Barr Installs Outside Prosecutor to Review Case Against Michael Flynn, Ex-Trump Adviser

Amid turmoil in the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, the attorney general has also sent outside prosecutors to review other politically sensitive cases.

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  1. Installing the next swamp. Gotta love it. And if you don't, help out in November. This mess has to go away before our country does.

  2. @Scott Montgomery Calling the mess in DC a "swamp" is an insult to swamps.

  3. @catlover Agree. With the stench in the Offal Office in particular, they should name it the Ever-Glades.

  4. @Scott Montgomery Let's start now--let's not wait until November. Let's make sure that the Senators that voted not to convict pay for that vote in November by exposing them now. Let's make it clear that we will not tolerate treason, no matter how profitable.

  5. Here we go again. This administration cannot end soon enough.

  6. ....and again, and again, and again Breathe, it will be all over soon enough.

  7. @Rob Watch Fox much? Your comments do not reflect any Democrats I know. No Democrats believe in open borders.Currently it's the GOP who is trying to take away our freedoms. They are also responsible for us paying more taxes, unless you're rich, then you get big tax breaks. And it's the GOP who is the intolerant party as they demonstrate time and time again. Trump and his administration are taking care of themselves, not the majority of America. You need to find new news sources.

  8. Ha, my taxes have doubled with Trump. I am a caregiver for the elderly. I know of virtually no one whose economic situation has improved over the past 3 years and many for whom it has worsened. Apparently only millionaires and billionaires are experiencing this “fantastic” economy.

  9. Will the disgrace never cease? No, not until Trump and his crew are thrown out of power. I suppose we should not be surprised--how can we expect respect for law, or even lawful behavior, from those who cannot even fathom the concept of law except as a way to further their interests and desires?

  10. @JJM Now that the GOP Senate (-1) has given free rein to the Trump Cabal, they are officially allowed to do whatever they feel they can get away with.

  11. @JJM it going to be extremely interesting to see how regular folks start behaving towards law enforcement if this continues. I know that I have a fantasy or two but won’t act on them because of my family. If that situation were to change it might make me reconsider

  12. @JJM ... "Will the disgrace never cease? No, not until Trump and his crew are thrown out of power." No, JJM, we will never stop hearing from Trump until he no longer lives. Believe me, he will make sure he dominates the news until then.

  13. Flynn - emerging again from the swamp that Trump keeps flooding with his slimy compatriots. For a brief, shining moment, I had hoped that Barr had turned a slight corner with yesterday's comments about Trump making his job impossible, but that appears to have just been a momentary gesture to the President to stop making so much noise so that Barr can continue to slide around in the swamp without the sound of the swamp monsters exposing everything. Election Day can't come soon enough. And we all must vote these slime out.

  14. General Flynn collaborated with Jared Kushner to pursue a “back channel to Russia” via the Russian Embassy and THEIR communication capabilities. Why this guy is not in prison ALREADY baffles me - except for Trump’s meddling as the root cause.

  15. @Greg Tutunjian ___And Flynn too!

  16. @charles almon I think you mean and Jared too.

  17. The image of Flynn leading the Trump mob screaming "Lock Her Up!" directed at Hillary Clinton is bitterly ironic.

  18. Does anyone really believe AG Barr's declaration of his independence from Trump? I keep remembering Barr's unsolicited letter to Trump basically applying for the AG job. What a corrupt administration - from the top down.

  19. I am disappointed by the media. In reading Barr's recent comments about refusing to be influenced, most people assumed he meant a Trump Tweet but my first thought was Barr stating he doesn't care what the House Judiciary Committee asks him. The Trump presidency is so manipulative, shameless and damaging that liberal media and the public are searching for the smallest sign of revolt but it has not happened and will likely not happen. The sane public should stop optimistically clinging to the possibility that this presidency returns to normal. Stop assuming there are good people inside; Trump only surrounds himself with incompetent yes-men or dirty shady characters.

  20. @Bryan I agree with you 100%.

  21. @Bryan In a sane world the media would call for revolt.

  22. Can we count on our judges to do justice? Are they our last best hope?

  23. @Karen No, you can't count on them. Trump is turning out compliant new federal judges like hotcakes

  24. Jeffrey Jensen is heading this latest sham investigation. A Trump appointee, of course. Every day, this Administration gives me new reasons to despise the Republicans in Congress.

  25. @GFE I am a moderate who leans left. In the past I have mostly voted for Democrats, but not always. After the last 3 years, I will NEVER vote for a Republican again.

  26. "Commit crimes for me and you'll either be pardoned or receive a lighter sentence from the justice department" is not a belief I want the president of the United States to have, but here we are.

  27. "Bring in a Special Prosecutor, it's only Fair." - Barr brings outside US Attorney's and prosecutors to investigate fairness "Woa, what's with the special prosecutor, it's not fair." I get that Hypocrisy is rampant, but the level it's now mixed with self-delusion and a total lack of self-awareness is unbelievable. Sheesh, wait for them to finish and announce findings and Then make a judgment. Wouldn't that be "fair?" Nobody wants Citizens to be wrongly prosecuted and nobody wants political favorites getting off of the hook. Wait for their review Nancy.

  28. It's getting to be like crime in general. The best criminals, you know, work so hard at their craft that they would find legal means of earning an income at least as easy, and much less risky. If this administration spent half the energy on actually solving problems that it spends on covering up its malfeasance maybe something worthwhile could be accomplished!

  29. What is this, "injustice Friday"? The news stories never stop coming, one contradicting the next. Timothy Snyder, Yale Professor of History and author of "on Tyranny" and a new book as well, was interviewed by Rachel Maddow who asked, in desperation, what can we ordinary people do? I'd read his first book, and we're seeing it all unfold now. He suggested that it's happening fast to keep us all off balance, but in totalitarian states, one needs many, not a few, to stand up for what's right. A million people are far more effective than twenty or so. The more the better. Maybe it's time for more mass defections too from the DOJ. It sounds good until you realize that for all of us appalled by this, another 40% of the country is all for what's going on. Which doesn't mean that we shouldn't try.

  30. @ChristineMcM but you never got to the important response... what can an ordinary person do????? besides vote in november

  31. @pamela 1. Write letters to the American (and D. C. Chapter) Bar Association to disbar Barr. 2. Become familiar with registration/voting process in your state and get involved in registration/voting access. Starting today! 3. Vote, Drive people to the voting booths, do all you can to get the vote out and inform people when voting begins/ends/locations. That's my suggestion; Snyder basically said that Trump's actions are to depress dissent and disagreement out of fear of reprisal. He said we must continue to fight for what's right and reject any and all efforts toward suppression of dissent.

  32. @pamela Join the groups that are organizing to oppose this tyranny. Contribute what you can--time, money, whatever. Support the institutions that have protected us thus far. Organize friends, neighbors, workmates, co-religionists, group members and families--to make sure we get out the vote in November; to make clear to our more benighted fellow citizens what is happening and the Fox is not a reliable news source. Find support for yourself, and support those around you when their resolve is flagging. We owe it to one another; we owe it to the country we love; we owe it to our children. That's what we can do for now. But we should keep our ears to the ground for more opportunities.

  33. Barr should be disbarred. Please would someone file a complaint with the New York State Bar Association and the D.C. Bar Association and seek the relief of disbarment against this very crooked man.

  34. @Evangelist For Reality Yes to your plea. It is time for the American Bar Association to organize a Lawyers March on Washington to protest the corruption of William Barr.

  35. OK, I am terrified.

  36. @Evangelist for Reality - This very crooked man has already walked a very crooked mile. His boss knows all about finding a crooked sixpence. I wonder what the crooked style will be. Nursery rhymes were the political satire of the common people a couple of hundred years ago. I wonder what the original crookedness was. This is why nursery rhymes are timeless.

  37. @LEFisher In general I'm not a person easily terrified. But I am gritting my teeth these days. And I am feeling a vague yet increasingly clear sense of unease, which, yes, will no doubt slip into real panic if Trump gets another 4 years. My question, At what point does the average American who leans right wake up and smell the coffee? or are they, and us all, being slowly cooked in our own juices....?

  38. “Outside” prosecutor. That’s code for a right wing trump-cult attorney. I have zero trust in anything they say or do. Barr needs to resign or just cheat in the open like his master does.

  39. @Dan i think Barr is pretty much cheating in the open now

  40. He IS cheating out in the open. They ALL are. Blatantly.

  41. @Dan Barr has been open about his corruption for awhile now. He once publicly bragged about his role in persuading Bush to issue pardons to those involved in the Iran Contra affair, which shut down an investigation that would've eventually zeroed in on Bush himself. Barr is proud of his reputation as the "cover up guy".

  42. It should be clear to all that William Barr was appointed to be Donald Trump's stooge at the Justice Department. Take a look at the headlines on all the major world newspapers today. All of these stories are acknowledging the US lapse into dictatorship, led by a profoundly vile con man and his crew of criminals in the US Cabinet and Congress.

  43. Ah, but he doesn't like being bullied by the president and will run the office without interference. hahahahah!

  44. Yes, Trump is a crazy megalomaniac,( etc,etc), but he is right "de jure"- he isn't legally forbidden from involvement in Justice Department cases. The Justice Department is part of the Executive branch, and Trump is formally Barr's boss.

  45. Trump couldn't keep his mouth shut. With the corruption of trump and Barr again laid bare for all to see, this is a PR move, nothing more. Flynn and Stone need to serve some serious time behind bars. Good citizens must not be distracted from trump's lack of fitness for office. He is an unethical, unprincipled man. May he spend his final years in jail for his many, many crimes.

  46. @MHW Trump had no problem denying McCabe his full retirement pay by just a few hours. Flynn, as required by military regulations, would also lose or should lose his military retirement pay.

  47. Told you - the man is a lapdog no matter how much he affects to be an 'independent' who won't be 'bullied' . . .

  48. It’s a Banana Republic. Say it.

  49. Apparently, Barr thought his interview with CBS News last night would inure us from any of his further outrageous acts. This isn't normal at all, but the DOJ and the trump administration are doing their best to normalize it. Don't be fooled!

  50. The interview was on ABC, not CBS.

  51. @Jay M Am I the only one who is curious as to how the whole interview came about anyway? ABC and their reporter sure look like saps in the light of a new lying day.

  52. It sounds like he is trying to be fair. But the real thing is no outside reviewers are necessary. This is more interference and meddling. This guy needs to resign and we need a new independent AG. He even admitted he pandered to get the job.

  53. Amazing! What a bunch of crooks sitting in this administration...

  54. Hillary Clinton, Schiff and Pelosi would get life in prison with no parole for stealing bubble gum.

  55. Sorry, Mr. Barr. No one will believe you because you have tethered yourself to a pathological liar. As the saying goes, "If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas."

  56. Trump, as always and forever, is protecting himself. What do Flynn and Stone and all the others know about Trump that they haven't said yet? These "investigations" are all signals to the Trump patsies that he will "protect" them. It's hard to believe that these guys are stupid enough to believe this guy.

  57. Now it’s official. There are no more Legislative or Judicial branches. Just an out of control executive. Caligula would be proud.

  58. @Filbert There are several differences between the reign of Trump and that of Caligula (12-41AD). First - Caligula, while - like Trump - a tyrant and possibly a maniac, did manage to institute several construction projects, including building aqueducts and fortifying harbors. Second - Caligula installed his horse, Incitatus, as a consul and priest. In Trump's case, that honor went to Jared Kushner. NOT my president

  59. Where’s fake moderate Senator Collins to chime in about what she expects the Administration to do now that they have learned their lesson? See you in September Senator. Bye bye Susan.

  60. Hey Bill Barr, I see your true colors shining through. I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop and here it is, right on the heels of the DOJ dropping the McCabe case.. #Resign

  61. So that “interview” with ABC was a run up to... this?

  62. Barr should be disbarred.

  63. Justice Dept - Just the latest blatantly corrupt mini circus within the despicable Big Top Trump circus.

  64. So the fearless AG Barr will not be bullied by the… prosecutors of his own department.

  65. But Susan Collins says the President has learned a lesson.

  66. Trump and Company seem determined to bring this great country down.

  67. who didn't see this coming? Barr did the press and media tour knowing he was going to carry out his bosses orders. Who needs to be bullied when you're doing your boss's errands willingly

  68. @Greg Jones That Barr interview was like a 10-year-old trying to look sheepish while explaining that he got a bad grade because his teacher wouldn't let him make up any of the homework he didn't do. Anyone in the universe who works with, or has, kids could see right through this!

  69. I guess this one is ok, since you won’t be bullied by anybody?

  70. No new leaves today.

  71. What Barr needs to do is admit that the Mob, Mafia, whatever you need to call trump, is in control of our gov't, and if we don't do something fast, our legal system will become a joke. If you are rich, or politically well connected, you can lie, cheat extort, and threaten, without fear. If trump can't intimidate the prosecutors, we will pardon the crooks.

  72. This is insanity. The American people have been manipulated once again by a devious AG at the beck and call of a corrupt president. Yesterday, we were thinking that maybe, just maybe, Barr was growing a conscience, a moral compass. And with the good news re McCabe it looked as if principles and ethics were returning. But to have long-serving, experienced, professional line prosecutors being investigated by their own boss is a disgrace. There is no stopping Trump and his abetter in all that is wrong and evil. Why on earth are not those good souls who work for a crooked and amoral boss standing up to him? Millions of Americans who witness, indeed endure, this travesty of justice will support them, be assured.

  73. Well.. we know when Barr "hand picks" anyone to look at anything... it is always someone with his particular narrow partisan bias. He has been pretty consistent in this regard. And.. using outside prosecutors is a complete slap in the face of all the career people in the Justice Department. It sends a very loud and clear message --> you are not trusted by the AG of the United States (who by the way is a partisan political appointee). Hey AG Barr... if you are concerned about politically sensitive case handling in the JD... a good first step would be to keep your partisan hands out of the mix and demonstrate that you are actually impartial. Instead.. you keep doing the opposite. This is disgusting.

  74. William Barr is destroying the Justice Department from within, at the behest of Donald Trump. This is the most corrupt administration in our history. The damage these miscreants are doing to our rule of law and the working of our democracy, will take decades to repair. Despite his transparently false media protestations, William Barr is deeply committed to politicizing and weaponizing the Justice Department on behalf of Donald Trump. If our justice system is bent and corrupted to serve the emotional whims of an impulsive, petty, vindictive, thin-skinned, ignorant, bigoted, would-be dictator like Donald Trump, then we have no rule of law any more. It's both infuriating and heartbreaking to watch someone like Trump, and his cowardly enablers in the Republican party, burning our nation to the ground after generations of Americans have worked, sacrificed, and given their lives to build it.

  75. And now, Trump’s number one henchman is undertaking the corrupt bidding of he who is enraged and unleashed, post-impeachment charade, and will protect his band of miscreants, further enrich his mafioso family and destroy any semblance of a constitutional democracy. God help you all.

  76. Why bother? Why not have the President declare a general amnesty, close the courts and clear the prisons? I am sure the President has a "right" to that, surely?

  77. In other words, the supposed disagreement between Trump and Barr was a 1 day act

  78. Outsourcing the DOJ? Nah, money won't corrupt.

  79. How long do you think it will be before Flynn is hired back into the White House?

  80. More smoke and mirrors from Trump administration. A real carnival act.

  81. Barr's ABC interview faux protest was scripted by the White House and all part of a strategy to justify interference in cases involving Trump's enemies and allies. The Trump-Barr collaboration is going to make one heck of a book when it is written a few years from now. What's Woodward up to these days?

  82. The next step comes when Trump declares, "I AM the law."

  83. @doc Hasn't he done that already?

  84. Barr pretending to be outraged by Trump's interference is a smoke screen. He obviously is Trump's toadie, pretending not to be isn't going to work. His very public rebuke of Trump was merely playing to those Republican Senators who are queasy about having unleashed Trump. They now see the only lesson trump learned from impeachment is that he is bullet-proof.

  85. The swamp never goes away. Just different critters inhabiting it.

  86. Does this offer any clue to the real intentions of Barr's response to Trump's tweet? If it doesn't you have no clue to what 45 is doing to the United States of America. And it sure not to Make America Great Again.

  87. So this is why Barr said what he did about Trump's interference! It gives Barr cover to ignore career prosecutors and bring in "outside" lawyers whenever he or the president wants to disregard the justice system.

  88. The Trump administration is like an onion left well past its prime and with the peeling away of each new layer the stench of corruption, collusion, mismanagement, and unbridled arrogance arises anew. To paraphrase an old Haggard tune, "If we make it through November Everything's gonna be all right I know.." Or is that just wishful thinking?

  89. We must find ways to unite as a people in order to defeat the autocrat Trump

  90. He clearly learned a lesson. The fact that he can break norms with full impunity.

  91. I seem to remember a certain newspaper publishing a front page story about Bill Barr's "extraordinary rebuke" of Trump's interference into the justice department, as if his words overshadowed his obvious actions to the contrary. Just like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, it seems they will never learn...

  92. @Quentin Do you feel the same way about Barr's decision to not prosecute McCabe for leaking to the press, and lying to his own superiors to derail investigations. Lemme guess, Trump told him not to prosecute McCabe.

  93. @Quentin I clearly saw in the inteview that he had his fingers crossed.

  94. @Viv I guess we are not yet at the point where even Barr feels ok to make up evidence. Save that for the 2nd term.

  95. Certainly, let's read the most sinister of all possible motives into Mr. Barr's request of review of General Flynn's case. But, could it possibly, just possibly, be that this move ensures the case is dealt with fairly? Is it even remotely possible?

  96. @SinNombre I gave Barr the benefit of the doubt yesterday. Today he proved me wrong once again. All I can say at this point is "give me a break".

  97. @SinNombre Better chance of fairness if similar reviews are conducted of all federal cases. In what other instances is Barr taking such a close interest in the outcome?

  98. @SinNombre No, not possible!

  99. What are the options before the Democrats ?? How risky is to seek reasons for new impeachment ? What that will show? Would it matter ? All those questions and no one is really in position to give the answers. Is this how a modern dictatorship is build ? It is a strong word, but since there is no way to sanction the President of USA and he seems to feel and act as invincible, where we stand ?

  100. @Kate I wonder if letting Trump be Trump for a few more months will serve the purpose of gutting his support.

  101. The consequences will be too disastrous. He is sailing on Obama wave regarding economy, but with his poor business knowledge he has no understanding how money in such scale works. I honestly don’t envy the one who is gonna be the next president. Whoever that is. As catastrophic were his businesses as US economy will be after he is gone. My personal opinion would be the sooner he is removed and put in prison the better.

  102. @Kate The options are not the Democrats. The options are the free world's The only calculus an autocrat makes: will this cause rebellion among more people than I can suppress? And the autocrats COUNT. The option is people in the streets with signs that hearken back to the end of McCarthyism. What were then questions must now be stated with exclamation marks "You have no sense of decency, sir! At long last, you have no sense of decency left!" and then there must be applause. People, lots of people, have to attend Trump rallies and Boo! Boo the lies. Boo the distortions. Boo the policies that hurt everyone. That will be hard. That is what is now required. The silent, uncounted majority must now speak and be counted.

  103. Commit a crime. Plead guilty. Have your sentencing be put off because you say you will cooperate. Cooperate a little then don’t cooperate. And then, rather than come down on the side of throwing the guy in jail ASAP, the Attorney General appoints an outside prosecutor to review the case. If Flynn was Black, Brown, poor, or a Democrat, he would not have the AG coming to his defense against the DOJ’s career prosecutors. Lucky for Flynn he spent months stumping for Trump in 2016.

  104. @Douglas Weil Lucky for Flynn he has dirt on Trump that motivates Donald to help him.

  105. @GFE - Yup, I think you nailed Trump's main motivations. Stone and Flynn have dirt on Trump.

  106. How is someone allowed to renege on a plea bargain? Flynn's an adult who had solid legal representation. Why spend taxpayer money on this? If you're going to further erode rule of law, why not just whip out a pen and pardon him?

  107. I think he will be pardoned, and this move by Barr is a way to muddy the waters and throw fake doubt into the question of his guilt.

  108. @Third Coaster But he now has obtained Fox lawyers for himself. That makes all the difference.

  109. It’s clearly time to end the “tradition” of an independent Justice Department and enshrine it into law. Clearly it’s only the willingness to abide by unwritten rules that has prevented this type of banana republic behavior on the part of our nation’s chief executive. I don’t know what the exact solution should be, but clearly our nation’s federal law enforcement organs need to be legally insulated from political interference.

  110. @Mike Why wouldn't it work for the DOJ to be it's own branch of government co-equal with the other three? Think about couldn't abuse it's power alone without the Judiciary and it's only function would be to protect and serve based on the law. All persons working for the DOJ could only get in through a merit based civil service process.

  111. @Mike The first task when the Dems get into office in November is to put into law the protections that were assumed to work with people of good will. (The second task is to reconstruct all the environmental protections that the impeached president destroyed.)

  112. @Mike The main reason that the Justice Department is part of the Executive Branch rather than part of the Judicial Branch or perhaps a separate Branch altogether is that the President is tasked by the Constitution to "take care that the laws are faithfully executed." Since this task is so prone to malignant interpretation, it has become clear that the Justice Department should be detached from the Executive Branch.

  113. I am drowning in this swamp; I no longer feel like an American.

  114. @ Jill Flynn’s behavior was so egregious, the judge asked the prosecutors if they had considered a charge of treason. This administration is swimming in CORRUPTION.

  115. @Jill Anderson The chaos brought on by Trump and the willingness to acquiesce and engage in that chaos by the GOP seems to make it clear that they want people such as us to drown in the swamp. Knowing that is part of their ploy, I am that much more determined not to allow it to happen. Stay strong, Jill. We are all in this together. We will end this on Tuesday, November 3.

  116. @Jill Anderson we have two drown or to swing against the rip currents...These people are NOT the majority of the US of A and they are "temporary"...Hang in there...let's keep fighting these nasty currents. Never, never give up!

  117. What did Barr say just the other day? That he would not be bullied or swayed for political reasons, but would only act in the name of maintaining the highest judicial standards? Then my question for Barr would be how he picked these two cases (Stone and Flynn) out of the universe of cases pursued by the Justice Department? Did someone perhaps "suggest" it might be a good idea, the word he struggled with during his confirmation? Or did he simply pull names out of a hat for quality assurance purposes and these two names were drawn out first? I hope the voters of Alaska, Maine, Colorado, Kentucky, and my own state of Montana are paying attention to what is happening here. Our senators helped make this possible as they chose to look the other way. Justice may supposedly be blind, but senators are not supposed to be.

  118. @avrds Barr was only too eager to clean up Trump's criminal mess that Session wouldn't. Barr knows very well what he's doing. So does Trump. The Barr/Trump sideshow we're being subjected to for the past few days is intended as a smoke screen so Trump can pardon the people who can implicate him for his treasonous conduct.

  119. He didn’t just pick the Stone and Flynn cases. Per the reporting: “Over the past two weeks, the outside prosecutors have begun grilling line prosecutors in the Washington office about various cases — some public, some not — including investigative steps, prosecutorial actions and why they took them” according to anonymous sources. Whatever is going on with line prosecutors at DOJ, it does not appear to be confined to just Trump cronies.

  120. @avrds . Barr doesn’t need to be bullied. He does the king’s bidding because he believes in the”unitary executive,” which is just a euphemism for one-man rule.

  121. We have crossed over into a gone bananas republic.

  122. Enough already. America is being led by a tin-pot dictator backed up by a corrupt Justice Department and with the blessings of the Supreme Court whose Chief presided over a sham impeachment trial with no witnesses or documents. Is there no one out there willing to save America?

  123. @Jacquie "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Phone. Write. March. Vote. Debate. Engage. Ask an evangelical if support for the unborn really outweighs all the other evil being done. Ask if it outweighs being a jailer instead of a Good Samaritan. Ask if it outweighs that 'what you do to the least of my brethren, you do have done unto me.' Satan controls the White House. What are YOU willing to do to save America?

  124. Trump acolyte will keep doing whatever’s necessary until they get the “verdicts “ they want - when all of them should be jailed for crimes against our constitution

  125. So lock him up isn’t a reality anymore?!

  126. Nothing to see here.

  127. This administration's abuse and criminality just keeps on a coming.

  128. I had thought that Trump would wait until he wins the November election to arrest Pelosi and Schiff and shut down the NYTimes and Washington Post. It now seems likely that he is getting greedy and will do all of that sooner.

  129. Barr’s primary agenda is to turn America into a Christian nation. He will do anything that Trump tells him to do in order to achieve this goal.

  130. This is outrageous. Every Democrat should state publicly every day that "Barr must resign." Why don't they do that? How come they can't stay on message?

  131. So, now even the DOJ, from 2016 to the present, is part of the "Swamp?" We are no longer a democracy.

  132. Remember how outraged you are now next time the mood hits you to vote for Jill Stein or Ralph Nader. We thought W was bad. None of this ever had to happen.

  133. @Mike It did have to happen. 2020 is a redistricting year. This was necessary to lay bare the evil at the heart of the GOP. In the name of protecting the unborn, all other sin is permissible. Without this, no one would grasp Autocracy:Rules for Survival Rule #1: Believe the autocrat. No one believed that Mitch McConnell would stack the courts. No one believed that the GOP/Tea Party's veneration of the Constitution and democracy was just lip-service in the name of naked power. They do now.

  134. Stone must have some serious dirt on Trump or they wouldn't be contorting themselves like this. And now Flynn... This is bad.

  135. @L Yes, it seems that everyone has dirt on everyone else. Explains a lot.

  136. @L Yes, Stone is the missing link that proves that Trump colluded with the Russians to coordinate the use of the Wikileaks information. So Trump really needs for Stone to keep his mouth shut.

  137. Wow - I think we're done now, aren't we

  138. Ah...and it's back to mr. lock him up. Try to last until November, friends.

  139. @Nancie I spoke with a friend last night who said he knew nothing about politics and had no desire to learn because they were all crooked anyway and we can't do anything about it. Nancie, if we wait until November, all will be lost. We must speak up to our Congressional representatives regularly, donate to candidates, volunteer, and engage others in conversation to try to encourage.

  140. Dear Barr, whether it be in 2021 or 2025, you WILL be investigated at some point post Trump for your many disturbing actions. It's time to start saving yourself and doing what is right. And this isn't that.

  141. @Pandora20 When he did this for Bush and knew he was in the hot seat he disappeared.

  142. @Pandora20 No, Barr will not be investigated nor punished in any way for his Trump-colored (orange?) actions. Rich people don't go down for doing things that they've always done. This is typical politics.

  143. My lord...I just finished reading about McCabe and now this? There is no justifying of the amoral and the devious, absolutely none. This is unconscionable that Barr, via the will of his unhinged boss, is investigating his own people. What on earth is going on? More to the point where is our Congress? Our executive branch is beyond corruption. It is dangerous; Trump, Barr, McConnell et al. are dangerous. People speak up. Do not wait for November. Nine months is an eternity when faced with the possibility of irreparable damage to our Constitution and its democratic republic.

  144. @Kathy Lollock Agreed. In nine months the election processed could be completely subverted by the GOP/Kremlin.

  145. Trump is betraying America, and the Republicans are providing him cover. AG Barr is acting as the Defense Attorney of this Plot Against America, with co-conspirators Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn already convicted. The strongest reason to impeach Trump, and defeat him in November, is that he endangers our National Security by repeatedly and consistently aiding a foreign power, Russia. This is Treason, and all Americans must understand this. Trump’s tax returns would also show that he is in hock to Putin-connected Russian oligarchs, which is why Trump is so desperate to hide his financial records. Mueller was prevented from investigating Trump’s finances by Rosenstein, and Barr terminated the investigation prematurely. Remarkably, virtually the entire Republican delegation in Congress (with the lone exception of Romney) is in complete denial of all of this. The GOP has become the Gang of Putin!

  146. How many indigent defendants get this special treatment?

  147. @Garak Answer -- less than 1.

  148. With the Sith, there are always two. The master and his apprentice.

  149. @Peter The Sith may practice hate, deception, and greed, but unlike Chump and Barrf they aren't so stupid as to make it obvious.

  150. So yesterday Barr couldn’t do his job because of Trump’s interference and today he’s doing Trump’s bidding. My god, when will this all end?

  151. Allowing a politically-connected defendant a second bite at the apple, especially when his wrongdoing was in the presidential service, is a textbook rule-of-law violation. William Barr needs to start learning Ukrainian so he can take some CLE courses that are actually relevant to his practice.

  152. I read about Trump's continuing abuse of power and think about his GOP enablers, his base and, of course, our AG. Then I think about Pete Seeger's lyrics "when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn" and wonder.

  153. First, Flynn pleaded guilty. He subsequently changed that, and now Barr intervenes to review. This is a well-orchestrated maneuver that will clear Flynn and force more career prosecutors to leave the Department of Justice, clearing the way for loyalists to fill those spots. Good luck, America. You broke it, and now live with the consequences of corruption, crony capitalism and the other ills that will descend upon your once great nation.

  154. The Justice Department in the United States is "tainted" with the "Russia Collusion" mess. I think what Bill Barr is doing is absolutely correct. There is no reason to attack him. I could see if you didn't trust Barr and he himself was doing the investigation but the Justice Department (as of now) is not reliable. I think what he did was smart and it just sounds like people don't like Bill Barr because of his politics.

  155. @Rozie James It would be a mistake to confuse”outside” with “independent.” Of course we don’t trust Barr, and should there be any doubt the folks being brought in don’t already know what the answer is supposed to be?

  156. @Rozie James The comment is surreal.

  157. @Rozie James Please, take the blinders off. From CNN “Trump is putting America's attorney general in charge of coordinating an investigation - with a foreign power - into a possible 2020 rival” Barr is right down there in the mud with the rest of them. Unless you think CNN is fake news. Or...unless you think it is OK for the US Attorney General to be doing the bidding of the president, and/or to be interfering in foreign relations.

  158. Undoubtedly, an "outside prosecutor" who has been fully vetted to ensure that he is 100% loyal to Donald Trump and will do whatever he wants him to.

  159. Jeff Jensen reads the paper like everyone else. Therefore, he knows that Barr’s DOJ wants probation as a maximum for Flynn selling out his country. He knows that Barr needs someone other than Barr himself to find fault with the FBI and Mueller’s prosecutors. Cause Barr is getting heat for it, and doesn’t want to be seen as a skunk in his social circles. He sees Jeff Jensen as a safe pair of hands to do the dirty work. Jeff Jensen is a relatively young man. He will be thinking about his career after this assignment. What is best for Jeff Jensen’s career? To do what he already knows the deeds that Barr and Trump want done, but with someone else’s—Jeff’s—fingerprints on it.

  160. @F. Horne Or He'll do it and look for his next Dictator to serve. This is what makes it so hard for all of us to comprehend because the majority of us were taught right from wrong, and ethics from a very early age and the current administration seems to have advertised on the jobs list for any one that will do anything to anyone no matter who is hurt.

  161. Their power as an institution is as an independent enforcer of the law. Each prosecutor has a private fief that functions within the chain of command at Justice. When subordinated to partisan political whims, or personal interest, rather than the defense of the Constitution, that power is inevitably diminished. Each of the line prosecutors know this, even Mr. Shea and Mr. Barr know this. Maybe this big review will net nothing and is just going through the motions (as in no charges for McCabe). Theories on the preeminence of the executive (and an irrepressible tweet machine with buddies to protect for a boss) have overrode these instincts for institutional preservation so far. Perhaps, Barr is too down the Trumpian rabbit hole to ride to the defense of Justice and its institutional prerogatives, but his petulant interview indicates he may have a limit in how far he's willing to bend in order to cover his master's antics.

  162. Answer to your 1st question: not anymore - witness Justice Roberts behavior during the impeachment trial. 2nd question: WE are our only last best hope. Time is short. Donate and Vote.

  163. Trump is not the sharpest pencil in the box. We all know that. But really, he was warned not to hire Michael Flynn and does he really know what Flynn told Mueller? In his report Mueller revealed that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was already under FBI investigation when he spoke with the Russian ambassador during the transition before President Trump took office. Flynn only served 24 days. Not enough to ingratiate himself to Trump so this has to be a favor for someone else. Just saying.

  164. In TrumpWorld, a fixer's work is never done. "You should go easy on Flynn" is what the boss has wanted all along, and it now looks like Bill Barr will finally make sure that's what he'll get. Anything to please. This sort of corrupting of our system of "justice" under the Trump maladministration would be jaw-dropping if it weren't so predictable. If it were made into a movie, it could be considered right up Martin Scorsese's or Francis Ford Coppola's alley, except for the fact that they have much better taste.

  165. But for all of the obstruction by the Trump team, the case against Putin's boy Flynn would be far more serious. Recall that Flynn during the transition promised the Russians relief from crushing sanctions, a promise worth hundreds of billions to Putin and his oligarchs. Notably, when Trump tried to deliver on that promise through executive action, he was blocked even by our now disreputable Senate, 98-0. Trump supporters can continue to delude themselves over all things Russia until Trump leaves office, when everyone and their sister publishes their tell-alls, no longer afraid of the US Justice Dept. Sure they'll get death threats but once the damage is done, there is little point in following through.

  166. @Look Ahead Sanctions are being evaded by Russia as we live and breathe. Trump is constantly looking for ways to do Putin’s bidding. Witness the capitulation in Syria, the silence on arms sales to Turkey.

  167. Why do we need to investigate when Flynn plead guilty? And we are not going to be able to trust the judges for too long. The Senate is packing the courts with more Trump appointees.

  168. @the professor heartened yesterday after reading an article about a conservative district judge in Chicago who stated that they would not be told how to run their courts

  169. We have a choice: we can lower our flags to half-staff as a signal of mourning, or we can display them upside-down as a signal of distress.

  170. @Cassandra I have been flying mine upside down for three years, and I am yet to encounter anyone who even knows what that means. Time to start wearing all black?

  171. @Cassandra And which one is the signal for defeat?

  172. @Cassandra upside down and lowered...

  173. OK - so in three days, AG Barr has: 1) Intervened in an unprecedented manner by attempting to set aside a completed sentencing filing; and 2) Assigned an outside prosecutor to "review" the Mike Flynn Case. What do these two actions have in common? Both involve friends of the President who are convicted felons awaiting sentencing. Barr is Trump's tool, and needs to go.

  174. @Mark Keller The other commonality is that everything Barr is doing is to cover up the connections surrounding the mutually beneficial relationship between Donald Trump, his campaign staff, and Vladimir Putin and the Russian Intelligence services. There are plenty of clues out in the open in the Mueller Report about the obvious: Trump has been compromised by Moscow. Barr stepped up and applied to the job when it became apparent that Sessions wouldn't clean up Donnie's mess.

  175. @Mark Keller personally I think Barr, Trump, Pompeo, McConnell and Pence should suffer the same end as Mussolini.

  176. You don’t think “trump” wouldn’t just install someone else equally bad or worse? Of course he would.

  177. Well that answers yesterday's big question. We now now that Bill Barr's interview was in fact nothing more that theatrics.

  178. @Frank did you expect otherwise? Almost the entirety of the Republican party is at war with democracy and this country. They spit on our rule of law, our constitution, or very way of life, and use their vile lies, brainwashing and money to continue. The true surprise is that nothing this administration and it's henchmen do, no matter how low and perverse they twist is a surprise any longer. It's disgusting, it's wrong and we need to exercise our vote to rid us of this horrible group.

  179. @Joe I agree 100%

  180. The move is "highly unusual," say the authors. I saw precisely that phrase in a report on Trump's post-impeachment actions here in the Times a couple of days ago. Well, if what Trump/Barr were doing a week ago was already "highly unusual," let me suggest describing this as "highly, highly unusual." "Extremely unusual." "Very highly unusual." There are many possible combinations to forestall the apparently unwelcome eventuality of describing these actions as "corrupt," or "actively destructive of the rule of law." God forbid you should have to write that.

  181. @TMSquared Agree. It is time the main stream press started using their thesaurus to more accurately describe the behavior in DC

  182. thank you! reporters have an obligation to call out corruption and to use plain language when doing so.

  183. @TMSquared "Highly unusual" ranks up there with "politicized" as a lame euphemism. For "politicized," how about writing "favoring the ultra-rich and extreme right-wingers while slanted against women, Black and brown people, Muslims, immigrants, moderate Republicans, all Independents and all Democrats."

  184. Is anyone really surprised anymore- the only difference here is that the blatant prejudice and interference with our Justice system is now overt and transparent for all to see. If you have an issue, send the clear message to your Republican representatives of the Trump Fan Club i November by voting them out- or be prepared for four more years of Trumpism. Each American makes the choice here. As they say, this is a 'binary choice'.

  185. The recent events, including the Senate trial of impeachment, will cause great harm to American society. It is essential that the judicial system and justice appear independent of politics so that citizens can trust the system. If justice becomes a pawn of politics, we will see another fundamental pillar of democracy fall. This is exceptionally serious. The Executive branch is already claiming that it is not subject to any limits. We need to believe in American institutions. (No one claims that they are perfect.) But I fear that political interest and power is rising above all else. When and how does this erosion stop? It appears that Republicans are not interested in this issue as long as they hold power. There is a greater calling - to abide by the Constitution. Not so long ago, Republicans claimed to be patriots. This certainly no longer applies.

  186. @vilisinde And not so long ago, flag-waving Republican voters claimed to be patriots.

  187. I always enjoyed the 1972 movie centering around a mob boss and his private attorney.... Now in 2020 we have a mob boss for a president and an attorney general who is his consigliere... Vote blue no matter who 11/3/20

  188. Barr makes Jeff Sessions look like a noble boy scout.

  189. Russia, If you're listening ..... Barr, since you're listening ........

  190. At this point, I cannot tell which is more corrupt, Barr or the current occupant of the White House. Can anyone help here?

  191. That’s it: Barr is just Trump’s lap dog stooge. His interview was nonsense showy PR lie.

  192. Roger Stone. Michael Flynn. Paul Manafort will be next. All guilty. All involved in, if not treasonous, then certainly behaviors that were in opposition to American interests. In other words, all disgraced themselves and were, at varying times, threats to US national security. Only those willing to repeat Russian propaganda have room to disagree with that assessment. US intel is unanimous per their involvement in these un-American activities. Remember that the conservative columnist, William Safire, despised Barr and called him "General Cover-Up" when Barr engineered the pardons of six Iran/Contra principals just before Bush 41 left office. At the same time, Trump/Barr bootlickers press blatantly false insinuations/accusations against American patriots who have given lifetimes to serving this country and who graciously and eloquently continue to speak of their love for it. P.S. Rod Rosenstein doesn't need to show his face on my street, much less at my front door. He helped Barr "revise" and delegitimize the work of another America patriot---Robert Mueller.

  193. The whole thing with Barr complaining that Trump is interfering was probably staged and cleared with Trump before it even happened. Barr is Tump's lackey and the Justice department is less independent now then it was when Mitchel was Nixon's AG (and campaign chairman).

  194. Where is Robert Mueller and why doesn't he speak out now about William Barr or are they still good friends?

  195. @Jacquie It seems Mueller was in some way gagged.

  196. So this the gang that would have us believe that they are worried of corruption in Ukraine. This administration is so brazenly unscrupulous that it is absurd. Let me venture that a Manafort review is next on the agenda.

  197. Ah, is THIS what Barr calls non-interference by Trump, so he, as Attorney General, can do his job??

  198. Hey Boomers, time to get out into the streets and protest. Remember your hippie days from the 60s? Remember protesting against the Vietnam war? What's holding you all back?

  199. Bad back, bad heart, sore feet, sore everything. But I am growing my hair long again in protest. Will that help?

  200. The Trump administration: 24/7 corruption and lies.

  201. Two words come to my mind, "Purge," and "pogrom." History repeats itself...often and unpleasantly, it seems.

  202. Why bother? Trump can just pardon him. And they claim they are draining the "swamp". HA!

  203. The animals have taken control of the zoo.

  204. How about a non-Justice Department investigator be installed to review whether AG Barr is acting at the personal behest of Donald Trump or in the interests of the US government?

  205. Mr. Barrf is by far the most corrupt Attorney General in the history of the United States.

  206. Barr must go now - either via resignation or impeachment. This is a rolling coup d'etat. Americans and our democracy are under active attacks.

  207. Now why is money being spent on this?

  208. More than ever, think about visiting: Perhaps all commenters could make a difference and encourage other Americans to elect a new president.