China Tightens Wuhan Lockdown in ‘Wartime’ Battle With Coronavirus

With infections doubling every four days and more than 600 deaths, China intensified its response in Wuhan, with house-to-house temperature checks and mass confinements at quarantine centers.

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  1. China's government doesn't seem to be up to the job.

  2. The primary purpose of the Chinese government is to stop spreading of the Coronavirus disease and save the life of infected people. On both accounts, China is doing that. So far, the rest of the world seems in good hand that each country can control and monitor the situation. All but one death in the Philippine is in the process of recovery. The secondary consideration will be much more and many. One of those things is to keep people's life in order. Based on latest Hong Kong news, every province in China will be responsible to provide food, medication, personnel, and logistic support to every locked down cities including Wuhan, the original source of spreading. Other objectives include building field hospitals in 10 days to handle severely infected people, and also converting public facilities into large temporary clinics to handle mildly or less sick patients. In the meantime, public and private companies are rushing to test the anti-virus remedies. There are already several been announced, which are in the field test stages. China will be in a transforming stage that its population will be better informed and trained after this crisis. Already Chinese government is planning the return trips from homeland to office or factory locations after the Lunar New year. Once the crisis is over, and as usual, China will add vitality back to the global economy.

  3. This is a chilling report. Conditions sound terrible in Wuhan. Pray for the Chinese people.

  4. This may very well be the beginning of the demise of Xi's iron fist rule since draconian domestic policy is no watch with Mother Nature's fury. Yes, like fire, flood and earthquakes, viruses are part of Mother Nature

  5. Have there been any reports on Uyghurs getting the virus, and if so,are they getting proper medical attention?