Global Entry Ban: The Feud Between Trump and New York

The president has become increasingly disillusioned with the state where he made his name and with the man who leads it, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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  1. I'm uncomfortable with this growing State vs Federal Government issue, While hardly new, it is growing in its scope and animosity. We may cheer when NY declares itself a sanctuary city and shields its DMV records, or when California issues contradictory auto emission regulations, or when the Pacific Northwest installs contrary legislation concerning assisted suicide and hemp usage. But what do we think when red states ignored Democratic administrations and the federal government by restricting abortion rights and voting rights, among others? Will be be happy when all fifty states are independent governments, and we become a confederation instead of a united republic. Be careful what you wish for, when you cheer for state governments defying any federal regulation it does not agree with.

  2. In many ways you're right, Billy. This new awakening of States' Rights is capable of nightmarish ramifications. "We" think California's emissions law admirable; "they" thought their segregation law admirable. On a tangential note: Watched "Spartacus" yet again last night (saw it when it first came out, on Flatbush Avenue, probably at the Kings or the Beverly) and found Dalton Trumbo's script, heavy-handed though contemporary film critics found it, apt for right now. Ditto, the recently deceased, powerhouse Kirk Douglas's entire conception for "Spartacus": a controlling personality vs. the common man, and how such a personality can seize a state and become dictator (among other themes). It's a good movie.

  3. @B. Get out! I may have viewed it at the Albermarle (sp) and then likely walked down to Church Ave to the Jahns ice cream shoppe. That was the usual weekly schedule. there was no movie theater up at Flatbush and Nostrand (I was east 42nd between J & K. Yes, forceful personalities remain effective. It is not always what you say, but how you say it.

  4. If it was at the Albemarle, Billy, then I saw it at the Albemarle -- it wouldn't have been showing simultaneously at the Kings or the Beverly. Yes, there was Jahns. Weren't we sophisticated.

  5. Anybody who has lived in NYC longer than two minutes knows the relationship between it and Donald Trump isn't a good one. Whether it's because of the federal housing discrimination brought against him in the 70s for not renting to people of color, or the slights he's felt from established old money circles for never accepting him and his his glitzy lifestyle or more recently, the fact that New Yorkers not only soundly voted against him in the 2016 elections, but came out in full force to protest against him the day after he won -- and two congressional representatives from the city (Chuck Schumer and Jerrold Nadler) played significant roles in his recent impeachment trial. Not to mention the ongoing investigations into his finances by the Southern District Court. All in all, it's not surprising that a president given to seeking retribution for perceived ills should also look to NYC. We have a lot to offer.

  6. @N. Smith - What I'm finding very strange is we're seeing the same need for retribution and settling scores in the things Hilary Clinton has been saying, to a degree II wasn't prepared for. I knew this was Trump, even before he was elected. I really didn't realize during the election that she would direct this not only at the G.O.P., but at Democrats too. I wonder - had others ever seen her do this to other Democrats before she had her first book tour after the election? It was shocking to me at first, but now when she says the darndest things about Dems like Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders, it makes me wonder if she's not all that far from what we have personality-wise and vindictiveness-wise, just with policies that I really really want.

  7. @Freddie It's no secret that there's bad blood between Hillary and Sanders, and for more reasons than we dare imagine. But that's neither here nor there since she's not running. However Tulsi Gabbard is another picture altogether. Especially because of the way she voted for Trump in the impeachment trial -- and also because in the interim, she has become the darling of right-wing media. Go figure, right?

  8. N. Smith, Hillary's not running?

  9. From today's And Finally story: "surrounded by hundreds of flowers. Yes, it would be beautiful. But wasteful, too." Tune of “My Funny Valentine” Here’s my wasteful valentine Imprudent valentine. Excessive and not that smart. My reckless squandering May have you pondering If we’d be better off apart. Is ten dozen way too much? Do you think I’m out of touch? Or is love what makes you clutch at your heart? But - Each rose or anemone While climate’s enemy Can be repurposed to stay Long after Valentine’s Day.

  10. NYeXit anyone?

  11. yeah, but how do ya say it?

  12. It’s disgusting to think that Trump is so concerned about how badly he’s treated while he gives no consideration to how he has treated New York State’s people by stiffing contractors and banks, evading tax payments, and now, as president, he clogs up the streets and costs everybody money for the security detail that he receives. To top it off he abuses presidential power by taking these discriminatory actions against the citizens of New York. 

  13. Shows you how much Cuomo’s progressivism is window dressing. Inconvenience rich people at JFK? Here are the immigrants, Mr. Trump.

  14. @Jeremy Rosen I have Global Entry. I am a pensioner. It is a convenience especially now that it uses Facial Recognition. Delta now uses it too to board, no more boarding pass. Regardless how much you paid for ticket. 2020 technology, that's all it is, not some perk for wealthy.