Border Patrol Will Deploy Elite Tactical Agents to Sanctuary Cities

Agents from a special tactical team that normally confronts smugglers on the border are being sent to sanctuary cities across the country.

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  1. I guess local/state rights are no longer in vogue with Republicans. Cue the lame Republican protest that never has follow through.

  2. @Guy Securing the border was always under the purview of the federal govt.

  3. Doesn't the Posse Comitatus Act prohibit this kind of military force against people in American cities?

  4. Unfortunately, the Posse Comitatus only prohibits federal soldiers from acting as police. It does not apply to law enforcement units like Border Patrol or National Guard units under State control. I agree law enforcement units are too militarized and restrictions and oversight are needed.

  5. @JMT Um, nope. CBP and ICE are not "federal military personnel", the type restricted by the Act. So, the Act only applies to active duty U.S. military.

  6. Trump and the GOP defacated all over the constitution, you think some silly act will stop them now?

  7. One more example of Trump wasting government resources and increasing risks to civilians in order to signal to his retrograde base that he is punishing urbanites and liberals.

  8. Not surprising consequence of “sanctuary” policies. If ICE agents apprehend someone and have no local backup or support, they have to be fully self sufficient and prepared for any eventuality.

  9. Yes, those poor immigrant children are armed to the teeth!

  10. Whenever somebody wants to bellyache about Sanders or Warren or Buttigieg or Bloomberg, please bring up this picture of the BORTAC person in their vehicle. Is the militarization of our communities a smaller problem than Sanders or bigger problem? Focus. Your democracy depends on it, and yes your 401(k) does too!

  11. It is offensive to talk about "rounding up" of undocumented immigrants as the notification alert for this article did. Undocumented immigrants are not cattle to be rounded up, they are people who chased down and harassed. Perhaps more appropriate terminology could have been to say that ICE officials are going to sanctuary cities to "question," or "arrest," "detain" undocumented immigrants. Or even, to "interrogate" or "capture." Language is important in conveying respect.

  12. Doesn't the article state they are focusing on criminals?

  13. The truth sometimes hurts - it is nothing but a roundup as offensive that sounds to some.

  14. @Francesca In case you hadn’t noticed, Trumps stock in trade is being offensive to the delight of his core followers. What on earth makes you think he wants to convey respect???? He knows what’s he’s conveying> and he’s doing it well: fear and threat. On purpose with great satisfaction.

  15. Sanctuary cities don’t work in the Trump era - look at the potential collateral damage now that Trump is over-arming ICE. Lack of cooperation by sanctuary cities is going to mean bystanders are harmed. My sincere wish is that a Democrat would campaign on a moderate immigration message - either extreme enforcement or failure to enforce immigration laws is terrible for all U.S. citizens.

  16. @Louise First comment I've seen that makes sense. Good on you!

  17. The Border Patrol considers itself equivalent to U.S. Armed Forces like the Marines.

  18. @Joe Really? Where is that written, exactly? CBP is a federal law enforcement arm, no different than the FBI, DEA, ATF, et al. Sure, all those agencies are over-militarized with weaponry and tactics, but they are still civilian law enforcement.

  19. If the purpose of these agents is only to “stand by as a show of force,” then why does ICE need a highly-trained SWAT force with advanced sniper training to serve in that capacity?

  20. ....and why are they being redeployed away from the border to provide this pointless how of force? They are armed and trained this way in order to handle heavily-armed drug gangs on the border. So how again does this keep us safe? Do we believe the issue of drug cartels bringing contraband into the country has been solved by a few added miles of enhanced “wall” (really fence)? ...or perhaps is it linked to the fact that it is time to fill out the Census and to vote in primary elections - and having a heavily armed force cruising around to sow fear uncertainty and doubt among legitimate immigrants is a real goal here?

  21. Seriously, this is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Trump is huge on crimes you can feasibly commit if you're desperate or poor. But he's not so into pursuing crimes you can commit when you're very rich. I think every time you imagine someone snatching an Amazon package off your porch, just imagine, Trump is doing that to you everyday. It's just before your take home pay.

  22. In other words, "Please be aware that I can send the military into your non-compliant states. See? I'm doing it right now. So easy."

  23. This looks like the federal government is taking militaristic action against municipal governments. This seems problematic to say the least.

  24. @Suzanna ironic isn’t it, from a party that decries big government.

  25. @Suzanna Problematic is an understatement.

  26. Considering the recent run on the DMV offices for another handout from the politicians to illegal immigrants you would think all they would have to do is go sit outside the DMV for a few minutes. It would hopefully at least shorten the lines for legal tax paying residents who are now in need of a license they can't acquire due to this same insanity. So now aside from rewarding criminal behavior we are funding it and rewarding it.

  27. @David The only criminal behavior being funded and rewarded is supporting trump.

  28. @David Are you saying that you want people rounded up by ICE so you can have a shorter wait time at the DMV?

  29. It looks like Mexico is paying for Trump's wall as he promised. Of course, it is not direct cash payment, but it is an indirect payment. Mexico is spending its money to patrol its borders using thousands of its armies that reduced illegal immigration by more than hundred thousand which will save billions of dollars to us, more than enough to build a wall.

  30. @Alex K None of this makes sense.

  31. Uh, I don’t think that’s what Trump was thinking when he said Mexico would build the wall

  32. It’s pretty obvious that this administration is more concerned about sanctuary cities than it is about drugs if it is pulling these agents away from the border. A very nasty politicization of law enforcement objectives.

  33. There is a chain of activities needed to support illegal drug smuggling, break the chain anywhere you can.

  34. "... have refused to cooperate in handing over immigrants targeted for deportation to federal authorities." The cities are not refusing to cooperate. They are refusing to do anything without warrants in place from the Feds. They are refusing to spend their resources doing the Fed's job. They are refusing to hold people in jail or turn them over to the feds without warrants. That is as it should be for everyone -- undocumented or not. I'm all for the feds enforcing their laws, let them do, let them pay for it, and let them file proper arrest warrants. It is not the place of the city/county/state place to enforce federal law. We have a constitution.

  35. So it’s every Goverment agency for themselves? What does that say? If there was cooperation life would be much better for all.

  36. Let them pay for it? Who is them?

  37. @John Actually, the opposite is true. I guess you haven’t been listening to what sanctuary cities are saying. If you are undocumented and a crime is committed against you, then you are less likely to cooperate with the police if you are afraid of being deported. Thus, there is a higher crime rate when people do not cooperate. Secondly, numerous groups, including the FBI, have shown that immigrants, undocumented or not, have a lower crime rate than natural-born US citizens. Of course, right wingers never talk about that.

  38. This calls for organized resistance that follows and records ICE agents during their entire shifts, communicates their present location continually via social media, and physically blocks them from making arrests.

  39. @Celeste Good ideas. Also time for slow-walking local cooperation like accurate information, gas for vehicles, places to sleep and eat, etc.

  40. @Celeste watch what you start ...that can work both ways. ..and if you've been paying attention ..Every weapon formed against this President has failed and been turned back on his opposition .

  41. I object to the framing: "...sanctuary cities, localities that have refused to cooperate in handing over immigrants targeted for deportation to federal authorities." The accurate way to describe it is that police departments in these cities refuse to divert staff and money away from local endeavors in order to do ICE's work for them. ICE wants local police chiefs to detain people without sharing the costs. And when local police engage in immigration enforcement, it directly hampers local crime investigations. If an undocumented women was beaten by her husband, she would never report it to a police department that was cooperating with ICE. There are good reasons why police chiefs hate ICE and are refusing to cooperate. We should be listening to them.

  42. Yes, as a former LEO I agree. Police officers have difficult job already dealing with day to day crime and serving our community. We are not responsible for turning in illegal immigrants who are not committing a crime. It makes our jobs more dangerous and also deters illegal immigrants from reporting a crime or cooperating with investigations.

  43. @Mel Thanks, well said. And when you disrespect and threaten people continually perhaps they feel they have nothing to lose. Respect for the law suffers, they can't function or earn a living and perhaps some do turn to crime. I am not making excuses, but as the expression goes; 'walk a mile in another man's shoes ...' It's called self fulfilling prophecy.

  44. @Cousy I witnessed two NYPD officers harassing a woman and her little boy on a Manhattan-bound 7 train yesterday afternoon. The cops had been following them from car to car asking the frightened and embarrassed pair where they were going. She kept repeating “home,” and they kept harassing her for ID. They were not being arrested.

  45. Let me get this straight: Tactical units of the Border Patrol are being re-deployed to our cities, because the president is mad at those cities. And so our borders will be easier for drug smugglers, human traffickers and even terrorists to penetrate. This lunacy will not end until the current occupant and his henchmen, sycophants and co-conspirators are swept from the halls of government.

  46. This latest move by Trump is setting a dangerous precedent. Sure, the border agents don't have powers yet, but that is only a matter of time. When they are there, Trump will give the word and the door busting and head breaking will begin. Then more will be called in because "backup" is needed. Trump is setting himself up a force that authoritarians like Saddam Hussein used to detain dissenters. It starts with illegals, and then moves across. All he has to do is fill ICE with his thugs, and they won't care who they go after. He will have his own SA. I can guarantee Mara-la-go will be off limits, as will all of Trump's properties. As for the February to May deployment, Trump will find a reason to keep them there - some "national emergency" will be fabricated. Trump is unstoppable, and he knows it. America, you are in a very dangerous time, your freedoms are being eroded, you are becoming a dictatorship, your allies have largely abandoned you and Trump is sidling up to NK, Turkey and Russia and there is nothing you can do about it. The election is you only chance, and if that fails - which Trump is counting on, you will have four more years of this, by which time Trump will have set himself up for life, with his family as heirs. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were right.

  47. This act is another manifestation of Trump’s totalitarian tendencies.

  48. Well said. Trump is a disgrace. No problem permitting Melania’s aging parents enter the country.

  49. Sanctuary cities are on the right side of the law. It is deeply unjust to deport people who have been accepted here and done nothing wrong for years, or who have lived here since they were children. Our Constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment. Equitable estoppel forbids deportation under these circumstances. I see this as a battle between the good people in sanctuary cities and bad people in the Trump administration who have no concept of true justice. Trump is just pumping out hatred instead of reforming immigration law. This never would have happened under previous Republican administrations; today’s Republicans seem to lack conscience and thrive on cruelty.

  50. @Sherry negative ... The President is doing the right thing ...permitting the flood of illegals to remain unchecked will hurt Americans . He is without question the greatest President our country has ever seen.

  51. @Brent Kovac Brent, Brent, Brent. Go and look at the actual numbers before you call it a flood, maybe here, I worry about you. You can't dehumanize whole groups of people in your mind without dehumanizing yourself in the process. You might want to consider another noun beside "illegals" that retains the humanity of people who are likely only doing what you would do under similar circumstances.

  52. @Jack Why is it that people can't understand that we have immigration laws and have a right to enforce them. What of all the people who are waiting in line following the law? No more sanctuary cities, they are causing the chaos.

  53. An unhinged President, SWAT teams in cities, scary tactics to jolt the citizenry; what could possibly go wrong?!

  54. 1939 anyone?

  55. Absolutely sickening. I'm sorry, but if you support this, you're cruel. You lack empathy. You can't put yourself in the shoes of others. Of course a nation needs laws and borders serve a purpose, but is this who we are as a nation and people? Do we enjoy hurting the most vulnerable people? If you are here and your only crime is being here, you don't deserve to be ripped away from your family by a bunch of hyper-militarized goons. What does it say about a nation that does that or even worse, turns a blind eye to it? Illegal immigrants by and large have sacrificed more and worked harder than the vast majority of us. They work low-wage jobs in the hopes that their children or even grandchildren can have a slightly better life than them. They come here with nothing and all they ask is for a chance. We need comprehensive immigration reform. And we need to resist these authoritarian, appalling policies if we want to look ourselves in the mirror and consider ourselves a moral people.

  56. @BReed I support our great President and his policy on immigration .

  57. @Brent Kovac why? So far, he’s made immigration worse not better. Under Obama, migrant crossings declined. Under Trump they increased. The biggest threat to US citizens is other US citizens. Waste of time and $. These invasions will not help Anyone,

  58. @Geneva9 FALSE. Under Trump illegal immigration is down... Obama deported more illegals in his first term than Trump. Do your research please, the statistics are easily found and you are spreading misinformation.

  59. Elite? What is their definition of Elite? Thugs who think it's beneath them to identify themselves when "apprehending" suspects? Shoot first and explain later, since that's what SWAT does? Good luck, New York...

  60. Yes, best get us prepared for the tanks that'll be in place after a "phony" trump defeat in November.

  61. This land is your land, this land is my land -some are grumblin and some are wonderin. Unfortunately, not enough grumblin and wonderin going on any longer in this once great nation. There is only one solution and we all know that it is at the polls. Vote to Make America Great Again, the real America, not only the White, Christian and Straight America.

  62. Military units on the streets of (liberal) American Cities. So it begins...

  63. ‘Elite’ is a relative term

  64. Elite units? Sounds like brown shirts and jack boots operating without warrants and driving fear into immigrant communities so they don’t fill out the census.

  65. Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, N.J. Welcome to the resistance.

  66. Remember, liberals, this is an election year. Anything you say and do can and will be used against your candidate on Election Day.

  67. This is yet another bad act that seeks to stoke fear and division from Individual-1's corrupt and foolish administration. It is a gross misuse of vital resources, but, worse, it amplifies the power of the executive branch at the expense of local political control. This concentration of power is dangerous to democracy. At this point, ICE ought to be abolished and CPB be razed to the foundations and rebuilt as something that pursues justice rather than enforces a racist, punitive, short-sighted political agenda. This administration cages children, breaks up families, can't be bothered to keep track of children separated from their families, seeks to punish those trying to prevent migrant deaths at the southern border, and sends desperate asylum-seekers back to nations where they are killed, raped, or assaulted by gangs or by their own governments. This administration has no shame, no compassion, and no vision. November 3, 2020 can't come soon enough.

  68. @Todd Yes.

  69. Not my America. God help America if President Trump gets re-elected.

  70. @Binnedgtdc God placed Trump where he is , i didn't vote for him in 2016 ..but im going to , he has far exceeded my expectations.

  71. @Brent Kovac "As you do to the least of these, you do unto me."

  72. Tasing has not turned out to be a kindler, gentler way to make arrests. Once is too much usually and repeatedly is an assault. This is simply horrible.

  73. Is there no limit to this man's hatred?

  74. What a brilliant use of our resources. Terrorize communities in hopes of ripping apart more families. Happy valentine's day, everyone.

  75. @Barb worth every penny .

  76. @Brent Kovac Until its your family that is torn apart, or one of your children gets put down by a sniper's bullet...

  77. Are we being occupied? Is this an occupation of liberal cities by military force loyal primarily to the president? Is this a deployment against local political and law-enforcement authorities? Is this Brown shirt time?

  78. @curious My exact thoughts and what I posted on my FB page.

  79. We are being occupied. We are being invaded by uneducated, unskilled, illegal aliens from poor countries that don’t care about their own people. We are being invaded by illegal aliens who are draining our social services paid by us tax payers. AMERICANS better wake up

  80. @curious Believe your eyes, people!

  81. The Republicans are the party that advocates for State’s Rights-or did I misunderstand their mission?

  82. @JANET MICHAEL State's rights yes but not on issues that are clearly the purview of the federal government. I would not support the right of a state to create their own currency, implement their own policy for national defense, or regulate interstate commerce either. And of course a State should not have the right to violate Constitutional rights. Nearly everything else should be under State control. So, yes, you do misunderstand somewhat the appropriate division of powers between federal and state governments.

  83. Despicable and yet another act of frustration (think Iran) carried out with the threat of violence (or, in the case of Iran, assassination.) This will not work out the way it looks around the conference table and on the video link.

  84. What could possibly go wrong with unleashing heavily armed SWAT teams into minority communities? It is not a matter of "if" but only "when" a mistake will occur, and innocent people will be injured or killed. This is not only an effort to intimidate minority communities but also the community at large. Get on board with doing the fed's job for them or have your city occupied by quasi-military forces. It is not a large leap to the next step - occupation of "disloyal" cities by goon squads pledging fealty to Trump. George H.W. Bush's comment about "jack-booted thugs" comes to mind. And this folks is how authoritarianism begins . . .

  85. When we elected this individual we didn’t know what we were in for. We do now. Vote!

  86. "We didn't know what we were in for." Seriously? If there is one good thing to be said about President Trump, it's that he is openly, honestly, and ever so transparent about his sociopolitical views and style of leadership. We did "know what we were in for." Anyone—particularly anyone who cast their vote this man currently in power—who finds themselves shocked and appalled by current events would do well to make a concerted effort at improving their observational, listening, and critical thinking skills.

  87. Maybe you didn’t, but many of us did and did NOT vote for him.

  88. @Steve Mason The President is doing exactly what we elected him to do .

  89. Hmmm, I thought I saw this on a few episodes of Handmaid's Tale in Gilead. Did I have a Rip Van Winkle experience?

  90. @Joe My thoughts exactly, Joe.

  91. So much for a small federal government.

  92. Ah, so the Federal Government is then getting tough on the CEOs and VPs that clearly know and often encourage hiring undocumented workers, such as... ahem Trump himself in his past? And did the smugglers at the border go home and are not needed there? Cities and States, under the democratic one-citizen one-vote rule of their citizens should consider not only not cooperating with ICE but removing all data sharing, refuse to meet their agents, remove any state and city legal agreements, and have both state police and state lawyers monitor them everywhere to ensure they comply with state law. This is a Republic of Sovereign state and local governments, not a monarchy. Did not Republicans scream still about "State Rights" when say, wanting to obliterate Obamacare?

  93. @Yoandel states rights drastically increased the duration of slavery in this country . In fact we almost never ratified the constitution in part because northern states were so “intolerant” of southern slave states regarding the institution of slavery. Had the federal government the authority, it WOULD have ended slavery decades earlier. Point 2, Non citizens are not entitled to the same rights and legal protections as citizens. Like every other country in the world. Point 3, Obamacare included a federal mandate that penalized you for not buying an insurance product, which was basically unprecedented. Immigration officials are not forcing state residents to buy certain products or fining them for failure to do so.

  94. @Garrett Re-read the Constitution. They are totally entitled to the same rights and legal protections as citizens while in the US. If that wasn't the case the why do we still have prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, and why did we render prisoners to far locales for torture?

  95. @catwhisperer I didn’t say I thought it was permissible to torture illegal immigrants I just did not think they had every single right and legal protection that citizens do. They typically can’t vote and aren’t eligible for SS. Is that unconstitutional?

  96. Clearly, the goal is to create chaos and violence as a means of justifying violence and using SWAT teams. If there are any deaths or injuries outcomes, Trump and the GOP will blame it on the cities and immigrants - refusing responsibility for instigating the problem. I am certain Trump's base thinks this a great idea, which is a problem that speaks volumes about their judgment.

  97. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. Follow the laws of the land and ye shall find your opportunities.

  98. @Ron - does that include trump? why shouldn't these guys be throwing flash grenades through the windows of mar-a-lago? after all crime is crime and should be enforced equally whether rich or or poor or is is trump and his cronies special and above he law. if we need SWAT teams to protect us from food truck owners we certainly need them to enforce the law at mar-a-lago and all the other trump properties breaking immigration law.

  99. @Ron it's a civil offense. Who & how do you claim these victims? Did you lose your job picking tomatoes or cleaning motel toilets?

  100. Wish I were surprised by this but I'm no longer surprised by anything this administration does. This is unjustified. We have lost our democracy.

  101. @lost in translation Not only was I surprised by horrified, scared and very very angry.

  102. @lost in translation We haven't lost anything. The option comes in November. And when finally the Republisyncophants are tossed out, the repercussions for them, for 45, and all their supporters will be severe and hard. It won't be violence. But it will be punitive taxes.

  103. @Chas what would make you believe they are going after violent criminals? They are going after poor, brown people, most of whom have never hurt anyone.

  104. How ironic that T's supporters arm themselves, fearing the government will take over the streets. And now we see what he deems to be his personal enforcement personnel inserting themselves into the civilized, caring communities of our major cities. The divide widens. I so fear what's next.

  105. illegal immigrants are not law abiding citizens. stop conflating legal immigration with people who come here without following us immigration laws

  106. @Charles It's Putin's playbook! Next step is suspending the Constitution, government take over of the banks & confiscation of privately held wealth!

  107. @Ron This is not about immigration. This is about dispatching armed elite units to cities that Trump doesn't like. It's just the starting point. Establish a military force. Then, when the election is "contested" in 2020, flip the switch.

  108. When I was a student at Brooklyn college in the early 1970s I asked a question in class if army patrols could be deployed to invade and patrol residential streets. I was laughed at my class and professor.

  109. @Bruce Egert We accepted militarized police in armored vehicles a long time ago. Doesnt make much difference if they are federal or local when they throw the flash bang through your window.

  110. @Bruce Egert Yes, I thought that was prohibited by the Posse Comitatus Act

  111. @Bruce Egert That's next.

  112. ICE agents' jobs should not become increasingly difficult because of robust campaigns to safeguard undocumented immigrants by educating them about legal limitations upon the ICE agents' actions. That is to day, unless the ICE agents are ignoring those legal limitations. When ICE agents follow the law, their jobs will not become more difficult.

  113. @David Gladfelter so... you don't believe people should actually know the law? gotcha.

  114. @Judy Hill ??? People should know the law as it affects them and should obey it.

  115. @David Gladfelter Then stop speeding and using your cell phone on the commute to the office...

  116. Of course, with an occupying force in large cities, any opposition to Trump refusing to accept the election results will be quickly put down. Militias groups in rural areas will take care of the rest.

  117. A special set of armed troops ferreting out suspects that will be sent to confinement camps while their citizenship status is evaluated - there's a familiar ring to this......

  118. Hahaha, yea good luck with this. Another trumpy waste of money that will net nothing

  119. This isn't about immigration. The lawless, Republican-enabled president has declared war on places that didn't vote for him. Despicable.

  120. You don't get much out of those church photo-ops, do you Mr. President?

  121. I am amazed at people who basically support open borders. I sincerely doubt that such people, who seem to claim that illegal aliens are basically good people, would invite said aliens into their homes or be willing to support them and the chain of non-English-speaking relatives who inevitably follow. It doesn't matter whether illegals are "good" or "bad"; quite simply they broke the law by crossing the border and have already overwhelmed public services with their access to free medical care, free education for totally uneducated and non-English speaking students. Every agency, business, et al, is forced to hire Spanish speaking staff to serve people who shouldn't be here in the first place. The damage caused to our country is incalculable, but the tide turned many years ago and the US is on track to be utterly destroyed by people totally uneducated and ignorant of Western Civilization. Read "Camp of the Saints."

  122. @Francis, they are already in our homes cleaning, taking care of young children while parents are working and taking care of elders which can be better care and less expensive than a 100k per year nursing home. The government should be increasing the number of people allowed to come in to the US specifically for these categories of employment, and also increase the agricultural visas as there aren’t enough people to do that work too.

  123. @Francis Having completely open borders is a tenet of Capitalism and goes back at least as as far as Adam Smith.

  124. Right on

  125. This will do nothing but put all citizens, including these members of CBP, in danger. If they really cared about the border, why don't they patrol it?

  126. Today’s shameful act brought to you by the Trump Administration.

  127. America attacking America. Pure Trumpism.

  128. Is he sending BORTAC to trump properties?

  129. I voted for Obama and Hillary but for the life of me, I can not understand supporting sanctuary cities. If someone is a criminal and illegal let's work together to deport or incarcerate them immediately.

  130. @Truth to Power You are absolutely right, it is clear you can not understand. You make that obvious in your mistaken belief that sanctuary cities protect criminals.

  131. Cool. Hopefully the uniforms will be updated... maybe a modern version of a Totenkopf on the right collar. Earth gray and jackboots would complete the look.

  132. @how bad can it be We also must not forget the double lightning bolts sowilo rune for the "Protection Squadron". The uniform just wouldn't be complete without them...

  133. Wealthy white men in suits ginning up fear of “other” to win elections and get wealthier.

  134. @Nick It is the rich whites and blacks who love cheap nannies, lawn mowers, poultry workers.The wages of the poor will rise when there is less competition.

  135. I am good with it, too many illegals make it into Texas and cause issues. Unfortunately the few ruin it for the majority.

  136. Thanks Mr. President.

  137. Translation - This is an election year plan to pander to the most hateful and fearful of my cult.

  138. Waiting for 52 Republican Senators to reign in Trump's war on American citizens. Oh, wait...

  139. This isn’t about enforcement. This is about intimidation and dividing communities against each other. It’s about destroying communities not creating them. And the ones who are pushing this don’t even live there. Check out Jolt Texas and help the Latino community fight back.

  140. We all need to start hiding people in our attics and cellars a la Anne Frank. As a Jew whose grandparents got out of Europe in time, I am in complete sympathy with desperate people who want a better life.

  141. @JFF and hiding people in attics happened in this country too during slavery, through the underground railroad

  142. JFF There are too many people who are desperate in this world.

  143. Maybe they should start at Mar a Lago. The hypocrisy of this administration would make the Pharisees blush.

  144. This is ridiculous. There are less inflammatory ways to achieve the end goal. Send BORTAC home. Maybe Dog and his crew is a better answer all without weapons.

  145. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free... We weep for what America has become.

  146. Stun grenades? Sniper certification? The horror.

  147. I would bet this will result in deaths...

  148. “Elite”? Define it!

  149. Soon he'd be campaigning for immigrant votes. Trump can write black unemployment rate on his head for all I care. This is HEART. Disdain for immigrants flows on his veins

  150. Is BORTAC Trump’s new personal army? Cause it feels that way to me.

  151. Three years ago, I would have dismissed this comment as silly and overly alarming. Now, not so much: Are we witnessing the birth of a Schutzstaffel (SS)-kind organization? one that would grow from a narrow mission (border patrol) into one tasked with guaranteeing "security", performing surveillance and instilling terror among ever larger sections of the population? in order to keep everyone in check? That could happen here, and it's our duty to prevent it, vote for Democracy in November!

  152. Yes, my thoughts exactly. It only took the first few sentences for me to recognize the birth of Miller’s SS. Disgusting.

  153. When he sends agents to Philadelphia we will meet them on the streets with everything we can throw. We will create civil unrest and disrupt wherever. Let the Philadelphia police defend us against the Federal agents and perhaps other cities will follow. Eggs for guns.

  154. One more insanely awful report about the Trump presidency. What a waste of time and money. I am sure Stephen Miller is behind this. Just when I thought McConnell was the most odious person in Washington, I remember Miller is there as well

  155. Send in the storm troopers---what have we become as a country?

  156. Stephen Miller must be checking out Sanctuary Cities for himself. I'd recommend Moscow, Budapest, Riyadh, and Istanbul.

  157. Are these tactical units really prepared to shoot down unarmed immigrants and possibly their families who are trying to cross the border? Only a sociopath would do that. And what of American citizens? Are we next? It's not too extreme to consider the lengths to which this lunatic administration will go.

  158. If this doesn't show the American people that Mr. Trump has gone nuts, nothing will!

  159. These folks come for jobs and opportunity. It is curious that the SWAT team and overarching policy arenot going after such employers. If no jobs for illegals, there will be many, many fewer numbers coming. Those who do will be true refugees fleeing persecution and death,

  160. Still illegal, no matter how you spin it

  161. @Nycdweller Still human beings, no matter how YOU spin it.

  162. Please put my name on the list! I think I could use a little "rounding up."

  163. Because he can't stop making life miserable for more people...

  164. Remember all those people a few years ago who were just sure that every routine military training activity on established military bases inside the US was actually Obama coming for their guns? Remember when they were sure that federal agents from any and every agency were preparing to implement marshal law on Obama's order? Yeah, well those are the same people wearing MAGA hats and cheering on Trump for sending federal tactical SWAT teams into US cities with the express purpose of actually rounding people up. Where is their fear of armed federal agents, now? As long as they're only going after brown people, they don't care about that, do they?

  165. Meanwhile Trump allows thousands of illegals to work freely in the suburbs of Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, building hundreds of acres of residential houses. It's ridiculous.

  166. Trump doesn’t get it. Immigrants won’t talk to police at all if these commandos scare them away. Communities have built trust between the police force and residents and that trust decreases crime. Trump is trying to punish blue states. And this before the census will certainly scare people away from even filing, thus decreasing funding for those cities. This is another vindictive act by a racist xenophobic man and his equally racist advisor Stephen Miller.

  167. Criminal aliens are preying on the public? I fully support the rendition of any hostile, extraterrestrial life forms engaged in such behavior. It’s one thing to invade another planet. Committing crimes once you’re there is just poor form.

  168. Inmigration laws should be observed and those who are here illegally should leave. But there is no need for such a show of force. Trump is using federal resources funded with our $$$ to display a "macho" image and impress his base.

  169. Good grief. Now he's going to use the military in our cities. He gets worse every day.

  170. And all this time I thought Republicans stood for "States' Rights". So much for that fantasy.

  171. Think about this: in Trump's America, guns get sanctuary, but people do not. Everything is upside down.

  172. Hmm, history recorded similar tactics in Germany, Poland, France and other European nations in WW II. I learned the Constitution of the United States of America would protect those on U.S. soil from history repeating itself. First they came for the migrants ...

  173. If we lose in November it'll be because we never compromised enough on Immigration.

  174. Let me get this straight: We are redeploying tactical units from where they are needed to send them to places that have no use for them other than to terrorize honest, hard-working people and to undermine local law enforcement. Sounds about par for the Mar-A-Lago course.

  175. This is a recipe for disaster - specifically, regardless of the merits of any particular ICE action by these so-called elite units, I bet at some point a U.S. citizen will be hurt or killed by them while they are executing their raids. That citizen's death will be blamed either on illegal immigrants or on Democrats. The downward spiral towards open violence is well under way.

  176. @N Yorker Or on the other side of the coin, citizens will defend themselves, resulting in the hurting or killing of an ICE officer. Sadly illegal immigrants or Democrats will also be blamed, because that is the way of a despot.

  177. Are trumps properties included in the round-up?

  178. @Norma Well no. Eric Trump needs employees at their properties.

  179. This paragraph is the most telling of Trumps war on Brown people "Many ICE agents say their jobs have become increasingly difficult, three years into Mr. Trump’s presidency, because of robust campaigns by immigrant advocacy organizations seeking to safeguard undocumented immigrants by educating them on the legal limitations that ICE officers face" The fact that ICE agents whine that people knowing their rights makes it difficult to nab them is just pathetic and it indicates that they, and the Trump administration, don't think people (that they don't like) have any rights to begin with.

  180. @mike tipping criminals off that law enforcement is about to pick them up so they've got time to run isn't about knowing your rights. Perhaps they should educate themselves on knowing our laws so they'll realize they're criminals.

  181. People living in metropolitan areas overwhelmingly oppose this president. This new initiative allows him to demonstrate his lack of respect for these non-supporters, along with his disregard for the lives that may be ruined or lost. At the time time, his base -- who tend to reside in smaller cities and rural areas and thus aren't directly affected -- can cheer their leader's ongoing efforts to expel the scary brown people.

  182. Maybe the function of "elite" border control agents is to help round up "elite" undocumented immigrants, like the Algerian PhD student who overstayed his student visa and has been living and working (and paying taxes) here for the past 20+ years.

  183. Wouldn’t it make sense to allow them to pick up the criminals while they are in jail like they used to instead of canvassing the streets and potentially harassing innocent people?

  184. @M they still can, and do, arrest them straight from jail when they get the paperwork done and are going after real criminals.

  185. @Indyk No, the jails no longer allow pick ups for illegal immigration upon release

  186. Just the term "elite Border Patrol Units" sounds as sinister as it does disastrous.

  187. If the Feds declare war on something, it is likely they will fail because the "enemy" now know they are coming, and the smart criminals will hide elsewhere, leaving the Feds to grab relatives and unfortunate bystanders instead, so as not to leave empty handed.

  188. Does anyone remember their history? Brown Shirts? And will these thousands, including the ones that have already been victimized and dehumanized by this generation gain enough attention in the world to have a global conference on refugees? What has happened to our humanity? And aside from this issue, Trump is doing a good job diverting our attention once again. What actions that we are not paying attention to are further turning our democracy into an autocracy, or perhaps a monarchial dictatorship? When are we going to be so outraged that waiting until November causes us to sit on our hands? Do we not have any power in our government anymore to stop the floodgates of lawlessness and inhumanity, not to mention the revenge and breaches of Constitutional Law that one man, aided and abetted by those who would rather than protect their party than their nation, is manifesting in his destruction of our country? Raise your voices. Use the tactics of the radical Right to block the phone lines of idle Senators. Demand in the streets that order and decency prevail. Sound the clarion of real patriotism, for if there was ever a time that we had to act to save our country, it is now.

  189. It won't be long until Trump diverts money from military and other budgets to build a wall around each city that refuses to cooperate with the militarization of America. Too bad his grandfather wasn't rounded up and deported when he arrived in the US to avoid military service in Bavaria.

  190. Yes. Finally. Why have these cities been allowed to break the law this long?

  191. @Thomas Aquinas Break the law? They're under no obligation to function as part of ICE. That's not their job.

  192. @Thomas Aquinas Why has Trump and his family been allowed to break the law this long?

  193. @Thomas Aquinas Let me know what you find out.

  194. This story should be above the fold - the president is deploying special forces to cities within the country that oppose his policies.

  195. The action timeframe is just in time for the census count.

  196. @Anthony Thinking the same thing. Now immigrants will definitely not want to be counted. Why would they?

  197. Terrorizing children and families is purpose. It's what Trump's mentors (despots, tyrants, dictators) also like to do. Of course, it's convenient that hurting the most vulnerable among us also helps move headlines away from the news that the president's second attorney general is disowning Trump and Trump's unconstitutional actions.

  198. There is no real advantage to this, according to the article, apart from creating a sense of terror. When did we collectively decide that this was a part of policing? I’m pretty sure we didn’t, but that this is incrementally swallowing us up. It doesn’t take a genius to see the dangers of police who are meant to frighten us, and we grow to expect the military in our streets, giving orders which must be obeyed unless we want draconian payback, and when things would be perfectly fine In their a absence.

  199. @Eric We didn't. It was dictatorial fiat by a very stable genius that decided we need to get into this space. If you actually look at the scenario you raise, in historical terms, that same kind of activity lead to the rise of local partisan cadres that would resist by whatever means was necessary.

  200. It feels like Brown Shirts and Storm Troopers are being sent into the streets. It feels very scary. We must elect anyone who will bring common sense and human decency to the leadership of our country. We can agree on the problems (like the deficit that he only increases). Illegal immigration is a major problem. Saner solutions are available that "Special Tactical Units," walls that fall down in the wind, and the desecration of indigenous burial sites.

  201. History repeating itself here? Rounding up a particular class of society happened before and everybody looked away. What has been learned? Germany vowed to never ever again start a war. What will Trump's next steps be?

  202. It's not difficult to envision how this will turn out. Unleash a heavily armed unit trained to operate in remote areas out of view from citizens and the press. Bunker busting by supercharged ICE agents in urban environments is not going to go well for anyone.

  203. This is very good news for those of us who believe in the rule of law in immigration matters. I do, and I vote accordingly.

  204. Good for you! You must be so proud! Let me ask you this since you are so concerned about the rule of law. Congress, as the law making body, refused to provide funding for a border wall. Trump illegally took money from the Defense Department to fund a wall explicitly against the desires of Congress. Since that is illegal and you are concerned with the rule of law, do you have a problem with Trump’s actions? Or as a loyal Trump supporter do you believe it’s ok for our president to break the law as long as poor immigrants don’t?

  205. @ProfStewart 1930's-style German rule of law, professor? You're all for that?

  206. @ProfStewart How about the rule of law in presidential matters? Apparently you don't care about that.

  207. Border patrol and elite is mutually exclusive.

  208. As an immigrant myself, I praise President Donald Trump's efforts to enforce the US immigration policies. The US is already the country that receives the largest number of refugees and immigrants in the world. In other words, there are extremely generous legal immigration paths in place allowing for not only professionals but also refugees and asylum seekers to enter our country. Absolutely no reason to support illegal immigration for political reasons. Let's remember that even Obama was though on illegal immigration, as both Republicans and Democrats should be.

  209. SWAT teams? Really?

  210. @Luciano Oliveira The big difference is that the other developed countries don't use military tactics to accomplish it. This administration loves to insult, to bully, to intimidate, to threaten, to harass, to lie, to deceive, to hide.

  211. @Luciano Oliveira you misunderstand. Trump wants zero immigrants. That’s not a policy. That’s a xenophobe. We have an international obligation to grant political asylum to those that qualify. We need immigrants too as our population is both dwindling and aging. Under Obama, migrant crossings had declined. He hired more judges and caseworkers to adjudicate these cases and deported those that didn’t qualify. Trump’s horrific policies has caused migrant crossings to increase! Haranguing sanctuary cities causes more hurt than help. The biggest threat to US citizens is other US citizens.

  212. Clearly another instance displaying how unaware Trump is when it comes to handling immigration. Sanctuary cities have and will continue to refuse cooperation, and this is *at best* a show of “commitment” to his out-of-tune voter base.

  213. I’d say judging by many of the comments here that it’s supporters of sanctuary cities who are “out of tune” with the rest of the country... get out of the bubble my friend and wake up to how a significant majority or Americans feel about illegal immigration.

  214. I used to think it was silly to argue that ICE be disbanded. Obviously, we need a group to enforce immigration laws. However, under the current administration, the culture within ICE has deteriorated into a militaristic and even lawless one that will be difficult to repair. At this point the organization should be disbanded and completely overhauled to focus on dangerous individuals.

  215. @TomL What a lot of people don't realize is that what CBP is for. ICE was created in 2003. Somehow the country operated perfectly fine before it.

  216. @Anthony That is misleading - both CBP and ICE were created in 2003, and both inherited components of the former INS.

  217. @TomL ICE's union endorsed Trump because he promised vicious border patrolling, such as knocking over water jugs placed to help people not die in the desert. Crossing the border illegally is not a capital offense, but many of the Border Patrol people seem to think it should be and act to make it so.

  218. The intended result of this BORTAC operation is to instill fear in the people - not simply the migrants or refugees - rather the citizenry in these communities attempting to offer help and care. Truly evil.

  219. @Terry Garrett Unfortunately you are right.. These elite group of servicemen should be used for better causes to keep America safe against foreign terrorists...

  220. @Terry Garrett First they came for the (xxx) and I did not speak out because I was not "x", etc. This foreshadows a Trumpian dictatorship in America. Thanks for nothing, GOP.

  221. @Terry Garrett As an latino immigrant myself, I praise President Donald Trump's efforts to enforce the US immigration policies. The US is already the country that receives the largest number of refugees and immigrants in the world. In other words, there are extremely generous legal immigration paths in place allowing for not only professionals but also refugees and asylum seekers to enter our country. Absolutely no reason to support illegal immigration for political reasons. Let's remember that even Obama was though on illegal immigration, as both Republicans and Democrats should be.

  222. "The goal of the new joint operation, one of the officials said, was to increase arrests in the sanctuary jurisdictions by at least 35 percent." The unmitigated gaul of this president never seems to end. People are unable to go about their lives even though they are contributing to our economy and doing nothing against our laws except trying to exist. Trump hates brown people and is determined to squeeze the last one out of the country. This is unprecedented. Hope Trump is swept out of his job. This country cannot endure much more of this hatred and fear that is based on nothing but Trump's bigotry.

  223. @Carol Ring What part of “illegal” do you not understand?

  224. @Carol Ring It appears he hates brown people. I'm dead certain he really hates the idea of not being re-elected and being indicted the day he steps down.

  225. Not every last one...he still needs people to cook, clean, and garden at Mar-a-Lago.

  226. When law enforcement agencies cooperate and communicate, the result is law enforcement operations that run more smoothly and safely for all, including the arrestee. But sanctuary jurisdictions have made it clear they won't cooperate, they will only do the minimum the law requires and they will do that slowly and grudgingly. Very well, then, that means the federal government must either give up on enforcement entirely or do it the hard way. This is what the hard way looks like. Sanctuary cities have no cause to complain; as they love to remind us, they have nothing to do with immigration enforcement.

  227. @ Will Workman. Okay - and please explain what, exactly is the return on investing in this mobilization. What is the future that this effort brings about and how exactly does society benefit? I bet there are better, more effective uses of this money.

  228. @Will Workman "When law enforcement agencies cooperate and communicate, the result is law enforcement operations that run more smoothly and safely for all, including the arrestee" But that's not the case with the Trump administration, is it. In fact we have Trump executing his executive orders (not laws) in any way he sees fit at any given time.

  229. @Will Workman A similar sentiment applied to "perfectly legal" apprehension orders executed against Jews in greater Germany. This is why, in part, the German military now has stringent training and codes regarding disobeying illegal orders. And, as General John Kelly (ret.) recently noted, such training is also part of the UCMJ, which Lt Col Vindman followed. It's too bad ICE and their Border Patrol don't follow the UCMJ. Politically, that's why, in the Germany in question, the SS was created.

  230. This is such a poor and cowardly use of our tax dollars. Sanctuary cities are the result of local law enforcement working with city agencies to make public safety a priority. People who are violating civil law (immigration) to work here should not be afraid to report serious crimes to police. Immigrants (unsanctioned and otherwise) commit far fewer criminal acts than native norm. So much for letting local cities act in their best interests and values. When did so many Americans become so fearful?

  231. Diego, the cruelty is the whole point. If you’re too afraid to live there, you won’t immigrate.

  232. @Diego If you'd like to read an analysis of how Americans became so fearful, take a look at Frank Furedi's book "How Fear Works: Culture of Fear in the Twenty-First Century."

  233. That’s not actually true. Legal immigrants do commit fewer crimes but their illegal brethren seem to commit more than an average American. I say seem because the data is incomplete. We would know for sure if the jails took down immigration status but many in govt don’t want the public to know just how many crimes they commit. The propaganda put out there that says immigrants commit less crime lump them all together thereby lowering the actual number. Over a two year span in Texas illegals committed over 600k crimes. I am glad the president is taking this action. States and local govt should not be able to disregard federal law. I would also like to see employers arrested as well. Put a few execs in jail and the jobs will dry up for the illegals and many will self deport. We do not need to carry the burden of the worlds poor and uneducated especially with the rapid changes taking place in the labor market. These people costs us a fortune in prison, education, medical and social programs costs (altho not eligible for federal aid their American born children are) and the few bucks they pay in taxes are nowhere near enough to offset it. While we are at it we should end birthright citizenships. It’s very dumb and only a few other countries have it as a policy.

  234. One step closer to turning OUR military against US.

  235. @Susan VonKersburg Excellent point. You could have put MILITARY in all caps as well. That's one of the chief ways dictators gain power -- or keep it after an election goes against them.

  236. @RPC 2024 if we don't get him out in 2020!

  237. @Susan VonKersburg You are correct. We know what the problems are and we have told our representatives to make laws that simply and humanely, peacefully solve them. They don't. More force and violence everywhere all the time.