Trump and Bloomberg’s Twitter Fight: ‘Like if a Rap Battle Was on CNBC’

“We should just put these two old billionaires on a jungle island with sharp sticks and force them to hunt each other,” Jimmy Kimmel said on Thursday.

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  1. I'm still pretty skeptical about whether a billionaire can unite the party or stop Bernie, but I have to admit that I've gained a lot of respect for Bloomberg since he got in the race. He's almost 80 and one of the richest men in the world, but instead of settling down to enjoy his wealth he's spending it like water to attack Trump - and not to go after the other candidates.

  2. @Paul Exactly correct. As a smart, tough, actual billionaire Bloomberg is in a unique position to take it to Trump in ways other Democrats cannot, as he did in this tweet. And since Citizens United every candidate is trying to buy their office; at least Bloomberg is doing it with his own money.

  3. @Pat Better than Trump, Bloomberg is spending his money openly. He hasn't started a charity with other folks' money and spent the money on himself! Importantly Bloomberg hasn't gone bankrupt several times, like Trump, and then paid his debts with pennies on the dollar. Bloomberg is intelligent and will undo a lot of the crooked things Trump has done and continues to do. Importantly, B. is not a hero but a man who done well; yes, he has made some mistakes and acknowledged them, unlike Trump who says he is a stable genius and never wrong!

  4. Bloomberg knows Trump better than Trump knows Bloomberg.

  5. Bloomberg is the best option. There is so much in the news right now about frisk and search, but he's done much to support and uplift the black community while he was mayor of NYC. He started the Greenwood initiative, which was then emulated by the Obama administration in My Brother's Keeper. The gap between test scores and graduation rates for black students compared to white students was the smallest it had ever been during his time as mayor. Incarceration and crime rates for black constituents also dropped dramatically. Trump is threatened and paranoid and he has every reason to be.

  6. Bloomberg is also spending his own money. While some people (primarily his dem opponents) accuse him of 'buying' this, what does it say about someone and their conviction that they are willing to sink nearly a third of a BILLION dollars of their own money to win a fight that will protect, heal, and unify this country? Because he isn't accepting donations, it also means that he can't be bought by special interest groups and lobbyists. I think the only other politician that comes to mind that could say that was Beto O'Rourke when he ran for Senate in TX.

  7. Trevor Noah is getting on my nerves. Belaboring 'Stop and Frisk" was a step too far. There are undoubtedly incidents in the lives of every candidate that can be classified as mistakes or bad judgment . . . No one is perfect, but for all the good qualities Bloomberg could bring to the office of the President, I am willing to forgive and for the sake of our country, the voters should forgive too. We can all see what a shambles Trump has made of our country with Barr and Stone and his collection of terrible cabinet choices. He is a true wrecking ball. And the long list of candidates the Democrats have presented us has managed to confuse the voters mightily. November is closing in on us and we need to look to the moment not only the past.

  8. @Steve Yes, I agree. This evidence of Bloomberg's explicit policy of racially-based police harassment is not such a big deal. I thought Trevor Noah was funny until he started helping me understand the experience of racism that people of color face each day. This has become way too uncomfortable. I will stop listening to him now, and then I won't think about the implications of what Noah said because, as a white person, I don't have to think about it. People of color should just forgive and forget! Racism is all their fault, not the fault of rich and powerful white people who initiate explicitly racist policies, and then say that those policies are still too harsh... on white people! Not.

  9. This is not a good look. I appreciate that Mike has apologized, but this issue will drag him down a bit. It is disappointing, because I think he may be the candidate who could best defeat the Donald. We'll see. I do believe that stop-and-frisk is a dehumanizing policy for the people affected by it. And I am a white guy doing fine. There are some neighborhoods in NYC where the police have not found a good system for managing the violence, and other challenges. But that does not mean it is ok to pursue policies that are disrespectful and demoralizing. That is not ok.

  10. @RAB Agree. And it’s one step away from putting kids in cages. His ability (or lack thereof) to find viable, humane solutions to our current problems is an issue.

  11. It's about time. Bloomberg's response to Trump is exactly what Democrats have failed to deliver for 3 years: a strong, immediate response in kind. Ignoring a bully or hoping that better angels will prevail does not work, especially in politics. Sometimes you have to hit back and show that you are not intimidated, and finally someone has done that in a way cleverly designed to strike at some of Trump's weakest points.

  12. Bloomberg knows Trump better than Trump knows Bloomberg. He is doing exactly what is needed to get under Trump’s skin and enrage him. Pundits are complaining about all the ads, but, all jokes aside, he is bringing his face and anti-Trump message right to Trump every day, multiple times. Trump simply cannot resist watching because it is about Trump (why staff learned to put the Trump name on every page of every document). Trump’s lackeys (like Fox) like the money Bloomberg is spending on the ads more than they love Trump. They will not turn down the money and if they balk Bloomberg is rich enough to pay what is needed to keep up the needling campaign I don’t know if this will get Bloomberg elected but it will certainly be the only effective way to break through and enrage Trump. And an enraged Trump is an angry, tweeting, sloppy Trump. His true believers will not be swayed but the marginal folks will definitely not like it.

  13. "When I terminated John Kelly, which I couldn’t do fast enough, he knew full well that he was way over his head. Being Chief of Staff just wasn’t for him. He came in with a bang, went out with a whimper, but like so many X’s, he misses the action & just can’t keep his mouth shut" If you stare carefully enough at any of Trump's utterances they usually tell you what he is really worrying about (just delete all the garbage): John Kelly, Chief of Staff, just can’t keep his mouth shut. Imagine what else he knows! Just imagine if John Kelly fully opened up and told us everything he saw in there. How many other crimes and slimy deals did he see? How much rank incompetence did he have to turn a blind eye to each day? There is nothing a con man hates more than honesty. Of course, Trump's ultimate defense is that none of it would be surprising and seems not to matter to almost anyone who matters under the electoral college.

  14. Bloomberg is the only one who can expose trump for the liar, cheat, fraud, and fake billionaire that he is. If he wants to spend his billions saving our democracy I am all for it. He has earned my vote.

  15. @CP I hope Democrats take a lesson here. Toe to toe no holds barred, attack , attack, attack. This is Trumps modus operandi. I am sorry needed to be said. I leaning toward voting for Bloomberg. In illinois we have a billionaire governor. Ambivalent, but Trump has to go. Can you hear it if Bernie gets the nomination "socialist, socialist socialist lock him up lock him up. " Bernie is a good man and I agree with him on most issues , but the US is not ready for him. We will be but not today.

  16. @sschulz If Bernie wins, it brings out Trumpers or just anti-Socialists big time to vote against him. I also think a bunch of the same people will vote come out to vote against him because he's (barely) Jewish. On the other hand, if Bernie wins, the young people who did not get excited about Hillary will hopefully come out and vote en masse for him.

  17. Bumper crop year for comedians. Politics without comedy would lead many to suicide. Why can't America vote a comedian in the highest office like Ukraine did? I'd vote for Trevor Noah! Or Stephen Colbert, or Samantha Bee!

  18. @Nicholas Really? We already have a clown and look how that has turned out.

  19. It’s a bad idea because those comedians have a legion of writers feeding them the jokes and nuanced points they make.

  20. @Phaque Di’Aronald Jay Chump Sounds just like politicians, who don't write much of their material either! Every single late night host is smarter and better informed than trump, plus they tell more truth than anyone and back it up with quotes qnd clips.

  21. This makes me think of Trevor's "You Laugh, But It's True". Except that the non-funny reality of it is that after the next election, we may be again lead by billionaires, whether Trump or Bloomberg. Personally I would recommend Bloomberg, as though he may be cut from the same cloth as Trump, he's a bit more polished...

  22. @Catwhisperer I fail to see that Trump is cut from the same cloth as Bloomberg. Bloomberg is a self-made man worth over 50 billion dollars. Trump uses other people's money, mismanages that money, claims bankruptcy, gets favors, and starts all over again with the same scams. He is a loser with a capital L. And an evil person.

  23. No one is perfect. We all wish there were things we hadn't said. Stop and Frisk was wrong. Mike apologized for it. Mike also did more than apologize he gave a major policy address on righting centuries of wrong for the African American community. This is what people should be talking about. Its an amazing and visionary policy document. Its too bad the writers didn't mention it and try to make some humor out of it as its really misleading to frame Mike as a racist when he is the guy that will fight for social justice.

  24. Beiber can skate!

  25. Bloomberg is also saying that redlining was good. I guess that's what being a billionaire does to you. Human beings are just so many pawns on a chessboard you get to move around.

  26. Bloomberg is a class act. trump is a crass act. What more needs be said? Except maybe to quote the old aphorism, that "Good things come in small packages".

  27. Mike is so much smarter (not to mention 30 times richer) than Trump that there can only be one outcome to any battle between the two. It doesn't matter that Trump is president - he's a charlatan, an emperor with no clothes (yuck to that thought!). I watch Bloomberg's ads and they just make me so happy. Every word he says in those ads is true and he's using Trump's own language against him to defeat him, it's marvelous. The fact that Trump is a fake while Bloomberg is the real deal means that Bloomberg is impervious to being upset by Trump, and when he says "you're on the right track when Trump tweets you" he means it! Can you imagine Trump's face when he reads "I'm not afraid of you, and I have the RESOURCES to beat you!" Calling a man worth $30 billion a loser? Not even Trump's mindless minions are stupid enough to fall for THAT!

  28. Trump called Bloomberg a "tiny man" and Bloomberg said "where I come from we measure height from the neck up." I like to see Trump outTrumped. You know, Trump is right to think the whole world is against him. I wonder why that is? Do you suppose Trump will ever figure it out?

  29. Where's the coverage of Samantha Bee in the late night round up??

  30. Kimmel comes close. If Bloomberg really wants to do right, he should buy out Fox.