In Bipartisan Bid to Restrain Trump, Senate Passes Iran War Powers Resolution

Some Republicans crossed party lines to join Democrats in voting to curtail President Trump’s ability to wage war with Iran, weeks after a drone strike killed a top Iranian general.

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  1. Symbolic rebuke. In other words: just useless.

  2. @TheOtherSide But at least it's more than most Republicans did with the Impeachment. I'm surprised any of them crossed the line on this at all, frankly. I suppose they were feeling guilty after their shameful show with Impeachment. Too bad they couldn't get to 2/3s majority. Trump's going to get us in a real war, if he stays in office much longer.

  3. @TheOtherSide - Not totally useless. Every outrage opens more eyes. The tipping point is coming. Drip. Drip. Drip.

  4. @TheOtherSide The photo says it all with Susan Collins pretending to actually care about the fact that the President has not learned his lesson.

  5. ...short of the two-thirds supermajority needed to override a promised veto by Mr. Trump. As usual, no teeth, symbolic, Trump will claim victory and a deep state conspiracy.

  6. @cretino It will give him more "enemies" to go after when he's finished firing all the impeachment witnesses.

  7. @cretino Yes, meanwhile Trump will continue to say over 100 American troops just have a headache instead of brain injuries from the assassination attack in Iran and the attack on our military base. Trump cares for no one but himself and could care less about the innocent lives lost on the Ukrainian flight or our own military.

  8. @Frank No he won't. He's probably knows about and is agreeable to this fake show because he knows he will win in the end.

  9. Let the tweet storm begin.

  10. Why does Collins even bother????? As they used to say "everybody's hip to her tricks."

  11. Donald Trump clearly does not have the mental capacity to do anything about War in this country. The Senate must support the country’s people.

  12. Hey Sen. Collins - a photo op with Kaine and other Democrats on this will not save you. I had dinner with my Maine relatives last night - they have voted for you ever since you were first elected to the Senate. But they are done. They think that you do not have a political core. No convictions. Just expedience. They're choosing Sara Gideon.

  13. let‘s hope a lot of republican voters in maine do the same as your relatives... all spineless republican senators must be kicked out...they have missed their chance and a little bit of cosmetics doesn’t change that fact @cousy

  14. @Cousy Photo op is right, because as always when Collins votes against GOP leadership it's only when it won't make any difference to the outcome. Being short of the requirement to override a veto, this vote is just a PR exercise.

  15. @Cousy Interestingly, among the 8 Republicans aligned with Democrats, Romney wasn't there. He did not vote to restrain Trump. Damage control, perhaps?

  16. Every senator should have supported this bill. Presidential authority to wage war and take aggressive measures has been growing since before Trump. Congress needs to re-establish itself as a co-equal branch of the federal government.

  17. @Hastings congress can't and won't re-establish itself as a co-equal branch of federal government because it doesn't WANT to. It would be easy to do so: a super-majority or so would simply have to support that. But roughly half of the senate is quite content to play lapdog to the president. It's quite amazing if you think about it: people with ostensible power choosing to surrender that power. For what?

  18. @larrea For the power and money that comes with the job and after the job ends. I wish our representatives would do the right thing and not worry so much about getting reelected. They could actually do the duties they were elected to do, instead of spending most of their time raising money for reelection. If our elected (I can't say representatives because they have ceased to represent all of us) officials actually put in 40 hours a week working for the people, it would be amazing.

  19. @catlover Well said. This is one of MANY reasons to think hard about term limits. This work shouldn't be a lifetime career.

  20. Nice to see at least a handful of Republicans showing some backbone and doing what is right. Too bad their colleagues are still in Trump's bed with him.

  21. @Jeremy I wouldn't say it is "backbone", more like cartilage.

  22. Calling this 'mostly symbolic' shows the author does not understand the intent of passing such resolutions even if they will just be vetoed. Precedents like this can be used against Trump in court if he ever takes action outside of congressional approval.

  23. @Ron If it’s vetoed there is no precedent set. This is a purely symbolic act. Taking him to court would do nothing. The courts would side with the President. It’s within his powers as Commander in Chief to do what he did. All you have here is Trumps opposition posturing during an election year. Nothing more. There is no nobility being shown with this vote. It’s political grandstanding.

  24. @Ron You mean like the border wall resolution rejecting the "national emergency? We no longer have a government operating by the principles of its Constitution, esp. Articles 1-3. "...All men...are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.--Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.

  25. @Ron. In court? Doesn’t that presuppose that we have partisan-neutral courts?

  26. Congress abdicated its war powers by passing the AUMF in the wake of 9/11. Since then, executive authority under AUMF has only gotten broader--so broad as to be seemingly without limit. It's well passed time that Congress reassert itself as a co-equal branch of government, and this is a good first step. Hopefully we can all get past blind allegiance to our respective parties and recognize the dangers of executive branch excesses. E pluribus unum.

  27. Frankly, I'm more interested in some Republicans joining Democrats on Congress to reign in Trump's march to dictatorship. Whatever harm might come from a future Trump initiative against Iran, is less dangerous than what he's NOW doing to the rule law and democracy in America. When Congressional Republicans show they understand this and stand up against Trump, then I'll be impressed.

  28. Siddenly the Republicans are concerned about Trump abusing his power. it's a little late for that, isn't it?

  29. @Kristin They're not worried about Trump abusing power to get re-elected. They're worried about the power he is usurping from Congress. He stepped on their toes and they don't like it. However, it's apparently okay if it's out of their Constitutional powers.

  30. Better late than never......

  31. @Tenkan The Senate has trained him well.

  32. This attempt at curbing Trump should extend to so much more. He is dangerous to our democracy. MPR had a lengthy piece this morning about the gutting of Poland's judiciary. It is happening here in the justice department, and with the Republican Senate's assent.

  33. @William There will be no curbing of Trump while this Republican Senate is in control. As shown, anything that Trump doesn't like, he will veto - and the Republicans will always give him veto power, they will never give a two thirds majority to overrule him. Congress can pass any law they like - they have 300 so far - and they all stop at McConnell's desk if he doesn't like them, or they are detrimental to to Trump. McConnell is the gatekeeper - until he goes and is replaced with someone ethical, nothing will curb Trump.

  34. Great. Some republicans crossed over, but not all or enough to prevent a veto. So now the republicans can have it BOTH ways. "We are making it LOOK like we are checking this president, but we're really not"

  35. @DKM You don't "prevent" a veto, you overturn one. Overturning a veto isn't impossible. As we've seen demonstrated here, unlike the Democrats, Republicans are not a monolith, and are not bound body and soul to their party line, they can, and sometimes do, cross party lines to vote for what they believe in, and voting to overturn a veto that stops Congress from regaining some of the power it willingly sacrificed, isn't the most ridiculous thing we've seen bipartisan support for.

  36. Finally the Congress decides to take back its powers. Hopefully, it won't stop with this legislation. Hopefully, they'll reign in Trump when he commits abuses of power or pushes the limits into the realm of Congress.

  37. @Tenkan That's what the impeachment was about, Congress did pass it but it failed at Senate level - as everything always does these days. Until the Senate goes to the Democrats, or the Republicans have enough ethical and non self serving Senators, it will always be this way. The real danger is if Trump ends up with both Senate and Congress Republican controlled - then is power will be unstoppable.

  38. You had your bipartisan bid to curb Trump, Republicans. It happened during the impeachment trial when you blocked witnesses and documents. You’ve failed us completely.

  39. @Hannah , we all need to vote them out.

  40. After Trump's Roger Stone maneuver maybe now the GOP understands he didn't really "learn his lesson"

  41. @northeastsoccermum Trump learned a lesson; that the Republicans will enable his doing as he pleases and that their constitutional responsibilities take a back seat to their partisanship.

  42. @northeastsoccermum He never will "learn his lesson" as, according to him, he already knows everything there is to know. Unfortunately there are those who believe him. We are now up to our noses in that swamp traitor trump promised to drain. If, God forbid, he is re-elected we will surely drown in it. Every sane citizen must vote this November to get rid of the abomination that sometimes occupied the white, now black, house.

  43. About time GOP did something to reign in this outlaw. GOP Needs to Reject: 1.Trump's interference in convicted Stone's sentence 2. Trump's dictatorial pronouncement all new fed buildings to be in classical style;he's gone full-blown dictator 3. Trumps ongoing assault on EPA regs; he's pouring poison into our waterways because he's an oligarch, a corporate loyalist, and is not interested in our Democracy.

  44. @sandra Maybe have a nice cup of tea and have a lie down. 1. Under the US constitution the elected president can hire and fire the cabinet including the head of the justice department. The president can also legally pardon people and political activists on both sides of politics should be free to do their jobs in a real democracy without political persecution. 2. You need to do some reading on what a dictator is and travel to those countries like China and Iran to see the real suffering of their people. 3. If private companies are really "pouring poison into the waterways" where is it happening? What is the name of the companies and responsible executives so a free press can report it. The NYT should be doing that journalism job properly instead of endless reporting on a partisan impeachment non story that was NEVER going to happen.

  45. Maybe some Republicans are starting to wake up to the dangers posed by a post-impeachment Trump. We need to make every effort to keep Smaug firmly chained inside his cave.

  46. “Still, indignant at the administration’s handling of a drone strike in Iraq last month that killed a top Iranian official”. So a few GOP Senators crossed party lines to cast ‘Meaningless Votes’ to show the meanie, Trump, that they do have courage. There is just one problem. There are not enough votes to overcome Donnie, the Menace’s expected veto. More empty symbolism from the Quisling Senate.

  47. The Senate is delusional if they think they can get their traditional Checks and Balances back after they, voluntarily, relinquished that Constitutional prerogative two weeks ago. If he decides to wage war in Iran, Yemen or, even Canada, what are they going to do about it, impeach him? I think not and they have proven through their cowardice and political calculations that they will not. I find the whole practice of passing laws to be quaint and naive in the era of Trump.

  48. As long as the majority of the Senate GOP continues to ignore Trumps abuses, he will simply veto anything he wants - and they will not stop him. This act is completely meaningless and toothless.

  49. Surprised at the Republicans who chose to buck Trump.

  50. Would this vote have been necessary if President Pence was sitting in the Oval Office? Nancy Pelosi gave the GOP a ‘Get Rid Of Trump FREE’ card and they blew it.

  51. The cowardly Republicans only make "courageous" moves when they know it will be vetoed. People, we need to vote the Republicans out of office while we still have a democracy--vote in the next election, please!

  52. If only more Republicans would have stood up to Trump, McConnell and the enablers during the impeachment trial an out of control Trump regarding many issues which include policies and procedures regarding war crimes, which the want of pilfering oil fields is, and someone drunk with power, a walking "timebomb" empowered and emboldened by a weak Congress and Senate could be considered admirable if not for their re-occurring cowardice yet they allow him, his advisers to not constrain him more even for what in his mind he defines as "imminent" giving him power to really overrule today's actions, with his ego, do you really think he would stop and confer with the Congress, at 65years I never thought I would return to the books of fantasy.

  53. Does anyone else think that Trump is itching to start a war with Iran just so that he can say you have to vote for me because the Democrats could never win this war? He has said it before and he actually accused Obama of trying to do it. Congress needs to take away his authority to wage war, and they need to do it quickly or lots of innocent people on both sides will die.

  54. Bravo to the Republicans who voted to restore Congressional authority over one particular war making decision. Those Republicans who voted no and will support Trump's vetos are voting for Trump's right to kill voters' children and grandchildren on a whim. Keep that in mind when it comes to vote in November.

  55. finally some bipartisan work getting done now maybe the GOP will restrain number 45 from trying to get his cronies off on charges from witness tampering and sleazy working with the campaign violations and those kinds of things this was anybody else they would be in jail he threatened to judge number 45 is boohoo him about his poor friend throw the book at him and Rodger Stone should be given the full nine years or however much the judge wants to give him more even he threatened her life.

  56. I see no mention of the fact that Trump's justification for taking out that Iranian official are very questionable. According to the Iraqis, the rockets that killed the US contractor were launched from a Sunni Muslim part of Kirkuk Province notorious for attacks by the Islamic State, a Sunni terrorist group, which would have made the area hostile territory for a Shiite militia like Khataib Hezbollah, which is allegedly back by Iran. So yes, Trump needs to be harnessed before he provokes a war with Iran ... not that a few retrumplicans backing such legislation is for any reason other than optics.

  57. Ah, I see Susan Collins is once again 'concerned' about something. Well, until the president actually decides on further military action against Iran without bothering to seek congressional approval, that is. Then she'll have to lean on the old canard that "...hopefully the president will have learned a lesson for the next time..." Such a terrific example for all modern Republicans.

  58. Only Trump could think that crushing the economy of a country and getting less than zero out of it, is "doing well." Of course that's what he's done to his businesses and that's what he's about to do our own country. Unfortunately, it's a little too late for the Republicans to stand up to Trump now. And they, of course, know he'll veto this limitation to his power, so it'll all be irrelevant. We just have to hope that Trump doesn't get us into a war before he gets booted out of of office by the vote.

  59. I thought that 60 votes was enough to avoid a presidential veto, not 2/3 of the Senate.

  60. @The Sanity Cruzer The power of the President (or impersonator, in trump's case) to refuse to approve a bill or joint resolution and thus prevent its enactment into law is the veto. The president has ten days (excluding Sundays) to sign a bill passed by Congress. This veto can be overridden only by a two-thirds vote in both the Senate and the House.

  61. @The Sanity Cruzer 60 votes is nothing but a Senate rule to cut off debate, the anti-filibuster rule. It's not a law, it's not in the Constitution. The Constitution requires a 2/3 vote to override a Presidential veto. It's in Article I, Section 8.

  62. @The Sanity Cruzer 60 votes to get past filibuster. 67 to override veto.

  63. This is a start. Our Senate has been and will be again an August deliberative body populated by good and decent people working for the growth and preservation of our union. These past three years have seen our upper house paralyzed with fear of a White House bully, the recent impeachment vote serving as a glowing example. But eight Republican Senators have now come to understand that total allegiance to a brute and bully can only lead to further out of control behavior at the highest level of government. So, good for those eight. It’s a new beginning.

  64. Those same eight Republicans ignored the evidence against Trump and refused to vote him out of office. I don’t have any hopes pinned on any Republicans to do the right thing, nor on many establishment Democrats, either.

  65. @Unaffiliated I sure wish I shared your optimism. It may be dawning on a few of them that things will only get worse now, thanks to them. I guess I'm just an old cynic and think this was nothing more than an opportunity for them to try and look like they care and aren't petrified of losing their jobs. They surely know that it won't work.

  66. Notice the attempted "self-rehabilitation" Susan Collins is attempting to avoid being kicked out of office in November. If she's lucky, meandering verbal performances haven't gotten the attention in Maine as it has in the so-called mainstream media. I've given once to her opponent and plan to do it again. I must congratulate her though; her masterful deceit during the Kavanaugh confirmation was worthy of an advanced acting class act.

  67. I must agree, be it Pres. Trump or any other President these military actions must be curtailed. The constitution is quite clear Congress must declare war, not the President. Yes the president can take immediate military action when the nation is at peril, but should go to Congress to continue. As the Constitution states "To declare war" and that is what we are at call it by any other name, War. When you have the entire military of a nation involved on foreign soil, and American service people coming back in body bags or wounded, that is noting but war. Full stop.

  68. As this article notes but does not emphasize, this issue of presidential war powers goes well beyond Donald Trump and Iran. It has been around for a long time. That's why Republican senators like Mike Lee and Rand Paul voted for the bill. Not that they have anything against Donald Trump, in particular, but against any president waging war without specific authority from Congress. Calling this a rebuke of the president is, therefore, hyperbolic. Indeed, Donald Trump's actions have been in line with his words on the campaign trail. He wants to stop foreign wars, not foment them. His killing of Qassim Soleimani was designed to do just that. In Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, Donald Trump has done everything he could, often in the face of resistance by generals and even then-Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, to get our troops out of war. He should be commended for that, not rebuked.

  69. @John Smithson may I ask why you are OK with a president who is a convicted thief? Two months ago, trump was fined $2M by a judge for fraudulently keeping money collected at his rallies for veterans charities. And he was ordered to repay the whole amount (another $2M). Why are you OK with a national leader who stole from veterans charities? To me, this latest example of trump's dishonesty and lack of basic integrity renders him completely unfit for elected office of any kind. Why do you see it differently? Why are you OK with a president who is a thief?

  70. Better something than nothing - - even a symbolic something is better than just letting his behavior slide by.

  71. All the republicans who voted to block witnesses in the impeachment trial are guilty of obstruction of justice and should be voted out of office. Sorry Susan, too little too late.

  72. Unless they get 67 Senators, this is a no-go. Trump will (rightly so) veto this. It will take a super majority to override his veto. The fact is, the War Powers Act gives the President 100 days to do whatever he wants militarily. That is how it is. That is how it will stay.

  73. Nothing is going to curb Trump from doing whatever he chooses to do. The House has powers that are limited and dependent upon a senate that is frozen with fear of personal retribution, or whatever. This is week one after the senate’s decision to let Trump reign free. We are under attack by our President. This is getting more serious by the hour. We have become what we used to observe as a government of a third world nation. We are not equipped with an ability to overthrow our Leader. But none of us have ever watched a President trample the Constitution including taking over the DOJ. What will happen tomorrow. How long will we watch this before a line is crossed that touches enough of the psyche of the population and there is rebellion.

  74. Wanda, you say, "none of us have ever watched a President trample the Constitution including taking over the DOJ." But every president has always been in charge of the Department of Justice. It's part of the executive branch, which the president heads. No Constitution-trampling about it.

  75. @John Smithson, The President's office oversees the DOJ. This President is using the DOJ as his personal enforcer. I don't know who's in charge of the IRS but I don't think he or she should be allowed to cheat on their taxes just because of their title.

  76. Although the measure will surely be vetoed by Ceasar, maybe the Senate will finally start back on the way to legitimacy. Let's not be too cynical or forlorn......the ides of March approach.

  77. This vote was all for show on the part of the Republicans. It gave Susan Collins a photo op and another chance to appear moderate when there is zero chance of it passing. She needs to be voted out the next election. I am sending a donation to her Democratic opponent.

  78. If the Senate finally had the backbone to oppose Trump, they should have the votes to override a veto. If he does veto the resolution, then Senators, do it.

  79. '“grounded in a faulty premise” because the United States was not currently engaged in any use of force against Iran.' Right we should wait until hostilities begin at which point we'll be told that we're at war & it's unpatriotic to question the administration's moves. Trump can veto it but now the Congress has gone on record. One hopes that will help at least a little.

  80. This is purely symbolic. To wit: there will NOT now be a war with Iran for the simple reason that the US has deterred them from further action that would tempt escalation. After our strike on their terrorist mastermind Mr. Soleimani -- a move that was so high up the escalatory ladder that the Iranian decision making calculus has been shaken to its core -- the Iranians have absolutely NO IDEA how we will respond to their next provocation. That is the essence of deterrence. It is not accidental that Iran has retreated into its shell. Mr. Trump does NOT need congressional approval for a range of other, covert and clandestine operations that the US can employ to further weaken and confuse Iran.

  81. How many of these Republican Senators, knowing there are not enough to override a veto, are running for reelection and wanted cover for the ways they voted during the impeachment trial. Once again they know the final outcome and it's safe to vote for restraint.

  82. How many? Virtually all of them.

  83. Much better to leave the military decision making to the Executive Branch under the leadership of the President. To date, Trump is doing a fantastic job with foreign policy across the board. Congress isn't equipped to handle such decisions with most either grossly ill informed or disinterested in foreign affairs, especially the democrats.

  84. @GDeLuca I think you got it completely backwards. IF we had a thinking, intelligent president your argument might work, but .... rump isn't equipped to handle such decisions, being that he is grossly ill informed and disinterested in foreign affairs. NOW it's correct! Your statement about him doing a fantastic job with foreign affairs is laughable. We are a laughing stock and most of what he does would be seen as amusing if it weren't so dangerous.

  85. @Leah Reitz Spoken like a true member of the resistance.

  86. Thanking all who are condemning Trump. Sometimes I feel all alone in another world. Please vote him out in Nov. and pray his continued screw ups can be corrected by sane humans.

  87. Total nonsense and not worth printing. Gee, why didn't this sort of bill get passed when Obama was killing hundred of people with drones?

  88. You cannot both object to the bill and condemn Congress for not passing a similar one to curtail Obama.

  89. No supermajority no big deal. SS/DFD

  90. I'm sure the ayatollahs must be happy to hear that they are free to do whatever they want because the Great Satan won't be able to stop them.

  91. Hi guys, you had your chance to restrain Trump and you blew it. You are the worst Senators of all time. Thanks.

  92. Any symbolic waste of energy and money. Until they can override a veto this is stupid stuff

  93. So where was congress when Obama decided to take out Muammar Gaddafi?

  94. Republicans: DO MORE!!! STAND UP, SAY SOMETHING! Your president is out of control!!!

  95. Oh puh-lease. They created and unleashed their Trumpenstein monster, now they want to control it?

  96. The downward spiral for Lindsey Graham that began with the death of John McCain continues.

  97. I guess this is the token bone Republicans threw to the Democrats for that impeachment fiasco.

  98. @Covfefe It's a demonstration that while the Democrats may be a partisan monolith, the Republicans are individuals with the autonomy and ability to sometimes cross the isle.

  99. Why doesn't the article list or have a link to the vote so we can see for vs. against?

  100. @chair The vote was 55-45. Eight Republicans voted in favor of it: Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Todd Young of Indiana, Mike Lee of Utah, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Jerry Moran of Kansas.

  101. @chair Yes! In this day and age of the information revolution, it's still amazingly hard to quickly find roll calls of Senate and House votes.

  102. Voting yes were Republicans Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Jerry Moran of Kansas, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Todd Young of Indiana, Mike Lee of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana. I wish the names were in the article. And I hope I never hear another lazy media source call Rob Portman of Ohio "serious," "thoughtful" or "moderate."

  103. @Dave Scott: A list of names would have been an important media step. The overwhelming amount of physical labor could have been minimized by setting forth GOP pro-sayers seeking to be honorable and "all the rest" of GOP nay-sayers.

  104. @MAX L SPENCER The list of names was in the article.

  105. Let’s see if the spineless Senate will override his veto I doubt it Wimps

  106. @Franco Don't bemoan innaction from the Senate. They're just doing what their voters want. We can't keep pretending Republican voters are decent people, that's irrelevant. They are enabling the destruction of the country - politically, economically, and socially. What are we going to do about it?

  107. Think of all those republicans that joined the party for their various reasons and have to sit idly by and watch one man and his accomplices destroy it. Something that is like a religion to them and they have to watch it be destroyed. Vindman and his twin brother (who did not testify) are both kicked to the curb after all of their years of service and Marie Y as well. They ample soul in shave is doing nothing but creating more enemies those people have family and friends and they have family and friends. So many will either vote Democrat or not vote at all. Why the GOP is on this path of destruction is beyond me?? They seem to think that there's going to be some light at the end of the tunnel. But we have seen so many times the likes of Hitler McCarthy and even Rome rose but they all fell. Every. Single. Day. DonCon is testing his boundaries, trying to gain more and more power and one day he will do what they all do, that one last thing that will lead to his ultimate downfall. Only he will not go down, it'll be his accomplices. He will be back in luxury at Maralaimo. The rest of us made to pay the ultimate price. If only America was outraged enough to stop him. We already have a law in place where Congress is supposed to make that decision. But they have given that power to their Lord and savior in the White House, so it begs the question why are they even there? Vote Blue. Let's get back to work.

  108. I am a democrat and I am tired of my democrat leaders doing stupid things. Why do we take actions that cannot win? Every time we do that we just make President Trump stronger.

  109. @Paul Schejtman I'm sure the Founding Fathers heard a lot of that, too.

  110. @Paul Schejtman The alternative is doing nothing at all, which means he will grow stronger by default.

  111. NYT Please Advise: Given... ...the perilous trajectories of our country and planet, …the criminal acts committed by Trump, ...the impeachment of Trump in the House… ...the sham trial of Trump in the Senate, …and Trump’s new level of lawlessness… what point does the NYT take the lead, as one of the nation’s most respected news organizations, and call for Trump’s resignation (without the benefit of a Pence pardon)? Thank you. +++++++++++++++ FYI: A bit of history from Wikipedia: Impeachment Process Against Richard Nixon On November 4, 1973, Senator Edward Brooke became the first congressional Republican to publicly urge President Nixon to resign. That same week, several newspapers, including The Atlanta Journal, The Denver Post, The Detroit News and The New York Times, published editorials also urging him to resign. Time magazine, in the first editorial in 50 years of publication, did so as well, declaring that the president "has irredeemably lost his moral authority" to govern effectively, and that Nixon "and the nation have passed a tragic point of no return."

  112. Sorry, GOP, that ship has sailed. You rigged the ship, launched it and gave it a God Speed. I will never forgive you, and I vote. Remember in November.

  113. @JW Your vote won't matter. This will end in the streets, or not at all.

  114. The impotence of this legislative branch is depressing.

  115. The Republican party is already an embarrassment.

  116. No we wouldn't want to "tie the hands" of an unhinged megalomaniac toddler with the nuclear codes. A ''symbolic" rebuke will be totally ignore by this madman.

  117. so what. trump has learned the collins lesson - he really can now do whatever he wants for he owns the republican party after they acquitted him. this vote is useless for comrade trump will veto it. he is already on his revenge tour, or have you not noticed.

  118. A few Republicans cautiously dipping their toes into Trumps' lake of fire. They knew their votes would not prevail but might cast some light on just exactly how far Trump has gone into total vengefulness. It is like poking a helmet on a stick just above the lip of the trench to see if it will draw fire from the crazed enemy. Will he turn on them and call them disloyal traitors? Horrible? Disgusting? Other Republicans of less courage cringing are cringing down below, hanging back, to see what happens to these sacrificial lambs.

  119. Didn’t Tim Kaine run on the same ticket as someone who promised to “totally obliterate” Iran even if it didn’t attack the US? Why yes, yes he did.

  120. Looks like more showboating in Congress and no real courage. I guess they don't care about the 100 plus American military troops who have traumatic brain injuries because of Iran's attack on our military base. Where are the patriots that want to protect our military from a tin-pot dictator?

  121. @Jacquie Lonely are the Brave. Great movie, but no current live person could play the title role. Republican senators, with one lonely exception, are cowards. All of them.

  122. Republican crossovers actually think *this* resolution to restrain a President in foreign policy is *more* urgent than his domestic abuse of power and assault on our Constitution? Am I reading The Onion or the New York Times?

  123. Senate Republicans now is your opportunity to educate your president about checks and balances and that we live in a democracy, not a dictatorship.

  124. Talk about shutting the barn doors

  125. We keep reading these articles in Europe as well, we keep wondering, what ever happened to the USA? your grandparents stormed the beaches of Normandy, to free us from German occupation, we have been very gratefull for that for a long time, the gratefullness is over, I taste a bitter anti-America sentiment in The Netherlands, we feel like the guide country no longer is that, it has fallen prey to powerhungry people who put their very conservative views above all, as long as enough trump judges get votes in, democracy is a 2nd thought..... I am very much aware a minority of Americans support this soon to be dictatorship, but it is a very big minority and its scares me BIG time!

  126. @Chris We keep asking ourselves the same. We're stunned that Christians and Racists have formed a pact to keep rich white men in power. Sickening, really. Keep your chin up, though. There are a bunch of us who are fighting back against this tyrant. I'd expect a civil war if he wins another 4 years in office.

  127. @Chris No offense, but I suspect the “bitter taste” would be gone the moment that Russia said “Boo!”...

  128. @Marcus Aurelius Doubtful. Even more doubtful, that Trump would actually act against Russia in support of NATO allies. Europeans have long memories, unlike Americans.

  129. Congress has forgotten they represent one-third the power of this government. When we hear them talk, now, as to how they can't manage 45, we think "well, you gave him free rein for three years". We understand how you want to keep the power, but it is to the detriment of this democracy. You abdicated your oath. In doing that, you gave 45 to us, and we do not want him. Uncle Sam does not want him. A reality celebrity in a rumpled suit, phony hair, face makeup, with a brain full of snide remarks. This is what you support? This is what Bilious Bill Barr, supposedly the AG for this country, the personal prop for 45, is now working? We do not appreciate what you have done. You are dust and sand and ash. A suit and hairdo cannot hide that.

  130. Symbolic rebukes is all the Senate has got. Sad.

  131. These are Congressional baby steps. Trump has proven himself, time and time again, as being impulsive, chaotic and irrational. Trump is being abetted, for reasons known only to themselves, by Mitch McConnell and the other white supremacists in the Senate and Mark Meadows and the rest of the Tea Party / Freedom Caucus members of the GOP in the House. Why do they condone Trump's madness & his propensity to destabilize the world?

  132. I weep incessantly. I continue to wonder what be the sentiments of the close kinfolk of Senators. Are they keeping well out of the public eye of late. I would, from embarrassment.

  133. The GOP created their Golem and there is nothing they can do to stop him from running amok.

  134. I can't wait to see Sen.Collins lose along with a lot of other republicans in the upcoming election along with their Emperor Trump.

  135. I think it's sweet how Trump lets Susan Collins pose for photo ops involving pointless gestures.

  136. Reign in Trump with a Senate resolution? Sounds like a skit from Monty Python with Terry Jones (RIP) playing Susan Collins as she explains that the resolution has taught Trump a lesson.

  137. The proposed law is not much good if it only affects Trump. It should also apply to whatever Democrat succeeds him as President. Why would you believe that they should not be limited?

  138. Trump believes he can do anything he wishes, despite Congress's action to prevent this case, attacking Iran. But, what if he just does it anyway and orders strikes on Iran? What could Congress do? Impeach him? This is what goes on in this man's criminal like mind. Trump says to himself..what can they do to me..I will just Twitter them to death. Ladies and gentlemen..we have a dictator of sorts in the White House and a danger to world peace.

  139. @RH Isn't it necessary for Congress to declare war? If not, then any President can declare war on any country, imminent threat or not? Would a majority of Americans support a declaration of war against Iran? Syria? We have a history of destructive actions in the ME; e.g. the take down of a popular elected leader in Iran, Mossadegh, replaced with a corrupt sergeant in the military who claimed to have royal forbears. He fled the country after causing a revolution. Trump, the draft dodger, 5 times bankrupt, appointed by the Electoral College after losing the popular vote, is a Commander in Chief who pardoned an officer who was reported by his Seal cohort, because he murdered an old man and young children on their way to school. His name was Gallagher; Trump invited this war criminal to the WH. Trump upended a decision made under military guidelines. It is difficult to see Trump ranting nonsense, bragging about himself at staged rallies, using AF One and the Secret Service for weekly golf trips to Mar-a-Lago, and ridiculed behind his back at world leadership events. His taste in furnishings is garish; the WH is classic and well furnished with genuine antiques. Trump called the WH a 'dump'. He has dragged us down to that, our historic President's home considered a 'dump' by a man who lives on hamberders.

  140. Trump's hands tied would be a decent step in the direction of "bound and gagged and locked in a closet", which is where we need to be with this dangerous madman. What's it going to take, Republicans? What is it going to take?

  141. Nothing is going to stop King Trump. People who think November will save them need to wake up. Kings do not resign their power. He will not leave the WH no matter what. Trumpists have betrayed America. It's okat tho, the world can now be guided by the Russian and China super powers.

  142. Good move Senate. And to readers who say "symbolic," you are wrong. This awful brick wall of Republican support for Trump no matter what is unlikely to come down with one big blow. Rather, brick by brick we are going to reach the centrist Republican voters (the few who will swing a red or purple state or two). Romney and these Senators are showing that his support is not fool proof and the Democratic nominee will exploit all of these points. Patience will win this and get him out of office, not aggression.

  143. @MTHouston yes symbolic. If sincere it would have enough votes to block The Trump veto.

  144. Let's hope.

  145. @MTHouston uh-huh. These people have had many opportunities to stop Trump and have passed every time. They only go against him when they’re certain it won’t stop him.

  146. Aww, hey, look at Mike Lee getting a taste of the Trump treatment! He doesn't like it! Bitter pill when it's being shoved down your own throat, huh?

  147. Too little waaaaay too late

  148. Another cheesy photo op, another out-of-state donation to Gideon. Enjoy your Senatorial retirement Ms. Collins.

  149. Worst. Congress. Ever.

  150. More hand wringing by a toothless congress.

  151. Do you think these Republicans know deep in their conscience how despicable they really are and that history will not be kind to them?

  152. History is written by the victors. Whatever the spoils. They have shown themselves immune to any regard for the great men and women of our own history and spat in the faces of our founding fathers sacred idea of creating a government for the people and by the people. They don’t give a good damn about history.

  153. Too little, too late for the Fab Four (Collins, Murkowski, Lee, Alexander). The voters are waiting for y'all.

  154. The wanton criminality of the American state is making even some in power nervous, uneasy.

  155. Wish the story were more informative. Who were the eight republican senators that voted for the resolution?

  156. It is amazing how many people are so willing to ignore or even flout the Constitution for their own personal agenda. And that includes the citizenry.

  157. Great. Lots of stuff passes in the Senate only to fall into the black hole that is the House of Reps. This country needs a serious Blue Tsunami to right so many wrongs.

  158. @Yogasong Sorry but you have this wrong. The House will pass this as soon as they get it. The Senate is the body that ignores whatever the House passes. Look at McConnel's desk, I suspect it's littered with House bills he will not consider.

  159. @Yogasong You've got it quite backwards, the House has passed some 300 bills that languish in the Senate at the desk of majority leader and self-proclaimed grim reaper mitch mcconnell.

  160. @Yogasong apologies to one and all. I hastily typed and I got things backwards. Congress comes first and then the senate. So, miraculously, this now goes to the WH to undoubtedly be vetoed and die, unless of course, 2/3 each of the house and senate vote to override. Historically, fewer than 10% of vetoes have been overridden so I’m guessing this very sensible bill will unfortunately die.

  161. Too little, too late. Trump now fully owns the Republican Senators (except Romney). No matter what Trump does they roll over on their backs and submit. I view the Senate with a mixture of disappointment and disgust watching their fearful, weak and submissive behavior towards this president. Trump will do whatever he wants because the Senate is no longer a coequal branch of the government.

  162. So, Mike Lee and Rand Paul "stood up" against the schoolyard bully. This time. How come they couldn't have done so during the impeachment? And, who were the other "courageous" six? Was this a secret ballot with Lee and Paul being the only two willing to go public? Eight Republican Senators. Nowhere near enough to salvage the reputation of their party.

  163. Glen, the version of the article I'm looking at now names the other six: Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Jerry Moran of Kansas, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Todd Young of Indiana. This vote on war powers has nothing to do with the impeachment vote. Different issue entirely.

  164. The fact that we need a resolution to state what is already in the Constitution, and that most republicans will not support it, demonstrates how far we have fallen, and how close to a dictatorship we are.

  165. The Dems have no teeth. They continuously fumble any attempt to restrain Trump. The only Republicans who are willing to speak out are those who are leaving office or retiring. When will this nightmare end?

  166. @DJM When we take to the streets to fight for the end of minority rule.

  167. They should also pass a resolution against coronavirus. Probably more effective than this one.

  168. @Jin While they are at it they can repeal the law of gravity. It should make the space program a lot easier.

  169. Nobody except Trump and his military/industrial coalition wants war with Iran. We need to tell our Senators to back up this resolution and stop Trump's push to attack Iran.

  170. @dutchiris President Peace Prize ordered more drone strikes than any other by a literal order of magnitude, while Trump's has demonstrably been the most peaceful presidency in modern history. Come on; show me all this war mongering he's done? All these conflicts he's started that weren't inherited from President Peace Prize? Show me how he's more in bed with the military industrial complex than Presiden Peace Prize? You can't, because it's not true.

  171. @dutchiris The last thing we need is another forever war in the ME. The military-industrial complex relies on continuing wars to continue with their large share of the Federal Budget. I was impressed with Gates when he stated in his Congressional appearance that the military was not responsible for all weapons requests made by Congress; in fact, some weapons systems were neither needed, nor used. Empty military bases in each Congressional District fall under this category, requiring funding for 'protection'. In the meantime, there are budgetary restrictions put forward on school lunch programs which might feed some kids who do not qualify for free lunches. How about we make a basic school lunch free for all kids, eliminating who 'qualifies'. The GOP often drags us into the weeds with pointless, even mean discussions. If we can afford to spread our military all over the world, we can afford to feed our kids; this might even include some military kids.

  172. @dutchiris Amazing. There is no evidence whatsoever that Trump wants war with Iran. Why some people actually believe he does is odd.

  173. Great. Now what if Trump disregards it and orders a strike or military action ? He learned that he can get away with anything.

  174. Now, if only the Senate could pass a mostly symbolic rebuke of the president for interfering with the sentencing of his cronies, for firing career professionals who dare to tell truths disagreeable to our prez, and to generally stop acting like a mob boss. Better yet, a resolution with teeth passed by a veto-proof majority of Senators.

  175. Fuggedaboutit! The Republicans know they will sustain a veto. And Trump will get away with whatever. We will remember in November.

  176. Those with TDS still today do not understand why the president was elected. He has a clear political mandate that he has implemented. Three main promises where bring back manufacturing jobs from the third world like China, Mexico and others, enforce US border laws and stop endless wars in the Middle East but he has also stopped the craven and dangerous appeasement of dangerous expansionist dictators like the CCP-China in the Asia-Pacific and Iran in the Middle East. Trump's killing of the Iranian general was a measured pushback on a terrorist state that plans to try to take over the Middle East as hegemony. It did not cause war but also put a price on Iranian expansionist policy.

  177. Massive loss of the popular vote is not a clear political mandate.

  178. @Silence People (bots?) like this are why we can't have nice things, like a functioning democracy or sustainable economy.

  179. @Eric If the Democrats want Trump out of office, the only way that will be accomplished is by presenting a candidate that doesn’t cater to the far left. I voted Democrat my entire life until this last presidential election. MANY southern democrats feel the Democrat party abandoned us & no longer represent our beliefs or interests to ANY degree. We got tired of far left liberal policies being shoved down our throats & our children’s throats so we defected. Our votes weren’t FOR Trump, they were AGAINST the ultra liberal Democrat party that has taken over & abandoned us. Present us with a reasonable candidate, we will vote Democrat again. That’s probably not what you want to hear but sometimes a compromise has to be made & I sincerely believe that’s the only way democrats can win in November. With the candidates I’ve seen so far, it looks like I’ll be voting for who, I have decided, is the lesser of two evils AGAIN.

  180. This could have been a good bill if it did not take affect until the next inauguration. Now it is a political talking point, properly done it would have been good legislation.

  181. If this measure is vetoed a little backbone and spine may required to defeat it.

  182. @WWoodJD Backbone and spine is non-existent with the current gaggle of those in the GOP who have submitted their values, morals and ethics to Trump in the House and Senate.

  183. Enough of these "symbolic" moves - we need to actually check the power of the different branches of government. Susan Collins voting against party lines in this vote does not achieve anything. Unless the president is blocked from doing something he wants, he will not be bothered, even.

  184. Leo, the problem is that a previous Congress in 1973 gave the president power to take military action, called the War Powers Resolution. In that case Congress overrode Richard Nixon's veto to restrict his right to wage war. Whether Congress had the right to restrict the commander in chief in this way is debatable. Barack Obama flagrantly violated the War Powers Resolution in Libya, and arguably in other cases as well. Donald Trump followed its terms with regard to Iran. That Congress wants to further restrict the power of the president in the specific case of Iran seems unlikely to overcome a court challenge, even if it overcame a veto. Congress has the power to declare war, but the president has the power to wage war. Military action short of war should not be done only after open debate and congressional lawmaking. It's just not practical to do that.

  185. This is a brick short and a day late. . The man pardons war criminals. He obstructs investigations by refusing to submit to the investigatory powers of a prosecutor and of House committees. He makes baseless claims of privilege and immunity. He intimidates witnesses by firing anyone who stands up for the difference between right and wrong. He interferes in sentencing of convicted criminals. . And only eight Republican Senators vote against? . A day late and a brick short. . Gosh, he'll really learn his lesson now ...

  186. I don’t read anything anymore with trump’s name attached to it or with his read head visible. Why set myself up for a bad mood?

  187. The decision to kill Suleimani was the right decision. I applaud Trump for his bravery and I question the wisdom of the Democratic candidates who criticized it. No other action has made America safer. Obama assassinated bin Laden and al-Awlaki neither of whom represented an imminent threat. There is no "evidence" the assassination of either made America safer. Yet the Republicans supported these actions. al-Awlaki was an American citizen who only expressed his opinion. Politics ends at our nation's shores governed Republican responses. The Iranian response was weak inept and demonstrated their government's mendacity. Far from unifying Iran, the Suleimani strike demonstrated the Iranian people want this tyranny gone. Nothing could have made America safer. The Democratic responses were at best foolish and at worst treacherous. Buttigieg's response saying there is no evidence it made America safer is bald-face stupidity; what evidence is even possible? Biden said only diplomacy is valid. I'm sorry did Obama every consider using force and of what value is diplomacy without the threat of force? Warren questioning the timing to divert from impeachment was disgusting. They attacked our embassy and killed an American contractor. And Bernie saying it's a war crime is borderline treason. No Republican ever criticized Obama to the extent he should have been tried by the Hague. Trump does not need his war powers restrained. The Democrats need a lesson in patriotism.

  188. Republicans are fools to think they can rein in thee most corrupt administration in America history. He played them like an old piano.

  189. Hello world! We are in a bad spot right now and need your help in helping us right our foundering ship. Even our dogs are in a foul mood! We are literally terrified of this man. Sending out an SOS, Sending out an SOS, Sending out an SOS...

  190. Important for people to also see this. Why You May Never Learn the Truth About ICE The National Archives is letting millions of documents, including many related to immigrants’ rights, be destroyed or deleted. By Matthew Connelly Dr. Connelly is a professor of history at Columbia. Feb. 4, 2020 The abuse of immigrants at the border is being purged from the archives. Human rights abuses being erased. ICE Detainee Records Schedule Nears Completion Press Release · Friday, June 21, 2019 - Washington, DC Immigration and Customs Enforcement schedule will include additional permanent items Contact your congressman and tell them to protect this information. Trumps administration must not be allowed to hide their human rights violations.

  191. I have 2 questions for the Republican Senators who voted against Trump on this bill: 1) Why did sanity suddenly invade your brain? 2) Why didn't this happen months, if not years ago?

  192. Our Founding Fathers crafted a Constitution that provided for a very powerful President. Not surprising - when you realize that the only national leader they had ever seen, was George Washington - a man was reputed to have never told a lie. Even the true geniuses among them, like Benjamin Franklin or Alexander Hamilton, were powerless to search into the future, to the year 2016...

  193. I am not sure where to write this - my sentiments on Trump coverage, but here goes: For just one day, yes, one full day, 24 hours, can we PLEASE have NO TRUMP NEWS. I know I am not alone in this feeling. Ever since he was elected President, the news media has reported his tweets, his outrageous pronouncements, and full coverage of his raping of the American way of life, as we knew it. I hope someone reads this. Thank you for letting me vent.

  194. Of course he’ll veto it...Iran is part of the reelection strategy...worked great for Bush...