When Facebook Is More Trustworthy Than the President

Social media companies are delivering reliable information in the coronavirus crisis. Why can’t they do that all the time?

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  1. Kudos to the professionals who take the time to share their knowledge on social media. But good lord, as for those on the receiving end: were you not aware of the CDC, NIH, NPR, to name just a few? All free and easily accessible, paid for by your taxes no less. Why wade through disinformation of the swamp that is social media to get what you need in a time of crisis? Skip the cat videos. Get yourself educated.

  2. Trump lies and mis-information have led to a greater spread of the COVID virus than it should have been. This will lead to greater morbidity and mortality from this virus, and that is unacceptable.

  3. Too late for me to trust social media.. I blame FB for the fact we have an incompetent president. The humans who operate SM, the trolls who abuse it, and the dummies who believe it have poisoned the well. "More Trustworthy than the President? Ten times nothing is still nothing.

  4. So, the President has tried to add some rational caution to the overblown, panic-driven reports in the press. The same press who almost uniformly ignored the consistent tens of thousand of Americans lost every year to normal flu viruses. While Trump tries to tamp down panic-induced hording, the press slams him for not helping to terrify the masses. The President stands with the most respected physicians in the nation as he crafts the county's response to, what is currently, a pretty limited epidemic within the US. I'm surprised that the over-politicized press haven't already tried to shame Dr. Fauci for supporting the president's efforts. Articles like this are just shameful.

  5. DURING the early warnings of CORONOVIRUS Trump claimed " fake news, it is no more than a common cold." He refused testing in the early PHASES, Washington rolled out their own testing, despite the feds inaction. Trump HAD dismantled the RESPONSE team, as he saw it a waste of money. Friday HE goes on television WITH a campaign HAT claiming to have done better than anyone in the past AND back pedal HIS previous claims that this was hyperbole. It is difficult to spend 3 years, successfully convincing Americans that science is fake, unwarranted AND A waste of our time and money AND then do AN about face AND try to half wittedly convince them " oh, maybe there is something to what they are saying, maybe we should listen to them. " people who look TO Trump FOR direction are very misguided. FOR those who think a SITTING president is "great" as he plants conspiracy theories, fake news, and hate IS mind blowing TO some of us Americans AND we quit looking to him and LISTENING A long time ago.

  6. @Michael NO Michael. Up until just a few days ago, it was still "fake news", "liberal conspiracy to impeach", and "the doctors are all surprised how much I know about this". The "president" disbanded the pandemic response team, since, after all, that was something from Obama, so it had to go, right? Bolton's reorganization of the NSC made sure the leading authorities in the case of a pandemic would be gone, and they are. This includes Tom Bossart, Dr. Borio, and Rear Adm. Tim Ziemer, senior director for global health security. So much for your "rational caution". The press didn't ignore the number of flu deaths. What was ignored, by the Republicans, was the extreme virulence of the coronavirus, which they politicized until just the last few days. Dr. Fauci did support Trump's idea to limit travel from Europe, which is a far cry from "supporting the president's efforts".

  7. @Michael "as he crafts the county's response.." Really? When was that? Before or after he told us nonsense about how it would "just go away?" Is that "crafting a response?" Or is it simply a weak president abandoning the nation's welfare for the sake of his re-election? I suspect it's the latter, and we'll find out soon enough.. in November. Don't forget this moment, voters.

  8. Because they don't want to. You can imagine the reasons for yourself. think "follow the money".

  9. Being more trustworthy than Trump is not a very high bar to achieve.

  10. Oh please! You believe social media? No wonder we are where we are.

  11. Lies are dying. Soon the people can buy into the stock market. The gig is Up.

  12. the author writes that social media has been viewed as a "antisocial force". I would tweak that to "antisocial farce".

  13. "When Facebook Is More Trustworthy Than the President" That is not like comparing something to the lowest common denominator to make it look good. An equally good headline would have been: When the President is Less Trustworthy than Facebook

  14. “When Facebook is more trustworthy than the President “....that’s a low bar.

  15. Anyone who gets news, and news at all, from social media should do us all a favor and not vote at all.

  16. facebook is the scourge of humanity. Note what facebook HAS DONE TO AMERICA FOR A BUCK. zuck just cares for his green. He and trumpster deserve each other on any level.

  17. I'm not on FB but I have various threads going w friends and family here in the US and abroad on the pandemic. Each time someone shares something that is later found to be bogus, hysterical, cut and paste, and just plain made up, it comes from one of my correspondents FB feeds. On a psychological level FB seems to make people stupid. I'd be interested to see how much FB has contributed to the loo roll panic.

  18. I loathe fb, and do not use it or Zuckyburger'$ Instagram. Please STOP writing about fb, unless it's to report their complete demise. Zuck is a reptile.

  19. Facebook more trustworthy than Trump? Obviously. Bernie Madoff, Mark Sanford, Enron, Joseph Goebbels, and Rasputin were all more trustworthy than Trump. Lying comes more naturally and routinely to Trump than do honesty, caring, empathy, thoughtful reflection, analytics, historical knowledge, and insight combined!

  20. I would argue that Facebook is as trustworthy as this President. Facebook and other similar platforms have become the autobahn of misinformation and the greatest threat to our Democracy and civility. Are you serious?

  21. Anyone who listens to and believes Zuckerberg is just waiting to be conned. The only, repeat ONLY, thing he cares about is his profits. Truth and lie are exactly the same, except lies pay better and help him more with his darlings in DC.

  22. I am one of the 115 moderators for the Reddit map for the coronavirus. For context, Reddit is sorted into subreddits. These are accessed by going to reddit.com/r/SubredditName. They are usually made by individual users, but very, very rarely, reddit will make one of their own. The official Reddit subreddit on the coronavirus is /r/coronavirus, and on it is a link to a map made by a nice unofficial community called /r/CovidMapping. I am one of their mappers. This is a little known map (we only have 1,500,000 views), although it is very detailed map. We try to get the location down to the individual township if possible. From there, you can click on the symbol to see the number of cases, the date of the latest article on the subject, and a link to a reliable source that says how many cases there are there, as well as maybe some details. The New York Times map or the John's Hopkins map are good for looking at zoomed out, this is good for zoomed in. We also keep up to date with travel restrictions, also posted there. Here is the link: https://bit.ly/2TrFTO3