Spotlight Falls on Democrats From Trump-Friendly States

Attention has centered on four Republicans who might break ranks in President Trump’s impeachment trial. But Democrats have their own list of potential defectors.

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  1. This is shaping up to be a very depressing day. Here are some elected officials of both parties - Jones, Sinema, Manchin, Alexander, Collins, and others- who we entrusted to make the right decisions for our country and our democracy, and what’s the number one worry on their minds? Getting re-elected.

  2. @Hamilton Lagrange And you don't think that's what's on democrats' minds?

  3. @jackie it’s certainly there but they are also doing their jobs. That’s a major difference.

  4. @jackie Well the difference is that the Dems have the benefit of having truth to back up their decision.

  5. What is the point of getting people vote for you when you then sell the soul to the devil?

  6. Joe Manchin is a Republican and should be forced to join their party and run as a Republican. He tries to come across as this cute guy who just can’t make up his mind, will do anything for his state, but relinquishes into Trump village. Just go away into the arms of the red hat, Joe. Why does he run as a Democrat anyhow? You’re not Making America Great for us Dems. Deceit.

  7. @MIMA Senator Manchin runs as a Democrat because he is a Traditional Democrat - a Democrat in the pattern of Harry Truman, Adlai Stevenson, John Kennedy, Sam Nunn and many others. In other words, a Democrat with common sense; a Democrat who understands the common man; a Democrat who is good with math.

  8. Today will indeed be a sad day for America, democracy and the rule of law. Unless some Republicans have grown a spine and a conscience overnight, Trump will be found not guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and without a single witness testimony or any new evidence introduced at the trial. I even heard that there may not even be a deliberation by the jurors (Senators) before taking a vote. What a sham! The only potential silver lining in all of this is that there may be tremendous blow back by the voters this fall resulting not only in Trump's defeat but also with the Democratics regaining control of the Senate and retaining the House with even a larger majority. It's a tall order, but the Republican complicity in Trump's coverup of his corrupt deeds and their attempt to bury the truth by refusing to allow any witnesses at the trial may elicit sufficient outrage by Americans to achieve this much needed electoral result.

  9. Trump can say whatever he wants. Regardless of whether or not he is convicted, he will be forever branded as "impeached", with and in a very small and exclusive club of our Presidents, and will take it to his grave!

  10. As I got up this morning a bit objective from the whole mess re the joke that the impeachment process has turned into, essentially on a downward spin from day one, beginning with obstruction and Republican whining and squirming, spending all their efforts to dodge their responsibilities to the people, country and constitution (remember I said a bit objective). And now the unbelieveable state we are in of counting single votes in hope of not having the Republicans (mostly the pubs that is) squeltching the possibility of simply having witnesses at a trial - their whole purpose being to subvert the process and their responsibility. *Their whole purpose!* There are no words to describe how low, dysfunctional and destructive the Pubs' singular goal, approach and behavioirs have been. Remember how appalled and blind-sided we felt when Mitch McConnell unconstitutionally held up the Supreme Court Justice nomination? (I remain appalled almost as much as I am with the impeachment). The glimmer of objectivity I felt this morning was like that of having finally left a bad job or relationship and slowly realizing just how bad it was, once removed from the daily dysfunction. Wow. It is unbelievably bad.

  11. Jones can throw away his re-election with one hand or two...his choice. Pelosi should have known that a partisan overthrow was not in the best interest of the voters.

  12. @Charlie I suspect Pelosi did know that a partisan overthrow was not in the best interests of the voters..........and not in the best interests of the Democrats as well. But the Speaker had the pressure of an unknown number of members of Congress, including some who announced their feelings before the election and before the inauguration. (That's feelings, not logic; opinions, not facts.) The Speaker may have felt she would lose the gavel if she did not give in to pressure. It's often said that all publicity is good publicity. I suspect that's not the case with this publicity: A whistle-blower who may not have heard what s/he said s/he heard; a major witness who said he 'assumed' that's what the President meant; thin statements by Rep. Schiff about "what could happen". Bad publicity can often be bad publicity, and bad publicity on national TV can cost millions of votes.

  13. Don’t gloat too much. There is no stain on Trump for having been put through this purely partisan impeachment. All that has been demonstrated is that Democrats hate him, but enquiring minds already knew and understood that. Without any Republican votes condemning him—either in the house or in the senate—this so-called “impeachment” has been far closer to a conventional election than any kind of trial, criminal or otherwise. Trump will emerge as a martyr to the Democrats’ vindictiveness, and all future presidents will be more likely to be subjected to a purely partisan impeachment as a result.

  14. In what universe is Joe Manchin a Democrat? In the 2106 WV primaries Bernie trounced Hillary and Bernie is the antithesis of Manchin. Manchin has carved out for himself a fiefdom in WV which has nothing to do with the needs of its voters; he's just got lots of money and the DNC behind him. Why can't the Democrats run a true progressive against him and actually see what happens, instead of assuming that he's unassailable?

  15. @stan continople Precisely. If Joe Manchin is a Democrat, and Bernie Sanders (as so many are fond of saying) is "not a Democrat," then I guess I'm not really a Democrat either. Our Party seems far more interested in welcoming "moderate" defectors from the Republican side.

  16. @stan continople Why can't the Democrats run a true progressive against him? Because the progressive candidate would lose.

  17. It should be clear to Americans that an impeachment trial is primarily a publicity stunt. The Republican dominated Senate is not going to convict and even if they did there is nothing but honor to force Trump into resigning. If Americans look closely at the Nixon resignation they will see he quit before the embarrassment of being impeached. There is no way the 'honorable' Donald J. Trump is ever going to resign.

  18. @Dave Steffe Do you think that Pence is so enamored of Trump that he would allow him to keep the office when Pence could have it without an election? Trump would be removed, one way or the other.

  19. Indeed, this should not be about politics. This should be about what is right and wrong. But it has come to be only about politics; that is a blot upon our nation and (quoting an old country song) "a would time can't erase." Sadly, the Republicans have made it poison pill politics. Trump's venality, incompetence, lack of wisdom and knowledge, compounded by his criminal behavior, make him the malignant entity that he is, unfit to hold his office. It's beyond political positions; we all know sane and moral conservatives. Trump's illegal and immoral behavior is the issue. Before it is too late - several hours from now - I hope that enough senators will search their souls, and not their campaign funds, and do the right thing: give the citizens whose taxes pay them to represent US (not just his party) a fair, complete and honest trial of Trump. If after the evidence is fully heard and read into the trial record, at least we can accept the verdict, even if we disagree with it.

  20. When it comes down to it, the heck with conscience and fairness and the constitution! These four senators want to protect their electability, their cushy jobs with the best health care tax payers can provide for them. So they are willing to make all kinds of mental and ethical contortions to see nothing wrong with trump’s behavior. It’s enough to make me lose all respect for politicians and their self serving “ethics”.

  21. @Manuela Bonnet-Buxton what about the republicans?

  22. Any Democrats that don’t see trump’s actions in the White House, his entire life actually, as criminal, are only betraying the nation to try and keep their cushy jobs. They should lose them.

  23. The Walter Cronkite Republican observes the American justice system, founded on the principle of a defendant being innocent until proven guilty is corrupted and perverted when the defense, the court and jury conspire to obstruct the introduction and consideration of the testimony and evidence that demonstrates guilt.

  24. Though it's a tough time to be a Democrat in a red state, these people have to stand up for what is right, namely, witnesses and conviction. Just as for Republicans, re-election should not be as important as ethics.

  25. I hear many complaints that no Senators from the GOP have the courage to break ranks and vote guilty on the Trump impeachment. To the best of my recollection, no Democrats voted guilty in the Clinton trial either. Presidential impeachment, at least in this century, is nothing but a theatre piece in which the result is preordained by the party split in the Senate, and each player simply speaks his lines in order to get them into the record.

  26. Writ large, impeachment used in this context as a partisan tool bears a lot of resemblance to the “no confidence“ vote in a parliamentary democracy. Given the general disdain for President Trump on the left dating back to the election, this comparison is even more apt. Otherwise, the general crowing about the constitution is nothing but background noise. This approach is in essence an end run around the constitution. It matters not one whit whether you like or despise President Trump, the entire process at the moment is entirely dysfunctional, and emotion rather than results rules the airwaves.

  27. Isn't it true that the majority of the American public wants to hear witnesses in this impeachment trial? WHY IS NO ONE LISTENING TO THAT? We pay their salaries.

  28. In the article, Michigan Senator Gary Peters,,- a Democrat, is identified as a possible "defector" in the impeachment vote. That characterization is unfair and lacks any actual support in the article. Senator Peters will follow his conscience, American values, and deep respect for his Michigan constituents in his votes. He always has, and always will.

  29. @Been there done that it’s time for Gary Peters to stand up and clearly identify whether he stands for American Democracy or moral decline. Michigan needs our senators to stand up and clearly support the rule of law. Anything less will destroy his candidacy.

  30. Maybe Democrats in red states should be first concerned about justice and what is right, above of their political careers. If that is not enough reason for them, he may make republicans happy, voting to acquit Trump, but those are no the people who would vote for them in the first place. This is an important historical moment, and people won't likely forget this. It doesn't matter if they will make some republicans happy. They will probably get primaried before those republicans even get a chance to vote for them. Also, nobody likes an unprincipled coward. If they vote to impeach Trump, they may not win the next election, but if they vote to acquit, their political careers will be over--or at least they should be.