Valentine’s Day

How do you feel about this romantic holiday?

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  1. I don’t view Valentine’s Day as an actual Holliday. To me it’s just a regular day. People giving love letters and stuff like that on this day is just so cringe. It’s just an excuse for kids to tell their crush they like them or whatever? It makes no sense to me you can do it on any other day don’t make this day as an excuse to say it. Because then you can just cover it up and say you did it as a joke for Valentine’s Day. Just be straight up when you like someone don’t do this cringe stuff. Now Valentine’s Day may be different as you get older and get a husband or wife and you can take them out for a nice dinner or something. That makes sense but kids doing Valentine’s Day is stupid.

  2. I don't think of Valentines day as a real holiday, but I don't care if other people do. I don't really celebrate it that much- my parents will buy me candy and I might buy some for others. I also think that if a couple wants to celebrate it, then they should that's what the day is for. I just think that if someone wants to celebrate it then no one should give negative feedbacks and just let them be happy.

  3. I strongly dislike Valentines day for plenty of reasons. One, It's a day where even more couples in school decide to makeout in the hallways which is REPULSIVE. and two, I have a bad experience with Valentine's day. A few years ago, I was talking to this guy and then all of a sudden he dropped me and started hanging out with another girl that same day. Obviously I was upset so that kind of ruined this day for me. I just think Valentine's day is dumb and shouldn't exist.

  4. I think Valentine's day is pretty useless. Why does it even exist? Why do you have to have a valentine and act like you like someone for a day. If you're in a relationship shouldn't everyday be like valentines, why do you need to express your love an extra amount on one certain day. I mean the chocolate is nice and everything else but its all just so pointless. Think about, would anyone's lives change if we got rid of valentines day. Nope.

  5. In my opinion, Valentine's day is a gigantic waste of time. It is an extra holiday everyone must agree on celebrating while also spending far too much money if you have a significant other. In a relationship, you go out enough and there are already enough holidays for me to go broke during. I do not need a random, extra day for my girlfriend to con me into spending more money than I spend on myself in a month, just for everything to go back to normal the next day. Also if you are in a relationship, why do you need a special day to love someone and a special name for them, only on that single day. All in all, if we continue to celebrate Valentine's Day in America we are all going to die.

  6. Valentine's day is a pretty cool day for people that do nothing. Everyone will be gone having dinner with their loved one's so those who do nothing get the house all to themselves. I personally am going to da movies with my friends. In elementary we used to have to get valentine's gifts for the whole class. that was cool because it was free candy. I'm just hanging out with others for the day.

  7. Valentine's Day to me is more than romantic love. Not being in a position where I can celebrate romantic love openly because of my sexuality inspires me to give love to other people I care about. Making the effort to make all I care about feel happy and loved makes my day better personally. I like Valentine's Day because it's an opportunity to share love with everyone- people overreact when they consider it to be about romantic love only. It's about everyone, and sharing that love makes my day so much better.

  8. In my opinion Valentines Day helps spread the love that may not be seen daily. Sometimes I do feel it is a bit unessisary at times because you don't have to show someone that they are loved with presents. You should be giving the same amount of love an affection everyday to your significant other. I do love receiving goods but without them it's not going to make me look down upon others just because they didn't buy me something. It can be fun to celebrate bu it can also seem unneeded in our lives. All in all Valentine's Day can create happiness but it shouldn't be the only day you spread your love to others.

  9. Valentine's Day...a romantic day to celebrate with loved ones? Or an over-commercialized holiday celebrated with $8.00 Hallmark cards and $200 dinners? Or somewhere in between? Whichever you believe, there is no arguing that the pressure to celebrate something exists. As a sophomore in the '90s, I remember being unsure of what to give a new boyfriend (we had been seeing each other for all of 2 months). A friend suggested a mug with Hershey kisses. Perfect. I remember waiting all day by my locker, about to give it to him, but then realizing by the end of the day he hadn't gotten anything for me. I ate the chocolate kisses myself that night! Valentine's Day, then, is about exposing your feelings- letting yourself feel vulnerable--and then feeling either thrilled when those feelings are reciprocated, and dismayed (or crushed) when they are not returned. Either way, it's a good lesson in self-awareness, self-confidence, and the waywardness of love. And the immaturity of sophomores. Now, as an English high school teacher of sophomores and juniors, I want to tell my students: buy some chocolate, give some to friends or a loved one, but save some for yourself :)

  10. Valentines is an absolute scam. It's just another made up holiday so card companies, flower companies and chocolate companies can make even more money. They play off the fact that they know loved ones of the female gender will expect something special for the holiday of "love". Not that I would or many other men would not buy loved ones gifts, but there are many holidays and right after christmas taking another dent in the wallet to buy gifts doesn't seem necessary. Valentines day is just a way people can get money as if they don't make enough already. That's why i'm not a fan of Valentines day.

  11. I don't really feel any particular way about Valentine's Day, its just another day, not really a holiday. I like the excuse it gives to get flowers and candy, like if you go to the store and buy a bunch of chocolate, you can just say its for Valentine's Day even if you are just planning on sitting alone on the couch, watching a movie while you eat all of it. I find it ridiculous how much money some people spend for this day. A few days ago my Italian teacher told us he heard that the projected spending in the United States alone is $19.6 billion. I can understand adults spending more on Valentine's Day for a husband of wife, but high schoolers going all out is weird.

  12. Valentine's Day is overrated. It makes people spend too much money giving their significant other roses that will die like their love for eachother and chocolates that I have no reason to hate. I believe if you really wanted to tell someone you love them do this type of cringey romantic stuff randomly without specific reason on a day that is not Valentine's Day. People take this holiday way too seriously when it is pretty much meaningless. Also a lot of heartbreak and fighting occurs on this day so why celebrate it. It is also like a slap in the face to single people as it is basically rewarding people in a relationship for being in a relationship. Being in a relationship is a reward in itself they do not need this holiday to tell them that. Single people might feel depressed as they see their friends out being overly happy. Why do we not have a holiday for the single people out their?

  13. i think valentine's day is overrated. I don't mind if other people celebrate it and dont think theres anything wrong with it. but personally I think it's an unnecessary holiday. Actually i think its very profitable for small businesses because of the cards balloons flowers and chocolates, which are sometimes not even that good anyways, so that's a bit of a waste...

  14. I don't really care about Valentine's Day, because I don't really see the point. The only thing I do is go to dinner with my parents or my friends because I don't have a boyfriend. I only like one thing about Valentine's Day, and that is the candy. Every year my grandmother gets me a cute bag filled with candy and that makes me happy. I like the little chocolates that come in the heart boxes because they're really good, but you can get good chocolate year round so I don't get the point. Also there shouldn't just be one day where you show your love for someone, that should be everyday, and if you can't do that maybe you should stay single.

  15. I don't think I have ever really thought about valentines as a real holiday everyone needs to celebrate. I see it as a like "sub" holiday like saint patrick's day. We don't get the day off and it doesn't affect you weather you celebrate it or not. I think the idea is cute like to give someone you love a gift but at the same time if you love someone you can literally give them a gift any other time of the year. The one thing I like is that every year since I was little my mom would put streamers on our door and cut out paper hearts and then tape that along with candy to our door and it always just makes us smile. I spend it with my family and me and my friends will sometimes get each other fake gifts but like that is the extent. I could care less if there was not a Valentine's Day.

  16. Personally, I think that Valentine's Day is more of another day than a holiday. Christmas or Thanksgiving to me are far more of what a holiday should be; spending time with loved ones and getting out of responsibilities such as work and school for a brief amount of time to celebrate. On the other hand, Valentine's Day takes place on a regular day with only a select amount of people exchanging gifts or going out to eat. If everyone does not take part in it, I don't think it can have the same title as other holidays previously mentioned, along with the fact that many people can not even celebrate it, as they are not in a relationship. So, it can make these people upset when they wake up in the morning without anyone to spend the day with. However, for me, I will be spending the day with my girlfriend as it is just another day... If February 14 had no special name attached to it, I would not feel any differently.

  17. I don't think of valentine's day as an actual holiday, it's more of just a day where everyone spends money on their loved ones. In my opinion it's over marketed and more of a scheme by chocolate and card businesses to make an extra bit of money. I do enjoy the chocolates and candy that comes with it, but aside from the small box of chocolates that my mom gets me every year, the day goes by normal. Even today just feels like a Friday that's slowly going by and no one is any more romantic than the day before. The feeling of the day isn't affected very much by the holiday, and almost every other holiday has a greater impact on the day in which it falls upon. It's mostly a marketing ploy and it doesn't affect me too much in a way that other holidays do, but as long as it makes one person's day I guess that's all that matters.

  18. I don't think there's anything wrong with spending time with someone on Valentine's Day but I don't think that it is a necessity, either. As far as holidays go, the world obviously doesn't perceive it as important. People still go to work, still go on with their daily lives. I'm sure there is a small revenue surge for local restaurants but I'm not one of those people who squawk that the day was created by the greeting card companies. If you're free that day, you might as well do something, but it seems like there shouldn't be pressure to "celebrate". If anything, celebrating a week away from Valentine's Day is probably more logistically sound because everywhere is probably busy on that specific day.

  19. Valentines Day does not count as a holiday for me. Yes its a sweet day and its cute how girls get all these presents and flowers. However on this day a girl is faced with the decision of what to get for her boyfriend and that's not an easy task. As much as I love getting gifts, giving them is a pain so I rather not celebrate it at all. Which is why on Valentines I am not gonna be going anywhere or doing anything.

  20. I don't have any particular feelings about Valentines day. I think if there is a day to celebrate the ones they love that's great, but I also believe that should be a daily occurance. You should take any chance you get to show the people you care about that you love them. I do dislike the stigma around Valentines day, that if you aren't in a relationship that it means you lonely or sad, crying over a carton of ice cream. Valentine's day is a day to celebrate love, not only love that you share with a significant other but the love you have for your friends, and family and most importantly yourself.

  21. Walking into school today I thought about how Valentine's day should be counted as a real holiday so we don't have school. As for the "holiday", I feel that Valentine's Day has its ups and downs depending on the person. Valentine's Day for those in a relationship should be a fun date night and a reminder for their appreciation for each other , while the rest of us who are single are reminded just how single we actually are. I personally do not have a valentine so I am planning on going to chick-fil-a with my friends for a "Galentine's Day". Luckily, even though I don't have a valentine my mom and dad always give me chocolates and money so I am content. My most memorable Valentine's Day is when my friends boyfriend asked me to get a gift for her from him which i spent $40 on and he never paid me back. Not only did I not receive a gift personally, I also lost $20 which is sad. I am still sad to this day.

  22. To most people, Valentine's Day is a made up Hallmark holiday created for companies to make a ton of money. Do I agree with them? Yes and no. Is it created to make a ton of money? Partly this is true because they profit greatly because of the holiday and greeting card companies make more money for essentially no reason. Although this is true, it is a day for people to show they care for one another and even though people should do that every day, having a day dedicated to each other gives everyone another reason to show their appreciation more and there is not a purpose in getting rid of Valentine's Day. Overall, Valentine's Day is silly, but it gives everyone a chance to show their appreciation and is a nice day for everyone.

  23. Personally I think this holiday is waste of time, money, and energy. There is no need for any of it. I have never been crazy about this holiday since I was maybe in elementary school, when I received little cards and got some candy(if I could even eat it). I mean it is not the biggest deal in the world to me that I am single and do not have anyone to share this wasteful day with but it still does make it known I am alone as I have nobody. It is alright though because my parents still every year have something for me waiting on the kitchen table usually a card or candy.

  24. To be completely honest, I don't think I have ever celebrated Valentine's Day in any special way. Growing up in a Russian household, we never placed any significance on the holiday. I am planning on going to sleep early, and maybe tidy my home a little too. I don't have any significant others to pertain to, so I can have a little Netflix binge-watching session. However, I have nothing against people who do celebrate it. I think it's great that they are able to express their love in a healthy manner. Taking the time to do something special with a significant other can make them feel appreciated and strengthen your bond.

  25. Valentine's Day, though not a top-tier holiday, is definitely one that I appreciate. It's a celebration of love--whether romantic or platonic--and if anything deserves to be celebrated it's that. It's a happy holiday, and I don't think there's a reason to be so vehemently against a day that's dedicated to love. Yes, it's commercialized, as is any holiday, but when you get to its core the holiday is about what binds us as people together. Even if I'm not doing much to celebrate it myself, it still makes me happy to see people coming together, surrounded by pink and hearts and all things dedicated to love. Love is something that deserves to be celebrated--especially if some people aren't always safe to celebrate it. The day doesn't hold such a significance to me personally, but I will always appreciate that it celebrates the love that holds us together.

  26. Valentines Day, in my opinion is pretty useless. I hate how its just an extra day that you're basically forced to spend money on people, and waste your time looking down the candy isle for those chocolates, or the heart shaped hard candies. I plan to celebrate this stupid holiday going out with my girlfriend and spending way more money than I need to be. Its not that I don't wanna spend money on her, its just I haven't worked in awhile so I haven't been paid in sometime. It's just I hate spending money and going out, basically my two biggest complaints on the topic.

  27. Valentine's Day is the biggest waste of a holiday in history. It is about loving people and showing your love for people on this "special" day. It is so stupid. You should love the people you love everyday and not just show it today. It makes people feel sad if they don't have a valentine. A lot of people expect gifts or to do things on today and that can cause stress on their significant other. Overall Valentine's day is dumb and shouldn't have been created in the first place because no one even knows why is was created or the point of it.

  28. @Ciara I agree. but, you do have to admit that getting a valentine is really nice.

  29. I hate valentines day its pointless and terrible because I don't have anything to do on in every year. I plan to spend the night playing video games and go out to eat.I plan to be with no one one tonight. I have no memories of valentines day because I have never done anything on it.

  30. Valentine's Day is probably one of my least favorite holidays. However, this goes beyond just resenting the fact that I am one of the most single people on the planet. It reminds me of how unsatisfied I am with my life, and how badly a past Valentine's Day has affected me. It hurts me to even think about it. I also do not have any favorite Valentine's Day memory, for again I absolutely despise this holiday. However, if you like this holiday, I still will wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.

  31. I don't count Valentine's Day as a day that people should get off from work or anything, but it does count as a nice day to go above and beyond for your loved ones. Even though you should show them you love them every day, Valentine's Day is a good excuse to get dressed up to go out to dinner or to buy them a little something just to tell them you love them. I agree with one of the comments calling it a "sub holiday" because just like St. Patrick's Day, not everyone agrees with celebrating it. I do think that just because someone is single they shouldn't hate the holiday. I think Valentine's Day is to celebrate all loved ones, like family members or friends, not just for boyfriend and girlfriend or wife and husband to celebrate.

  32. Valentine's Day, meant to celebrate love and cherish those around us, has become more of a relationship contest than anything else. It gives businesses an opportunity to profit from love-sick and hopeless-romantic Americans, sure; getting gifts can be a heartwarming experience. However, t's whom we spend this time with that matters. Love is what holds us together, after all, and keeps the world from nose diving into chaos. Though not having anyone in particular to spend Valentine's Day with, I plan on enjoying myself, my family and my friends on this day celebrating love, acceptance, and peace.

  33. I enjoy getting discounted candy at cvs the day after valentines day. I also like getting cards from my classmates. Especially ones with candy attached to them. My mom never lets me get the candy ones for my class. Usually it has a sticker or something on it. I like valentines day very much.

  34. Many people admit that they hate Valentine's Day. Maybe because they feel that it only celebrates people in relationships. Although, to me, Valentine's Day is a day in which you share your love and affection to all your loved ones. This Valentine's Day, I will be spending it with mostly my boyfriend. But, I also show my love and appreciation to my parents, sister, and friends. This year I don't have too big of plans because of how expensive and busy it is everywhere. but I will do my best to make sure my loved ones know how much they mean to me.

  35. I have never done anything special for Valentine's day, but every year my mom gets me a box of chocolates. I feel that it is not a very big holiday, and people can celebrate it as they wish, as with any other holiday. It is more important to some than to others, but it has never really affected me. I enjoy getting chocolates, but I have never viewed it as a very monumental holiday. I like to spend it with my siblings watching movies and eating candy.

  36. Valentine's Day is a pretty neutral holiday to me. It used to be more exciting when I was younger because we would celebrate at school with little Valentine's and my parents would get my siblings and me these cool baskets with candy and stuffed animals inside. But now that I'm older we don't do that anymore and I haven't had a real reason to celebrate so it has become a day that I don't really think about until the morning of and once I remember it doesn't really change my outlook on the day. Now, my mom, my sisters and I watch movies and buy candy and just hang out for the night but that's the extent of the festivities.

  37. Valentine's Day is probably one of my least favorite holidays, as it is a one-and-done deal, and doesn't target all groups of people. I'm nowhere near as excited for Valentine's Day as I am for Christmas, or Thanksgiving, which celebrate family traditions and have a better sense of togetherness. However, February 14th is more of a day to waste your money, and symbolize love in the shape of chocolate and Stop and Shop flowers, which don't symbolize the importance of a holiday to me. Yes, I agree that this is a very special holiday to those who celebrate all-out, and is a great opportunity to spend time with the one you love, but again isn't for everyone. I personally don't find much importance to it, and I'd rather have a day off of school for it. It is difficult to rank a holiday higher, especially if you have to endure it throughout what seems like an extra long school day.

  38. I think of Valentine's Day as a day to celebrate your significant other. Although it can be about anyone you love, like family and friends, I've always perceived it at a day for couples. The holiday is also an excuse to spend money on chocolate and flowers that will die in a week. That said, it's nice to indulge sometimes even though people have the freedom to appreciate their loved ones anytime. This Valentine's Day will hopefully be an enjoyable one.

  39. I'm generally wary of any holiday centered around buying gifts and spending money, but I don't entirely agree that Valentine's Day is one of these "Hallmark Holidays." Those who are opposed to the holiday tend to throw around the point that it was "created by greeting card companies." This completely ignores the real history behind the holiday. The holiday originated as a Pagan festival, during which women would come of age and were finally allowed to marry. It is named after St. Valentine, who would perform secret marriages for couples forbidden to marry. While a modern Valentine's Day may revolve around greeting cards and candy, it did not start out this way. It started out as a celebration of love and intimacy, which are certainly not bad things. If a couple is dissatisfied with the more modern Valentine's Day traditions - sending cards, buying candy, or eating an expensive dinner - there is no shortage of ways to express love that do not focus on money. Simply spending time with a loved one, or giving them a homemade gift or card, can be a way to show your love that diverts the focus of the holiday away from consumerism, and back towards the holiday's origin: love.

  40. @Jillian Steeves I completely agree. Valentine's day is all about how each person wants to spend the day. You can make it as sentimental as you want and I feel that the pressure to get your valentine the best gift is all self implicated. I do not think that we should completely get rid of the holiday, like you said but instead bring back the old traditions and the origin of it all and celebrate the love the holiday brings even if you don't have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife.

  41. Valentine's Day is supposed to be a special day about giving presents to your crush, boyfriend/girlfriend, or and family. At least 1 out of 20 people don't receive a valentine. Which is severely sad. But, in my opinion it's just a normal day. The only thing special about valentines is that you just get a box of chocolate. You can also possibility get a teddy bear and balloons. nothing special.

  42. @Samantha I have the same feeling that valentine's day is usually just a normal day unless you have a person you can share this holiday with. Usually we are having dinner with my friends or family like it's an actual holiday. It's always fun if you have a person you can spend time with on this day.

  43. I have mixed feelings with this holiday. I love how I can trade cookies and chocolates with my friends and family. Valentine's day is a day of giving. Making, giving, and getting cookies and chocolates is really fun and this is probably the only day of the year where I and the people around me give something to one another. But as someone who is single, valentine always makes me feel kind off lonely, especially when everyone around me has their own partner and they get a lot of balloons, cookies, and cards from their partner. I know how a lot of people say that relationship in high school is not a big deal, but in high school, it kind of is.

  44. I’m gonna be honest- I’ve never really had a Valentine. I know- I’m in high school and I haven’t had my first boyfriend. Many people my age are kissing and exchanging gifts on this day, but I stand back. Many would find this indeed lamentable, and some people I know would probably cry seeing all the “happy couples” around them, but I actually find it intriguing. I enjoy people watching, and Valentine’s Day is a very good day to do so. I’ve had some of my friends come up to me bubbling with excitement about everything that they’re going to do for their Valentine. It’s so nice to see people overflowing with love and ideas of what to do for one another. Of course, there’s the side of it that causes lots of drama, but all in all, Valentine’s Day is enjoyable to me- especially if you have friends that pass out candy to everyone. All of my friends were single this year, so we got together and had a “Galentine’s” dinner. We set a table by candlelight and made our own dinner, and sang songs into the brisk, star-scattered night. It was really fun and I’m glad that none of us had dates, otherwise we would not have had the memories of stargazing and singing and candlelight that we did.

  45. @Gracelynn Whitaker I like how you're able to see the positive side to anything. While most people would sob at their lack of a Valentine, I'm glad that there are still people out there who can appreciate the value of love between friends and family. It really is holidays like these that show you who the important people in your life are. Boyfriends/girlfriends are temporary; at the end of the day, it's your friends who are comforting you after a bad breakup and your parents cheering you up after a bad day at school.

  46. I love Valentines day. It’s a day to celebrate love. Love with your family and friends. It’s a day to appreciate the special people in your life and show how you feel about them. I think a lot of people forget this. The days leading up to Valentine's day, on social media, I usually will see kids complaining that they don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriends to share the day with. I also see people complain about other people’s happiness, criticizing their posts. It makes me sad to see so much negativity about a day that is supposed to be filled with love. For me, Valentine's day is a day for me to be grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. It’s a day for me to appreciate the little things. One day, I hope everyone sees that Valentine's day should be about love and kindness, not jealousy and negativity.

  47. @Sofia Noonan I agree, Valentine’s day gives you time to be grateful for the people around you. They influence you in a way that nobody else can. Valentine’s Day shouldn't be about jealousy, none of that really matters. Everyone should be happy for the family and friends you have.

  48. @Sofia Noonan I agree, Valentine’s day gives you time to be grateful for the people around you. They influence you in a way that nobody else can. Valentine’s Day shouldn't be about jealousy, none of that really matters. Everyone should be happy for the family and friends you have.

  49. I like Valentine's Day, but I think it's kinda ridiculous for people to make a big deal out of it. People either post stories on their Instagram about how in love they are with their significant other or they see these stories and lament how they're going to die alone. Either way, I don't love this version of the Day of Love. I would be lying if I said Valentine's Day is all bad, though. The way I celebrate it, it's a small holiday to share candy and gratitude with the people you most care about, whether that be friends, family, or a boyfriend.My parents usually get me some candy with a nice little card in it, which is always a pleasant way to start a seemingly random day in February.This year, I interestingly enough had a date planned, but due to him getting sick we had to cancel last minute.This is honestly probably a blessing in disguise, even if it was a little disappointing at the time.Now it's not like he and I are running into my grandparents at Olive Garden or eating a candlelit dinner like we're in a chick-flick or something.We can just be us in our own time when the mediocre Italian restaurants are not so crowded.And I had a pretty great date with a close friend at my house in the comfort of sweatpants instead, anyway.Keira came over as soon as she could to eat pizza, watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (a favorite of mine), bake/eat cookies, and talk until after my parents had fallen asleep downstairs.Not too bad a way to share the love on this Hallmark holiday.

  50. Valentine’s Day. A day full of heart-felt declarations of love and proclamations of friendship. A day in which bucket loads of candy are exchanged and sweets are gorged upon. A day that is spent surrounded by those you love and those that love you. I’ve always had a soft spot for this day of the year. Whether it’s because of the fact that my mother always gets me a special present or because of my annual movie marathon with my sister, this holiday always seems to brighten my mood substantially. Even if I don’t technically have a Valentine, I don’t need one to have fun and make memories with the people I care about. This particular Valentine’s Day was a bit rough. I had my second Pre-Calculus test of the week, a presentation for Spanish class, and I was rushing to finish homework in the five minutes between classes. My mood was worsening as the school day progressed and not even the mouth-watering taste of dark chocolate was helping. I was just about wishing for the day to be over when I got in my mother’s car to find a Starbucks coffee in one of the cupholders. It’s crazy that the simple notion of my mom having picked up my favorite drink after I’d texted her how off I’d felt throughout the day almost instantly brightened my mood. It also really helped that we promptly picked up two cheese pizzas and settled down to watch cheesy movies whilst devouring ice cream. Surrounded by my family, I couldn’t even remember why I’d felt sad in the first place.

  51. @Laura Arbona I love the way you look at Valentine's Day! Many people make jokes about Valentine's day being "singles awareness day", or think of it as a day to buy heart shaped boxes of chocolates and roses, but Valentine's Day is so much more than that! Valentine's day is a day that we use to celebrate love, whether that be for a boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend, or a family member. It is touching to see that you have such special traditions with your mom and sister for Valentine's Day. Valentine's day isn't just a day to show love to a partner, it is a day to show gratitude to anyone who does life with you.

  52. Valentines Day to me, is a holiday in which you get a chance to be truly grateful for those around you. It isn't just about the candy or flowers but it is so much more than things you can purchase from the store. The people who surround you influence you in such a way that nobody else can. I used to love to make boxes in elementary school so everyone in your class can walk around and exchange candy, it was so fun. Having competition on who can make the best box. I really do miss this. I feel like once 6th grade came valentines day was much more boring and just like a normal day. Thanksgiving is sort of a holiday you can always enjoy no matter your age, and valentine's day is not exactly like that.

  53. In my opinion, Valentine's Day is very commercialized. Long ago, it was a day to celebrate St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers. He was beheaded on February 14, so for a while, many people used this day to remember his life. Instead, it has turned into a day to see who can spend the most money on their significant other and what material things they can purchase to show their "love" for their significant other. If St. Valentine saw the way we celebrate his day, I think he would be sick. I spent Valentine's Day at school and lacrosse practice. After practice, I went to Mellow Mushroom with my father and my brother, to celebrate mine and my father's birthdays (Mine was the 7th, his was the 13th). I did not spend any money, nor did I have a valentine of any sorts. But, I did not feel empty or jealous of the kids who brought chocolate and flowers and gifts for their significant others to school. I believe however, that they looked foolish. Valentine's Day, a day used to celebrate the patron saint of lovers, should be a day you spend time being with the ones or one you love, instead of using the day as a reason to buy things for someone. Doing something you love for someone you love means much more than a box of chocolates or some grocery store roses, trust me.

  54. @Carter Osborn, I really appreciate your point on the commercialization of Valentine's Day. As soon as the confetti from New Year is out of stores you find heart-shaped boxes of chocolates down the holiday aisles. While it could be true when Mrs. Gump says life is a box of chocolates, love isn't really. I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy receiving candy and chocolate any day of the year, but I agree that if we're truly going to have a day specially devoted to love and gratitude for friends, family, and significant others, this commercialization has diluted that day’s original purpose. Gift-giving is a sign of love for some, but at this point, many of these silly gifts are just that.

  55. Valentines Day to me, is a holiday in which you get a chance to be truly grateful for those around you. It isn't just about the candy or flowers but it is so much more than things you can purchase from the store. Your family who surround you, influence you in such a way that nobody else can. I used to love to make boxes in elementary school so everyone in your class can walk around and exchange candy, it was so fun. Having competition on who can make the best box. I really do miss this. I feel like once 6th grade came valentines day was much more boring and just like a normal day. Thanksgiving is sort of a holiday you can always enjoy no matter your age, and valentine's day is not exactly like that.

  56. Valentine’s Day to me is a day to appreciate and acknowledge the ones you love.I always look forward to this holiday because of the heart-felt cards, flowers, and candy. But, that's not what Valentine’s Day is about. Valentine’s Day is usually frowned upon by people who are single. I do feel like Valentine’s Day is not just for the people who are in relationships instead a holiday to celebrate your relationship with your friends and family.

  57. For me, Valentine’s Day, a holiday that is viewed by a vast majority of people as romantic, is about so much more than two individuals. You often hear people on this holiday harping about how they are celebrating "singles awareness day", or "independence day"--all names that indicate the holiday is about couples and romance, not about love itself. While I concede that Valentine’s Day does include the eager couples buying chocolates and roses for each other, that is not all that it has to entail. It's about wanting to spend time with your loved ones, and giving them extra appreciation. It's about giving yourself love too; dressing up in pink or red--colors synonymous with Valentine's Day--and allowing yourself to smile a little wider, letting your heart be reminded of all the love and joy around you. Valentine's Day is a day for everyone to celebrate, not just the lucky few who are in a relationship.

  58. @Kendall Hermanson Yes Kendall I agree. While growing up, my parents would always pick out a pinkish or red outfit for the day of Valentine’s day. I loved being able to go to school and see hearts everywhere as it was just a pretty change. I do not think Valentine’s day is just about ones in a relationship, however they do tend to celebrate with gifts and dinner, I think it is a day to appreciate everyone you love and give extra appreciation.

  59. For me, Valentines Day, a holiday that is viewed by a vast majority of people as romantic, is about so much more than two individuals. You often hear people on this holiday harping about how the are celebrating "singles awareness day", or "independence day"--all names that indicate the holiday is about couples and romance, not about love itself. While I concede that Valentines Day does include the eager couples buying chocolates and roses for each other, that is not all that it has to entail. It's about wanting to spend time with your loved ones, and giving them extra appreciation. It's about giving yourself love too; dressing up in pink or red--colors synonymous with Valentine's Day--and allowing yourself to smile a little wider, letting your heart be reminded of all the love and joy around you. Valentines Day is a day for everyone to celebrate, not just the lucky few who are in a relationship.

  60. I was born on Valentine's Day, therefore I've been hyperfocused on turning a new age and not the normal things associated with Valentine’s Day. Such as boyfriends and girlfriends, dinner dates, flowers, and anything else you can think of on this romantic holiday. Those things have never been important to me because I think more about the love I have for my friends and family than for a significant other. I think many people forget that this holiday is not solely for your romantic relationships, but for all relationships in your life. This year I spent Valentine’s Day turning 16 with my closest friends and it had to be the best birthday by far. Before this, I would have told you my most memorable Valentine’s Day was in 2019. I spent it with my boyfriend, at the time, and it was the first time I had ever gotten to see this holiday from the other side. I definitely think spending Valentine’s Day with your closest friends will always be more fun than trying to plan a romantic date night with your significant other trying to squeeze in reservations.

  61. Comment: I've never really valued Valentine's day as much. Sure I value the people around me and the candy that I get, but at home everyone is trapped in this past memory. My grandma died on Valentine's Day and ever since then I've just hypnotized myself to forget and not let the memories overwhelm me. My grandmother's death right now serves as fuel for a future profession. Cancer Research. Every Valentine's Day I spend at home with the people I love, but we just make sure we never talk about the elephant in the room. This year my whole family has managed not to talk about it. Neither did I want to think about it. I still love the essence of valuing other people that are important to us on this holiday. But, personally, I don’t see myself making a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. And neither do I feel the need to find someone just for the holiday. We should value each other as much as we do on Valentine’s Day on other days also. I don’t feel “lonely or sad” because I didn’t receive a box of chocolates because I know I receive way more than that everyday of my life.

  62. This year was the first Valentine’s Day that I really treated as more than an excuse to exchange candy. For one, this year I had a boyfriend to think of, but I found that it actually helped me to think of others as well. I’ve been used to receiving a few sweets from my parents and telling my family that I loved them, but I never actually took the time to truly appreciate how much each of them impacts my life. I loved Valentine’s Day this year because I was able to show my loved ones just what that name should mean. That they are loved. Things as simple as a sweet card can let them know how much they mean to you. Even gifts that may seem smaller but show that you really pay attention to their wants and interests are perfect. After treating this holiday in a more serious manner, I have vowed to myself that I won’t fall for the more shallow meaning of what many people consider this “Hallmark holiday.” Instead, I want to take advantage of this day of love and actually spread love from now on.

  63. Early in my life I believed Valentines Day was a holiday about love and the appreciation of the people you love, but now I realize, that it is just a commercialized holiday for the purpose of large corporations being able to sell lots of candy. People focus too much on the boyfriend-girlfriend type love and not enough on the deepest form of love, family. Personally, I don't even acknowledge it as a holiday, the only difference it makes to me is scrolling through instagram watching people post 96 stories at once about it. I celebrated Valentines Day with my family and went to track practice, so basically a normal day for me. I'm not sure I could name a favorite Valentine's day memory, as I kind of just associate with any other day and it doesn't really stand out to me.

  64. Part 2 Another thing about the holiday is that maybe it meant something more back then because times have changed. Of course there was candy and chocolate back then, but it just felt like there was more romance and love that came with it back then. I used to hear that people got together on Valentine’s Day or had a baby or got married or engaged. Such sweet stories. But, now I hear that people broke up or got in a fight and flowers are thrown everywhere and chocolate rappers are in the trash. There just seems to be less of a meaning behind it, so moments like that could just happen all the time and mean the same.

  65. @Shivani Patel I agree with you. I’ve never really looked at the holiday in that way. Valentines day shouldn’t be the only time of year you celebrate your love with someone. To add to your point, there’s also a lot of stress that comes with Valentine's day. You always hear “I don't know what he would want” or “what if she doesn't like it?” There is always so much pressure put on getting the “perfect gift” for your significant other. Like you said, in the past it was about romance and the “perfect gift” was far off the mind. Instead of thinking about the gift, think about how lucky you are to have that person in your life and what they mean to you, and let them know why you love them. Show them how much they mean to you by doing something for them that they would appreciate. That’s worth more than any gift you can receive.

  66. Part 1 Valentine’s Day is supposed to celebrate love. When I was younger, I had no problem with it. I thought it was so sweet, but as I’ve grown up, I’ve realized something. I’ve realized that if you love someone so much, you shouldn’t need a holiday to do such sweet things. You should do them all the time. You should make them feel special every day of the year, not just February 14th. I’ve seen that in my parents through the years too. Valentine’s Day is just another day in my family, and I think that that’s how it should be. They’re happy and they make each other happy with all the little things, and I don’t know that they need a big gesture to keep things going. Of course, once in a while it would be nice, but not if it’s just because of a holiday. It should mean something, and just because it happened on February 14th, it doesn’t make it more meaningful. It just means it happened on a holiday that more and more people use as an excuse to exchange candy and eat chocolate. Candy and chocolate does not mean “I love you,” and it never will.

  67. For me, personally, I believe that Valentine’s Day is an excuse to dress up and buy gifts for your S.O. I’ve realized over years that there shouldn’t be a specific day to treat your partner, you should do this on a regular basis. I’ve had valentines before, and it’s always been overrated and superficial. I think that you shouldn’t show your love through flowers and chocolates, it should be deeper than that.

  68. @Ava Iserloth I agree and respectfully disagree with this. While I do support the idea that you should treat your partner anytime, and not just one day of the year but I think this holiday is meant to promote and motivate people to do something with the people they love. I am a sucker for dressing nicely and making gifts for my friends or significant other. Showing love should be deeper than chocolate and flowers, and I think people get lazy and assume that's all you need to get through Valentine's Day.

  69. I consider Valentine's Day a "Hallmark holiday," meaning that it is just a way for people to make money. Stores start putting candy out and cheesy stuffed animals months in advance to persuade consumers to buy them. Sure, I know that it is fun for preschoolers to exchange little cards. All kids love to stuff their face with candy, and that it is sweet to buy roses for your partner, even though your love should be deeper than that. But how many people really know the story of St. Valentine?

  70. @MC I’d have to agree that Valentine’s Day is somewhat a Hallmark holiday. I feel as a kid more so than now. While as a kid valentines was to exchange little cards and candy I feel now as a young adult in my teen years Valentine’s Day is a day to take time to appreciate who you’re with. Although it is a way stores make easy money with cheesy gifts, as busy teens and those who are married sometimes you need a day to really show your love. It’s a nice reminder even if it does seem a little forced.

  71. @MC Valentine's day has definitely changed as I have aged. When I was little, we used to go around the classroom and give out candy and little heart cards to everyone in the class to spread happiness. Recently, It's become a nice way to surprise your partner.

  72. @MC I also agree when I think of Valentine's Day I think of "Hallmark '' movies and shows. But also I think it could still be fun and meaningful to people of all ages.

  73. In my opinion this holiday is made up to make couples to have a competition of who can spent the most money. It is a day where significant others show who can out love the other person by spending hard earned money of things such as over priced chocolates and way to expensive dinners. In my opinion this holiday is hurting our economy and the future of chivalry.

  74. Valentine’s Day seems to focus on the commercial produces. I think that it’s better to actually spend time with the person instead of giving them a empty message in a empty gift. You don’t need to do what the commercials say. They want you to buy there products and hand them to someone but there is no meaning behind that. There is no message with a gift. So actually spending time with that loved person and showing them how much they mean to you is better then leaving them with a teddy bear, card, and some balloons.

  75. Valentine’s Day often takes the brunt of the bitterness of those who aren’t in a relationship. Many of my friends complain of being lonely on this romantic holiday, and cast it aside as insignificant. This negativity is broadcasted all over the internet. Everywhere I look I see it. Self-deprecating comments, posts about no one liking you, pleas for the slightest drop of attention. Although I try my best to avoid it, it’s hard not to let others impact my state of mind. Whenever I catch myself liking a post that makes me feel bad about myself, I question what I’m doing. Is this really what I want to feel like? A piece of advice I would give to those who might be feeling alone on Valentine’s Day is to remember how important you are. The most important love we must learn is embracing and appreciating ourselves. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first, and trust in your abilities.

  76. @Matalin Bloomfield I see what you're saying. This holiday is not made only for couples to celebrate their love, it's made for all love! Whether that's self love, family love or friendship love.

  77. Valentine's day is such a controversial topic for some odd reason. Every year The 14th of February seems to transform into a war between those who are single and those who are in a relationship. Though there is a lot of controversy surrounding the holiday I don't think there needs to be so much debate. People use this time of year to be bitter to others in their life because of their romantic status. That is completely ridiculous. Just because you aren’t in a relationship doesn't mean you need to make couples feel bad about enjoying themselves. You don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy either. There are plenty of people in your life you can love and they don’t need to be people you are romantically interested in. So many people automatically think "love" has a specific application to romance but the word applies to relationships that are platonic as well. We need to remember that loving someone doesn't necessarily mean that you are romantically interested in them. It just means you care a lot about them. You can love your significant other but you can also love your family and friends. Holidays are what you make of them. Just take the time to celebrate the important people in your life.

  78. I think that although Valentine’s Day is definitely what people call a “hallmark holiday”, it’s still worth celebrating for certain people. A Hallmark holiday is just a day that stores can make a lot of money off of by selling themed gifts. For me, this holiday doesn’t mean much because I have never had a “valentine”. However, I still enjoy, as I have since I was a kid, buying cute little gifts and candy for my friends and family. Although I definitely agree that expressing your love should be deeper than just this silly holiday, it doesn’t hurt to celebrate. It can be a good reminder to spend a little extra time with your significant other. Lastly, I believe that if you don’t want to celebrate this holiday, then you don’t have to. You can simply save it for those who want to participate in the festivities. Overall, I think that Valentine’s Day can either be a Hallmark holiday for stores to make money off of, or it can be a reminder for you to spend more time with and appreciate your loved ones.

  79. I think Valentine's Day can be good or bad. On the positive side, Valentine's Day is a day to appreciate your partner or friends and family and show your love for them. On the negative side it could be like a slap in the face to people who are single or don't have a strong relationship with their family. Overall, the holiday is about love and giving and appreciating the people who are there for you and love you. It can be a really cool way to have an excuse to dress up and go out and make cute gifts and cards for your friends and family. So I think Valentine's Day is a nice holiday.

  80. In elementary school I used to love Valentine’s Day. Every year my class would give Valentines to each other or sometimes even have a Valentine’s Day party. Over the years most people my age seem to get depressed around February 14th if they’re not in a relationship. People have turned this holiday into the exact opposite it’s supposed to be. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about loving others, not just your significant other. Instead of spreading love, people start bashing others who actually are happy on Valentine’s Day. To me this holiday has always been just another day. I don’t have any strong emotions towards it. Up until recently I didn’t understand why people hated or loved Valentine’s Day. You have to stop looking at Valentine’s Day as “just another Hallmark holiday”. You have to start looking at it as the day where you should spread more love.

  81. Valentine’s Day seems almost like a pointless holiday to me, it celebrates certain people and that’s it, just certain people. I could make the same argument for holidays like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa but those are religious holidays that actually has matter to a group of people. February 14th every year just seems like a pointless day and holiday since it really isn’t much of a special occasion. I have this one teacher who says he doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because why shower a person with gifts on one day when you can do that every day. It’s what my teacher and his wife stand for, there’s no need to give their special someone flowers or chocolates on February 14th when you can do that every day.

  82. @Ryan N Actually I think Valentine's day was considered a religious holiday.It was for Saint Valentines Day.But retailers have made it more of a way to sell a lot of candy and flowers which yes makes it more pointless so understand what your saying.

  83. I think that people's opinions on Valentine matters who you ask. The people who love it are people in a relationship or young children getting to have there Valentine's day party and get candy. They think it is excellent. But most single people don't love it. But I feel Valentine's day is not just for the love of your partner but your friends and even yourself. I love Valentine's day. I always go to chick-and get chicken minis in a heart box and get my friends Chick-fil-a.The only part I'm not too fond of it when people assume that a guy had to of been the person to get me the candy or chicken minis. But that shows you how much people assume that people aren't buying or getting this thing from yourself or friends. I was asked five times to show the particular person was show got my candy.But with all this, I still think its a fun holiday.

  84. I think most people have the wrong impression on Valentine’s Day. As much as it is a day to celebrate your love for your significant other, I think there is so much more to it. Every year my friends dread the 14th of February; they’re all sad because they’ve never had a valentine and it’s just another reminder that they’re alone. I have never had a valentine, but something about this holiday makes my hear so full. For as long as I can remember, my mom has always made sure Valentine’s Day was a special day. I wake up to my kitchen decorated in pink hearts and streamers a pink heart shaped pancakes sizzling on the pan; what a start to my morning. Although that is one of the bigger reasons why I love this holiday, the meaning behind it is so much more. I think Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate everyone you love, not just your significant other. It’s a day to remind you how lucky you are to have the friends, family, teachers, bosses, coworkers in your life who really make each and every day special. It’s a day to feel happy and feel loved and make other people feel just as loved and accepted as you do. So let’s stop hating on Valentine’s Day; let’s start to make February 14th a day of happiness and love again. Tell your friend you love them and are just so glad they are a part of your life. It may sound weird or feel embarrassing, but if someone said that to you how would you feel? So February 2021, wear a pink shirt and tell someone you love them!

  85. Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is a pointless holiday that couples rely on. On this day, couples are sweet and buy presents for each other and surround themselves with love. But after Valentine’s Day, everything returns to the normal status. Valentines day is set up for couples to post on Instagram, buy gifts, and order food from fancy restaurants. In reality, I believe that couples should spread this feeling throughout the year and not just save it for one day. Valentines is a pointless day of love. The only parts of Valentine’s Day that I’ve enjoyed was in elementary school when everyone would give out candy and have a party. That was the best time for all kids.

  86. @Anna Wince I too believe that Valentine’s Day is a pointless holiday because on this day couples take the time to give gifts and write sweet messages on Instagram but in reality couples should be doing this all the time not just saving it for Valentine’s Day. The only real reason for Valentine’s Day so for chocolate companies and card companies to make more money and it teaches our society that couples need to be more materialistic rather than always showing their loved ones love through other ways.

  87. @Anna Wince I don’t know about pointless. Valentine’s Day is not an Insta-holiday. It's a personal holiday. The 14th is a day for couples and friends to show their appreciation for each other and voice their love. It’s a time to rekindle new friendships and celebrate old ones. Originally this holiday was made for Saint Valentine. Valentine was a priest who believed in true love so much that he would marry people illegally. He did this for years deep in a forest and eventually became a Catholic Saint for his acts. Years late we celebrate in mid February to enact the same love he believed in, not just instagram shoutouts.

  88. @Anna Wince While I respect your opinion, I think you've misunderstood the entire point of the holiday. Yes a large portion is commercial, but the entire idea is spreading love. Love to your friends, family or significant other. You don't have to bring down other couples for their happiness on valentines day, your day will come.

  89. Valentine's Day is definitely something that holds a wide spectrum of opinions. On the surface, it is viewed as a holiday for couples but in reality, it is a day to show your loved ones you love them. It is also a way to celebrate love. Many will probably find this cheesy but love is powerful and it helps many people emotionally. This also relates to the correlation of having strong relationships with the people in ones life and happiness. Valentine's Day can be enjoyed by those who are single too, it is not just a holiday for couples. Even if that were the case, I think it would still be nice to be able to celebrate love itself, without the mushy couples and their PDA.

  90. @MS I agree that valentines day can be experienced by both singles and couples. It’s a holiday to celebrate relationships, not just romantic partnership. Whether that be with family, yourself, or with the homies is all acceptable on this holiday. Or you can spend it binge eating chocolate and just think that Halloween came early this year.

  91. Valentine’s Day today has many mixed reviews. Each person judges this holiday based on current life circumstances and I find it rather amusing to sit back and watch each person's take. Personally I define this holiday as a day of reminding the people in your life that you appreciate them. Whether it be a significant other, friend, family member, or even pet, it’s important to remind each other that they are cared for. Although many have the “perfect date” scenario replaying in their head as an ideal Valentine’s Day, I believe that any act of kindness and appreciation makes this holiday special.

  92. Valentines today have sort of a bad stigma around it for anyone who doesn't have a valentine. It is seen as a day that “makes you feel single in 1000 languages.” Personally, even the years when I was single I never felt this way. Valentine's day is more than just a day to spend with your significant other it is just to spread love as a whole. Since I can remember I have woken up on February 14th with candy, flowers, or donuts waiting for me. My dad has always woken up early to give me these special memories. This has nothing to do with my boyfriend, it's simply my father trying to make me feel special. The reason people feel lonely on this holiday is because they let themselves. They could choose to surround themselves with friends and family and actually enjoy themselves instead of sitting on their butt at home stuffing their face with candy.

  93. Valentines today have sort of a bad stigma around it for anyone who doesn't have a valentine. It is seen as a day that “makes you feel single in 1000 languages.” Personally, even the years when I was single I never felt this way. Valentine's day is more than just a day to spend with your significant other it is just to spread love as a whole. Since I can remember I have woken up on February 14th with candy, flowers, or donuts waiting for me. My dad has always woken up early to give me these special memories. This has nothing to do with my boyfriend, it's simply my father trying to make me feel special. The reason people feel lonely on this holiday is because they let themselves. They could choose to surround themselves with friends and family and actually enjoy themselves instead of sitting on their butt at home stuffing their face with candy.

  94. @Kali Hatcher I completely agree with you on this

  95. Valentine’s Day is for spending time with the ones you love. Most people spend it with their boyfriends or girlfriends, and others sit at home feeling lonely. I chose to spend my Valentine's Day curled up in my bed watching movies about love, stuffing my face with food. Everyone that I wanted to be with had their own plans. Out of town, with their boyfriend, or in trouble, there was nobody to hang out with. So I took it upon my own liberty to have a fun night to myself. I started off making dozens of chocolate covered strawberries for myself and for my parents to come home to after their date. Then ordered a pizza and got cozy. Pizza, chocolate covered strawberries, The Notebook, and my dog was a nice way to spend the night. Most single people seem to pity themselves of valentines day. They make jokes of being lonely and sad, but that can't be healthy. What makes one day so different from the rest? Spend it doing things you enjoy and that make you happy because sulking is just a waste of your time and energy.

  96. @Avery Lemley. I can relate .I don't really do much on Valentine's but eat a lot of food and be sad, but you're right just because you're alone, doesn't mean you have to sulk, you can just spend time with your family because at the end of the day, those are the ones that will ride with you till the very end.

  97. I sometimes forget what Valentine's Day is really for since it has been modernized. As a Catholic, in the back of my head, it will always remind me that this is supposed to be a day to honor St. Valentine. He is the patron saint of lovers, which started what Valentine's Day is today. But otherwise, the day should be celebrated with the people you love, and not just your significant other. You could also spend the day with people you appreciate such as co-workers, friends, and others. As for couples, they shouldn't use this day as an excuse to show all of their love. They should have been showing their love throughout the year. It pains me when I see people being all sad just because they don't have a valentine. I mean, as long as you're spending time with someone you appreciate, it's what makes the day special.

  98. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance for some, a day of chocolate and cards for others, but for many, it is a day of bitter desperation and lots of tears of sadness. Every year when Valentine’s Day comes around, I hear my friends whine about how they don’t have boyfriends. They go on about how much better the day would be if they had someone share it with.In my opinion, I don’t need a boyfriend, I am happy with some funny and sweet romance movies and a big box of candy. What I do find interesting about Valentine’s Day is how it came to be. Though this holiday makes big bucks for candy and card companies, they did not create the tradition. The holiday began with a priest known as Valentine, his illegal activities, and the price he paid. Anyway, that's my genuine opinion on valentines day this year.

  99. Valentine's Day is a day of love. All kinds of love. I don't think Valentine's day is only about celebrating romantic love despite what it is so often promoted to be. Otherwise the day would simply be filled with tears of joy and sadness. My friends and I celebrate our mutual love for each other and the importance of our bond. Romantic relationships bring both happiness (to those in the relationship) and pain (to those no longer in a relationship or those who haven't been in a relationship yet). There are a lot of people in the world who are single and, in order for everyone to know they are loved, I think everyone should celebrate more than just romantic relationships. Because Valentine's Day is a day of love and everyone deserves love.

  100. The meaning of Valentines Day is to be a day to show your love and affection to a significant other. Primarily, it is a day where you gift your loved ones a sign of what they truly mean to you. While I don’t celebrate it as much as others, I still respect the idea and what people will do for others. This is a day not everyone enjoys either, some despise this holiday due to loneliness and envy. However, it should be a day that people understand why it is celebrated. I like to spend my Valentine’s Day with my friends and occasionally my family if I’m not dating anyone. But I do understand the anger and frustration of others. This past Valentine’s Day I chose to hangout at my house by myself. I ordered a pizza and watched a movie and found what I truly love.

  101. @Ben Galvanoni It has been said that love conquers all. It is ironic that the true origins of Valentine's Day dates back to a Roman festival where women were paired with husbands in a lottery fashion. I find this comedic given today Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday that creates a lot of silly pressure to give out flowers and chocolate in the name of love. Some single people feel left and jealous on a holiday that mostly benefits florists, card companies and underwear manufacturers. They feel lonely if they do not have a partner.. I doubt this is the intention of the holiday. But, anyone who feels this way shouldn’t complain or feel sad. Instead, they should just surround themselves with other people and have fun not because of Valentine’s Day but in spite of it.

  102. I love Valentines day! I think it's an amazing holiday to just bring loved ones closer to one another as well as appreciate and show how much you love someone as well as recognize how much someone cares for you. I spent Valentines with y family and boyfriend as well as my best friend and it couldn't have been better. I believe you should always show love towards others, but Valentines makes sure of that when people get busy with their lives.

  103. @Carly, Everybody wants to know how much they are loved. And Valentine's day kinda just objectifies love, and I don't think thas right. Love shouldn't be celebrated one day out of the year. The main reason I don't like Valentine's day is because our society profits off of it. Love isn't about flowers and chocolates. And what about the people that don't have a family, friends, or boyfriends. Valentine's day must be a really sucky day for them.

  104. I am not a big fan of Valentine's day. I think it's an ok holiday. I just feel like its a holiday where love ones buy each other gifts just to show they love on another, and I don't need someone to buy me something to show me they love me.

  105. @Bridget Lassiter I agree. People should be able to express their love without having to buy things for them. Also a holiday shouldn't be an excuse to only show their appreciation on that day.

  106. I believe Valentine's day is a very hypocritical holiday. It's a day where we're supposed to show our love for people, yet that's what we should be doing on a daily basis. It makes people think that it's one of the few days they have to do something kind for another. With that being said, I am one of those people. I think it's fun to fix up something to let someone know how much I appreciate them even though I should be doing it anyway. I don't think it should come to a situation where someone has to buy me stuff to show that they love me.

  107. @Madalynn Larson, This is very true and very wrong at the same time. Sure we should love who we love on a daily basis, but it can also serve as a special occasion to do something amazing, something that might seem a little of on a daily basis. Although we should always love our loved ones, it doesn't hurt to remind us to do so.

  108. I might be a bit late but to me, valentine's day has its cons and pros. It is a holiday that is welcoming to all, but only accepts a few. It singles out the single people and praises those who not single. It also serves a reminder to keep loving those who you love.

  109. To me, Valentines day is very important and crucial holiday for those who celebrate it. Although some may think it gives people the excuse of being loving only once a year, people like me, that show tremendous amounts of love and appreciation to those that ask for it, see the holiday as a time of joy and love. Unfortunately, I have not had someone to express my feelings towards during this time, I still appreciate the holiday for what it is and what it accomplishes for millions everywhere. Being a very emotional person also helps me appreciate the purpose of this holiday that much more.