Super Bowl Prediction: Why the 49ers Will Beat the Chiefs

San Francisco can beat a team in several ways, but Kansas City has the ultimate weapon in Patrick Mahomes. The game could come down to a single mistake on either side.

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  1. I did not realize how good, I mean really, REALLY good, San Fransisco was until I watched them almost destroy the Packers. Every time Green Bay had the ball, it seemed as if 20 rather than merely 12 Forty-niners were on the field. They were EVERYWHERE where they needed to be - every single play. They resembled a pack of ants all over a pile of sugar cubes. I don't recall seeing such a force and a wall of continuous power like San Francisco. They just have it all together. And their ace in the hole is Chicago's former kicker - Bobby Gould. His accuracy and consistency continues to be golden. I am rooting for KC and I really hope they pull an upset against SF. However, while my heart will beat for the Chiefs, it will be my head that is envisioning the 49ers winning this Super Bowl.

  2. @Marge Keller 11 players at a time are allowed on the field, not 12. Robbie Gould is the name of the 49ers kicker. Enjoy the game, I'm looking forward to it with my head and heart, too.

  3. @Steve I believe she was pointing out that he used to play for the Bears.

  4. @Marge Keller Thanks for catching my error with the first name and for the number of players on the field. I appreciate commenters not letting innocent mistakes go unnoticed or uncorrected.

  5. The only way for KC to win is that Mahomes is even more magical. Magical he is, as amply demonstrated, but I find it unlikely that he can beat an outstanding team work by SF which throttles the opponent on both ends of the game and has no reliance on any one in particular. One man would have extremely hard time to beat such a monolith, wall-like squad.

  6. Excellent analysis. I would point out that one of Mahome's losses (and his sole playoff loss) was the result of the NFL's awful OT rule, recall that he never touched the ball last year when the Chiefs lost to the Patriots in last year's playoffs. I am interested to see how SF will play if KC gets off to a fast start. Can that offense lay well from behind? I've not seen a lot written from that angle. I think this is going to be a great game between two great teams. I'm rooting for KC to get back in the winners circle. Then, maybe my J-E-T-S are next. :-(

  7. Don't forget Chief Dee Ford lined up offsides when the Chiefs intercepted Brady's pass either...

  8. If history teaches us anything, it would be there is a strong possibility the game will turn on bad officiating.

  9. @Carl Agreed. It's all about money, you know.

  10. The Chiefs may not have faced a defense as formidable as San Francisco’s (misguided regular season anointing of the Patriots’ D notwithstanding), the Niners have certainly not gone up against an offense like the Chiefs.

  11. @Daniel Fredrick New Orleans doesn't ring a bell?

  12. Brees is a hall of famer but he’s no Mahomes. Jared Cook is no Kelce. Michael Thomas is obviously the best WR in the league but KC’s WR corps is stronger overall. I appreciate that NO is good and that you seem to be a San Fran homer but they’re not on par with the Chiefs. And even if you were right, you’ll recall that the 49ers defense didn’t hold up particularly well against the Saints.

  13. When the Niners played the Dolphins way back when, the latter had the hottest qb up to that time: Dan Marino had an unheard of 48 td passes, plus the two fastest receivers ever. No one picked SF. The game was over before halftime. Mahomes maybe the best qb in business, he's certainly the most exciting--although Jimmy G is no slouch. The Niners defense is not just the line, it's the speed of all 11 players. They are relentless. They smothered GB twice: that's an accomplishment. The points the defense gave up in the last part of the season had something to do with injuries and SF having to play Baltimore, NO, GB, Seattle, and LA (not in that order). The final 5 or 6 games came down to the last play. The shutdown defense is back. SF is the best in the NFC. Despite losing, Baltimore was the best in the AFC; KC was second best. I have to disclose my bias: first saw the 49ers in 1960. I predict the game will be a repeat of what happened to Marino, et. al.

  14. Thanks for mentioning Super Bowl XIX, John. I remember the predominantly Eastern sports media going on and on about Dan Marino. It was very satisfying when the Niners, with one of the best teams to ever grace a football field, kicked the stuffing out of the Dolphins.

  15. @Tom Listmann Thanks Tom. KC could have lost to Houston and Tennessee who were nowhere near as tough as Minnesota and GB. The Niners have played the best. KC is about to play the best.

  16. @John Are you kidding?

  17. Sorry, Mr. Hoffman, but you are wildly overrating Jimmy Garoppollo, who is a system quarterback, unlike the superb Mahomes. The latter can improvise much more than Jimmy. Additionally, Mahomes can do something no other quarterback in the NFL does, or at least can't do as well - throw across his body in either direction. When the qbs roll out to escape the type of pressure SF can put on a them, most cede away the other half of the field. But Mahomes' arm strength allows him, and I haven't seen anyone who does it even CLOSE to as well as he, to throw to the OPPOSITE SIDE of the field as well. We've seen it often this year, and I predict it will be exactly this type of unscripted play that will decide the game. KC-34, SF-29.

  18. Chiefs fans are conditioned to expect defeat. The team's all-time post-season record is 12-19, which is actually better than I expected before I looked it up. It feels worse to us Chiefs fans because so many losses have occurred in heartbreaking fashion. Of course SF will win, though I said the same about the Texans and Titans. By the way, in terms of KC being all Mahomes, ESPN's Steve Smith argues that the Chiefs would be in the Super Bowl with Alex Smith still at QB, the rest of the team is that good.

  19. Fake news!! Chiefs by 7.

  20. Is the NYT saying the 49ers are going to win just because their readership is higher in SF than KC? Just a question. Go Malhomes!! :)

  21. I think the writer wants to go to 7-3-1 with his postseason picks against the spread. No way would I let my editor mess up an awesome run of picks!!

  22. Should be a close game. It could be a mistake or two or three key plays that make a difference. I think SF's defense and O-line and running the ball could tip it in their favor. I hope SF wins. A lot of us have been overdosed on Mahomes at this point.

  23. I'm not the sports fan I use to be. Only three good sports: college football (LSU) and pro football (49ers) and THE NHL (go BLUES). I want the 49ers to win, but I'm picking the Chiefs by 14 or more points (hope I'm wrong). The reason is Andy Reid will be coaching against a coach in Shanahan who will make stupid decisions in the second half like he did with the Falcons as offensive coordinator in the second half against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

  24. Mike Tyson said something to the effect that everyone who fights him comes in with a set of plans, but once they get punched in the face, all plans go out the window. With this insight from Iron Mike, I think KC will win. KC got its face punched against Houston Texans to the tune of 24-0 only to come roaring back for a memorable win: Mahomes is such an amazing QB, KC did not panic. We know KC can take a punch. I’m unsure about SF’s ability to take a punch. If KC gets off to a two-score lead, could SF still rely heavily on running the ball? Not with Mahomes on the sidelines. Sure Jimmy G can get hot but could he keep up with Mahomes in a shoot-out? No way. What Hoffman fails to take into account is that Jimmy G is prone to throwing ill-advised passes when he has to rely on his arm. In the end, Mahomes is a better QB than Jimmy G. With Mahomes, KC can get back in the game if SF gets off to a fast start, SF can’t do the same if KC does. Predicting a winner is a lot about who has more paths to victory, and it’s clearly KC.

  25. Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth song - look it up on YouTube While you’re at it, look up how good Houston’s defense is. The Niners won’t likely get boatraced like that.

  26. Good point! The ever entertaining and introspective face tattooed philosopher boxer Mike Tyson said “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” No truer words have ever been uttered.

  27. Being the NYT I thought that both teams would be declared probable victors.

  28. Is Garoppolo the only reason 49ers are playing this week?

  29. @DM No

  30. Chiefs, do it for Andy!

  31. With all due respect to the 49ers and the Chiefs and their fans, I reject the Super Bowl broadcast, and this time I will be boycotting the game because of our corrupt president's planned appearance with Sean Hannity. That is my reaction to the Senate Trial, to Trump, and to Fox which has given us this president would who would be our king. I encourage other citizens to join me in an effort to drag down the ratings for this spectacle, one I would be able to heartily enjoy, if not dampened by the appearance on Fox of a corrupt president constantly defended and enabled by a network that profits by catering to the worst instincts of Americans. Their champion, Donald Trump, is so obviously guilty of abusing his power and obstructing Congress, I cannot bear to see him claim vindication through the Senate Republicans' spineless acquittal without witnesses.

  32. @Dennis I believe the "interview" (campaign appearance) is scheduled for a pre-game segment. I don't watch the pre-game, because we have heard enough blather about the game, let alone politics. Besides, Sunday is the final round of the Phoenix Open, by far the most entertaining golf tournament on TV. Much more fun watching the loudmouths at the TPC Scottsdale.

  33. @Dennis I fully appreciate your reasoning for boycotting the Super Bowl. One of the reasons I look forward to the game itself is because I need a distraction and a time out from what transpired today, not to mention the past few weeks and months. I need a break from it all and am looking forward to the commercials. Hopefully they will not be as disappointing as today's vote. In the meantime, I sincere wished Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels were the Super Bowl announcers because they are smart, unbiased, funny and so knowledgeable. They are everything that Joe Buck is not. Most of the game will be watched with the mute feature on.

  34. Oh come on! Kansas Citians have waited 50 years for this! I refuse to let Trump take that away from us. I have loads of issues with the NFL (good lord, the parking fees alone!) however, I am about community and it is always a delight and something I will support when my city finds a way past our issues and can let everyone get a glimpse at how awesome we can be! We had a group of great young guys help us do that five years ago (check out our epic parade!) and we have another great group of players and a phenomenal coach leading the way again. Go Chiefs!!

  35. Looking forward to the game between two deserving teams. But mostly looking forward to a booze and junk food free afternoon. Happy Superbowl weekend y'all.

  36. January 31, 2020 Mahomes's talent energizes the team, and indeed the sport and gamesmanship authority. It is great joy to see the action and it's all about for the his team and the NFL.

  37. Looking forward to the game! As a Chiefs' fan, I'm hoping the Mahomes magic will spread throughout the team for a win. The SF teamwork is impressive, but can it contain the magic Patrick Mahomes will be conjuring up Sunday? I hope not!

  38. No, no and no. Chiefs will beat the spread, by the lord Harry and Coach Henry Stram. Simply put, Mahomes is a lot better than Garoppolo. Bosa & Co will attempt to limit Mahomes like they did Aaron Rodgers . Andy Reid will be ready. Chiefs will stuff 49ers running game and take away Kittle. Jimmy G has looked awkward on a bad leg, and made some bad throws of late. Reid is not the best in-game strategist but he knows what is coming. Last but not least, 49ers depend on zone coverage which Mahomes feasts on. Mahomes will matriculate the ball down the field with short throws and keep his uniform clean. Long drives, points, time of possession.

  39. ...”matriculate the ball down the field”...! you just list the game for KC.

  40. Whenever I see a headline like this I'm sure the Chiefs will win. However, I would be delighted if Benjamin Hoffman knew something about the Chief's quarterback, Patrick Mahomes and receivers that I don't know. They look awesome to me.

  41. Both teams are good. Strangely, neither team has the most individual talent -- that would go to the Ravens with their 12 Pro Bowlers -- but each has a scrappy team spirit. Each is better than their parts, which is what you want to be. I feel the game will be close, and somewhat high scoring. It won't be a total shoot-out, but Shanahan will definitely have to let Garoppolo loose -- and Jimmy G has shown his ability to execute superbly in these instances. He's not a game manager, and if you don't believe me, just check out his 3rd down conversion percentage vs. Alex Smith's when he started for the Niners. Garoppolo is number one in the league in third-down completion percentage (69.2%) and conversion from pass attempts (50%). Even in the Harbaugh years, Smith was abysmal at converting 3rd downs (I still recall the playoff game where we converted only ONE out of thirteen 3rd down attempts, and it was in garbage time), which is why Harbaugh decided to switch to Kaepernick and tailor the team to Kap's more mobile style. I feel the game will come down to execution, which is where the Niners have the edge. KC, barring the stellar Mahomes, hasn't been executing nearly as well, with dropped passes, stupid penalties, and miscommunications throughout their playoff run. But Vegas gives a slight edge to the Chiefs due to Mahomes' brilliance. The Niners can't afford to make a mistake against him or we will pay the price. I think we can dim his brilliance. I think we can win.

  42. @Dottie Anybody's game. But win or lose, Mahomes will make his mark on the Super Bowl, that's a safe bet.

  43. Most pro sports rely on making adjustments to win games. The X and O’s don’t move...players do. Mahome’s play doesn’t lend itself to adjustments. If he’s “on”, San Fran is in for a long day. Of, course, Mahomes doesn’t play defense...there is that.

  44. Hannity is going to "interview" Trump during halftime, thus proving both that Trump makes everything about himself, and that he ruins everything he touches. No thanks. Not giving the FOX Propaganda Office any revenue. Will read the game hilights the next day.

  45. @T. Rivers I plan to simply shut off the tube during the halftime.

  46. @T. Rivers You do realize that Obama did the same thing twice right?

  47. @T. Rivers I'll be watching the game. With the mute in my hand and plenty of pleasant distractions nearby. I think its absolutely crazy how much our nation spends on sports generally and football in particular. It's a grand circus as Rome now quite literally burns and as Trump, with his malicious cruelty, cuts food stamps for America's weakest on the chance that their skin might be darker. None the less, its the sport I played in high school more than half a century ago and an interesting challenge, especially with two teams roughly equivalent and a balletic quarterback. But even when I watch, I refuse to pay attention to any of the ads. Within that first second that the football action or commentary stops, the mute is pressed. I may watch the halftime show out of curiosity, I won't listen to one second of the intensely commercial commercials.(I've actually gotten quite good at muting for someone of my advanced age!) As well, I've not interest in even seeing even one second of those manipulative advertising images. So I move just a few feet to the side of the muted screen, to where this computer sits, and my beer, and my fresh guac, etc. Friends invited me to join them at our favorite watering hole. But there's no avoiding the commercials. In lieu of the Pats, I'm rooting for the young guy with the amazing arm who runs the ball rather than throwing it away.

  48. If the 49ers win, it will be because of Jimmy G who brought with him every thing he learned from Brady, especially how he treats his team mates, and the 49ers coach, Kyle Shanahan, as well as the the men on the field who understand that football is a TEAM sport. Of course, I will be rooting for the 49er because of Jimmy G's connection to Patriot Nation, but I also have deep respect for Mahomes and Reid.

  49. It will be nice to have a Super Bowl with two really good teams who aren't the Patriots.

  50. @Alan Having different teams and one which haven't been there in a very long time IS a breath of fresh air!!!

  51. @Alan You are correct. The Patriots ARE a really good team!

  52. Hey Frank Clark, Benjamin Hoffman doesn't think you have elite talent. Hey KC defense, time to show your talent.

  53. This game was played last year. 35-10 chiefs at HALFTIME. It was the first time in Chief history they scored TDs on their first five possessions. It was easy. Good news for 49ers fans: you have better defenders now. Bad news: so do the Chiefs,.and at game time last year Mahomes NFL career was just three games old.

  54. @David JG went out w an ACL tear in that game, though. Still, Chiefs all the way

  55. There are two words that explain why the Kansas City Chiefs will win the Super Bowl: Patrick Mahomes.

  56. @David T Those aren't words, they're names. I don't think it will break your way this year.

  57. @Paul I beg to differ with you... a name is indeed a word. Also, while the 49ers do have a very good defense, Mahomes and the Chiefs' offense is pretty much unstoppable. The Niners won't be able to keep pace. name /nām/ noun noun: name; plural noun: names 1. a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to.

  58. @David T Actually a specific name like Patrick and Mahomes is a proper noun. But hey, it's Super Bowl Sunday. Why quibble over non consequential topics like words/names/proper nouns, etc. Shouldn't we be talking about how talented and gifted Patrick Mahomes is and how much excitement and joy he brings to the field? GO KC!!!

  59. I've watched both teams this year and, on paper, S.F. looks like the better team overall. Mahomes is amazing how he can duck, scramble and turn a big loss into a big gain. If the Niners can contain Mahomes, they should win easily. But they don't play the game on paper.🏈

  60. I think you can watch the game and just turn off Trump's interview. TV metrics are pretty finely tuned. The big "they" know when your watching and when you've left the room for more beer.

  61. I'm a Chiefs fan. SF's defense is above average no doubt. Their D-Line is as good as it gets. Look for KC to use their pressure against them. Screens, draws, zone read running with a short pass over the pressure. NO one can stay with Hill in one-on-one coverage & Williams can run & receive as well as any back in the league. My pick is KC 31 - SF 24.

  62. @JJ If Kansas City gets off to a good start they will blow San Francisco out. The Chiefs are so explosive that once they get the lead early, the game is all catch-up for the other team.

  63. Bill Belichick and others prepping for the 2020 draft: the two best tight ends in the game are in the Super Bowl. When the Pats played the Eagles, two of the best TE's were in that game. It's kind of important to have a good one. The run up to this game reminds me of the 1985 Super Bowl. All the pre-game talk was about how the Niners could possibly stop Dan Marino. After the game, Joe Montana said "Nobody was asking how the Dolphins were going to stop US".

  64. My TV will mysteriously change channels when the Not My President makes an appearance.

  65. @JJ How sad for you.

  66. I don’t think I could watch the Super Bowl any more, knowing those players might be getting brain damage, accumulated from when they started playing football from a young age.

  67. It is their choice and it’s called $$$$

  68. Have a good time watching the Super Bowl, but if at the end of those four hours you feel a little dopey and depressed, keep in mind that in all that time the ball was in play around 11 minutes and you sat through 77 commercials.

  69. @Robert Griffin - One year while living in South Korea I got an NFL package for watching games over the internet. On way they let you watch is where you only see plays, none or the commercials or even the chatter between games. Games ran anywhere from 30 to 35 minutes. The rest is fluff. Hockey is the best fan value: 60 minutes of solid high speed play. Baseball the most casual: can have a conversation and still watch the game.

  70. Wow 11 minutes. That’s another reason, even though I’m a staunch 49er fan, that the best sporting event in the world is world cup soccer. Each half is 90 minutes of continuous play without commercials.

  71. @Robert Griffin Doesn't anyone use the DVR? I wait an hour and a half after the 1 o'clock game to watch it till halftime then switch to the other 1 o'clock game to its first half conclusion. 4 PM the same. The only thing you have to do is train yourself not to look at the scores at the bottom.

  72. "There are plenty of reasons that oddsmakers gave the game a point spread of less than 2 for just the fourth time in Super Bowl history". The point spread is not a prediction on the outcome of a game. The bookies make the most money if half the money is bet on one team and half the money is bet on the other team, so they set the point spread in such a way that they think that will happen. I once read that the top oddsmaker in Las Vegas never watches a game because he doesn't want his opinion on what will happen in a game to affect how he sets the point spread.

  73. I plan to watch the game and I’m a fan of both college and pro football. My issue is when the game is played. Sunday night when most Americans have to work on Monday? Either earlier Sunday afternoon or preferably on Saturday evening when people can have a party and comfortably enjoy it. It seems to me that those putting this on, including advertisers, are detached from everyday reality. What is the cost of call outs from work the morning after? Common sense needed.

  74. @Watchful Eye I suspect the day and time of the week is based on maximizing revenue, and nothing else.

  75. @Watchful Eye I agree, but the times are aimed at catching the West Coast market, California alone with its huge population is half the reason, but for those of us in the Eastern during the winter season, I mean games that don’t start until 8:00 or later forget it.

  76. I agree with you even though the game starts out here in California at 3:40 PM. A 1 p.m. start (Pacific Coast time) would be better

  77. I think the difference will be the performance of the tight ends and the 49ers have the edge with Kittle. All else seems to balance out.

  78. @Step2 Kittle over Kelce? No way. Travis is a beast, and once he gets going, and Reid finds plays to get the ball to him, it will be game over. If, they shut him down, and that is a big if, the wideouts will have one-on-one matchups, and Mahomes will have a field day.

  79. @Step2 Nah, Kelce da man!

  80. I lived in SF during the Joe Montana/Jerry Rice years and it was an exciting time in The City but I've been a Chiefs fan ever since I saw Patrick Mahomes do his thing. He actually reminds me of Montana a little bit. I don't really care what the final score is as long as the Chiefs win!

  81. Has the potential to be a very close game but karma favors Andy Reid as Hank Stram nods approvingly. Can't wait for those ads, excepting Trump's when I'll visit the water closet.

  82. Joe Buck is such an opinionated announcer he ruins the game. I wish the Collinsworth/Michaels team were there. They are Super Bowl material.

  83. @James Charles - Absolutely! Then Fox, in all their broadcasting "wisdom", doubles down with their walking Word Salad, Troy Aikman - master of parenthetical inserts and non sequiturs, linked by his trademark, "aaaaand". It's always a voyage of discovery when he wanders off on another of his more-or-less football-related forays into the Verbal Void. Where will he end up? Will he end up? Does anyone @ Fox ever actually listen to his drivel? Does anybody sit down w/ him and critique his performance? I end up watching the Fox games on Mute - no sound is better than the game-long waterboarding of TroySound.

  84. They would be if they eliminated ‘young man’ Collingsworth ‘

  85. Overall on field talent and coaching favor the 49ers but, as Peter King observed, either team could win by two touchdowns. This has the potential to be one of the best SuperBowls in years. The two best teams are playing, and we can expect the defenses to smack the quarterback in the mouth whenever possible. There are so many ways in which things can go sideways for each team and so many ways to dazzle that it should be great fun.

  86. In my heart I want the Chiefs to win, but my head says the 49ers will prevail: 24 - 20.

  87. 50 years ago I was in basic training after being drafted and less than 6 months from a government sponsored trip to Vietnam. We got to go to the day room, didn’t even know there was one, and watch the game. There were some guys from National Conference areas that wanted to bet that the Vikings would win. I bet 5 of them 10 bucks and took the Chiefs and 2 to 1 odds, as the Chiefs were heavy underdogs. Come pay day I waited outside the paymasters door and collected 20 bucks from each of them. That doubled my pay that month. The Chiefs beat the odds that day. And so did I, as I survived my year at war. Here we are again. Chiefs in the Super Bowl and our country in a war we can’t win. Hope the Chiefs win and those brothers in this war come home safe.

  88. Both teams are my favorites, having resided in Kansas City for a number of years in the 1970's and in the Bay area currently. But I favored the 49er's to win by 3 points 24-21. Excellent Analysis, indeed! Cant' wait for the game to start!

  89. 49ers by 4. Having been in the Bay Area 1981 to 1996, the golden years, I can't bet against them. But looking at it objectively, I actually do believe they will win and beat the spread.

  90. You're dreaming. Mahomes doesn't throw interceptions. My prediction, KC 28, SF 21. Sorry pal.

  91. Besides, the contest is being played on Ground Hog’s Day, so it’s only fitting and logical that the team that hogs the ground run and rule the game.

  92. Chiefs by 10.

  93. Go 9ers!

  94. I'm betting the 49er defense will win the game like Superbowl 50 Von Miller. They are SOOO fast and never stop. Mahomes is the best and Tyreek Hill et AL are speed freaks but I'm hoping that D can throw even Mahomes off his game. Look for a Emmanuel Sanders TD.

  95. At the end of the day, all informed analysis and pick come down to who you root for. I root for Mahomes and Kelce and Hill like i rooted for Montana and Rice and Craig.

  96. How many times do we see the league of prognosticators swing toward the offense-oriented team? Great to see the NYT thinking outside the box. In SB50, most favored the Panthers, yet the defense-oriented Broncos won. History repeated itself in SB52 when they were all swooning over the Patriots and the Eagles’ front four ate them for lunch. Defense wins championships, folks, and it’s going to swing the defensive team’s way this time, too. Oh, and by the way, their offense ain’t bad either! 49ers by 7.

  97. It’s hard to get excited for the game when you have to endure the infantilism of the male panel, the relentless grind of corporate promotion both during the transmission and the breaks, the disturbing fetishism of the military, the inarticulacy of advertisers, the insulting attempts to portray the game as safe or safer by the NFL, and the endless cutaways to commercials at every conceivable opportunity, even if it means missing the live coverage of review decisions. Did I miss anything? Yes, the annoying breathless promos for mediocre Fox shows. Really, if you think about it, Fox isn’t showing the game, they are hiding it.

  98. Our annual NFL greed and brain injury festival wherein 11 minutes of actual football are crammed into five hours of television, earning nearly half a billion dollars in ad revenue for the league and a one-way ticket to becoming doddering old men in their 50s for many of the players. The price of on field glory is steep.

  99. Chiefs 34 - 49ers 27. Bank on it. Mahones is modern day Montana.

  100. A bunch of grown men charge at each other - all fall down. Repeat.

  101. Sorry this is one I’m not too thrilled with. I mean the Santa Clara 49ers, really, no self respecting San Francisco football fan went past Stanford in Palo Alto unless they were on their way to Carmel and golf at Pebble Beach. Given the change in the make up of the citizens of the Bay Area I’m surprised football is still as popular as it is, I thought soccer would take over. I loved Jerry Rice and Joe Montana and Garupolo is a class act but having grown up in the city by the Bay remembering football in the fog with Y.A.Tittle I just can’t get excited about guys with tattoos doing little dances in the end zone. I love Andy Reid, always felt the Chiefs played real football, especially those great games against the Raiders in the sixties, that was real football before the big buck ruined the game, no gloves on the receivers, just Freddy Belitnakoff covered with sticky stuff, he could catch the ball with his elbow and Blanda kicking huge field goals in his fifties I think. Oh and for entertainment I remember being at a Raiders game and Johnny Mathis sang the National Anthem, didn’t even need a Mike much less fireworks and half naked people hoping around. Yep, I’m an old grump, enjoy the game but no dancing or whatever you call it please in the end zone especially if you’re three touchdowns behind, Jerry Rice would quietly make another spectacular catch and politely hand over the ball, of course if you’re the greatest that ever played the game you don’t need to strut your stuff.

  102. The team that loses will scream it was due to Russian meddling and then spend the next year trying to get the winning team thrown out of the league. Following the great example set by Democrats.

  103. I don't care who wins or loses. I do think San Francisco is more "malleable" thank Kansas City, and they will win outright. Take SF and the Over.

  104. Two great teams. Yes, Mahomes is fantastic but the Niners have more talent at more positions. All the money favoring KC is tainted by puppy love. Can't wait to see the Niners do the surfer's end zone dance...SF by 4!

  105. You can watch it live online , but you need pay for it , the cheapest way to NFL is on HDTVNFL .COM , I really recommend this source , so go on and get it

  106. I watch it after the game is over on NFL Gamepass. No Interviews...But you cant read the Times or answer your phone..or read any imessages cause some friends or family will give it away...GO Chiefs!!

  107. Sigh! Once again, I'll show my hypocrisy by watching the SB, complete w/ teams owned by old, white, rich male billionaires who pay young, (mostly) black Supermen millions to beat their brains out and permanently damage their bodies for our viewing enjoyment. Sheesh! I can't wait…

  108. Some of the old white men died and left teams to their wives or daughters. So now there’s diversity we can celebrate!

  109. The Super Bowl is absurd, never mind what "narratives" get constructed on it. It represents all that is wrong with sport in this country, from the endless ads to the flabby predictably boring halftime extravaganza. I personally cannot wait for the insurance industry to put football out of its misery and end the ridiculous dependence of American universities on this wretched half baked game as a fund raiser. It is completely antithetical to actual academia, pointless and dangerous to those who play it in ways that exceed any value derived from it. Many of the men you watch on Sunday will go to early graves from an assortment of causes, not least of which will be repetitive head injuries. I feel bad for them, I will make sure my son never plays this silly game.

  110. “Show me the money”

  111. @John Wallis Who asked ya?

  112. @Bill D And what does the acronym NFL stand for? Not for long. There are better, and safer, ways of making money.

  113. I am just glad that the MAGA loving, cheating Pats didn't get in.

  114. The montage with the medal of honor recipient and Johny Cash was nice, especially the part where they showed all the women who own NFL teams because a parent or spouse or a spouse’s ancestor was successful. Girl power

  115. The one silver lining should KC not win, is that SF no longer has Kaepernick on the team...

  116. Chiefs are SB champions! Happy for Andy Reid, the team and their fans!!!!

  117. Russian collusion..... Nancy Pelosi is going to say why SF lost the Super Bowl