Deaths Surpass 200, and State Department Urges Against Travel to China

The United States set its advisory at Level 4, which represents the highest safety risk. The World Health Organization said the virus represents a risk outside of China.

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  1. You know, you’d think that in a world dominated by communication infrastructure, we would be able to formulate a plan against a threat that affects every single person. What interests want to see the virus spread? There should be active streams of data between governments, scientists and doctors in every country.

  2. @Milo Shields It is called the internet and I am sure they are already doing it. Labs around the world are working on a vaccine but the thing is there is no cure so just have to wait it out like the flu.

  3. @milo - agree. Viruses are quick to exploit entry ways such as the spaces between research silos.

  4. @Milo Shields The problem is deciding on the level of quarantine. If you have to go to shutting down non essential business it has a huge impact on the economy. Within a week we will know if current interventions are working and if they are not then there are many problems.

  5. This is ridiculous. Russia should be allowing those who want to leave China to move to safety in Russia.

  6. How old are the people who have died? The risk of respiratory failure should be much higher in those over 60 or very young. If most deaths are in these age ranges and others recover, this would be helpful to know

  7. Exactly. Earlier articles I read stated all deaths but one were people over 60.

  8. It is true that the vast majority of the deaths have been among the elderly.

  9. Why is the question quarantine still in the talking stages and not already in place. What's the waiting for and what ever happened to better be safe than dead mentality. For life's sake what's the holdup? The cost involved I hope is not a consideration. Trump could pay for the whole thing out of his own pocket to give back to society that which he made profit wise through his ill gotten monetary gains. Give back Mr. President it'll buy you votes. Only this time make sure it's your own money being used.

  10. @Vincent the answer is simple.... any response that is perceived to be radical in nature, regardless of what that response is, and whether or not required, will result in a huge stock sell off, which will crash the market. Trump is actually much better off politically to let the virus kill people (US citizens). If he does something that crashes the stock market he is done like dinner. And true to form Trump will do what is best for him, his family and his (God forbid...let us hope it does not occur) re-election. It's all about the

  11. Thanks to NYT reporters for a comprehensive update. Collective humanity, in less than 200 years, has set the world wobbling with massive pollution and reckless use of resources. To that we can now add a footprint which so impinges on other species that we regularly suffer their sickness. That's called irony and just desserts as we reap what we sow.

  12. The rapid spread of the virus is now testing the global interconnectivity. Very likely, all of the Western Pacific Rim will incur economic downgrade. Japan is mentioned in the Article. The 2020 Summer Olympics begins in Tokyo in late July.

  13. I recall an earlier edition photo in which a patient was being treated in Banda Aceh. Has the diagnosis been changed or is there a reported case in Indonesia?

  14. There seems to be a lack of understanding of the situation by the Australians who don't want to spend a fortnight on Christmas Island. The most optimistic prediction for staying in Wuhan is being stuck there for 3 months under various restrictions in a city with a very stressed health system. Worst case scenarios are too awful to contemplate.

  15. I have a question. Why are the people that were flown into CA only being held for 3 days and if they want to leave they can? While the time frame of showing symptoms is up to two weeks? Is this how the Coronavirus is going to spread in the US.

  16. @Denise the answer is yes

  17. The 72-hour quarantine is so they can send samples from all the passengers for testing at the CDC - an earlier article said that three days would be sufficient time to run the tests.

  18. @Laura Then why are they saying these people can leave if they like. VA is still waiting on one test which has been more than three days. Wouldn’t you think It would better to wait to make sure than not.

  19. If I was an investor in China, I would be pulling my money out of the country yesterday. This only gets worse and is a very good example of how woefully unprepared the Chinese government and its people are of containing crises.

  20. I can't be the only person noticing that all these things seem to start in or very near China: avian flu, swine flu, SARS, coronavirus ... Bats have been implicated in this coronavirus outbreak. Are they also identified as potential hosts for the other viruses?

  21. They have live animal markets that is the source of contamination .... it’s both exotic wildlife and domesticated animals . They need to close down all wildlife trade

  22. Given how controlling the Chinese Politburo is, and how fearful local government officials are of being responsible for anything that gets in the away of its plans for the country, I would not be the least surprised to learn that there have been multiple other animal-to-human viruses identified in China over the years but systematically hidden from the public.

  23. @Beth J they need to follow hygienic food practices...the Chinese have already destroyed their own environment and their handling of food is disgusting...they might as well just be butchering & prepping their meat & seafood in the sewer.

  24. Wilbur Ross, Mr. Burns look-alike, acts more like him every day. Whole lotta suffering going on and he's rubbing his hands with glee.

  25. @GK Mr. Burns! Thanks for making me laugh for the first time during this dark week.

  26. **Hey y’all the way to sneeze is into the crook of your elbow, not into your hand** Pass it on (get it? :) NYT, please do a piece on simple day-to-day germ spread prevention.

  27. If Wilber Ross really said that he should be fired and sent to an old folks home

  28. @Prudence Spencer That would be an act of unspeakable cruelty, to the seniors already resident in the home. Fortunately I have an alternative solution, take him to Alaska, stick him on an ice floe, wave goodby.

  29. @Prudence Spencer ...he should be quarantined and then hospitalized with the criminally insane.

  30. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross should fly into Wuhan to negotiate personally with the companies to relocate. He could also visit the hospitals to learn what medical supplies we can sell them that they lack.

  31. “Jobs might move back to the US as a result”. Always money, money, money with the US...

  32. @S First it is not all the US, it is Trump and his minority. Second, Holland has sometimes acted like this in the past. So, please do not look at it by country, which is unfair and divisive, but by political party, by certain groups within each country, and ultimately by individual morals. Your comment would be something that the Russian trolls would post on social media to cause divisions in society. Be careful.

  33. Each and every American citizen is complicit in each and every decision made by the Presidential administration, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. Those politicians and jurist/politicians control official United States’ policies and are the official “face” of us, the American people. It is we who should “be careful” of the choices we make in electing candidates to those positions.

  34. Wilbur Ross is a ghoul, smacking his gums over the possibility that this tragedy will make America great again. Was there ever a more despicable cabinet than this?

  35. @DaWill He sees it as an opportunity to make money! just one example from his bio: "In February 2002, WL Ross & Co founded International Steel Group. He first agreed to buy the assets of bankrupt Ling-Temco-Vought for $325 million, paying $11 per ton of capacity when other firms were trading for $200 per ton of capacity.[19] A few weeks later, George W. Bush slapped a 30% tariff on many types of imported steel. A year later, WL Ross & Co acquired the assets of bankrupt Bethlehem Steel. As part of the bankruptcy reorganizations, these companies shifted their huge pension liabilities to the government-backed Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Ross had support from the United Steelworkers, negotiating a deal to save some jobs. In April 2005, WL Ross & Co sold International Steel Group to Mittal Steel Company for $4.5 billion and made 12.5 times its original investment. Ross personally made a $260 million profit on his $3 million investment." from Wikipedia on W. Ross

  36. It’s worse than that. He’s busy figuring out a way to make a buck off this impending tragedy. Guaranteed.

  37. @DaWill don't discard the possibility for re-election in November. Then the show will restart with its true force!

  38. WIlbur Ross is beyond cruel and clueless.In the midst of a dire worldwide medical emergency he is wondering out loud if the US will profit because of the dislocation of people.If he has nothing constructive to say, he should keep quiet.I hope the rest of the world does not think that he speaks for us.We are all In this together and the US will lead the way in identifying and finding a way to contain the virus.To think that the Commerce Secretary is only concerned about the US job market just illustrates the moral depravity of the Trump administration.

  39. @JANET MICHAEL I completely agree with your comment regarding Wilbur Ross. But, if you think the US, under the leadership of people like Trump and Ross will do an effective job at containing the virus, I have a bridge to sell you. Trump has loaded every vital department with incompetents. We are in for a deadly ride.

  40. @JANET MICHAEL There is a point where we sadly have to admit that while neither you nor I want anything to do with the depravity of this administration, somehow this is who "we" are now to the world. Measuring by Wilbur Ross, we are sociopaths. Measuring by Trump, we are extortionists and conmen. Measuring by the Senate, we are lost.

  41. @Mark Yes. In other words, he does, officially, speak for us. ("I hope the rest of the world does not think that he speaks for us.") To change that, we need to boot Trump & Co. out of office.

  42. Wilbur Ross’ comment is so utterly uninformed it is laughable. He seems to think that a virus that is less fatal than the current influenza is going to get Apple to just pack up its iPhone factory tomorrow and move it to the US. It is hard to believe this man is in a position of power.

  43. @Theresa Nelson I long for the days when all we had to worry about was Wilbur Ross falling asleep at his desk during the day.

  44. @Theresa Nelson Pick any member of the Trump administration and you could say the same. Starting at the very top.

  45. @Theresa Nelson This is SOP for the Trump administration, rooting for the coronavirus while cutting people's healthcare. After the Black Death swept Europe, wages went up for those peasants who manged to survive, so we do have something to look forward to! Never was Poe's story the "Masque of the Red Death" more appropriate for our modern day "nobility".

  46. Since these viruses are a threat to humanity, is it not morally imperative for us all, regardless of culture, religion, nationality, etc. to speak out against, if not actively forbid, the trafficking and sale of certain wild animals for human consumption?

  47. @Father of One agreed! We should stop eating wild game meats!

  48. @Father of One day late and a dollar short

  49. Meanwhile it would behoove us all to demand an end to feeding massive amounts of antibiotics to factory-farmed animals in the US, as this is driving development of antibiotic resistant bacteria and general antibiotic resistance, which means we are facing a return to the pre-antibiotic state of affairs for humans.

  50. Risk awareness for this apparent pandemic in the making is certainly a good thing. I fear hysteria is taking hold (I'd prefer a less offensive adjective but can't think of one). Let's marvel at the brilliant institution in place to assess the situation - CDC, WHO etc.). Let's call on the media to be hyper responsible in not fanning the flames of overreaction. Until we have a better understanding of lethality and DALY burden of this pathogen, world leaders have a very difficult job of balancing the impact of containment efforts against the overall risk of widespread contagion. Containment may no longer possible but there are benefits to slowing it down. Let's not trigger a world-wide recession - the cure being worse than the disease. Individual outcomes may be heartbreaking; the 1918 pandemic greatly affected my orphaned grandfather and left holes in my own family history but communities managed the situation with far less tools than we have today.

  51. How nice of Wilbur to think foreigners dying from a virus is good for American business. Typical Republican thinking.

  52. Wilbur Ross must not realize how much of our supply chain is tied to Chinese production capacity. The corona virus will have negative effects both in terms of transport of goods to and from China and also in terms of the likely shut down of Chinese factories as a health precaution Wilbur does not get it.

  53. @Joe From Boston Wilbur never did

  54. Joe From Boston, Is that the same Wilbur Ross - a very wealthy man whom, during the longest period of government shutdown in American history, appeared to be baffled as to why unpaid mothballed government workers, could not simply get "bank loans" to tide them and their families through that hungry Christmas? If so, then yes, you are correct: #WilburDoesNotGetIt

  55. Good Old Trumpsters: - "hey this potato famine is a good thing, we need Irish people to open up the west" -- "the bubonic plague is great, one day Europeans will sail to the New World and create TrumpMerica" --- " The Santorini explosion is great, now the Greeks have to spread their civilization everywhere"

  56. Depend on a member of Trump's cabinet to deliver the most selfish point of view in the face of others’ grave misfortune. And way to smooth the path for the next round of China trade talks, Wilbur!

  57. Trump official Wilbur Ross's comment is repugnant. It's akin to dancing on the graves of those afflicted, dying and dead. I know it's par for the course for this administration, but someone has to eventually ask, "Have they no human decency?"

  58. @Stephen Collingsworth Asked, and answered. No. Period.

  59. What a remarkably insensitive and, well, ghoulish comment from the Commerce Secretary. Only the best people...

  60. Wilbur Ross’ comments border on mean spiritedness! Welcome to Donald Trump’s America of 2020! Indeed, The Gutter Has Come To Power!!!

  61. Why, Mr. Ross, would you even contemplate saying the things you did? By your own quote " I don’t want to talk about a victory lap over a very unfortunate, very malignant disease", then going ahead and doing so you show a total disregard for humanity and those that have died or are sick. You also stated "a prevalence of diseases in China..a factor in businesses leaving the country and relocating to North America". On what information is that guess based? They will only return here? Why not another country? Beware of your tunnel vision, Mr. Ross. Unfortunately it seems you have checked your humanity at the door. Sad.

  62. Agree with your comments. Ross behavior aligns with the rest of the trump administration.

  63. Quite apart from the sheer inhumanity of Ross’s comments, no doubt parroting what Trump said, Ross doesn’t seem to have epidemiology terminology quite right. Wouldn’t he have been better off with incidence, not prevalences? And plural???

  64. Clearly Wilbur Ross lacks a moral compass to have made such a callous remark. What amazes me is how utterly obtuse he is. And, it's a commentary on the caliber of people Donald Trump surrounds himself with.

  65. Wilbur Ross's statement is truly distressing.

  66. @Really concerned No, it is not! What people should do is go back and see what previous Presidents that they voted for said about trade with China! After they do that, then fast forward to the present and see if our country is better off with having so much reliance on an authoritative regime like China?

  67. Hong Kong has now closed high speed Train system between Hong Kong and China.

  68. Shades of 1984: War is peace. Now a potentially deadly world wide virus spread is framed as bringing us a boost in our jobs? Is their any decency left in us?

  69. The comments by Sec Ross are cold. The desire to make money off the misfortune of others speaks volumes to the character of the man and Trump - they have none.

  70. Wilber Ross declares the coronavirus will drive American corporations to move jobs back to the USA? Rubbish. Corporations these days are about following the money; first, last, and always. If some employees or manufacturers become sick, it’s just the cost of doing business. And while they’re at it, they may chip away at the employee health care too. You know, because viruses are expensive to treat.

  71. The moral depravity of Commerce Secretary Ross' statement would be remarkable in any administration other than this one. It is the moral equivalent of saying that Airbus plane crashes are good because they lead to sales opportunities for Boeing. I think that the average six-year-old has a stronger moral compass than that. I could say that such an offensive statement, made as fellow human beings lie sick and dying, can reasonably lead to no other result than an abject apology and a resignation. However, as matters stand, I have no hope and no expectations. I can only add to all Americans, if this administration is re-elected in November, you, all, own this.

  72. The problem is that the figures coming out of China are not reliable, the number of deaths and infections could easily be many times what they are admitting to. China talks a good game about its response but I suspect the reality is very, very different. As long a China allows travel outside of its borders the virus will continue to spread. This might be a good time to switch suppliers for much of our goods and services. I understand the British might be willing to make a deal or two.

  73. Leave it to Wilbur Ross to wake up and say the wrong thing at the wrong time. He thinks of nothing but money and sleeping.

  74. What a thoughtful sensitive comment by the Commerce Secretary, keeping in line with the sensitive thoughtful administrations. 8000 people are infected and he's licking his chops for new business. It writes itself.

  75. Rich people eating exotic wildlife like bats in China have hurt everybody. Next thing you know, the rich will be buying powdered rhinoceros horn to use as an aphrodisiac, and drive the rhinos extinct. You can't fix dumb, especially among the bored wealthy.

  76. @Will Hogan "Next thing you know, the rich will be buying powdered rhinoceros horn to use as an aphrodisiac, and drive the rhinos extinct" It's happening now. Northern white rhinos have only 2 females left, and if artificial insemination doesn't work, the entire species will be extinct. Chinese medicine is to blame, so even though China tries to tout itself as a modern civilization, its still stuck in medieval times in other ways. Ignorance kills.

  77. In other words, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross....."we see this virus and the human deaths it's causing as a GOLDEN business opportunity and we intend to profit from this tragedy..." Nice GOPeople November 3 2020

  78. Wilbur, Is this along the same lines as the way the smallpox virus helped the Colonists clear out the native population?

  79. Just to clarify one thing here. According to news reports, the two cases in Vietnam involved two Chinese nationals who travel in Vietnam. The father flew in from Wuhan to visit his son, who had already stayed in VN, and infected his son. So, the infection was "imported" from China and transmitted to another visiting Chinese who had not been in China during the outbreak. The writing by NYT could have been interpreted as something that originated in Vietnam, which was not the case.

  80. The Coronavirus is different from others because it may paralyze the Chinese Economy, which would in turn cripple the economies that rely upon it. Wilber Ross doesn't seem up to the job he was given by another executive who isn't up to the job. I guess Ross's three wives and two divorces made him more attractive to the president.

  81. How ignorant it is that someone like Wilbur Ross would suggest the idea that a rapidly spreading disease could be good for America. One of the worst outcomes of the emergence of new diseases is the irrational responses by illinformed people in governments and the general population. Epidemiologic and other public health experts should be the primary source of information but we live in an age where misinformation spreads faster than the disease itself. Authoritarian governments and others who propogate nonsense in the face of danger pose the greatest threat to the health of everyone.

  82. Here I thought this was about Russia closing their border. The genie is out of the bottle, and not even Putin can force it back in. Hoping for the best!

  83. Wilbur Ross's comment fits right in with putting profits over pollution here in the US. It's the lords and serfs mentality. Ross would be smart to keep his thoughts private, as most smart lords do.

  84. Ross gave the opinion I would expect from a capital-extremist. Not surprising at all.

  85. When is the U.S. going to halt all flights from China? What’s it going to take? It’s good to see that some other countries are taking this seriously.

  86. Picture of Coronavirus patient being treated in hospital is of great concern.Patient is intubated and mechanically ventilated, with copious amount of seemingly purulent secretions visible in ventilator tubing.It indicates serious condition, possibly pulmonary edema or condition known as ARDS. We still don’t know enough about course of novel coronavirus infection.Mortality seem to be around 2-3%, but what is the incidence of serious complications, like one seen on published picture?Although seemingly less deadly than SARS, looks as if this infection spreads more easily from human to human and can become a global threat.

  87. do the math. the current rate of increase is cases rivals that of the 1918 flu epidemic. human-to-human transmission began mid-december. the number of cases is currently doubling weekly...8000 confirmed cases and more than 12,000 suspected cases as of 24 hours ago. there is no vaccine or rumors of a vaccine. time for happy talk has come and gone.

  88. Remember that the flu and common cold are also highly infectious and rampant right now. Also, there is “no vaccine” and “no known cure” for the common cold.

  89. @Laume the common cold does not have a mortality rate of 15 percent as does this betacoronavirus.

  90. As of today, the number of dead is greater than that of recovered according to official data. Therefore, the fatality rate is still a developing story.

  91. “It will make companies move jobs into USA” What kind of fools are running this country, and why am I wasting my tax money on them?

  92. So the World Health Organization is thinking about declaring the Wuhan Pneumonia Virus an International Emergency. Russia signals closing its 2,600 mile border (good luck with that) and people are demanding that all flights from China cease... Plain old fashioned, knee jerk reactions that won't change a thing or have any affect on the current crisis! Folks, you need to stop for a moment and think about this simple fact that the NYT hasn't mentioned... Do you really have any idea as to where your medication is coming from? You just might want to Google the subject before demanding all flights and other forms of transportation be stopped! The sad reality is that our country has outsourced a lot of manufacturing to other countries that include China. Do you really think that a new Vaccine will be made in the United States? Do you really think the you will be among the first to get the vaccine, if it is even made in the next few months or year? The problem that few Americans understand is that most of our vaccines (and medicine) is made in other country's, including China. So with this fact in mind, one of the concerns is: "During a pandemic, would a vaccine made in another country be distributed evenly to other countries?" Sadly, the answer is no: With 1.4 Billion people, I'm betting that, despite contracts and agreements, China would divert their production for their own population!

  93. What I think of, actually, is the character Jude Law played in “Contagion.”

  94. @Robert Watched the movie, a bit over-dramatic for my tastes and some of the statements not based on facts. As you know, Jude Law character was into conspiracy theories and providing false information about useless cures. I have a lot of direct access to actual scientists. I also read a lot of publications written by those scientists. The concerns about our over-reliance and outsourcing of critical supplies to countries not friendly to the United States has been written about by our own government, including well respected scientist and by respected media sources. Start with Googling: Where are prescription drugs made? Google: U.S. officials worried about Chinese control of American drug supply... and see what you come up with? Look up the NYT article: Drug Making's Move Abroad Stirs Concerns, that was written in 2009. Now if I were to proof read my posts before submitting, I would come across better. (Most of the time I am very tired when I post.) The point I am making is that when I post, everything can be verified with respected sources. If I express an opinion, I usually state it is an opinion clearly. I am not into panic, over-reaction or hyperbole. I am not even into conspiracy theories. I have even pointed out that when it comes to the search for intelligent life, there is a reason why all of our scientist point their equipment away from earth... which people might want to think about before posting! :)

  95. Dear Wilbur Ross: Please read "The Plague" by Camus and let us know, afterwards, whether you still think in terms of profiting from the Wuhan Coronavirus.

  96. The sheer depravity of Mr. Ross is astounding. It is men like him who exported US jobs to China because they were willing to work for less. And now he thinks it is a positive for the US that people are dying of this virus in China and these jobs will come back to the US?

  97. @SV I agree. Shameful. These people care only about money at any cost.

  98. According to Forbes & WSJ - 3 months ago - when emerging tariffs have caused companies to relocate, the most common destination has been Vietnam. I can't imagine why a virus - that has registered fewer cases in Vietnam than in the U.S. - should cause companies to return to the U.S. What's the missing piece of this puzzle, besides Wilbur Ross' imagination?

  99. I cannot imagine Wilbur Ross’ imagination. He continues to fail the American people. Horrible human being. Horrible.

  100. May I remind you that he is a horrible individual to begin. I would not even categorize him as someone deserving attention. Horrible. Horrible. Person.

  101. The Corona virus is different because now there is insufficient data on its true infectivity. The numbers are too small and China's ability to detect all cases and its transparency are suspect. The rapidity of its spread in China is alarming. With each new virus there is the potential for the unknown. Scientists know this and are on top of this as best they can. A global panic will serve no purpose but strict quarantine measures will. i will say nothing further about the conclusion of H.G. Well's classic of a century ago: War of the Worlds. One thing thankfully absent so far is attempts to politicize this.

  102. Apparently it’s already been politicized by Droopy over in HHS.

  103. Though I realize that not much information is available publicly, does it sound as if the Chicago woman's husband was NOT isolated? Since they've following up with places they've visited, this may be the case. It would see that people living with those with suspected cases would automatically be isolated, as well.

  104. @Allatonce. Woman from Chicago area was I believe the second person in the US identified as a possible patient with the virus as she had been in Wuhan province. It is amazing how much more is known (via news media) now than just a few weeks ago. It was just a few days ago that news broke that confirmed direct contact was not the only route of transmission. Yesterday reports indicated that planeload of US Citizens evacuated landed at a military field and all are being quarantined. The medical response seems to be evolving rapidly- I too was surprised initially that quarantine was not yet being employed.

  105. This is about the most uninformed and untrue statement yet to come out on this topic. Robust scientific research has already shown that the Ebola outbreak in 2014 reduced jobs in the US by virtue of reducing exports from the US to Africa. When the economies of other countries suffer for whatever reason, including epidemics, they are less able to buy goods from the US, which hurts the US economically.

  106. @ L. More informative and believable comments than from my man Willlburrr. Thanks

  107. The reaction to the virus seems to far outpacing its dangerousness. First I doubt that official Chinese numbers are accurate for the number of infections. So the fraction of those infected that die is likely to be lower than the 3 or so percent that appears to be the case now. Second, Is there any reason to think that this virus is any worse in effect than a flu virus?We’ve already had a bad wave of flu rampage though the country this season already without panic.

  108. @Mark Josephson It appears to be 100 times more deadly based on the numbers given. What is 2% of the US population?

  109. The influenza epidemic of 2018 had a mortality rate of 2%, the same as with the current virus. And so if the new virus spreads around the world as easily as the one of 2018, there is a very big problem. Moreover, since apparently 20% of the people who catch this new virus get pneumonia and need to be hospitalized, this can overwhelm health-care systems.

  110. Thanks, China.

  111. What an ignorant comment from commerce director,always outing business before lives,do we in the world need pandemic for business to move back to the USA,what a barbaric though,we as human just keep descending deeper and deeper into the abiss,he should know capitalist have no national patriotism,is where they can exploit the masses to make a biggest profit.

  112. No need for apostrophe in “The orchestra announced it will cancel it’s tour of Asia.”

  113. Absolutely gob-smacked at old Wilbur’s insensitivity to the plight of those who are ill. Wilbur, shut up. Your Mother is ashamed.

  114. @BE THE ONE Will's mother is out shorting travel stocks.

  115. Wilbur Ross’s soul is a stone.

  116. Gordon Geko has just been replaced as the ugly face of capitalism by Wilbur Ross. What a stunningly insensitive remark to make even as his boss is playing nice with Xi and China in general.

  117. Wilbur Ross' comment is such a great combination of evil and know-nothingness you'd think he workshopped it first.

  118. If China can quarantine 50 million people so quickly, can they do the world a favor and completely ban the selling and eating of wildlife. Chinese have modernized at an astonishing pace in all other areas of life, so why cling to medieval food habits. In a way it is Karma which is hitting Wuhan.

  119. @Barbarika it’s hard to ban if there’s demand. If there’s a ban then the markets go underground without any safe sanitation regards. It’s the generational passed down culture of eating certain foods gives you certain health benefits even if the claim is debunked.

  120. the interjection of Wilbur Ross's comment into the NYT coverage of China's current coronavirus EPIDEMIC is gratuitous and speaks to a break down of the NYT newsroom's editorial decisions and control. The oval office is not the only locus of power with an absence of adults.

  121. We had SARS. And now WURS - not Wuhan Respiratory Syndrome but Wilbur Ross. One of the WURST

  122. “Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said jobs could move from China to the United States as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.” Well thats an ugly bit of false opportunism. There are 5 cases of coronavirus in the US and zero in Russia and the entire African continent. If that were a driving factor in choosing a factory, where would you open yours?

  123. Wilber Ross is obviously a student of history. His contention that pandemics which decimate a huge per cent of the population always gives rise to shifting production and rising wages. The Black Death scourge during and following the Middle Ages is a case in point. So is the Potato Famine in Ireland. Therefore, Ross’s assertion that the Corona Virus will benefit the US manufacturing sector and workforce is justification for hoping that history repeats itself sooner rather than later which obviously would assist in Tump’s re-election along with perhaps returning the Congress to total Republican control. ‘Tis an I’ll wind that doesn’t blow someone some good. So said Dr. Strangelove.

  124. Comment of Wilbur Ross irrelevant: normal in the Trump era. Expect more of it. Ignore and focus on what the experts at the CDC and WHO are saying. They are the ones providing the statements we need to highlight.

  125. Donald Trump promised before 2016 election that he will bring jobs back to US. Now his Secretary Of Commerce opines that Corona Virus May be a boon to America, since the jobs may move back to US. Is that how Trump was planning to bring jobs back? It is mind boggling that Mr. Ross can even utter such an absurd idea.

  126. @Data Data & More Data our hospitals been doing the same thing pay up before we treat you

  127. Wilbur Ross strikes again, showing why Trump apparently likes him so much! Death, disease, expensive hospitalizations or , perhaps no medical care at all for the uninsured, and grief! None if those things would bother either of them; anything to help their personal incomes matters. The country is used to Trump’s lack of empathy, compassion, or intelligence. Hadn’t thought Ross was so close to being the exact same uncaring personality.

  128. @Kathy Many of them are malignant narcissists like Trump and they cling to Trump because they think he recognizes their genius like no one else has. Witness how Pompeo treated Mary Louise Kelly. Clear case of malignant narcissistic injury.

  129. As in the case of Ebola, the source of Coronavirus appears to be bush-meat. Yet in some early articles about the Wuhan situation and the alleged market focal point, I have noted that Chinese Government sources have spoken of a temporary restriction on the sale of bush-meat. 'Temporary', are they incompetent or crazy? On a related note, allowing travelers to pass through check points based on a simple temperature scan completely ignores the 5-14 day asymptomatic incubation period which was well known even at the outset is sadly laughable, especially in a person-to-person transmission scenario.

  130. @Trevor Oh, but bush meat is cage-free and thoroughly organic.

  131. Whatever's good for the economy...

  132. This growing anti-Chinese sentiment was, unfortunately, to be expected. Just as unfortunate is the fear that is likely to be felt by any Chinese national in another country who has the virus and begins to feel ill. They will be less likely to seek help, and less likely to be quarantined, and we all know what will happen next. Xenophobia has plagued humans since the beginning of mankind, and it may help an outbreak spread even further globally.

  133. "Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the coronavirus could be good for the U.S, prompting jobs to move from China to the United States as a result of the outbreak." That right there is an example of what is wrong with this maladministration and modern Republican capitalism: they care only about profits and revenue, not people and lives.

  134. Doesn't Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross realize people have died, families lost loved ones, doctors and nurses are risking lives to help patients? Giving a shady business justification for "benefits" of this epidemic shows he lacks basic human empathy and moral fiber. No wonder he switched from being a Democrat to Republican affiliation in 2016 and later become part of Trump government.

  135. Hah! C-suite execs and Wall Street speculators won’t let that happen. It would mean that employees would need to be paid a living wage with benefits and comply with real environmental regulations. That would cut into their own salaries and capital gains. More likely scenario is they will simply move production elsewhere to exploit workers in another authoritarian ruled country.

  136. Curious as to why we don't know the demographic of the deaths; are these individuals under or over a certain age, have diminished health capacity or any other factors that may be why they have more readily died to this disease? I would think that is very important to know!

  137. If you had a need to know, you would know. But, you don’t.

  138. @Simon I am not sure that I understand your meaning. If I was an elderly individual, I might care if those above the age of 80 are more susceptible to dying than a 35 year old. And, if there is no difference in susceptibility, I think everyone would care to know, if not need to know.

  139. Secretary Ross clearly doesn’t understand much how to run a manufacturing business. When I open a factory in China, I use their building, machines and labor. To open a factory in America, I have to pay for building, machines and labor. Where can I find capital for such massive initial investment, given that no ones know how long it will last?

  140. @S. C. That's what happens when you literally GIVE China your industrial base. The US shipped whole factories over to China in anticipation of cheap labor costs.

  141. @S. C. He is rich. It’s not like he does the work or exert effort to do it himself. That’s what labor and people under him do.

  142. The United States first confirmed case of person to person transmission of the Wuhan Pneumonia Virus has been documented in the Chicago Illinois area! So it looks as if airport temp screenings and asking people to quarantine themselves isn't working out so well. Nor does it appear that massive quarantines are working out as wanted. No doubt that the quarantines are slowing the spread, just not stopping it! Most of our medicine is produced overseas. China makes a lot of medicine for our country. So any calls to stop flights and other forms of transportation would just hurt Americans. China is experiencing massive shortages of basic medical supplies now, which means that, since a lot of it is made in that country, the United States can expect shortages as people rush to stock up. Here in the U.S., we have two types of vaccines designed for bacterial forms of pneumonia. There is also a list of vaccines that are recommended for people. Though they do not specifically fight against the Wuhan Pneumonia Virus, I would recommend getting updated so as to prevent problems from secondary infections should you become infected with this new coronavirus. My personal feeling about vaccines is that for the doctors, nurses and people who don't believe in vaccines and have not bothered to stay updated, or have sent their unvaccinated children to schools - they should wait until everybody else is vaccinated! (Many children died last year because parents refused measles vaccines!)

  143. vaccines for Corona virus don’t exist yet, and won’t exist for the months it will take to develop them so it is irrelevant in this case.

  144. @Last If you bothered to read the post, it was stated that they do not specifically fight against the Wuhan Pneumonia Virus... So you're just repeating what was already stated while missing the point of the post!

  145. @The Critic The person to person transmission in Chicago was between a woman and her husband. This isn't an unrealistic scenario, with family members being in close proximity to one another.

  146. Astonishing that none of these headline making points discuss any scientific facts. For example, China has a system of traditional medicine that is more useful in addressing some health conditions than its more western counterpart, yet China appears unable to address an epidemic. A prior virus emerged in China over a decade ago, and now another similar one emerges, yet there is no discussion as to what could have gone wrong in the intervening one and a half decades for the similar sitation to recur. Also most interesting is that at least one other communist (or communist leaning socialist) country has had a similar even though more attenuated epidemic, while at the same time also having had progresses in its own traditional medicine that make the more western counterparts pale. These, and there are most likely also other, contradictions deserve at least some elucidation and investigation, and are certainly more helpful and interesting to solving the problem than the observation that the spouse of an infected patient caught the virus (it would have been very surprising indeed had that no been so)!

  147. The only people who use "traditional" medicine in China are those who either have no access to western (aka "real") medicine, or those who can't afford it.

  148. If Coronavirus had originated in Mexico or West Africa, trump would be insanely howling and tweeting epithets galore. The whole country would be shut down and rounding up and corralling black and brown people would have commenced. But we know from Bolton’s manuscript that trump has made promises and offered favors to China—clearly to benefit Ivanka’s rancid business and his own personal finances. His tepid response to this present-day catastrophe speaks volumes.

  149. @PAB this is not the time for jokes

  150. @PAB Good point but that is still possible if the outbreak spreads.

  151. As much as I enjoy Kate McKinnon's mocking the pure and unadulterated evil of Wilbur Ross on SNL, the real Wilbur Ross seems to out-do all comedy writers and comediennes, keeping a straight face all the while. It's a rare occasion when we see worse examples of "humanity" than we regularly see in Mr. Ross.

  152. The Trump era / commerce secretary silver lining view of the coronavirus is basically saying: These deaths help spur the American economy. It doesn't matter who dies or how many, as long as we're making money. Is this the new patriotism?

  153. @AP Trump’s policy is America first not China first

  154. Today we are told that there are 7,700 confirmed infections & only 171 deaths. If these numbers are correct - that is unknown, true - the virus is no worse than an ordinary flu. Yesterday, in Canada it was discovered that a person can be infected & show no signs of illness at all. This suggests the infection rate could be much higher, with many people having no to few symptoms. This would mean that the death rate is even lower than reported. Perhaps this is more a media-driven panic?

  155. It's absolutely a media-driven panic. Frightened readers click stories, clicks sell advertising space, advertising sales make money for proprietors. This is absolutely what's happening.

  156. @Ronn I respectfully disagree. At 2.2 percent it can potentially kill 7.7 million people in the US. The flu is around 30 to 80 thousand per year I believe. Far lower around the 0.02% mark of the population I believe if you take 80,000 into 350 million. Someone check the math if you wish. So it is 100 times more deadly than the flu that we know about at this point based on that sample size.

  157. Mr. Ross, like so many in the Trump administration, thinks of money and profits before people. Shame on him. He should be looking for ways that the U.S. could help our Chinese partners, not profit from their problems. History will recall...

  158. This virus can spread from contaminated surfaces. Are we putting people in quarantine, blocking travel to certain quarters, but leaving the planes (and hence a potential viral vector) untracked? At this point I’m expecting a pandemic to be a given. The question are: What’s the best treatment if you get it? And, given that family members, as caregivers, will necessarily have close contact, is washing one’s hands enough?

  159. Of course people should be prudent, take precaution, always wash hands with soap and hot water. But it should be kept in mind that despite those precautions, and with the benefit of a vaccination (at least in first world countries) some 750,000 people will die this year from the "standard" flu virus. Granted, many of those are elderly or otherwise prone to infection due to compromised immune systems, but this is no time to "panic" irrationally. Unfortunately, the news media, while trying to convey up to date info., tends to alarm the populace. Just watch your local news for a couple of minutes to see how sensationalized this has become. Their motto "if it bleeds, it leads", is apropos for this current coronavirus outbreak.

  160. Saying the flu kills more people is not very comforting. That is like saying cars kill more people than guns do. Concern is warranted.

  161. Mr. Ross' response to China's problem is not just insensitive but hostile and anti-free trade. As for the rest, this disease is being treated with sensationalism both by the MSM and governments. WHO should be helping Wuhan, not worrying about a pandemic. Few people have been infected, especially abroad, and only 2-3% die. None have died abroad where there is good medical care. Compare this to Ebola, where the death rate is about 50%, and high even where there is the best care. It is appropriate to screen people traveling from Wuhan and to attempt to isolate the virus there. Meanwhile, the flu and measles are much more dangerous in the US, partly because of vaccination refusal or laxity, and by diverting attention from these, the MSM does us ill.

  162. @dr. c.c. I don't see an authoritative government wanting to appear weak and unprepared to its citizens by allowing outsiders in to the country to help!

  163. One can only speculate as to how the Trump Administration will screw this up, perhaps make Jared in charge?

  164. @Leonard Foonimin you can help the virus from spreading by practicing sanitation

  165. It would be extremely surprising if this virus were NOT capable of transmission between humans. Otherwise, stay classy, Wilbur.

  166. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross just made some cruel statements. There are people dying and he is talking about business opportunity. Another reason to dump the cesspool administration.

  167. Aside from the potentially crucial global health implications of this coronavirus, Wilbur Ross - yet again - has made astoundingly insensitive and inept comments. Zero emotional intelligence, zero compassion, zero practical input to solve the problem. Of course you're part of *this* administration, Wilbur!

  168. As a Chinese citizen living and working on this Trump land for 5 years - I've seen/experienced things like violence, corruption, racism, ignorance, a lot of which were far more horrible than one would expect for China. I finally realized: countries have their own issues in so many different ways. Wilbur Ross is just another example of mind-numbingly stupid candidates having managed to be put in an important position where he/she makes cringe-worthy opinions in public, which happens everywhere in the world.

  169. Nothing like profiting from someone else's misery.

  170. How is people getting sick and dying from a rapidly spreading virus ever good? That’s way beyond insensitive, it’s ridiculous.

  171. Too little too late is seems...the Chinese "leadership" did nothing and as usual tried to cover it up until they could not......the fact that their hygienic practices with food are not enforced is the core issue...while greed is usually the only motivation along with stupidity and laziness....and if people have strong immune systems there is much less threat....RX is not the solution.....hygiene is.

  172. As far as we know (USA), the current administration has told health officials not to disclose the true number of coronavirus cases in this country. It wouldn’t be the first time federal agencies’ findings and work have been censored by Trump and friends.

  173. @Sandra Garratt the first thing you said is probably right. not sure about the second part...

  174. @inkspot. - I can assure you that here in Seattle, no health official would give a whoop about what Trump did or did not say. And if any EMT showed up to an apartment building with medics in full hazardous gear, it would be all over the internet along with video, etc., in less time than it takes Ellen to post another kitten video on Twitter. Trump and his goons lied about soldiers with "headaches" yet it came out the same week that they have traumatic brain injuries. I'm sure he told his Pentagon to hide such news.

  175. Spinning a health crisis into a potential gain for the U.S. economy is beyond low. This is chicken feed rhetoric tailored to get arm chair zombies to nod and take pleasure in the suffering of others. This is the despicable language of liars with honey on their collective formed tongues. It’s sad and scary that people with college educations fall for this.

  176. O America, Shining City on Hill. Now Wilbur Ross: China's epidemic will facilitate new US jobs. Alleluia. Perhaps this can be incorporated into Prosperity Gospel? What do Pentecostals say? Can it be that the prayed-for Miscarriage of Satanic Babies is Upon Us?

  177. OH ME OH MY! The world is coming to an end! The question is, “When”?

  178. Ross, " I don’t want to talk about a victory lap over a very unfortunate, very malignant disease" Guess if this didn't happened naturally, you would've wanted to give them a little present, like the one European settlers gave to the Native Americans. Yes, I am thinking smallpox,.

  179. Wilbur Ross sure knows how to put the capital C in capitalism: sorry all you people in other countries are suffering and dying, but thanks for clearing the way for U.S. business to thrive. Ross perfectly represents the compassion/empathy void at the core of the Trump administration. What a shameful embarrassment.

  180. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Thursday that China’s loss might be America’s gain, because the coronavirus outbreak could prompt employers to move jobs to the United States. The most tone deaf administration in history. though when you're rich, why care about anyone other than yourself?

  181. This is turning into hysteria. Imagine, human to human transmission! That includes everything from AIDS to the flu to the common cold. Calling 2019-nCoV a pandemic is not supported by the current data. More people have died from the flu in the US. CDC statistics account for ~20,000 death to flu in 2019-2020. Here is the latest on the coronavirus from MedCram….it demonstrates that the mortality rate closer to the flu statistics

  182. @Allen82 Thank you for the link. It allows me to clarify your claim that the mortality rate for the novel coronavirus is "closer to the flu" (your comment). The end of the Youtube video you linked compares the number of deaths reported worldwide and attributed to the novel coronavirus (132) to the number of deaths reported in January 2020 in California attributed to the flu (149). As noted by many others here in the comments, the mortality rate (as in the probability of death if a person contracts the disease) is approximately 1% for the novel coronavirus and approximately 0.1% for the flu. The WHO declare a global health emergency today.

  183. The comments from our esteemed commerce secretary sound like something a joke writer would create for an SNL skit, something to make fun of him. But this is the real guy saying it. This whole administration is a sad parody.

  184. People will die, millions will suffer, jobs and businesses will be lost and the US Commerce Secretary says (to paraphrase): "it will be good for America because jobs will come to us!" Once "who are these people" would apply to Trump and virtually every member of his administration (including Ross and let me ridicule a teen global activist with my own nonsensical "economics" after my wife lists her designer duds coming off a taxpayer paid junket). No more. They are us. They are who much of our country wants. It is our country and many of its people that is the problem.

  185. @AJ Actually, if one truly believes in Climate Change, the world needs Mother Nature to perform a massive cull on the human population - which needs to be below one billion! If you choose to ignore the deceptive political ads currently being run, a good pandemic would take care of New York's huge homeless population - who don't have access to consistent, quality and convenient medical care. That same pandemic would help with the huge homeless situation on the West Coast. A good pandemic might help with the 118 day world supply of food... not at first but in the future! Think about it, if we could get rid of 6.8 plus billion people... a lot of our worlds problems could be solved! As shocking as this post might be to you and others, just keep in mind that one of the predictions by respected scientists is that such a massive cull is possible by the year 2100 - give or take a few decades!

  186. Over 6,000 passengers on a cruise ship are being quarantined because one passenger from China is showing symptoms consistent with the Wuhan Pneumonia Virus! 6,000 passengers and crew are being held onboard the Costa Smeralda cruise ship while medical teams run diagnostic tests on the 54-year-old. Shortages of masks in our country, many which are made in China, may cause problems for our healthcare professionals. Folks, the current flu outbreak is stressing our healthcare system as it is also doing in other countries. This only shows that, despite years of warnings from our scientists, governments and health officials never prepared for the "When!" Claims that researchers are working on and getting ready to test vaccines are meaningless. If you have any basic idea of production, as I do, then it is one thing to make a limited test batch in the lab, it is another issue to ramp up to full scale production! There are many outbreaks of other diseases going on including flu, measles, Ebola, bacterial pneumonia... and there fewer companies making vaccines... So I am not going to expect 350 million doses being made in the first year of production, which means it will take a while to deal with the Wuhan Pneumonia Virus, if it turns into a pandemic. Nor would I expect authoritative governments to allow limited production runs to be shipped out of their countries! My advice, get vaccinated while you can, learn how to wash your hands often and stay informed!

  187. what in the world are they spraying in the photo at top?

  188. Wilbur Ross’s comments are as disgraceful as they come. Par for the course for Trump world.

  189. Hey Mr Secretary, remember the early 80s? In this country? Remember HIV? And HIV is not airborne. Think of the enormous losses still experienced here- personal, economic, cultural, intellectual. And HIV is not airborne. What a stupid comment.

  190. It's very concerning to me that in this possible crisis, we have a POTUS who ignores advisors and generally poo-poos science. But maybe he might fear catching it himself, and since everything is always about him, it might knock some sense into him. Fingers crosses, masks on.

  191. You’ve got to be kidding me, how stupid is Wilbur Ross with his statement that the existence of the virus could be good for the US. It’s beyond the pale that someone in that position would express such an uninformed, callous, idiotic statement. Just par for the course with Trump’s team members. Someone please just walk Mr. Ross out the door.

  192. So when people like Wilbur Ross get hired by people like Trump, is it the appeal based on overall ability to make asinine comments like this current one, or is it the prior business misconduct that's more important?

  193. A big fat thank you to Wilbur Ross noting that coronavirus is good for business here in Trumpland. The jerk store is having a big sale.

  194. Perhaps Wilbur Ross also believes that the Holocaust was very good for Germany’s construction, chemical and transportation industries?

  195. In any normal administration, Wilbur Ross would have been fired immediately. trump will probably give him a special commendation.