Super Bowl LIV

What are your favorite things about Super Bowl Sunday?

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  1. One of my favorite things about Super Bowl Sunday is watching the game. My family and I always watch the Super Bowl even if we don’t care about who is playing in it, but this year we will be supporting Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers. One of the things I love about watching the Super Bowl is the commercials.

  2. Super bowl Sunday is a big deal in my family. We play backyard games like washers, and corn hole. My favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday has to be the food. The tables are filled with snacks for everyone to eat. I spend most of my time in the kitchen eating all of the food. The snacks are the most essential part of a perfect Super Bowl Sunday. I also enjoy watching the game with friends and family. Even if your team isn't playing it's fun to pick a side and cheer with your family.

  3. I’m really excited for this years super bowl. I think it will be fun to watch the NFL’s top offense go against the top defense. Also, I feel a connection to the chiefs because Patrick Mahomes came from my home town college, Texas Tech. I think it will be a great game but I feel like the chiefs will pull it off in the end. Another reason I want the chiefs to win is because Tyreek Hill is on my madden team and he will get an upgraded character so then I can win more games.

  4. On Superbowl Sunday, my family always turns on the game, cooks some good food and makes a list of our favorite commercials. My mom teaches advertising at the local college, and she loves watching all the commercials. My dad, brother and I all love the football part of the night. We always pop popcorn, eat chips and dip, and maybe a meat and cheese platter. I love Super Bowl Sunday and having fun with my family.

  5. Super Bowl Sunday is a very exciting time for my family and I. We all enjoy to watch football, so we throw a party every year for the Super Bowl. We eat tons of good food, and have a lot of fun making our predictions and then watching the big game. Most years I have a pretty good idea of who I think is going to win, but this year I’m not so sure. The 49ers are a great all-around team but the Chiefs have arguably the best quarterback in football currently. The game is going to be exciting, I can’t wait to watch!

  6. Super bowl Sunday has always been a big tradition in my family. We all get together and bring lot of food huddle in front of the tv, and yell at people who are in the game of their lives. It is one of the most exhilarating feelings watching any part of the Super Bowl, any small play that would mean nothing in regular season become the amazingly interesting. Partly because of the hype surrounding the event itself and the fact that this is the last game, this is the last time the family will get together to yell at tv and eat nachos until inevitably the regular season starts again and the yelling begins again.

  7. I personally am very excited for this Super Bowl, as I am every year. I am for sure planning on watching this huge game, especially since it is two very different teams then what normally play. I personally think the 49ers will win which is a very unpopular opinion where I come from because Patrick Mahomes played for the college that is in the town I live in. However, I just like the 49ers more. I am most looking forward to hanging out with my friends, and just seeing what happens. Also seeing the weird commercials that make you wonder how far companies will really go to make people remember their brand, weather that’s how much money they spend to get their commercial aired on the Super Bowl, or just making their commercial odd enough to get people to talk about it. I really like the Super Bowl because I normally watch college football, so it gives me a day to totally pretend that I am a professional football fan. I also get to make good memories with good people and eat a lot which is always something I enjoy. Just overall the Super Bowl is a good time to make good memories with good friends.

  8. Super Bowl 54 is going to be a close game, but also an exciting one! I believe it’ll be 50/50 on who’s going to win. The Chief’s and the 49’ers have both played well this season, but as a Lubbock local, you’ve got to pull through for the Chief’s. Patrick Mahomes has represented Lubbock through Texas Tech, and “Lubbockan’s” still support him to this day. I’m most looking for the snacks and commercials. It’s always fun to watch those. Usually when the Super Bowl comes around, chips and dip is a must have. It’s always tortilla chips, guac, and queso. It’s mainly snack foods that get us through the game. It’s usually just my parents and brother I watch with. We’ve done that for years. My dad and brother are always looking forward to this every single year. It’s exciting to know that almost the entire nation is watching the same thing. This event has been huge for the past 54 years it’s occurred. It’s so cool to think about how we all come together on one day.

  9. Every year, the top two teams in the National Football League battle each other to win the Super Bowl. However, this game is not just any game for the people watching. There are bets being made, huge parties being thrown, and last but not least, the commercials. Every year companies spend millions of dollars just to have their commercial play during the super bowl for 30 seconds. Usually, these commercials have humorous ways of getting your attention. The parties can be with some of your buds, or they can be with 100 people. Some stay home, some go to the bar. What really makes or breaks this day is whether your team is playing or not. Ever since Patrick Mahomes has been quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, I have enjoyed watching them play. Therefore, I am excited to watch the Super Bowl this year because they are playing in it. It always seems as if there is some huge play that completely changes the game, such as when Malcom Butler picked off Russell Wilson to keep the Patriots ahead and end up winning the game. These plays can make people lose bets, go from happy to angry, and also blame people. I honestly love when this happens because it’s funny to see who my parents and their friends decide to blame. Whether it’s the player, the coach, or the ref, there is always someone to blame. To sum it all up, there is never a dull moment during the Super Bowl.

  10. The Super Bowl is fast approaching and nearly everyone I know is excited. Living In Lubbock I am very excited to see Patrick Mahomes, former Texas Tech quarterback, lead the Chiefs onto the field. While it is exciting to see your hometown hero on TV, it is just one of the many things that is exciting about Super Bowl Sunday. On Sunday, February 2nd, millions of people will wake up and eagerly await kickoff. It is exciting to get dressed and put on your team’s colors and display their brand. You are showing everyone exactly who you are cheering for. Many people will be going to pick up their favorite food, from their favorite sports bar, to bring to their favorite Super Bowl party. Whether you watch the game at someone’s house or at a restaurant there is bound to be a confrontation with the opposing team’s fans. This is another example of traditions on the very long list that come with this special Sunday. I think there are too many little exciting things to even talk about. It varies based on the person, but for the majority of America Super Bowl Sunday is a welcome distraction from their usual routine. It provides exciting action and comical commercials, assuring that the overwhelming number of viewers will find something to enjoy about the game.

  11. With the Super Bowl just around the corner people rush to stores to get chips, dip, wings, drinks, and other things for their parties. Just like millions of other families around the world, my family comes together at my aunt and uncle’s house for the big game. Everyone brings 1 or 2 articles of food, whether it be desserts, chips, wings, pizza, ribs, drinks, etc. Before the game my family goes to the back yard and we throw the football, play corn hole, play wiffle ball, kickball, and other games. When the game starts the women usually watch the game from the living room, the men go to the back patio/outdoor bar and watch the game, and the kids watch the game from the movie theatre or game room. For the past few Super Bowls most everyone in the house has gone for the team that wasn't the Patriots, but this year the whole house will be cheering on Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Out of all the pre-game shenanigans, the game, and food, the commercials are probably the favorite thing that goes on during the Super Bowl.

  12. The Super Bowl is a very fun event for me personally. I love the feeling of being on a couch w some food watching the big game with my friends. Being from Chicago, and my Bears being a disgrace, I get to root for other teams in the playoffs with little to no bias. This year I’m going all in on the 49ers because I’m just not a fan of how cocky the Chiefs are. I mean really I don’t care too much about who wins I’m just in it to see the two best teams play. It’s only a few days until the big game and I can’t wait. I already know it’ll be a blast sitting back with my friends and cheering on the 49ers through a tv screen—in a game taking place over 1000 miles away may I add.

  13. Unlike most people, I am dreading the Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, I love the commercials and how people can get so excited for a sports game. Since the last Super Bowl however, I have gotten a job at a fast food pizza place during the summer. On the surface that is not a problem, but when there is a big football game, the store gets extremely busy. Having to frantically tag orders on boxes, hand pizzas to costumers, and answering phone calls without rest is not very pleasurable in my opinion, I’d rather have things go slower. Even though I might get stressed from busy workdays from normal football games, I don’t even want to imagine what the biggest football game of the entire year will bring to our doorstep.

  14. Growing up in New England, my family and I are Patriots’ fans. Whether we lose or win, we love watching football. The neck to neck games always have us sitting at the edge of our seats. Although the best part is when my mom screams. She gets super excited about sports whether it be cricket, football, or basketball. My sister and I get up from our seats but we don’t scream like my mom. After a really good play is made of a touch down is scored my dad had to calm my mom down. It’s just really funny watching that. After we moved to Wilmington, we started going to a family friends house for Super Bowl. Most of the Indians in Wilmington are there and it gets super loud. Watching any sport with Indians means that you usually have your eardrums are going to be dead by the end. The kids are always upstairs, watching the game, hanging out, and playing games and we jump at the screams from downstairs. Although my favorite memory of the Super Bowl was in the car. My sister had a competition and we were driving back home. My dad put a TV in the van and bought an unlimited data plan, just for the Super Bowl. That year it was the Rams vs the Patriots. So of course we had to watch. Every year the Super Bowl brings new memories or just laughs and I can’t wait till this Sunday.

  15. @Priya Patel Our family cheers for the Patriots too! My dad picked a team when he was little and ever since we've been rooting for them. For me, Super Bowl Sunday has been filled with memories of my Dad. Football is one of the ways that I connect best with him. Being Patriots fans means that at least every other year you're guaranteed a super bowl trip, and I remember the first time they made it my Dad was so excited. I colored a bunch of posters in my crayons and hung them around my house, all reading "Supper Bowl! Go Patriots!" It's always been the "supper bowl" whenever they make it. I love how many experiences and bonds that this game has brought you. My dad would be envious of all the Super Bowl parties you have had because he's always wanted to have one but my mom vetoed it several times- starting with the one in February 2004, which was the month I was born in!

  16. The Superbowl is celebrated and watched across the nation. The Superbowl is a celebration of amazing teams who worked hard to dominate their division and then compete for the chance to go down in history. It also is a time when people put aside everything else and focus on the most American sport there is. Whether you are a football fan or not, chances are, you are going to watch the Superbowl Sunday night. Personally, I am a football fan and enjoy all aspects of the Superbowl - the game and competitiveness, hanging out with friends, eating nachos and wings, and even the ridiculous commercials. The anticipation and predictions are always a topic of discussion during Super Bowl season with lots of debates about who will come out on top. Overall, I most enjoy the energy surrounding the game, watching everyone on the field give it their all, the laughs and yells among friends, and the jaw clenching moments that will go down in the books.

  17. @William Hudson I'm not a huge football fan, but I have a lot of fun watching the Superbowl every year. You said that overall you enjoy the energy of the game, eating "football" food like nachos and wings, and hanging out with friends, and I definitely relate to that. Normally, someone in my neighborhood hosts for everyone around to get together and watch the Superbowl. The game ends up being ignored by most people, but nobody seems to care.

  18. I ended up watching the big game with a girl. She knows little to nothing about football and was betting on the chiefs winning the game. After the halftime show I proceeded to make fun of her because the outcome of the game was not looking to be in the chiefs favor. After they started to come back she returned the insults with some of her own. After seeing the chiefs won the game I was happy for her and glad she got bragging rights at her work.

  19. Though I am a Cheerleader, I don’t watch football just for fun. I generally only watch it when I’m cheering or I know the people playing. The superbowl, however, is basically an American holiday. I really enjoyed the half-time show and the cultural music that they danced and sang too that was very popular in America but originated from other countries. I was not particularly impressed with the commercials this year, but the TurboTax one stood out to me. The only thing I remember about it is that everyone was wobbling their legs back and forth, which was entertaining to me. Overall I enjoyed watching the Superbowl, especially since I’m from Lubbock, Texas, where Pat Mahomes is from.

  20. I thought the Super Bowl was very entertaining and that the outcome was amazing. The Super Bowl has always just been a social gathering between my fiends and I but this year we felt like we had a horse in the race with Patrick mahomes, considering he played for Texas tech (our home town). This was the first Super Bowl that we all sat down together and watched versus just paying attention to commercials and the last 5 minutes of the game

  21. Everyone knows about the first Sunday in February. It's blocked off for one of the largest sporting events of all time. It's the day that people come together and enjoy one great thing, football. Whether you like football or not, you most likely watched the Super Bowl. I personally enjoy football very much, so the super bowl is extra fun for me. You get to go over to your neighbor's house, eat mozzarella sticks, drink soda, and watch a great football game (except for last year when the Rams played the Patriots, that was pretty bad). Usually, every year is the same for me, but this year, my Super Bowl Sunday was a little bit different. This year, I got to spend the Super Bowl with two of my best friends, and we had a great time. We got to watch the game, eat football food, and just hang out and talk to one another. It was a great relaxer before heading into a stressful week at school. It made this year's Super Bowl extra special knowing that the three of us likely won't be together for another one for a while (we are all potentially moving away next year). On a day that I thought couldn't get more fun, I ended up having the best time. Super Bowl LIV will certainly be one that I will remember for a long, long time.

  22. The super bowl. To some this means getting to see your favorite teams play or getting to watch the halftime show. To me this means another year of laughing at the commercials with my dad. Ever since I was little I didn't care about who was playing or performing (except when dan and shay performed) just how funny the commercials would be that year. The crazy but a little sad car commercials or the coke commercials that you couldnt tell what it was for at first. This, this was what I waited for every year. The only reason I sat and watched men tackling each other one day out of the whole year. I have always been a little confused on why I enjoy this time so much until it hit me last sunday. I was sitting there when a commercial for hummus came on. Many different famous individuals including Charli D'amelio were on the screen. At that moment I look at my dad and realize it's all for him. I sit through these confusing games for him. This time has always been cherished not because of the commercials but because it was something I shared with my dad. The superbowl may just be a bunch of very good athletes tackling each other but for me it is so much more.

  23. Although I only watch the players of my fantasy football team play on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, the Super Bowl is something that I look forward to every year. Its the best way to eat an entire bag of Doritos without anyone questioning you. Usually I’ll attend a party with my friends. Their is about 50 people all in one house and we go nuts every time someone scores. Its like an earthquake just happened in my friends' basement. If your reading this now you know that the chiefs one which I'm super happy about. Everyone wanted the 49ers and were bandwagoning their way for bets. But I’ve been a fan of the chiefs for a long, long time. Before they even had Mahomes.

  24. My favorite thing about the super bowl is just spending quality time with family and friends. This year I went over to one of my best friends house and even though we weren’t big fans of ether team, we still managed to have a great time because we were together. Sporting events are always special because it’s a way of bringing people together and nationally the super bowl really does that. Maybe at a super bowl party you’ll see a family member you haven’t seen in a few years or maybe you’ll catch up on life with a friend. Wether it’s the delicious food, football, commercials, or the half time show that you like, the best part for me is the people you get to share it with.

  25. The super bowl means many things to people, to most people it means getting to watch a championship game between the two best teams of the NFL, to others it means getting to watch all the unique and funny commercials that are put on during the pauses and breaks. Not only commercials but also the performers that take the stage during the halftime show. This is what makes the Super Bowl so iconic, there is a little bit of everything for everyone, the game for those whose who love the sport, the commercials for those who want to laugh, and the halftime show for those who want to be entertained or amazed. For me, the Super Bowl means all those three things together. The Super Bowl is the only time a year that I watch a full football game, and if the game isn’t very interesting, I watch the commercials, if the commercials aren’t funny then I’ll just wait for the halftime show, altogether those little things are what makes me want to watch the whole football game. But most of the time I end up watching everything because I genuinely enjoy watching football when the energy is high.

  26. I watch the Superbowl every year with my Dad. I watch the games all season long and its fun to see what all these Sundays spent in front of the TV finally add up to. I get excited for it all from the football to the commercials to the iconic half time show. In review of this years Superbowl: I think for the football its the first year in a while I could really enjoy it instead of worrying about who was going to win. As a Steelers fan the two teams were not rivals they were just neutral teams. My dad and I decided we were simply rooting for action, we didn't care who scored, got intercepted, had good defense we just wanted someone to. As for the commercials they were not as funny as they had been in past years( except I really did like the peanut rebirth). It seems they tried way too hard to be funny. The half time show this year was intriguing and entertaining. I have seen better shows but it is definitely not the worst show.

  27. The first Sunday of February is blocked off on many calendars for one reason, The Super Bowl. One of the biggest events in America, took place in Miami, FL this year. When people hear the words Super Bowl, it can mean a couple things. For some, it means Party! And for others it means relax with friends and family watching a fun sporting event. For me, it varies from going to a friend's house, hanging with the family, or going to a party. Regardless, this game is always a fun and exciting time. Whether you only watch it for the halftime show, the commercials, or just the game itself, you will not be disappointed. It’s an ongoing tradition many people take part in, even if you aren’t a big football fan. It’s no secret the Super Bowl is one of the biggest games of all time!

  28. The biggest event in America, super bowl Sunday. For some reasons millions of Americans stop everything they are doing on Sunday and sit and watch the spectacle that is the Super bowl. The Super bowl isn’t just for the average football fan, Because of its importance people around the nation gather to watch and have fun together. The Super bowl is one of the most intriguing events of the year because really you can never be bored, wether the game is on, or if this halftime you will be watching the halftime show, heck even the commercials are intriguing because you have never seen them before. The super bowl offers many different things to keep you involved and interested with what is going on. Though my favorite thing about the Super bowl is the actual game that is getting played nothing better than seeing the best athletes in the world compete for a championship.

  29. @Pat McNulty Agreed, The Super Bowl is such a highly anticipated event that gets viewed by just about every person in America. I also watch the Super Bowl mostly for the game, but there is so many more reasons why other people do. Some people may just turn the TV on for the Halftime Show. The coolest thing though, is how one game brings so many people together that have totally different interests, to sit down and watch some football. The tradition of watching the Super Bowl, is one that should continue for years to come.

  30. Super Bowl Sunday is a really fun and big event, everyone coming together and watching football, even if your team is not in it. To me, it means I can just relax and watch some football with my friends. Normally I am pretty busy, running around doing a lot of stuff, and I feel like it is just a nice way to relax and spend time with friends. It is also a great excuse to hangout with friends on a Sunday, because normally Sundays my friends and I don’t hangout because of other activities going on. Everything about the Super Bowl is great, even the commercials, which is unheard of. Normally I can’t sit down and watch the commercials or the half time show ever, but the super bowl is different.

  31. Super bowl Sunday is without a doubt one of the biggest events in American sports, millions of people gather all across the country to cheer for one of the two teams playing in the super bowl. Some of my favorite things are getting together with friends and family, arguing over who we think is going to win and the large amount of food brought to the event. Super bowl Sunday is a nice way to relax and watch amazing commercials. Beyond that super bowl Sunday is a very exciting day because of the actual game itself, watching top tier athletes go head to head to see who the best team is gives me a rush like no other and is just a great time.

  32. The Super Bowl, the game above all other games. The Super Bowl is held but the National Football League to determine a champion. Football as a sport is different that any-other, it pushes people, create character, brings the best out of people. Everybody that has ever play football will agree, and like football the super bowl does the same. The produces of the super bowl bring people together, from the causal fans, hard core fans, to mothers that want to watch the goofy commercials to the crazy half time show. That Sunday night everybody changes there plan to meet up with there family and friends. A chance for everybody to come together without the pressure from other holidays. I look forward to see the super bowl every year no matter if my team is in it or not. It has brought me and my friends together along with giving something for me and my father can connect over. The super bowl helps bring people together and understand the glory of the game.

  33. My favorite thing about the Super Bowl is the actual game not the half time show or the commercials. Watching them play there all and trying there best to win. The suspense to when the QB throws the ball and either its caught or not. Seeing someone catch the ball one handed and scoring is awesome. The jukes they make and watching the defense falling to the ground missing the ball carrier. Its crazy when the score is tied up and then seeing one team so close to scoring but then don't . Also i love when everyone comes together to watch it. I just love the super bowl and cant wait for next year to see who's in it.

  34. I’m not a big football fan but I still watch the Super Bowl. For me it’s mainly a time to catch up with old friends. In my old neighborhood one of my friends would host a small Super Bowl party and the rest of the kids would come. I always looked forward to it because I liked arguing about who would win, hanging out, and watching the commercials. After we moved I didn’t see them often. I still look forward to it every year because we get to meet in person and talk about all the things we had done since last year. I might not pay too much attention to the game itself but I enjoy being around my close friends.

  35. For me, the Super Bowl is a time to hang out with friends and people that I haven’t seen in a while. My family and I always go to a family friends house and we hang out together. I don’t watch much football and I usually don’t have a preference on who wins or looses the game, but it is still fun to watch, and the commercials are usually funny. Another part of the Super Bowl that I enjoy is the food. There are always chips and wings and desserts and lots of other foods that aren’t very good for you. Even though I am not a huge football fan, it is still fun to get together with friends and party on Super Bowl Sunday every year.

  36. @Skye S I agree, most years I dont see part of my family that often, but on Super Bowl Sunday, we are able to come together and spend quality time with one another at least for one night. I for one never care who wins of loses, the joy of the game, and the joy of being with people that I love is enough.

  37. My family is huge on football. Not having the Stealers in the game hurt my parents a bit, but there's no way they could miss the game. Soccer practice canceled, Sunday night homework on pause, it's time to watch the big game. My parents went ham on the snacks and food this year. Platters or wings from buffalo wild wings, pizza from dominoes, and dad crafted ribs. Did I mention it's just a family of five that ordered for a party of twenty. Loaded up on chips, dip and soda, we feasted on all the other food we ordered. Crazy nonsense commercials come on to catch viewers eye but we make a game out of it instead. Whoever can guess what company its for the most wins, and its fun when the commercials are as weird as they are on Superbowl Sunday. Of course we placed bets on the game too. I wanted the 49's to win, but the rest of my family was pulling for the Chiefs. I thought I had the game in the bag until the fourth quarter when they blew the lead. Sadly I had to pay up, but it wasn't all that bad spending the night with my family. We spend our quality time watching the game behind a screen, but after reading the article, I see how some people celebrate the Superbowl a bit differently than me. Creating beautiful works of art that leaves viewers astonished. They rev up excitement and anticipation for the game, or capture those special moments that we want to remember. Maybe next Super Bowl I can convince my parents to go look at all the cool artwork before the big game itself.