Playing on Kansas City Radio: Russian Propaganda

Radio Sputnik, a propaganda arm of the Russian government, began broadcasting on three Kansas City-area radio stations during prime drive time.

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  1. So the FCC is fine with Russia Propaganda being disseminated over the air waves because it is free speech?? This is what the US did to try to quash communism in the mid 1900s and now we’re allowing this to be done to brainwash our citizens? It is all in the name of free speech? This is one step further than what Sinclair is doing in broadcasting untruths and fake news. The fall of the United States is not far behind if we continue to allow these infringements to occur.

  2. I agree, It’s unacceptable.

  3. We’ve gotten tot he point in this country that if someone can whine about losing money on a deal that somehow we need to protect that individual, no matter how reckless that enterprise is. Allowing this broadcast to occur is outrageous, and stopping it is a simple matter so long as some people can manage to to put the country’s interest ahead of their own. Sadly we don’t see much of this happening now a days.... the acquittal of DJT by the GOP being a prime example of this.

  4. The expression is to be "sold down the river", not up, and refers to a slave in the milder slavery of the border states being sold to a cotton plantation in the Deep South. And old-time Soviet propaganda referred to it as a paradise, not a paradise lost. Writers should pay some attention to what they write. Aside from that, this is a appalling situation. Cannot the station's license be revoked because it is acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government?

  5. @Jonathan Katz "Cannot the station's license be revoked because it is acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government?" --yes but then Trump would send his minions to the FCC and whoever signed off on revoking the license would be marched out by flak jacketed black ops guards with semi-automatics. The next day we'd learn that every LPFM license in the country would be revoked if those stations DON'T broadcast Sputnik all day long. I hope I'm wrong but we're in dark days here.

  6. Ever think that Trump is promoting global warming to make Russia a temperate zone, and thereby the new superpower? In exchange for Putin getting him elected and reelected?

  7. It’s interesting to note that the overarching aim of the propaganda is to sew division in U.S. society. It seems to be working. My conservative family turn their backs on anyone who supports women’s choices with respect to abortion and the pill. And I turn my back on supporters of the Trump administration and other Russians and bigots. I’m having great difficulty relating to my own family members and friends under the banner of our shared heritage and political history when we see those narratives so differently. Can we come together if our children’s lives depend upon it?

  8. @Julie Velde Unfortunately reaching republicans may be a bridge to far. It may be time is to part ways peacefully. They can keep Trump.

  9. The worst damage to our democracy from foreign influence in our news media has been from a far-right Australian -- Rupert Murdoch. Russia's influence is insignificant by comparison. If Murdoch and Moscow are the price of free speech, we just have to pay it. The alternative (when we tried it) has been even worse.

  10. Usage alert to interview subject Anita Dixon, concerning her historic jazz station's frequency's new tenant: One is not sold "up" the river, but sold "down" the river. This is a reference to the domestic slave trade in the 19th century, when those held in slavery in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys could be sold to new cotton plantations along the Mississippi. One is "sent up the river," which is a 20th century reference to convicted prisoners being transported to serve their sentences at Sing Sing prison, which is upriver from New York City.

  11. So the Traditional Values the station wishes to uphold are old-fashioned communist values? Or just old-fashioned capitalist greed? So confusing least the owner is making money. That's the main thing in America.

  12. There should be a comprehensive story about how the right, the far right and the farther right took over AM radio from coast to coast. This is unprecedented in American history to have one set of political and social views dominate an entire communications medium. This is important enough to warrant continuing news coverage. Some years ago I was driving across Louisiana and Texas and flipping around the radio dial. In Texas, I landed on an AM station where the guest was espousing wild conspiracy theories and basically saying that the government in DC was both worthless and out of control. As the program came to a conclusion, the host said, "Thank you, Congressman, for coming on today." I was stunned that this was a member of Congress speaking. His words could have come from a extremist like Alex Jones. I suspect this subject has not been covered fully in the Times and elsewhere because it seems to be under the radar. Yet, across the nation, right wing, AM radio has enormous influence in helping to form how people view the world. The radio hosts play to what people believe, they don't challenge. Instead they expand popular viewpoints into radical, hateful conclusions and they have no investment in cooperation, only conflict.

  13. There has been great concern over the last three plus years about Russian influence on the 2016 election and rightfully so yet right wing radio talkers have likely had vastly more impact. They are on the air for hours and hours every day, people listen on car radio when driving around and then many go home at night and watch the right wing propagandists on Fox News. The right has a lock on the minds of millions through these outlets.

  14. @Doug Terry 30 years ago I was driving across Illinois and listening to AM Radio and I couldn't believe the content. I thought Good God, these folks have nazis out here! It was Rush Limbaugh- I had never heard his stuff. Rancid hatred of other Americans- it's been a slow poisoning of our public well for decades.

  15. @Doug Terry The "liberal" (in the sense of capitalist) media has whinged plenty about the pernicious influence of right wing radio and television. The question is why people choose to seek out such alternatives, whether they be far right wing hate speech or Russian propaganda. To me, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the corporate media, which has failed to meaningfully challenge power and has been complicit in the coverups of the most shameful excesses of American imperialism.

  16. Aren’t the airwaves a PUBLIC resource? We need better regulations to keep the propagandists out. A better way to support free speech is to break up the media empires controlled by the few. No one person or entity should have overwhelming control of the public discourse. Support your local Public Radio and TV!

  17. On a related note, the press should report on cable companies like Spectrum charging $13.95 a month to customers for broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.) which are free over the airwaves. The concept of free broadcasts has been whittled away.

  18. @Sharon C. Where possible, put up an antenna!

  19. Imagine this happening during Reagan's 1980s. The truly scary part about this is that common sense tells us that this isn't right - at first. People will slowly start to get used to it and even come to like the pro Trump talking points. More Radio Sputnik's will begin to be saturated across the country, maybe in your home town/city.

  20. Living as neighbours to eternal Russia, regardless if imperial, soviet or now simulated democracy, we are immune to their propaganda efforts. I truly hope the American people understand what they will be listening to. One should listen, but simultaneously detect what is the real purpose of the messaging. Thus Sputnik becomes fun entertainment, but not the way intended.

  21. @Harald easier said than done when you have Trump as president.

  22. @Harald True enough. The best buttress to propaganda is an informed populace.

  23. @Harald Thanks to Finland's education system, your citizens are empowered to analyze & probe information. It is truly your "Department of Defense" against "invasion"! In the USA, critical thinking skills are not taught...thus producing a citizenry (well, a populace) that swallows sound bites all day & that is incapable of questioning anything. No one is taught to dissect takes civic work to be a good citizen; but a great percentage of the population prefers to make time for bread & circuses.

  24. "What was once Radio Moscow was reborn as Radio Sputnik in 2014." Their replacing the scary 'Moscow' with the innocuous 'Sputnik' is very telling. These kinds of marketing tactics -- geared to a larger effort to incrementally promote internal dissent among naive, susceptible Americans -- seem designed to unravel and negate the innumerable positives that our far-from-perfect (but nonetheless enormously praiseworthy) country has achieved. Be aware, and beware.

  25. "We’ve always put on voices and people that wouldn’t be able to get on anyplace else,” In other words, they've always aired propaganda, only now they're being paid to do it by an enemy government.

  26. Or now given the people chance to speak is called propaganda? America should just ban the free speech altogether, then there will be no fear of propaganda.

  27. Radio Sputnik propaganda is a direct threat to our values and system of government. In this country we were able to bring wealth inequality to historic levels without any subversive uprisings. Where there was one small chance of it, with the Occupy movement, that was quickly nipped in the bud with highly critical media coverage and strict law enforcement. We are still able to employ the label "socialist" as a pejorative against any collectivist attempts to reverse this meritocratic result, as is being done in the current Democratic primary season against those who stray and attract undue popular support. Not to mention our ability to use force to promote Democracy in places like Libya and Venezuela. Allowing Radio Sputnik free rein is essentially handing the country over to Bernie Sanders.

  28. @Edwin, Russia is no longer communist. McConnell cut a deal with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska to open a factory in Kentucky so as to avoid US sanctions on his aluminum. The NRA has funneled Russian money to several Republican candidates. So, maybe this is what you mean? Handing the primary election to Bernie Sanders?

  29. I believe in free speech. I believe people need to be informed as to who they are listening to. It becomes propaganda when the speakers fail to identify what their biases are and spin false narratives. Some people will believe anything, just look at the crowd at a Trump rally. You can’t fix stupid, but you can force those they are listening to to identify who they are working for.

  30. Well, I would understand your reason if the station was name as say Radio Freedom or Voice of the US, but station is called Sputnik, clearly reference to Russia. On top of that the station was forced to register as a foreign agent. How much more identification so you need to decide what kind of bias they have? Interesting, that when Russia introduced the law about the foreign agents the American media was the first to criticize the law as undemocratic, although forgetting to mention that the US has similar law, but I guess it is only in America important to identify who is who.

  31. Propaganda can still be effective even when it’s source is know. The point of propaganda is to slowly influence the listener’s worldview through repeated exposure to bias and half-truths which are often mixed with factual reports to lend them legitimacy This whole situation is an excellent example of the tolerance paradox. Unrestricted tolerance will eventually be taken advantage of by the intolerant as a way to spread their intolerance.

  32. @Bill The nice thing about calling something propaganda; inconvenient facts can be dismissed as such. Like stolen emails The "stupid" sometimes fail to grasp that.

  33. Free speech more dangerous than Al Jazeera?

  34. @MikeG Free speech is a right granted to all Americans by our Constitution. ALL AMERICANS. NOT RUSSIANS.

  35. @Larry True. Then why do we hate any discussion of Sharia and take steps to suppress/prevent it?

  36. Dupes for Dollars should be one of their radio call-in shows.

  37. "We tell you things the liberal media will not." Indeed. Things like lies and propaganda expressly aimed at undermining our democracy. And these people call themselves patriots.

  38. @Michaels832 such as? Can you give some examples of things they've lied about?

  39. The collapse of our democracy is now complete.

  40. I await the day when American media companies are able to broadcast for six hours a day on Russian terrrestial radio stations.

  41. As a KC native I look upon this despicable attempt to persuade the gullible to believe the indefensible simply another example of why we must remain vigilant and aware of Russian attempts to undermine our democracy. The deliberate broadcasting over an important part of our local African American musical history is an affront to all here in KC and should be continually called out for what it is: hate-mongering, racist propaganda meant to serve only the Vlad. Tune them out.

  42. The complexity of the First Amendment is here on display. Some see “free speech” as a license to say anything—that includes false, evil, unethical, or propagandistic drivel. With over $300,000 over 3 years involved, even the monetary notion of “free” is not all that clear. And—please—let’s not delve to the childish level of “gosh, what’s true or false, evil or not, ethical or unethical, or propagandistic drivel or objective educational information is all relative.” It ain’t. But the First Amendment needs to be periodically revisited. It’s complex, but it’s subject to common sense, not just abuse—the classic yelling “Fire!” in a crowded auditorium when none exists, for example.

  43. @rjon There are two situations in which free speech in America stops. One is the equivalent of yelling Fire! in a crowded venue when there is no fire, and the second is the equivalent of what lawyers call "Fighting words". I'm mostly upset that Fox, Rush, Jones, Hannity, etc., continue to spew their lies and negative spin, without being stopped. They clearly violate both of those two free speech limits.

  44. Everything’s up to date in Kansas City...they’ve gone about as far as they can go! FAIL!

  45. “It’s sad, but not astonishing, that an American entrepreneur would put business above patriotism,” Patriotism ends at the wallet

  46. So can someone do the same thing on a Russian radio station and disparage the Russian gov't and leadership?

  47. “In the United States, talk radio on Sputnik covers the political spectrum from right to left, but the constant backbeat is that America is damaged goods.” After undergoing decades of US propaganda efforts to destabilize the Soviet Union and Eastern bloc, Putin must have a feeling of smug satisfaction. And, Russian agitprop or no, there is some truth to the above proposition.

  48. Given that we now know that people will believe anything, this is very dangerous.

  49. Free speech should not include shooting ourselves in the foot! I vote to eliminate forgein influence in our PUBLIC airwaves! Great case for exposing a case of profits over country. How about re-citing the Pledge of Allegiance while you read this article! Joe C.

  50. What are the frequencies of the radio stations that broadcast Russian propaganda in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.? That information would be highly useful. I had no idea this is happening in my region!

  51. @Julie Veld That’s not going to be tricky for folks in the area to figure out. There is a way to fix this....

  52. I'm waiting to hear the reactions of Donald Trump, Devin Nunes, Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan and Mitch McConnell to this story. (Remember the good old days when Republicans posed as patriots?)

  53. I'm sure they'll be very pleased. The more Russian propaganda the more likely the Republicans stay in power. Funny how the Russians are using Republicans (not Democrats) to destroy America.

  54. @G Pecos Brilliant point!

  55. @ Jim, no , I honestly can’t remember when republicans acted like true patriots.

  56. I am not surprised that this is happening. Our democracy is under attack from the inside out by using the very same rules which makes it such a great idea. Everything has two ways it can be used. Either for the good of the people or the bad. It is only relative to which side you choose to support. To not look at what motivates people's actions is a problem run rampant in our country these days. Money and power are the biggest motivators and with the power, you control the money. Since our country has been in power all the other countries have and will continue to use the money they have to take away our power. The best way to kill a beast is through the confusion of what makes it think it cannot be killed. We are about to lose like we never thought possible through our own self destruction.

  57. Russia’s only blunder is calling this Radio Sputnik. Rebrand it as Radio MAGA and you’re good to go.

  58. @Tom Baroli Maybe they called it "Sputnik" because younger audiences wouldn't make the Russian connection. It is surprising, that word was used.

  59. @Tom Baroli That worked out well for Jussie Smollett, didn't it?

  60. I am appalled that a Russian Propaganda Radio Show is being broadcast anywhere in America! What is wrong with Missouri that their citizens are allowing this? It is not a matter of free speech. There are plenty of American radio shows that speak out against progressive ideas and leaders. But Russia? Really? WARNING: This is how Communism and Fascism take root, especially with the current administration.

  61. We already appear to be on the road to Facism. Quoting Primo Levi in her book, Facism: A Warning, Madeleine Albright writes “Every age has its own Facism” . The world today has many countries leaning away from democracy towards Facism, including our own. Sharply divided government, Senate Republicans, failure to impeach; McConnell’s lock on his caucus; his preventing any legislation on his desk to go to the floor; the Republican vote against bills to halt interference in the election; the suppression of voting rights and the Facist-in-chief, Donald J. Trump, whose stranglehold on our government is going unchecked. He does not speak for me.

  62. Their football team has a Russian quarterback now. In football the quarterback can be a murderer, a rapist, a traitor, and we all know it doesn’t matter as long as the tailgate parties continue and our team wins.

  63. @Christina You do know who is in the White House?

  64. Does this truly surprise anyone? Welcome to Trump's America. It's only going to get worse given that the Dems are handing him 2020 on a silver platter.

  65. While this is certainly egregious, I'm not sure it is that much worse than an AM Radio station that airs talk show hosts like Rush Lamebrain all day long. Since the FCC got rid of the Fairness Doctrine in the 1980s, radio, especially the AM dial, has become a wasteland of nonstop right-wing garbage. he days of legitimate, informative and well-funded news stations on the radio are long gone.

  66. @Dave I think that there is fundamentally difference between Russian propaganda outlets and Limbaugh, Hannity and their likes. Their ultimate goals - and therefore the consistency of their content - are not the same. Limbaugh, Hannity and their likes are showbiz hacks caught up in their own celebrity. They lie as much as Trump, and would gladly say anything to make a buck, but they are not conspiratorial. Propaganda arms like RT are focused on weakening the American government for the specific purposes of removing American challenges to their corrupt chicanery around the globe. They are quite literally the mob.

  67. @Randy Hardwick With all due respect, Limbaugh, Hannity & company ARE the mob inciting the rest of the (MAGA) mob. Propaganda, whether foreign or homegrown, is not acceptable. But don't fool yourself: you have been propagandized (read: brainwashed) 24/7 from the day you could walk & talk to worship the "exceptionalism" meme. Your school textbooks can attest to that. Propaganda fuels holocausts.

  68. Boycott that station, Kansas! Let’s not underestimate the power of many and the power of the consumer. Stop listening!

  69. @Sarah G Again, the station is located in a small town north of Kansas City, MISSOURI.

  70. So, Fox has competition? Paving the way to oligarchy is too profitable not to be coveted by the unscrupulous.

  71. @Robert FL Not competition, they are hand in glove and Putin is calling the shots. These Americans seem to be not only un-American but actively anti-American as they greedily gobble up the propaganda feed which now also spews on Fox......the airwaves belong to the public and this must be stopped.....the fact that Rush Limbaugh was recently honored was truly sickening, a hateful hate-monger, a pathetic drug addict ....he does not represent American values, he is the anthesis of American values and he gets paid a fortune to spew hate....he did not even graduate college.He has smoked and ate and abused RX all through his meaningless life and I for one will be glad when he is no longer among the living. I know that is a terrible thing to say but it is honest.

  72. @Sandra Garratt I may agree somewhat with your dislike of Russians on US radio, but your words about Limbaugh are hate. He made mistakes and has shortcomings and made me angry. It is not good to hate over it.

  73. America, this is beyond stupid

  74. @JF We left stupid in the dust back in 2017, the day Trump took the oath of office.

  75. Shame on you !

  76. “A capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with.” Truest thing Lenin ever said.

  77. Anything for money Peter or should the name be Judas. Your only job is to take information from a country dedicated to our demise and spew it out. Are your friends and family proud of you?

  78. Vladimir Ilich Lenin — 'The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.'

  79. I will bet 100 dollars to dumplings that the trolls that run this are all trumper supporters. But hey, what do I know? I mean in Russia we have lots of our own radio stations right? Giving the Russian people a chance to debate the merits of the czar. We as a nation would frown upon a neo nazi radio station and probably label it as hate speech. But Russia being the freedom loving country and beacon to all freedom lovers everywhere can operate right hear in our own country. Hail Caesar!

  80. @Bigglesworth Well we do have Voice of America, a news organization run by the state department that broadcasts not just in Russia, but in many other countries around the world. It provides information people wouldn’t otherwise get, albeit with a slant that supports US government priorities.

  81. Russia does allow the foreign countries including the US to broadcast in Russia, they even do not require them to register as a foreign agents as in America. I guess undemocratic Russia is not afraid of the American propaganda.

  82. Raise your hand if you're surprised. Kansas is the reddest of red states, and the GOP has already spouted Russian propaganda (see: Ukraine conspiracy theories) at high volume. They're just cutting out the middle man. The GOP is a disease.

  83. @Nathan Hansard actually it’s fairly middle-of-the-road for a red state. They’ve elected female Democrats twice as governor the past 20 years, including most recently. Don’t usually see that in the reddest of red states.

  84. @Nathan Hansard it's Kansas City, Missouri that's broadcasting this stuff, just FYI.

  85. @Nathan Hansard Again, this station is located north of Kansas City, MISSOURI.

  86. So, Americans are paying for the broadcast of Radio Free Russia?

  87. @David Bible, Russian government is paying for this broadcast to influence US voters into voting for candidates who will promote policies favorable to Russian oligarchs, as well as a by-product of benefiting wealthy oligarchs here.

  88. Follow the money, less the content!

  89. Khruchev said that they " Russia/Soviets" would take over without firing a shot. Anyone who read the book Animal Farm will recall at the end of the book the rulers Pigs are playing cards with the enemy Men and the animals looking in the window cannot tell who is who as they all look the same. This is an important point; Trump and Putin are linked and Trump does not see Putin/Russia as an enemy. Trump is only concerned with his own money making and he does not care about anything beyond that. He has no issues with Dictators as he would be rich and that is the Only thing that concerns Trump. This is obvious as he has never concerned himself with human rights as it does not effect him. Infact Trump believes he could make more money under a dictatorship as he could do whatever he wanted and not be concerned with laws and courts etc. Anyone who does not see this Russian radio and the election interference all being part of the "without firing a shot" Khruchev told us years ago is kidding themselves. The Russians just needed someone with zero morals and completely self absorbed who lies without even thinking and who lies to the point many believe him and they achieve what they wanted: destruction of the Point of Light and Hope for Freedom seeking people the world over. Trump is the Most DANGEROUS person ever in the White House and people refuse to see just how Dangerous he is. God save the Republic !!

  90. @John I just passed my 86th birthday. I hope I live long enough to learn the basis of Putin's hold on Donald John Trump, aka American president, pro tem.

  91. @John "Khruchev said that they " Russia/Soviets" would take over without firing a shot"... America has taken a page from that playbook & has successfully invaded all corners of the world for the last 70+ years...economic, cultural, & political imperialism can taste like a soft drink, a movie, etc.

  92. @John And why didn't Mr. Mueller take his investigation any further than he did? Why did he let Mr. Barr spin the Mueller Report with such obvious distortions? The Mueller Report soft-pedaled the collusion and covered up the conspiracy. All those indictments were for obvious malfeasance he couldn't ignore. Really, if you think about it, Americans aren't much more "free" relative to knowing what is going on in the world, what our government is up to, than are the Chinese stuck behind the "great firewall" the CCP has put in place to control what they are permitted to know. I feel bad ranting about this...but there...I got it off my chest.

  93. How is this different than the dividers Limbaugh and Hannity attacks on America? Their goal is to divide America same as the Russians. Free speech is free, propaganda isn’t!

  94. @Johnny Indeed, who will be our liberators, when American turns into a dystopian totalitarian nightmare, complete with human cattle cars, concentration camps, and the tyranny of 24/7 thought police? Who will broadcast the "good" under-the-radar resistance propaganda when that happens? We must learn to analyze EACH message...before we label it propaganda. In short, we must learn to distinguish the truth from a lie.

  95. I believe in free speech, but I do not believe in allowing a foreign enterprise to broadcast anti-American propaganda. This should be stopped in its tracks!

  96. Russia allows to foreign Government to broadcast in their territories. They don't even require these organizations to register as a foreign agents. You don't want Russia to look more democratic than the US, right?

  97. @Wray Easy to work around just like Fox News owner. Just have an oligarch pay for citizenship. Murdoch wasn’t a US citizen.

  98. I completely agree, this is outrageous.

  99. We just aren't very smart anymore. are we?

  100. @Brian I thought the 2016 election made that abundantly clear.

  101. @Brian Seems obvious at every level of society (see 'mislabeled' coronavirus sample among San Diego quarantees today). 25 years ago I viewed the erosion of public schooling in this country as a right wing plot to dumb down the electorate, because the right gains power when the public's ability to discern is lacking. That effort has been obvious for a long time. And here we are.

  102. @David B. Spot on! And now Devos wants to double-down on that by "privatizing/ dogmatizing" schools along right-wing, un-Christian doctrine. 6,000 yr-old dinosaurs, anyone?

  103. Trust Kansas to embrace Russian propaganda. Since Trump took office, we have had an undermining of our elections, an undermining of our justice and courts, an undermining of our Congressional oversight, an undermining of our foreign policy, ... the list goes on. Republicans, this is your doing and your grandchildren will curse your memories. That is, unless the republican plans for a permanent majority materialize in which case you'll be remembered for exactly what you are ... the enablers of the downfall of the a nation once ruled by law.

  104. @TDurk Missouri. Kansas City, Missouri is embracing Russian propaganda.

  105. @DnH not all of Missouri is embracing Radio Sputnik. Please, there are many of us who are doing everything we can to elect Democrats.

  106. @TDurk , the radio station is in the state of Missouri. I guess everybody from the President on down is capable of making that mistake!

  107. RT has been growing in this country for years. Today, the distance between Russian propaganda and GOP propaganda is negligible. More troubling is an alliance that has been building between the Russian Orthodox Church and the American evangelical movement for years. Both share views on cultural and social values, believing that the US has turned away from God and the only way back is to take over the branches of our government. Propaganda from within and without coupled with the gullibility of so many are making this an easy process. The fact that Russia is involved should not come as a surprise to anyone. With the leadership we currently have, a theocratic government closely aligned with Russia seems imminent.

  108. Kansans are ripe for Russian propaganda. The local and state politicians do all they can to shake confidence in D.C. Topeka prefers to keep its citizens uninformed, just research the Kansas City Star (KCMO newspaper) about the lack of transparency in Kansas politics. My roots are from there, I lived there 18 years. You would not believe how many Midwest blue collar workers get sucked into conspiracy crap out of boredom. Putin obviously did his market research before rolling this out in that region. For sure.

  109. @Dorothy I'll bet WI and MI are next.

  110. Welcome to the New World Order, comrade!

  111. Russian propaganda on Kansas radio and Russian and fascist propaganda from the Oval Office. Both unstopped. Orwell's 1984.

  112. I appreciate this article in many ways, but particularly because it put KOJH on my radar screen (and am now streaming it)!

  113. Where has the NYT been?? This story is weeks old. Democracy may “die in darkness,” but that is a darkness the MSM has helped create. And people are lost by their minds over Bernie being a “socialist”?! Spare me!

  114. @Anita Kusick It is amazing the "hand wringing" going on about Bernie; I am definitely concerned the power players in the DNC are working madly to undermine Bernie's ascent and prop up Mayor Pete (witness gobs of Billionaire money pouring in). Mayor Pete is on record making a very nasty damning remark about getting Chelsea Manning back in jail (she has done her time), which shows the Mayor's strong national security state credentials (other than his time served in Naval Intelligence). I know the good Mayor fancies himself on the progressive wing of politics but he weighs too heavily on the role of national security against advancing peace and saving money, for my tastes.

  115. “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” ― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

  116. Looks like NYT can’t handle free speech

  117. @Mary Sorry. Free speech is a right guaranteed by our constitution to all Americana citizens, not Russians.

  118. @Mary It's not about free speech, it's about who is paying for the free speech. Free speech includes the freedom to inform people about that. I shrugged--this is no different from the drivel presented daily by Fox Fake News except that Sputnik pushes the idea that all American establishment media is corrupt, whereas on Fox Fake News the New York Times is corrupt but they're not.

  119. @Larry Translation: you think one class of human beings deserves free speech and another doesn’t. Very American of you.

  120. I realize Trump is in office, but isn’t there a federal law against foreign propaganda being broadcast in the United States? I mean, as in actually being transmitted from American soil, and not merely a shortwave or other radio spectrum signal from offshore or otherwise outside U.S. borders? And it’s being broadcast on a federally licensed radio station. How is this legal? Free speech is one thing, but organized foreign state propaganda is quite another. And no, this is not the same thing as the BBC World Service or RFI (Radio France International).

  121. @Kevin: No there isn't since such a law would violate the United States Constitution right to free speech.

  122. @Kevin As to propaganda... If Fox news and Rush Limbaugh have infected their viewers with Trumpism, Rachel Maddow has turned once sane Democrats into hysterically anti Russia Trump hating zombies. When the Democrats chose to blame Hillary’s loss on the Russians, Maddow’s voice was the loudest drumroll of anti Russia and impeachment hysteria. This hysteria heavily promoted since the moment of Trump’s election, in all Establishment media, has caused as much damage as Trump’s presidency. A year ago I subscribed to the New York Times, curious to see the role America’s “paper of record’ played in influencing its many readers. I was shocked at its propagandistic style in reporting political and world news. Like other Establishment media, including Maddow, it rarely lies. It most often omits inconvenient facts, or context that doesn’t advance the Establishment’s chosen narrative. The selection of focus, subject and word choice contribute to the propagandistic style. There are plenty of facts and context that discredit the belief that Russia’s minuscule social media posting related at all to Hillary’s loss. And there are facts and context that discredit the righteousness of the attempted coup of the impeachment circus. Reporting constrained by predetermined narratives makes for a brainwashed citizenry.

  123. @Kevin The law limits foreign ownership of U.S. licensed broadcast stations, not the licensees' programming selections. It is ridiculous to assert that Sputnik sometimes airs interesting points of view, because that is not its purpose. Employees who dared to practice actual journalism at Sputnik are yanked back by their masters. Sputnik is not a "free speech" outlet or a business venture. Unlike Voice of America, it has no hard-won and long-defended charter of editorial independence. Sputnik's mission is the same as other Russian government media initiatives: to utilize our open media environment to undermine the West.

  124. I look forward to MacFarquhar's next piece: "Playing on American Cable and Broadcast News: American Corporate Propaganda" Some potential quotes for MacFarquhar's article follow: "American media has mastered the art of division. Fox News represents one side of the propaganda arm, while MSNBC and CNN willingly present the other side of the propaganda arm. Both outlets are owned by mega-corporations/billionaires who profit regardless of which political party governs. Americans are subjected to this propaganda 24/7" "Newspapers offer more of the same. Washington Post and NYTimes offer one version of "news" and the Wall Street Journal offers another version" "This system keeps the American populace divided and ensures that the two political parties (essentially a duopoly) will continue to alternate in power...although citizens will never actually see any meaningful change"

  125. I haven't heard this, but read RT online often, just to see what the Russians are touting. Some of it is interesting coverage of things the American media misses or avoids. A lot of it is an obvious joke, not unlike the garbage flowing from Fox News, et al., and easily identified as scripted propaganda, and a lot of it reads like stuff from the National Enquirer or the British tabloids. Is this dangerous to the U.S.? No more than Fox News, probably less than the effects of Facebook targeting, weaponized by hedge fund billionaires like the Mercers, and other "brainwashing" efforts. MacFarquhar's reporting from Russia was so one-sided in portraying Russia as a boogyman, that it's not all that surprising that he's up in arms about a Kansas City radio station broadcasting Russian material, and not about the thousands of broadcasts of Limbaugh, Hannity, and the local right wing conspiracy theorists on local AM stations. Let's have a little more perspective here.

  126. @stuart You nailed it! American Mainstream Media, including Fox, are not a "free press" but follow scripts; there is news U.S. media will not touch, especially if it has to do with anything about 9/11; JFK assassination, Deep State; American foreign policy using military might, and so on. In this day and age, anyone following anything going on in the world needs to listen, read and follow using the most critical analysis skills ever developed. Who benefits? Who has motive and means? Where does the money trail begin and lead to? Induce and deduce truth from meager tidbits of information provided. Who gave Bob Mueller, then acting director of FBI, the order to not conduct a normal forensic investigate the 9/11 events at World Trade Tower sites? Why diverge from normal crime scene investigation? What's the rush to clean up? Who in the FBI participated in the assassination of MLK? And so on. These questions have been floating around for a long time but our media won't touch them; maybe the Russians will.

  127. Where is there a better place to implement a psychological warfare technique than in the apparently emotionally and intellectually susceptible American heartland? It seems a tactical success to expand right wing revolutionary thought. Bravo RT. This indicates to me that Republican strongholds have surrendered their patriotism to Trump and his Russian oligarch backers, which is why Trump fights so hard to hide his past taxes from the daylight. It appears that our bread-basket region is now and being compromised by foreign Psychological Operations, beyond Murdoch's Fox News. I'm trained in PsyOps recognition and this (and Fox News) smells worse than a confined feeding lot. The apostle Judas would be proud of this.

  128. If I lived in the KC area, I'd be organizing sponsor boycotts.

  129. The United States does indeed have many faults and much to do to improve itself. That's like any nation. We should point out and try to understand our shortcomings and concerns of our people. The Russians understand the power of grievance - specific issues and the nebulous sense of unease many feel. I'd play their game, with a twist. Show how the most common gripes of average Americans can be laid at the feet of conservative policies. Assign blame and explain. In polling over the last 80 years, Americans, by large majority, consistently say Republicans are "the party of the rich." That belief sets the narrative. It's easy to show how systematic, deliberate wealth redistribution from the broad needs of average Americans to the very wealthy has degraded life for millions of Americans. We struggle while they get fat. Americans believe it, so say it. I've heard Pete Buttigieg refer to "the 40 year experiment of shoving wealth to the top" and its effect on life in America. That's context. That helps explain. That helps people understand that it wasn't always what we see today. Let the Russians stir up grievance and discontent. Let us assign blame for those feelings. At the feet of those who still believe in that perverted 40 year wealth experiment. Americans believe Republicans are the party of the rich. The party that redistributes wealth to the top. Reinforce that belief. Give context. And blame.

  130. Not to worry. They're just gearing up to support Trump's reelection. It is even probable that most people who are used to listening to Fox News won't be able to tell the difference.

  131. Everyone should watch the 1983 NBC miniseries "V" again, about a dystopian plot to discredit US scientists and control the country with propaganda. Good thing it was only a dystopian fantasy.

  132. @JS Or was it...."only a dystopian fantasy.

  133. Elements of the American plutocracy have joined forces with the Russian plutocracy and the alt-right, to wipe out the last vestiges of democracy and free enterprise in this country. The game plan is to flood the country with fake news, to create an atmosphere of confusion, chaos, and distrust. Fred Koch and Ayn Rand would probably vomit if they could see this. What can be done? Countering right-wing disinformation with left-wing disinformation will, in the long run, add to the sense of moral confusion by making both sides equivalent. This needs to be about more than just power, it needs to be about right and wrong. One thing would be to attack the enablers of disinformation, like Facebook. People who are seriously committed to democracy should put economic pressure on Facebook by canceling their subscriptions and using already available software to create an alternative to Facebook that is controlled and regulated by users instead of by Greedy Old Plutocrats. However, this may be impractical, because most people are more attached to Facebook than they are to democracy. Another approach might be to launch a media campaign on platforms like Facebook, to continuously remind users that these platforms are being used to manipulate them; in other words, to poison the well so that nobody can use it for political manipulation. Whatever we do, we better move quickly, or 2016 may turn out to have been the last election in American history.

  134. It would seem that no one has been fooled as to the source of these broadcasts and should be able to evaluate the worth of their content. I remember having the Communist Worker’s Party Newspaper in street corner boxes downtown in the 1950’s, and viewing a large format magazine called Soviet Life depicting the benefits of Communist Society as a child.?These Cold War efforts were permitted because a free press and free speech rights required it. They seemed to have little effect then, though they may have influenced the later thinking of men like Bernie Sanders.

  135. @Brad Sorry but that was then, things are very different now.

  136. Ah, the great American sport of attacking the messenger, and not the message. Fact is, the Russian people have more access to American culture and news, then the reverse. As a longtime student of history, world events, and politics, I can say unequivocally that American mainstream media speed out more propaganda and mistruths then RT, or Radio Sputnik. For those who accuse radio Sputnick of propaganda, then I say, show me the evidence of any lies or mistruths.

  137. @Rodney I should have kept the link to a conversation with a prominent Russian TV 'news' reporter who said 'journalists' there routinely said what the government told them to say on the air while knowing that they were lying through their teeth as they did so. They had no choice. Here, journalists have freedom of the press, at least for now. In Russia, they have survival.

  138. Wow, I wonder how the free market capitalist who dislike this Soviet invasion are going to spin this?! Does the business owner of the station have the "right" to sell airtime when it affects the greater good and democracy? This is all part of Putin's plan-- create chaos, undermine through slow drips, and change the narrative so more plundering can take place. Wait, is that the Trump/Republican playbook too?

  139. It is amazing how much Americans are afraid of free speech. It is not like in Kansas City Sputnik is only radio station and everybody are forced to listen. You don't like - don't listen to them, but why do you want to deny the right to hear them to other people who find the broadcast interesting and informational? There are plenty of stations with whom I disagree but I would be against closing the down just on ground of 'propaganda'. Everything could be declared propaganda, because the people report news and each has it is own bias. You can not avoid bias, but , people can balance biases by listening different point of views.

  140. Being born and raised in Kansas City, I am completely confident that my dearly departed family and ancestors are rolling in their historic cemeteries at the thought of Radio Moscow.....excuse me, "Sputnik" playing in their home town.

  141. Actually this is the second Radio Sputnik broadcasting site. The first started from Trump Tower and has since moved to the White House. Affiltiates include Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Programming features President Trump sowing distrust daily in his popular "Deep State" Show. Remember the "Carnage" Inaugural Speech? Pure Radio Sputnik. Investigative "reporter" Giuliani provides regular updates from the Kremlin on "Ukraine hacking of US elections". Other founding members of Radio Sputnik USA include Michael Flynn, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. Major commercial sponsors include the NRA and the American Petroleum Institute. It turns out that dividing America is quite popular.

  142. This is obscene. Putin is using our freedoms against us. Along with the billion of dollars worth of out-and-out lies the Trump campaign is now, and will be increasingly putting out, aided by Fox & Co., the Democrats, who play by the rules, are up against a juggernaut of disinformation. God help the country.

  143. Sputnik has American hosts?

  144. @Greek Goddess It just demonstrates how right-wing radio hosts only care about lining their pockets. It’s all transactional for them. They could care less about the red-state America they claim to represent. Snake-oil salesmen still make a fine living in this nation.

  145. Americans selling out America to line their own pockets. Shocking? Not so much anymore.

  146. In Trump’s America there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s a “perfect” form of diplomacy.

  147. Clearly Russia supports a Trump. Russia meddled in our elections in 2016. We now have an entirely divided country, “led” by Trump. Priceless that the GOP tries to promote the idea that Democrats are socialist/communist, yet the Russians favor the leader of the GOP. I guess red states are red in more ways than one?

  148. Well, as long as you sell advertising and make money, that makes it OK. That is the American Way.

  149. Didn't anyone notice that MSNBC and CNN were airing RT America ads for several weeks recently? I was shocked and spoke out on twitter many times. Others did too. They are no longer being aired. I look to these outlets for seems to have a higher priority. I'm terrified!

  150. "Anything for a "buck". It's the new motto on our money or should be. What's with "E pluribus unum" anyway. It's old and for cripes sake, Latin. Too bad these "entrepreneurs" weren't as geographically-challenged as Fearless Leader, so that they ended up in Kansas instead.

  151. @Dennis It has always been that way. Most every immigrant who washed ashore since the 1600s was here for economic freedom and to make a buck. We are a nation of people on the make and have always been. The key is that personal freedom and freedom from religion typically makes the overall population much more successful

  152. @Dennis Er, Missouri.

  153. Kansans won't recognize any difference in programming between Sputnik and FOX Nation.

  154. Reagan has got to be rolling in his grave. I can't believe I'm saying this but it almost makes one wish Joseph McCarthy was back in the Senate. Unfortunately the U.S. Senate legalized foreign meddling last week.

  155. @Sean reagan would be celebrating hard for this. he is the architect of the GOP that gave us Trump.His party used to brag about running itself like the communist party back before anyone had the stones to tell them to their faces that is what they were doing. That LCD approach to enacting their plans in spite of truth and reason led us here and they want to be here. reagan would be so happy right now. Go look up the docs about him on PBS. they don't say so or even seem to take notice of the fact that they are revealing a truly deeply evil & hate filled man whose every word and deed was some kind of deception to gain what he knew he could not gain were he honest about it.

  156. It is refreshing to have an alternative views on things.

  157. In normal times the FCC could step in and take Putin off the air in KC, but these are not normal times and Putin-puppet Trump will not allow the FCC to act. Is NPR allowed to broadcast in Leningrad or Moscow?

  158. @TR Have you seen and heard the clown he appointed to the FCC? He wouldn't do anything about this all on his own.

  159. Republicans are vulnerable to propaganda as their devotion to Fox News proves. They are also, incredibly, becoming Russian supporters. A recent Gallup survey found that the share of Republicans who view Russia as an ally has doubled from 20 to 40 percent. (Among Democrats that number is unchanged at 20 percent.) It’s not just Trump who’s sucking up to Putin, it’s Republicans, too. That they support this radio station is no mystery.

  160. Right. Russian propaganda - also known as "the truth". It is very rich - NYT labeling anything as "propaganda". Projection anyone?

  161. This must be fake news, right? We didn’t just invite the Fox into the hen house, did we? Kansas, I cry for you.

  162. I wonder if these guys would be willing to take money to read the NYT, WSJ, Time Magazine, or other legitimate news source on air. They seem pretty mercenary to me. Perhaps they just need to be bought off. Mssrs. Bezos, Steyer, Bloomberg, Soros, are you listening out there?

  163. I particularly enjoy how saying things that are demonstrably true are now "propaganda." "The American political system is bad." Well, the Electoral College is a major sticking point with a lot of people, we have a Senate majority leader that just ran a sham trial and before that blocked the legitimate SCOTUS nominee of an actually-elected president. Never mind that our system is controlled by two corporate-owned parties and 40% of our citizens don't feel it even worthwhile to vote. "Politics here is meant “to make sure that the masses of poor and working people don’t have access to even the most essential things,” said Sean Blackmon, a host of an evening program." Demonstrably true, as evinced by our lack of universal healthcare, crushing student loan burdens, and lack of any meaningful childcare assistance. "The American military presence in Iraq is bad." True, and has contributed massively to destabilization of the region and the rise of terror groups. "Above all, the American press is beyond redemption." Have you watched CNN lately? If they told me water was wet, I'd go run my hand under a faucet to be sure. Yeah wow, some propaganda! Way worse than American citizen Rush Limbaugh suggesting the president was born in Kenya!

  164. Well, @Al, I see they’ve gotten to you. Yes, our system has its problems but as a great statesman (Churchill, not Putin) said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

  165. This is the most horrifying thing I've read in months. Actual Russian propaganda, happily distributed to our heartland, and lapped up by Americans.

  166. Mr. Trump may not know where Kansas City is, but Mr Putin sure does.

  167. This guy would have broadcast German propaganda during WWII. We're embroiled in a war of disinformation and he is helping the Russians subvert another election.

  168. @Grey Squirrel Does the name Prescott Bush sound familiar? As a good Republican he profited from both sides of WW II and was punished by being elected to the US Senate. Had a son and grandson who became presidents 41 and 43, respectively. War is good for business. That's why we keep having them.

  169. One more step towards the Trumpification of America with the full support of Vladimir Putin. If we let this continue, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

  170. pretty sure america propaganda has been broadcasting since our founding in 1776

  171. Yes... horrible stuff. All that ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ and whatnot. It has been bothering autocrats around the world for more than two centuries. Whose team are you on?

  172. "It's sad that an entrepreneur would put business above patriotism" ? Really? Emulating the man in the Oval office?

  173. Apparently, for Mr. Schartel, anything is okay so long as there's profit to be made. To paraphrase him, "They want people killed. I make arrangements for others to do it, and keep a large cut. I'm not getting paid to murder people."

  174. “Peter Schartel, the owner of Alpine Broadcasting Corporation of Liberty, Mo., the company airing Sputnik in Kansas City, said that he started the broadcasts on Jan. 1 both because he liked what he heard during a trial run last fall and because he was getting paid.” Peter Schartel should have his broadcasting license taken away. Frankly, I’d have him arrested for treason, for spreading propaganda that glorifies a hostile foreign country. A hostile foreign country that is actively attacking us at every turn. Would Putin put up with this? No. He’d have the perpetrators jailed for treason. I always knew Republicans were in bed with Russia but I figured it was just the politicians. Now ordinary Republican citizens are amplifying and illuminating the Soviet message! When the Soviets finally take over this country, will we have Peter and his Republican friends to thank? I shudder to think.

  175. @PC No Soviets. The Soviet Union is gone. Russia is not communist. They are run by Putin and his oligarchs. It seems oligarchs all over all want the same thing, and Trump wants to set up his autocracy with "his" oligarchs. Russian or Republican, they are all hostile to a self-governing public.

  176. Can we all admit that Republicans can no longer claim to be patriotic Americans and should remove flags form their houses and from their social media profiles?

  177. And playing on U.S. television and radio, Republican Party propaganda, Democratic Party propaganda and U.S. Government propaganda. So, what else is new?

  178. People who don't have any experience living under an authoritarian regime (and yes, we're getting an unpleasant taste of it here) should try it out for a while. See how they like it. I'm sure Putin would welcome them with "open" arms.

  179. I'm "getting paid" and don't care about consequences. Typical Trump.

  180. Just a reminder folks the Constitution is not a suicide pact. Propaganda has no redeeming value. Psyops to undermine our sense of well being has been going on here from all corners of the earth including from our allies, since the Nixon admin. Truth and reason is the only path to freedom.

  181. The only thing new here is the use of domestic US radio stations to broadcast Russian propaganda. Radio Moscow (later Voice of Russia), which the article briefly references, for decades had a North American service in English on shortwave radio that daily touted the Soviet perspective on everything, most of which centered on how bad the U.S. is. Of course, using local AM and FM radio stations makes that message more accessible and the balkanized state and “silo” nature of own media today make this challenge potentially more effective and, therefore, more dangerous. The fact that U.S. based and owned facilities are being used rather that distant exotic transmitters gives the message the surface appearance of some threshold legitimacy in the ears of listeners it never had before. The fact is that Western media do not have the same free access to Russian (or Chinese, for that matter) audiences that Sputnik is getting here. Perhaps that lack of reciprocity is an inequity that should be addressed by the FCC through its licensing authority.

  182. @John A. Figliozzi You are mistaken. there is no balkanization in our media, it is the monopolistic control of it that is the problem. if Media broadcasters were truly Balkanized as it should be and was intended to be, the natural differences in people would prevent a uniform coverage like Fox, Sinclair propaganda network and I assume others IDK about as well has accomplished. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

  183. @John A. Figliozzi We The People own the airwaves and the FCC is supposed to be protecting them in our name. Take this down now!

  184. @John A. Figliozzi yes, they are coming closer, whispering in our ears now not only parading in front of our eyes on Facebook. They are exploring all system weaknesses.

  185. Has anyone commenting here actually listened to any of the programs on Radio Sputnik? There are at least two shows--Loud & Clear, and By Any Means Necessary--which offer left-wing analysis of the daily news and coverage of progressive and strongly anti-war positions which mainstream media rarely deigns to publish. These shows offer space for left-wing and progressive activists, lawyers and economists to focus on issues that are too often pushed aside on outlets like the New York Times, et al. If the only places where these bold, progressive anti-war voices can be paid to produce content are foreign-owned corporations, then that points to a problem with media companies in the US, not to insidious Russian propaganda.

  186. @Alex Ricciardi anti-war you say? at this very moment Putin's mercenaries are facing off with Assad's military attacking US forces who remain to preserve a semblance of security for the Kurds who did the heavy lifting in defeating Daesh.

  187. @Alex Ricciardi - If you're trying to start a fist fight, it's really more effective to tell lies about both sides.

  188. @Alex Ricciardi - It doesn’t bother you at all that the foreign, state-run organization that produces the content you consume has ulterior motives? From a country whose interests are antithetical to our own democratically elected government (as imperfect as it may be)? It’s one thing for Americans to be having these conversations, but it’s wrong to have these conversations amplified by foreign money.

  189. This is nothing new, it's just new here. We have done RFE and AFRTS for many years with the same purposes, to get our way spread around the world. If this bothers you tell your congressmen. Doesn't matter which side of the aisle you're on. It will get ignored because there's money involved and money talks. If you really want to have an effect, listen to the station, find out who the sponsors are and don't support them. Then stop listening. Hit them in the wallet. There's a good chance our liberal mass media will shut them down anyway. They're all for freedom of speech unless it's goes against the way they think.

  190. Well, Kansas is a red state after all. Expect to see this in more red states in the coming months. All with Trump's blessing.

  191. First sentence, Kansas City, MISSOURI. Trump didn't know where it was after the Superbowl. The key issue in the United States today is ignorance and failing public education.

  192. Schartel is supporting Russia for the same reason 45 Capitalism at its worst. Any sponsors/advertisors should be blacklisted.

  193. Do they see the irony? Justifying broadcasting Russian state propaganda in the basis of A. Free speech, and B. Getting paid

  194. Another building block of an American dystopia.

  195. This article reminds me of Tokyo Rose.

  196. Is anybody really surprised at this? One America News (OAN), a far-right propaganda outfit that puts Fox News to shame has had a reporter, Kristian Brunovich Rouz who also works for Sputnik on their payroll for some time. Naturally, they never disclose this to their viewers. Not that their viewers would necessarily care as it's all about the worship of Trump. Putinism is to Trumpism as Maoism is to fascism. They are all one and the same. A cult of personality is always at the heart of any fascist movement. The economics of it don't matter. All fascist profess a faux concern for the economic status of the masses. Leader worship and scapegoating those who are weaker than you are what matters most. It's about keeping the leader in power under the guise of helping the "people" while helping themselves to the peoples' money. Just as in the past, it's not helping the people but playing the people and it has infected us mightily now. It's not just this thing but the usurping and corruption of not just the media but our Congress, Justice Department and intelligence agencies. It proclaims a love for a free press when it's aim is to usurp a free press in the end by discrediting it. They yell about a free press in order to destroy a free press. No need to invade America or physically go to war with it when you can replace its values with your own horrid ones from within the middle of it...

  197. OMG I just moved here from OH - out of the frying pan into the fire! Upside: one more Dem voice and vote in the neighborhood.

  198. Just have a different take on this, so please let me have it if I am off base. Haven't disinformation campaigns been going on for a long time? I mean during the Cold War Era, communist propaganda was prevalent in the US. I don't see a problem letting them broadcast, as it should really just be a waste of money to spend trying to tell people lies that are absurd. We have always had people in this country who are susceptible to fast talking salesman, but our problem really is that our political leaders have been corrupted through Citizens United. Even if a small percentage of the population believes lies being told by bad actors, our leaders would normally chart a course to safety for Democracy. What we have now is the bad actors and corrupt politicians working in concert and our course has gone way of track. Ultimately, this is what the bad actors hoped for and I believe one way to navigate through these times is to make sure we all go out and vote. Citizens United relies on us to malevolent to the process, but if we vote at even 80% of eligible voters we can make that bad Court Decision mute!!

  199. We let Fox "News" broadcast the very same propaganda, lies and distortions ... the only difference here is that the source is more obvious.

  200. The terrifying part is not that this drivel is being broadcast. What's really scary is how many people want to believe it. Even when confronted with reality, they believe it. I guess it's like Evangelicals...any way to get out of personal responsibility.

  201. Russian propaganda has the same appeal to right wing voters as Fox News and other right wing media. Russia is a fascist state and is opposed to liberal democracy. For about 100 years Russia has been trying to destroy democracy in the US and thanks to social media it is for the first time making great strides in achieving its objective. Its TV and radio stations are additional media weapons that it uses. Right wing media is also opposed to liberal democracy and is moving this country towards fascism. The Republican Party has already been taken over by the right wing extremists and and the main objective remaining is to achieve permanent complete domination of the Democrats. This will probably be achieved if Trump is reelected and the Republicans maintain control of the Senate. If that occurs within a few years the US will probably be finished as a democracy although it will be claimed by the right that they are defending democracy and the Constitution which of course would be total lies.

  202. Very eloquent and informative comment. Unfortunately, very tue. Conservatives are more akin to fascism than a liberal democracy. It has always been a truth. However, they will protest that fact to their grave.

  203. It used to be that conservatives accused liberals of destroying American values and way of life. The entire HUAC hearings in the 50s were about the influence of Russian communism in the US, and most of the ones who suffered were liberals. Now, it's conservatives broadcasting Russia propaganda. Seems unbelievable, but there it is. Conservatives have fallen for Russia in a big way. What would Joe McCarthy think?

  204. @Ms. Pea The only Communist McCarthy ever showed us was himself. What is communism if not exactly what he did with his authority and we spent trillions to defeat? What we did not know at the time was that the GOP party had investigated him and found out that he had no evidence or proof to justify his false accusations and choose to back him up anyway.

  205. We've become one of the pitiful countries we used to read about in the newspaper. We'd shake our heads and tsk tsk at the willful ignorance and gullibility of its citizens for supporting corrupt, self-serving, dangerous madmen. We used to be astonished when other countries elected unhinged authoritarians and crooks who made lying and corruption administration policy. And we'd look at their mobs of supporters, cheering every outrageous lie, and be grateful we Americans were smarter than that. And not long ago, broadcasting Russian propaganda over our airwaves would have been considered treasonous by the very same people who support Donald J. Trump. #sad

  206. Anything for money! Right or Wrong does not matter to some Americans in this day and age! They talk about Constitutional Rights to spew hatred and divide fellow Americans! SHAME

  207. "Everything's up to date in Kansas City... They've gone about as far as they can go...." ........

  208. How crazy is this country going to have to become as we implode. Next the Chinese will have propaganda stations.

  209. Kansas City , Kansa or Missouri ?