Andrew McCabe, Ex-F.B.I. Official, Will Not Be Charged in Lying Case

The decision to decline charges appears to be a move to distance the Justice Department from President Trump, who has long attacked Mr. McCabe.

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  1. The vindictiveness is spectacular. Trump must go.

  2. @Full Name (required) Vindictive, vengeful, venal - lots of V's from this president. How about, for Valentine's Day - a wish: Vote him out!

  3. Stop trying to give William Barr cover. Just look at everything else he’s doing on Trump’s behalf. If there was prosecutable evidence of wrongdoing, McCabe would have been charged.

  4. @VAKnightStick Exactly. How is it that this newspaper is blind to what is right in front of their faces? Are they that cowed by the right? Willing to give the benefit of the doubt to a guy who showed America exactly what he was when he mischaracterized the Mueller Report, when he appointed his own men to "investigate the investigators" because the IG report wasn't sufficient, when he opened the investigations Trump wanted opened and demanded leniency for the convicted criminals who were Trump's friends.

  5. Barr is trying to.avoid being impeached, isn't he? The lawyers who became politicians actually understand this problem directly.

  6. Makes me wary of what Barr has up his sleeve. Indicting Schiff? Indicting whistleblower?

  7. He wishes

  8. Apparently, some of Trump’s pills are still too difficult to swallow. Scant consolation.

  9. Great news for Mr McCabe. Now - when will his pension be restored? This was a terrible abuse of power.

  10. After over 20 years of stellar service, Andrew McCabe deserves more than the end of Trump's campaign of revenge. He deserves the pension denied him just hours before he retired.

  11. @Paul Wortman Yes, pension. That abrupt, punitive decision was an abomination. As his counsel said, the prosecutors job is to apply the law to the facts. McCabe should not have been in legal limbo for two years. This whole mess could have been dispatched quickly. Awful treatment from a government he served admirably.

  12. @Paul Wortman You are so right. I pray he received his full pension. A stellar civil servant like Mr. McCabe who dedicated his life to serving our country deserves nothing less.

  13. @Paul Wortman Oh, that lawsuit is coming. You can bet on it.

  14. That OK with Trump? McCabe should not make any vacation plans until he signs off on it.

  15. Trump needs to be told to jump in the lake. Such vanity and also seeking revenge. Trump needs to go back to work.

  16. @Dan When will people learn that trump is a school yard bully.Like any bully if you stand your ground and punch him in the nose or let him know that you can hurt him he will back down.Look how trump fights? He always punches down.Bloomberg is showing that trump can't take it.

  17. @Dan Go back to work? He never started! He spends the majority of the day Tweeting, watching TV or guzzling Diet Cokes. For the rest he's on the golf course or yukking it up with his Fox staff.

  18. @Dan How would he know how to work?

  19. This man deserves to receive his pension. Trump wants to believe this is a banana republic where dictators go after their perceived enemies. We must not allow this to happen.

  20. Here comes the barking clown tweet storm: I alone can fix it and I have the absolute right, so I am sending crooked McCabe to jail for at least as long as Stone gets from that biased Judge Jackson. And then I am pardoning Stone.

  21. @say what The quote was "carnival barking clown."

  22. Any federal jury in Washington D.C. would have laughed the case out of court and cheered McCabe as he left the courthouse. So now will the great majority of Americans.

  23. @A. Stanton DC is >99% Democrat, so yeah.

  24. @A. Stanton - maybe the majority of Americans will feel a bit better about DOJ today, but we larger in number have no power in any branch of government these days.

  25. This is another carefully staged ruse to try to make Trump and Barr not look complicit. The Trump administration must be getting advice from Kenneth Starr or Dick Cheney. Or both.

  26. @Joe Oh yes, a ruse it is. Something big is going on behind the scene.

  27. @Joe Exactly

  28. It is amazing that we are so happy about what was clear from the start: There was no there there. That it took the AG office this long to figure it out is disgraceful. This is a freebie for our Vicar General Barr. Unless he walked that dog of a case into court himself, he very likely could not have found anyone who would, particularly if the rest of his staff has the backbone and ethical standards evidenced by the Stone Four. So he prepares the ground by his "impossible" comment, then does what had to be done to show he meant it. Poppycock. He will either return to the Trump line or he will be tweet-fired.

  29. By doing the right thing, DOJ has just thrown down the gauntlet. What will Barr do if his boss is dissatisfied?

  30. Window dressing?

  31. @miche I think, being shaky at best, it was an easy case to drop in order to "prove" Barr's independence.

  32. @miche Absolutely and an easy jettison off the docket for barr-browny-points given it was a fit-up to begin with and unwinnable.

  33. Good news, indeed. America is sick and tired of Trump using dedicated public servants as punching boards to exploit, to manipulate, to project and reflect his own unhinged character flaws and egomania. And now we wonder. Has Barr awaken his sleeping moral compass? Will he be the next to be ousted from an infamous abode of notorious and egregious behavior? We will see and hope this is a California quake rather than a tremor. However, the people I am really watching are McConnell, Graham, et al. in a weak and spineless Republican Senate. It is an ominous sign that this group will ultimately choose between a democracy or an autocracy, indeed, a dictatorship.

  34. @Kathy Lollock -They are choosing between their own political careers, short-term policy gains, longer term gains from judicial appointments, AND the moral soul of America.

  35. @Kathy Lollock I wouldn't worry too much about Barr’s moral compass. He doesn’t have one.

  36. @Ellyn Apparently so. Have you read the breaking news that Barr has an outside prosecutor investigating his own prosecutors in the Flynn case? Unbelievable! Rotten guy..

  37. The lives trump has destroyed, the ones he's currently destroying and the ones he will words other than I weep for our country and hope there is at some time a way to make it up to these unfortunately victims.

  38. @Kathrine - Your words rang a deep mournful bell for me. I am so in line with your sentiments of sadness for our soul-dying country and the many righteous souls that this narcissist would-be tyrant is ruining. I am also weeping at the state of the Democratic Primary. I had so hoped that Joe Biden & his campaign would get their act together and win at least in Iowa and come in close behind Sanders in NH. But, Biden has never been a good candidate - and his age is showing. [The only reason I believe that people don't think of Sanders' age is that he is basically one-trick pony and he doesn't ever get into nuances of discussion - and, of course, Biden got way too nuanced way too often. Now, I am frightfully concerned that the resulting mess is going to give us 4 more years of an unleashed Trump without any check in any government branch.

  39. There still are other options.

  40. @Jean C It ain't over till it's over! Please don't give up yet. I am in Amy's camp right now but most importantly I will back whoever the person is that gets the nomination. FIGHT!!

  41. There are no charges because he didn't do anything wrong. It was Trump backers who filed all the lawsuits against him. He deserves his pension back!

  42. Then why has he been Exonerated? It’s Trump and Barr who are in charge. Why would the let him go? Grand Jury? What happened? I suspect testimony in Grand Jury dug up more dirt on Trump. 

  43. @Richard K Sez Richard K of Phoenix because, y’know Fox News.

  44. @Richard K The grand jury disagrees with you..... Got that?

  45. Of course he wasn't charged. The charges were a transparent attempt at witness intimidation and obstruction of justice. Every Republican office holder, except Romney, is a co-conspirator to Trump's crimes. They all need to be charged, convicted and sentenced for treason.

  46. @Jim A I'll settle for them being voted out of office.

  47. This is what happens when four dedicated Justice Dept. officials resign their positions in protest against Trump's actions. Now, all of the sudden, Attorney General Barr and has had a come to Jesus moment and is attempting to at like a real AG and follow the rule of law. Apparently, being a stooge for Trump does have its limits, at least for some people. I would venture to guess that Barr was facing a massive revolt from within the Justice Dept. as well as from within the greater legal community. That kind of peer pressure can sometimes get through to even the most dedicated sycophant. Hopefully, Trump has pushed the envelope so far that it is finally beginning to tear. At least the envelope that is outside the US Senate.

  48. @Bruce Rozenblit I’m not convinced. I think maybe he’s laying the groundwork for a return to private practice so he can hoover up some fat fees advising on the takeover of Nokia and/or Ericsson.

  49. @Bruce Rozenblit Which raises the interesting question of where the American Bar Association is related to all this? The silence seems deafening, or maybe even the ABA fears the Don's tweets.

  50. @Ca The ABA has been declared irrelevant by the Republicans in the Senate as they continue to appoint judges that the ABA has said are NOT qualified.

  51. I am glad for Andrew McCabe, his wife and family that this layer of their ordeal is over. And so sorry for the cruelty they have endured at the hands of Trump. There seems to be a pattern to Trump's bullying. In particular hinting something bad might happen then nothing, then resurfacing his grievances, on and on. As has been said of him "The cruelty is the point." It is inexcusable for Trump to continue his constant attacks on people. Exposing them to public ridicule and danger. A congressional censure us definitely in order.

  52. The man lied to federal agents. He was supposed to enforce the law and deliberately broke it to save his skin. Good to know there are two set of rules for justice in this country.

  53. @F Bardales As another commenter posted, if there was prosecutable evidence of wrongdoing, McCabe would have been charged.

  54. @DEBORAH FBardales: the pot calling the kettle black

  55. Are you sure? It might be Donald's nap time. After all, when it comes to tantrums, little children usually get so exhausted they eventually just pass out.

  56. Hooray for the Justice Department, they got this case and the Stone case right. I’m sick and tired of Washington Politics being used as the basis of settling vendetta .

  57. Mr. McCabe sorely deserves restoration of all the benefits that Sessions denied by firing him the day before he was due to retire.

  58. I am very glad for Mr. McCabe that this part of his nightmare is over, but Trump and the “Justice” Department ruined his life. He was fired without his pension and the defense of these charges must have cost him dearly. Barr gets no pass for his closing of this investigation. I, for one, do not buy his protest about how Trump’s tweeting makes his job difficult. It outed what he does for King Trump and bared it for the world to see. That’s what makes him uncomfortable.

  59. I can't wait till November 3rd to see Trump's final defeat. I only hope once he is tossed out of office he faces real justice and all who associated with him. I realize Trump has many close allies like Putin but at least those here in the US should face justice.

  60. Yes. This was a red herring meant to bolster Trump's theories about a deep state. Americans are not used to dealing with propaganda and blatant lies. We see it in the News headlines and we see it in tweets. It is not faked by the media, but by the people aspiring to deceive us. However, the News media has a responsibility to followup to update us on known facts. There was little followup when we found out that it was Wikileaks that advised Don Jr. to leak a page of Trump Sr. 's taxes and then cry and blame it on a deep state. It will do the media good to followup, even if after-the-fact, to understand a pattern of behavior of fake accusations for this administration. We ALL have to be diligent to combat propaganda.

  61. @Dr. Girl Are you referring to the David Cay Johnston “over the transom” returns? Tell me more!

  62. @Dr. Girl “ Americans are not used to dealing with propaganda and blatant lies.” Fox News ring any bells?

  63. @Doug Lowenthal Fox has a lot of true believers in its cage. And Trump and republicans are still winning the propaganda war.

  64. Clearly, the case against Andrew McCabe was politically motivated, and based on Donald Trump's own tortured version of the facts, which amount to little more than a muddled timeline of events and imagined conspiracies. Trump will have a lot to answer for once he is ejected from office. The investigation of his political purge directed against FBI personnel is only a small part of what will surely be an epic reckoning for a disgraced President.

  65. @James Maybe even prison!

  66. and just how much of this is orchestrated? Trump may be the "executive producer" of this show, but who exactly is the "director" in charge? is there also a team of "screenwriters" bringing this all along. we don't think any of us should but anything beside him. 16,000+ lies all fit into a thread...

  67. @mike/ sorry "PUT" anything beside him...

  68. I hope he now has grounds to sue for damages and gets his pension back.

  69. @RJM He shouldn't have to sue. That will cost him more $$.

  70. McCabe certainly didn't deserve to be fired just before he was due to receive his pension. I don't know whether he should be prosecuted or not, but I do know that Trump (and Barr doesn't get off the hook here, whatever he says) has thrown our whole justice system into chaos and disrepute. But Republican senators cringed before the Don, and if you want to blame anybody (since Trump will never change) blame McConnell and his buddies. They should have removed the President for an absolutely clear abuse of power. Now, those abuses will just continue.

  71. @Wiltontraveler He should sue former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the person who used his office to persecute an imaginary enemy of Donald Trump .

  72. If Trump is reelected, "Seven Days in May" may become an accurate forecast rather than simply a work of fiction.

  73. 'Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions dismissed Mr. McCabe hours before he was eligible for those benefits,'---I hope he can a also get his retirement benefits.

  74. I am not buying "the new Bill Barr". I think the statement by Barr and response by Trump yesterday is another red herring. I am however glad that McCabe is now in the clear.

  75. Yeah, the new Bill Barr just appointed a prosecutor to “look into” the prosecution of Michael Flynn.

  76. So after two years of abuse and threats, Trump has finally moved on from McCabe to the federal prosecutors in Roger Stone's case. I remain sceptical of Barr's complaint in this time of so much political theater. Instead, I say hear what he says, but watch carefully what he actually does. More to be revealed...

  77. While I think this was a good decision, one smart choice does not make for a reformed Attorney General. I still wouldn't rule out that this is being orchestrated behind the scenes by the White House. Sigh. And I am sad to feel the need to say so.

  78. @Kelly Grace Smith Never feel sad to speak your mind. You will find many agree with you. I certainly do. Of course this has been orchestrated by the schlock, absurd reality TV show that is Trump. It's called the "Wacky White House." Bill Barr his star performer is incredible at pretending to be doing improvisation while actually following the script laid to a tee out by Trump. You CAN make this stuff up because that is exactly what they are doing. Unfortunately many Americans do not have the intelligence to change the channel or even believe there is any other one to watch.

  79. @Kelly Grace Smith I completely agree. I don’t trust anything that comes out of Trump, Barr or the GOP Congress’ mouths. There is something going on, as there is no way Barr has suddenly grown a backbone.

  80. This just shows how much damage Trump's political interference is causing. America has no idea if the decision not to charge McCabe is based on lack of evidence of wrongdoing, or to demonstrate the independence of the DoJ.

  81. @Jim U do a speed read of the Mueller Report to refresh your memory and it will quickly demonstrate that the decision was based on a lack of evidence of wrong doing...the FBI's investigation of the Trump campaign's dalliance with Putin's intermediaries was more than justified.

  82. @Jim U McCabe admitted he lied to the FBI during the course of an investigation and then said "I'm sorry".If it were you or I our butts would have been in prison in a flash. The swamp is never going to be cleaned out.

  83. @Jim U The Times needs to include this in their report. The News media should not just bellyache about Trump's encroachment on their constitutional freedoms, but they need to followup with compelling evidence.

  84. That it took two years to reach this decision is a miscarriage of justice by the Injustice Department. Justice delayed is justice denied.

  85. So can Mr McCabe now claim his pension which was denied by an obviously vindictive Presidential act? A couple of years back pension with a suitable interest rate should be a neat little sum. At some point this president* has to start being personally responsible for his actions. I understand that the president will make mistakes - sometimes costly ones - in the execution of his duties, and it's right that the public - you and I as taxpayers - should cover those. I don't even have a problem covering his golf habit, within reason. But when something like this happens, which is clearly for personal reasons and no other, it should come out of his pocket, not mine.

  86. @Andrew Don't be so naive...this persecution of Andy McCabe was "no mistake" at all.

  87. @Andrew Trump will crush and decimate, or entirely annihilate the Democrat's 'deep state" apparatus if he gets a second term, and that will mean curtains for the so-called "Democratic Party." They've controlled our lives and our minds long enough. Too long.

  88. @Andrew And legal fees. IMO the intention of DOJ from the outset has been to use the weight of the Federal Government to bankrupt defendants because of the legal fees. When McCabe was forced out before he could collect his pension, he not only lost his pension, but has been forced to cover his legal fees himself. My guess would be—if he hasn’t gotten this pro-bono—that he is well into six figures, and possibly much more.

  89. A wise decision, that along with Barr’s outburst yesterday, suggests that he is facing considerable unrest at Justice from the troops. This explanation seems the most likely to me for both actions, as I doubt Barr has developed a conscience this late in the game. It has obviously become considerably more difficult for him to do his daily work amidst the chaos caused by the President and he probably has come closer than he would like to losing control of his agency. A little retrenchment was in order and won’t bother the President much, who would be hard put to replace Barr with someone as corrupt and as capable. I would look for the Phony Russia-Ukraine investigation, and any investigation of the Bidens to die a similar death.

  90. @David Hurwitz Perhaps Barr is beginning to think about what kind of legacy he will leave.

  91. @Soleil Kinda late for that, don't you think?

  92. @David Hurwitz: Apt observation, thank you. I still can't get my head around the whole governing by twitter thing. FDR, often alone, drove around the country in a car with hand controls to get a 'feel' for his national constituency. Trump? ... meh.

  93. So many subplots in "The White House Show"—t's hard to follow them all! The injustice done to Andrew McCabe was almost buried, but now Attorney General Barr has resurrected it and dropped the charges. Does this mean that Barr really will act independent of Donald Trump's manipulation? Is Trump in on the fix? Will they give McCabe his pension or just hope the audience forgets about it? The tweets are like ads for upcoming episodes, so expect them to keep on coming..

  94. The timing of this cannot be a coincidence. Trump and Barr need to be able to make a case that the DOJ is independent, so they’re letting Andrew McCabe go. Let’s see what they do with Comey.

  95. Hopefully Democrats and Independents who will rally around whomever gets the Dem nomination and vote him out. Of course, the possibility remains that he will not leave office, or call off the election, but voting and uniting is the first step.

  96. When, and who is going to stop Trump...

  97. Barr backed off from utter destruction of DOJ norms, will be more subtle from here on out.

  98. I bet a hundred bucks that one of the next announcements is that James B. Comey will be tried for crimes made up by Trump. Not because he is guilty but so trump can get revenge. This plays into Barr's recent seeming push back against Trumps interference with Justice Department cases. Trump Tweets-Barr pushes back-Trump Tweets-Barr announce Trump Target MaCabe off the hook-Trump will Tweet-Comey is falsely arrested. watch that path. I bet it happens.

  99. Barr has had McCabe's case for a long time and left him hanging for political reasons. If there was any crime, Barr would have charged McCabe long ago. Barr's minions have certainly worked hard to search for something to charge him. I suppose this attention meant that Barr could not continue to smear McCabe as reporters might have recovered the journalistic skills that they have forgotten the last year and started to ask questions. Although given the fawning pro-Barr reporting in this newspaper the past 2 days, that probably would not have happened.

  100. And when we swear in a human with a soul as president next year, his/her first executive order should be restoring his pension, and taking Rush Limbaugh's medal away & giving it to him.

  101. The DOJ had no case at all, and they knew it. The case was one of those on Trump's "revenge list." In light of the current DOJ scandals, it was better to let this ridiculous case die a quiet death rather than exposing Barr for his further stooge behavior on behalf of Emperor Donald. They don't want this hanging around when Trump pardons Roger Stone next week. It looks like Barr is finally realizing that his reputation and place in history is very much at stake. Trump will be hopping mad because he couldn't get McCabe's head on a pike. Think about that, Senator Murkowski!

  102. @William O, Beeman he lied under oath , that's a felony. It's why all those that said Trump engaged in illegal activity in ukraine did so under oath and zero of those that said he didnt testified under oath.

  103. If Trump can hold his tongue . . . what am I thinking?

  104. Good news for McCabe, but baby steps for Barr, who is frantically trying to distance himself from the tyrannical Trump, while still collecting that snazzy 'Deep State' paycheck from the Justice Department.

  105. Twitter tirade to start in 5,4,3,2... Thank you for putting this issue to rest. The fact this career FBI employee was fired a day before his retirement speaks volumes about the current state of this (mis)Adminstration.

  106. @Ramie McCabe was 49 years old when he was fired. He did *not*lose his pension. “What he lost out on was ... the ability to take his benefits at age 50, rather than somewhere between age 57 and age 62, and he lost his eligibility to a special top-up in benefit formula. These are, admittedly, tangible financial losses, but it is grossly misleading that various news outlets are giving the general public the impression that he has lost his pension entirely.” How many private citizens get to retire with pumped benefits at age 50?

  107. @Marcus Aurelius I didn't say that he "lost" his pension. But thanks for the info.

  108. It’s about time justice has finally been done here. Yet the poor man has lost his pension and been unfairly pilloried by Trump’s minions and The Fox Hounds because Trump insisted he must be guilty of something without any evidence. His family has also been through the wringer all because of the Malignant Narcissist in the Oval, aided and abetted by Pious Pence. Utterly Shameful.

  109. @Rose He did lose his pension. He was 49 years old when fired. He lost the ability to take his pension, plus some pumped up benefits, at age 50. Instead, he has to wait until age 60 to get his pension. He’s an attorney, his wife is a physician, and he is employed by CNN as a contributor. Poor guy...unable to retire at age 50... He must be starving...

  110. @Marcus Aurelius Should read “...did NOT lose his pension.”

  111. I wonder if Barr and other officials are realizing that Trump is just a paper tiger. He will whine on Twitter and at his rallies, but at the end of the day, he's too much of a coward to actually do anything.

  112. Justice for McCabe but I don't trust Barr one iota.

  113. So if Trump tweets about this will Barr resign? Or will Barr be shown to be a man lacking integrity whose words are meaningless?

  114. @The Real New Jersey Trump already did. Trump today said he has every right to intervene in criminal cases. I'm not sure he doesnt, it's just a long held tradition to separate.

  115. The Justice Department is independent again? Yea, sure. I say keep pressure on Barr forever. He is as corrupt as Trump, but articulates and bamboozles. He talks with the careful precision of a lawyer. But if you parse his language, he is very deceptive.

  116. Lucky McCabe! Barr has to prove he wasn’t a complete tool of Trump so he let McCabe off. Of course, McCabe is an outstanding public servant who was a already royally mistreated by Trump and his henchmen. Someone should set up a go fund me page to make up for the pension he lost only weeks before he was to retire.

  117. Correction - he was fired mere hours before he was eligible for his pension in order to maximize the cruelty of his dismissal.

  118. @ScottC Hours, not weeks.

  119. If the Dems get in I hope the new President appoints McCabe as FBI Director back where he should be after the beat-up by Trump.

  120. @Realworld Brennan has discredited himself and his organization. The fact that Trump's critics choose to lionize him has little to do with his innocence.

  121. Good! Maybe there will be more truth tellers.

  122. Too late. Barr’s reputation as a Trump yesman is already done. He’ll be forever attached to Trump corruption of justice.

  123. After the his and his colleagues performance, maybe they can just disband the FBI.

  124. @Matt , why? As a criminal defense attorney who used to fight against them on individual cases, I found almost all of them extremely professional and dedicated to keeping us safe regardless of my differences with them on particular cases. Most of them are hard-working selfless public servants making far less than people in the private sector.

  125. If Barr and Durham are doing their jobs, Comey and Brennan will not be as fortunate.

  126. @Susan , why name one piece of incriminating evidence about them? Why are you making false allegations without proof? All Trump supporters do is making up contrived accusations against people.

  127. A superlative under handed concession to Mr. Barr's contriteness to trump's accolades for his (Barr) "doing a job well done". Inform us, please Mr. Barr, when you start doing your job. Period.

  128. I have to wonder whether Trump et. al. was worried about what would come out during a trial.

  129. And I guess it also means Roger Stone will not go to prison. Because if an "evil critic of Trump" is not thrown into the dungeon he belongs, how could one of Trump's dearest accomplices be incarcerated?

  130. Stone was found guilty by his own peers. The case was strong. Off to jail. No Trump pardon for Stone. Trump wants a lower jail term. Why? Because if he pardoned Stone he could then be called to testify. No pleading the fifth. If he lies on the stand he goes back to jail. Thus Trump is scared he will tell all. Maybe if he gets 8 years he will make a deal. Tell all and parole early. Trump is worried.

  131. @Alberto Good point! I hadn’t thought about it in those terms, but I bet you’re right. It’s not an even trade, though, because McCabe’s “transgressions” are virtually harmless than those of Roger Stone’s. ,

  132. @Len . . . Stone could then be called to testify! Oooh, very good to know.

  133. Tump is not fit for president of the USA. Tump has misused his powers as president and will continue to do so to get reelected because once he is out of office he will have to spend the rest of his life in court proceedings. Although Bill Maher may be right when he says Tump will not leave office. He will invent a crisis and declare some sort of an emergency or something of that sort. It is either that scenario or spend or his time and money fighting law suits. The FBI should pay back the money they owe Mr McCabe.

  134. I think we all knew this was coming. I look at it this way It's doesn't mater if McCabe was after Trump, he could go after any private citizen just like you. The underlying issue is they're Rouge Lawyers at the DOJ doing their Best to get promoted. If they go after you and your family with manufactured evidence who cares about you anyway and they can do this to anyone of US. Your just another stepping stone on their way to Government Glory and big Retirement. This beyond a show of a doubt speaks volumes THEY always take care of THEIR Own, don't THEY...!!!

  135. This won't stop trump from attacking him.

  136. The dropped the case simply because they had no case. Period.

  137. "...With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds... (from a Republican president's inaugural speech, for his 2nd term)

  138. @W in the Middle... Quite possibly among the greatest speeches ever written by an American politician.

  139. You’re a comedian, right.

  140. So, when a citizen lies, they get the slammer. When a government hack lies, he skates. Talk about a double standard! If you work for the government, you are royalty...above the law. and the peons.

  141. @Richard K Read the article. He had permission to talk to the press and thus no motivation to intentionally lie. Yeesh!

  142. @Richard K , plenty of government officials who lie go to jail every week. You have no idea what you are saying. And remember Trump lies several times a day. If any government official should be in the slammer, it is him.

  143. @Richard K I agree. 16,000 days in the slammer for Trump. One day for every lie. Sounds fair.

  144. It’s possible that these Barr-appointed “investigators of the investigators”, in their pursuit of McCabe, Comey, and the Russia investigation writ large, started stumbling upon “inconvenient truths” about pre-candidate Trump. Let’s not forget that trump has had dealings with some pretty unsavory characters over the years. For all we know the FBI already had a fat file on him and numerous alarms went off when he came down the escalator and announced his candidacy.

  145. I hope McCabe can now get his full pension. He and his family have been brutalized by trump for way too long.

  146. @Avidreader I believe that he only needs a day or two to qualify. Barr could do this to wrap it up.

  147. Don' be fooled by Barr. He's not standing up to Trump. But he sure would like us to believe that. Pure political theater.

  148. @the oracle Right out of the carnival barkers handbook. Step right up ladies and gentlemen! Watch AG Barr speak! " Stop tweeting so much your majesty. "( was that right Mr.President Sir?)

  149. @the oracle Think of all of these people as family members. How would you judge them? AG Barr? I see him as the long suffering, henpecked husband of your rich aunt. She has the money so she calls the shots. He goes along because he likes the money and doesn't want to be poor. Trump? He's that rich old aunt that threatens disinherit you if you don't live life her way. Bloomberg? He's the uncle you go to for advice because you trust him and he listens and doesn't steer you or anyone else wrong. Sanders? The crazy, old uncle who you hope doesn't show up for Thanksgiving or if he does, doesn't sit near you. Bloomberg 2020.

  150. I hope this will be the first step in Mr. McCabe receiving the retirement benefits he deserves. This entire episode was unnecessary and vindictive on Trump's part. While what has been done to Mr. McCabe can't be taken back, there is a remedy for his mistreatment, and that's to reverse his firing and see that he is allowed to retire with his full benefits. As for Mr. Trump, only our votes can remedy that situation, and only if there is no cheating.

  151. @LJ Well it'd be unrealistic not to expect cheating. We all expect it. Let's not be naive. It's how Trump lives his life. Let's focus on doing what is necessary, whatever that may be, to beat Trump. Fight fire with fire as my old mum used to say.

  152. @LJ I think this decision was made when Trump's Air Force One parked next to AG Barr's Volkswagen Bug last night. Could happen?

  153. @LJ It's precisely because only out votes can remedy the (Trump) situation that there will be cheating.

  154. Is it too much to hope that any further investigation of the Bidens will be called off as well?

  155. @Jay Orchard Nope. If there is a nugget of glee for Trump he'll go for it.

  156. @Jay Orchard There is currently no investigation of the Bidens. To start one you need evidence of some crime.

  157. @Jay Orchard Dream On!

  158. Actually the decision to not charge McCabe was made by the same office that recommended 7-9 years in prison for Stone. It all depends which side you are on when you break the law. The law does not apply to the resistance, They are the law.

  159. You mean the office that changed its recommendation on a Stone after Trump complained?

  160. Really? Stone goaded investigators and lied and defied a Judges order and threatened a witness. He was convicted of all this by a jury. Where was McCabe’s crime exactly?

  161. @Daphne Stone was quite guilty and in fact has committed many uncharged offenses over the years. McCabe did nothing wrong at all.

  162. Excellent!!

  163. Too little too late. This administration is a disgrace. Nothing the DoJ can do now can change that.

  164. ...but of course, Justice is blind, right? Unless you are one of the “peasants”, in which case you might as well cop a plea, and prepare to go to prison. To think only 2 administrations ago, liberals believed in civil liberties and eschewed corrupt Intel and Law Enforcement

  165. Wm Barr is a fool if he thinks he can escape Trump's wrath…….. He and Trump may be playing games right now with us the public……. But Trump's the scorpion and Barr's the frog - Just like in the old Scorpion and the Frog fable……. Trusting Donald Trump in anything is to play a fool's game…...

  166. @RB A great metaphor, but Barr's a toadie, not a frog. Nevertheless, he'll be stung.

  167. Double standard justice. Plain ans simple. Then everyone in Washington wonders why the people of the US don't trust those in government!

  168. Barr is trying to shut the barn door after all the horses have left. It is too late to repair the damage.

  169. Lying?! Is that the White House or the Glass House?

  170. Duh! He performed his constitutional duty.

  171. We live in a weird “fascist dictatorship” where only the “Dictator’s” family, friends and associates get hounded and persecuted and jailed, but none of his opponents.

  172. @JQGALT We live in a country governed by laws where people who commit crimes get prosecuted. Whose fault is it that the president's family, friends and associates commit crimes, and the people who investigated them did not commit crimes? The president should feel grateful that Ivanka wasn't prosecuted for her e-mail "crimes". We know that Trump says not using government servers for e-mails is a very bad crime unless a Republican does it.

  173. @JQGALT no, you live in a dictorship that still has some basis in facts and law. Trumps attacks on McCabe were not based on facts. Trumps 'friends and associates' have been tried and convicted on facts and evidence.

  174. @JQGALT His opponents get death threats so I guess it's even.

  175. Yesterday I thought we saw a false flag operation, but the other shoe may have dropped today. Let's see how POTUS reacts and if the AG really has had it up to.. so there! Reminds me of the goose that laid golden eggs, and how we dealt with them in the old days, like spies...

  176. A good day for America.

  177. All the wasted time in our already over burdened judicial system just to appease trumps political witch hunts. Sad.

  178. If you lie to the FBI, you will go to jail. If you lie to the FBI and are in the senior ranks of the FBI, you skate. It is now crystal clear to us that are not in the FBI.

  179. @J House What do you consider the proper punishment for a so-called president who lies repeatedly about everything?

  180. @J House If you have committed no crime, and are being questioned by the FBI and the FBI misinterprets something you said incorrectly, and upon learning that you tell the FBI that they misinterpreted something incorrectly and make the truth known, that isn't a "lie". I am shocked that an American would demand that a person who committed no crime be thrown in jail if the FBI misinterprets something they say or if they misunderstand what the question is. People who lie CONTINUE to lie when something incorrect they say is pointed out to them. Like Trump. People who inadvertently said something that wasn't true because they misunderstood the question simply correct what they said. Like McCabe. Remember, McCabe did nothing wrong so the notion that his real crime was that he "lied to the FBI" about doing nothing wrong is absurd. Ironically, what McCabe legally did was to leak a story that HELPED Donald Trump win! Clearly McCabe didn't lie to the pro-Trump FBI agents about doing something that Trump was happy about. Trump wants to smear McCabe because Trump is desperate to say that Russia is totally innocent and the FBI should never investigate Russian interference. I know that people who want Putin to run the USA want to protect Putin, but patriotic Americans are glad the FBI investigated Russia.

  181. specious

  182. How long before Barr and/or Trump overturn this decision made by sinister "deep state" bureaucrats whose disgusting dedication to the rule of law knows no bounds?

  183. Angry tweets from the very stable genius will soon commence. Now, please reinstate Deputy Director McCabe's pension.

  184. Slap lawsuits at its finest. McCabe did his job to probe criminal activities and his reward? 2 years of finances lost defending himself against a bully POTUS. We need laws protecting this kind of suits, the person suing should provide the cost of lawyer chosen by defender. Make it happen people!!!

  185. McCabe not being charged is also vindication of the FBI's investigation in 2016 into whether his campaign conspired with Russia’s election interference operation.

  186. McCabe wrote, "Trump's fearMr. Mueller’s investigation raised “questions about the legitimacy of his presence in the White House — questions that prompt fear” in Mr. Trump." Any fear of Trump is about his money. Speaking of money, since the charges are dropped, will McCabe's retirement be restored?

  187. Sometimes the U.S. Justice system works out for the best. Happy for Mr McCabe, he can now move on in his life, but will he get the pension that our despicable president has denied him? And should the president be forced to pay McCabe’s legal fees? So glad I purchased Mr McCabe’s book, looking forward to the next book he writes. I’m convinced he is an honorable man.

  188. This is Kabuki. There never was enough evidence to charge Mr. McCabe. If Barr (who should be disbarred)interfered in Stone’s sentence and prosecuted McCabe on zero evidence it would have been clear to many more people that America no longer has a Department of Justice. We have a Department of Injustice.

  189. McCabe gambled to protect his reputation, played the crusader to take on the POTUS publicly while in the FBI, and lost his job. He should be happy he keeps his freedom.

  190. @MDP The only way this could be better would be if the President lost his freedom for abusing his authority.

  191. @MDP Details, please.

  192. @MDP A grand jury refused to hand down an indictment against McCabe, meaning the prosecutor was unable to make his case. Refusing to indict is incredibly rare. It’s been said a good prosecutor could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. So are you saying the grand jury system is flawed and should be ignored? A jury found Roger Stone guilty. But apparently it was biased and no one understood the charges, according to our President. Are we to ignore that judgment too?

  193. Justice done! Hopefully, the nation is fed up with Trump’s dishonest attempts to settle scores through prosecution of his perceived political enemies by the Justice Department. Andrew McCabe deserves his pension and hopefully he will get it.

  194. I am really sorry that Mr. McCabe and his family had to suffer through this for two years, not to mention what legal bills he faces. But given this outcome, shouldn't he be reinstated, at least long enough to qualify for his pension?

  195. @Ellen Freilich Yes, it's terrible that someone who perjured himself would be treated so shabbily, right?

  196. @Ellen Freilich No.

  197. @AACNY Mr. McCabe is in the clear. He had no intent or motive to lie. The president, on the other hand, is safe. He constantly lies, but is careful never to show up when his testimony would have to be under oath. He operates - not above the law exactly - but outside of it.

  198. We have Barr's interview and this ONE ruling. Barr's overall record remains abysmal. Call me skeptical.

  199. It's not unfounded skepticism. It is logic. Bar and the DOJ as well as Donald Trump have no say is the sentencing. It is wholly up to the judge, whom Stone threateningly depicted behind cross hairs. Bar coming out and pushing for lower sentencing is wholly out of place and only serves to benefit Donald Trump.

  200. Barr is feeling the heat from his attorneys . It is time for the American Bar Association to organize a Lawyers March on Washington to protest the corruption of Atty. Gen. William Barr.

  201. I CHOOSE to conclude, by this action, that the DOJ cannot find appropriate grounds for con tinting Trump's attack against McCabe. I CHOOSE to believe that McCabe is innocent and that this entire thing was political on behalf of Impeached Donald John Trump - our national disgrace. We will probably never know the inner working of this case, as is so with anything in the Trump administration. Barr is totally partisan and a Trump TOADIE, but he's not stupid like his boss. Backing off on illegitimate cases such as this at strategic times, while continuing to undermine the rule of law in the shadows, is an effective technique for the Republican destruction of this nation. It may be quite some time, if ever, before we can rely upon our DOJ again as an independent agent of justice. Trump has corrupted this nation so horribly, with endless lies and perversions, that people have little reason to believe anything out of D.C. This fits perfectly in Putin's agenda. Please don't forget that little fact and that Trump has all but endorsed Vladimir as his mentor and co-conspirator -- and he will do so in this election, for sure.

  202. “ Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions dismissed Mr. McCabe hours before he was eligible for those benefits, a move many saw as vindictive.” “Many”? Are you kidding?

  203. @Doug Lowenthal Multitudes? Everyone? Every sane and patriotic American?

  204. Yes, “many”. What word would you choose?

  205. @Doug Lowenthal yeah, more like "majority."

  206. It is amazing that we are so happy about what was clear from the start: There was no there there. That it took the AG office this long to figure it out is disgraceful. This is a freebie for our Vicar General Barr. Unless he walked that dog of a case into court himself, he very likely could not have found anyone who would, particularly if the rest of his staff has the backbone and ethical standards evidenced by the Stone Four. So he prepares the ground by his "impossible" comment, then does what had to be done to show he meant it. Poppycock. He will either return to the Trump line or he will be tweet-fired.

  207. McCabe was chump change to Trump. The one Trump really wants is Comey who he blames for the Mueller investigation. Let's see how independent Bill Barr is then.

  208. Give this man the pension he earned.

  209. McCabe is not guilty. We all knew that. How much money was wasted on this Witch Hunt? Hopefully he now gets his well deserved pension retroactively.

  210. No charges were brought thank God. But let's not forget that the President successfully ordered a sham investigation into his political enemies including McCabe and Comey. We have become a banana republic.

  211. This vindication should have occurred two years ago. It happened today so that Barr can pretend to be independent of Trump. What a farce. Now that it is public knowledge that McCabe did nothing wrong, he should be reinstated so that he can qualify for the pension he earned through his many years of faithful service to the American people.

  212. I demand an investigation into this investigation. In fact I don't even think we can trust our government to run this investigation, I think we need an outsider, perhaps Rudy Giuliani to run it.

  213. And now he should get his pension back, have his legal costs paid, and receive compensation for the emotional stress he and his family must certainly have suffered from what was obviously from the start a vindictive and politically motivated action by the criminal in the White House.

  214. This article didn't say whether Mr. McCabe plans to sue the federal government for his pension and/or damages.

  215. @Bob He should be happy they cut him a break. He lied. They gave him an out for "lack of intent". That's better than most Americans get.

  216. @Bob He already has. I think it was last fall.

  217. @Bob I thought he sued in August, 2019.

  218. There should be no such crime as "Lying to the FBI" or any other Investigators. The very worst people in our country, are those who think that Police State activity is OK for the political party on the other side of the aisle, but not for their party. In recent times, we have seen both Democrats and Republican parties engaging in this behavior, with the media cheering them on. Police State activity is never a good thing - no exceptions!

  219. Why does it take a necessity to reduce political heat to cancel this "witch hunt"? Justice in the Trump era I guess.

  220. Perhaps AG Barr is intelligent enough to understand that there is a distinct possibility that Donald Trump will eventually go down in flames (and shame ) once everything about him is revealed. And in the interest of his self preservation ,this is a very good time for the Attorney General to create some boundaries publicly. He is already neckdeep in the stench and toxicity of Donald Trump, and Barr has effectively become the Roy Cohn that Trump has been looking for now for over three years. I wonder what it feels like to have sold one’s soul in exchange for power for a brief period of time?

  221. “The lack of charges is likely to anger Mr. Trump“ So in other words, DOUBLE the good news!

  222. @Jeremy T Sorry I can only recommend your post once! Thanks for the chuckle.

  223. Given the President asserts he has the legal right to interfere in criminal investigations, what would prevent Trump from directing that the case be re-opened or that an indictment be issued? Or maybe Trump will fall out of love with Bill Barr and start to denigrate him like Trump did with Jeff Sessions, eventually moving on to an even more pliant sycophant as Attorney General. The Constitution is only as good as the willingness of those in power to adhere to mutually agreed upon norms. Remember when Republicans were apoplectic that Obama was operating an Imperial Presidency because of his issuance of executive orders? (As well as bleating that Obama was demeaning the Presidency by wearing a tan suit, putting his feet on a coffee table in Oval Office, and playing too much golf?) Now Republicans are enabling the transformation of the Presidency into an office accountable to no one. Four more years of Trump, and the norms that undergird the Constitution may be shredded beyond repair.

  224. @IMS Yeah. Trump could replace Barr with Ken Starr who did a one-eighty in his opinion on impeachment after his year of trying to get Clinton on anything he could come up with, or Pam Bondi who dropped investigation of fraud by Trump University after Trump's foundation made a major donation to her re-election campaign!

  225. While Mr. McCabe loses his pension and is hounded for two years for what he called a moment of confusion under stress, the man in the White House claims complete exoneration after repeated lawless overtures to foreign powers for help with his election and re-election. History will not be kind to us for electing this man.

  226. @Partha Neogy Any way he can have his pension restored?

  227. @Partha Neogy "a moment of confusion under stress" ****** Nice way of saying "lied". Hardly an exoneration. More likely "not worth prosecuting."

  228. The Beatles said it best "Let it be, Let it be...Speaking words of wisdom, let it be." Congratulations Andy. Thank you for your noble service.

  229. Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is not okay. Conservatives are going to point to this as evidence that Barr isn’t in Trump’s pocket. But it’s not. It’s evidence that Barr is a tactician who recognized that in order to avoid the appearance of being a partisan loyalist, he would have to give something up in order to win a greater victory later. Say... challenging the State of NY’s inquiries regarding Michael Cohen’s coverup payments to Stephanie Clifford. Remember that? The only reason Trump wasn’t indicted by the SDNY on the same felony counts as Michael Cohen is because of the OLC memo that says federal justice department officials can’t indict the president. But the State of NY’s state attorneys are now investigating. Which will set up an eventual fight between the executive branch, and the State of NY, over the limits of executive power. This is when Barr’s loyalty will pay its dividends. This is also when Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will be able to get their “revenge.” Dark times lie ahead.

  230. @Austin Ouellette If you’re talking about the OLC defense for releasing Trump’s tax returns, Judge Victor Marrero of Federal District Court in Manhattan ruled against the OLC in Trump v. Cyrus Vance: “ the DOJ Memos lose persuasive force because their analysis and conclusions derive not from a real case presenting real facts but instead from an unqualified abstract doctrine conclusorily asserting generalized principle.”

  231. The media has to stop talking about "partisan" bias. There are now two sides in the country. One side believes in the rule of law, in evidence and facts, in NOT being biased. That first side believes that it is corrupt to use the justice department and courts to prosecute your critics and asking for lenient sentences for friends. That side has Democrats, Independents, and even some lifetime Republicans (although the Republican party seems to have expelled them from their party). The other side believes in Trump uber alles. Whatever is good for Trump is legal and proper. That means prosecuting Trump's critics and political rivals is fine. That means the law is what Trump says it is. That means when an Attorney General gets caught, he gives a self-serving interview proclaiming that his improper actions to protect Trump's convict pal are about showing how "independent" he is. There are people who believe in the Constitution and people who now say that if a Republican is President, he can do anything he wants to anyone he wants. By only referring to these two groups simply as "partisans", this newspaper is writing misleading and inaccurate news articles that are much closer to propaganda than journalism. Stop it.

  232. Thank you for your service to our country Mr. McCabe. You and Sally Yates are among the best.

  233. If only the Assistant US Attorneys were as lenient as these investigators. Perjury is still a really big deal to them, as we've seen in the charges against Trump associates. We rarely hear about a "lack of intent" except in the case of high profile government figures. If only all Americans were treated this kindly.