As Mating Rituals Go, Valentine’s Day Isn’t So Bad

Four reproductive tales from the animal kingdom, where sealing the deal doesn’t always turn out so great for one partner.

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  1. Personally, the (hermaphroditic) snails sound like they have the best deal going.

  2. @Easy Goer - I am not a lawyer and I do not play one on TV, but in some states it is may be illegal. This DIY approach may not fit with state regulations. :-)

  3. Obviously as God intended.

  4. @atheist - She was not thinking straight! :-)

  5. After reading this, no woman should complain.

  6. @Bobotheclown Nor should any man, considering the "date and dinner" strategy of the octopuses.

  7. Yikes! Regardless of species, males really have a hard time with romance.

  8. Sounds like the animal kingdom needs a #MeToo movement....

  9. Valentines is a mating ritual or a marketing ploy to part you from your money while making many people feel bad about themselves?

  10. Should I disregard the article about chocolates and roses being a bad idea?

  11. The old male painted turtles remind me of Harvey Weinstein.

  12. See Olivia Judson (who columned here in the NYT a while ago)'s book "Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice for All Creation" for some diverse (to say the least) mating strategies in nature!

  13. The editor of the Science section has a great sense of humor this Valentine's Day. Thank you!

  14. The pictured turtles are definitely not painted turtles.

  15. True. The smaller one, at least, is a Red-Eared Slider. Can’t tell for sure about the larger turtle.

  16. @Dave Aldridge What are they, then?

  17. "She strangled him, then hauled his dead body to her den, where, Dr. Huffard presumes, she ate him." I hate it when that happens.

  18. "Traumatic insemination." Makes spending Valentine's Day alone seem like a privilege.

  19. Why does the author link love to reproduction?