Republicans Block Impeachment Witnesses, Clearing Path for Trump Acquittal

The narrow vote came after Republican senators said they did not need to hear more evidence, and pressed toward acquitting President Trump next week.

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  1. What a sad day for the United States of America. If textbooks remain that are not censored by a now fascist government, this will be remembered as the death of democracy. I wish I had a clue whether revival will be possible. I hope we can find a way to free this country from being overtaken by lies and dictatorship.

  2. @ellen luborsky Well, I hate to say it, but it may require blood.

  3. I'm sorry, regarding your reference to "this country"; from my perspective there is no country.

  4. Vote in November. Any democrat will do.

  5. This country has lost its way. Will we find it again? I truly don’t know.

  6. @Henry [Republicans: who cares, we're making money!]

  7. @Henry Not all of us have lost our way! Many people throughout this country have been actively working since Trump was elected to get Democrats elected and stop the stench of not only Donald Trump, but Republican corruption. In order to find our way, American citizens need to get informed and get actively working for the interests of 95% of us and not the wealthy & corporate interests that the Republicans devote themselves to.

  8. There are 23 Republican Senators up for reelection in November 2020. If you care about the thruth and fairness, you will vote everyone of these cowards out of office. They deserve it. Let these cowards think about their decisions to allow the Liar to go unpunished. They are not to be trusted.

  9. @Welcome Canada I can’t vote in those states, but I can (and will) contribute to their opponents. And no, Susan Collins will not be spared because she was allowed to cast a meaningless yes vote knowing the republicans would still prevail.

  10. @Welcome Canada I remain optimistic that there will be fallout for many of the G.O.P. incumbents. Amy McGrath is breathing down McConnell's neck in the Kentucky race—and he knows it. It's incumbent upon all of us in the US to donate to her and other challenger's campaigns—regardless if the candidate is in your state.

  11. @Welcome Canada I agree! I just donated $51 to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee -- $1 for each GOP vote against witnesses. I'll do the same when they vote on articles of impeachment.

  12. While have never been a fan of Mitt Romney or Susan Collins, I am pleased to see that they were true to their word about voting to hear the testimony of additional witnesses. Both of them were true to their oath of being impartial. What really makes me want to scream are those other Republican Senators who keep flirting with the notion of wanting to hear from the witnesses but in the end, did not vote for it to happen. I refuse to print their names because I think either they never intended on voting for additional witnesses to testify but did so for the spotlight and publicity they received OR McConnell promised them stuff in return for their "rank and file" demeanor and support. Maybe it will be both in the end. Bottom line for me is that while I always hold deep contempt for most Republicans, at least Romney and Collins swam against the tide, upstream. I am at a loss, emotionally for I feel as if those knuckleheads played the Democrats with their leading them on, letting them think and hope there would be some semblance of justice today. But there was no justice, just them, those traitors, who can justify anything as long as it's in the "nation's best interest."

  13. @Marge Keller "nation's best interest." I agree wholeheartedly with your statement. But instead of "nation's best interest." It should read The Parties best interest. Or Putin's best interest. or Russia's best interests or so on and so on....

  14. Despite Collins’ vote, she needs to be voted out in November as well since I’m sure this was a calculated move knowing there would not be 51 votes.

  15. @Marge Keller Collins is a coward. She only voted this way after she got 100% assurance that her vote did not matter. This biggest coward of them all. Impeach Susan Collins this coming November!

  16. Anyone with even an iota of common sense about what has become of the Republican party predicted this a month back. Not sure why there were so many articles about the conscience of Lamar Alexander or sigh Lisa Murkowski once again. These people are all in on the fix.

  17. @Justin Spot on. Got really tired of reading "experts" dissect every word, when anybody with half a brain knew how this was going to play out.

  18. @Justin I strongly suspect that Collin's vote was not based on principle but, rather, to pander to the constituents who wish to vote her out. If McConnell had needed her vote to secure blocking witnesses, you can be sure she would have done just that. She needs to go. He needs to go. They all need to go.

  19. @Leslie Correct about Collins. There aren’t enough Republicans in her district to elect her, so she has to hide behind the fig leaf of “moderate”. She’s toast.

  20. Republicans won the battle today, but will lose in the long run.

  21. @Greg i hope you're right. But how do you think it'll happen?

  22. @Greg Actually Greg, America and Americans will lose BIG time in the long run for a very, very long time.

  23. Actually, we all lost today.

  24. C'mon. Don't feign shock or surprise. The House Dems made a strategic error when they ended their inquiry, which they totally controlled, too soon. Likely the Bolton scoop would have surfaced on their watch had they taken their time. Would Bird and Celtics have EVER given home court to Lakers and Magic voluntarily?

  25. @nashvilleky This is not a game, it is our country. Our Democracy. The house acted like a Grand Jury, which they should have. Trump withheld documents, and gagged witnesses. That is not they House's fault

  26. 570/5000 Linsdey Graham was right, Trump destroyed the Republican Party, but what the South Carolina senator did not say that the GOP was going to participate in his own death. What happened in the senatorial precinct seems a blow to democracy, but the institutions of the United States are stronger than this virtual state of legislative coup by the Republican senators, and it will be the GOP who succumbs to make a mockery of the Constitution. Promoting the vote is the way to give a strong response to this betrayal of the essence of the United States; Your institutions

  27. Linsdey Graham was right, Trump destroyed the Republican Party, but what the South Carolina senator did not say that the GOP was going to participate in his own death. What happened in the senatorial precinct seems a blow to democracy, but the institutions of the United States are stronger than this virtual state of legislative coup by the Republican senators, and it will be the GOP who succumbs to make a mockery of the Constitution. Promoting the vote is the way to give a strong response to this betrayal of the essence of the United States; Your institutions

  28. “If the president is acquitted, with no witnesses, no documents, the acquittal will have no value ..." - Chuck Schumer Mr. Schumer might have added, "...and no cross examination [in the House, by the President's attorneys]". This entire sordid affair is as likely to be remembered for that - along with prohibition on defense witnesses in the Intelligence Committee - as for anything else.

  29. @HurryHarry The Intelligence Committee is equally staffed by both Parties; there is no need for additional defense witnesses. If the GOP members on the Committee cannot defend Trump, that says something about their incompetence, or unwillingness to defend him.

  30. "If the GOP members on the Committee cannot defend Trump, that says something about their incompetence, or unwillingness to defend him." @Linda Miilu - Hardly. Most members of Congress are not top flight defense attorneys with the skill of a Patrick Philbin. And those which are don't have time to devote their energies to building a professional-level defense for one man.

  31. @HurryHarry Most of them are lawyers with some basic knowledge of how trials work. They don't have to be 'top flight' attorneys; they just have to have finished law school and taken a course in Torts. They appear to have a lot of time to dial for dollars, and to fly home often to campaign for re-election. I worked in D.C. for 5 yrs., for a political law firm of partners who came off the Hill. The current Congress is a new low in a town with plenty of corruption. It is blatant. It insults its constituencies by ignoring basic laws and regulations, hard won for the common good, e.g. the EPA. I am old enough to remember rivers on fire from industrial waste, and a Hudson River so polluted the fish were toxic. There was a river in CT, where I lived for 22 yrs., so polluted from an old hat factory no one could fish or swim in it. This is where Trump's 'business friendly' Administration will go if unrestrained. FYI: there is no viable defense for Trump, his grifter family, and his advisors, e.g. Steven Miller, Ross, McConnell the mine owners representative, the disgraced Pruitt, et al. No respectable attorney hoping to join a decent Administration will go near Trump. Experienced people have mostly resigned. He is working with the bottom of the barrel.

  32. For all her pretense about having a conscience the past couple years, it was great to see Senator Murkowski fall in line. She clearly has her job on her own talents (no thanks to daddy), and the integrity to match.

  33. @Frank Drebin where’s Pelosi’s conscience?

  34. @robwhite2003 - Well, given that Pelosi is doing the right thing in this situation, I think her conscience is in a good place by comparison.

  35. I believe it was genuine for Romney. He hates Trump but still has some sense of civic duty. I believe he ran for senate not in small part for this moment. If he votes to convict he’ll surely be proven sincere. Collins is a craven opportunist.

  36. This was expected, but still disheartening. I'm 50 and have lived through Nixon(through my parents, and the aftermath,) and Clinton. This country has really disappointed me this time.

  37. I’m not sure the public was aware that a 2/3 vote is necessary in the Senate to remove a president from office. How did anybody think there was going to be a 2/3 vote against Trump?

  38. @Shamrock They were voting only on whether to have witnesses, not removal.

  39. @Shamrock I don't think anyone in their right mind expected a 2/3 vote against Trump but they did expect a proper trial with testimony and documents.

  40. There was maybe some hope that the GOP senators have a grain of honesty and moral left in them. No. Only chance to vote them out.

  41. You tell yourself you know what’s going to happen and you tell yourself you’re ready. But it turns out the loss of your country feels much like the loss of a loved one. It hurts, and you’re never ready. Republicans think the voters will forget by November? They are very, very wrong. Will it make a difference? Maybe not, but we will vote.

  42. One of the many troubling aspects to this entire process is how many of the Republicans can state that Trump's actions were not an impeachable offense. So then he will face NO consequences for what he did? He will walk away from this AND be allowed to act in a similar fashion down the road. If the president is acquitted next week, he will in effect be given a "free get out of jail card" for the remainder of his time in office. The Republicans will not only have opened up a Pandora's box, but the Trump truck of treacherous trickery.

  43. @Marge Keller I think you're confused on who works for who.

  44. @Marge Keller So let's hope he only has until November to continue his reign of terror. I am not only depressed, I'm scared that we are heading toward dictatorship and there's nothing we can do about it but watch in horror as it happens before our eyes.

  45. @Marge Keller including siccing his goons on more people, as he had done to Ambassador Yovanovitch, bypassing the State department, using his personal attorney (attorney-client privilege) to conduct more government business, obstructing justice with impunity, and carte blanche to help friends and donors enter the Ukrainian energy sector (or wherever and whatever the business is) through back-doors under the official radar of both the US and Ukraine (or whatever foreign country) as has been alleged.

  46. The Constitution of the United States died January 31, 2020 after a long decline and a brief serious illness. The Constitution had come into effect on March 4, 1789 and had enjoyed over 200 years of success, often living up to its primary stated purpose, “to form a more perfect union.” The careful crafting and political compromises of the Constitution allowed its institutions to thrive through centuries of widespread change, and the Constitution promoted the rise and dominance of the United States as the world’s pre-eminent country. Millions benefitted from its successful execution, and it served as a model for other constitutions around the world. Despite its success, the Constitution had been ailing for some time at its death. Its delegation of war powers to Congress died in 1950, symptomatic of a more generalized skewing of the balance of power. Its electoral college had seriously distorted presidential elections. Its emoluments clause died on January 20, 2017, and its provision that the President faithfully execute the law died shortly thereafter. The death blow to the republican government that the Constitution created was delivered by the Senate on Friday, when it declared that the President was above the law and beyond the reach of any form of justice. The Constitution is survived by the Declaration of Independence, although its primary purpose, a rebellion against kings, is incompatible with the monarchical views of the Senate.

  47. Another death blow occurred in 2010 with the Citizens United decision. The Supreme Court allowed unlimited dark money to flow to "conservative" PACs. Corporations were given a "voice", as if they were real Citizens. No matter that all the stockholders have their own voice, this magnified the opinions of the board. Citizens need to follow the corporation's dark money and totally reject their products.

  48. @David H. Your obituary for the American experiment brings me to tears. But from this premature grave, I pray the spirit of freedom and liberty has been shaken from its complacency and will rise again!

  49. @David H. Excellent and accurate summary.

  50. Assuming there is acquittal, it would be in the best interest of Republicans who believe the president acted improperly to sponsor a bipartisan motion to censure him.

  51. I guarantee you that’s the last thing on their minds.

  52. @LW Ah, dreams & hope help many of us to go on. But I sure as heck wouldn't put any money that happening.

  53. @LW Why would a bunch of corrupt Republicans want to censure another corrupt Republican?

  54. Is there not some sort of quorum requirement for the impeachment trial vote? If so, if the Democratic Senators were to stop attending the trial altogether now, such action could preclude any vote to acquit Trump. Senator Schumer are you listening?

  55. The long game is generational and will be reflective of what the country is now — people from many lands, colors, religions who have grown up knowing each other. What we’ve just witnessed will be remembered as the last gasps of a group of old men. My age and looks would let me be a member of that group. But I belong in the group that is embracing the future and look forward to their ascension.

  56. @Warren Since unemployment amongst the least represented in our economy is at all time lows; many will compare to the "woke" years of Obama and think they like work and upward mobility better than "hope" and "rhetoric". Enjoy 4 more years of "old men" from both parties.

  57. @Bill Virginia The boom guaranteeing sub-minimum wages for the least represented won’t last four more years. Then what? I’m talking about a generation of really smart people who will create fundamental change — the long view.

  58. The day democracy died in America.

  59. @DSD Not if, in November, we make it the day the GOP died.

  60. Hyperbole at its finest. Read what Alexander concluded and explain how it spells the death of Democracy.

  61. Exactly. My. Thoughts. It will not be a RIP.

  62. A Republican Pyrrhic victory. Sad!

  63. November... November... Remember In November. 11/3/20. VOTE.

  64. What is old is new again...When the Democrats acquitted a stone-cold guilty Clinton we now get to relive that distant time. How deja vu!

  65. How non-comparable! Lying about consensual sex as opposed to endangering our democracy.

  66. @Charlie That's a really interesting perspective, and I was incredibly young when it happened. Was punditry as grave as this? That's an honest question with no sarcasm or ill will. Were citizens as frightened for the future of the US as they are now, or does it seem different to you?

  67. @Charlie Clinton lied about a sexual encounter, later confirmed by the intern to be consensual, even sought. Clinton did not seek to profit from the office of the Presidency; Hillary fought for single women with dependent children; she fought for medical benefits for 9/11 First Responders; she put 26 yrs. of tax returns on line. The Clinton Foundation received a AA rating from Charity Watch; the Trump Foundation was forced to shut down as a cover for campaign contributions. Stone cold does not describe Bill Clinton; however, it does describe Steven Miller, Ross, and other Trump minions. Nixon would not be pleased to see his Party trashing his legacy EPA. It will take decades and raised taxes to undo the predatory actions of the Trump Administration. Government is not a 'business'; government is supposed to be the vehicle to address the common good and to maintain the 'Social Contract' most voters support.

  68. If this does not signal the death knell of the Republican party, the U.S. as we know it, will die. How does President Trump (and the Republican Party) look at his "base" with a straight face and tell them they "WON"? We ALL lost, today. Dershowitz has done serious damage to what ever reputation he may have had. As has every single member of his swamp. But then AGAIN, they are SHAMELESS

  69. @C.E.D. II The only thing that Dershowitz could do to ruin his reputation any more than he's already done is to hang up a shingle for Dershowitz & Giuliani LLC.

  70. @C.E.D. II Death knell of the Republican Party? No sir/ madam, it is the death knell of the great exceptional experiment. As dies the EU [European Union] so goes the EU [Estados Unidos]. RIP.

  71. @C.E.D. II In March 2019, Dershowitz had an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times in which he claimed that nothing Netanyahu had done was cause for indicting him. He's way past the point of serious damage to his reputation; it's completely shredded.

  72. So, anything the president decides to do is in the national interest; abuse of the highest office in the land for personal gain is not an impeachable offence from now on because a president seeking re-election is acting in the national interest; the president’s actions are not subject to the constitution. Congrats! You’ve finally got the king your founders never wanted.

  73. @Stephen Hume Nothing Trump does is in the national interest, absolutely nothing. How his defense team could have even have mentioned that with a straight face is beyond me.

  74. Well thanks so much republicans. Oh, the logical sleaze to justify kingly corruption. Now Trump knows he can get away with all manner of cheating on this election, so he can enlist the Russians, the Saudis, the Israelis (all offering help first time around), and the party of Trump will remain silent because they want to continue to sell their souls for a few more years of (trying not to choke on this) . . . public service. Not to mention he will, in his usual twisted way, interpret this as 'exoneration' (even if removal would have been 'partisan'). He will make Nixon's enemy list look like a birthday party invitation list. Get ready for the gloves to come off.

  75. @omartraore yes, because there were no actual crimes committed by Trump, but plotting against a sitting President is.

  76. @omartraore He doesn't really need to depend on foreign help - although I'm sure he will welcome it. After all, he is the divine advocate of "unfettered capitalism" which will be able to buy his malleable and painfully dim base - even as they starve - or drowned in the rising seas

  77. As dies the hope for a fair trial, as is born a sham trial that would make any autocrat smile in their grave, so dies my hope for the future. Dark, dark times are ahead.

  78. @J.E.S. Not if we get out and canvass en-mass for Democratic candidates up and down ticket. And not just for the Presidential election, for all elections. As Tip O'Neill said, "All politics is local".

  79. And so the United States of America and the dream of democracy was restored because Republicans know the only way to stay in power is with a Dictatorship. If any educational books say we live in a democracy from this point, I will call them out for blatant lying. The US no longer has the moral authority to tell China, Russia, Syria, Iran or any other country in the world what to do. The US is finished.

  80. @DSD "restored" ?!

  81. The State of the Union is deplorable, with a scofflaw President who solicits campaign assistance from foreign countries, who lies from morning to night, and who has reduced the Republican Party to an organization perfectly devoid of principles, morality or character. The Constitution and American democracy are on life support, and the Republican is pulling the plug out. We have one last chance to end this unbelievably immoral, shameless, greedy reign of Republican autocracy. November 3 2020 Register and vote. Save a republic from the Grim Reaper.

  82. @Socrates -- It really is a sad day, when a retiring Republican says, he was AFRAID to vote for witness testimony because it would be like pouring gasoline on a "cultural fire" aka fan the flames of a race war, is that what he's saying that he's afraid these Trump white-nationalists would come out in their camaplaugue with guns and burn down the country? So, we should just give Trump a pass that allows him to continue to ignore all requests for documents from the White House, and all government departments and agencies?

  83. @Socrates And Vote Blue No Matter Who

  84. @Socrates Register. Vote. Work for good candidates. Donate to Democratic campaigns in Republican held seats.

  85. Trump will win and so do republicans. Who can guarentee that votes will be vounted in a fair manner? If someone cheats once without consequence, he will do it again.

  86. @LAP That is the point the Dems were trying to stress and the Republicans kept insisting that they were trying to undo the 2016 election. Nonsense. How are we supposed to trust the results of the 2020 election if Trump wins again? Will the election be fair when he has been given carte blanche to do whatever it takes to win?

  87. Terrible headline. Republicans admit Democrats proved their case, but say it doesn’t matter if POTUS solicited foreign interference in American political campaigns. That is a Republican failure, not a Democratic one.

  88. @cp If you win by cheating, have you failed? Not in the nation of 'life liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. WIN at ANY COST. Sadly.

  89. Republicans: Traitors all. We will never, ever forget.

  90. @Participate In your Democracy - Traitor. Good word choice. I've seen betrayal mentioned in the comments as well. Both are accurate.

  91. @Participate In your Democracy We Democrats (and decent human beings) act in good faith, they don’t. They believe acting selfishly is the way the human world should operate - red in tooth and claw!

  92. 5 people who worked for Trump are convicted felons. Some republican senators acknowledge Trump is crooked, but demurred on calling him a "high" criminal. What they refuse to face is that Trump has lied and cheated before during and after his election. His lying cheating behavior now will continue, with Republicans neither hearing, seeing or speaking any of it.

  93. The voters will have the final say in November. They will elect either the incumbent or the challenger. If the incumbent is elected we face a further weakening of the democratic process and the Constitution. If the challenger is elected we face an even greater challenge to restore what has been lost though the four year term of the incumbent.

  94. And the incumbent has a leg up, as the fixing of an election is totally cool as long as the person fixing it thinks his election is in the country’s best interest!

  95. @Stephen Kurtz If the challenger is elected we have 'hope'. If not, this 'great experiment' will have died.

  96. @Stephen Kurtz Yeah, but with Russia's heavy hand on the scale.

  97. Today’s outcome effectively reverses the decision made in 1776 to extricate the United States from monarchy. Long live King Donald.

  98. @Bruce Rehlaender Why 'long live' -- why not may his reign be shortened.

  99. @Bruce Rehlaender Agree with your first statement; not so much the second

  100. It is the epitome of hypocrisy to use the argument that, "This is a partisan impeachment!", to vote against the House team and justice. The only reason this was a partisan impeachment was due to the cowardly actions of the entire GOP (except 2) who covered their eyes and ears to facts, deflected, lied, made false accusations and smears, and ignored the truth and their duty to uphold the constitution.

  101. @44gdae One of those two was possibly allowed to, because she knew it wouldn't change the outcome, and her seat is at risk. My guess is her seat is lost anyhow. At least I hope so.

  102. We now have a king.

  103. @L'historien I think the title may be closer to a "corrupt wanna be king"

  104. @L'historien Worse - a dictator.

  105. I no longer feel connected to the US. I want California to secede from the country. A majority here would vote to become part of Canada. We are sick of Republican greed, hypocrisy and selfishness. Republicans have burned all bridges. Never again.

  106. @DSD Welcome anytime

  107. @DSD Canada? I think that is a good idea. Maybe New York could do that too. I would like that.

  108. @DSD Let’s accelerate the movement for the new nation of Cascadia (BC, WA, OR, and CA). The state of CA already has the 5th largest economy in the world. I think we’d do just fine; WA, OR, and CA are in the top 5 US state economies. Let’s get out of here!

  109. A trial that doesn't permit testimony and documents is a sham trial. The Republican Senate has betrayed our democracy. Vote them all out.

  110. @Somewhere I was listening to Boston Public Radio the other day and one of the guests made the point that the Senate can't acquit Trump if they don't conduct a proper trial with testimony and documents. The Senate can only pardon Trump because an acquittal without a proper trial is a de facto pardon.

  111. @Somewhere I think the whole point about witnesses was to protect Republican Senators themselves so that they could pretend they didn't know or it wasn't as bad as that. Let's see whether such a fig leaf tactic works.

  112. @Somewhere We also need to vote out Democratic senators who failed to act aggressively enough. Some, like Dianne Feinstein, have enormous seniority and personal connections that could have been used infinitely more energetically to stop this Republican treachery. As a Californian, I am so disappointed in her I can barely breathe. Vote in your primaries! Push for candidates who will fight for us with everything they've got.

  113. Roberts presided over a sham trial and said nothing. The Supreme Court has no credibility left.

  114. @DSD As much as I'd like to agree with you, and as much as I think the makeup of the SC has been shifted very far to the right, I'm thinking they will have their chance soon enough to weigh in on this, or any other of Trumps' legal problems, and show us that checks on the powerful still exist. It may come to pass that they have been corrupted, too, but I'm still *somewhat* hopeful that they can be less partisan and more "lawful"

  115. @BJ I wish I was as hopeful as you.

  116. @DSD Roberts brought us Citizens United. Why did anyone think he might defend the Constitution during the Senate proceedings?

  117. Remember the day the music died? This may be the day that American democracy died. Why can't the majority rule in this country anymore?

  118. @jerseyjazz Because the Electoral College is a cancer on America, and proven we are not really a Democracy.

  119. @Mark McIntyre It's not only the electoral college, it's gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics.

  120. The Great Experiment is over. And it has failed.

  121. @ADubs if you are referring to the US democracy—it failed the moment slavery was deemed compatible

  122. A sad, sad day for the rule of law. From now on, what is and is not permitted will depend on whether the president and one house of Congress share a party. I really can't believe this happened in the United States.

  123. May each of those who voted against live with the deepest regret for the remainder of their years. Legacies take years to create, and minutes to destroy.

  124. @Kevin Unfortunately, that smirk on McConnell’s face doesn’t look like regret.

  125. @Kevin I wish them greater pain than just 'regret'.

  126. @Kevin their parents never taught them the word regret. Nor discerning right from wrong. All they were told was “inappropriate”.

  127. The republicans have chosen trump and party over Country and Constitution. Chief Justice Roberts has done the same by staying silent on witness and documents. So ends our republic, the separation of powers between the Congress and the WH will forever be broken, any president regardless of party will have been given free reign to do anything they want, break any law. Vote in November. Remember every republican that made this choice.

  128. So with no additional documents or witnesses to be called, the House should immediately file the subpoenas suggested by the Senate GOP and Trump's legal team, on the basis of the Parnas and Bolton revelations as well as the non-partisan GAO finding that Trump's withholding of aid was illegal. Let the courts answer the ongoing constitutional question regarding the absolute immunity being asserted the President and his executive team. And when the dust settles, whether before or after the 2020 election, the House can consider new articles of impeachment. I'd think Bribery and Obstruction of Justice will do, which will satisfy the Republican requirement for criminal acts and neatly avoid the double jeopardy claim they will undoubtedly make.

  129. @BJ-Absolutely right. If the Republican Senate is convinced the House didn't bring sufficient evidence, let the House continue its course: starting with subpoenas.

  130. I hate the title of this article. The Democrats did not fail. The Republicans failed to do their jobs. The Republicans failed to represent the will of the majority of people. The Republicans failed to honor the constitution. The Republicans failed to run a fair trail, because doing so would make their corruption even more obvious than it already is. The Republicans failed to show any real courage, intelligence, or dignity. The Republicans failed all of us. Craven.

  131. @Ms. Bear Agreed. Sometimes I wonder if this is accidental or intentional. There was more than enough presented to make the D case.

  132. Note the author Carl Hulse.

  133. @Ms. Bear Unfortunately, the Democrats failed when they pushed Nancy Pelosi to move forward with an impeachment she warned would be incredibly divisive if not bipartisan. She was correct. If Dems don't let this go quickly, they will almost certainly lose the House, Independent and swing state voters next election.

  134. I am a whistleblower and have advocated for whistleblowers for 30 years. I have often quoted Senator Grassley. In one vote he failed all whistleblowers. In one vote he showed that his whole career was a sham.

  135. @kim Look deeper into Grassley's evident corruption, his participation in denying Merrick Garland the nomination, his attempt to deny testimony against djt swamp creatures nominated for jobs where their sole purpose was to destroy the purpose of that agency:DOJ, EPA, DOD, HUD,DOD,SectOfState; & collecting "farm welfare" as a non-farmer

  136. @kim grassley got swallowed whole by Trump a long time ago...

  137. I called Murkowski's Washington office today to express my disappointment with her decision. I wasn't surprised after the sellout of the natural resources of her own state so the "no witness vote" was not a shock. Murkowski obviously lacks the fortitude required to make the right decisions for her state, her country. Everyone knows Trump is guilty of the impeachable offenses. What does he have on these people that they allow this chokehold on their votes? What is wrong? Has he threatened to kill their families? Expose their dirty deals? We need investigations on these corrupt senators. What exactly is driving this GOP coverup? Can you imagine if this were a Democratic Senate pulling this fiasco?

  138. @American 2020 Good questions.

  139. @American 2020: No, they are simply spineless, craven little people who know that the Trump machine will hound them out of office if they dare cross him. The Constitution, democracy, and the rule of law mean nothing to them. Their party has fully capitulated to King Donald.

  140. Heading for this article should read- ‘Republicans fail to prove they have a soul, conscience and understand the difference between right and wrong.’ So gutless they are moving us towards autocracy with a bankruptcy failure of a former casino owner who can’t converse intelligently with a 3rd grader. Vote Dem in 2020 if you want a future for yourself, those dear to you and for the USA. We deserve better than this, but we have to vote!

  141. @Nancy Don't insult the 3rd grader!

  142. @Nancy - What I see stated so melodramatically over and over is distress that Trump was guilty of the crimes charged in the Articles of Impeachment, but the Republicans broke their promises to defend the Constitution by failing to remove the President. All here seem to giving comparisons with the Clinton impeachment trial a wide berth, even though it was only twenty years ago and had many parallels with this attempted impeachment, beginning with the fact that the House in each case went ahead with the Articles despite the lack of support of even one member of the President's party. In fact, several House Democrats voted against the Articles of Impeachment. President Clinton was guilty of the crimes of which he was accused. He He lied under oath; he sought to interfere with the evidence; he tried to influence the testimony of key witnesses. In his relations with intern Monica Lewinsky about all that can be said is that if spoken in the first year of that century the President might have found himself on the run from lynch mobs, but by the end of the century it was all pretty cool. Those that believe that Clinton should have been acquitted and Trump should have been removed are convenient hypocrites.

  143. @Nancy They have already established a plutocracy in the Senate via gerrymandering. The House is too large and unruly for them to capture; they don't have a sharp experienced Pelosi on their bench. If McConnell fears any one Congress person, it is Pelosi. He knows from experience how good she is at whipping her caucus. The places to start getting out Democratic voters are in States where success is possible. Take over State Legislatures and roll back gerrymandered boundaries. That creates a foundation for decent laws to benefit all voters.

  144. Deeply shameful, as republicans remain complicit with Trump's spite of ample evidence already. No moral courage whatsoever, as the G.O.P. is selling it's soul to a shrewd demagogue who got'em in his pocket. Corruption seems their modus operandi now...but this cheap?

  145. McConnell corrupts democracy again. How does he get away with this? How can Republican Senators take an oath and then so blatantly break it. What has happened to American democracy and decency?

  146. @debating union Ask the troglodytes in Kentucky who've sent him to the senate 6 times, despite the fact that they have remained near the bottom of the barrel in any measure of social welfare. Maybe they like it there.

  147. @debating union He is at the bottom of Senate approval ratings - the people of Kentucky aren't thrilled with him, either. Our system, always problematic, is broken. If people like this are so intransigently in power, despite polls and popular votes to the contrary, it is clear that the Founder's fear of majority rule has given us a deeply flawed democracy. I fear that with the manipulations of Putin, dark money and our existence in the alternate reality of the Internet, there is no way back to a comfortable, easy American life with room for dreams and fundamental civil rights.

  148. @debating union Democrats need to take a hard look at why McConnell has so much power. I propose that they replace Chuck Schumer as Senate Minority Leader with someone much stronger and bolder and articulate... someone who can stand up to McConnell. Adam Schiff? Kamala Harris? I’m not optimistic Democrats will do this, but with the November 2020 election’s being so important, they really need to make bolder moves

  149. "The World's Least Deliberative Body". Don't ever trust a Republican. Local R's better change to D's or lose all chance to win a contest!

  150. What an outrage! Our checks and balances system of government is no more! The only thing left to do is.... November, November.... November.

  151. @Patricia AHLQVIST You're right about "November", but in the meantime, contribute to Amy McGrath, Jaime Harrison and Mark Kelly!!!

  152. Today is the day that the American Dream died. There is no justice here. Let the floods begin so that the planet's next inhabitants can begin with a clean slate.

  153. @Indy1 The American dream has died for centuries for a variety of different people. Trump is bad. But whatever your ideal America is, it shouldn’t be so shallow as to stand or fall with that bafoon.

  154. @Indy1 With Trump's reversal of environmental protection policies, it won't be long before none of this will matter. Survival will be the only priority.

  155. I wonder if the the Framers had a Plan B?

  156. @Stacy K Canada.

  157. How can Lamar Alexander argue that what Trump did was wrong and proven, but the voters should decide, while at the same time the Republicans are preventing the information needed to make an informed decision from voters? It’s shameful. It’s as important to flip the Senate in November as it is to expel Trump from the White House.

  158. @Michele He is a Republican. He wants to make sure that Trump is enabled to shoot his political opponents on Fifth Avenue and Lamar Alexander would say "I can't impeach because the voters must decide". Trump could suspend voting and Lamar Alexander would say "I can't impeach, let the voters decide whenever Trump wants them to." Trump could send soldiers to gun down any voters who vote Democrat (first declaring that all votes would be seen by those soldiers) and Lamar Alexander would say "I can't impeach, let the voters decide".

  159. @Michele Flacid is the word that comes to mind. No vigor. No vitality. No integrity. No morals. No courage. No guts. Shameful.

  160. @Michele Exactly. He could have voted to hear witnesses & new info and then voted against removing him from office. This would support his belief that (agree or not) the voters should decide. And I'm somewhat inclined to believe that this might have been the way to go. i.e. presenting the evidence but then leaving it to the voter to decide the verdict. I wonder/worry about what the results of removing him from office might have been. His most ardent supporters are gun-totting, anti-government crazies ready for war.

  161. Then it’s settled. Next election, hammer the GOP.

  162. @MB Have you seen the lines coming out to support him?? I actually think Trump may win more of the popular vote this time. The republicans are united around him and sorry to say, there is little to be excited about on the other side.

  163. @MB And hope it isn’t irretrievably rigged by voter suppression, Russian interference, and other nefarious schemes.

  164. @Meredith Take a good look at the Trump lines. Rallies in places that hold 7,000 and 1,000 don't get in doesn't make for great turnouts. Do not be fooled. The press should stop covering these sham rallies with turnouts like his inauguration, not there.

  165. I called Murkowski's Washington office today to express my disappointment with her decision. I wasn't surprised after the sellout of the natural resources of her own state so the "no witness vote" was not a shock. Murkowski obviously lacks the fortitude required to make the right decisions for her state, her country. Everyone knows Trump is guilty of the impeachable offenses. What does he have on these people that they allow this chokehold on their votes? What is wrong? Has he threatened to kill their families? Expose their dirty deals? We need investigations on these corrupt senators. What exactly is driving this GOP coverup? Can you imagine if this were a Democrat Senate pulling this fiasco?

  166. @American 2020 "What exactly is driving this GOP coverap?" -- easy, the press will soon tell you it's the Russians.

  167. @American 2020 - I have seen little comparison with this Senate trial and trial of President Clinton in 1999. Could it be because a comparison would render any supporters of Clinton's acquittal as hypocrites. In both impeachments, the Articles of Impeachment were passed by the House without any member of the President's party crossing over to vote with the other side. Senator Susan Collins of Maine voted against the wishes of her party in both instances. Her principled explanation of the vote to acquit Clinton: "In voting to acquit the President, I do so with grave misgivings for I do not mean in any way to exonerate this man. He lied under oath; he sought to interfere with the evidence; he tried to influence the testimony of key witnesses. And, while it may not be a crime, he exploited a very young, star-struck employee whom he then proceeded to smear in an attempt to destroy her credibility, her reputation, her life." The small 31 word impeachment clause tacked on to the end of Article II of the Constitution furnishes very little help in explaining procedures and proofs. The explanation of what constitutes an impeachable offense is now notorious for creating controversy. But nowhere is it said or implied that whatever grounds the House settled on had to be accepted by the Senate. The Court of all Senators sitting as Judges and Jury, found that the Presidents were guilty of crimes but none that rose to the level requiring removal from office. This was legal.

  168. @ehillesum Clinton did not present a threat to national security, strong arm a foreign government to do something corrupt, attempt to meddle in domestic elections, sic goons on US Ambassadors. There is just no comparison.

  169. Republican Senators "conceded the president was guilty of the central allegations against him" and yet Trump will in all likelihood be acquitted of all charges next week. Does no one see the contradiction in their words and actions? Scary and frightening how the Senate majority has such a comfort level for allowing and tolerating a liar to remain president and to continue to run (or should I say ruin) this country.

  170. @Marge Keller For shame! Cue the infamy.

  171. @Marge Keller This is the Senate led by McConnell which met behind closed doors in the middle of the night to pass a permanent tax gift to corporations and the very rich. Future generations will be faced with a tax bill of approx. one trillion dollars, unless we elect a Congress willing to repeal or amend the tax law as now written. This is serious business; it remains under the radar as long as Trump can organize rallies of the MAGA yahoos who have no clue as to who closed their factories and shipped their manufacturing to Mexico. They voted against the candidate willing to dedicate funds for job retraining and higher education for their children. Huey Long could only dream of the corrupt success enjoyed by this tool of the current right wing in power.

  172. As an historically independent voter, I now feel that I can never again vote for any Republican for any office whatsoever. I hope the majority of people who feel they are independent voters feel the same way.

  173. @Geoffrey Hahn Ditto here. Over the years I’ve tended to vote for the candidate who seemed best for the office and times, largely irrespective of party affiliation. No more. This GOP has made a dedicated and, now, registered Democrat out of me for my remaining elections.

  174. @Geoffrey Hahn : I have been independent, but now I think I can never vote for any Republican. I registered as Democrat as of today.

  175. @Geoffrey Hahn I'm another independent voter, but I can't recall the last time I voted for a Republican. I certainly won't be voting for one in the future. The GOP is corrupt through and through.

  176. The repeated emphasis om the evidence that hasn't been produced is ill advised. The known evidence reveals that Trump acted inappropriately. It doesn't establish the crime of the century but it is clear that Trump has been neither professional nor presidential. The Democrats are never going to sway the Republicans. But proving that Trump is unfit, whether or not he is impeachable, is helpful. The Democrats should be emphasizing Trump's incompetence, and should pay no heed to the absent evidence. Instead, they should be pounding on the fact that, whatever evidence may be missing, the known evidence is damning. That may not beegrounds for removal, but it should give pause to voters and give the whole affair a positive resolution for the Democrats.

  177. @michjas He also abandoned our allies, the Kurds, who fought and died beside our troops. He refused to shake Angela Merkel's outstretched hand, an ally of ours. He fawned over Putin, an adversary, in Helsinki. He denigrated his own Intelligence Agency, and praised Putin's KGB. He praised Duterte's murderous anti-drug campaign which let loose police thugs against innocent people. Trump is beyond incompetent; he is a traitor who owes a lot of money to Russian oligarchs in London. New York Magazine dedicated an investigative reporter to follow the money trail; he documented the Russian money laundered through The Bank of Cypress, deposited in Deutsche Bank and loaned to Trump. Germany is now investigating Deutsche Bank for lending irregularities.

  178. History tells us that imperial courts had noblemen, noblewomen, courtiers, courtesans and eunuchs. Of these, the most beholden were the most craven. A day of shame for representative democracy.

  179. The dictatorship has officially begun.

  180. @MD I lived in a bloody dictatorship, please do not mix strange ideas with reality. Not one single dot of the us constitution has been modified since trump is the president. you are free to vote whomever you choose and say whatever you want, unlike thousands and millions in other countries that are/were ruled by dictators.

  181. When the next Bolton bombshell drops which repub do you think will claim the following...."You can't believe him. He wasn't under oath and we didn't have a chance to cross examine."

  182. @RNS, or just "Alan Dershowitz said it's not impeachable so..."

  183. A day of infamy from the enemy within. God, save our Republic.

  184. @Regards, LC Even God can't save us now.

  185. Republicans: Traitors all. We will never, ever forget.

  186. Joe McCarthy & Roy Cohn would be very proud.

  187. Both are heroes to Trump....

  188. In Federalist 51, Hamilton wrote: "In republican government, the legislative authority necessarily predominates. The remedy for this inconveniency is to divide the legislature into different branches; and to render them, by different modes of election and different principles of action, as little connected with each other as the nature of their common functions and their common dependence on the society will admit. It may even be necessary to guard against dangerous encroachments by still further precautions. As the weight of the legislative authority requires that it should be thus divided, the weakness of the executive may require, on the other hand, that it should be fortified." Maybe Hamilton and his colleagues were mistaken.

  189. Heaven forbid that actual facts come out.

  190. A trial without witnesses. What? They think two things, that we are stupid and that they live in a forever bubble of wealth privilege security that's never gonna burst. Pop.

  191. It's a pyrrhic victory for the Republicans. They either lose terribly in November or they'll have enabled a mad king. They should be ashamed of their disloyalty.

  192. @dan-o wait until bernie is the president, then talk about a king.

  193. Republicans put party over the Constitution and laws of the United States. There are a number of words that fit—mostly obscene; “traitor” does nicely.

  194. Democracy dies in the Senate.

  195. If there might be a soul open to change – although it may be resilient while on occasion vacillating – being in other words never closed off to the possibility of change – such an idea being realistic – might the President – Mr. Trump – be no way the same as in the election almost four years past? The President, he should be different? Should bygones be forgotten, although they are only gradually diminished?

  196. I do not consider what Democrats attempted to do a failure. Not at all. The failure is on the part of Republican senators to stand up to a sociopathic bully of a president and to place the nation over their own greed for power. Their failure is monumental and it will haunt us for years and years to come. How can you be a failure when you are up against forces that deny right and truth and when the decks are stacked firmly against you. Change the headline!!!

  197. I loved the rationale of the Republican senators: Even if he did everything he is accused of, it's the job of the voters, not the Senate, to decide whether it justifies removal. Would they have reached that conclusion if the president had a D after his name? Everyone knows the answer.

  198. @Jim, also conveniently ignores the fact that, but for the whistleblower, American voters would not have known what he did. All they would have known was that the Ukrainian government had opened an investigation of Biden.

  199. History will record this as the day that royal power was handed to the President. Without perceivable checks or balances, the President is apparently free—as the current one says—to do anything he wants. Thing is, that will also be true for the next Democratic holder of that office as well. She, too, will have that power. And the GOP will be fine with that. Right?

  200. @Donald Maass Royal-schmoyal ... Calm down. Everything will be fine. The sun will still rise tomorrow and your favourite brand of yogurt will still be on your supermarket's shelves.

  201. Even though it was never included in the charges the impeachment was as much about Russia as it was about Ukraine, abuse of authority and obstruction of Congress. In 2016 the Trump campaign actively sought to colluded with Russian operatives to fix the American election in Trumps favor. Much of the circumstantial and substantive evidence of this was neither investigated nor included in the Mueller report. In 2020 they will do it again while using the power of the presidency to cheat, lie and attempt to steal another election. If on the off chance Trump loses anyway he will do everything in his power to nullify the 2020 electoral results, & the republicans will help him do it.

  202. @John Chastain Russiagate was a hoax. There was no "colusion". Reas Mueller report. It's all in there. Get back from the alternative universe into the real one, would you?

  203. The Democrats did not fail. They argued honorably for the rule of law, and I will proudly support whoever they nominate for President. But the Republican Party has failed all Americans. There are no victors on this day.

  204. @Riley C Except for truth and justice that is. Trump did nothing wrong or illegal. He will be vindicated and acquitted. Justice done. Voters will have their say in November. Democracy wins.

  205. When I watch the US drifting to a less perfect union, I thank God I live in Canada. In this country, we have no gerrymandering, no voter suppression, no Second Amendment, no Electoral College, strict campaign finance laws, non-controversial voter ID, an equivalent to the Equal Rights Amendment, medicare for all and a secure right to abortion. We pay higher taxes, have a slightly lower standard of living and have cold winters. But it's worth it, and hey, nobody's perfect.

  206. Lisa Murkowski made a good point. Many are demonizing her for voting no, but her voting to allow witnesses ultimately wouldn't have made a difference anyway. Why should the tiebreaking always be on Collins or Romney or Murkowsi? Because they can be relied on to see reason at times? The other Republicans are just as responsible for following the letter of the law and being reasonable. They should, but they don't.

  207. Not sure how Schumer and Shift can complain when they didn't allow any witnesses for Trump in the House hearings. They also did not follow due process and issue official subpoenas. As they say it was a Schiff Sham trial . Unfortunately or fortunately the Senators could see through this .

  208. @HD A better question is why did Trump not allow all those who were subpoenaed to testify before the House investigators, since, according to him, his call to Zelensky was “perfect” and he did absolutely nothing wrong. An innocent person would have welcomed the opportunity to have his staff come forward and confirm his innocence. He would have certainly received his “due process” then.

  209. @HD, what is clear to see is Trump's guilt. He did what he was accused of doing.

  210. @HD Not just witnesses for Trump, but not even Hunter and Joe Biden, who being as blamelessly innocent as they were would for sure have made a strong case for impeachment.

  211. if only Adam Schiff and Nadler had a fair trial in the House , would the Senate reciprocate . But what goes around comes around . Furthermore despite Schiffs passionate comments and presentations , he lacked the judicial stature of the defence team . His Russian hoax for last 3 years , now debunked by the Muller report didn't win him friends either .

  212. @HD, I see nothing to indicate that the Senate would ever have been anything other than deeply partisan. McConnell was coordinating openly with the defense.

  213. Surprised that comments didn't see this result coming and continue to believe it will make a bit of difference in November. Trump will very likely ride this "exoneration" victory to a win in November, Republicans will likely keep control of Senate... and Dems will struggle to keep the House. The Democrats are a divided party and the continued establishment attacks on Bernie and other progressives will spell doom versus a near united Republican front.

  214. @JL Just a classical case of the Trump derangement syndrome. Its sufferers are given to delusional thought and imagine themselves living in a parallel universe.

  215. Today, a state of emergency has been declared in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Bushfires, similar to the ones that in 2003 destroyed 500 houses and killed four people here, are out of control. It seems, though, that our situation is not nearly as bad as that which is now facing your country where, in your capital, your Senate just set fire to your Constitution, the whole notion of a fair trial and the notion of checks and balances. After watching the Senate vote on whether or not to call witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial, I re-read Timothy Snyder’s book, On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century. Those senators who voted to not call witnesses have essentially licensed Trump to do whatever he wants between now and the elections and moved the United States further towards the dictatorship of which Mr Snyder warns. To those senators who have argued that the voters should be allowed to decide Trump’s fate at the forthcoming elections, consider the possibility that there may not be elections in November. If, on some pretext engineered by himself, Trump declares his own state of emergency, maybe the elections will have to be ‘delayed’ indefinitely. No doubt, his hand-picked lawyers will provide any number of reasons why he should be permitted to do so. And the Supreme Court will likely agree with them. Our fires in Australia will eventually be brought under control. Sadly, yours have just begun and may well engulf your democracy.

  216. @BWS Nuh, they just got bored of this silly circus and wanted it to be over as soon as possible. And who can blame them, really?

  217. If there might be a soul open to change – although it may be resilient while on occasion vacillating – being in other words never closed off to the possibility of change – such an idea being realistic – might the President – Mr. Trump – have suffered over the last several years and might he not be the same as during the election almost four years past?

  218. There is a simple lesson for future generations. When one (actually half of one) Branch of Government is in conflict with another, the remedy lies in the third Branch. I strongly believe that a case exists to impeach the President and possibly to convict him. That does not in any way absolve the House from turning to the judiciary to gather the requisite evidence. If a defendant does not participate in a criminal investigation, the government does not simply indict a case in the hopes that the trial jury will subpoena the witnesses that the prosecutors have not yet deposed. All subpoenas should have been served by the House and enforcement of these subpoenas should have been a matter for the courts. Those refusing to comply were giving our Republic the benefit of a ruling that would have strengthened our system. Instead a rush to impeach before Christmas left critical evidence unearthed and I acknowledged. I am certain that any request for a judicial hearing regarding the authority of Congress to subpoena witnesses would have been heard with the utmost dispatch.

  219. Don't forget Republican House members as well. I don't trust my ballot boxes. Texas boxes have been known to "accidently" select Republican when the voter attempted to vote Democrat. I don't allow the computer to enter a straight line vote for me. I enter each choice one by one. It takes longer but I do what I have to because the other side doesn't play fair.

  220. History will judge every single senator who decided to close both eyes and ears just for the sake of keeping "their guy" in power. Deepest respect to the 2 senators who stand up for themselves and gave their vote to do the right thing.

  221. @Jakub I doubt Collins would have done it she’d thought her vote would have made a difference. Hers was a calculated move.

  222. @Jakub Susan Collins got the free pass from McConnell because she’s taking flak in Maine after her vote for Kavanaugh. Don’t fall for it. Romney is the only halfway decent Republican left, the “47%” guy. Sad.

  223. History will look back on this day as the defining ending moment of their parties stronghold. Dems, Independents and so man friends that voted for Trump have said this will be the one time the vote Democratic. Not just will they not hold a Presidential seat for the next 20 yrs but the GOP Senators will be voted out in droves over the next 6 years. Massive amounts of voters who usually can take or leave an election are going to come out from the shadows and have the largest voter turnout in history to insist that the republicans pay for these sins. They may never recover. There’s likely to be a new party step in... one that will be centrist which is what middle class Americans are and Bloomberg will win in a landslide victory and lead us to the center. Just wait and see.

  224. From your keyboard to Her ears!

  225. @js If only. Just wait and watch the Republican majority in the Senate uncrease by at least 3.

  226. "Blocking impeachment witnesses" isn't really the right language. It implies that equity was wrongly denied, or rules or norms of Senate, Constitution or other laws, were somehow circumvented. They were not. The vote was taken under a presiding chief justice. "Voting by proper Senate procedure" whether to add yet more additional witnesses, the same witnesses previously rejected from the House process, is what was put to judgment. The House managers lost their motion (s). The Defense arguments prevailed. Nothing was blocked. A motion was heard and ruled on by a sworn deputy-directed call to vote; the vote was counted, verified and reported. It was denied, not blocked.

  227. Democracy died in broad daylight today

  228. I’m truly sickened but not surprised. “The greatest deliberative body in the world”?! You had a chance America - please don’t blow it again.

  229. @Rose Tell it to the Republicans.

  230. @M In the private meeting she got an envelope of cash. Jim Trautman

  231. @M Yes. Murkowski cannot be allowed to get away with this extreme dereliction of duty.

  232. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

  233. This vote was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in politics. This day will be remembered in history as the day democracy died in America. If after everything they all saw and heard, to vote to shut this down, GOO Senators are more likely than not to Cheat at Golf, Cheat on their Taxes and Cheat on their Spouses. I also would choose to never do business with a single one of them ! Democrats need to crank it up and challenge every viable office across the nation and reclaim some semblance of national and international respect. We are the laughing stock of the world and dictators of banana republics all around can with some reason, point to us as evidence of a failed democracy.

  234. The White House never complied with the House's subpeonas. Sue the White house.

  235. Cover up complete. Complicity assured. Ignominy for McConnell which he'll bank in like the tortoise he resembles.

  236. Five additional senate seats have to be won. And iffy seats held. Cut the funeral and mourning short, stop the pity party, life is for the living, pull up your britches and get to work winning the Senate. If you are in a possible transition state or near by one figure out how you can help get out the vote. Or send kopeks.

  237. We deserve better.

  238. No actually we deserve what we received because we voted for these people and likely will again.

  239. A twist on a rhyme British children recite on Guy Fawkes' Day: Remember remember this third of November Republican treason and plot.

  240. A Senate that sits by and condones a president who illegally disregards their appropriations is a Senate that does not deserve the voters' regard. May each Republican rue the day that they sided with a lying, conniving fake politician whose word is worthless. May the votes this November reflect the faithlessness of these sad Senators and fail to return them to the chamber they have so soiled with their lack of honesty and honor.

  241. The Republicans have no idea how furious they've made so many American's throughout this impeachment process. Do they think we're too dumb to understand what they just did? Do they actually think we'll "just get used to it"?

  242. We are too dumb, no doubt about it.

  243. The photo of McConnell grinning makes me sick. He looks so happy to have completely trashed the Constitution. He looks like he just kicked the winning goal at a soccer match. Gross.

  244. @MsB what we call “a sore winner”.

  245. The headline should have read “republicans vote to ignore the truth in a travesty of justice and a blatant coverup of serious crimes by a criminal administration” Posing it as if the Democrats failed is a perfect example of everything that’s wrong with the NYT.

  246. I am awestruck by the ability of the Times to shift blame onto the dems in countless scenarios of GOP lunacy.

  247. Never never give up...continue to stand for the truth! Justice may have lost this battle, but the war is not lost! Rep. Schiff is so right... “The facts will come — out in all of their horror, they will come out.” I don’t know when that time will come, but I do know it will happen at just the right moment because Proverbs 29:6 reminds us, “An evil man is snared by his own sin.” And while we wait for that moment for this President and those Republicans who violated their oath of office, mark this date on your calendar... November 3, 2020... and work toward registering voters, assisting with getting the vote out, and being the first in line on that date to cast your vote!

  248. @Florence Pullo Amen. This Republican farce does not surprise me, but I hope it will show enough people across the country to get out the vote for November 3, 2020. It should be clear to anyone who loves the USA that Trump has been able to act with near impunity because of the balance of power in Congress and in the Supreme Court. Your vote matters and it is time to turn out for once in your life. Even if you are a Republican you ought to vote against Trump, because a vote for Trump is a vote for infinite executive privilege and the dictatorship that goes with it.

  249. "America will remember this day", says Senator Schumer, when the Senate did not live up to its responsibilities. So sorry, Senator, but most Americans are not even paying attention, much less experiencing anything very memorable. When the politicians hit the campaign trail this fall, voters are not going to be asking about impeachment trial witnesses, they're going to be asking about health care, the economy, immigration, and the real issues that concern voters. The Democrats should try to win their races on these issues, not this misguided impeachment attempt, which was more about playing to their core followers, and less about all those lofty things that they tried to use for cover.

  250. @David Godinez Impeachment happened because even though Trump was right when he said that his Republican supporters would be fine with him shooting someone on Fifth Avenue, the Democrats were morally and ethically obligated to express that there are Americans who do not think it is okay for Trump to shoot someone like his Republican followers do. Trump supporters do not understand this because they believe that everyone agrees wit them that Trump is really the the all powerful King who can murder anyone he wants, and not a Constitutionally elected President.

  251. @David Godinez I was unaware you were in favour of a US President who ignored his oath of office, and who has been the source of over 16,000 lies since he became President. Following the law is not misguided behaviour.

  252. Many of the Republican senators who voted against hearing more witnesses or seeing more evidence gave chilling reasons for doing so. One said that they had already made up their minds so didn't need to spend any more time on witnesses or evidence. Another said that they could wind things up in time so that those who had plans for the week-end would not to have to change them. Time seemed to be a great factor in their voting. Considering that the ramifications of the actions by this body will have an impact on all future impeachment hearings, a few more days or weeks or months of their precious time doesn't seem like a lot to ask. If this were an actual court of law, would they have been allowed to deny hearing more witnesses and seeing more evidence? I sincerely hope not. But it's only the U.S. Senate, so maybe their actions are not as important as we assumed they were.

  253. Deplorable.

  254. I just found out that the French news site les crises actually reported a lawsuit by the former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin against Joe Biden for interference in the legal proceedings of Ukraine that led to his termination THREE DAYS ago. Not that it should have mattered at all, but why wasn’t this reported in the American press? It seems legitimate, with legal documents also in Ukrainian. Is Ukraine so corrupt that no news agency-left or right-can trust them?

  255. Mr. McConnell, your myopia makes clear that you are a Kentuckian, not an American. May the infamy you have engineered be the only thing American history remenbers about your role in this scandalous chapter in American history. You are a scourge, not a saviour.

  256. Cynics and cowards.

  257. Shameful. And now the descent further into fascism will become faster and more dangerous thanks to the spinelessness and corruption of the Republican Party. Every Senator who voted against witnesses goes down in infamy. Generations will curse your names. Your grandchildren will be ashamed of you. You have sold your souls.

  258. @Leia Bolton was subpoenaed to testify in the House impeachment hearings but refused to show up. Oddly enough he was not arrested or taken to the hearing by US Marshals, which introduces us to the 'New Normal'.

  259. @Leia There is a reason. First, trump has stacked the courts, and as a result, timely justice is unavailable to those seeking justice against the guy that gave them (unqualified or not) the job. Second, this is all about election meddling. The election starts Monday, remember? This case is overdue as it is. Last night's decision ensures the process is now corrupted. This WILL devolve into ......

  260. Courts too slow. Months or even years pass.

  261. you had a nice run America...too bad it's over

  262. Why is it that republicans do not worry about their legacy with this vote? Why have they apparently not learned from those who voted for the Iraq war now regret it? I'm starting to think that republicans probably do believe in climate change (the evidence is unequivocal at this point, how could they not?) but they also believe that it is unavoidable and inevitable. And since humans will soon vanish from the face of the earth due to the planet becoming uninhabitable, what harm, they believe, would a little infamy do on top of that?

  263. The republicans are the ones that failed...the will of the people, any concept of fairness, any respect for the clear evidence already apparent in this case. What’s worse is they took the concept of, and chance for, any justice in America away from all of us. This set a very very dangerous precedent that can't be rolled back.

  264. Don’t despair. Let us show the world our democracy is intact in November, when 23 Senate seats are up for grabs.

  265. Notice what Lamar Alexander says. It's not about what's right. Or about what's just. It's about what he thinks the majority of the country will accept. And how does he know what the majority of the country will accept? He doesn't. Empty words. Now that the GOP is going to acquit Trump of trying to cheat Americans out of a fair election they are going to claim they are doing it to protect the sanctity of electoral choice. Of course.

  266. Wouldn't it be great if Collins and Romney were the only republicans who got reelected when the time comes? I could live with a 98-2 senate favoring the center and left.

  267. We have lost something precious: respect for honor, goodness, truth. This is America. Truth matters. Right matters. At least to some of us.

  268. I hope people who think Republicans will “wake up” and turn against Trump will come to grips with reality now. Whether it’s the Senate or rank-and-file voters, Trump owns the Republican Party. Expect to see the same in November. Stop with the wishful thinking that they will abandon Trump. It’s too late for them, but it’s not too late for you to vote for whoever gets the Democratic nomination and help mobilize those people who haven’t yet drink the kool-aid so they will vote.

  269. Now that the GOP has officially said that it's OK to recruit foreign powers to help win an election, exactly why shouldn't the Democratic nominee do the same? Why shouldn't the nominee ask for Germany's help? Or France? Or China? Because it's not OK? The GOP has just told America it is.

  270. Though a stranger to the States and how important the President is in everyday America, I do think anyone who performs those important duties – not just those executive duties but also the problem of adequately showing command as regards conventional and social outlets, or the media understood not as people but as a system that conditions the messages it bears, which is controlled through the acts of media professionals – learns from challenges he or she is provided. I think the President is intelligent and has learned some good stuff, and might be good for the next term which starts less than one year from today?