Pompeo Calls China’s Ruling Party ‘Central Threat of Our Times’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made the stark statement at a meeting with his British counterpart, where he also talked up the prospect of a U.S. trade deal with Britain.

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  1. Nice job there, publicly disrespecting one of your most important allies' most important economic partners at a time when such partnerships are critical for their survival. Political acumen on display = zero. But hey, you got to be a big, swaggering tough-talking manly man, just like when you totally schooled that silly reporter lady.

  2. That's surprising. I thought Pompeo considered either Satan or uppity women reporters as the central threat of our times.

  3. Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. This rant by Pompeo I can agree with. The chinese clearly are seeking world domination.

  5. The central threat of our times is the GOP.

  6. Pompeo is running for POTUS.

  7. What timing! On the same front page: xenophobia is rising against China, and now this from our great statesman.

  8. Whatever. I'm sure China would say exactly the same thing about Donald Trump's United States.

  9. I see a threat. Wasn’t this guy flagged not to receive a security clearance yet he did? Trump administration has yet to reveal details of Jared Kushner's secretive 2017 meeting in China PUBLISHED THU, JAN 30 2020 8:52 AM EST UPDATED THU, JAN 30 2020 10:24 AM EST Kayla Tausche What wasn't on the White House or State Department agendas: a meeting with private equity investors convened by Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior advisor, and U.S. Ambassador Terry Branstad. During our conversation with Shong at the time, he revealed he had accepted the administration's invitation for Chinese investors to offer advice in a small-group forum with the two U.S. officials as they worked to outline the administration's policy. "Both sides, of course, realize we have challenges," Shong said of the meeting's tenor, in our two-person interview setup in the lobby of the China World hotel. "From the investment point of view, I can see both sides can benefit a lot for the future investment opportunities."

  10. The central threat of our times is King Donald and his court jesters. They will all be in jail before too long. Donald included.

  11. Anybody familiar with China and its culture knows it’s not a threat to anyone. Pompeo is voicing the creed of the wealthy elite who fear that China’s economic growth and modernization will surpass the US. Indeed it has and will but because we no longer have the dynamic that is associated with progress. I don’t fear China. I fear Trump and Pompeo who act like authoritarians afraid to compete and trade with the world. I pray Trump is stopped before he brings us to war and failure like Nazi Germany.

  12. The 'central threat of our time' is the fool in the White House and the sycophants like Pompeo that he employs. Neither of them understand an iota about geopolitics nor do they show the requisite intellectual curiosity required to grasp the world's complexities. At pivotal times in this country's history we've been blessed with talented people in positions of leadership. That lucky trend ended with George W Bush during 9-11 and has continued with Trump and his moronic minions, who have infected our Federal government with their mediocre intellects, suffused with Trump's maligned version of our beautiful country.

  13. It’s a pity that the Trump administration was so ignorant of international relations, and so confident was our President that he thought he could insult our allies and go it alone as leader. Well, “surprise-surpr-eyes” that kind of behavior is a threat to national security and has left our Stable Genius like the Emperor — without Clothes and our citizens likewise without security. A nauseating piece of Lie-a-Day garbage.

  14. The central threat of our time is the Trump administration. Welcome to chaos, a cabinet of ignorance, racism, misogynistic behaviour and no moral centre. I wonder how trigger happy they are, hmmmmm. Remember 2020.

  15. Trump is the central threat to our times.

  16. Wrong again "Pompous" the trump administration is a far bigger threat.

  17. Mmmm. No. That would be Trump. And the effect is world wide, not just in America.

  18. I think the biggest threat of our time is no-nothing, way out of their depths, mobster wannabes hijacking democracies the world over.

  19. At the meeting of Arctic nations Mr Pompeo provided Canada with proof of who are biggest threat was when he questioned our authority over our inland waterways and Russia joined the Scandinavians in asserting Canada's rights. We cannot defend ourselves against the USA and like Ukraine there is much we cannot say.

  20. The real threat from China is the spread of authoritarian Communism which appeals to trump and sycophants. We are becoming more Chinese, giving away the people’s authority to self govern. Trump is jealous of Xi, self appointed lifetime “president” of China.

  21. Pompeo took Minister Raab into his private living room off of the meeting area. There, he screamed at Raab with a stream of expletives, shouting “”Do you even know where China is?” He then had aides bring in a blank map of the world, and demanded that Raab point to China on the map. Raab did so. Pompeo petulantly groused that “you almost pointed to Bangladesh”, and angrily stomped from the room.

  22. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has raised hundreds of million of Chinese people from abject poverty to middle-class economic status. The CCP sends entrepreneurs and engineers not soldiers to other countries. Today the WHO thanked the government of China for its huge efforts to stop and cure the Wuhan coronavirus.

  23. CCP killed and enslaved millions during the Cultural Revolution, and before and after during Mao’s reign of terror, later Tianemen Square massacre . . . , Muslims in prison camps, surveillance state . .

  24. Some one please remind this guy watch out his big mouth. If the Chinese got angry they might slow down to delivery the toilet paper to the US then all of us will have a big problem to solve.

  25. @Lle maybe then we (or should I say, Trump) wouldn't have to flush his toilets a dozen times.

  26. The central threat of our times is sitting on our hands.

  27. Trumps not-so-mini Me. SAD.

  28. The central threat facing this country is the increasingly autocratic rule of Trump and the demolishing of the rule of law and the Constitution under this administration. While we are focused on the impeachment trial, Barr is busy today continuing to bend the Justice Department into a political weapon to be used in the service of Trump and his re-election. I’d gladly face the threat of China if we had a functioning government dedicated to actually protecting this country and our democratic institutions.

  29. The primary harm “of our times” (whatever that means — from the perspective of traditional American values? — is America’s governance of free enterprise.

  30. @Daniel Kauffman Of course, good agreements must be negotiated or there is nothing to govern.

  31. The US administration long ago determined that Russia is an ally as would be a UK withdrawn from the EU. It has isolated itself from the EU and even its best traditional friend Canada. It has withdrawn troops and intelligence agencies from Africa, and expounded at great length against the United Nations Organization. The president even tried to keep Congressional mandated funds out of the hands the Ukraine until he was caught by the whistle-blower (truly Red-handed in alliance with Putin). It temporarily threw away the alliance with the Kurds until it realized that oil fields would be left undefended. Please notice that it has not withdrawn any of the naval or air forces from areas surrounding China, even though China (unlike Russia. China is not the "central threat of our times." Pompeo has it wrong: the central threat to world peace and stability is the administration he belongs to.

  32. Trump is the central threat of our time

  33. Wait a minute- I thought the axis of evil was N Korea, Iran and Iraq. Then Cuba, Libya and Syria somehow got lumped into the mix. Then Russia interfered in our elections. Now we are adding China to the list of evil empires? Who’s not on the list ( other than Saudi Arabia and Israel of course.)

  34. Will probably antagonize friends over this comment (Much like my antagonism of a law school Criminal Law professor when I as a first year law student with youthful impudence declared in open class that it was categorically impossible IMHO for criminal defendants of color and of no economic means to ever be accorded a trial by a jury of their peers. Where would this jury come from?) Anyway, here i go again. While I categorically disagree with Pompeo's politricks, I do understand the sentiment. As a deft responder to ever-changing world events, Democracy - always overrated as a finely tune functional model of government -is slow, unwieldy and prone to being mired in 'navel gazing - like paralysis' in times of immediate crises. Perhaps the nerd in me should have never read "The Art of War".

  35. China is a major threat. The central threat of our times, however, is Trump, Pompeo, Barr, Kavanagh, McConnell, Nunes, etc. They keep strengthening China and forcing other nations into alliance with China. Idiocracy indeed.

  36. USA has declared war on China. It's a good thing for Pompeo, Pence, Bannon, Navarro & Co. to openly bash China. It should kill off any fantasy still lingering inside the head of what some Chinese netizens called "Public Intellectuals" (Gōng Zhī), or their influence. They imagine that China can still be USA's friend. Tune them out. China should focus on executing their 2025 plan and become self-sufficient.

  37. I wonder if Pompeo will dare to curse at a Chinese journalist. Standing there and smiling with Mr. Raab while Great Britain stabs us in the back with Huawei is not comforting. A British company actually interfered in our presidential election. How are we still friends?

  38. The central threat of our times is the Republican Party, not China.

  39. I would venture to suggest that Pompeo and Trump and the blinded Republican Party are the central threat of our times. Historians will view events they have ushered as the hinge point in the transition of the American Constitutional Republic to something different; the American Authoritarian Theocracy perhaps? Something more sinister, whose names would be considered "uncivil?"

  40. Actually Americans could care less about China's government. We are concerned about the threat posed to our democracy by Trump and the GOP.

  41. Since Putin's Russia is China's little minion we should also be concerned with the shenanigans of the Russians. Oddly Pompeo and Trump don't see them as a threat.I guess questionable bank loans trump national security,

  42. Ironic, coming from the Secretary of State of a government that is more aptly termed "the central threat of our times"...

  43. Trump, Pompeo and Barr are the central threat of our times.

  44. "Pompeo Calls China's Ruling Party 'Central Threat of Our Times" China may threaten us in many ways, but Russia is more dangerous to our American democracy than China, especially with Mr. Trump in the White House. I truly believe that the biggest 'threats of our times' are Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump, Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell, Mick Mulvaney, Lindsey Graham, Devon Nunes, and 95% of complicit current Republican Senators and House members, Look at Mike Pompeo's unforgivable behavior with an American reporter from NPR, and his shocking performance in undermining Marie Yovanovitch. Watch Bill Barr's despicable lack of integrity in scamming the American people with the Mueller report, and his Banana Republic treatment of Trump's political opponents. When the truth doesn't matter, when it's more important to vilify American citizens for disagreements in policy, when covering up wrongdoing is the norm of the day, we truly have lost our American way. How I long for the days of George Walker Bush and Ronald Reagan. My hope is that somehow someway we return to civility, and realize whether Democrat or Republican, we must return to our American values, together.

  45. Pompeo and Trump are the most immediate major threats of our time.

  46. I guess he needed a plausible scapegoat to avoid acknowledging that the greatest threat to the country is the criminal insurgency masquerading as a presidency.

  47. An Opinion printed today in the South China Morning Post ends by saying “What is different since the 1980s reign of Ronald Reagan is that a conservative constitutional theory has been articulated to justify a “unitary executive” president. Sounds familiar? That’s because the Chinese constitution also defines the one-party state as “unitary”, unencumbered by checks and balances. Far be it that China would evolve to be like America, in their 21st century rivalry, it’s the latter that will likely become more like the former.” Pompeo thinks he is talking about China but he is describing his vision of America

  48. In light of this weeks events concerning china espionage activites in the US, including arrest of the Harvard professor :https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/28/us/charles-lieber-harvard.html. And the banning of chinese made drone use by the US interior dept this week: https://www.digitaltrends.com/news/department-of-interior-bans-chinese-drones/ Also the arrest of PLA members: https://www.justice.gov/usao-ma/pr/harvard-university-professor-and-two-chinese-nationals-charged-three-separate-china. In this instance, IMHO, the secretary is absolutely correct to characterize these folks as such.

  49. Is Pompeo in the gradual process of inventing an enemy?

  50. Russia has sold itself to Trump and conservative Republicans as Evangelical, gun loving, and most importantly, white in skin tone. In the end, it's always about race. Or money. Conservatives always need a boogeyman, it's China's turn.

  51. Pompeo certainly does a crackerjack job representing the current adminstration's policies. He's arrogant, vain and he speaks with the proverbial 'forked tongue' so many have come to loathe. What country, trading partner, and/or ally would ever trust such a band of hot air?

  52. Trump or Clinton, the demented American ruling class would prefer World War Three to yielding global supremacy to China or any other nation. The atomic scientists have declared that the danger of nuclear war has never been higher than at present. The wars of US imperialism are the main threat to humankind and that most emphatically includes the American people themselves.

  53. Second only to the current government of the United States, which leads an international movement to subvert constitutional democracy and replace it with an alliance of xenophobic plutocracies.

  54. As the leader of the free world throughout the history of globalization, the United States has led the fight against authoritarian governments that oppress their own people. I can’t stop wondering who will save the American people (you and I) if we stumble into a dictatorship. With this trial appearing to come to a close because Republicans are choosing party over country, we have never been closer to that scenario, and I have no idea who can or will save us.

  55. ... But, Mr. Pompeo, we have the same problem here...