Trump Places Loyalists in Key Jobs Inside the White House While Raging Against Enemies Outside

President Trump had a busy morning on Twitter and the radio, in a tirade that rivaled his most grievance-filled moments since becoming president.

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  1. Judge needs to gag Trump.....tampering with the outcome of a trial. This is disgusting and disgraceful!

  2. @Jerry Jury tampering and intimidation are a crime, more articles of impeachment.

  3. @Jerry The judge is smart enough to know she can't gag this pitiful excuse of a creature. What would she be able to do when 5 minutes later, just like a red flag in a bull's face, he defied the gag order?

  4. @Jerry I agree with you -- but who, pray tell, would enforce that order? The sooner we can admit we are living under an authoritarian dictator, the sooner we can figure out how to get rid of him.

  5. I hope the GOP is happy now that they've signed democracy's death warrant and installed an incompetent de facto dictator.

  6. They are very Happy as they only care about power. The rest is window dressing, including all but the second amendment of the Constitution

  7. @Paul Hang in there until November 3, 2020. Make sure your are registered, make sure you know where your polling place is, and then VOTE. Vote as if our democracy depends upon it, BECAUSE IT DOES. Vote BLUE, no matter who. Federal. State. Local.

  8. @Paul It’s been said that if today’s Republicans find their ideology is becoming less popular, they won’t change their philosophy, they will give up on democracy.

  9. This reality TV show of a government is an embarrassment. Democracy has become an embarrassment. Lazy people who don’t actually pay attention and vote are an embarrassment. Get up. Stand up.

  10. @Rob Brown The bigger problem is the Fox and "friends" views do believe they are getting real news. They will accept any propaganda and consider it news.

  11. @Foxrepubican it is modelled after Goebels

  12. @MEH see Foxocracy by Tobin Smith.

  13. Always a problem with anything or anyone but themselves. The problem was with Roger Stone’s actions and this snowflake president will never admit fault or accept responsibility. Neither the jury nor the prosecutors had anything to do with Stone threatening a witness, etc. It’s always someone else’s fault with these spineless cowards.

  14. It's interesting how this tainted jury thing has gained traction in the right wing propaganda biosphere.

  15. Par for the course with the right wing disinformation apparatus. Check out MacKay Coppins’ piece in the Atlantic. It’s chilling.

  16. @dccork1 They all repeat it to legitimize the lie.

  17. Thank you, Eileen Sullivan, for clarifying that Trump's friends are enemies of the people. American justice is tainted by the President's tweets and rants. Throw the book at Roger Stone, Donald Trump's dirty trickster.

  18. The Donald should just pardon the guy and end all of this nonsense.

  19. @Gustavo Why not just decree that laws don't apply to Trump's friends? That's where this is going. Along with "lock up anyone Trump doesn't like."

  20. @Gustavo It will be interesting to see if he chooses to pardon him before or after the election. I have to believe pardoning Stone would delight his base, but perhaps hurt him with some independents and moderate Republicans.

  21. He is setting the stage for pardoning the criminals who colluded with Russia and Wikileaks to assist in his election

  22. @TomL If he pardons anyone, they have to admit guilt. And that precludes ever “taking the 5th” - thus providing a Trump crony who’d have to testify if called. Which puts Trump in a bind.

  23. @TomL Not "colluded". Conspired. Big difference. As in jail time.

  24. And the worst human being I ever known of in my lifetime. Of course the Trumps owe Stone the moon!

  25. I'd like to see the foreman or forewoman sue Trump for that tweet.

  26. @Robert M. And take their life in their hands.

  27. Mr. Trump is right. In his administration, it has become the "justice" department.

  28. @John "Mr. Trump is right. In his administration, it has become the "justice" department." Here, John, let me fix that for you, "Mr. Trump is right. In his administration, it has become the "just -us" department."

  29. They certainly were tainted by bias. Bias for the truth. Trump is tainted by bias for the lie. You make the call.

  30. @Maxy G: Agreed, and please let's all make that call in November. My stomach lining is wearing thin. How about yours? Peggy in NH

  31. @Maxy G Not a bias with Trump. He can't help but lie, so bias doesn't really come into play.

  32. @Maxy G The jury spent weeks hearing the case and days deliberating on the evidence before rendering a considered verdict of guilty. Then trump, who knows nothing about the case but who's buddies with the defendant, has his personal fixer, AG William Barr, barge in to contradict the jury. That should frighten every American citizen. Remember this when you go to the polls in November.

  33. Who cares what Trump thinks about this. He should get back to trying to do his best to do something good and positive in the remainder of his last term.

  34. Why would he start now?

  35. @JR, The Justice Department losing it’s independence and becoming a tool of the President to favor his friends and attack his rivals? We all care deeply about that. In fact enough of us care about that that we’ll vote these scoundrels out of office in November.

  36. @JR Why should trumpf change now. He has already learned he can get away with just about anything. The next big battle will center on the renewal of the Voting Rights Act. Be prepared!

  37. Apparently the Trump position is that a juror active in politics is an unqualified juror or perhaps this only pertains to democrats.

  38. As opposed to Mr. Trump's senate trial. No bias on that jury!

  39. @Julian details, details. The truth is what he says it is. How can that be bad when he and his family are enriching themselves?

  40. @Julian Today, in an effort to appear unbiased, senate Republicans signed onto a bipartisan measure to rein in Trump's war powers against Iran. But it was just for show, as those same GOP senators already know they won't override Trump's veto of the measure. It was a meaningless attempt by Republicans like Susan Collins to trick their constituents into thinking that they're really not in Trump's pocket. Collins has repeatedly insulted the intelligence of her constituents ... Maine deserves better. Is it any coincidence that while this measure was approved, William Barr was shedding crocodile tears in an interview with ABC news, making a show of protest against Trump's pressuring of the DOJ to interfere in the Roger Stone case? Again, another attempt at damage control, a meaningless gesture designed to trick the public into thinking that Barr really isn't Trump's personal fixer. Too little, too late, for both Barr and GOP senators like Susan Collins. The damage is already done and no one is falling for these partisan efforts to manipulate public perception. For all we know, Trump himself might've signed off on these charades. Vote them all out, in numbers too large to manipulate.

  41. We are now seeing trump's paranoia bloom to its most severe levels. This mentally ill president is behaving as did Caesar, afraid that some "Brutus" may be lurking in his midst. Only a guilty or insane person would be so paranoid. The only reason trump removed Eugene VIndman, who did nothing wrong and nothing against trump, is because trump fears him. trump has paranoid fears that Eugene could retaliate against him, for trump's unwarranted removal of his brother LTC Alexander Vindman. This unstable criminal trump must be removed. Michael Bloomberg is one of the few who can eradicate this trump virus!

  42. And so the circus at the White House continues.......

  43. Trump "claims" lots of stuff...almost all of it untrue. This is a case that the NYT should not publicize.

  44. The only thing tainted is Donald Trump’s interference.

  45. Fore Person: Please sue Trump for libel.

  46. All this fury. The words out of a grimly distorted face. Wouldn't a careful adviser suggest some ice cubes before it all goes too far? There is a 'too far' still in this administration, is there not?

  47. @M D'venport IMO, there is no 'too far' in Trump's world, if he is getting even. There is no 'too much' if he is getting his way.

  48. “A carnival barking clown” has no floor, it will just get more desperate.

  49. Thanks Susan Collins. Your co-called "president" has clearly learned a lesson. That he is free to destroy every vestige of our democracy, civil society, institution and rule of law that we carefully built up for 250 years. Of course, you have accomplices -- every single Republican elected official (with the exception of Mr. Romney), leaders of so-called evangelical "religions", and state media and TV, most prominent of which is Fox News. As for the case at hand, Roger Stone is one of the most vile, vulgar, brazen criminals that has ever disgraced this country and our planet. A pea in a pod with trump. Undoubtedly, Judge Jackson will sentence him to a long and deserved stay in the federal penitentiary -- and the Dear Leader will pardon him. The wheels of justice have not just been politicized, but weaponized. So, Senator Collins and your fellow destroyers of all that was good and worthy about this country, was it worth it? What have you gained? Congrats on the destruction of our once great country, now in ruins.

  50. @Fuego >> most prominent of which is Fox News Add to that Rush Limbaugh, I think an even bigger problem than Fox - he's had free reign for the last 30 years on hate radio (otherwise known as AM), to corrosively influence anyone who wants something to listen.

  51. @Fuego I have never forgiven Susan Collins for her vote and lengthy endorsement of Justice Kavanaugh. Time will tell how that will work out. She had the same faith and hope in Trump. She deserves to be replaced for her hypocrisy alone.

  52. @Fuego Susan Collins wanted to be the sober decision maker, the rational and reasonable one. She made the wrong call. She has done it before. I suggest that those of you who are anti-Trump make her the poster person for the lazy cowardly and weak GOP Senate. She is the embodiment of all that is wrong with your government. When "good" people do nothing, that is Susan Collins.

  53. By that standard, the Senate impeachment trial was likewise tainted by bias. Therefore, we should assume that the verdict was incorrect.

  54. @djs Beautiful.

  55. @djs Of course you are correct in the logical sense, but it's not correct in the rational sense. If the jurors had a pro-Trump bias he would be awarding them the Medal of Freedom. I'm surprised he hasn't given the award to McConnell yet.

  56. @Michael Watch for it. coming soon!

  57. His utter lack of decorum, which he has displayed from day 1 of his "presidency", leaves the entire world aghast. How is it that he is able to stay in power? Are there no Republicans other than Mitt Romney and John McCain who are disgusted by this behavior and willing to say something about it? As frightened as the Republican politicians might be, I'm sure that if a few of them started to step forward it would spark a tidal wave.

  58. @David Decorum is the least of his sins. In less than one One least "reign", he has taken the US out of the Paris Accord for climate change, walked away from the Iran treaty, insultes almost every world leader except his friend and mentor Putin, started trade wars with China, as well as key continental allies-Canada, Mexico, threatened to walk away from NATO, gouged the US gov't for émoluments, spent more time in Mar a Lago at enormous expensé than in the WH? And all the while firing dévoted diplomats, and surrounding himself with staff of whom at least 6 have been convict of felony offenses. My sincère thanks to our wonderful Republican party

  59. @David One of the desperate pleasures left to us, and it will take a while, is to see the names of these cowardly republicans etched in history and their shame everlasting as the pall-bearers to democracy. And where is the voice of the 'honorable' republicans? Methinks they protest not at all!

  60. @Barry Moyer There don't seem to be any "honorable" Republicans left. Even Romney voted to acquit on one of the charges against Trump.

  61. Sir Thomas More observed, “If a king should fall under such contempt or envy that he could not keep his subjects in their duty but by oppression and ill usage, and by rendering them poor and miserable, it were certainly better for him to quit his kingdom than to retain it by such methods as make him, while he keeps the name of authority, lose the majesty due to it.” Henry VIII had his Cromwell to send More to his death on a trumped-up charge of treason. Donald I has his Barr to lay waste to our system of justice.

  62. @Didier What is to stop DJT from charging with TREASON those who don't agree with him, and applying the death penalty himself? It probably just hasn't occurred to him yet.

  63. @JD Athey He actually has floated that trial balloon.

  64. @JD Athey Treason is specifically defined in the Constitution: Article III, Section 3: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. Tweetie bird has not read the Constitution.

  65. Of course Donald Trump will attack Judge Amy Berman Jackson. She is a woman, and a judge who thinks independently of his Putin-inspired attempts at autocracy, and he will use his Twitter account to attack anyone not working to support his illegal and/or unethical acts as President. Unfortunately, his Twitter attacks have real-world consequences, including threats of violence against his targets. We hope that she is receiving additional security measures after the defendant, Roger Stone's implicit threats of violence against Judge Jackson and Donald Trump's explicit malicious slander against Judge Jackson. The platform refuses to suspend Donald Trump's account, despite his fostering violence against specific individuals. This is a matter that a real Senate might take up some day, that the current corrupt GOP regime, will not address. At long last, have the Senate Republicans no spine nor decency? We already have the answer; every one of the Senate GOP has abandoned their sworn oath of allegiance to the US Constitution, to the rule of law and order (only in regards to Trump and their own self-interest) and every one of them has abandoned Americans to rule as a Soviet-style putsch. Trump is only motivated by self-interest. When has Donald Trump ever acted otherwise? He is not ever going to act like a President, and most of us acknowledge that by now.

  66. Do you think Henry VIII would be playing his hand any differently than our Dear Leader?

  67. @Hank Schiffman Henry was educated and relatively sane. So, yes, he would have played his hand vastly differently than the insane, uneducated Trump has done and is doing.

  68. Can congress do something about this clown?

  69. @Greg I assume that's a sarcastic comment. If not , they had their chance recently & didn't take it. They didn't take due to the self-interest of Republican Senators. You have your chance to do something about the clown in November. That, of course, is assuming Trump won't cancel the election & declare himself as Supreme Being for life.

  70. Recall the Senate backed away from that duty!

  71. @Greg The solution provided is binary and is called impeachment.

  72. too bad no one will tell 45* to shut up his yapper!

  73. They were biased against lying crooks.

  74. Trump attacks judges, witnesses, now jurors ... can we get this guy to shut up already?

  75. That's right--erode, destroy your public's confidence in our justice. Juries can't be trusted! Only me! Trust only your fueher!

  76. Trial by Fox & Friends and Fox News? I think the word "justice" does indeed need to be in quotes.

  77. Just in case anyone doesn't know, that man in the White House uses quotation marks when he can't come up with an insulting adjective.

  78. Fox "News" ? (my ") reported on Wednesday that the forewoman of the Stone jury was an anti-Trump Democratic activist. So let me get this straight. Any report from trumps Pravda is factual. And, I guess, if the forewoman was a trumpster, no problem!

  79. @James Creighton This so called news agency is a threat to humanity.

  80. It is not his job

  81. Addendum to a comment I just posted: I meant to say, Amy Berman Jackson wouldn't tolerate any guff from Stone (not "would tolerate")

  82. This is how fascist rule is cemented: a winning elite marginalizes competition and loads the courts to uphold capitulation. The tribal American war state. Why I now have a house in New Zealand

  83. "Trump Attempts Interference with Jury Decision" - more accurate headline.

  84. Does anything really matter anymore?

  85. @Gp Capt Mandrake . . .your VOTE matters. This is what we can do as citizens, patriots and courageous defenders of the constitution. Your vote is precious.

  86. Remember when GOP heads exploded because former President Bill Clinton got on an airplane with the Attorney General? Time to initiate the second round. Impeach , convict and imprison.

  87. @libel Minor but important procedural changes: impeach, convict in the Senate, remove from office, try on state and federal criminal charges, convict, imprison. Eric, Little Donnie, and Jared/Ivanka, too.

  88. @libel Right, and the AG was OBAMA's AG, not Clinton's. Clinton had no power over Loretta Lynch, because he was not her boss. The Republicans went bananas. Here, Trump is giving orders to Bill Barr, HIS OWN AG, somebody he could fire. BIG difference. YUUUUGE difference.

  89. I feel so sorry for Tweetie. Oh well, if it makes him feel better....

  90. @C.L.S. -- Exclusively for Trump, it should be called Twit.

  91. A textbook example (see the book, “How Democracies Die”) of the dismantling of democracy right before our eyes...a President interfering in an ongoing judicial matter...and nothing but crickets from the Party of quote our President, “Sad!”.

  92. @Rick While they mock democrats to even try to stop him as partisans. Vote every republican out. Vote blue no matter who.

  93. Fox now dictates national policy explicitly. Jump on in, the fascism is just heating up!

  94. The case against Stone was a slam dunk.

  95. And the Senate wasn’t? What’s good for the goose steppers is totally wrong for America.

  96. Have the names of the Stone jurors been made public? Will the foreperson have to hire round-the clock security? Will AG Barr offer to pay for her security? As if! We are through the looking glass right now.

  97. @beth reese Since 2016...

  98. Only if the foreperson is a buddy of Donald’s

  99. @beth reese, Getting the names of Trump’s enemies into the media time after time and sliming them again and again is meant to intimidate anyone thinking of opening their mouth. Would it be worth endangering your family to do the right thing? Wonder if those who spoke out think so.

  100. Let's hope that the judge stands up to this blatant interference and tampering and sentences Stone to the maximum penalty under the law.

  101. @Honey Badger Can the judge do that? I hope so.

  102. @Mary Melcher : One caveat: it will give Trump more justification to give a pardon, which is a foregone conclusion.

  103. @Honey Badger That would be inadvisable, but the point is moot: tucker carlson and barr are helping trump find his pardon pen.

  104. Trump got away with murder in the Mueller Report. That never should have happened and this country will pay for it dearly. And we have. Talk about leeway!

  105. Assuming this allegation is true, then after your motion to vacate or for a new trial was denied add it to your appeal of your 7-9 year sentence. Most likely this claim is bogus since the voir dire is supervised by the trial judge and Stone had competent if not top notch trial counsel screening potential jurors. This insanity works for those who watch or participate in Fox and Friends programming. In the real world this is an inept and infantile attempt to subvert justice.

  106. Anyone ever wonder what Trump's New Year resolutions include? Do you ever think he resolves to lie less? I just wish I could go a day without an abject lie from the president.

  107. Trump says lots of things. Why even acknowledge the tantrums of a toddler at this point? Yes, I'm talking about the President of the United States. Isn't that sad?

  108. Whether this juror is biased or not is completely irrelevant to Barr and Trump's attempted interference. Using her as an excuse for the President's action is like using Hunter Biden as an excuse for his attempts to extort the Ukrainians. It's a distraction and an attempt to deflect. Unfortunately, it works with his base and that's his only consideration. I know that Donald is incapable of feeling shame, but there's simply no excuse for Barr and the rest of his Republican enablers to continue in their willful compliance. This isn't about partisanship now, or it shouldn't be. Ultimately, it's a tragedy for our entire Judicial System and all Americans.

  109. It would be well worth the taxpayer expense, to move Trump to a TV show, where he plays the president. Take Bill Barr with him, or maybe hire Brian Cox. He'll never know the difference, and he'll make more money. This solves it for everyone.

  110. @jrd "He'll never know the difference and he'll make more money." Brilliant!

  111. From Trump’s perspective, if a person is not wearing a MAGA hat, then the person is biased against Trump.

  112. Judge Jackson will do the right thing. It is a shame that Judge Jackson did not oversee the Impeachment trial. She knows what justice is.

  113. A busy fellow like Stone, scurrying about fixing things for Trump, intimidating jurors and such may have accidentally tampered with his own jury---so many juries--so little time.

  114. They were biased towards doing the right thing.

  115. Benjamin Hinkley, yes, they were biased towards doing the rightwing thing.

  116. So the assumption is that if one doesn't look at the world through a MAGA filter where corruption, lawlessness, privilege and hegemony are preferable, they are exhibiting bias? Sounds about Trump.

  117. @Red Tree Hill . . .next instead of selling hats, they are going to sell rose tinted glasses like in the Wizard of Oz. Oh wait! 45's supporters are already wearing blinders. I forgot.

  118. @Red Tree Hill Those things are acceptable only if they're committed by members of the Republican tribe. Death is the only acceptable if they're committed by Democrats.

  119. @Red Tree Hill the term " a MAGA filter" that resonates

  120. I can't wait until the sentencing of Roger Stone. Amy Berman Jackson has nerves and a will of steel. She would tolerate nonsense from Roger, and I don't think she will tolerate sentencing interference either. Judges can't be fired. Maybe she's the one to test how far Barr and Trump will go. I want to see him go insane when she sentences Roger to 8 years, rightin the middle of the original guidelines.

  121. @ChristineMcM And then, within nanoseconds, the pardon.

  122. @Terry And within a few more nanoseconds - vicious harassment from the right wingers...

  123. @Terry I concur. The pardon will be granted before the Mont Blanc pen is capped and the ink has dried.

  124. Think this is bad? Folks, this Stone episode will be long forgotten in a few months. Trump is both unleashed and unbalanced, and he and his administration will continue to develop and perfect their tyranny in the coming year.

  125. Trump is just laying the groundwork for his pardon. One has to wonder what compromising material Stone has on him. The expected treatment is “barely know him”, “I meet a lot of people” etc.

  126. EVERY jury and EVERY judge who rules against Trump is "biased" and "unfair!" Every.Single.One. I expect Trump may push Barr to see if he can have Judge Jackson arrested on some trumped up fake charge because Trump is breaking the separation of powers in every direction, now that his tame, timid, terrified Senate won't stop him. The Triple-T Senate of Mitch McConnell: Tame. Timid. Terrified.

  127. The Stone case is tainted by Trump's prejudice. Trump attacks the judge, then a juror who was not accused of bias by Stone's attorney's but by Fox News. Trump says that the Stone case is "an illegitimate witch hunt led by senior law enforcement officials...", four prosecutors quit the case, and Barr defends Trump. This should not just raise fears, this should set off alarms because Barr is doing as Trump instructs and the Justice Department is no longer independent.

  128. Trump cries foul 100% of the time if things aren't going his way. His capacity for making up alternative accusations is phenomenal. I can't understand why his supporters haven't seen through this ruse.

  129. @ruby They don't want to see through him. The idea of Trump supporters being Good People who have been tragically mislead by Trump is a total myth. I am an elderly Caucasian female who has lived in the same house for over 30 years. Our neighborhood is a diverse mix of red and blue and the Trumpsters here tend to assume that I am one of them when they talk to me. And I can honestly say that deep down, they are NOT good people. They carry around a giant ball of prejudices, anger, entitlement and resentment through which they judge everything and everyone they see. They may do good things for some people but they demand the right to judge people and will only do good for those they deem "worthy" and they take great pleasure in condemning those they decide are "unworthy". They firmly reject any idea of the Common Good. Trump behaves the way they wish they could, he tells them their anger is appropriate and he wants to hurt all the people they resent. He encourages them to wallow in their worst selves and praises them for it. They support him because on some level they wish they could be as bad as he is. And when you try and confront them with their biases, they are very quick to waffle and backtrack. The thing that has shocked me since 2016 was how many True Trumpsters there are. The list of neighbors I try to avoid keeps getting longer and longer...

  130. Now that Trump has Congress eating out of his hands, in total fear of him, he's moving on to the Justice Dept. Once he has the three branches of government under his control, he will assume the role of dictator.

  131. @Roy G. Biv and the GOP will let him.

  132. @Roy G. Biv He's not smart enough.

  133. Sounds like a case of bad lawyering on the part of Stone's legal counsel. They would have (or should have) known if the "tainted" was a Democrat and an activist and should have eliminated him/her during the jury selection process. The other possibility is that this is just another case of made-up nonsense that is standard for the Trump administration. My money is on the latter, not the former.

  134. Is there any boundary that Twitter will NOT allow Trump to cross? He has used his account to insult and intimidate federal witnesses and members of Congress. And now he's using it to try and influence a sitting judge and the results of a legitimate trial. How can this not violate terms of service??

  135. @shstl Terms of service aside, is it a crime to knowingly make distribution capacity (aka property) available to a criminal for criminal purposes even if said criminal cannot be indited for breaking the law because he holds high office?

  136. Trump thinks the jury was tainted by bias against "his friend?" Maybe his judgment is biased by the fact that Stone is his friend. Weighing the chances that each view might be tainted by bias, I think it's Trump whose bias should be weigh against him.

  137. @Byron it’s Trump’s MO: hypocrisy, pathological lying, fraud, obfuscation, and doublethink. Perfect behavior for a king or dictator.

  138. Sir Thomas More observed, “If a king should fall under such contempt or envy that he could not keep his subjects in their duty but by oppression and ill usage, and by rendering them poor and miserable, it were certainly better for him to quit his kingdom than to retain it by such methods as make him, while he keeps the name of authority, lose the majesty due to it.” Henry VIII had his Cromwell to send More to his death on a trumped-up charge of treason. Donald I has his Barr to lay waste to our system of justice.Sir Thomas More observed, “If a king should fall under such contempt or envy that he could not keep his subjects in their duty, but by oppression and ill usage, and by rendering them poor and miserable, it were certainly better for him to quit his kingdom than to retain it by such methods as make him, while he keeps the name of authority, lose the majesty due to it.” Henry VIII had his Cromwell to send More to his death on a trumped-up charge of treason. Donald I has his Barr to lay waste to our system of justice.

  139. Trump has bragged about how he has been fulfilling one of his campaign promises. Loading Federal courts with judges who have outright conservative bias, actual qualifications not needed. And now he's like to get rid of juries, or at least ones he deosn't like. But yet again, it's the old "Well, the President has the right to express his opinions" defense.

  140. Not only is Trump readying us for Stone's eventual pardon, but rehearsing the game plan to stay in office if he loses in November.

  141. When the President perceives any criticism as disloyalty, any negative judgment as bias- we are dealing with an unConstitutional leader whose thin-skin psychological problems distorts due process. When- in addition- the loyalty demanded frequently mirrors the interests of Putin, Big Oil, anti-environmental science and redistribution of wealth to the rich--we face the dismantling of America's future. If Barr blocks investigation of wrong-doing by Trump's cronies bizarrely defined as representing our national interest- we are doomed.

  142. Notice that, as Mr. Stone's good friend, Trump's opinions in this case are also tainted by bias, and Trump's bias is much more personal and ingrained than that of any possible bias on the part of the prosecutors. It's a hallmark of this petulant president that he simply chooses to ignore the other side of any argument, just as it's becoming a depressing reality that his fellow Republicans have become so willing to support him in that approach.

  143. Trump only claims this because he heard about it on Fox News. The judge actually heard the claim of juror bias yesterday and rejected it. So the actual news is, the court found no bias, not, there was juror bias. But Fox News does not trade in facts, it trades in lies, and conspiracy theories, anything that diverts attention from Stone’s guilt and his just sentence. Fox does not express respect for prosecutors, the legal system, or the judge and its rulings. Instead, Fox turns its burning Sauron eye on the judge and the jury who found Stone guilty and accuses them of bias. Add this to the list (that includes denial of climate change) why Fox News is an evil blight on American society, and a threat to our Democracy.

  144. @Sherry And you can thank St. Ronnie for FOX News. He is the one who got rid of the Fairness Doctrine which required that anything that went out over the public airways had to be verifiable truth. If truth was still required, Trump would still be just a real estate crook.

  145. Should we find any comfort in sensing that Trump at least so far sees a need to build a case for what now seems inevitable, a presidential pardon for Roger Stone? No! It's all part of a tragic trajectory of presidential abuse of power.

  146. This president thinks everybody is against him, or biased, or prejudice towards him. Maybe, just maybe, the republicans messed up by not pushing him out of office. How much more can this country handle from trump?

  147. The jury was selected via voir dir with Stone's attorney having right of refusal and the ability to do research on potential jurors. Once again Trump is putting his thumb on the scale of justice which is a separate co-equal branch. Presidents for obvious reasons do not do this, especially for Freida and acquaintances.

  148. @Bill I agree but Jonathan Turley claims that the judge turned them down

  149. Trump will obviously pardon Stone. The question is whether any state will prosecute Stone... and Trump once he’s out of office.

  150. Because Trump is biased, because his conflicts of interests and his need for personal gain are the drivers behind ALL of his decisions, he has no capacity to understand how others can have certain personal or political beliefs, but still be fair in assessing or judging others.

  151. @Lr Yes, it's "perfect" projection.

  152. In our deeply divided nation, one would expect that any jury would include people who strongly support Donald Trump and people who actively dislike Donald Trump. Any jury that did not include both views would likely be a very unrepresentative jury that would be highly suspect. This is much like DJTs complaint that some FBI officers are Democrats. What else might one expect in a country that is more or less 50/50 Ds and Rs?

  153. @John B In our deeply divided nation, the question of political affiliation should have nothing to do with jury selection. It should never come up. Never. (That of course is not the case for things such as employment by targets or allies of Stone, being an attorney, having other business before the court, and such.)

  154. @Dan I completely agree. Since any jury will have some from column A and some from column B, it should play no role whatsoever. I was once bounced in jury selection in a Federal trial by the prosecution because I said that I had been a witness for the defense in a Federal trial. The judge said that was a fair call.

  155. It is sad and very troubling that Trump listens to and believes Fox News opinions (which of course reflect his own opinions) that have no basis in fact, rather than the ruling of a highly regarded judge who is intimately familiar with the trial of Roger Stone and the facts surrounding Stone's conviction. By his own admission, Stone repeatedly broke laws and disregarded judicial orders to promote his (and Trump's) desires. Trump is more and more clearly making the US a banana republic and it is imperative to vote him out of office if we are to preserve our democracy and the rule of law!

  156. There are tweets from the jury foreperson that should have disqualified her from serving on the jury. Stone's attorneys did a very poor job of screening. If a new trial is not ordered it will give Trump perfect cover to issue a pardon.

  157. @hannstv Proof?

  158. @hannstv I just KNEW it! Alex Jones pointed out that the juror was a deep state OMB employee who wants to hang Stone and kick the lever on the gallows. But the Obama deep state won’t even acknowledge that there are gallows. /s

  159. @hannstv The duty of a juror is to be fair and unbiased towards the parties to a lawsuit. They are under No obligation to praise, follow or even respect the President of the United States. Every juror has political opinions. As long as their is no indication that these political opinions would prevent them from being impartial, then they are not disqualified.

  160. If we want the Attorney General and the Department of Justice to truly be independent, then we should directly elect the AG (as we do in NY) and no longer have the holder of that office nominated by the President with the Senate’s approval. This would take an act of Congress, presumably one that was veto-proof since any president likely would veto such a bill. But Congress should unanimously want to do this, if the Congress doesn’t see itself (like this Senate does) as a mere rubber stamp for the executive.

  161. @John A. Figliozzi Or... the next President of the United States (elected in Nov 2020) should pursue each and every one of the corrupt people from the current administration, prosecute them to full extent of the law and imprison them to send a message to future participants in this democratic government that truth and the rule of law matters.

  162. I'm torn between whether it's worse to have a president who sees no reason not to interfere in Justice Department decisions related to his cronies, an Attorney General so willing to kowtow to that presidents random rantings, or a majority Senate caucus (representing a minority of the population) that seems to have abandoned any semblance of integrity in such matters. But I'm absolutely certain that none of these bode well for the future of American democracy.

  163. Serious problems with presidential authority stretching across the three independent branches of government! Unfortunately many Americans buy into Trump's grievance narrative and see nothing wrong with this. This is a powerful argument to reinstate "Civics" in every high school curriculum.

  164. I expect nothing less from this awful man who occupies the White House. But what is truly pathetic is the cowardice and abandonment of any pretense of morality on the part of Congressional Republicans. They have sold their souls to the devil.

  165. @RER: and wheel of karma will turn and the devil will get his due. No one escapes their bad deeds, not in this world or the next (if you believe in that, which I do).

  166. @RER: and wheel of karma will turn and the devil will get his due. No one escapes their bad deeds, not in this world or the next (if you believe in that, which I do).

  167. @RER: and wheel of karma will turn and the devil will get his due. No one escapes their bad deeds, not in this world or the next (if you believe in that, which I do).

  168. To be fair, the judge did not rule that the juror that President Trump is referring to lacked bias, in fact there is no evidence that she has reviewed this claim. Her decision focused on a different juror, who was an attorney for the IRS, that apparently had been shown a single newspaper article about the case despite having been admonished to avoid all media that referenced the case. Finding that the mere fact that the juror was one of 1400 lawyers who work for IRS and that the exposure to the media was de minimus, the Court found that the defendant had failed to meet his heavy burden of showing implied bias or substantial misconduct on the part of the juror. That being said, I find the President's patent attempt to interfere with the sentencing of Mr. Stone to be reprehensible and such interference will weigh heavily against any chance that I will vote for him in the next election.

  169. On Fox News, this is all perfectly normal behavior for a president. As long as he isn’t a black president, that is.

  170. Speaking of juries, how’s this for a headline?: “Everyone in World Knows Trump Impeachment Jury Was Tainted by Bias.“

  171. To think that 63 million people voted for this Loser. Not 6,300 … not 63,000 … not 630,000. 63 MILLION. Welcome to the United States of Wonderland. Where plenty get suckered down the Trump Hole.

  172. @Ken I still can’t understand how he got more than ONE vote.

  173. This is all just amazing. It only took one week after his slipping the noose one more time to revert to the norm (for him, that is). What do the moderate trumpublican senators say now? Are they fools? Or do they think WE are?? He's not getting better; he's getting worse. You had your chance, senators, and you blew it. It's all on you now. And good luck with that. God help us all!

  174. The Post-Impeachment Trump Era: “Dictators gonna dictate”

  175. Donald Trump has congratulated Atty Gen Barr on overruling what he tweeted were “rogue prosecutors.” When Stone was indicted, Trump tweeted that Stone would “not be forced by a rogue and out of control prosecutor to make up lies and stories about ‘President Trump’.” Clearly, Atty Gen Barr attempted to bring the four prosecutors who won convictions on seven counts under “control” and forced them to withdraw from the case instead of choosing to knuckle under to Barr’s politically motivated intervention. Perhaps it is time to reconsider just what Trump means by “rogue” and what 370 other former federal prosecutors thought about the obstruction of justice by Trump and Barr in the course of the investigation and report conducted by Robert Mueller. In a letter posted on May 6, 2019, the former DOJ employees wrote, “Each of us believes that the conduct of President Trump described in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report would, in the case of any other person not covered by the Office of Legal Counsel policy against indicting a sitting President, result in multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice.” Trump had no respect for Congress, he has no respect for the judiciary, or any institution he cannot control, and he has contempt for the impartiality of justice. If anyone else attempted to intervene this way in a judicial proceeding, they would surely be investigated and likely be indicted.

  176. The president is a perennial victim. The some republicans claim he is more persecuted than Jesus and he believes that. Remember he claimed that a judge of Latino descent could not rule fairly on a case he was involved in. This is how a sociopath behaves, always victimized, never taking responsibility. This is beyond SAD, it is DANGEROUS!!!!

  177. Trump is the consummate victim. Anything that doesn't go his way is always tainted, a hoax, a witch hunt, whatever. He is so boring and predictable. He is a complete mess. He really needs an intervention.l

  178. @H. Clark And yet, his supporters will tell us that HIS fee fees alone should guide us. He whines that Roger Stone has a biased juror, while he himself enjoyed Mitch's biased support, running offense for him during HIS trial. It's like watching naked Keystone Kops running around, yelling that they'd like a little respect from America, or there's going to be consequences! And we laugh while they use our constitution as a prop in their rush to insult 'the left' at all costs. But they're not kidding. They're pathetic, but they're deadly serious. trump will have you and me fighting each other while he and Pence and Mitch make a nice comfy nest for Putin under the Oval Office desk.

  179. And that's what a jury of your peers looks like!

  180. The one thing about Trump that is absolutely indisputable is how he is always the victim and there's always a ploy to get him... But he is not a victim, he is a big wimp. In fact he is such a wimp that he makes GW Bush seem like the toughest guy around. This guy whines worse than a 3rd grader. How anyone likes him, let alone believes him is one of life's greatest mysteries.

  181. @Observer It’s fascism. Attack from a position of authority to generate a response and when people defend themselves claim you are the victim while you abuse them further. It’s how they destroy the rule of law. People like Andy Ngo a right wing journalist assisting the alt-right is a perfect example. Go in, cause problems and claim victimhood. Fox News reports it as a poor victim and the left is derided as a hard left movement and targeted by their associates. This is how they targeted Antifa local groups trying to counter proud boys. They are actively going after elements of society that are attempting to stand their ground against fascism.

  182. Why does the NYT legitimize Trump's angry ravings by featuring them prominently on the website? He's been off the rails for years. And that's on top of his willingness to believe anything he hears on Fox. Anything he says should be viewed through that lens. Frankly, I wish someone would stand up and tell him to shut up. At this point, I would applaud that person. But no. Bow our heads, avert our eyes. Speak in neutral-sounding hushed tones. Anything to avoid confronting the Angry Toddler.

  183. Where is Pelosi? Subpoena Barr. Get to the bottom of it. This country cannot wait and see.

  184. Okay GOP senators (except Se. Romney), Alan Dershowitz and anyone else who says you need a criminal violation to impeach, here it is: 18 U.S. Code § 1503. Influencing or injuring officer or juror generally (a)Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, endeavors to influence, intimidate, or impede any grand or petit juror, or officer in or of any court of the United States, or officer who may be serving at any examination or other proceeding before any United States magistrate judge or other committing magistrate, in the discharge of his duty, or injures any such grand or petit juror in his person or property on account of any verdict or indictment assented to by him, or on account of his being or having been such juror, or injures any such officer, magistrate judge, or other committing magistrate in his person or property on account of the performance of his official duties, or corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice, shall be punished as provided in subsection (b).

  185. @MH GOP Presidents are above the law, I think we should all recognize that the countries experiment with democracy is over. Wonder if Ivanka or Jr will be appointed next in line for the Presidency

  186. Utter legal nonsense by the Trump administration, per usual. A jury has to reach a unanimous conclusion, and, as such, one 'biased' juror cannot single-handedly force a verdict. Certainly, there were also 'biased' Trump supporters on the jury, and apparently they also found Stone guilty as charged.

  187. @dmckj Not to mention that counsel for both sides interview and vet prospective jurors to eliminate any that either side might think are biased, surely Stone's lawyers acceded to the jurors selected.

  188. @dmckj His sycophants either haven’t figured that out yet, or utterly lack the character to call Trump out. Of course, the latter has been on display for years at all levels of the GOP.

  189. @dmckj I think the standard is that all defendants, including the incorrigible Roger Stone, are entitled to 12 unbiased jurors. This doesn't justify the president injecting himself into the process and exposing a juror to death threats, etc., from the crazies out there. Stone has appeal rights. The judge's rulings on motions for a new trial are subject to review on appeal. I doubt the judge would have sentenced Stone to the full 9 years, anyway. Now the sentencing decision, whatever it is, and whoever makes it, will be clouded by Trump's intervention. The man is a bull in a china shop. In this case the china shop is the rule of law.

  190. There was once a casino mogul headed to insolvency. Despite stiffing the concerns who delivered fine baked goods, liquor, seafood meats etc. What could they do, sue and get tied up in court. The predator did not want pay a cent and who could bear him. He was already beyond the first meat purveyor, on his second and he asked his GM to stiff that concern also. The GM said, “If we do not pay the invoices they will not beat you in court but there are no more butchers left, you have to pay them”. “You guests like steak and hamburger.” “You have to”. Sometimes we called such souls animals but what animal eats more than a normal appetite for his or her species? What we have above is something beneath the surface of the jungle, here in NYC, anywhere or is it an equivalent to a great white shark who kills or eats when not hungry ? No great white kills for sport do they? So if a soul kills for sport, is excited watching sharks eat seals whole, stiffs anyone because his lawyers will outlast most businesses in court what would such a person say or do to fracture the integrity of a fair trial? Anything.

  191. If it taint a lie, if it taint a conspiracy theory, if it taint biased toward Trump, if it taint an obstruction of the juror's oaths and their common sense, then the jury must be tainted.

  192. Trump never met a conspiracy theory he didn't believe, and being the originator of the lie makes it more true, to him. Super Tuesday equals Bloomberg; stop the unhinged carnage.

  193. Trump is lawless, he is shredding the Constitution and abusing the power of his office. Senate & House Republicans OWN whatever damage Trump does! I recommend everyone watch, the documentary “Get Me Roger Stone” he’s been a GOP operative since back during Nixon. Susan Collins, Trump didn’t learn any lessons, he is now emboldened to do as he pleases!

  194. @Mari, whereas the entire witch hunt was exactly the use of power the Framers envisioned for the country’s best interest. Dems sure can dish it out but they can hardly take it. It’s frankly very embarrassing to watch their self pity.

  195. As soon as they get out of jail they can get a $500,000 salary on the re-election committee. Roger Stone has unpaid legal fees yet too late for campaign cash. What about those from the campaign convicted for their dealings with Cuba, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, China or Israel. Did this thing speak up to get sentences reduced, attack those judges? Oh, there were no alleged contacts outside of Russia? Just Putin’s boys? Unfortunately, Stone’s conviction can not be appealed to The Supreme Court, so what does he do, asymmetrical warfare. Every day he will go lower and lower.

  196. I am astonished and sickened on a daily basis by this president’s words and behavior. He needs to stay out of these judicial proceedings. This jury went through a selection process. I’m sure both sides had opportunities to question potential jurors. Trump is acting like Roger Stone did nothing wrong. Stone’s irresponsible tweets and interference during the campaign raised questions. Then he compounded matters by obstruction and even witness tampering. These are serious legal offenses. But President Trump has all the sympathy in the world for Mr. Stone while at the same time he insults career government workers, military and his political opponents.

  197. The same tactic used when going to war, eemonize your opponent and make them less than human. This enables soldiers to rationalize the killing, death and destruction. The sad part here is that his is being used to pit sister against sister, which will be the true legacy of this administration and Republicans overall.

  198. Trump has no friends, neither does Stone I suspect. Could we please call Stone another one of Trump's fixers, that is clearly more appropriate

  199. Roger Stone was found guilty on 5 counts by a unanimous jury. It does not matter if 1 or 2 jurors "might" have a bias against Trump. For it to matter, all 12 jurors would have to be biased against Trump/Stone. Just another distraction and excuse.

  200. "that claimed a different juror was biased " Trump makes up lies so fast his people can't keep up with them. Now it's the foreperson? Today I called my red state senators and told them to find some courage and a shred of decency and at least provide some check on his behavior. I urge all the red state contributors here to do the same now. Problem: They know who you are and have the registration rolls and can see the D or R by your name, so they can discount your complaint as irrelevant. None the less, it's worth doing as perhaps a lot of Rs are also registering misgivings over Trump's behavior.

  201. Oh, this president wasn't emboldened by his Senate acquittal (thank you, GOP senators). Attacks on the fairness of the investigators, jury, judge, verdict and sentence of Mr. Stone look like additional attempts to paint the entire Mueller investigation has illegitimate.

  202. But of course! A woman jurist, a crony of Trump's who is a known con and witness tamperer and an outcome that displeased the self-righteous occupant in the Oval Office - who knows absolutely nothing when it comes to Federal sentencing and mandatory sentencing calculations. He better start paying attention (although his attention span is the size of a gnat - although that may insult gnats) to Federal sentencing guidelines - he will be facing the Southern District here in NYC when he exits the White House. Just FYI - Roger Stone's witness tampering was what boosted his prison time calculation.

  203. This story needs better framing. First, there is substantial evidence that a critical Trump tweet is regularly followed by online death threats to the object of his criticism, when they can be identified. There are several substantiated cases of this, from Vindman to members of Congress. The Times should research this record of tweets and death threats, which the president has done nothing to mute. Just as he offered to pay the legal bills of anyone who beat up protestors at his rallies. Second, the fact that the president, the most powerful man in the world, would then tweet such implicit threats to a judge and juror in an ongoing case is pure mob boss. Though unlike Stone and Trump, I doubt lesser mob bosses would feel free to openly attack judges. Third, the idea that the president is simply "exercising freedom of speech," using the same medium he uses to issue policy, state executive orders, and fire staff is absurd. It is not only yelling "fire" in a crowded space, it is doing so over the official emergency PA system!

  204. The judge obviously didn't know what she was doing so this will require a pardon. Everyone is a victim.

  205. The fact that Roger Stone was a close associate/friend of Trump should have tipped off the electorate in 2016. It is an old saw, "a man is know by the company he keeps".

  206. "Trump Claims Roger Stone’s Jury Was Tainted by Bias." A more honest quote would be: "Thinking Americans Claim 2016 Presidential Election was Tainted by Bias of Un-thinking Americans."

  207. So what's worse: Trump's bias or his complete detachment from reality?

  208. The justice department is going to send out a memo that all jury's can only have jurors that are strong Trump supporters. Voting ballots will now be part of jury selection. R.I.P Constitution.

  209. This sounds like jury tampering after the fact, both to intimidate future trail outcomes in pending cases and to, for hope of reward, solicit and bribe other jurors in this trail to say they were unduly pressured by the accused fore woman. Roger Stone could have chosen a trial by judge as is often done in perceived hostile venues. Since he didn’t but then set a pattern of accusing a first and now, through a surrogate, a second juror of bias, he should be indicted on a new charge of jury tampering and tried with a secret sequestered jury. That is what finally sent James Hoffa to prison.

  210. It's obvious that our Fearless Leader during his latest public inanity , curtsey of Twitter, by putting the Justice in The nation's Justice Department in quotes, Trump in his heart signals that he only believes in his own Frontier type of Justice. A Darwinian justice which is settled only with a club or a bludgeoning of a weaker enemy, and not by laws or men who believe that the law ought to apply to all, and not only to the individuals or factions that can impose their will on others through force or intimidation. So, Trump today has made the choice clear for us in November- Do we as a nation want to continue to be ruled by laws which respects Justice, or do we want to return to the Law of the Jungle and that of the Frontier?

  211. Trump doesn't have the ability to grasp the arguments to be able to tell if a case is biased or not.

  212. Absolutely! Trump was in the courtroom, heard the arguments, intimately knew the jurors, is a mind reader and has made another knowledgable, informed decision in support of truth, law and the constitution. Thankfully, he got a fair trial in the senate where no bias exists.

  213. Roger Stone must be putting a lot of pressure on Donald Trump to make sure he doesn't go to prison until he is pardoned by Trump after the next election. Win or lose the election, Trump will pardon Stone after the election is over. I'm sure that Stone has a lot of information about Trump that he is hanging over the president's head. I hope that he does go to prison. The next election is in 10 months. Plenty of time for Roger to get to know what prison life is like. Hopefully, he'll spend his time in the general population. Trump's last friend, Jeffrey Epstein, didn't fare so well in prison. Manafort is apparently doing horribly in prison. At his sentencing, he was in a wheelchair suffering from gout.