not a bad idea to buy Airbus planes. They are not grounded because of a lack of competence and overwhelming greed.

  87. - It should be remembered Donald Trump is a figure head of a large enterprise. It should be noted that Donald Trump is the perfect president for the Right Wing, the Republican, and the Conservative with his overactive reptilian mind. I think Derek Thompson did a good job of explaining. "For decades, the Republican Party has committed itself to destroying state capacity, disparaging science, punishing expertise, and masquerading as populist while enriching narrow interests. It has all led to this: an undetected pandemic spreading, likely exponentially, as the president and his representatives mock the disease and oversee a state apparatus too incompetent to test for it. The resilience of some American institutions many miles from Pennsylvania Avenue may temporarily blunt this federal ineptitude, but it cannot for long overcome it. At some point, the competence gap between Washington and America has to close. At some point, a state that survives needs a government bent on something more than its own self-destruction." America Is Acting Like a Failed State - by Derek Thompson Staff writer at The Atlantic --

  88. It has already been said by others responding to this article, but I will add my voice in condemning Trump and his followers for this thinly veiled attempt to control access to any vaccine developed against the coronavirus.

  89. Martin Shkreli on a global scale. All nation understood, this is a crisis that affects all nations and we have to work together. China were the first to sequence the genome of the virus, and they immediately shared their knowledge, they didn't asked for any benefits or anything in return. Does Trump understand, what we germans, what all the europeans would perceive, when we realize, our citizens are dying because this oligarch wants to ensure his reelection and make profit out of a global crisis ? And he want to do it by bribing a small company, which is working in tandem with taxpayer funded research institutions ? The US has reached a new low in international reputation. America has become anything but great again.

  90. @Mathias Weitz I hope you and people around the world know that many Americans don’t share Trump’s Me-First attitude. Good wishes to the German people in this time of crisis. Here’s hoping we can work together for the benefit of humanity and the planet. Maybe we can set up or hook into some international online collaborative learning efforts or pen pal scenarios for our kids...

  91. @Kate Hill indeed, most of us do not.

  92. An intent to control the vaccine for exclusive use in the U.S. would be extremely disturbing. It's to U.S advantage that any effective vaccine should be shared globally. We should have learned by now at long last that if our neighbors (both locally and internationally) are being ravaged by something like Covid-19, that will be a threat to us. Any effort to restrict distribution of a vaccine will further confirm that the Administration still is not following sensible practices. Consider what the results might be if the U.S. strong-arms it's way to a vaccine product in this fashion and the vaccine developed by this company turns out to be ineffective. What other nation would then share their successful vaccines with a country that had tried to corner an effective vaccine for itself only? This sort of action would poison subsequent efforts at U.S. coordination with other nations - who in their right mind would trust U.S. intentions? A purchasing attempt like this does seem believable as a "Trump" strategy. What we SHOULD have done was preserve our CDC pandemic response team. Because there wasn't enough foresight to do that, the next response is to try to buy your way out of the resulting mess. It seems like a typical Trump MO, much similar to poorly considered actions taken previously with bankrupted Casinos, etc.

  93. We are made to believe that the high prices we pay for our meds go into R&D and the rest of the world profits from it. Guess who's currently winning the race to beat the Coronavirus? Germany (CureVac) and Belgium (VIB-Ghent University). Seems like Europe's tuition-free college system is delivering benefits to America, rather than American drug price gouging is delivering benefits to Europe.

  94. If the US government is willing to splash out large sums for foreign biotechnology to protect US citizens, wouldn't it make sense to start with Germany's WHO-approved test kits used everywhere else in the world?

  95. @Roberta Laking BINGO!

  96. How often have I thought, he can‘t go any lower? But he does, again and again. If this is true: „... Trump wanted the resulting vaccine “only for the United States.” „than he is the devil, maybe not even in disguise.

  97. If they don't sell, is he going to send the US armed forces and force them to hand it over to him? Is it not how it work? If you don't give it to me, sell it to me, I will just take it from you. Because I am the strong man, and I can take and do whatever I want. This is the new Pax Americana.

  98. @Liz The bottom line is not about the importance of the company in question or the results bof their research. It's about the intention of the current incumbent of the office of POTUS to gain exclusive access to a possible vaccine ignoring the rest of mankind. That's something Bill & Melinda Gates definitely wouldn't like to be associated with.

  99. President Harry Truman kept a sign on his desk saying “The Buck Stops Here,” referring to the notion that the President has to make the decisions and accept the ultimate responsibility for those decisions. The sign on Trumps desk should be his recent quote, “I take no responsibility for anything.” Truly a despicable human being and a worse President.

  100. Wait a minute... I thought America had the best pharmaceutical companies and health care system since that is what the POTUS has been telling me since he took office. Is he now changing his mind on the topic and looking toward Europe for answers? Is cooperation not yet in his vocabulary?

  101. Why is anyone surprised that this morally bankrupt regime obsessed with greed should use this global health crisis to enrich themselves. It's what they do. I'm sure there are many more self-aggrandizing 'opportunities' they're trying to exploit for personal gain.

  102. Anyone who imagines that there is a level of moral offense so low that Trump wouldn't stoop to it is blinkered. Vote Dem - our nation's survival depends on it.

  103. The predatory brand of capitalism that is practiced by Big Pharma in the United States is so corrupt that it is frightening.

  104. Until today we could think that Trump was a sinister moron, liar and coward (see Vietnam ...) but now it is clear that he is also a rotten bastard! Ready to buy research from a European lab and above all to put even more money so that we don't take advantage of it. It is at the limit of the crime against humanity and for sure, many of us will remember it as an act of war. No matter I imagine for the poor moron who belches maga, kaga and is sure to be smarter than an oyster. You have lost your allies, you are now creating enemies ...

  105. Vile, is the Absolute Central Core Character of @realDonaldTrump It is so increadably vital that we remove this reprobate as far as possible from our Government.

  106. Clickbait. "perhaps exclusively" in the first paragraph.

  107. This repulsive, venal, amoral waste of skin must be removed. Before we are entirely destroyed.

  108. Time to pay the piper and it's coming from our pockets. Any country trusting Trump would have a fool for a government. Any private company, a death wish.

  109. So a company says it was threatened by Trump and Trump denies the allegation. Who you gonna believe? I don't believe a single word Comrade President Trump says about inauguration crowd sizes or releasing his tax forms once elected, so why would I believe this? Or anything he says about coronavirus?

  110. @MikeM I don’t get what the “threat” was. A billion dollar buy out offer is not a threat. Mercenary but not threatening. Or did I read that wrong?

  111. @Susan Hughes Seems like Trump wanted to buy out the company for exclusive access to the vaccine.

  112. Good old American capitalism. No holds barred, no indecent avenue unexplored, absolutely no shame or simple human generosity. That poor slob with the garage full of hand-wipes? Small potatoes while these "titans" of sleaze look towards the next bailout, and incidental pardon, from the absolute king of sleaze...envelope please...Donald John Trump!

  113. FIRE TRUMP and indite him for unethical conduct punishable by 100 years in jail. DJM

  114. Imagine Trump on the Titanic.

  115. Trump's duplicity once again reveals his narcissistic raw greed. Germany is definitely right to NOT trust trump. Congratulations Germany! So...trump has severely soiled, likely irreparably, international cooperation in combating the corona virus. Who knows how many more people will die or suffer needlessly because of just this downright devious dirty deed, aka a trumpism. Just, imagine trump as a for-life dictator, "God's chosen one" (in his mind), who has eradicated democracy in the USA. Scary isn't it. There is still time to prevent it, but that time is running out. Don't take it for granted.

  116. Good for Germany. Best is ALWAYS to not trust or deal with Trump.

  117. Trump has brought the lowest ever derogatory meaning to the phrase "Ugly American."

  118. As a humanitarian gesture, and sweetened with an offer of $1B, would Germany please take this wayward immigrant-descendant back from us? He's good for reality shows, vaccine test trials, and a very equitable gas exchange with your Russian neighbor.

  119. @S Fenton: No, we won't take him back now as Germany also in 1905 rejected re-naturalization of his grandfather because this guy was seen as a deserter and skulker. Maybe his blond friend Boris will take him because he has also Scottish ancestors. By doing so he can avoid to be in the EU, which he always denigrate.

  120. Look at all the Socialist ideas popping up during this crisis. Paid sick leave, buying a private company with public funds? From Trump?

  121. Even in the middle of a global crisis, the full moral bankruptcy of this man is on full display.

  122. > PAY ATTENTION < Dictators seize power during periods of chaos and unrest. Who delayed our national response to COVID-19? To maximise eventual death & chaos? Who might use COVID-19 chaos to declare a State of Emergency, suspend the 2020 election, then declare Martial Law?

  123. I think something that should be emphasized here is that the American who had the meeting with WH is now out and replaced by an actual German.

  124. Hopefully Merkel will stand her ground I don't trust Trump in this. Wondering if Donald has been given an experimental as a test subject. For someone who is a germaphobe he is not acting like one believe me I have a family member who is one and there is big difference

  125. First Trump wanted to buy Greenland. Now he wants to buy a German company to get a vaccine for “perhaps exclusive American use.” Why am I not surprised that the man who thinks he can “buy the best people anytime, at a moment’s notice,” wants to just outright buy the goods and forget the people? People are “so messy,” don’t you know! Just tie that pretty antiviral up in a pretty bow and drop it off at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  126. It is really difficult to understand why such a person, obviously having very very few moral values, has a good chance of being re-elected. Like many Europeans, I am often surprised by the continual references to God that dot all your speeches and proclamations. We see there a huge hypocrisy, but I finally understood we are not talking about the same God! Failing to know mine, yours is much more obvious, it even has its sign: $ The USA was so attractive that it is all the more sad to see that this country is now a real repeller. I stop posting comments, otherwise I fear to be not very charitable !!

  127. There are US, Israeli and German firms working on developing a vaccine. It may be more effective if a collaborative research effort is made but it's obscene to even suggest that an effective vaccine will not be shared with the world. I didn't think Trump hatred would ever stoop to this level.

  128. Humpty-Trumpty may in fact know "all the best people." The problem is, they also know him.

  129. Is this a crime?

  130. anyone who is still a republican is deplorable, in my book

  131. Another perfect call.

  132. And we thought "W" and Cheney were bad...

  133. I definitely am not surprised that this happened - even if it seems to be 'alleged' at this point. In fact, I would go one step further: I wouldn't pass it by Trump, Kushner, or anyone in his family to privately try to buy their way into having exclusive rights to the vaccine for the Coronavirus or any other pathogen. It's all about money for them. While innocent, valuable, hardworking people are risking their health to stock shelves with food, take care of the critically ill, an try to keep the government running, these greedy and useless do-nothings are tying to make a buck from helplessness and tragedy. Let's get rid of them America!

  134. This is unbelievably cruel. Trump has said in essence, "Let them eat cake". Start new impeachment hearings now. This is the only way the United States can save face within the world's nations. It's also the only way we can secure access to a vaccine developed somewhere else. Especially Germany.

  135. Trump is a perfect example when you put a crooked businessman in charge of government. They think Money is the answer to everything.

  136. This guy has got to go. November is too far away and the further damage he could inflict on America and both our friends and foes is too great. Time for Article 25.

  137. Have been "tracking" the German connection back to January and early February when it was cryptically announced that they had leapt forward in testing for the virus and that their platform was wholly approved by the WHO. No reports here why such testing apparatus wasn't embraced by the U.S. and Dr. Fauci rather adroitly side stepped the answer in last Friday's Q&A....Something to the effect of what's past is past....Now here we are with yet another new German chapter and enuf intrigue to make anyone sit up and take notice.. or really should. Most of us recognize that Trump's relationship with Europe is tenuous at best but might as well call it fragile when it comes to Chancellor Merkel and Germany. If a Billion USD was indeed offered ti seems like an awfully small price to pay for the well being of ALL mankind....

  138. Let us face the truth. Because Trump and Co. refused to use the World Health Organization's test we are the last nation to do testing and even now hardly enough and are at a place just as if we had not done it at all. Thus, we have ended up, because of Trump's incompetence and desire to line his buddies pockets, at a singular place in the world. That place is AMERICA LAST.

  139. The reps have chosen not to impeach and have Trump judged by the ballot. So it will be! Good government becomes clear in a crisis and until now Trump has failed in many aspects. He gave away the budget necessary to fight the economic fallout of this upcoming crisis to the wealthy. He promised a far better national health system, but what came of it? He puts politics before science - that cost lives. He has not unfolded a convincing strategy. He created a social swamp by lying some 30000 times in the past period to the American people.

  140. Was this not rebuffed today by the said company and the German ambassador. Considering how many people hate Trump in Germany I could see this being fabricated.

  141. @Dakota : Well, contrary to the lies of the U.S. ambassador in Germany (or better the poodle of his master) it was confirmed by the German government and Ms. Merkel personally as well as the owner of the company. This billionaire refused the "offer" by saying that the objective is to do research and hopefully produce a vaccine for the world and mankind and not a single "region". You see the difference between this gentleman and the liar-in-chief?

  142. @Dakota not fabricated, Trump really is just that malign.

  143. @Dakota Making stuff up out of thin air seems more like this one thing your weirdo president is really a genius at.

  144. Trump thinks everything and everyone is for sale. Based on his Administration's behavior it might be true. Trump's continued behavior towards our Allies puts us in more danger than ever. What is wrong with this man

  145. In an interview with Germany’s Sport 1 radio Monday, Dietmar Hopp, the German billionaire who holds an 80 percent stake in CureVac said it was Trump who “spoke to the company.” “They immediately informed me and asked what I thought of it,” he said. “For me, it goes without saying, it cannot be that a German company develops the vaccine and it is used exclusively in the U.S.A.” Following Sunday’s Welt am Sonntag report, a White House official said aides were unaware of any offer from Trump to CureVac. The official, who was not authorized to discuss the matter by name cautioned, however, that Trump often has private conversations of which his staff is not aware.

  146. Advancing privatization posts a new benchmark. We may soon forget what we used to mean by "public service" and the "public good." It's nice that so many of our doctors, nurses and medical professionals still remember. But with so many Americans in positions of authority believing that the American moral imperative is "every man for himself," it can't last.

  147. This is the kind of behavior that makes me ashamed to be an American. The attempt to buy a vaccine and then limit its use to American citizens (presumably with humongous profits for the drug companies involved) is the most vicious application of free-market capitalism that the world has yet seen.

  148. This company is mainly (80%) owned by a holding of one of the founders of SAP, with which he invested more than 2 billion in bio tech startups with then intention to help on global health problems. 2015 the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also invested a couple of million USD. But all three persons behind these holding and foundation as well as the managers and employees of this bio tech company never thought of working just for the benefit of a part of mankind. That is the obvious difference to a selfish narcissist and his „art of the deal“.

  149. Merkel has Trumps number. She knows very well that if the U.S. took control of the firm, Trump would say America First, regardless of what he promised. His base would be very pleased that he would betray a democratic ally.

  150. i wrote both my Senator and my Congerssperson and referred this story to them, suggesting that Trump and his gang should be investigated over this. One is a Dem and the other is Republican. Their responses should be quite revealing.

  151. @GMengel Investigation for looking to acquire vaccine R&D? Drug companies buy each other out all the time, across borders. Stop wasting your Senator's and Congressperson's time.

  152. I can't find words that would be appropriate to express how disgusted I am by the US government. And by the US people. Please remember: You are a democracy. You elected that guy. It's not just about Trump, it's about a whole country that has been losing its credibility for the last 20 years. You complain about others being anti-American? Well, at this point I am anti-American to the core. Ask yourselves why.

  153. @Philipp Please don't blame ALL of us. After all, he LOST the popular vote by millions!

  154. One did expect that the consummate businessman that our King Louie is, he has used the same cut throat approach to get the best. But, what is not clear is whether he will use the "best" for the benefit of all. This is how most pharma companies in US have operated. They would rather satisfy their unmitigated greed and that of their share holders than meet their obligations to the society they serve let alone to the tax payers on whose tab they often hit pay dirt. I am not talking about the types of Martin Skrelis. I am not even talking about the types who catch, buy the rights and then kill that very innovation that could have upended an existing product which gets them to their assured greater good -- their PROFITS.

  155. He refused help from the WHO when they offered free help with testing, but willing to pay billions for a vaccine!? First things, first please! I can not believe we are stuck with a mentally ill president during this time of need!

  156. This so truly disgusts me. Like everyone, I watch the statistics every day. Numbers going up and up. But the death rate here in Germany is still relatively low. I'm proud of that, thinking that it reflects the sensibility and competence of the German culture. Then, I read this. Again, German ingenuity shining through. But will it avail Germans, or anyone else other than a select group of Americans who can afford the price that the pharmaceutical industry always exacts? Operation paper clip turned on its head. Who is the menace now?

  157. Please tell me that the Germans told Trump, or the flunky that called, to go away.

  158. According to CureVac's direct statement on Twitter, the allegations here never occurred. Much ado about nothing, but then that's par for the course here at the NYT where it's "I hate Trump" every day of the week in the newsroom.

  159. @Jason W The allegations have been indirectly confirmed by Curevac's main investor Dietmar Hopp and some german government officials. And Curevac's CEO was sacked. Just have a look at the press release and read between the lines. Very interesting.

  160. @Philipp I guess some people will see what they choose to see. That doesn't confirm anything. An American citizen was sacked as CEO and replaced by a German. That's all it is. Your own Berlin officials who made the allegations aren't going on the record and some others have contradicted the allegations as well stating clearly that Berlin is unsure what the offer was precisely. It seems Berlin has been raising alarm in response to rumor and innuendo. If it happened here, you'd be screaming xenophobia.

  161. @Jason W You give the word "mindless" new definition. This is the 3rd verified report of the same activity the grifter in chief has exhibited since he took office. He has no concern for "the American people" This is another attempt to line his pockets at taxpayer expense. He doesn't have a billion dollars. After all, he's no Mike Bloomberg. Why don't you find a restaurant to eat at? With hundreds of folks who think like you.

  162. The 'America first' foreign policy that drives such nationalistic act is a deeply flawed one. This abrogation of leadership of the free world and breeding distrust with long standing allies, hopefully shall remain an anomalous one time Presidency facet and serve to inoculate our policy framework from any such policy deviations in the future. It is not just strategically misguided, thereby exposing us along with our allies to vulnerabilities that internal divisions inevitably bring forth, it is also antithetical to both the spirit of science and the coda that all folks of medicine are idealistically expected to live by. The drive to further commercial interests and corporate profits dampens these idealistic fervor but winners in the competitive arena who are able to balance conflicting needs and keep those creative juices alive. The intervention of this kind is almost certain to vitiate the scientific spirit and scuttle any idealism in the team undertaking this venture. Wish team Trump gets management policy experts in their fold.