To Senate Republicans, a Vote for Witnesses Is a Vote for Trouble

Lawmakers fear allowing new testimony would tie up the Senate indefinitely and open the door to a cascade of new accusations.

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  1. McConnell burned the Reichstag yesterday. He long ago determined that the future of the Republic is not important to him. He’s old, he’s ensured his family will be among the vanguard, so pfft to everyone else. The remaining 50 GOP senators have their own souls to examine.

  2. @HamiltonAZ He has determined that his family- and all the rest of us - are in the vanguard of those ignoring the resumption of a global arms race while ignoring the destruction of the environment.

  3. He has no kids. It seems with no skin in the game it’s easy to not care about overthrowing our republic. He’s about 78. That’s pretty much life expectancy according to the article on the subject running in the NYTs today. What is he doing this for? Pure hatred for what we were. Just evil for the sake of being evil.

  4. @HamiltonAZ "The remaining 50 GOP senators have their own souls to examine." There will be no examination. I'm fairly sure they are quite confirmed in their own self-perceived rectitude.

  5. We pretty much knew this would happen. Still , the stain remains on Trump et al., and it will be clear that the GOP senators cared little for the country. In preserving their jobs, incomes, and perks—and obviously terrified of Trump and the white supremacists and armed neo-Nazis (perhaps with good reason)—they sold their souls to the devil. History will not treat them well, but today is what mattered for saving democracy in America.

  6. @Kathy Exactly correct. And they're going to get away with it, in full public view.

  7. @Kathy Excellent summation of the Republican's enigma. History is written by the winners and in this case, without democratic social and political institutions going forward, Trump's history will paint him a martyr in the battle against a Democratic party hellbent on "Le Grand Remplacement."(Renaud Camus)

  8. @Kathy And the shocking, most shocking thing is that a large portion of the American public is going along with this. Will the public care (or even remember) come November? You know the GOP is betting they will not.

  9. The only reason I can think of for refusing to hear witnesses is that one is afraid of what they will say. I can’t imagine that anyone in the Senate really believes that Trump is not guilty of the charges that were filed and of a whole lot more. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing.

  10. @Barbara8101 Every single Senator knows perfectly well that Trump is guilty of every charge and innumerable others, but that's irrelevant to their real goal of protecting the interests of their patrons and themselves. Consider how absolutely unbelievable that in the impeachment trial of the President of the United States, our Chief Justice can sit there silently while the defendant's partisans decide that no witnesses will be called. Imagine that in any other trial. Mind-boggling.

  11. This action of. It listening to wht the people want will end the Republican Party. They are no longer about values like less deficits or truth in trials or concerned about rule of law. This fall will be brutal for them as many will be retired to nursing homes where they should rule in their nursing home councils.

  12. @Barbara8101 As long as they get their tax cuts and judges, nothing else matters.

  13. Political peril is already here. In shutting down the discovery of information from witnesses and documents they are avoiding the near term wrath of Trump in exchange for the wrath of voters in November. Most people see through the deception. Most people see the corruption and self-dealing. Most people are appalled by the racism, sexism, the deficits and the trashed alliances, the anti-knowledge and anti-science attitudes. They are putting themselves in a great position for an epic loss at the polls.

  14. All I have left is hope

  15. @James Saunders The only way this farce of a trial ends up as anything but a giant historical negative for this country is if it leads to sweeping defeats for Republicans and the president in November. Anything else and our system of checks and balances and the idea of presidential accountability and being a country that follows the rule of law are under the most serious threat they've ever been under.

  16. @James Saunders I want to believe what you say is true and will manifest. I want to believe that people will come out of the woodwork to vote in November. Presently the disappointment in what I want from our government is overwhelming.

  17. It's actually a vote that the House did not do its due diligence and sent Impeachment Articles that were not "ripe" for prosecution to the Senate.

  18. @2observe2b 2observe2b The Articles are an indictment. The Senate, with the acquiescence of the Chief Justice, is failing to do its Constitutional duty of conducting a fair trial under the legal rules of procedure describing a trial. That the Senate can create it's own rules for Senate procedure is Constitutional, but by bring in the Chief Justice to preside the framers intended the Judiciary to weigh in with the law. The current process is a sham and a coverup.

  19. @2observe2b The Articles are an indictment. The Senate, with the acquiescence of the Chief Justice, is failing to do its Constitutional duty of conducting a fair trial under the legal rules of procedure describing a trial. That the Senate can create it's own rules for Senate procedure is Constitutional, but by bring in the Chief Justice to preside the framers intended the Judiciary to weigh in with the law. The current process is a sham and a coverup.

  20. @2observe2b Because Trump stonewalled all House requests and subpoenas for documents and witnesses?

  21. Hate trump — totally guilty but sick of this. Let’s just get it over. Only good thing is that it removes Gomer Sanders and Teach Warren from the scene because both are clueless spoilers.

  22. @Mary Rivkatot Yes, Trump is totally guilty, can’t love him for getting away with crime, and boasting about it, can you?

  23. Your “Trump on trial” lead-in is incorrect. What we are witnessing at the hands of a corrupt, cowardly GOP is our democracy on trial. And it’s losing with each passing day. True patriots need to vote Blue in November to help end this nightmare of bigotry, greed and hate—unless that truly does reflect who we are.

  24. @Misterbianco Yes let's vote in Nov -- but they may not let us vote, they may not count our votes, foreign hackers might hack our votes so they can't be counted or are misdirected to the other side. Trump could call a national emergency and stop the vote. Or he could claim there were irregularities in some states and manipulate the votes there. There are MANY ways the election could be rigged to favor Trump. I don't know how we can defend against them effectively when McConnell won't let Congress help states protect their elections.

  25. Republicans will "court political peril" whether they anger trump or appease him. But if 20 millionaire Republicans in the Senate would put country above personal interest and vote to convict, they could end this long national nightmare.

  26. @Stevem Some Republicans may be" putting country above personal interest." Unfortunately for America, their country is Russia.

  27. So the Senators are afraid to do their job. How will that look in history?

  28. @Bob Previdi @The senate is afraid to do its job. How will that look in history?” It will look like they are/were cowards and power-mongers, which they are. Sone people have never been required to do one thing truly courageous. Mitt Romney, for example, has not. He has had the luxury of lagging behind and getting credit as a leader nonetheless because of his family name. Everything has been given to him. He has no internal stamina and no fortitude to face down anyone, over anything. Many people fall into one category of another of fecklessness. Courage requires taking risks. Romney is not his father. He lives off the legacy his father laid, but has none of the moral attributes around leadership of his dad. He is a bot in some sense, who is as scared of Trump and being labeled not a traitor as was conveyed in the raccoon-like photo of him dining with 45. The fear he sheds is palpable. Our senate is not a courageous body. Politicians generally tend not to be courageous. Collins is going to lose but she still cannot figure out a graceful and morally courageous exit that shows she has a backbone, because she is spineless. These are the people who look away from all sorts of terrible things that befall real people: historical and ongoing racism; child abuse; deeply misogynistic behavior against women, and more.

  29. Depends on how history plays out.

  30. @Bob Previdi ....they care nothing about how they will look in history.

  31. So here are, twice now if you think about it. The Mueller Report and now the House Impeachment. The Congress, one of the three powers controlling our great nation for over 240 years. Arguing over what our founding fathers wrote, and believed in. The working for the betterment of America and her people. Yet, one party is allowing one man, who is so consumed with himself, to see himself as a king, and his party to afraid to say otherwise. With every check and balance we thought we had in place, we now know they don't necessarily work. I sure hope the people vote this year, and clean up ALL of this mess, and give the country back to the rightful owners, We the people of the United States ...

  32. They will. Trump 2020 by a landslide.

  33. @Truthbeknown pray NOT for Trump to win ANYTHING!!

  34. It’s clear now that voting will be Russia-style. A predetermined outcome. I wonder what number “trump” has chosen, probably a couple percentage more than Putin rigs, just so he can stroke his own ego. Could be worse, he could decide to follow the North Korea model. BTW, none of the above is a joke.

  35. Chief Justice John Roberts is participating in the commission of a fraud upon the American people. The Constitutional provisions regarding impeachment bring in the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in order to represent the third branch of government when the Senate exercises its impeachment oversight powers over officers of the Executive and Judiciary. A trial is a legally defined process, the description and practice of which is under the auspices of the Judiciary. It is the framers clear intent that the purpose of the having the Chief Justice sit as the presiding officer is to ensure a proper trial, as is conducted at law, occurs. This showtrial is a sham, and history as well as the world will judge it as such.

  36. @Considering A "trial" where the accused's defenders get to decide that witnesses will not be heard is not a trial but a cover-up, and the GOP is getting away with it in full public view and with the Chief Justice of the United States sitting there allowing it all to go unchallenged.

  37. Justice Roberts has redefined how to be an umpire. This action will further erode our democracy and the rule of law republicons claim to value. God help our nation.

  38. @Pat Roberts supposedly must avoid appearing partisan, but doing nothing is a partisan position, true to his debt to Republicans. His legacy and his conscience will have this stain on it, too.

  39. So basically, the Republicans are doing everything in their power to subvert the truth and with it the constitution and American democracy. Bravo!

  40. @George O America is officially a banana republic where corruption is the order of the day.

  41. Not voting for a fair trial, not voting for witnesses and documents is a vote for TREASON

  42. @D. J. Traitor Yes, but as Trump's defense points out, it is in "the public interest."

  43. Let's make it official: "To Senate Republicans, a Vote for Facts Is a Vote for Trouble". And why not contrast this to the founding principles of America: "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts." -- John Adams, 1770

  44. @Dan Styer Perhaps you didn't see the memo. We live in a post-fact world. From this fiasco to the rise of anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers, leading with the facts is definitely passe.

  45. @Rob I haven't seen a lot of memos.

  46. In other words, witnesses and documents would reveal more about the depth of corruption, fear and cynical cronyism in the Republican Party. This is the GOP’s even more despicable version of “don’t ask; don’t tell.”

  47. @angus But... corruption may be in "the public interest," as Trump's defenders implied in the closing arguments.

  48. It comes to this: Republicans can’t handle the truth; they a party of see, hear, say, and think - nothing. This is the true sham trial. If it’s never been obvious before which party hates America more, it should be now.

  49. So we are asked to accept expediency as a standard above evidence in a trial?

  50. “when the ultimate verdict — an acquittal of the president — is not in doubt.” How is this not a major concern? They took an oath to be impartial yet proudly bray about being in lock step with the defence. They have announced their decision repeatedly since Trump’s impeachment. Is this not a constitutional crisis? They swore under oath to be impartial yet publicly state the opposite. Didn’t Clinton get impeached for lying under oath? How is this any different but at a larger scale? This is the most frustrating spectacle to behold. Democracy as it was envisioned in the constitution is dead. And no one seems to care. But hey. The Oscars, right?

  51. Republicans think shutting down the trial will block the public from hearing the personal recollections of John Bolton and thereby save their president from further embarrassment. If anything, Bolton and his publisher just received the best possible outcome, which are interviews with a curated range of outlets all designed to grant the highest level of integrity to his memoir and all without the courtroom histrionics we most certainly would have been subjected to. It will now be Bolton methodically exposing this president for what he is and what so many of us already know him to be.

  52. @Kvetch If the Senate won't hear him Pelosi should have him testify under oath in the House.

  53. @Kvetch Bolton will make a fortune from this book!

  54. But it won’t matter if Trump isn’t on trial when we hear it.

  55. New charges are not necessary to remove Trump from office. The current charges are more than sufficient. The hard part for Senate Republicans seems to be obeying their oath. To say that time considerations should prevent Bolton from testifying is to admit that Trump's corruption is so pervasive that dealing with it is too unwieldy. What a travesty that would be.

  56. @Robert O. Add to this that "time considerations should prevent Bolton from testifying" is the exact opposite of what lawyers for the Republicans have been charging the House with in "failing to prove their case." It is astonishing hypocrisy and deceit on the part of McConnell and his senate.

  57. A decision to block witnesses in this case would be unfortunate. It might permanently alter the separation of powers, contribute to an "imperial presidency" and weaken our democracy. Hopefully, the Senate looks beyond short term political calculations toward the future of our democratic experiment.

  58. @Tom Brown very unlikely.

  59. @Tom Brown The republicans in the senate look no further than their upcoming elections. They would sell their souls to the devil rather than doing the right thing and risk losing.

  60. @Tom Brown Do I get a choice"? That is, an imperial presidency or an imperial, ever-impeaching House -- pick only one?

  61. So lets think about this. If Republicans block witnesses, the House will call them. The house will get evidence and add a new article to the impeachment about bribery. And each and every GOP senator will have stamped their seal of approval on that bribery and extortion. When more than 70% of the country has said they want witnesses and evidence. I wonder what that will do to their re-election chances.

  62. Could Trump become the first president ever to be impeached twice?

  63. @G F Lukos A very good chance as he is not going to change his behavior. We can only hope that this current debacle impacts some elections and thinking in Congress for that time. The best thing that could happen to my GOP - a good cleansing of cowards.

  64. Republicans have 53 seats but they only won 52 of them legitimately. Rick Scott in Florida would not have defeated Bill Nelson if the ballot in that state’s election had not been drawn up in an odd way that resulted in some 26,000 fewer votes being cast in the Senate race than in the race for governor and other statewide offices. Those missing votes were from Broward County where Sen. Nelson won nearly 70 percent of the vote. Had he won 70 percent of those missing votes (which would have been cast absent the ballot format) he would have defeated Scott and the Republican majority would be 52-48, instead. That one seat makes a huge difference, potentially, with the nation and Senate so closely divided, and means that Democrats have to win one more swing state seat in 2020 to gain the majority than they otherwise would. The devil is truly in the details.

  65. "Senate Republicans were constructing a permission structure for not trying to get to the bottom of what happened, with the hope that voters would find their explanations satisfactory and reasonable." I doubt it matters what the voters think at the end of January. It's what they think in November that counts. And by then this trial will be long forgotten or minimized by a huge swath of the electorate - which will be far more interested in key, perennial issues of peace and prosperity. Barring escalation of tension in the world's major trouble spots before November, or meaningful declines in employment and the stock market - Trump stands a fair chance of re-election. We know from experience that polls underestimate his support, especially now that pro-Trump opinions are more socially unacceptable than ever. But people don't like to be told what to think, or that they are deplorably immoral. Their fibs or unresponsiveness when pollsters call won't be indicative of which lever they pull behind a closed curtain in November.

  66. The Constitution requires the Senate to hold a trial- not an arbitration, not a mediation, not a hearing followed by votes, but a trial, a clearly defined process with witnesses and rules of evidence. The special, specifically worded oath the Senators are required to take was meant to ensure that, ruled by a proper fear of the judgment of God, they would be honest. Now, as then, there are probably few people for whom that device is truly effective: so far that is the plainest thing this Senate has proved.

  67. The Constitution requires the Senate to hold a trial- not an arbitration, not a mediation, not a hearing followed by votes, but a trial, a clearly defined process with witnesses and rules of evidence. The special, specifically worded oath the Senators are required to take was meant to ensure that, ruled by a proper fear of the judgment of God, they would be honest. Now, as then, there are probably few people for whom that device is truly effective: so far that is the plainest thing this Senate has proved.

  68. Witnesses and documents are used in trials to adduce facts. Innocent parties welcome them. The guilty do not. That’s all we need to say.

  69. @Demosthenes It really is that simple. Their actions speak louder than their words of innocence of the president.

  70. @Demosthenes Exactly. And the Dems refused to allow any Republican-called witnesses in the sham of a proceeding they had in the House.

  71. @Demosthenes Well competent prosecutors get the witnesses and document BEFORE they go to trial. They don't expect the Defense to help them prosecute the case during trial.

  72. The Trump Pandora's box of course is filled with an endless stream of Trump corruption. The Dershowitz claim that Trump can do anything as president as long as it promotes his presidency, after all Trump's actions are always good for the country, can make his sins just fine. So what is Trump or his GOP acolytes afraid of? Perhaps the outrage of the country as Trump cavorts with foreign powers, uses his power for personal gain and subverts the rule of law. Isn't all just fine?

  73. Come election time, these senators will discover someone more fearsome than Trump: the voters who will end their sorry careers.

  74. It may be politically beneficial for Republicans to agree to call witnesses, particularly if there is a witness swap, to give the “appearance” of a fair trial. With this prospect of ending the trial early and incomplete, they sure are revving up Americans on the left to get out and vote, and we know how much Republicans in Congress don’t like people on the left getting out to vote. So much so that they gerrymander districts in their favor and casually purge voter rolls that contain living registered voters. Because the right is outnumbered.

  75. "Tie up the Senate indefinitely?" This coming from a legislative body with a history where senators have previously tied up the senate with oral filibusters speaking for more than 24 hours with only bathroom breaks. I know times are different in that we live in an era where Mitch McConnell would make a threat to filibuster then Harry Reid would cave in eventually changing the rules to nominate judges and other high ranking agency officials. But go back to the civil rights era when Lyndon Johnson was president Republicans senators tied up the Senate for extended lengths of time filibustering civil rights bills that have now improved the lives of many and ended Jim Crow.

  76. We must persuade the gop that to exclude witnesses means they will face an ocean of disgruntled VOTERS come November. They must fear voters/citizens more than the executive branch. How this happens is we simply call the senate (202-224-3121) and pretty much demand witnesses, documents, live testimony. This is how it's supposed to work people. We actually affect our government this way. Please let your voice be heard.

  77. Following their electoral debacle in 2016, Dems spent 2 years on ‘Russiagate’ and year + ‘Ukrainegate’, which has served as the basis for impeaching Trump. Anyone with half a brain could see that the vote to move impeachment forward was along party lines in the House. Democrats will have to pick up an additional 20 votes in the Senate to obtain the required 2/3 majority (i.e., 67) for conviction, which is not going to happen, testimony by war criminal John Bolton, notwithstanding. Thus, Democrats have deliberately avoided addressing issues that directly affect working people- more jobs paying a livable wage, affordable healthcare, housing, education, childcare, cheaper and far better public transportation and ending expensive wars in ME and bringing our troops home. There are plenty of reasons to go after Trump- misappropriation of tax money for his ‘border wall’, his support/encouragement of right wing/fascist groups, imprisonment of immigrants, etc. The reality is that the majority of Democrats in Congress support most of Trumps policies- lavish support for the Pentagon and continuing wars in ME, trade war/tariffs, etc. We are now one mistake away from another disastrous war in the ME, this time with Iran. The poster child for the current state of our ‘economy’ is exemplified by Boeing, which since 2013 has spent >$43 billion on share buybacks to boost their stock price, but can no longer make a plane that stays in the air.

  78. @Paul The House democrats can still subpoena Bolton if they are truly interested in his testimony. In fact, he is much more valuable as a *potential* witness to democrats.

  79. @Paul Sorry, Democrats have been busy legislating up a storm around all those issues, but the are blocked by the Senate at every turn. When one side can cheat and ignore precedent without qualm, and the other has a conscience, it is not a level playing field.

  80. @Considering Funny how landmark legislation has managed to get passed. Perhaps it's the democrats inability to get a deal done?

  81. So many comments complaining about the hypocrisy of not allowing witnesses. We know this. We know it doesn't make sense. We know it's not fair. What I want to see is STRATEGY. What are the Democrats doing to change the outcome? How can the Republican Senators who are sitting on the fence be influenced? Why aren't we seeing protests in their home states? How can the Democrats get more media coverage? Is it possible to have Justice Roberts weigh in on this? Does John Bolton have to be officially subpoenaed to speak out publicly? We all know this is an upward battle for Democrats, but this impeachment hearing is too important for them to lose. They have got to figure this one out.

  82. GOP Playbook: - Suppress voters - Suppress the will of the people by obstructing Obama’s Supreme Court nomination and refusing to engage in substantive discussion on meaningful gun control - Suppress women’s reproductive rights It shouldn’t be surprising that they are suppressing witnesses in the impeachment trial, and yet, it is still infuriating, and to me signifies an important step towards this administration’s transformation to an authoritarian regime. It is imperative that we end Trump and McConnell’s reign this November. I really think Pelosi et al are trying their best, but the bottom line is our Democratic Leadership can’t compete with the GOP and their absolute lack of ethics or respect for the Constitution.

  83. @Fed Up The only way to deal with cheaters is to throw them out of the game.

  84. So are Maine voters supposed to support Sen. Collins because she allegedly favors calling fact witnesses? Not really a courageous vote if she knows the outcome. If this president is reelected, we are headed towards an imperial presidency. That is not what WE THE PEOPLE want.

  85. The Constitution requires the Senate to hold a trial- not an arbitration, not a mediation, not a hearing followed by votes, but a trial, a clearly defined process with witnesses and rules of evidence. The special, specifically worded oath the Senators are required to take was meant to ensure that, ruled by a proper fear of the judgment of God, they would be honest. Now, as then, there are probably few people for whom that device is truly effective: so far that is the plainest thing this Senate has proved.

  86. @Considering "The Constitution requires the Senate to hold a trial- not an arbitration, not a mediation, not a hearing followed by votes, but a trial, a clearly defined process with witnesses and rules of evidence." This is simply not true. The Constitution provides virtually no rules whatsoever about how an impeachment trial is to be conducted. Instead, the Constitution gives to the Senate itself full authority to determine the rules and procedures for such a trial.

  87. All of these Republicans are going to face a serious reckoning in the next few years. Dance with the devil...

  88. "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." Aldous Huxley.

  89. It’s time for Collins, Gardner, and McSally to leave. Voters must show these cowardly traitors the door in November.

  90. If 20 of these Senate Republican cowards could overcome their fear they would do the right thing and vote to hear Bolton and then remove Trump. They would no longer need to fear him and, who knows, they might be rewarded for doing right by the nation. In any case, doing the right thing is it’s own reward.

  91. GOP: a vote for truth is a vote for trouble.

  92. Exactly. Witnesses = inconvenient truths.

  93. We are watching our democracy die. There was a time when someone like Trump would never have become President. There was a time when Republicans as well as Democrats would have seen the danger of feeding and nurturing candidates like Trump, and would have worked together to stop his rise. Trump will not be better after this current debacle. He will be much, much worse, empowered by his own arrogant but obsequious party, and free to engage in more and more tyrannical behavior. He's the result we get after years of shoveling money to the top and ignoring the non-elites who struggle under that kind of an economy and that kind of institutional arrogance.

  94. @Susan Dowds either we're watching it die or we're finally seeing the evidence of its earlier death.

  95. @Susan Dowds I very much agree. The GOP knew full well in 2015 that Trump was unfit for office and incompatible with Republican values, but their efforts to stop his hostile takeover were timid and cowardly. In the lead up to the 2016 primaries, the RNC feared that if they rebuked Trump too strongly, he would run a third-party campaign and hand the White House to the Democrats. Hence the famous pledge to support the eventual nominee, which hilariously Trump only accepted "as long as the nominee is me". The assumption was that a real Republican would consolidate momentum and become the nominee when Trump flamed out. With the split field, we saw Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz successively succumb, resulting in Trump getting the nomination despite failing to get a majority of votes, a glitch that was repeated in the general election. So through a bizarre sequence of flukes, we wound up with a president who has never had wide popular support. Since then, Trump has ruthlessly sought to purge the GOP of all opposition, turning the Party of Lincoln into his own cult of personality. In the impeachment trial, we are seeing the last guardrails fall away, with GOP senators embracing Dershowitz' surreal claim that a president's reelection is "obviously" in the public interest, and that anything he does to retain power cannot be considered impeachable.

  96. David Bruce Makes you wonder, then, how trump explains canceling Obama’s legacy. He was President; wasn’t everything he did—including re-election campaign—in the best interests of the country? Do OUR best interests change with each election? In this case, only trump’s best interests are making policy.

  97. Republican senators fear they have more to lose by crossing mob boss Trump than the people they “represent” in Washington. The only power which can change that is voter turnout. Voters, acting together, can turn out both Trump and his congressional enablers! “If not now, when?”

  98. A vote for hearing witness testimony during a trial is a vote for (1) due process and Constitutional rule of law, and (2) American democracy. Modern Republicans fear and oppose both. Therefore, Moscow Mitch's Russian-Republican Senators will vote to continue concealing evidence of Trump's corruption, crimes, treason and other abuses. Every vote to aid and abet Trump's treasonous malfeasance will be a vote to convict the senator who cast it.

  99. Republicans should heed the advice of their founding father: "You can fool all of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." They may win the battle but lose the war come November.

  100. @swilliams I believe that quote was from Abraham Lincoln who was not a founding was also used by PT Barnum who sure knew how to fleece a fool from his money.

  101. Lawmakers fear allowing new testimony would tie up the Senate indefinitely and open the door to a cascade of new FACTS. Fixed it for you.

  102. Let all vulnerable Republicans know that their trial is coming in November....and witnesses will most definitely be unprecedented numbers.

  103. @Bill M Alas, because of the Electoral College, only the voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania really seem to matter. Let’s watch how Trump “plays” with them.

  104. @proffexpert In 2020, Trump could lose by 10 million votes and still gain an Electoral College victory that would keep him president.

  105. Bill, that is IF the administration feels it’s in our nations best interests to have one. Ala Dershowitz. They may pull a fast one and cancel the election...don’t be surprised be prepared.

  106. Every new witness raises more questions because Trump is so dishonorable and corrupt. Decent and honorable leaders of a democratic republic would want to understand the depth of that corruption so it could be expunged and prevented from occurring again. Tragically, instead of decent and honorable leaders, the U.S. Senate is led by Republicans.

  107. @Bill Camarda "Decent and honorable leaders of a democratic republic would want to understand the depth of that corruption." The Republican Senator do know. They just don't care.

  108. And a failure to vote for witnesses would prove that Bolton's thoughts in that there was a quid pro quo that Trump wants to hide and that Trump likes aristocrats because he wants to become one.

  109. This Republican ploy to block witnesses is just one more ploy to keep the American public in the dark as to Trump's and GOP total corruption. And as far as Trump's base it may work because they never cared about the truth or justice anyway. But the rest of us need to know. Republicans you can run but you can't hide as the truth will come out and your hiding it will only make your downfall more catastrophic.

  110. All of the GOP senators' rationalizations fail to speak to the right of us voters to know the truth. We elected them and the House representatives to do the best to promote our common welfare and prosperity, not to shield a man who has a history of crooked deals and a propensity to accept Putin's claims of non-interference in our 2016 election.

  111. I wonder how much of this move to extend the trial is driven by the Democrat Party and their mainstream media allies, because a longer trail, say a month more, locks up both Warren and Sanders in the Senate chamber itself, effectively taking the two Progressives off the campaign trial.

  112. Might be time for campaign reform: incumbents can only run on accomplishments. No nationwide blitzes and promises; they can respond to attacks by explaining their legislative actions, but they are not allowed to leave their coveted seats—local, county, state, national—all the way up to the President. No need to raise money—a distraction that keeps them from doing their jobs. If we, the electors, have no idea what our representatives have done, we have to research if they’re incompetent or quietly doing a job. It’s on us—the electors—to know who we vote for; time for us to base our votes on who incumbent candidates have proven to be, not on empty and ridiculous promises.

  113. @WestCoastBestCoast How about rule of law, checks and balances, a chief executive who is accountable-- not above the law and beyond accountability? Aren't those good reasons to have witnesses, including Bolton, who had refused to testify to the House and is now willing to testify under subpoena to the Senate? What about the precedent this would set-- stonewall and you can get away with anything? Sorry your cynical explanation does not wash. Even Sanders and Klobuchar (not "progressive") and Warren would endorse the significance of having witnesses; it is after all a trial.

  114. @WestCoastBestCoast because this was what the impeachment was all along: a clever ruse to curb the progressive vote. Somewhere there's a 4chan chat room looking for its missing member.

  115. No witnesses will be called. The President IS above the law. I have jury duty this Monday and if I don't show up, I will be in trouble. The law applies to everyone except Mr. Trump thanks to the Republican party.

  116. Consider it an honor: it’s likely the jury system will soon be done away with. Autocracies don’t need them.

  117. @ron Take notes. Your grandchildren will marvel at your description of a trial years from now. Had I known our hard fought progress would be so fleeting, I'd have gotten pregnant just so I could have an abortion while it was still safe and legal. Now I'm too old. Donald and Mitch will be deciding everything from now on. Far more efficient.

  118. Tell them you ARE the president and the president according to the republicans IS above the law. Act like this and you WILL get dismissed.

  119. Hard to be objective when your job depends on you keeping your head under the sand. A nasty rage-tweet from Dear Leader, a negative review by Hannity and the next primary might go to someone who is not them. Either that or they are complicit in these crimes, as Lindsey Graham might well be. The Democrats had better get vicious and relentless in their campaign ads using the GOP's own words against them because you know the GOP not only has no problem with soliciting foreign aid in tarnishing their opponents, they have no problem with throwing millions off the voter rolls and making it as difficult as possible for people to vote. They do not believe in Democracy, they believe in totalitarian rule and are working hard to achieve it. They don't worry that a future Democratic president will abuse their office using this trial as precedent because a) they hold Democratic presidents to a much higher standard and b) they don't think there will ever be a Democratic president again thanks to the Electoral College and election fraud and interference.

  120. The GOP is inviting Independents and some moderate republicans to join Democrats in their efforts.

  121. Senate Republicans: We are in a search for truth. We are transparent. But, on the other hand, we do not want witnesses, nor do we want documentation. We don't want Bolton's book. We are quite comfortable with a trial without witnesses. It's a novel idea.

  122. @treabeton: Since God is a Republican, there is no limit to what Republican Presidents can do in service to the Almighty, notwithstanding the capacity of the latter to take care of itself, if it exists as advertised.

  123. @treabeton FYI. Donald J. Trump as POTUS was also a novel idea. Look where we (and the Republican Party) are now

  124. @treabeton Senate neo-Republicans: "We are quite comfortable with a trial without witnesses." Except that Republicans are not!

  125. My response to the implicit question in the headline: That is the beauty of a constitutional democracy. Years ago, a conservative colleague posited that he did not want to sacrifice any material needs or wants for the sake of the United States embracing civil or human rights in either domestic of foreign policy. It seems now that the rule of law needs to be added to the list of values and principles that are being sacrificed for material wants and need.

  126. After the Republican controlled Senate votes to acquit President Trump, he'll continue to rule our country in the same arrogant, misinformed manner as before. Republicans may stall acknowledging and taking responsibility for Donald Trump, but the time is quickly approaching when his faults and failures will be public knowledge. The Blue Wave is coming. May it sweep all Republicans, along with Donald Trump, out of our government and our lives.

  127. Song lyrics for the Senate GOP chorus: I’m afraid there’s no denying That I’m just a dandy-lion A fate I don’t deserve But I could show my prowess Be a lion, not a mouse If I only had the nerve

  128. When a Trump lawyer was asked yesterday what standard of proof should apply to the impeachment proceeding he said beyond a reasonable doubt because the impeachment article refers to “conviction” and “offense.” At the same time Trump’s lawyers apparently do not believe that the use of the word “trial” even suggests that witnesses be called by the Senate. Par for the course for corrupt Republicans.

  129. "Allowing the House to force the Senate into a drawn-out impeachment trial would set a dangerous institutional precedent. " Allowing the impeached president to force it into a hasty whitewash is a safer institutional precedent?

  130. Why is it that the Senate has to do all the work that the House should have done to begin with. The house called 18 witnesses. How many more do they need. They could have called John Bolton but didn't want to waste the time. Now they want the Senate to do that for them. The Senate is only supposed to hear the case that was so compelling it was a SLAM DUNK according to Adam Schiff. Now he says that what they did in the house just wasn't enough. I say ENOUGH OF THIS. Get back to work.

  131. You Don't want to have Bolton testify. He's a hawk and Trump, being really rough and hyper, has kept us out of any war. Which is a likely reason why this has all happened with Alexander and Bolton playing a part. Trump has been animated but did not start a war. It looks like the military wants him out and Pence in. It might be a good idea to consider the possibility Trump has lost favor with the military and as you know, past Presidents who kept the peace didn't fare well. There was Kennedy who was killed, then Nixon who promised to get us out of Vietnam, and he was railroaded out by the shadow government after he made peace with China, then there was Bill Clinton who limited military action to just airstrikes in Kosovo and cruise missile attacks on Al Quaeda in Afghanistan instead of war, which was started by that Republican dynasty Bolton was a part of. Now there is Trump, who although can be mean spirited, has not started any new wars, in defiance of the hawks. I think that's why he has lost favor with the shadow government. So, first, make darn sure Trump is highly protected, then think about ending this trial abruptly being that it may be a shadow government railroad job using both sides. I side with democrats, but it's actually refreshing to have a Republican President who hasn't started a hot war. Imagine that!

  132. Not really. Voting for -further- witnesses would only serve to drag out this sorry spectacle that began with the Obama Administration working hand in hand with the DNC and legacy press to conduct surveillance on the Trump campaign and then to cripple his Presidency, by any available means. Time to finally drive a wooden stake into the heart of this feeble coup d'etat, once and for all.

  133. It's bad enough that the impeachment trial outcome has had a predetermined verdict as soon as it left the House, but to have Dershowitz claim that anything a president does for his reelection is not impeachable is too much. Since when is Deshowitz a Constitutional authority? He's a publicity seeking defense attorney and his arguments are insulting to any reasonably intelligent listener. In one respect I agree with the Republicans that to just get this over with. They really don't care about getting to the truth, so it's time to end this charade.

  134. It’s hard to see that not having witnesses is the best move. It’s leaving the door ajar and will definitely hurt anyone who is vulnerable. The bigger question in the long term is at what point are enough people tired of all the Trump/Republican shenanigans & chicanery. You have to believe that without the protection of the presidency, Trump is in big legal trouble & has few real friends. November is just not that far away, that is the real trial.

  135. There is little hope left that the Republicans will relent from blocking witnesses in their rush to acquit Trump and thereby place him above the law. There are only two people who can prevent this mockery of justice—presiding judge, Chief Justice John Roberts who can rule in favor of witnesses, and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky who can affirm the intense pressure campaign of Trump’s agents and surrogates as well as his early awareness that military aid was being withheld until he announced investigations into the corruption of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Both are unlikely, but the impeachment has been characterized by the improbable.

  136. There’s got to be a few republicans who feel a vote for witnesses is a vote for investigating the truth! No? Isn’t that how it works in real life? Wake me up when this is over. I will say though, if democracy can get through Donald Trump it’s probably working to some extent. No?

  137. These headlines must change. I don’t know what has to happen but our message isn’t getting through to the media. Sometimes, one side is right and it should be stated as such over and over again. Here, I’ll help with this one: “Republicans consider doing what is fair in voting for witnesses” Hey I didn’t say it’d be easy.

  138. So what? Good heavens, our Democrats on the line! A vote to block witnesses along with an acquittal for Trump makes him a king and destroys our democracy as we know it. After that our one best hope will be a Democratic majority win in both the House and Senate.

  139. The republicans are not doing their job. Listening to Bolton is an absolute necessity. Complaining about not being able to get back to their work is preposterous. McConnell has been sitting on legislation since trump arrived at the WH. And being a juror is their current task. Do this job admirably or just go home. The democrats have a strong case, but since there is first hand evidence, it must be brought to light. As a side note Dershowitz deserves an award for Least Lawyerly lawyer in the room.

  140. The most disappointing part of this "trial," to date, has been Chief Justice John Roberts. When the history of this Impeachment/Trial is written, it will be said that Roberts presided over a kangaroo court. I have no problem with Republicans subpoenaing the Bidens - if that's what it takes to allow the Democrats to call witnesses. Even if it uncovers corruption on the part of the Bidens (and I don't expect that!), it would justify Trump asking to investigate the Bidens, but it would not justify him holding back important military aid. I think the Republicans call for the Bidens testimony is a bluff. They have no idea what would result from that. It is very risky for attorneys to ask questions to which they don't know the answers. Roberts should insist that witnesses be called.

  141. “In the end, the impeachment calculation nearly all Senate Republicans are making is fairly simple: They would rather look as if they ignored relevant evidence than plunge the Senate into an unpredictable, open-ended inquiry that would anger President Trump and court political peril.” Authoritarianism: 1 (plus a million more) Democracy: 0 All hail, Trump!

  142. The President so enabled by this GOP Senate, as he as been enabled in his cheating the draft, cheating his workers, and cheating elections, will be SO dangerous if simply acquitted without any examination of the obstructed witnesses and documents. Congress may as well disband both Houses because Trump has usurped all their power unto himself. It was never likely that he would be removed, no matter how deserved because the GOP only cares about its own existence....but where is the admonishment, the rebuke, the curbing of wanton reckless misuse of power? He needs, and the country needs to be told, to be warned, that what he was cooking up with Giuliani was wrong, his smearing of Joe Biden with totally false charges of corruption, of absolving Russia at Ukraine's expense, all of it was well over the line and completely and totally unacceptable.

  143. Claims that Republican Senators are being strong-armed by Trump and McConnell are false. Each Republican Senator is free to choose whichever of the phony reasons for acquitting Trump he/she is most comfortable with.

  144. Republicans who vote to obstruct witnesses in one of the most important proceedings of the last 50 years are a lot like company executives that perpetually take profit on the short term at the expense of long term sustainability. Blind partisan loyalty is not a tenable position for long term success. Just look at Venezuela. On a long enough timeline, every dictatorship falls at one point or another.

  145. Huh. If they think there is that big a mess behind door one, they should probably go with door two and vote for impeachment now. Unless they don’t mind all the stuff they refuse to see. This is what the GOP got itself into with DJT. Not clear how the nation gets out of it, if the president can literally do anything to get re-elected, with impunity.

  146. All the Presidents Men THe president's lawyers have basically admitted that President Trump did in fact tie the aid to the investigation of a political rival. And they argue tha this was not impeachable becuase it was an attempted attempt at extortion? Nixon and his men attempted to break into Watergate unsuccessfully as well. His trial ended the same way Trump's should. Call the witnesses!

  147. When Senators Collins, Murkowski, and Romney asked the first question yesterday inquiring about the President's motives, and whether it was still an impeachable offense if the President both wanted to root out Ukrainian corruption and benefit his campaign, I realized what the Senators's strategy was: "Well, we can't know for sure what the President wanted, so we can't vote to call witnesses or impeach." In particular, look for Senator Collins to use this as an excuse. She loves to play the moderate card, but at the end of the day, she always votes the party line. For them, it's all about plausible deniability, even if what is denied is the truth.

  148. There is no point in prolonging the comic show in Washington when everybody knows that Republicans are not going to remove Trump just to because Democrats want to shield Bidens from their corrupt dealings in this election year. What Trump did is not an impeachable offence, may be a little bit inappropriate. Getting information about Bidens corruption dealings and exposing them to the public is in national interest. Why should Trump help Joe Biden by hiding his corruption in Ukraine? That is what Democrats' basic argument. By impeaching Trump, Democrats harmed Biden and helped Trump. Now everybody knows what Biden did in Ukraine. Thank you very much. Anyway, the impeachment proceedings were a civic lesson to American people.

  149. What did Biden do in the Ukraine? Please explain with evidence.

  150. @Alex K If there was wrongdoing by Biden and son in Ukraine, there was, and is in place appropriate investigative agencies to root it out, not by a presidential shakedown of the Ukraine government. Biden's work in Ukraine was approved the US government, the EU and others. It has been realiably established that he did nothing wrong.

  151. @JSBNoWI What Biden did was "policy" and in the open. The proof is that Barr can't find any wrongdoing and we know that he would do anything possible to support Trump. Contrast that with Trump's nefarious activities.

  152. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans have lost their lives defending the US and its constitution. Fifty-one Republican senators are afraid of losing their senate seats defending the US and its constitution. So much for the "land of the brave".

  153. We should be embarrassed as Americans to witness and accept this thing called a "trial" in the US Senate. It seems that the Republicans are conducting this trial with one goal and that is to do anything other than to find the truth. Not one single person involved in this Ukraine scandal has been willing to go under oath and defend the actions of the president. America's sovereignty is in doubt when a president is willing to court foreign interference in our elections to ensure his own victory. Of course the Senate is complicit in giving away our sovereignty as well, how many laws have they passed to protect our elections from foreign interference? American democracy is in a very dangerous time.

  154. Sad to see American Democracy engulfed in the flames of Republican greed. We are all witnessing the end of an era. It’s not an exaggeration to say that America’s values and way of life going forward will never be the same. We’ve become a nation of men, not laws.

  155. None of the Republicans will vote to hear witnesses. Trump will not only have every republican voting against both articles of impeachment, he could pull one of two Democrats along with them. Of greater importance is the Trump defense articulated yesterday by Alan Dershowitz that any president can now become a king, an absolute monarch because he is the state. This dangerous precedent is going to become cemented into our institutions unless Democrats can make this THE most important issue before voters in November. If the people don’t turn this philosophy away in the upcoming election, we will lose our country.

  156. NY Times writes: "Lawmakers fear allowing new testimony would tie up the Senate indefinitely..." That's hardly the reason. That's what the GOP _says_ is the reason. The real reason is fear of the testimony. Tying up the Senate indefinitely is no problem for the GOP, especially if Democrats control the chamber or the White House.

  157. Let's face it. The fix is in. How anyone can argue that they don't want to hear the truth -- that it may take too much time -- is astounding to me. All I can guarantee is that history is taking names, and those who said they were just too busy to hold a free and fair trial will not be looking good the day they cast their votes. And any day thereafter. Sad day for democracy.

  158. Democratic calculus: self-interest = justice Republican calculus: self-interest = injustice I'd much rather have elected officials with the former than the latter.

  159. It is truly sad to say: I'll vote "No" to witnesses because I'll have better odds to win in Nov than if I vote to have witnesses to expose the impeachment actions of Trump. Or, I don't care what form of moral courage I'm supposed to have, I just want to enjoy the power of my position in being part of Congress. I'll just pass this on to the American people.

  160. Despite the Republicans efforts to keep the white house and their seats in the senate, they are ignoring the fact that the electorate is forming opinions and making decisions about the upcoming election based on their senator's actions today. Those voters care more about their country apparently than their representatives. I believe it will be reflected next November when the first opportunity arrives.

  161. According to Lindsey Graham, President Trump extorting a foreign country and forcing them to dig up non-existent dirt on Vice President Biden to benefit President Trump's reelection is worse than President Clinton engaging in consensual sexual activity in his office. How sad is that? This is why people do not trust or respect our politicians.

  162. No kidding! trump’s sexual attitude and exploits are ignored, while consensual—albeit adulterous—sex is worse than selling out to dictators and murderers? The religious right has some explaining to do.

  163. And the GOP agreed that this President can shoot anyone on 5th avenue and get away with it, while many of his closest members were falsely charged. The times they [have been] changing.

  164. Excellent. The Senate GOP has delivered unto us a dictator. The Founding Fathers are weeping from their graves. Trump will now be doubly unhinged.

  165. "To Senate Republicans, a Vote for Witnesses Is a Vote for Trouble" Ed: Strike "Witnesses;" insert "Honesty."

  166. When the truth hurts, some will sell their souls apparently. In Trump they trust. Oh Boy! What happened? Was it all a lie?

  167. Bolton will speak. His book will be published. Other unsavory facts will come out, not only from Bolton but Parnas and an ever so leaky White House. And Republican senators who vote to exonerate Trump will end up with permanently ruined reputations and enough egg on their faces to make the world's biggest omelet.

  168. The new Republican motto: Save Trump-Destroy America

  169. I'm sure the GOP is worried about "tying up the Senate indefinitely", when that's been their modus operandi for the past 6 years. Anyhow, Republicans are once again saying to their base: we believe you are incapable of paying attention to what we are doing. They fully trust the propaganda machine. This is the thing that I don't understand about American conservatives. There seems to be no sense of personal pride. The representatives state through their actions, over and over: We think you're dumb. But nobody takes offense, just stay on the bandwagon and wave red hats.

  170. Republicans are big on "Let the voters decide", but do everything they can to keep certain people, e.g, minorities, from being able to vote. They do not necessarily believe -- or trust -- Democracy. An autocracy better suits their selfish needs.

  171. @mct They say "let the people decide" and yet back-up the president when he uses his Presidential powers to corruptly try to influence and cheat the upcoming election. The basic mechanism of our Democratic Republic is voting. And Republicans do there best to try to subvert the vote. So, they are showing their true colors: They are anti-democratic.

  172. We are watching the last vestiges of our democracy flushed down the toilet thanks to one con man and his criminal lapdogs. The mere idea that the senate, which was designated to prosecute high crimes & misdemeanors, is willfully rejecting new evidence, has to be a form of treason not seen before. On April 15th, when I fail to turn in my tax return, I will use the senate as a precedent to demand that the IRS not consider the tax return I failed to file. If it works for Trump, it should work for me. When a felon robs a liquor store, he should demand the judge ignore the video tape that display him with gun in hand, yelling "stick em up". This is the lawless behavior McConnell is spearheading. This is the banana republican example McConnell is establishing. By publishing the vote count which is insufficient to block witnesses, McConnell is asking strong man Vito Corleone Trump to intimidate senators. There has to be a bottom to this despicable level of criminal behavior, but we haven't seen it yet.

  173. Hey we the American people didn't start this - we didn't ask for this. The broken electoral system, the cowardice and willingness of corrupt Republican senators and the astonishing ability of self-important "celebrity lawyers" to try and rationalize illegal activity is why we are - where we are.

  174. Why, if Bolton is now a private citizen can't he just appear on any one of the highly reputable talk shows and talk and talk?

  175. @Sari He will after his book is published. Unfortunately, the countless other former administration officials who have described Trumps incompetence and corruption don't seem to have much impact on republicans.

  176. Cory Gardner, my senator from Colorado, I will be voting for you in the fall. No more witnesses, this charade needs to end, and the senate needs to get on with business.

  177. They haven’t “gotten on with business” in eleven years. Do you think re-electing your speed bump will make the change?

  178. @Francis Not to worry - I will counter your vote. As a 35 year Republican I expect more courage out of my Senator. He has simply turned "Casper" and disappeared - much like his courage. And if you look at the Senate business - they don't do anything under Moscow Mitch except appoint judges that are sometimes qualified.

  179. I am outraged. The corruption is disgusting. The shirking of duty is disgusting. The erosion of democracy is disgusting. So much for checks and balances. These “leaders” need to be removed.

  180. To Senate Republicans seeking the truth is looking for trouble.

  181. This is the Democrats circus. We all know what Bolton thinks, we read it here in the NYT. It is not going to move the needle. What Bolton has to say has already been placed in evidence via second hand testimony, the Drug Deal sound bite has been around for months now. Tarring Republicans with all manner of perceived injustices dosen't change the fact Bolton has nothing dispositive to add at this point.

  182. @Mkm But y'all dismissed second hand evidence and want first hand evidence. Bolton is that.

  183. @Mkm You need to review your constitution, if you ever looked at it to begin with...then you might have some basis for comment. But the implications for what it going on in this impeachment proceedings will have far reaching ramifications, ones we might not want to think about while we are rallying behind the president.

  184. @Mkm I honestly don’t understand how you think. Forget the labels for a minute. Forget the “circus.” Think about the facts in front of you— are you really willing to turn a blind eye because he’s on your “team”? The man is a crook—everything about him shows you that. He’s power-hungry. He’s self-dealing. He hates half the country, for heaven’s sake. Don’t you see what’s happening? Don’t you care? Really?

  185. Democrats want to drag this impeachment as long as possible, ideally until November. McConnell should just end it.

  186. @AACNY In November, the voters are going to end the political careers of a very large number of Republicans, who are demonstrating that they do not have the interest of We the People at heart. That is not a threat. That is a promise.

  187. How self-serving of these politicians. So, now Americans who care about our democracy must vote in the next election for honorable public servants who pledge to restore our country's ruined reputation and promise to repair the damage to our country and our planet. And we must hope that this shady man who claims he can do anything that will help his re-election doesn't succeed in corrupting our electoral process. Irrespective of the November outcome, history will record the names of every elected or appointed official who was complicit and helped Trump undermine our Constitution in order to protect their autocratic leader and themselves. They are all unpatriotic and they will be forced to live and die with this shame.

  188. The only solution is to vote every Republican out of office.

  189. The part about this whole debacle that still makes no sense to me is the republicans' near unwavering support for a president who is a bully, corrupt, entirely unlikeable, completely unhinged, the list goes on...... All through the GW Bush years we never saw this kind of alignment. Why now? The Senate leadership's willingness to completely abdicate their constitutional duty is really quite terrifying.

  190. @M.Downey It's simple. They allowed a bully to debase their party and now will allow him to debase our country.

  191. Dear Republican Senators, So what comes next? For a minute, let us assume you acquit Trump, he then goes on to win re-election and you, if you are up for re-election this year, prevail, and return to the Senate. What will you accomplish then? Sure, you'll get more conservative judges into the courts but beyond that what do you hope to get done? More tax breaks - that's working out well as we now have a trillion $ deficit. More stonewalling by McConnell - we have no gun legislation, no legislation to keep Russia at bay, nothing to avert climate change, income divides are getting greater every day, etc. etc. The Senate has accomplished nothing under Trump's administration of good. We'll have another 4 years of the most corrupt, evil person who has ever held the office of President. And perhaps we'll get int a real war with Iran, maybe even one with Korea. You're fear of and support of our Corrupter In Chief, among other things, has left you corrupt. You will sanctimoniously deny it of course, but it is there for all to see. You don't want the truth because you are afraid of it. And so all your ends can only lead to further corruption and lies, to yourself and the American people. You have nothing good left to do, except retire.

  192. But the trump family will be far wealthier and more powerful, and that’s all The Family really wants out of this.

  193. Hopefully the 75% of Americans who want witnesses be questioned will remember what to do in November.

  194. The irony of all ironies is that Ukraine, rather than the GOP, is finally dealing with its corruption.

  195. After all the twisted contortions by the White House dream team, seeking to legalese people into a state of confusion, there will be two things that will matter after this trial is over: on record, who did and did not vote to hear Bolton, who did and did not vote to acquit Trump.

  196. I can totally understand the republicans not wanting witnesses. The republicans have learned from the Kavanaugh fiasco. The democrats will have witnesses line up to lie. And it doesn’t matter how far fetched the accusations are. The democrats and the press will all believe or pretend to. The democrats and the press even gave Avenatti credibility.

  197. @Jim Where is your proof that the witnesses against Kavanaugh lied? Dems gave Avinetti's CLIENT credibility not Avenetti himself. They ditched him as soon as his personal truth came out, more than I can say for the Republicans I see.

  198. @Jim Hm...well Avenatti was certainly right about his allegations that Trump paid-off Stormy Daniels. And Trump lied through his teeth about it, until it became no longer possible to lie about it.

  199. @Jim Except the accusations have been substantiated repeatedly. And the confirmed serial lier is the accused - wake up man.

  200. Ignorance is strength. Really resonates, doesn’t it?

  201. Al Franken: perhaps we could use his vote now.

  202. Essentially all democrats supporting more witnesses and essentially all republicans supporting no more witnesses is clear evidence that neither side is independently analyzing the evidence. Rather the members are following their party leaders like well behaved sheep. This make the entire process a meaningless sham. We deserve better government. A curse on both their houses.

  203. @Charles Hodge The two sides are nowhere near comparable. This kind of reasoning is outdated. Both parties are no where near the same. The Democrats have shown the evidence they could gather, and much was withheld by the Trump admin. It essentially means that a President can do anything they want, and no one can do anything about it. That spells doom....and mic that with the racial and religious hatreds that the president spews, and his mafia like corruption, and we are deep deep possibly non-repairable trouble.

  204. Fear, indeed, seems to be the chief motivator of GOP senators: fear of Trump, fear of the bully, fear of losing their job... When did it become OK for Americans to tremble in their boots rather than do what's right?

  205. Taking the abuse article off the table for a minute, the obstruction article has been proven. Even if the newest member of the Crazy Rudy G club, Allan D, is correct that the President can do absolutely anything he wants, there. is. still. the. obstruction. The House Managers have proven that beyond any doubt.

  206. @PaulinVA But according to Allan D(ershowitz): 1) Obstruction isnt obstruction because the Pres. had the nations (and his) best interests at heart and 2) Even if it is obstruction, obstruction isn't impeachable because he (ALLAN D) says so now.

  207. Dershowitz is arguing that legality, morality and ethics is not universal. It is what we think it is. Therefore if I shoot you, it is ok, as long as I think it is for the benefit of the public. Doesn't matter if it also benefits me to shoot you. Because the motives are mixed, we can't infer corrupt, self-serving behavior. In what reality does this defense make sense?

  208. "unpublished manuscript contradicts " Show the sentences you refer to! If you have the manuscript prove it.

  209. So Trump REMAINS impeached and will be for life... regardless of whether he is removed or not, by the Senate. Why would the RNC even be interested in allowing an Impeached 1st-term President to run on their ticket for a 2nd term? How is it even LEGAL that an Impeached 1st-term President is qualified to run for a 2nd term, as an Impeached President? wild and wooly times ahead.

  210. @Scooter Why would it matter to you if democrats had a candidate who could beat him in November?

  211. @GregP He was beaten last time, by nearly three MILLION votes.

  212. You mean it would open up a cascade of the TRUTH — which would be so very inconvenient for the GOP. This is gross dereliction of duty. Speed and suppression of evidence is NOT a strategy that should be allowed. It’s is about saving face for the Party. It is not about what is right for this country. And It’s appalling!