For Joe Biden, Two Bad Losses and a Precarious Path Forward

Mr. Biden, 77, long the front-runner, has fallen behind two younger Democrats looking to seize the moderate mantle, and his candidacy is fragile.

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  1. The good voters of NV and SC aren't stupid. They are looking for viability. Even though IA and NH are small, rural, white states, Biden's losses in those states reflect a distinct lack of viability. Given that Buttigieg and Bloomberg are not viewed positively by Black voters, Klobuchar might have an opening. (My beloved Elizabeth may not have much of an electoral future).

  2. Bloomberg has 22% among Black voters. He is quickly overtaking Biden amongst that group and others.

  3. @CP According to which pollster and in which state? National polls are meaningless.

  4. @Cousy That would be a Quinnipiac poll released a couple days ago: Biden 27%...Bloomberg 22%. And yes, national polls are somewhat meaningless at this stage, but they're equally meaningless for all the candidates involved. They're all we have except opinions.

  5. Isn’t this the best possible result? Biden could not pull out of the race without giving Trump a victory. But fading out does no such thing and robs Trump of the Hunter/Joe card. (Biden was also going to get killed in a debate with Trump.) BTW Trump will refuse to debate any of the remaining men, but will, of course, debate any of the women.

  6. @Angelus Ravenscroft I don't think Trump will debate at all. He only likes to be in front of people who have already sworn their loyalty.

  7. With most Democrats mired in self doubt about choosing THE candidate to beat Trump, Biden's support dissolved when people realized his 'electability' rested on name recognition, vestigial warm feelings from a chummier, more bipartisan Senate past, and all those old memes showing he and Obama as BFFs. Now, many voters are pin-balling themselves between other options, fretting over whether they'll made the right choice. Does Pete Buttigieg have the secret sauce to beat Trump? Klobuchar? The Republican Michael Bloomberg and his 11 figure fortune? As for me, I'm sticking with the candidate who consistently beats Trump in every poll, including in swing states. The only one with movement backing. The candidate championing single payer healthcare, which the majority of those exit-polled in IA and NH support. The candidate whose climate plan is the only one that matches the scale of the climate crisis. You know who I'm talking about

  8. @Ted B Which poll? Sofar only one clearly beats Trump. And it aint your fella

  9. @Ted B The problem with relying on polls is that many of those who are polled are the pin-ballers themselves. Why should we use polls of pin-ballers to decide anything?

  10. “Long the front runner” - until the first votes were cast.

  11. @Me Exactly correct. Proclaimed by the same learned prognosticators who assured an overwhelming HRC victory in 2016.

  12. @Me It is literally amazing how out of touch the Democratic Party has continued to be throughout the past 4 years. Have they learned nothing?

  13. Biden is remiss if he still thinks he is a viable candidate for president on the democratic ticket. He is not and the proof is in New Hampshire.

  14. Originally he was my clear choice. I believed he could thump Trump. Now after watching his stumbling incoherent performances on the national stage, it's clear he's past his prime and his garrulous rambling and question avoidance won't win for us in November. An almost octogenarian nice guy with solid bona fides will need more than a nice smile to whip the Donald. And his acceptance of his son's terrible judgement in Ukraine will give the "orange one" fuel for the funeral pyre where he'll roast "Sleepy Joe." Folks we're in trouble, Joe was never the answer, just a pipe dream.

  15. @Lawrence Siegel Agreed. Besides, he should had said many many times: "look guys, Trump is so afraid of me that he impeached himself to avoid facing me in a presidential election. Think about that". Or something on those lines but he remained mostly silent. He should had offered to testify with his son and call the Republicans bluff, but he did nothing of the sort (at least in a very public and repetitive manner). He does not have what it takes to defeat Trump. I don't know who is the proper person for that at this point, but I know it is not him.

  16. @Lawrence Siegel I was waiting to see when someone would bring up his son and the issues with Ukraine. Even without Trump, I have a feeling that many Americans - regardless of political persuasion -- are fed up with wealthy, influential families putting their inexperienced/ uneducated (i.e. they're working a field they have no background in) children in positions of authority that they would not belong in had they not possessed the proper last name or pedigree. The country was roiled by the university admissions scandals with many demanding prison/ longer sentences for the parents involved. Trumps, Bidens getting their positions is just a variation on that song.

  17. Biden should be a staunch supporter and counsel for whomever the Dems choose ... and be a lead stomper in those battleground states where his word still carries lots of weight ...

  18. @Steve of Albany Agreed! If Biden falls out after Super Tuesday, I believe he will be a true patriot and top cheerleader for our nominee.

  19. @Steve of Albany Or will he do what Bernie did, throw a tantrum and not support the eventual nominee, which in 2016 were 3 states Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. This charade allowed Trump to win and occupy the White House because Bernie Bros didn't want to vote blue no matter who. Now here we are.

  20. @Steve of Albany And rally the black and Latino voters, where his support is strong.

  21. The hotel experience should hopefully offer guidance: turn out the lights Joe.

  22. Joe has Hunter reminding voters that an unqualified son got a job in the Ukraine that paid him more per month than most American's make in a year, for doing next to nothing. Joe has been on the political scene too long and it time for him to step aside so Amy K can become the front runner. Do the right thing Joe.

  23. Klobuchar is polling even worse than Buttigieg among Black voters. She has shown little effort or even interest in appealing to this demographic. Bloomberg is making inroads and is a much more viable candidate for the diverse Democratic base.

  24. @John Brown I get what you're saying, sort of. I don't get how you can go after a man's son for sitting on a Board with no obvious qualification. What do you think spouses, children, friends of many of your favorite representatives in DC are doing? In fact, we should insist on an annual, constantly updated list of every person related in anyway to any government official that includes their employment, positions on boards of corporations and charities, how they qualify for that spot, their salaries. Though, frankly, if you believe even a tenth of board members world wide have some special qualifications for the job you're living in Never-land. Then no more questions. No more patently illegal (that is, impeachable) Presidential hiring political hit men. All problems solved. And you'll see Hunter Biden did nothing unusual except have a father in Trump's sights.

  25. @CP Klobuchar and Bloomberg are my two top candidates and both have had a tough time appealing to voters of color. In fairness to Amy, she has been struggling full-time to fight another day in Iowa and NH. Now that she is in the top tier after the re-shuffling that has left Biden and Warren out, she has an opportunity to make inroads with black and brown voters.

  26. For the good of our nation and the preservation of our democracy, Biden should drop out immediately and endorse Bloomberg—the one candidate who can match trump word for word and dollar for dollar and put an end to this nightmare.

  27. Trump seems to be getting what he wanted, Biden may very well not be the nominee.

  28. @Brendan Varley - trump went after the easy target first -- easy, because he was establishment. did the same with graham and bush in '16. took them down first, then went after cruz, paul and christie. trump understands that people are angry at the establishment, the status quo, the "elites", whatever. for all the bluster, he can't look at the polling v. sanders and feel confident. he knows it will be a hard race, no matter who is nominated.

  29. I have been a supporter of Joe Biden since he announced his bid for the presidency, but I am extremely disappointed in his recent performances. I believe that he should have taken it to the Trump's crew when they were asking for him as a witness. He could have called their bluff and volunteered to be a witness if Trump or even Mulvany would also be witnesses. I believe he made a very big mistake in letting the Democrats in Congress do his defense for him. I don't believe there is anything there, but so far he hasn't strongly answered for his son and I believe now he will be very much on the defensive if he even gets to a debate with Trump. It seems to me that Biden is not sure how to present himself. Either he's undecided or he's getting bad advice. In either case I'm rethinking my support of him, I'm just not sure who can beat Trump at this point. Hopefully the next couple of primaries will answer that question.

  30. @VMG I agree. The House managers should have called the Senate’s bluff and said, sure, let’s call Hunter and Joe Biden and also Bolton and Mulvaney. Then we could have gotten a closer look at the real corruption. I heard an interview on NPR with a corn farmer hurt by Trump’s policies and he said he couldn’t support Biden because he didn’t trust him. It’s depressing to think that in the end Trump got exactly what he wanted.

  31. @VMG. Biden is a victim of age more than Trump. There is clearly some cognitive issues going on (as there are with Trump, but Republicans admire incoherence). Biden's time has passed and talented younger politicians like Amy and Pete are formidable competition. I suspect Biden will be out after Super Tuesday, and putting country before ego will be an enthusiastic campaigner for democrats this fall.

  32. @Sparky if so, that would be bad news... Buttigieg is just as much of a reelection ticket for Trump as Bernie is. Joe needs to stay in the race.

  33. I think Trump's attack on Biden and his son, accusing them of major corruption without any proof what-so-ever, played a major part in the collapse of Biden's campaign. Yes, Trump had to go through the embarrassment of impeachment, but that was water off a duck's back for Trump, and it appears that he got what he wanted without consequence.

  34. @Antoine Whistle-Blower and the leak of it to the press only reason Biden was smeared. It was democrats making it an issue not the President so who got what they wanted?

  35. @Antoine That and exposure to actual voters who could see up close and personal that Biden is not the same man he once was. Biden may not see it. But voters did.

  36. @Antoine No proof? It's established fact Hunter Biden is neither an epert on the Ukraine or energy sector but got over $3 million from Burisma.

  37. Trump may fear Biden could beat him. I fear Biden will continue saying things like, calling a voter a "Lying dog-faced pony soldier" and easily lose to Trump. When you sound more like rambling incoherent Trump at a rally, it doesn't equal votes.

  38. The “dog-faced pony soldier” remark from Biden this past weekend left me gobsmacked. His remarks seem to harken to his past glory days, such that they were, without much vision for the future. He has looked weaker and failing with each passing day on the campaign trail. I’ve thought from the day he announced his candidacy that his time had passed. I’m sorry he put himself through this exercise, but I think those who supported him now see what I have seen all along.

  39. @Linda When late-night comedians started talking about his "no malarkey" slogan, I thought they were just making fun of him because he says silly things sometimes. But when I realized that was truly his new slogan...huh??? Now he rudely insults nice people who ask simple questions of him. It's time to pass the torch, Joe. LONG PAST, apparently!

  40. @Linda Joe’s mouth ultimately betrays him by highlighting the real thinking that lurks in the deep abyss of his intellect. The only folks who seem to understand him are the scores of democratic patronage seekers and his family. Both groups are very accustomed to him, and try to translate his remarks for the rest of us.

  41. Biden brought this on himself. He never should have entered the race in the first place. It is so obvious he isn't as sharp as he once was. The fire in his belly has gone out. His performance in the debates has been cringeworthy. I think he should take his magnificently wonderful wife and sail off into the sunset. Bet she would love that!

  42. @Eileen Jill would have been a remarkable First Lady -- and probably kept right on teaching doing it!

  43. @Eileen I always liked Jill, but right now it seems obvious she should have desperately tried to keep him from running. I do feel she's allowed him to embarrass and humiliate himself.

  44. Now, if I was a Bernie Bros. I’d be on here crying about the media, but I’m a grownup. This is much ado about not a whole lot. New Hampshire doesn’t determine the nominee. Now that the white people have had their say, let’s get on to the real world. There are 48 (actually 52 including territories) more primaries and caucuses to go. Not a great start, but let’s not get dramatic.

  45. I am generally amused by the comments of some people who appear to treat the black vote in America as if it were a fixed piece on a game board that simply has to be moved into place at the appropriate moment. Hillary had that view in 2008 and in 2016, she was wrong, Obama and turnout came as shocking surprises. I wonder whether Biden will be equally surprised in South Carolina.

  46. @IAK Neither Obama nor the importance of turnout in 2016 surprised anyone, much less shockingly so. Biden has a 14-point advantage on the Bern in S.C. If he loses there, then we can worry. Glad to keep you amused.

  47. The death knell is premature. Klobuchar and Buttigieg, while formidable politicians in the Upper Midwest and ultra white states, still have absolutely ZERO shot of winning a plurality of non-white voters. Sanders, on the other hand, has gained traction with non-white voters. This race is still Sanders v Biden. The media cycle with shift quickly after Nevada and South Carolina. We are headed for a brokered convention, and Biden is still capable of picking up a tremendous amount of delegates along the way. My prediction: a Sanders-Klobuchar unity ticket.

  48. @Thucydides No ticket topped by Sanders will inspire Black turnout.

  49. @Thucydides Biden is toast I think. Bernie delegates from California, New York, and a Bloomberg-Texas will wash out Bidens advantages in certain early states, or demographically favorable states, and Bernie’s lead will result in a convention that doesn’t need to be brokered. Meanwhile, we need to see if Warren drops out and gives Bernie a further tailwind, and presumably, her endorsement. At that point, we can only cross our fingers and hope that he picks a running mate that signals unity, Klobuchar or otherwise.

  50. @Cousy Sanders has picked up a large percentage of Biden's non-white supporters. They want a president who has consistently worked to reduce the wealth gap.

  51. This is going to be a long, bitter and brutal struggle. Although I will certainly vote, and for anyone not named Trump, the United States is going to be a miserably unhappy place to be for many months and I am very happy to find myself in the gentle serenity f Mexico. Anyone who thinks that Uncle Joe has the energy to see this through is simply not paying attention.

  52. @Chuck Burton Several of my Republican friends believe Trump is a lewd uncouth, lying lout, yet they are holding their nose to vote for him. And among the "never-Trumpers,' the idea that anyone would be better than Trump, apparently regardless of qualifications, is a recipe for 4 more years of chaos

  53. As Uncle Junior said to Bobby in the Soprano's, "He couldn't sell it!" I don't think Biden's heart was ever in the race though which really limited his candidacy and ability to persuade.

  54. 77 is too old. Many of the candidates, including the President, are too old. I say this as a 70-year-old myself; I know I’m not as sharp as I was in my 50s. The Presidency is a demanding and draining job, and younger people should be doing it.

  55. @Harry Gower I agree. I'm 66 and have been accused of ageism for my feelings. We all reach a point where the prudent act is to step aside. The toughest part is realizing it is that time. Our Country needs a new direction and new leaders to guide us on our journey.

  56. @Harry Gower Remember Roosevelt in a wheelchair?

  57. @Harry Gower I agree with you, but unfortunately as Trump has proved numerous times that you don't have to be sharp, you just need to have your party be the majority.

  58. It’s really simply: people don’t want Biden and Obama nostalgia isn’t enough.

  59. Joe Biden is toast. He was the establishment’s candidate when they feared Bernie or Warren had serious chances of winning. After all, Joe was reliable as as can be to not rock the boat and preserve the status quo minus the madness, the grift, the incompetence and ignorance of the Trump gang. He ran as the « I can beat Trump » candidate, and it seemed he could. But then he lost big in IA and NH. And two moderates, Mayor Pete and Senator Amy surged and have become serious candidates. And most of all, Mayor Bloomberg will be entering the race. He means business and has the money to go all the way. And he doesn't have those "crazy" ideas the establishment fears so much. This is now a bridge too far for Joe. A good soldier but whose best days are behind him. Even his firewall in SC is cracking. So those who pushed him in this race now realize they don’t need him anymore. They will just abandon him and put their money elsewhere. That’s politics. Nothing personal but ruthless.

  60. @William Dufort The scary part is that with 3 viable moderates (Amy, Pete and Mike) each with their own strengths, it's quite possible they will split the moderate vote and let Sanders slip in as the nominee. Warren's collapse is frankly surprising and bad news for moderates.

  61. @Sparky I think, with his money and the establishment behind him, Mike will overwhelm them all. And remember, the Dems are split 60-40% in favour of the Moderates vs the Progressives.

  62. Let's be clear: At this point, despite my progressive leanings, I'll vote for the former Republican Mike Bloomberg if he's able to buy the Democrat nomination with his billions. Trump has to be stopped and we have to come together at the convention. Full stop. Have to. Double underscore. But Joe, dear old Joe, is not the man to do this. He's past his sell by date. And it seems almost everyone outside his campaign knows this. Joe, the inevitable nominee. The front runner. Who remembers when Jeb Bush ("JEB!") was in this same position almost exactly four years ago in the GOP primary process? Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

  63. @Progressive Democrat So you are a Progressive Democrat who is fine with Bloomberg buying the nomination, and fine with Bloomberg’s record on and defense of and insincere/calculate apology for stop and frisk. Since you see Bloomberg as having the best chance to beat Trump. I actually agree with you. I just think that it’s more appropriate to call yourself @Pragmatic Democrat. It’s all about beating Trump, let’s drop the progressive pretense.

  64. Biden is an agreeable warhorse, but he wasn't up to the task. As Iowa and New Hampshire have shown, and other states will as well, Senator Sanders is. In 2016, thought an uninspiring centrist was the right choice, but she wasn't. Bernie's moment has arrived.

  65. I've thought from the get-go that people were claiming Biden as their selected candidate because of his tenure with President Obama AND he had name recognition. The fact that he's falling behind so quickly in the primaries means that as people learned about the other candidates, they shifted allegiance. I appreciate Mr. Biden, but his time has come and gone.

  66. The case for Biden was there were no other moderates with swing state appeal and a long national track record who seemed to be doing well so despite his age he should enter the race. The risk of Joe's campaign was that he would siphon votes from any such moderates and from others, preventing them from getting a reasonable hearing in the contest. Bloomberg is just a wealthier version of the Biden idea with no federal experience. People think positively about him because he is all over the TV slowly repeating "Mike will get it done" which sounds an awful lot like Trump slowly repeating "Make America Great Again". It now is clear there are viable moderates, most notably Amy Klobuchar, who can win both the nomination and the general election. Any case for the 70-somethings to stay in the race has evaporated, other than their immense egos (not all 70-somethings have immense egos, but all of the ones currently running for president do). Senator Warren's plan seems to be to finish a distant second to Bernie among progressives in every state, which seems like it would make it very hard to win. The nomination feels like it should come down to the top 3 finishers in NH, and that among them Senator Klobuchar seems by far the most electable in 2020. She might just walk to the nomination if the non-viable candidates all quit.

  67. It's a done deal. Enjoy retirement you served your country well. Play some golf maybe Trump will invite for a round.

  68. I love Biden to the point where, like the cowboy in Brokeback Mountain, I can't quit him. I know he is touched by greatness. But his campaign has been touched by imbecility. Those ads against Mayor Pete were infantile. They elevated Pete and made Biden look like the high school kid. And Biden has not made the case for himself that is all over his resume-full of accomplishments. Journalists and opponents cherry pick errors (some admittedly very big) and Biden gets flustered & crestfallen. He needs to go on a tear about just what his accomplishmebts--especially the Obama admin rescuing of the economy--has meant for everyone in the country. It might be too late now. But he ought at least to take communication lessons from Anna Navarro, one of his most quick-witted fans.

  69. @Mike I have to admit I agree with everything you said about Joe. His campaign has indeed been touched by imbecility, he does look like a high school kid, he fails to make the case for himself, he makes very big mistakes, gets crestfallen and flustered, and it is indeed too late. And I have to say, that's not really the description of a solid Presidential candidate "touched by greatness."

  70. Joe Biden's primary problem is not that he is too old, or.too moderate, or too much a symbol of the past. It's He's simply that he's just not any good at running for President and never has been. Biden's 1988 campaign for President lasted 106 days ending in a plagiarism scandal . His 2008 campaign lasted 361 days ending after he received less than 1% of the vote in the Iowa caucus. Biden is a decent person, very accomplished, was a good vice-president and may have (or had) what it takes to be a good president. But he has never been much of a presidential candidate and he has not shown any signs of a late in life skill set transformation. I like the guy but he doesn't have whatever it takes to run a successful presidential campaign. Not now, not ever.

  71. @LT What Joe Biden did in 1988 is irrelevant. The leading Dem candidates are hugely flawed... Joe still has a good chance.

  72. @LT Though I do think his position on relevant issues is important, you point out another very important and very overlooked factor. Running for president and running the country are two incredibly different skills. Few have both. Most have only one. And the latter are the ones we inevitably get, with exceptions here and there.

  73. @LT : what you say has a lot of truth in it. But it is a real problem that in the USA the skill set and the knowledge (and the bank account) you need to campaign is so different from the skill set and the knowledge you need to govern.

  74. The impeachment hurt Biden, who was the most viable Democrat to beat Trump. Ironically, Trump will likely win reelection now because he was impeached.

  75. This mindset is exhausting. And inaccurate. We have reached a point where no matter what happens, good or bad, it is to Trump's benefit. Please stop attempting to propagate this delusion.

  76. Still trying to paint Biden as a moderate when he is and always has been a moderate conservative at best. No “moderate” supports slashing social security and Medicare like Biden does.

  77. I support Amy, so I suppose this is good news for me. But I am still irked at the dramatic unfairness of having two nearly entirely white states go first. The number of delegates they represent is only a tiny fraction of the delegates needed to win, but the impact they have is a thousandfold their size. We need to correct this in 2024. De facto racism is not OK.

  78. @Sparky Uh, then states who are more diverse should step up. Iowa's state constitution requires them to be first- perhaps we should just ignore them if they have no meaning.

  79. @MrsWhit : "Iowa's state constitution requires them to be first"? Who cares? What power does Iowa's state constitution have over the DNC or any state other than Iowa?

  80. @MrsWhit No, Iowa's constitution does not require it to go first. Iowa goes first because it has a complicated, time-consuming system, so it has to start early. It has precinct caucuses, followed by county conventions, district conventions, and then a state convention. The Democratic Party has acquiesed in Iowa's first in the nation status, but that may change afte this year's debacle.

  81. Biden looks and acts too old to be able to handle the responsibilities of being President. Let's all be real about this.

  82. @David Binko Industrial strength bronzer and an 80lb weight gain ought to fix that!

  83. I had the privilege of meeting Vice President Biden in June 2009 when he was touring America putting a face and explaining to Americans the recovery program that the Obama Administration put forward to get us out of The Great Recession. Shaking his hand, I told Vice President Biden to run in 2016, and he simply said "We'll see." I think he missed his opportunity in 2016 because, outside of the Never Obama (or any other non-white male) racists, Obama was popular and Biden could have continued. But, he did not run and the Democratic Establishment decided long before Iowa that it was Hillary's time. Well, with the absence of Biden, there went the black vote, but, also, there was an underlying current of real change coming; that the people did not want business as usual in DC and that made it dangerous for anyone from the Establishment which expected Hillary v. Jeb. The Dems were too blinded to see Bernie was their candidate and did what they could to obstruct him - which was obvious and alienated the youth vote. And, of course, the GOP Establishment failed to obstruct Trump. Trump won because 2016 was NonEstablishment v. Establishment and, as he correctly predicted in his 1990 Playboy interview, he connected with the average white guy. This year is what Biden-free 2016 should have been: Passionate NonEstablishment v. Passionate NonEstablishment. Had Biden ran in 2016, he might have won the Presidency depending on what Sanders did.

  84. @VJR Sorry, you're forgetting he'd just lost his son. He was in NO shape to run for President in 2016 and he's a three time loser of Presidential primaries. He's always been a conservative gaffe machine.

  85. @MrsWhit I didn't forget that at all. I was well aware of it. Like Nature, the US election doesn't care about our feelings. His time to run was 2016 and he didn't and his time has passed.

  86. @MrsWhit I didn't forget that at all. I was well aware of it. Like Nature, the US election doesn't care about our feelings. His time to run was 2016 and he didn't and his time has passed. And being a gaffe machine is irrelevant in this day and age given our current president.

  87. I have been very concerned about Biden's cognitive powers all along. Knowing that he has overcome stuttering, I still found his halting answers worrisome. Now, following several well-publicized outbursts of somewhat insulting responses to questions/protests at his rallies, I am confident he is not up to the job. I hope he withdraws soon, further narrowing the field. We need a nominee all can rally around.

  88. Biden's candidacy was doomed before it even started. He waffled for months about whether to get into the race, signaling his ambivalence. When he finally decided to become a candidate, he appeared to only make a half-hearted effort. I hate to say Trump is right about anything, but Low Energy Joe was spot on. I'm not saying someone in their late 70s can't be president, but Joe's batteries are clearly wearing down. He's a good guy but he's not vigorous, he's not charismatic and he seems out of touch. Time to get out and make may for a centrist democrat who can beat King Donald.

  89. @Marc Problem is that there are very few centrist Democrats left.

  90. @Phil problem is there are very few, if any, young Democrat voters who understand, value or accept centrist Democrats. Politics has become so polarized in their lifetimes the centrist concept doesn't get their buy-in.

  91. Dear Joe - please clear the way for Klobuchar. She has experience, and she can get it done if she gets your endorsement. Bernie can never win over Trump, and we will all be in for another four years of despair. We need a candidate who can win over liberals, moderates, independents, and on-the-fence Republicans who don't want four more years of Trump.

  92. @Monica This, absolutely: 'We need a candidate who can win over liberals, moderates, independents, and on-the-fence Republicans who don't want four more years of Trump.' This, not a chance: 'Klobuchar'

  93. Joe, we all appreciate your contributions to democracy, but we are in a critical situation and at risk of losing our much loved way of life. Surely, the noble step for you to take now is to drop out and support Bernie. You will be remembered as a hero.

  94. Time for Biden to call it quits. We should have an election between Sanders and President Trump. Sanders accurately represents what the Democrats believe. Time for voters to decide which way the country should go.

  95. @Jonathan - "Sanders accurately represents what the Democrats believe." is an inaccurate statement on its own.

  96. Biden believes he’s inevitable. But I doubt it. Take his belief he’ll not only do well in SC, but also in Nevada? Has he forgotten Buttigieg speaks fluent Spanish? What stands out to me from last night is that the two moderates, preferred by more people (In total) than Sanders, are both much younger than Biden. Younger + Moderate = rejection of Biden for 2 reasons. I think that’s the message NH sent: Give us a youthful moderate.

  97. So if Biden is Obama's BFF, why hasn't Obama endorsed him yet ? Isn't it time, if in fact it is going to happen ?

  98. I think Obama is doing exactly as he should... wait until the final candidate is chosen, then wade into the fray with support. Jumping in now and not supporting the eventual candidate would prove divisive and lead to further fracturing of the party.

  99. @G Obama will endorse the whomever wins the democratic nomination. I agree that it would be a great to do so now but he doesn't want to seem partial. Just like last time when he waited until Hillary won the nomination to endorse her.

  100. There are many things about Joe Biden that I respect and like. I always thought he would make a better and more effective senior statesman for the country than its president. All I know if that if by some chance his name ends up on the ballot as the Democratic candidate for president, I would be most honored to cast my vote for him. In the meantime, I sincerely wish him the very best in all future endeavors and quote that familiar Irish poem: "May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields." The very best of everything to you sir.

  101. The media have campaigned for Biden for some time now and as usual, they probably missed the mark. I never thought that he would go too far. I have nothing against him, he is basically a decent man and a great politician with an impressive career. A former vice president with a long history in Washington, however, is not really a fit for the times. If there is anything that recent presidents and popular candidates such as Obama, Trump, Sanders or Buttigieg have in common, it is that they do not match this profile. The leader of the delegate count at the moment, by one delegate, is Buttigieg. At this point, that does not necessarily mean anything but it's also hard to not draw the conclusion that he would have won NH without Klobuchar's late surge. Predictions are dangerous, I know, but looking at the combined 44% vote share in NH by Buttigieg and Klobuchar, and taking into account Pete's outsider status, it seems quite possible that Buttigieg will win the nomination for the moderates.

  102. And what if South Carolina had been first?

  103. The NYT described BIden as a zombie candidate. He is. I wish he would just get out of the way.

  104. Please mr Biden withdraw. Save your legacy.

  105. " faced pony soldier..." Thank you, Joe for your decades of service to the country.

  106. The few rallies Biden holds are not going so well At a Biden rally in New Hampshire a 21 year old college woman asks Biden "How do you explain the performance in Iowa and why should the voters believe that you can win a national election?" Biden's response: "You ever been to a caucus?" Woman says yes. Biden: "No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier."

  107. Trump is not so smart, thinking he should discredit Biden. Biden would have been easy to defeat in November because he is seriously incapacitated as a thinker and a speaker. Trump would have chewed him up and spit him out. Thankfully, Biden will withdraw and make room for a candidate able to unify the nation against the Emperor without clothes.

  108. Dear Joe, You are truly a decent person but please don't do this to us. We respect your past achievements, but by staying the race you are doing Trump's work by muddying the moderate lane for democrats. Let Klobuchar/Pete/Bloomberg compete so we can find the strongest person who can deal with our national emergency!!!

  109. Biden is not of this moment, is worn out and very foggy minded. "Lying, dog-faced pony soldier"? How on earth does his mind go to such bizarre places? His mantra "I want to serve” is threadbare and, now, meaningless. He is incapable, after decades of service, generally, positive. Hubris and the lure of the limelight are making him look rather foolish. He needs to withdraw; he will never be nominated or elected.

  110. Biden should announce that Bernie will be his VP.

  111. I am surprised that an article on Biden’s fading candidacy does not even mention his son Hunter. The lame “he did nothing wrong” defense is so offensive to most Americans, especially from a man whose appeal is based largely on a reputation of honesty and good judgement. It’s over for Joe, sadly.

  112. The problem with Biden and the Democratic party as a whole is that they have consistently courted voters of color then stabbed them in the back once they have what they need. Don't expect that to continue. Black voters, especially females, are tired of being pandered to for votes and dismissed after elections (Bill Clinton's 3-Strike policy comes immediately to mind). Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, all have issues that they are trying to explain away with words that don't add up to an explanation. Pete Buttigieg actually blamed African Americans for the increase arrests after he was elected (January Debate). Hmmm. Amy Klobuchar tried to explain her support for killer cops by talking about her support for whites (The View). Kamala Harris called Biden out in the first debate. His response is always that he has the support of Black voters. Newsflash! Black and brown people are sick of being pawns. We really don't trust politicians any further than we can throw them, and we will be holding any candidate that wins the Democratic nomination to account. And if that candidate is not the right fit for black and brown people, guess what? We will stay home, or vote "other". Think 2016 when a healthy number of black men voted for Donald Trump.

  113. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren need to go out and have dinner together. Drink a bottle or two of good wine. And then cry on each other's shoulders.

  114. @Richard Phelps And then maybe run together as a team.

  115. More media hysteria. Remember folks, the NH primary is not a closed primary. If you were undeclared (which many NH voters were) you could vote for either party. Trump was advocating the undeclareds to vote for Sanders and you all know why. Now everyone is jumping on Biden's political grave. Don't rely on the media declarations to determine your choice. Be smart and be wary.

  116. Vice President Biden is Edmund Muskie in 1972 revisited. It's a shame someone in Biden's campaign didn't study that candidacy and realized that you can't win a race without a clear message other than you can beat the incumbent. To add to the parallels, you had a Republican dirty trickster actively muddying the waters in both instances! To now hang your campaign hat on a hook that's supported supposedly by a specific subset of voters strikes me as a desperation move. If it doesn't work, hopefully he will see the handwriting on the wall sooner rather than later.

  117. Like Hillary Biden comes off as if he deserves the presidency. And for this reason I believe he is where he is in the polls.

  118. I love Joe Biden, but he lost me after the first debate. It's a visceral thing, hard to describe, but he is not strong or savvy enough for this fight. He is not the Joe Biden of 2008. I don't think Trumps stupid conspiracy theory about his son hurt him at all in these primaries. He would have sunk, regardless based only on his own performance. When Bloomberg entered the race my heart soared- he has what it takes more than any of the others. This is going to be a dirty race, with more propaganda and dark money than ever. We need someone tough, savvy and inspiring and yes, Bloomberg is all of this.

  119. @lkos Problem is, Bloomberg is a DINO in many ways, as you should know from living in NYC.

  120. Joe should bow out gracefully after South Carolina and endorse Mike Bloomberg in time for Super Tuesday. Joe is a great guy and he can help us win in November with working class union guys in the Rust Belt. Please say it IS so, Joe.

  121. Dollars to donuts that if Biden drops out, the Republicans will not care about the Biden "corruption" and their "investigations" will come to an absolute stand still. They will than select the leading Dem presidential candidate to "investigate" using our taxpayer money to do their political dirty work.

  122. I had hopes for Biden but given his Hunter (and other) baggage and his inability to speak, I think Trump will make mincemeat out of him. This would be his third loss for the Presidency. As Obama said: “enough”.

  123. I don't doubt his support among African Americans will help him in South Carolina. But as a former vice-president, the real question is why were white voters in Iowa and New Hampshire (states that voted for Obama twice) so unimpressed? Time for him to quit the race.

  124. As much as it pains me to say it, stories like this are what lend credibility to the “fake news” arguments. All we’ve heard since he joined the race is that Biden is the “front runner” and then the votes get counted and we find out he’s no where near that position. Which begs the question: was the news reporting just inaccurate or was it deliberately fashioning its own narrative? After all, this is exactly what happened in Nov 2016.

  125. @Erik I think you raise a valid point. While I'm no Bernie Bro you can see the CNN slant against Sanders. And Gabbard gets completely ignored

  126. @Erik Never content to simply report the news, they just can't resist the temptation to mold it, as well. Well, that's the harsh interpretation, anyway. Another, somewhat more forgiving, one is that reporters can't resist the temptation to latch onto bits of conventional "wisdom" in order to seem tuned-in to the public's pulse. The herd mentality is human nature.

  127. Biden is emotionally brittle- he's not even up to responding to voter's good questions without snapping. He would not be able to handle the stress of a general election.

  128. It’s too late for Biden to retain his dignity, but it isn’t too late for him to stop doing damage. Biden needs to vanish from public life.

  129. @sedanchair Why vanish? That's cruel. He did nothing wrong. If he loses the nomination, he can campaign for the nominee because he is the MOST LOVED democrat (besides Obama) despite his flaws.

  130. @dba Cruel? The presidency is not an award for long public service. It should be a recognition of competence, which Biden no longer has. The only thing he can contribute to public life is harm at this point. Do you want him out there dropping gaffes on behalf of the nominee in October?

  131. @sedanchair Biden beloved? By whom? His dog? He is an egotistical, vain man. His ego is not quite as big as that of the Socialist candidate but definitely he feels as entitled as HRC. Just leave. Now. If not, we will be forced to call security.

  132. Biden has been damaged by his son's venture in Ukraine. It was not illegal to work for the Burisma, but common sense should have told both of them that if he planned to run for President, it doesn't look good to have someone with no experience step into that position based on his father's name. His campaign should have tried to deal with that up front.

  133. @Jacquie So much about Biden's son. Donald Trump loves that! Takes the intention off of his nepotism, etc.

  134. @Jacquie It doesn't just "look bad", it IS bad. No wonder Obama never endorsed him. Hunter is an albatross around his neck.

  135. @Jacquie Yes, Trump surely accomplished what he set out to do to Joe.

  136. Biden is failing for the same reason Clinton failed. He’s convinced it’s his turn, can’t articulate a vision for why he is running, and has a long track record of being in the wrong side of issues, voting for disastrous wars and pandering to corporate agendas.

  137. @Xoxarle You may be partly right about Biden, but you are completely wrong about Clinton. She was a very qualified candidate, who failed because of the extremism and zealotry of Sanders supporters who did not vote for her. Your tone makes me think you may be one of them. And in a swing state.

  138. @GetEd Towards the end of the campaign Clinton's own aides begged, begged, begged her to her go make stops in two of the states where she lost to Trump by a few thousand votes. Clinton refused to listen. It was Clinton's election to lose, and she lost it.

  139. @GetEd I suppose you believe communists and social democrats lit the Reichstag on fire too.

  140. With all due respect, time to bow out, Joe! We have to get Trump out of office, and there are too many candidates still on the Democratic side.

  141. Why was Biden ever the front runner? National polling in a primary is pointless and he never was positioned to do well in these early contests. The media hyped the wrong guy.

  142. @ADG The media, including all of the pundits at The NY Times, as well as the DNC need to let the voters decide, even the choice of the voters is not to the liking of the establishment. If they pull the strings the way they did in 2016 a lot of Democrats will stay home again and four more years of Trump are guaranteed. Then the Democrats need to do so something about their primaries. It is ridiculous to allow New Hampshire and Iowa to choose our candidates.

  143. His decision to run in 2020 was his first mistake. Sadly some people never learn to walk away.

  144. @Jack His decision NOT to run in '16 was his first mistake, albeit an understandable one.

  145. I fear thugs are winding down for Joe and he is not even seen anymore as the one who can beat Trump. I also fear that the vote coming from Nevada and South Carolina could be very disappointing, even embarrassingly so, for him. If he does not get at least one 1st place finish in one state and at least a 2nd place finish in the other, it will be all over for him. The gracious, dignified and patriotic thing for him to do is to withdraw now and encourage his supporters to support Mike Bloomberg - the only candidate with a chance to defeat Trump.

  146. Time to call it quits, Joe. Too bad; a Democratic extremist will win the nomination and lose the general election in November. Trump is guaranteed 4 more years.

  147. Is Trump not a conservative extremist. Did a Democratic centrist not lose to him last time? Your logic is flawed.

  148. @Phil Interesting. Where is the extremity? Healthcare for all? Affordable college? Modernizing our infrastructure and promoting renewables and energy independence? In our system of democracy (if it survives DJT), Mr. Sander's goals will need to be argued for and supported by the masses through election of senators and congress people. Of course you understand this, but it is a whole lot easier to thoughtlessly swallow the socialist, extremist monikers that have percolated out of FOX, Trump rallies, conservative talk radio, etc. Is Vermont a socialist state?

  149. @Phil disagree on both points: 1) Bloomberg is not a Democratic extremist and 2) Bloomberg is the best candidate to stop Trump getting 4 more years. And my own point 3) anyone who believes your dire prediction and sits on their hands in Nov is culpable if Trump gets 4 more years.

  150. He’s had a great career and made a difference, but it’s time to move aside and let others lead.

  151. He’s also fallen behind the new national leader for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders. Let’s help transform and reform this Democratic Party into what it used to be and should be.

  152. @srwdm: I agree with you in general, but Sanders isn't the solution: he's far, far too left for most, and some of his proposals (e.g., free tuition for all) which may sound wonderful are in reality untenable. Also a major negative is his age; picking a worthy Vice President would be much more critical, as Sanders might well not survive for another four years.

  153. @James : Why is age a "major negative." Ageism?

  154. @srwdm Sure, by following the lead of someone who is not a Democrat. Seems to me the GOP did that same sort of thing recently.

  155. I thought for months Biden would (and should) be the nominee. He's the most recognizable and centrist Democrat running. Now, he needs to face facts and make room for the only other real contender who can realistically beat Trump. Bloomberg 2020.

  156. @KR I still have hope for Biden. The first 2 states are, in my opinion, unindicative and negligible. But if going forward he cannot pull it off then the only option to win is Bloomberg. Biden has the most experience at the highest level in our government and internationally and is morally superior to the current occupant of the WH. Bloomberg shows up DT as the "brilliant business man" and has political executive experience. The rest of the field are lacking in both.

  157. @KR \ Dude! We are just getting started. Biden is going to win at least one of the next two primaries and that will leap frog him back into the public as the most likely to succeed. Then everyone will jump on that bad wagon and away he goes. Patience...

  158. @NanaK Look at Robert Gates' assessment of Biden's foreign policy. The first two states are important for momentum--which Biden does not have with 4th and 5th. His run has kept other decent candidates from moving up or dropping out. Arrogant and a breathtakingly sense of entitlement.

  159. Thank you for your service, Joe We'd be most appreciative if you could step aside and make room for the strongest most electable candidate Mike Bloomberg He will destroy Trump and end this national nightmare

  160. Biden for this Democrat has been quite a sad horse to bet upon, he is inarticulate ,has little message to masthead against the new MAGA fascist Trump and yes as with Bloomberg and the stop & frisk comments from Aspen Co. Biden telling off a young woman with insulting anger who merely asked him about the Iowa caucus leavse him and Mike B. not as winners but sadly as losers.

  161. The demise of the Biden candidacy has been greatly exaggerated. First, Buttigieg pulled out all the stops in Iowa and still didn't win decisively. Second, Iowa and New Hampshire are relatively insignificant states as far as being bellwethers go . They are highly unrepresentative of the country as a whole. It is beyond me how any candidate would drop out based on their performance in these two small arenas. Third, Bernie won New Hampshire with the smallest percentage of any winner there because the field was so fractured. 70% still voted against him. Placing the presumptive nominee's mantle on him based on this is premature at best. Fourth, Buttigieg, whose total experience in politics was as mayor of South Bend, is woefully unprepared for the presidency. If he gets the nomination, just wait for the revelations of his work at McKinsey to come out, as well as the bias against his sexuality. Fifth, this newspaper recently ran an article about how Amy Klobuchar was voted the most difficult senator to work for by senate staffers. In light of this I seriously question her temperament for the presidency. In sum, the other candidates have their significant flaws as well. Give Joe Biden until Super Tuesday.

  162. @Frank You've never heard of betting on a horse to show? You don't need to win the race decisively or even win first place. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions are all winning bets. Biden hasn't even won a show bet in two primaries. He's sliding in South Carolina and Nevada is looking bleak. Moreover, he's just not running good. Biden should stay in the race till Super Tuesday. His presence damages other moderates. However, don't kid yourself. He's a lame horse.

  163. @John In response to your 5th point: what is upsetting about this NYT piece on Klobuchar's temperament is the fact that there are plenty of examples of male senators that are equally as difficult to deal with but did not receive a full-blown article in a national newspaper. Nor does anyone even question it; they just buckle down and get to work. Clearly, a double standard at play here.

  164. @Andy when's the last time the Democratic New Hampshire primary picked a presidential winner? That's right, Jimmy Carter in 1976. NH has a horrible record of choosing Democratic presidential candidates. Biden is still in it.

  165. Biden doesn't look forward. His speeches are all about the past. His time has over. Bloomberg is my choice.

  166. Fragile? Biden is cooked - has been for a LONG time... His cartoon "candidacy" was never more that a distraction. PERIOD.

  167. Joe Biden is a good and decent man. He's also yesterday's news. It's time to move on.

  168. This is what Trump's doing. Period.

  169. I loved Joe and thought Joe and Stacy Abrams would run the table in November . After watching Joe playing the tackling dummy for Trump and company for months l regret to say it but I think Joe is toast. People thought Joe had the fight in him to take onTrump. Joe could have made Trump think twice about attacking his family by countering with the riches TRUMPS KIDS are getting. Trump has almost golfed for a year out of his three in office. Trump gave Biden so many chances to expose his hypocrisy and Joes inability to think his feet was glaring. Biden rested on his laurels like Hillary did in 2016. Bernie winning the nomination will be a repeat of McGovern in 1972. As Biden has showed in Iowa and New Hampshire national polls mean nothing.

  170. Exactly what I, and many others, had predicted... he's become a meme.

  171. Biden and Bloomberg are the 'Oscar favourites', Buttigieg and Klobuchar are the 'Oscar indie favourites'. In the mean time Sanders is the 'People's Choice Award winner.' The reason there is a People's Choice is because most people don't feel the DNC (aka Oscar organisation equivalent) represent the 'We the People" audience but rather the "We the Corporate People" industry. The current DNC is to the right of Reagan especially when compared to most of the world where Bernie would be considered a Moderate or Centrist. How far the US has moved to the Right over the past 40 years is astounding.

  172. With all due respect, Joe Biden's time has come and gone. Americans don't want to relive the past where hope and change did not bring change that made lives better for so many of them. There is a reason that many Obama voters switched to Trump in 2016. Those former Obama voters know now that Trump was a fraud and not the bringer of change he promised. Biden is trying to run on Obama's coat-tails. But, because Obama tried to work across the aisle as he thought he could, he wound up with an "affordable care act" that is on death's door and doesn't care for millions who are now without real health care. Biden can't win on policies that are now failing. Too many Democrats fear that radical change promised by Sanders or Warren will lose to Trump in November. But that was how Hillary won the nomination in 2016 and lost to Trump in the general election. Americans want real change and an end to the divisiveness that Trump has brought to the country.. Sanders may have been elected POTUS in 2016 and he could beat Trump in 2020, yes, even as a "Democratic Socialist" against a lying, foul-mouthed, adolescent narcissist, who has really not done much of value for the forgotten Americans. Bernie has been the genuine politician calling for progressive change for decades. Just now maybe real voters are listening to this real progressive.

  173. This is a guy who didn't want to run in 2016, because --personal matters aside-- the party machine didn't want to step on Hillary's toes on her road to the nomination. We all wanted him to run, but he didn't. We lost respect for him at the time. Now its 2020 and he thinks that all those voices whom urged him to run, will somehow get him automatically elected to the nomination. Biden smacks of a certain level of "nomination-entitlement," Exactly what turned voters off to Hillary-I-didn't-give-a-concession-speech-Clinton. Why does everyone in the Democratic party fail to understand that there is a Tea-party movement going on, and that the establishment is not palatable to us. Don't come with the "hey I will maintain Obama's status quo," argument. It didn't work for Hil and it won't work for Biden. Everyone hates Bernie, but Bernie tells it like it is..... Or else he wouldn't be the front runner. Stop with the hubris, Joe and Hil....listen to the streets..... or risk having the entire party lose its legitimacy as our voice.

  174. I thought he would be the leader at this point; however, he never really seemed that into the campaign. I didn't like him snapping at the reporter as he left New Hampshire Monday. He snapped "get that thing out of here" referring to a microphone. It is over.

  175. He should never have been in the race. A person with little innate intelligence and no leadership qualities. He thought he could seduce everyone with his resume, but the job interview revealed his extravagant weaknesses. Save everyone a lot of time and drop out now. Thanks for your service, I guess.

  176. Biden should have never entered the race. He struggles to complete a sentence or a thought. His exposure to the press or voters has to be carefully managed and limited to minimize his constant gaffes and miscues. He was a lousy Presidential candidate in 1988 - plagiarism and lying about his law school record flamed out that run. He was absolutely terrible when he ran again 2008. Obama needed an older white, pro-corporation moderate as running mate to calm the fears of moderate, white voters, so Biden got a lifeline to become Vice President. Unlike other older candidates like Sanders and Bloomberg, Biden has not aged well. Biden’s old age is a real issue. A lousy Presidential candidate with old age making him worse. He constantly embarrasses himself. His presence has hurt other moderate candidates. Biden needs to drop out now as the embarrassment to himself and the damage to the Democratic Party keeps compounding. Hopefully, he loses in South Carolina primary and he then has no choice to end this fiasco, rather than prolonging the misery. Biden should have stayed home and just kept up the fantasy that he would have been able to defeat Trump and be President. The harsh reality is that he was never up to that extremely challenging and crucial task. Biden is a good man, he faced and overcame real tragedy in his life multiple times, he was a real public servant in the Senate and as Vice President - a pro-corporation, moderate Democrat. Should be retired and enjoying his old age.

  177. My elderly mother who watches a fair amount of television has reported that her and her friends who are also elderly and watch a lot of TV are all now supporting Blloomberg. They know very little about Bloomberg except for his numerous TV commercials, yet they now believe he is the best man to run against Trump. Why? The realism of the elderly? They know that money makes the world go around and Bloomberg can make it go around faster and longer than anyone else in the race.

  178. it's pro forma by now: "love the man, respect the career: time to drop out." sure, he may push on to "let the people have their say," or whatever the cliché rationale may be. but he's a 20th century man in a 21st century race ... and it takes a lot of money to campaign for super tuesday. joe can't find the speech that defends his son and trashes trump for his lies and nepotism. that says a lot to me about biden's chances.

  179. Dems need a fighter against trump and Joe's not it. Gift wrapped the opportunity by the repub's to come out swinging helping him, his party and the down ballot he wobbled. During the impeachment trial, repub's were threatening to call Biden to testify. Biden should have raced to the nearest mic and delcared 'just give me the time and date and I'll be there.' Opportunity missed.

  180. Trump will be thrilled if and when Biden withdraws from the campaign. That is what Trump wants, as is demonstrated by his behavior in pursuing Biden and Biden's family. It has to follow that Biden is the candidate Trump fears most. Oh well. I am not paying any attention to the campaign yet. I will support whomever the Democrats nominate, because no one could possibly be worse than four more years of Trump. But I remain frustrated with the candidates as a group, because they are all acting as though they both expect and want to lose. Get it together, folks. You are so busy knocking each other out of the race that you are losing sight of the real goal, a goal that is far more important than any of your individual desires. The one goal is to defeat Trump. Nothing else matters. If you really cared about our nation and the planet, you would join with each other and put together a viable campaign that would have a chance. My most important criterion for the Democratic candidate is electability. Nothing else matters. While it would be nice if the candidate had a pulse, that criterion is in distant second. Nothing else matters. Nothing. I don't care about principles, policies, taxation plans, or anything else. Electability. And did I mention that electability is the only thing I am interested in? I will be furious if the Dems nominate someone who can't win. Remember McGovern? And the stakes are much higher here and now. . . .

  181. The damage from Trump is deafening. Justice has become a travesty among the hard working, honest and true American prosecutors and patriots that GOP continues to ignore and promote trumpisum. Trump destroyed Biden either way just from the attention.

  182. Joe Biden, a nice guy, is not a leader type. He is as inspiring as a flat soda. He was selected as Obamas second because of his stability and experience, not his leadership style; that was Obamas. Joe has been through a lot; with the loss of his first wife and oldest son, and I admire his resilience. It was a poor choice by his youngest son to serve on the board of Burisma, one hypnotized by money. It also was a poor choice not to confront Hunter, his surviving son, on that choice. If Biden were ever the candidate, I'm afraid he'd be toast; not only from the Burisma scandal, but his bumbling and rambling on the debate stage. Thank you for your service, Joe.

  183. Joe Biden is a nice guy. He served his country for many years. He's made sacrifices. However, he should decide to retire and enjoy his last years. Let the upcoming generations take over. This really illustrates one of the major concerns young people in this country have, that the older generation is keeping the jobs, keeping the money, keeping the power, and shutting them out. Pete Buttigieg is the best of the younger candidates. Let him see what he can do, and I'll bet it will be great.

  184. @JQ Biden is not a nice guy. Please do some research on Joe Biden, thanks

  185. The reality is that Biden appears old. I have supported his candidacy from the outset, and still believe he would have the best chance to defeat Trump, but if you don't see that he is almost aging before our eyes from public appearance to public appearance you are not paying attention. Bernie, Warren and Bloomberg all seem to be more vibrant even though similarly old. I still don't count Biden out but he must do something to change his apparent feebleness and, if nominated, needs to pick a young, black running mate.

  186. Is not age, is not experience; what he needs to show is that he really, really, really wants the presidency. Nothing, so far, has shown that, and that makes him a candidate that nobody wants.

  187. You can't coast to the finish line if you haven't built a steady lead. Biden is the equivalent of the interim coach: a placeholder until the real candidate arrives. Please fellow Democrats, regardless of who gets the nomination from our party, please vote. Let's not let self-righteousness and ego prevent us from getting a Democrat back in office. It's not hyperbole to say the fate of the world depends on it.

  188. He is losing primaries because he is extremely unpopular, though the media and party refuse to accept reality. 2016 was a crystal clear wake up call. No one deserves to be president just because they’ve faithfully put in their years as a public servant. I find it very disheartening that neither the party nor the media have learned anything in 4 years. Next up in your news feed, Amy Klobuchar, 3rd place NH winner, appears as the Democratic front runner. The party will move in any direction but forward.

  189. I think Biden's heart, when he remembers to look for it, is in the tight place. But I haven't forgotten 1988 when he felt it appropriate to lift large chunks of a speech from Neil Kinnock - then Labour leader in UK - and pass them off as his own.

  190. I was never a supporter of his candidacy, but I don’t see anyone talking about the toll the negative lies from Trump and Giuliani have taken on his campaign. No one can dismiss the power of lies in this climate we’re in.

  191. I hate Joe Biden mostly because of his work in Congress in 1991 to remove bankruptcy protections for student loan debtors.

  192. @Louis Anthes Anita Hill agrees with you, but for different reasons.

  193. The last time a sitting OR former Vice President from the Democratic Party succeeded to the presidency was under tragic circumstances with Lyndon Johnson succeeding the late President Kennedy in 1963. Humphrey, Mondale, and Gore all failed at grabbing the top job. This does not bode well for Mr. Biden.

  194. What? After that, both Nixon and George HW Bush won after being VP, and Gore arguably won. That’s not a fail-safe, but it’s not bad. (Says nothing about Biden’s odds, which aren’t great. But these guys were former and current VPs who won)

  195. Outing myself as a skeptic here, but I never believed the media narrative or the polls that cited Biden as the front-runner. I'm going to guess those polls were reaching underinformed voters who choose candidates based on name recognition. Biden unfortunately hasn't offered anything beyond a promise to return to the Obama era. Many of don't want to return. We want to see progress, not yet another re-hash of neoliberalism.

  196. South Carolina may tell the tale. If Biden is still very strong with the African American community, he wins. And that makes Bernie less likely to win the general election if Bernie becomes the nominee.

  197. Curious whether you noticed that the three moderates got way more votes combined than the two progressives. Do you think those votes are more likely to coalesce around Sanders/Warren or around one of Biden/buttegieg/Klobuchar?

  198. @NorCal Girl I don’t think the identification of moderates is very strong. I think Pete attracts a more progressive voter, and I believe Amy attracts a strong following that wants a woman atop the ticket. I think Warren grates on some and her waffling and past as a Republican who advocated for school choice makes her unacceptable. My feeling is that when Bernie highlights his really moderate and pragmatic positions, and selects a popular running mate, perhaps a female, that he will bring the moderates along.

  199. If African American voters stick with Biden because he was Obama's loyal VP they will be making a big mistake. Biden is least likely to convince voters in critical swing-states that he will bring change that affects African-Americans where it really counts. They know that Trump has been bad for them and their children and want to replace him with someone who will improve their lives. Anyone now running in the Democratic primaries would be better than Trump has been. But can Biden beat Trump when he can't even beat Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, or Warren? If African-Americans want a president who cares about issues that matter to them anyone would be better than Trump. But Biden probably could not beat Trump, when he can't even beat his fellow Democrats.

  200. Precarious is an understatement. He is finished. He remains a likable guy but Democrats want a winner who can turn out the vote. Biden cannot. Sanders has an army of loyal followers who love and admire him for his sincerity and unwavering support of their values. His difficulty is that his army is too small and will lose to Trump because many Democrats will not join his army. A fact reported but not mentioned in most commentaries is that turnout in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries is down from 2016 and we know what happened then. Is there an answer to this? Yes, his name is Bloomberg whose billions will flood the airwaves with facts pointing out Trump's shortcomings. Is this buying the election? I don't really care what you call it. I want to win.

  201. @alan brown He remains a likeable guy?? He is short tempered and a bully... I say good riddance.

  202. @alan brown Your position is well argued and I’ve thought the same thing. I’m not convinced that Bernie won’t bring the moderate Dems along and also valve off some Trumpsters. If only we knew who was right. Bloomberg has a lot of baggage. If only we knew who would win. It’s very hard to say.

  203. Precarious path forward? No path forward. He has been flat and faltering throughout the campaign, peppered with occasional moments of vibrance and capacity, and of being outright offensive. We love you, Joe. But you cannot win, and we have to end our Trump nightmare. Time to leave. Now!

  204. Biden and Warren were a contrast in how they handled yesterday’s catastrophic performance in the NH primary. Biden, always the “tough guy” couldn’t run away fast enough. Warren stayed, spoke to her supporters, and posed for more selfies. She showed character and grit, he showed weakness and ingratitude. And I am not a Warren supporter, I don’t think she can win in November, but she showed ma a lot in how she handled defeat.

  205. This pains me because I love Joe B. but I sort of want him to drop out. He's a strong candidate and would be a great president but it's clear that Republicans are willing to destroy, I fear, the Bidens. Grassley is on a fishing expedition and the Treasury Dept is complicit and no one who could stop this is willing to step up. I was a freshly minted Delaware voter when Joe won his senate seat and I remember opening the morning paper a few weeks later to see the story of the horrible accident that took his wife and daughter. Joe had to rebuild his family then, and then a second time when Beau died and now it seems like Trump is determined to use the power of the presidency to threaten the Biden family again. It's just not worth it. I'll still vote for Joe in the Florida primary but I am scared for him. My heart hurts.

  206. @Margaret - He's a strong candidate??? Huh??? He's getting pummeled by the mayor of South Bend, among others.

  207. @AZPurdue The main issue, which apparently eludes you, is a POTUS and a GOP Congress willing to destroy people. That's what should bother you.

  208. @Margaret - the DNC destroyed Bernie four years ago. Your point?

  209. Biden’s new failing 2020 campaign strategy ? Blacks and Latinos R Us ! There’s nobody more clueless than Clueless Joe Biden.

  210. Well said. The ultimate nominee will need the Black and Latino vote. But any candidate who ONLY has the Black and Latino vote cannot get to the nomination. Time to call it a day, Joe. You’re a good guy. Enjoy some time off, you’ve earned it.

  211. Joe Biden’s disgraceful treatment of Anita Hill disqualifies him from the Democratic nomination. He just another old, rich, white man who believes that he is entitled to be President.

  212. @Common Ground YES! But Joe's response is that he wished he could have done more for her. So even back then he was an impotent chairman of the judiciary committee. Thanks Joe, for giving a lifetime Supreme Court seat to Clarence Thomas and refusing to call the other witnesses willing to testify.

  213. At this point, Biden needs to take his 'dog-faced pony soldier' and go home.

  214. Is anyone surprised?

  215. On the one hand, I feel really bad for Joe. He seems to be a thoroughly decent man, albeit a politician with whom I have significant disagreements. After a lifetime of public service, he deserves our gratitude. On the other hand, we all saw this coming. I attended a Biden event in August in NH that was a total mess. Not only was Biden incoherent but the campaign apparatus was visibly weak. Both of those things manifested yesterday. Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg can pick up the centrist flag quite capably. That is, if Bloomberg and his cash doesn't run them over like a truck.

  216. @Cousy He does seem like a good man who has had more than his share of personal tragedy and handled it gracefully. But his time has passed and that has become painfully clear watching him on the national stage. Personally, I don't think Trump's repugnant antics have made much difference, I think democrats watching Joe in debates and on the campaign trail has.

  217. @Cousy Agreed that they can pick it up. But I'm worried about misogyny and homophobia in battleground states more than I am worried about Bloomberg

  218. @Cousy after the debacle of 2016, when the DNC ran a centrist candidate against Trump (despite clear indications that Sanders would have been a more compelling candidate to challenge Trump), you say that "Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg can pick up the centrist flag quite capably": why do you think that a centrist candidate has the best chances against Trump in 2020?

  219. Thank you for your service Senator. Please end your campaign. It is time for real change, not more of the same.

  220. @cynicalskeptic in case you haven't noticed, there's been a lot of real change since 2016 and not for the better. I suggest you adapt your point of view.

  221. @cynicalskeptic Yes, it's past time for change--way past. Obama promised change, but fell short imo. Part of the reason Trump won was because he promised change, especially when Hillary was literally promising more of the same. I still want real change.

  222. @cynicalskeptic neither Bernie nor Buttigieg is going to be the Democratic nominee... Biden still has a pretty good shot at it.

  223. I finally went to the Klobuchar website to look at her positions on policy. Everything is in the right direction, just not the idealized version. Public option, not Medicare for all. Strong assistance for technical school, not free college for everyone. Net zero emissions by 2050, not 2030. Etc. Doesn't take money from fossil fuel industry. I'm of mixed mind here; sometimes you ask for the whole pie when you really just want a slice, so you seen gracious when you get what you want. Sometimes you ask for the slice and don't budge. What I'm saying is: I think Klobuchar might be the right person to carry the sensible governance banner to the White House.

  224. @Dan I don’t think she’ll win the main spot, I support Sanders, but I think she’d make a great VP to him and together they’d have the best chance of defeating Trump.

  225. I am a Biden supporter. I believe he has the varied skill set to be president in these scary and unparalleled times. He also can relate to people and demonstrates empathy like no other. That said, I do not know what has happened of late. When he announced last year, there was such enthusiasm and support. Hoping he can dig down deep and find that courage + energy + optimism to go the distance. p.s. I'm afraid if Bernie is on the ticket, Trump wins again.

  226. Former Vice President Joe Biden represents some of the failed policies of several previous Democratic presidents and Democratic campaigns for president. He also has his own history of policies that are out of step with the majority of Democratic presidential primary voters. If the former vice president could take a bit of advice from my experiences as a Little League player since spring training is right around the corner: You need to anticipate the probable outcome when the game is going bad for you and your team.

  227. I really like Joe Biden. With the benefit of hindsight, Biden should have had a clear, strong, coherent, centrist message focusing on public option, strong social security and Medicare, Green New Deal creating jobs, voting rights, etc. I think his campaign has gotten better. Bloomberg may, or may not, end up being a positive force in the campaign. I do not believe he will be the nominee. At this point, I see the moderates splitting the votes, and Bernie winning, and ultimately getting the nomination. Joe’s natural time was in 2016. Hillary was a mistake of colossal proportions. All Democrats need to accept as nominee whoever the people choose, and wholeheartedly support the nominee.