As a Post-Impeachment Trump Pushes the Limits, Republicans Say Little

Having expressed confidence that impeachment might chasten the president, senators are now watching as he purges perceived enemies and publicly pushes for a lenient sentence for a friend.

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  1. I posted this is a comment on another story, but it’s even more relevant to this article: Raise your hand if you’re worried that this is the end of American democracy. Watching Trump makes me think of Turkey’s Erdogan, who I believe started off in a democracy and look where they are now. Democracy exists only if everyone follows the rules. Do the Republicans realize that? Do they realize that by not applying the rules to Trump, they risk putting an end to the very democracy that most nations in the world dream about? Every day, the headlines make me think, this is no longer democracy. Am I crazy or do others see what I’m seeing?

  2. @L Count me in as one who sees what you see... And it's horrifying.

  3. @L You’re not crazy. I’m not convinced we will even have a 2020 election, or that any of its results will be honored, including for Senate, if the Republican majority is lost. I strongly suspect some emergency will be fabricated or some fraud will be claimed, and that will be that, especially if Senate Republicans get to keep their nominal power, such as they think their toadying is.

  4. @L I think it fair to say that most Republicans have never paid attention to rules and they will never follow rules made by minority people nor those made for them.

  5. Not surprisingly, the Republicans continue to violate their oath of office and continue to throw America and Americans "under the bus". It's time to vote out all Republicans in November of 2020. Please everyone who cares about our country - vote only for Democrats in November!

  6. @Dem in CA And if voting doesn't work? I mean if he refuses to leave? Or we get another subversion of the one person one vote rule by then Electoral College? Then what?

  7. This would be the ultimate retribution to the many Republican congressmen and congresswomen who blindly stand behind him. This might be the quickest way to restore normalcy and also serve as a great lesson to future politicians.

  8. @Dem in CA Nice sentiment but the moderate wing of the Democratic party has already vowed to only vote blue if the candidate is one they select. So, don't look to the DNC and it allies for help. They would rather have Trump than risk own tax cuts. Yes, they really are that shallow.

  9. Susan Collins, what a piece of work. Remember when she vowed to support the ACA health care program and then voted with DJT to dismantle it? Remember when she believed witnesses during Kavanaugh hearings but voted him onto the Supreme Court?

  10. @MB the question is whether Maine voters want to be represented by someone so naive and clueless.

  11. @sapere aude Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham. How could anyone be a Republican voter when they see the unAmerican antics of these ignorant and immoral beings.

  12. @sapere aude the clueless ones are those who do not see through her dramatic public hand wringing. You don't have to give a complicated explanation when you do the right thing. You offer complicated explanations to rationalize why the wrong thing you did is actually OK. But saying it is right doesn't make it so. All GOP Senators save possibly Romney have definitively exposed who they are. Whether we accept or reject them will reveal who we are

  13. The Senate is being duped by Trump in his purging of antagonists from the impeachment action against him. As you see, they do not know him. If they did, the impeachment may have progressed to it’s finality. The Senators still believe that Trump can be controlled. He is operating like a true dictatorship. He is doing exactly as he pleases with our government as can be seen by his manipulation of the Justice Department. Unless Congress, specifically the Senate, understands that they must start curbing Trump’s actions, we will have an autocratic government totally operating at Trump’s whim and desire.

  14. No ones being duped, they are being coerced by their own fears of retaliation.

  15. @NOTATE REDMOND Don’t kid yourself. Trump is exactly the president that those Republican congress people and the entire GOP have wanted for years.

  16. The GOP knows him and fears him. Trump envies Putin & Xi. He has no limits except what the US Military will abide.

  17. Gosh I mean, they have taxes to cut, entitlements to "reform", and courts to stack. Are the Republicans really meant to follow every tweet?

  18. Anyone who believed our President would do anything different than what he is doing was delusional. He can't distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate, legal and illegal, civil and uncivil because he simply doesn't care. And what is really disturbing; neither does about 40% of our electorate.

  19. @Bill ....that’s because most of that 40% supports Trump’s beliefs and they share his values.

  20. @Bill "he simply doesn't care..." And that's because he doesn't know any better. He was raised in a racist, cheating household. He learned the tricks of his trade in the corrupt real estate world of NYC where "deals" were a matter of greasing palms and scratching backs. And... he was thrown out of school in Kew Gardens because he struck a teacher. Never any real consequences for the Donald... until now?

  21. @Patrick alexander And they would like to replace our mockery of democracy with blind obedience. We would certainly have no checks and balances.

  22. The Separation of Powers does not exist in the administration of President Trump.

  23. Home of the free and the brave? Republicans are AWOL on legislating the essential priorities and directions of our county. Republicans can not even complete any legislation to protect our impending national election. Evaluate their record of doing nothing and vote them out.

  24. @Susan Murphy Whatever gave you the impression that the GOP was concerned about protecting our elections? They never have. It is all works perfectly to preserve their power. That is all it ever was about. The Koch network is behind this whole design. I suggest we stop buying their products and subsidizing their rape of our national lands. We rail against the Republicans in office, but they are just tools. The Kochs and allies sit safely in their gated estates and watch while being completely insulated from the fallout.

  25. That Trump would emerge emboldened was obvious to me and anyone else with adult judgment. The GOP senators and House must be voted out of office.

  26. @James Exactly. Clearly, these Senators don't live in the adult world, have no adult judgment, and would be pounded to paste by any school yard bully. Oh wait, that's what is happening. The rest of us Americans are merely the collateral damage.

  27. This will only get more brazen as time goes on. Republicans will only act if they think they will lose their own individual seat in government. So Vote and encourage anyone you know who is concerned by this threat of authoritarian rule to vote as well. November may be our last best chance !

  28. Collins has lost all credibility and one can only hope she gets voted OUT by Mainers. As for the rest of the republicans- as bad as things were they have now made them even worse and things will continue to deteriorate till trump is out of office. many of the senators should be tossed out as well. Unfortunately the continued lies, condemnation of the press and the shortsightedness of so many Americans means we may well have that crude crew around for more years and our whole country will suffer even more, our decline in the world will accelerate and it may well be impossible to ever get our status back as a leading country for good on the globe.

  29. Has Trump learned anything from the impeachment or any other instance where he was guilty of wrongdoing? Of course not as he is incapable of reflection, contrition, empathy, foresight and compassion for anyone. Period, It continues to amaze me how the GOP can repeatedly give him a pass for his transgressions, arrogant, omnipotent and reckless behavior. Cowards all who have failed their constituents and sullied their oaths of office. The genie is out of the bottle and if reelected the country will witness the unleashing of a dictatorial bully who will rule with an iron hand, continue in his attempts to destroy the free press, demonize and subjugate his critics and make this Country a divided, hate-imbued land. The rule of law has and will continue to be a sham under the Trump-Barr regime. Vote and rid the land of Trump, O'Connell and any and all GOP legislators up for reelection this fall - its time for civility, integrity, honesty and government for all the people to be reinstated in our Country.

  30. @Horseshoe Crab He learned that he can get away with pretty much everything, unchecked.

  31. Senators like Collins, Murkowski, Gardner, Lee, etc., have one more, flimsy, chance to partly wash their besmirched faces! To recant and publicly admit to their monumental blunder! In not calling for witnesses and documents, and in acquitting this deeply flawed and deeply implicated and guilty man! Their tenure in the Senate should also be terminated by voters at the earliest opportunity! The US is going both rough a dangerous phase of undeclared civil war, but that civil war could turn at the flip of a switch. The switch is in the hands of a complete lunatic. Unfortunately for civil society in America, this lunatic is backed up and egged in by self serving elements in the Republican Party.

  32. The news media and others need to stop calling Trump an authoritarian. We now have a DICTATOR on our hands. I hope this democracy makes it to the next election.

  33. @Acey Dutators have their run then are terminated by their victims, one way or another. if Trump and his minions are as smart as they claim, they must see that, too,

  34. @Fairwitness Let's hope that happens sooner rather than later!

  35. Republican enablers such as Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham have proven over and over again that they will do anything to consolidate their power, which includes tolerating a president who regularly, willfully and gleefully abuses power as he undermines our system of government and the Constitution. Susan Collin's comment after Trump's acquittal, that "maybe he learned a lesson", was beyond naive After three years, we know he learns no lessons other than to double down with more tweets, name calling and now retribution and revenge on public servants. Let's stop encouraging him by wringing our hands over his every outrageous tweet and unbridled behavior as it won't stop it. Let's put our differences aside and find the best Democratic presidential candidate to defeat him and vote out the Republican majority in the Senate. If we don't do this, we can count on more of his post impeachment behavior, unbridled in a second term, which will feature the end of health care insurance, more dangerous deregulation, a climate of incivility in this country, and the weakening of the Constitution, among many other things.

  36. Senator Collins is going to lose her job this November. A small victory for Democracy.

  37. @cherrylog754 I really hope you're right.

  38. The Senate is burying their heads in the sand in response to Trump’s characteristic autocratic drive to punish his perceived enemies. They are allowing Trump to do exactly as he wants while destroying our government organization where he sees fit. The cowardice of our elected representatives is legion. The Senate has acquiesced on so many issues, they no longer have the ability to stand up to Trump.

  39. The Republicans are waiting to see the Nov. 2020 results. Cowards all. I hope we remember. They are never to be trusted again.

  40. Fealty to the King. If Trump wins the election does America become a "Putin Democracy".

  41. Donnie thinks he was elected king. He thinks he owns the US Government. He will find out on November 3, 2020 that he works for We The People, and that we have FIRED him. “You’re FIRED!,” DONNIE.

  42. @Joe From Boston Do you remember, in 2016, when Chris Wallace asked Trump during the debates if he would accept the results of the election? Do you remember his response? I encourage you to go to YouTube and watch it. Elections are meaningless without the rule of law and the will of our public institutions to back them, and Trump has systematically undermined both. Tell me, just how much faith are you willing to place in Republican senators to uphold the rule of law now? “The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote...”

  43. They’d better keep their mouths shut. This is exactly what the impeachment was about.

  44. This is how Democracy dies.

  45. @Kevin S If you mean by writing comments rather than righting in the streets, then yes, this is how Democracy dies.

  46. If the Republican Senators want to see the Senate flipped to Democrats this fall, they're doing exactly the right thing.

  47. I refuse to vote for anyone who claims they will work with republicans. Republicans have figured out what American government was really made for: the execution of power. I’m voting for democrats that will never reach across the aisle, and will do everything in their power, regardless of republican opinion, to help the poor, sick, and those who have the least in this country. Nothing is more important than that, and we need to be clear-eyed about the reality of politics in this country.

  48. The recent passing of the terrific actor Kirk Douglas brought back a memory of mine-when Mr. Douglas was asked why he chose to become an actor. His response spoke volumes. It beat getting a job. So, as you watch the daily embarrasment, the denial of all those supporting Donald Trump, all the while ignoring the notion their behavior is and will forever remain in the crosshairs of history as a part of their legacy, how can you not ask yourself, "Is that what it's all about, they just don't have the integrity, the pride of upholding the values they were elected to represent that embody all our forefathers and current members of the military have risked and continue to put their lives on the line for, just so they don't lose their cushy, safe excuse of job security? Yes! That's what this is all about. With that said, aren't the Republicans the ones several years back who were clamoring for 'term limits'? We sure saw that notion go up in smoke. What, sit up at night worrying about what Health Care Plan to chose? Yeah, right. They love getting everything spoon-fed to them. Everything!

  49. The GOP is intentionally, willfully installing a uniquely American authoritarian order. It’s not a mystery. Pieces like this ignore the obvious and give too much credit to the idea that the GOP cares at all about anything other than maintaining an iron grip on power by an means necessary.

  50. The subheadline refers to a 'lenient sentence for a friend', when the known truth is far worse than that. Mr. Stone is convicted for lying to prosecutors and tampering with witnesses in the investigation into Russian interference -- precisely the investigation that concluded it could not find sufficient evidence to prove Trump guilty. That is more than a 'friend'. Come on, New York Times.

  51. @Matthew Walker Friend to Trump means anyone who is immoral like himself, that he can use to the benefit of himself. As these "friends" all eventually find out, he will throw them under the bus in a heart beat when they are no longer of any use to him.

  52. @Matthew Walker That "investigation" was a complete failure-- Mueller could have pervented a lot of the abuses Trump has pepetrated since then -- but no, he "followed he rules o the corrupt Justice Dept and failed o indict or even censure or tel the real story of trump's conspiracy with the Russians. someady we will know the truth of that treason.

  53. There is SO much wrong going on here. Wow. Although born a US Citizen, am I glad I became a New Zealand citizen. Good luck US people.

  54. Only one Senate Republican. Only one. And now, not even that one.

  55. These people are traitors to their own consciences, in pursuit of fealty.

  56. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it until the end. Trump and the Republican Party in the 2010s and 2020s mirror and exemplify the emergence of the German Third Reich of the 1930s -1940s and the materialization of a venal totalitarian state here in our own little Cradle of Democracy.

  57. @Darko Begonia I couldn't agree more. And it's pretty darn frightening to witness behavior so much like what surfaced during 1930's Europe amongst the German population right here in our own country, and according to polls, behavior that exists in the hearts and minds upwards of 40% of those I come in contact with on a daily basis. I live amongst them never before believing it could be so prevalent, so much hate and selfishness around me like I believe there is today.

  58. And just like how the German Christian Church responded to the German situation in the 1930s and 1940, many U.S. evangelical churches and their leaders are enablers of what is going on in the White House and the Republican Party.

  59. @Somewhere In Texas Interestingly, there were only 2 Christian leaders who spoke up against Hitler. Martin Niemoller. He at first supported but then came to realize the wrongness of that position. Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke out from the beginning and paid with his life. These two are heroes in the Christian church. The rest are unknown.

  60. Our founding fathers expected that the constitution's 'checks and balances' would prevent a president from using his power purely for personal advantage. The constitution also included the process of impeachment as the last resort to rein in such a president. The founding fathers never imagined a situation where the leader of the Senate would collude with the president to suppress all constitutional limits on their power.

  61. @rexnyc You're right, they sure didn't. I'm getting OK with the impeachment outcome, though. One more year of dangerous clown, but no Mike Pence! Any Democrat should be able to take out the Thing in the Oval Office in November - so long as the votes are counted correctly. And that's where the focus should be, IMHO, especially after 2016, Northampton County 2019 here in PA, and now Iowa in 2020. We outnumber them big time. Let's take all three branches back. Paper ballots. Sheesh, what could be so hard about that? Suggested answer: look to the Help Americans Vote Act of 2004 after which Congressional Republicans started to behave so weirdly.

  62. “Republican senators now appear unwilling to grapple with the president who emerged: an emboldened Mr. Trump determined to tighten his grip on the levers of power.” No, not really. They know exactly what they are doing and are in fact so secure in their slide toward authoritarianism that they don’t even feel the need to talk to reporters about it.

  63. The Republican Senate has made a calculation. These are not good people afraid of an erratic leader, they have joined their ambitions to his, are willing coconspirators... eager even. they see a chance to change America for generations, to gerrymand, purge and suppress their way to permanent electoral college victory. they realize that with control of the supreme Court and the Justice department as political arms of the Republican party they need never lose elections again. History WILL one day show them as the liars they are, teach their moral bankruptcy as a caution. I fear though these lessons may be taught in foreign countries as they watch the start of Donald Trump Jrs 6th term in office in Gilead.

  64. “Democrats have watched with increasing desperation. The House still holds subpoena power, and can use its control of the federal spending process to try to curb some unwanted excesses by the administration. But the chamber just used the Constitution’s most powerful tool for executive accountability, impeachment, and failed to win a conviction.” Here’s an idea: just stop spending money. Shut down the government. Turn off the lights, shut the doors and go home. Literally. All spending bills start in the House per the Constitution. Just stop this madness. Tell Republicans we are not passing another bill, not one, until we have some substantive discussions on this maniac’s behavior. That’s my suggestion.

  65. @Mike Stop food stamps? Close the national parks? Stop SS checks? Stop Medicare and Medicaid payments? Thinking much these days? Ever heard of Newt Gingrich?

  66. @Mike But the Republicans would love exactly that. And it would hurt all the staff who wouldn't get a paycheck during the standoff.

  67. @Mike That is, at least, an interesting idea.

  68. Just imagine how emboldened he's going to be if re-elected.

  69. @confounded Yes. I'm already thinking where could I go? If I try immigrating to another country I won't necessarily escape. I believe there's a good chance he'll be reelected and then it will be a dictatorship for sure. His kids are already in place. I'm not sure why he's not taken seriously when he talks about his kids, specifically Ivanka, 'inheriting' his position as it is in other autocratic dynastic governments he admires like Saudi Arabia. All these decades of talk about American Exceptionalism--Obama mentioned it a lot--really has a lot of folks fooled into thinking one disordered individual couldn't remake our country into another banana republic overnight. I even hesitate to use banana republic, as an immigrant from a 'banana republic'. Those shabby third world states presently have more of the old democratic US in them than the present US. Fact.

  70. Not "if he is re-elected", but when he proclaims himself to be president for life.

  71. As many have suggested during the 3-year reign of the current occupant of the White House, republican's loyalties and commitments lay not with the country and Constitution, nor with the general population of the country. They lay solely with their desire to stay in power, regardless of the cost. They have abandoned every previously claimed principle in an attempt to enshrine the permanent rule of the minority. They do not hide their disdain for the separation of powers, nor for the separation of state and religion. It can surprise no one that they have morphed into spineless toadies, mouthing meaningless platitudes as the nation descends into autocracy. These are not patriots, they do not love America, no matter their words and how many flag lapel pins they wear. They are traitors to all that this country has stood for, and it bothers none of them.

  72. The Democrats shouldn't be surprised. Their impeachment efforts had no chance of succeeding. The public never bought into it. The over the top the Russians are coming rhetoric of Schiff was met with giggles at the self parody. The Democrats lost a major political battle.

  73. @c harris Your definition of "the" public would seem to be partial, and your characterization of Adam Schiff's rhetoric is not widely shared--except in the segment of "the" public to which you belong. The Democrats knew they were most likely to lose in the Senate impeachment trial, but they still had to define and call out Trump's impeachable offenses--it was a moral and patriotic requirement. If you're content with the unleashed authoritarian in the White House, I wonder how you define what's happening to our republic and to the idea of justice in this country.

  74. @c harris impeachment was not a failure. Now we all know what trump did. We also know that the republicans support or at least tolerate such behavior. We can assume that the republicans would never tolerate such behavior from a Democrat administration. Voters can see that the rules are different for entitled "real Americans".

  75. @c harris Actually from all evidence of the polls, as I'm sure we all remember, the public certainly did agree with it. ;)

  76. I thought Sen. Collins said he learned his lesson.

  77. @mjbarr Do you think she has learned hers?

  78. @mjbarr ... Yes he learned he can do whatever he wants

  79. I find Todd Young’s I’m “still unfamiliar” with “all of the particulars” response the most infuriating. He follows up this evasive answer with a dismissive opinion on the matter, “there is no legal issue here....” Why does he feel entitled to speak out on a matter that he is unfamiliar with? Perhaps Senator Young should request a Senate hearing with William Barr so he can get himself more familiar with the particulars of this situation.

  80. 8,000 patriots died to give us the freedom to found this country, almost 400,000 since have given their lives to sustain it. It took 52 cowards to give it away...

  81. @Michael This is why we now have what is essentially an hereditary, mercenary armed forces that remains, by design, largely invisible to the vast majority of Americans. A mercenary does not fight for ideals, they fight for a paycheck and career advancement. A draft would open soldiers to question the legitimacy of their mission, and making the country safe for the likes of Lindsey Graham is not worth the deposit on a soda bottle, much less your life.

  82. Senator Mitch McConnell said he does not have an opinion. Not to worry, Senator - on election day, the voters will voice their opinions of your horrific job performance. And of President Trump's performance and all of the Republican senators who refused to do their jobs at the impeachment "trial," too. The voters will have their say, and there is nothing you can do about it. #VoteBLUE

  83. Trump will win the election or he will nullify it. As our supreme POTUS, he can do anything he wants.

  84. While I'd be happy for any number of Republican senators to lose their jobs in November, after McConnell, the most deserving of that reward would be Susan Collins. I hope she understands no one believes a word of that whiny drivel she offers as "comment."

  85. @BKNY It's a difficult choice between susan collins, joni ernst, and lindsey graham as "most deserving".

  86. And so it begins.

  87. @BD Or so it ends?

  88. It's so odd that the timing of this story came at just the right time to split-screen the New Hampshire primary. The press keeps falling for [t]rump's press-trolling and is still still being played by him like a piano.

  89. Oh how careful Susan Collins chooses her words less they in anyway offend the President. And here I though Maine people were independent, straight forward, and plain spoken people. She puts the lie to that. What weak tea she is.

  90. @Babel Her re-election campaigns are funded from out-of-state sources. Something I think should not be allowed. She used to stay under the radar and let Olympia Snow take the lead. Snow is gone and Collins is exposed for the spineless creature she is.

  91. Wow, Susan, that's some pretty fiery rhetoric.

  92. Collins, Gardner, McSally: You refused to do your job so your time milking the taxpayers for a paycheck is coming to an end. You will not be missed.

  93. @CP unfortunately, they get those paychecks for life.... still, time to see them go.

  94. Why describe Stone as a "longtime friend"? He was a co-conspirator in the Russia Affair

  95. This interference with the Stone’s sentencing publicly displays the president in all his vainglorious repugnance. Collins, Murkowski, and Alexander dashed hopes of saving America. How can they live with themselves? What a motley, dangerous crew we have deciding the daily life for most Americans. When there is a death in a family it doesn’t just affect the immediate members. It affects previous and future family members. It has its own life of sorrow and pain. Our country’s death is generational pain. Fear is killing the bravery of common sense and decency. Fear. Pathetic.

  96. Cowards, all of them. All they think of is getting reelected. Not the good of the country.

  97. @Mr L With any luck at all, some of them won't have to suffer that burden to much longer. }:)

  98. Republicans in the Congress have brightly illustrated that they are mediocre, spineless servants of the dictatorship who really just want to hold on to their jobs. Show Me a Hero, somebody, while you can.

  99. Mitt Romney stepped up to the plate. Period.

  100. On one hand terrible and frightening. On the other, what should we the little people expect? The gaming of the system has gone on by the D.C. insiders for years. The veneer is coming off each and almost every softly corrupted person, institution, policy, lobbyist, industry. Trump is a bully and bullies aren’t nuanced. So we’re seeing in stark terms what’s always been the system. The corrupt Clinton foundation, the $80mm book deal for Obama, the insider trading by ‘Committee’ members, the extortion of small-state senators over the majority, K-street and on and on.

  101. I think people that complain about extremely famous individuals, like President Obama, signing large book deals, don't understand how publishing, or sales in general, works. Publishers don't just throw millions of dollars at a lame duck or ex-president as a payoff. They do it because they sell books. Particularly in the case of Pres. Obama, who was a very successful author before his time in the White House, it is an easy call that his memoirs will be a massive seller. He produces a product that will sell. I'm not sure how different this is from JK Rowling getting a large advance for her next work. Unlike the current occupant, Obama actually put his finances in a blind trust. He did not accept money for his books while in office. The sin for me, repent for you attitude is getting very old.

  102. @Outer Borough That would be the CORRUPT and now defunct (due to corruption) Trump Foundation, that used donations to buy a portrait of Trump, & election donations to to state AG campaigns. The Clinton Foundation has an A- rating from Charity Watch, spends 75% of donations on charitable programs, and their audited financials are available online for all, including you to see.

  103. The common view that Trump imposes himself on the Republican Party is now seen to be false. Trump, a mentally ill person, has been chosen by the Republican Party to be the fool thrust forward to act outrageously and cover for the legal, political, and national destruction they are all willingly and intentionally engaged in. It will be impossible to ever forgive them for what they have done and are doing.

  104. The King has spoken - and the servants better stay quiet!

  105. Souls for sale! Bargain rates!

  106. These sorts of articles would be far more compelling if there was any attempt whatsoever to see if Democrats were “chastened” by what many in the country considered futile political theatre. Since the Times has always assumed guilt, as reflected in its reporting, I wouldn’t expect that sort of fair balance or perspective. So much for the independence of the news division.

  107. @LTJ ˆt would be refreshing if comments were not said wearing a political cap like MAGA.It would be more honest if they looked at what is being done by this president and, objectively, seen for what he is doing: Destroying the Constitution and violating the laws like few have ever done before him. Trump wears corruption like everyday garments.

  108. @LTJ Let's say you are remotely correct. Theatre is performance, it is words meant to influence. There is a huge difference between that and ignoring criminal conduct by either other politicians or their minions. It is the difference between democracy and authoritarianism.

  109. @LTJ Roger Stone threatened a judge. That is political theater? Do you sincerely believe this? What if you were on trial and acquitted, but the president instructed the justice department to re-investigate you? What if you or a family member were a vicitim, your perpetrator was convicted, but the president weighed in and told the judge the perpetrator should get a light sentence -- or be released altogether? How can this president have changed the thinking of so many about the importance of the rule of law? It is not uncommon for judges to be murdered in other countries. Is that what we want in ours?

  110. Trump says things in public that Democrats and other professional politicians say in private. And it often reflects what millions of Americans think but are afraid to say out loud. Occasionally even the conventional pols slip up and say what they—and millions of Americans, believe and it causes them grief—Mike Bloomberg’s recent comments about stop and frisk is a case in point. Trump is a transparent pol who has few filters and he pays the price for it. And you can bet other pols are learning that hiding from the public what they really believe—something Mrs Clinton is a master of, is the best policy.

  111. @ehillesum Hard to see what price the president has paid for his lack of filters. Rules and laws that apply to others don't seem to apply to him. As more Republican officials realize this, they are increasingly afraid to speak out to protect the rule of law. A president who openly threatens judges? This is a dangerous road.

  112. @ehillesum How true, he says out front whay is usually said behind locked doors. It may not be pretty but it reflects the true state of our country. A family member was just saying to me it's uncanny how often things Trump says turn out to be proven true. For example Hillary Clinton's bitter nastiness was on full display recently. His comments about the border were right and now with the coronavirus they are even more on target.

  113. @ehillesum "[Trump] pays the price for it." -- When has he done that? Certainly not lately. Seems like to me he's winning far more than he's paying any sort of "price" for his actions.

  114. Who ever thought he would be chastened? That’s not his MO.

  115. Way atop the entrance to DOJ’s HQ’s building along Pennsylvania Avenue NW in DC, chiseled in fine sandstone, are the immortal words: “The Place of Justice Is A Hallowed Place”. Every morning, Attorney General Barr does everything he can to not look up and read those words.

  116. Fascism 101. The great leader's party crumbles and does not perform the proper selection function screening Party leaders for national leadership. And once in power the great leader faces no Party constraints: traditional norms are forgotten. Recall, it was the lack of Republican Senate support that convinced President Nixon to resign, not the Democrats. Mr. Trump's popularity ratings within the Party are stunning, autocratic in their numbers. Much of that is fear and has nothing to do with the tone of his Presidency, ideology or policy. The simple fact is that the fascist project has commenced in the Republican Party. This is homegrown. Senator Collins is the Party's symbol of political and ethical collapse.

  117. We could “thank” the trump corruption on the senate majority. They have enabled him since before the fixed election put him in the WH. I blame that election on the republicans, the Russians, and the electoral college. The electoral should be dismantled and investigated along with the republicans that have failed our country.

  118. The only thing more disturbing than the president’s sociopathic behaviour is the fact that it works to control the Congressional Republicans so successfully. Trump will go down in history with the other examples of how successfully sociopaths control people through fear and intimidation. I never thought I’d see it in America.

  119. The cure will never come from the GOP. Power is their only motivation. It can only come from voters. Are voters just as indifferent to this corrupt behavior as the GOP are? Their bet is that most voters, in the few states that matter, are. Let’s see.

  120. Let’s tell it like it is: Sen. Collins pretends to play the role of a self-described moderate Republican but at the end, always capitulates to McConnell’s command to support Trump at any cost. Let’s cite two key examples of her self serving political expediency: she voted for Brett Kavanaugh for confirmation in the SCOTUS and also for Trump’s acquittal in the impeachment trial. She is a hypocrite and I hope she receives her comeuppance by losing her re-election bid this fall. ‘Nuff Said!!

  121. What’s left out of all these articles expressing surprise and alarm over typical Trump behavior is: why Roger Stone? Roger Stone and Donald Trump we’re communicating, sometimes directly and sometimes through intermediaries like Steve Bannon, about the Wikileaks release of DNC e-mails. This has already been established in Bannon and Stone’s testimony before Stone’s guilty verdict by a jury. Loyalty to the boss only goes so far when you’re a 63 year old man looking to spend the remainder of your golden years in a federal prison. As a defendant, Stone was arrogant and dismissive of the court’s orders, and even threatened violence against the judge in his trial, the same judge who’s about to sentence him. 9 years is a long time. Barr and Trump need to keep Stone happy so he won’t start filling in the gaps that prosecutors have highlighted in his and Bannon’s testimony. Stone brings back the Mueller report and shows that, again, Trump was in on the con to use a the DNC hacked emails to deflect away from his “grab ‘em” comments. Stone knows more about this than he’s telling and Trump knows it. We really need to stop focusing on Trump’s behavior and focus on the reasons for Trump’s behavior. There’s a gigantic Trump-Russia-Ukraine conspiracy that in plain site and Trump and Barr have us focused on tweets and sentencing recommendations.

  122. A white, wealthy, politically powerful Republican person is innocent until proven guilty, which is to say never since one cannot be so blessed and a wrongdoer at the same time, especially if that person is an American president who, by virtue of that office, is above the laws of heaven and earth. If the guilty party does something else wrong, those are separate charges. Republicans cannot be accused of wrongdoing until they do something wrong. Wrong is defined as accusing a Republican of wrong doing. Since a Republican never accuses another Republican of doing wrong, no Republican is ever wrong. Americans understand right from wrong and to accuse someone or snitch on them is wrong and automatically makes the accused innocent and the accuser guilty. That how the Bible teaches and that's how history learns about what to expect. Nixon was totally exonerated, for instance, as was his colleague Joseph McCarthy. Feel free to disagree, but you'd be wrong and our more saintly Republicans would seek legal remedies against you.

  123. Trump, and I won' distinguish from calling him by office, has continuously shown his hand in everything. He commits crimes in plain sight bullying us to question if what he said or means is a crime. He acts like a mob boss. Mike Pompeo his capo, Bill Barr his consigliere, Stephen Miller his goombah. The rest of the Republican Party is too afraid of the Don. So they step in line to get what they want. Conservative judges and re-election. We, the people, need to remember every heinous act come November and shred the Republican Party of any power.

  124. An entire political party has been taken over by a charlatan and his band of thugs. Even a senator who’s retiring, Lamar Alexander, essentially takes the 5th when asked for comments. What’s going on? Why are they all now in lockstep , almost like robots, behind Trump? This isn’t about politics, and maybe not even power or money. There’s something that doesn’t add up in how this whole thing has evolved and continues to evolve. We have not yet seen the worst from the Trump family and their gang .

  125. The Russian Oligarchs have the dirt on Trump. What does Trump have on the Republicans? Remember: he always said he used to give massive amounts of money to them before he was president. Somehow, I doubt we'll ever really know.

  126. @Had Enogh Maybe it's not Trump that has the goods on Rs, but the Russians.

  127. If one evaluates the conduct of the senators, it is easy to assume that since they have refused to pass laws that would help secure our election, they must believe outside forces will carry the day. They will win and so will trump. Please tell me the definition of a traitor.

  128. I said in old posts that the Mueller investigation and impeachment were big mistakes and would backfire. You never go after someone like Trump in that manner. It emboldened him like feeding spinach to Popeye. Old school true democrats would have known this and how to handle Trump because Trump actually learned his tactics from bare knuckle east coast democrats. Instead the elite out of touch democrats of today lost a big opportunity. Trump never liked most Republicans and most never liked him. Democrats could have easily swayed Trump to the center of they had worked with him because Trump would have loved boasting about his accomplishments or deals. Instead democrats were hijacked by sore loser Clintons and extremists on the left. Now with high approval numbers Trump has both parties unsure of his next move with Republicans fearful of him and Democrats worried they can't defeat him. Both parties created their own mess. The real focus shouldn't be on voting Trump out but rather voting out every member of Congress. Unfortunately most voters still don't get that despite the horrendous behavior of Congress.

  129. @Hellen I think Trump migrated to the Party he could easily overtake. Turned out the Republican's had less of a spine than the Democrats.

  130. Duh. They had their chance and now only Mitt can criticize the deplorable destruction of the justice system, firing of employees who answered the subpoenas, etc. I don’t want to hear from Collins.

  131. Just happened to be reading this article by a famous 20th century psychologist ion such a relationship. I'll quote a bit since it is so clearly illustrates the position of those who unquestioningly, let's say hypnotically obey demagogues: “By the measures that he takes, the hypnotist awakens in the subject a portion of his archaic inheritance which had also made him compliant towards his parents and which had experienced an individual re-animation in his relation to his father: what is thus awakened is the idea of a paramount and dangerous personality, towards whom only a passive-masochistic attitude is possible, to whom one's will has to be surrendered, while to be alone with him, 'to look him in the face', appears a hazardous enterprise…. The leader of the group is still the dreaded primal father; the group still wishes to be governed by unrestricted force; it has an extreme passion for authority.” -Freud

  132. The President's habit of tweeting is supposedly a right? When a President's threats are bullying, it is not a right. Lawsuits have occurred throughout the nation regarding bullying, including prosecutions. One would hope that a President would set an example for correct tweeting procedure, not how to bully. Obviously this is not a concern of the Senate, within their minds, it is okay to bully. By dismissing the Impeachment articles, the Senate has told Trump he is free to do anything he wants until the election. Is that really how America operates? Apparently now it is. I will never understand why a group of elective officials have made one man their voice. Whatever Trump says, whatever he does, however he does it will be their Responsibility, for in their silence and excuses they have made his voice theirs.

  133. Perhaps I'm wrong, but that photo of Lamar Alexander makes me think he knows what he did, and who he turned out to be when it mattered most.

  134. The great cover up that Republican have advanced is based on their allegiance to issues that this President is forcing, like nationalism (different from patriotism, for those haven't learned the difference) and bigotry which are found in policies that have racial foundations and policies that perpetuate the dead horse recognized as trickle-down economics. To complete this cabal, Trump has managed to carry out Russian instructions backed by their laundered money, and Roger Stone knows these details, so he has to have Barr undermine rules and guidelines. The great cover up is like the mafia, and Trump is virtually calling himself the Don. Travesty.

  135. The GOP which likes to think of itself as being the tough party of law and order, not bleeding heart liberals, and are ready to condemn the poor and lock up children, somehow manage to find a soft spot for Trump and claim he will be ‘chastened’, when he has never shown he would be as he has gotten away with everything, convinced of his own right to do as he pleases. When Trump himself claims he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose voters, do they really believe he can be ‘chastened’ by letting him get away with it ? It is obvious that it was only another excuse for their spinelessness - instead, the GOP is the one in fear of Trump, and the latter’s vindictive, purging actions, as well as those of Barr, prove that he is more certain than ever of his hold on power.

  136. If the GOP didn't think he abused his power for the impeachment trial, he's going to prove them wrong in a big way. He will push every government department to bow down to him and use there resources for his own personal profit. This is exactly what the founding fathers fought to get away from.

  137. Republicans should not be afraid of the wrath of Mr. Trump; they should fear the ballot box.

  138. @Gerry Gress Unfortunately, most of them fear the ballot box in the primary, not in the election.

  139. When and if the polls show between now and Nov. that the republican congress members in swing states are in trouble for re election they will have a "moral awakening" and start to talk against Trump. Otherwise they will continue to sell their souls to the devil and support Trump. The only exception to this will be endangered republican reps in swing states who have been promised high paying cushy corporate welfare jobs if defeated. They will still continue to support Trump even if he commits treason.

  140. @Paul He has already committed treason. He's sold the country to Putin.

  141. @Bronwyn agree somewhat but according to the Mueller Report, his cronies in the WH stopped him so imo he is a wanna be traitor.

  142. It is time, we, the normal, ethical humans came to accept that Republicans (with the exception of Romney) are no longer humans that inhabit the same ethical planet that many of us to. They do not have a conscience, rational thinking ability or backbone for that matter. Unfortunately, the whole nation has to face the consequences.

  143. Since the days of Karl Rove and his REDMAP plan to take over state legislatures and gerrymander districts to ensure Republican wins, along with voter suppression and actual disenfranchisement, the Republican Party has had one goal: the establishment of the Republican Party as a permanent majority. The 2018 election interfered with their loss of the House. If Trump is re-elected and the Republicans hold the Senate, and God forbid retake the House, they will be able to achieve their goal of one-party rule and this country will be a democracy in name only. Republicans see Trump as a great tool to hollow out the government and get rid of career staff with knowledge, to be replaced by ignorant political appointees whose sole quality is loyalty to Trump. All federal departments are already seriously compromised. The Supreme Court is seriously compromised. One last election stands in the way of ultimate power and the ability to turn the federal government into an autocracy serving the interests of big corporations and the ultra wealthy. Trump and Republicans are running the government like a mafia family. The law is for other people to follow while they set up their patronage to ensure their own power.

  144. The man is a walking controversy machine whose main goal is to create chaos, dominate every media outlet and news cycle. He says the outrageous, walks up to the line daily, hourly....and the reactions are of hysteria. After not being able to stop him in the primary, the GOP has embraced this as their political strategy because it works, and they slowly walk the country rightward. Their silence is discipline to their parties goals. The democrats need a sound political strategy to break this cycle because overreactions and getting in the mud with Trump doesn't work, in fact it has the opposite effect. A Bernie vs. Bloomberg cage match is not going help. Someone needs to unite the Democratic party and soon!

  145. At this point, everything is so egregious and unconstitutional there is little more to be said. The outrage is palpable and we must work on resistance even though it all seems for nil. We are going over a very dangerous cliff and it seems that all will not end well. We all surely need to VOTE!

  146. I have been constantly disappointed in myself in these, the Trump times. I never really saw the danger of the Trump family, I watched Barr's hearing where he applied for his present job and I thought he was going to do a great job, that he got that he needed to be independent, I thought Trump would pivot after the election and go back to being somewhat of a Democrat. And above all, I just never, ever, saw the demise of the Republican Party as a decent organization of loyal Americans. I go back to my earlier perspectives, that the only thing that can return America to a path of unity, is to bring back the draft and make all young people serve their country either in the military or in public service. For it is wealth itself that is the enemy, and it can buy many of the best lawyers, and certainly it can buy Republicans. Hugh

  147. I hope Senators Collins, Graham, McConnell, and many others, will find themselves much freer to comment as private citizens by the end of this year.

  148. @Jim S. Not we should care what they say, except "I am an abject coward.'"

  149. Mitch certainly has an opinion. He just can't state it publicly or even privately. Every GOP member of Congress and the Justice Department has an opinion about Trump. Politics and power have robbed them of their voices.

  150. @David Mitch gave his opinion plainly & openly when he said up front ante hoc that he wasn't interested in being a fair or objective juror in the case. Lindsey the same. If that isn't an opinion I don't think one exists. :)

  151. This is what Trump's enablers want, a strong arm President who doesn't care about the law or any rules at all which to him are meant to be broken. This statement to a Trump supporter only justifies him, but when you open the flood gates to this behavior everyone drowns equally, no exceptions.

  152. With the Trump Administration, there is NO bottom. He and the rest the of Republican Party care not for the health of our democracy, their concerns do not extend beyond their own personal needs, they are complicit in the destruction of American democracy. The only way to end this is to win elections in November - nominating someone who can win the electoral college and given our choices now, only Bloomberg (and a strong VP) can do that. Nothing can save us if the Dems nominate Sanders because he can't win the electoral college.

  153. Tens of millions of citizens have given this moment its strength. Their elected representatives oblige the moment without regard to their duty to stand for the pursuit of truth and decent empathy. There are no profiles in courage in America these days and citizens should look in the mirror first before they criticize how others are indifferent to protecting our democracy.

  154. @John Jamotta "There are no profiles in courage in America these days and citizens should look in the mirror first before they criticize how others are indifferent to protecting our democracy." I certainly understand your frustration, John, but before you lose hope entirely, think about those civil servants who really put themselves on the line by testifying to the truth in the House Impeachment hearings. I was moved and heartened by their courage and their example of what real patriotism looks like. Don't despair.

  155. Wow, Susan Collins is finished.

  156. @Casey S Many here in Maine, including myself, will be working to see that she is comfortably retired in November.

  157. Still remember all the times Obama refused to comment on the Trayvon Martin case (and others). Imagine the Republican criticism if he had, even once...

  158. Trump is endangering our democracy. Wake up Republicans! Act now Democrats! Otherwise, we may well lose our democracy at the hands of this psychopathic man, Donald John Trump.

  159. First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. * Martin Niemöller It is becoming apparently clear that none of the elected Republicans will do anything to coral trump. Thump is pushing the limit and is getting into uncharted waters! Americans beware!!

  160. The president is mentally ill. He has nor moral compass. Expect only the worst from him and you won't be disappointed. Very sad for our country but who are we to judge his supporters.

  161. @Daphne philipson We are those who need to resist the cowardice of those who go along with this abdication of civic responsibility. We are losing our democracy. The GOP is the handmaiden of this loss.

  162. @Daphne philipson We will AND MUST judge his supporters by voting them out of office. I hope the trail of money that has brought them to this place of betrayal of their constituents dries up and they all go home and live out the rest of their lives in shame.

  163. "Many in the party say it is just often not worth it to challenge him in the open." –– I cannot be the only person who hears echos of Neville Chamberlain's police of appeasement toward Hitler and Germany in the 1930s. Or, perhaps more aptly, of the attitude of the German aristocracy prior to June 1934.

  164. Cowards and accomplices, they enable, aid and abet -- the Republican majority is as corrupt and unprincipled as its leader.

  165. It is possible that we are already too late. That the democracy we thought we had is already dead. It might be possible to resurrect it if Dems take control of the White House and Senate this fall. However, if either Trump or McConnell stays in power for another 4 years, then we are done as a democracy. It's been coming for a while, but the end is certainly upon us now.

  166. In the new Webster’s, all future definitions of toady should include a picture of Lindsey Graham!

  167. The Republic is dying. I recommend that you get out while you can.

  168. @odiggity working on dual citizenship now!

  169. Sorry my cut/paste earlier was duplicated. Niemoller's confession is apropos today, in our country: First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for the trade unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist Then they came for the Jews And I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew Then they came for me And there was no one left To speak out for me

  170. Will someone help me to understand why power is so intoxicating and desirable that people are willing to make the pursuit or maintenance of it their most important goal? How does this value legitimately take precedence all other values, especially honesty, accountability and courage?

  171. So they aren’t going to do anything about this “impropriety “ either. The list gets longer and longer.

  172. McConnell had to call the Whitehouse to find out what his opinion was. Having said that, on this issue, we have bigger fish to fry. The judge can accept, accept in part, follow, deviate or ignore the pre sentence investigation report. There is nothing, related to sentencing, that the DOJ report that requires the judge to do anything...So, Trump's meddling may very well have added time to Stone's sentence...It's 100% up to the judge.

  173. They gave excuses when they should asked questions and stood for rule of law. Now they are complicit through silence. the lie of many decades is exposed; with seemingly only one exception the Republicans fade to black when faced with the darkening shadows over the rule of law becoming the Rule of Trump. Graham and Cornyn and fellow sheep may not lose sleep, but we can hope they lose their jobs so they can sleep longer and have no pedestal to stand on to bellow more lies and abet the ending of the rule of law. In the end it will be whether the rile of the voters will end before the end of the rule of law.

  174. We have witnessed the steady decline of our integrity as a nation. We were once the United States of America. No longer. And wait until we witness the devastation in the election in November. We will witness yet again the deflection of the will of the electorate. The key word: witness. We are standing by, watching, witnessing....

  175. Locked into a storyline, reporters (it seems) are asking the wrong questions: it’s not about whether trump “learned anything” from, or “feels emboldened by” the senate acquittal. Rather, questions —centering on institutional accountability and checks and balances— should asked congressional repubs: how much executive overreach, populist autocracy, they are willing to condone, how they plan to handle the president’s undermining of the constitutional separation of powers, what *congress’s response* should be to a president who retaliates against witnesses and federal agencies and employees, and urges the AG of the United States to a) involve himself “investigating” trump’s political rivals and b) interfere with the judicial process for associates who have been found guilty of obstructing justice and witness tampering on behalf of the president's himself. This is NOT about Trump — his temperament or learning curve; it’s about the integrity of core political institutions and the fundamental principle of checks and balances in a democracy.

  176. I think no matter what question the media poses, the answer will be the same lame one. Once you back yourself into a corner, there isn't much you can do to get out without admitting your mistakes. And that's not something these people are brave enough to do.

  177. Why should we expect anything different from the GOP. They have clearly demonstrated both before, during and after the impeachment trials that there are no limits to their capacity to let him do anything he pleases.

  178. @Bronx Jon to paraphrase: "a Senate that gives up liberty/duty for security deserves neither" GOP is terrified of the nasty vicious creature they have spawned and while they have the ability to stop him - a stake through his heartless intentions - they have chosen not to for fear they will be tweeted upon. Is there any clearer exhibit of cowardice?

  179. I get sick when I see Susan Collins. We need women in Congress, alright. But women with guts.

  180. What did you think was going to happen with this treasonous crew? They are all so disgustingly predictable. We are in for a very sad future. I am glad that I am old and can remember better times and better governments.

  181. I feel deeply that Niemoller's confession has taken on an new, American relevance under this amoral Trump-Barr alliance. "First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak outFirst they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for the trade unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist Then they came for the Jews And I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew Then they came for me And there was no one left To speak out for me Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for the trade unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist Then they came for the Jews And I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew Then they came for me And there was no one left To speak out for me"

  182. So, Susan Collins. Is this the lesson you expected he'd learn?

  183. What’s scarier? 1. New virus run amok, out of control, not contained. 2. Trump run amok, out of control, not contained.

  184. Regarding your reference to the "handful of moderate Republicans" who criticized Trump's action in extorting Ukraine, stop doing this. Now. With the exception of Mitt Romney, every one of those so-called "moderates" either voted against the House impeachment or voted for a speedy acquittal after hearing no witnesses. Pretending that cowards like Rob Portman are moderate because they pose a bit during their goose-stepping complicity with a rogue president is a lazy and dangerous lie.

  185. Donald Trump has always been a bully. That he behaves like a bully as president is no surprise. Abhorrent to anyone with a shred of decency, and shameful to anyone who respects the office; but no surprise to anyone who knows anything about Trump's "career" as a self-promoting real estate "magnate" and reality TV "star." That his Republican colleagues in the House and the Senate are willing to close their eyes and pretend that nothing out of the ordinary is going on, well, that's real tragedy of the Trump presidency. The supposed adults in the room have abdicated their responsibilities in deference to a petulant, vindictive man-child. The Framers of our Constitution would be appalled. So should we all be.

  186. It’s so rich that many are panicked about “socialist” Bernie but they say nothing about Trump recreating the Kremlin in the White House.

  187. I saw a very telling cartoon by Gary Varvel the other day. It was a statue of "Benedict Romney". In other words, a "traitor" to the Birther King, or a "traitor" to a political party (as long as it's the GOP), is the same as a traitor to one's country.

  188. with respect, Sen Collins: you had the chance to restrain or remove this "president" and did not.

  189. I am shocked, shocked! Republican Senators, who let Trump get away with murder in the impeachment "trial," just shrug off Trump's actions a few days later when Trump (1) basically tells DOJ and the prosecutors to back off any long jail time for Stone notwithstanding Stone's endless criminal acts and blatant violations of the judge's own orders, and (2) makes clear to his trolls and thugs how he "feels" about the judge, hoping to intimidate her. Sickening, scurrilous, and abhorrent behavior by the Republicans (including "Saint Mitt"). Just another day at the office, folks.

  190. With each passing day, the genius of a thug is validated once more. Mr. Putin has always sought to divide this country in profound ways, and to watch the effect of that dismantle our Western Alliances. Well, behold the achievement of a goal, and it will last far beyond November 2020. The rule of law is now a cliche that no longer applies, as the POTUS runs roughshod over the system of non-partisan law enforcement that the Dept. of Justice is supposed to represent. Next up: the media. As sure as we're sitting here, he will turn Justice on the media, the next step in the autocrat textbook. Democracy, the victim, limps away badly wounded into the annals of history.

  191. Collins might get more respect if she instead said, "the country would be better served…"

  192. The GOP is now “kind of immaterial,” Senator Cornyn.

  193. Senator Susan Collins of Maine and her fellow Republicans who didn't vote to convict President Trump in his Senate Impeachment Trial are now eating crow. What does Sen. Lindsey Graham lose any sleep over? Certainly not our kakistrophic Demander-in-Chief's payback to his Congressional Impeachment witnesses. Donald Trump is conducting his Senate acquittal vendetta by tweet and rant. He doesn't know that he doesn't own vengeance. Who will put paid to Trump's colossal chutzpah and get rid of him? And when? Our President, and his Attorney General, and his Secretary of State are America's disgrace. Vicious and crooked,Trump is our shame. "His behavior will get worse", Sherrod Brown (D, OH) said today. Senate Majority Leader McConnell (the president's enabler) has "no opinion" on Trump's exercising retribution on Congressional witnesses to his impeachment and trial. So it goes now in America.

  194. This is just the beginning. Unrestrained by a weak-kneed Senate, armed with a Justice Department ally, he's free to unravel the social safety net, punish disloyals and complete the border wall boondoggle.

  195. I love how cool-ly some white folks are taking this rapid slide into autocratic government. Their nonchalance, unbotheredness is truly amazing to me, a working class black immigrant woman. The press, the religious houses, the universities, the unions and other civic organizations should be screaming bloody murder every day until November. Must be nice to wake up and feel safe. Please understand, though you may not feel threatened, you are witnesses to a 240+ year experiment being flushed down the drain. No exaggeration!