Sajid Javid, U.K. Finance Chief, Quits as Boris Johnson Shuffles Team

Cabinet changes on Thursday aimed to put a new stamp on the government. Mr. Javid resigned rather than go along with the prime minister’s play for more power over economic policy.

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  1. The unintended consequence of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership may well be, by making Labour hilariously irrelevant on the most consequential British decision in living memory, Brexit is now 100% Tory-made and entirely Tory accountable when it really happens. (Farage can grin until his ears fall off, but he didn't make it and it hasn't come anywhere close to really happening, yet.)

  2. Boris Johnson appears to be shambolic in all aspects of his life, personal and professional. Why would his political life be any different? But, like Trump, his character was known before he ran for party leadership and people elected him anyway. We should not be surprised.

  3. This is more evidence that the promises, policies and way too optimistic numbers around Johnson’s definition of Brexit are way off. As expected.

  4. Boris has a long, long way to go before he can reach or surpass Trump's record on dismissing members of his government, or resignations by those in charge. Who knew governing was so hard?

  5. Good riddance. Unfortunately, our friends in the UK can look forward to five more years of Tory mismanagement and incompetence, thanks to the hubris of Jeremy Corbin. With luck, our current incompetent will be gone next year..

  6. Hopefully we US voters won’t face in November, the same dreadful choice that British voters had last December - else the outcome may be the same

  7. As Rome burns, we watch and wonder: does it affect me?

  8. 80 seat majority isn’t a “landslide.” Not historically. It might seem so considering the razor thin margins Theresa May had to navigate.

  9. Johnson is more of a destroyer than a builder. Very few people are good at both so the path forward will be fraught with difficulties to the chagrin of the U.K. citizenry.

  10. So the Leave vote was driven by the motto of taking back control. Now, the person who controls the UK is an unelected advisor who has unlimited power and ie essentially the prime minister. Well, well. The UK is heading for even rockier times than anything Brexit could cause. Self-inflicted misery awaits.

  11. Johnson is leading a sea change in the U.K. and can't have anyone in his cabinet that opposes his direction. He needs to clean house and that will require a large broom! Otherwise, he will be sabotaged in subtle ways. Trump should have done the same and now has gotten that message. CEO's who lead sea-changes know that and usually wait 1 or 2 years. This is essentially what Trump has done. But in politics, that wait has unfortunate consequences. I worked for the gov't, and I can tell you new leadership/different Party are sabotaged. All the way down the ranks if the leadership represents significant changes.

  12. Which board of directors would select Boris to be CEO and lead a sea change at a company? The UK’s economy will slow down.

  13. Sajid Javid kept his dignity by resigning. If he couldn't decide who will be the members of his team, the job without autonomy wasn't worth it. Being a chancellor in name only,dictated by PM, was the job for appearance only. Good to leave the circus and watch the clowns doing somersault from a distance.

  14. Johnson asked for it, and they are letting him have it. This is just the beginning of the beginning.

  15. The replacement of a seasoned politician like Sajid Javid for a youngster in such an important position as the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Britain is reminiscent of Trump’s nominations and might signal the same downhills pattern in the international commercial arena.