As Other Democrats Feud, Bloomberg Hammers Trump on Health Care

While the presidential candidates argue about each other’s health plans, Michael Bloomberg’s ads have attacked the president over pre-existing conditions.

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  1. tell the truth, every day, all day, in every channel, and see if it makes a difference. this is the greatest act of public service i have seen in my lifetime.

  2. @No name: Mike Bloomberg is not only selfless, he truly understands that trump IS a manifest danger. He is committed to removing trump. And for that... I like Mike.

  3. I don't know if Bloomberg will get any traction in the primaries, but these ads are on the mark. Bloomberg is attacking Trump on the issue that most voters care about. Even if he is not the nominee, these ads help the party.

  4. @Robert kennedy If you want to help the middle and lower classes you focus on all the corruption in healthcare, the useless middlemen such as Group Purchasing Organizations, Pharmacy Benefits Managers , cartel distribution providers such as Mc Kesson and Amerisource all of which drive up costs , take huge kickbacks from hospitals and drug companies and drive up costs. In many cities CVS is the only Pharmacy Benefits Manager and they take huge kickbacks for doing nothing. Drug companies spend a fortune on ads and this cost is passed on to the customers . One reason they spend a fortune is so that patients ask for the new expensive drug still on patent even though there is one that costs 1/10th the price that 's as good.The law prevents pharmacists from telling patients that there is a drug that is much cheaper; Walmart sells insulin for $24/ month whereas new patented insulin costs about $30,000 a year. medicaid is government provided medicine and it costs far more per person than other forms of coverage . The private sector, unlike the government has an incentive to lower costs. Many people will never have any net worth because of the cost of healthcare and the government will keep costs high to benefit cronies. In most counties there is only one insurance option. If there was competition insurance the costs would go way down and pre existing conditions wouldnt be an issue and it isnt much of an issue anyway since people get insurance with preexisting conditions

  5. @Robert kennedy The ads are also good for the American people, as well as those in the rest of the world. It's not just about the party.

  6. @Robert kennedy Hopefully the crew who is crafting Bloomberg's ad campaign will be working for the eventual (D) nominee, whoever that is. He did hire some good people.

  7. i like mike

  8. @ABC I don't.

  9. Win, lose or draw, at least Bloomberg is focused on reminding voters why Trump has to go in November.

  10. @Dan88 Obamacare has to go because it drives up medical costs and even before obamacare the reason why healthcare cost so much is too much not too little government intervention.. Healthcare could cost about 8% of the economy without any loss of life or health as explained ( partially) in the articles from the WSJ I referenced above.Warren ,Bernie , Feinstein and the other crooks want to keep costs high to benefit cronies. Instead the focus should be on lowering costs .

  11. @Molly I have worked in healthcare my whole life and you are woefully misinformed. Unless you consider that more people are actually receiving care since ACA passage, which is driving up spend not cost is wrong...then you are just plain mean.

  12. Please let Mike Bloomberg be our nominee. He will CRUSH it.

  13. @Will. I have no interest in letting someone buy the Presidency, even someone I like....but I am all for Bloomberg beating Trump to death with his wallet!

  14. @Will. I would not vote in the general election if racist sexist Republican Mike Bloomberg is the Democratic nominee. I'm not alone in this.

  15. @Will. 'Please let Mike Bloomberg be our nominee. He will CRUSH it.' You are not wrong.

  16. I am very liberal, BUT I would LOVE to have Bloomberg as our nominee. He will beat him as no other Democratic candidate can. I love his passion. I really don't know why someone like him would do this if it was not in the interest on the country and not self-interest.

  17. @Jaleh Well there is the Tax Reform Bill that is a boon to people like Bloomberg. Just sayin. But I also think that Bloomberg would run circles around Trump . But then anyone with a conscience and intelligence should be able to do that.

  18. @Jaleh Bloomberg , Feinstein, Biden and others have huge financial interests in China and they don't like the fact that Trump's policies regarding China benefit the US , not China.

  19. @Molly Not factual. I’d love to see your source for this.

  20. While the other Democrats squabble with other over their “plans”, most of which have a snowball’s chance in hell of making it through Congress, Mike Bloomberg is running an actual campaign for the presidency. Bring it on, Mike!!!!

  21. @Will. Hey..he's one of the richest men on earth. It's his money to spend...on what will be - a failed effort to win the candidacy along with splitting votes away from other candidates once he decided to run as an independent..(his ego will not accept a loss..sound familiar?) Which will end up allowing our President to win reelection.

  22. What I can’t figure out is, when Trump says that Democrats want to take away people’s health plans, why isn’t the answer a simple: the insurance market will remain open to any insurer that wants to craft a plan that people are willing to buy. Nobody will outlaw private insurance. Surely not, right? I’d even go so far as to allow the equivalent per capita cost of the government plan to be credited against the premium paid by anyone who stays private and opts out of the government plan. Insurers are clever, and they are likely to reinvent coverage to fulfill the needs of a changing market.

  23. AKA Medicare Advantage. Popular enough that it's probably time to end the subsidy and allow private insurers that they can actually do it better (I don't really believe that they can).

  24. @Rob: Have you forgotten what the health care situation was before the ACA, when commercial insurers had the territory? People going bankrupt because of health care costs, millions more people going uninsured, insurers refusing clients with pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps that one could meet within a year with a cancer diagnosis, etc., Driving down costs: Sure, for the commercials insurers. For the patients, not so much....

  25. @Scottilla Medicare Advantage? Managed care which restricts your access to out-of-network providers, requires referrals for specialist visits and authorizations for various services and procedures? And in return all you get is some free glasses, inferior dental work and hearing aids of a brand they have to approve? No, thank you.

  26. Besides appealing to voters' fears about healthcare, the Bloomberg campaign's strategy doesn't seem to make sense. The reason why the ACA still exists is because of the composition of Congress, not because Donald Trump is president. It sounds like Bloomberg is talking about a hypothetical in which he is President but both the House and Senate are in Republican hands, a situation which is not flattering to the Democrat at the top of the ticket.

  27. @Peter I agree with Bloomberg. Our legislative branch has been ineffectual and gridlocked for a decade (I think a lot of us agree that the republicans unwillingness to compromise is the root cause. I don't think any of us see that changing any time soon.) If either Sanders or Warren win, their seat will be filled by the republican governor of their respective states until an election. That makes their already difficult to pass agendas even harder. I also think those 2 do not galvanize voters for important house and senate races this Autumn in swing districts. Like we saw in 2018, the districts that flipped were overwhelming done so by moderate democrats. I think if Bloomberg wins the primary he not only maintains democratic control of 1 of those 2 senate seats, but it opens up money from the Democratic National Committee to advertise for important house and senate races. Not to mention, for those of us who think that Bloomberg's data driven campaign is being well run - it's already getting under Trump's skin, which is a plus - that only buoys our hope for a data driven presidency.

  28. Bloomberg is not my first, second, or even third choice. But when it comes to health care he is right on target. Lise Talbott said it best when she argued that too many candidates are focusing on the if and when we should have a Medicare for All plan when instead we should be expanding and strengthening what we have now - before it is demolished by this demagogue in the Oval Office. And to back up the ACA's growing popularity, we here in California have seen its increasing embracement with continuing solid enrollments. A single-payer system is the ideal. But right now, in this moment in time, it is not in the cards. Finally, I am a supporter of Elizabeth Warren. And frankly I breathed a sigh of relief when she assured us that she understands that her health plan is something to work toward over years and not something that can be rushed. Too much, too soon is not the way to go.

  29. @Kathy Lollock If healthcare consumes about 20% of the economy a large segment of the population will remain poor. Is embracemant a word? The government always makes things more expensive and of low quality . Even before Obamacare the reason healthcare was so expensive is because of government control as I explained above. Medicaid covers 78 million people and it costs far more per person than healthcare for people of similar ages .If we had real competition healthcare costs would be under 10% of the economy Would you like for everyone to give the governnent all or almost all their money and then let the government provide everyone with food , housing transportation and everything else. Ask people from the former Soviet union how awful their housing food, and everything else was with the government in total control . You should read books by Gilbert Welch MD to learn about the corruption in healthcare. Contruction of housing projects typically costs more per sq ft than houses in Holmby Hills where billionaires live As the latter day Johnathan Swift wrote- If you think it's expansive now wait until the government takes over and it's free. You lefties are also against school choice even though most poor people would like to be able to send their children to private schools. Some of the best private schools cost less than lousy public schools cost the taxpayers

  30. @Molly How do you explain lower cost in all those so called socialist Europeans? Canada??

  31. @Molly Yes, "embracement" is a word, a noun. Its root is "embrace," a verb.

  32. I have no plans to vote for either Bernie or Trump, so if it comes down to those two, I'm happy to write in Bloomberg. I'd like Bloomberg to run as an independent, if only to clarify the margins of the Trumpster and the Bernie Bro factions.

  33. @Carl I can't stand Bernie, but I'd vote for a Democratic tree stump just to get rid of Trump, who does more damage to our country and the world with each passing day. The lessons of 2000 and 2016 seem to be lost on you. Third party candidates helped elect W in 2000 and Trump in 2016. In any event, Bloomberg is way too smart to run as a third party candidate. He's ready to launch a fierce battle for the Democratic nomination if it looks like Bernie or Liz is about to take it, but if he loses he'll then spend tons of money in the general election campaign to help topple Trump.

  34. I understand (and do not disagree with) your sentiment, but if many people do what you are suggesting Trump will win again-which would be totally destructive to our country. Bernie will not be able to do a hundredth of the damage Trump in a second term would do.

  35. People like you are the reason we are where we are in this country. People who do not understand much of anything deeply, Social democracy is the only medicine that we need to administer the very sick patient: the oligarchy on the verge of fascism called the Red USA.

  36. The more I hear from Bloomberg, the more I think he has the chops to actually beat Trump, especially in places like PA and FLA. I would like to see him debate the other candidates. Bloomberg is a little conservative for my taste, but that might be just the right thing to bring states with the most electoral votes. Plus, Bloomberg is beholden to no one and I like that.

  37. @Sydney Can we put an end to this preposterous claim that billionaires are somehow incorruptible? How is it any different being a billionaire, with all the interests of a billionaire, than taking money from another billionaire? Bloomberg, as mayor, was notably generous to his rich friends, particularly real-estate developers. Consider also the prejudices of wealth. Do you really think Bloomberg loses sleep over inequality or will do anything to mitigate it -- like drastically increase his own taxes and curtail his own power? If so, there's a bridge in Brooklyn for sale....

  38. @Sydney Bloomberg beholding to no one? He's a plutocrat beholden to Wall Street.

  39. @Sydney This is a true patriot who is giving his money to serve our nation. No other comes close to his integrity, honesty and accomplishments. He is now second in Florida after Biden and rapidly climbing in the national polls. Go, Mike, Go!!

  40. Bloomberg's ads are very effective in taking on Trump and Republicans on policy issues that matter to most Americans. Campaigning on Medicare for all is not a good strategy. Campaigning on health insurance coverage for all is.

  41. @Mike Health insurance is available to everyone, but, the taxpayers should not have to pay for your insurance.

  42. @Mike 'Bloomberg's ads are very effective' They are. But without the DNC's backing he won't win the nomination. The DNC is all out making Biden happen. Mr Bloomberg could have gone all the way, but without the establishment behind him, he won't win. Just look at Sanders, who got ahead on his own and the DNC and the NYT went all out to debase him and discredit him. Same fate awaits Mr Bloomberg as the DNC will not back any one other than Biden.

  43. @Mike What you fail to appreciate is that the premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket, and copays make "insurance for all" too expensive to use. For those who can afford Premium and Gold plans, or even Silver - great! But what about the millions of people who can only afford catastrophic or Bronze plans. What is so difficult for people to understand that it's not just about "coverage for us," it's about affordability. Why should Americans living in the richest nation on earth have to declare bankruptcy because they got cancer or some other dreadful disease? Obamacare is "better," but it's not nearly enough. We are the only developed nation in the world that makes healthcare a privilege instead of a right. Meanwhile, there are one-percenters getting rich beyond their wildest imaginations from jacking up healthcare expenses to maximize their profits. We are living in a nation where the profit motive and greed supersede common sense and compassion. It's time to stop putting the desires of rich people ahead of the needs of our most vulnerable citizens. Unfettered capitalism without meaningful regulations, responsibility, or conscience. We're at a point in which a lot of Americans from sports to finance to academia think if you're not cheating, you're at a disadvantage, and it's starting to look like that's true.

  44. As I have commented many times on various health care related articles, here in Taiwan I pay $57 a month for excellent coverage under the National Health Insurance program, and Taiwan's income taxes are generally lower than those in the US. This is possible because Taiwan has long controlled what providers can charge for care. A recent Upshot article documented how far out of line the costs of medical care in the US are when compared with other developed countries. Providing a public insurance option under the ACA while tackling the complex challenge of bringing costs down will put the US system in a better position to adopt one of the universal insurance systems used in other countries without a huge rise in taxes..

  45. @Alicia Would you mind providing information regarding wait times on treatment and tests for non-life threatening diseases and problems? For example , MRI when a person has back pain. In the US, wait time is frequently what we hear as the problem for single payer health plans

  46. He is nailing it on pre-existing conditions. The health insurance lobby had tried to get a law that would cut millions from coverage. The country does have a massive problem with things like obesity tied to type two diabetes, but stopping people from getting care that can turn this around is inhuman. There are millions who could not have coverage because they have had cancer, a heart problem. Little kids with diseases. Bloomberg has the right issue framed the right way. It’s about life and death. If Obama had not taken on the industry to make sure people who otherwise couldn’t get insurance could, untold numbers would already be dead. Bloomberg can beat Trump. He gets the basics of how to connect on the things that matter - health and jobs.

  47. Preexisting conditions are a function of life, whether it is something you are born with or acquire by accident, disease, poor health habits, or randomly -- we all either have them, or we are going to get them. I am a big fan of Mr. Bloomberg.

  48. @John Harrington Thanks for your thoughtful comment--and for not conflating type 1 and 2 diabetes/for not lumping them together.

  49. @John Harrington Mike is now in second place after Biden in Florida. He also is rising into double digits in the latest national polls where he is in fourth place. He will be our next president. Biden is not inspiring and unable to best Trump. Forget the Socialist wing; four more years of Trump. We all need to unite behind Mike to defeat Trump. I just registered here as a Dem ( previously Independent) so I can vote for him in the Dem primaries. Change your registration and support Mike.

  50. Bloomberg is the only guy out there not bashing the other candidates and the only one making sense to me. He’s got my support!

  51. Why don’t Dems get that trump is exceedingly vulnerable on health care, which everyone needs at some point or another? Bloomberg is winning voters on the issue and pinning blame on the common foe. Maybe that’s why he has a shot at the Oval Office. Point out the problem, stay above the fray.

  52. I can't for the life of me understand why someone would support an insurance company discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions.I get why they do it but why would Americans who need health insurance support this?

  53. The putative Democratic candidate leaders Warren, Sanders, Biden, Buttigieg would do the country a great favor by taking a cue from M Bloomberg. The objective is to drum DJT from office and have the 2020 remove McConnell, Cornyn. Graham and as many other Republican Senators as possible.

  54. As an Independent voter in Texas, disgusted with Mr. Trump and his minions, I have problems with both major parties. " ... Democratic rivals have spent most of their time going after one another ... " The dreaded circular firing squad, while " ... Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign has released a torrent of television and digital ads accusing Mr. Trump of trying to 'undermine coverage' for Americans with pre-existing conditions." He is not in the debates because they require a certain level of campaign donations, and he is not accepting donations. (!) He is not active in Iowa because he entered too late, but is concentrating on the large states that vote just after the first small states. In Texas (38 electoral votes vs. Iowa's six), we are getting a lot of Mr. Bloomberg's TV ads stating policies I agree with, especially removing Mr. Trump. He promises to support that even if he is not the candidate. A refreshing approach.

  55. I cannot imagine any issue that would concern voters more than wanting decent health care. It takes only one encounter with the healthcare system that fails to treat an accident or disease adequately or that wipes you out financially to make health care your number one concern. Bloomberg is very smart and he is doing all of us a big favor by hammering away at Trump and Republicans for doing absolutely nothing to stabilize or improve the health care system and making it affordable.

  56. I was ignoring Bloomberg, but after reading several of the times articles, he's on my radar. Admirable that he's doing this. Still not my most likely candidate in the primary, but would gladly vote for him in November, unlike some others that I'd vote for only grudgingly.

  57. I was not really a big fan of Bloomberg as mayor but I would vote for him in a second over the other Democratic candidates, I think he could win over enough moderates and actually beat Trump. Give Mike a chance

  58. Bloomberg’s highly effective ads emphasize Trump’s incompetence and focus on three areas: healthcare, environment, and gun control. His positions on these issues are supported by most Americans, so his strategy is a smart one. In addition, he is investing in getting voters to the polls, which is the most important factor in defeating Trump and other Republicans. No matter who the Democrats nominate, Bloomberg’s effort will help their cause.

  59. Mr. Bloomberg, I am a registered nurse in Wisconsin with many years of case management (and other) healthcare experience. This means dealing with many, many healthcare situations and always an advocate for the patient, family, caregivers. I wrote to President Obama about the Affordable Care Act and believe it or not, in June 2016, was one of the ten letters he sent out every night! In addition, I’ve worked and supervised in numerous healthcare venues. (Even served as a Camp Nurse for the Fresh Air Fund in New York one summer!) I serve on my community hospital’s quality council and my County Commission on Aging. Can I come and work for you so you can win this election and make sure millions, all, citizens of the United States have healthcare benefits? I fear what this present administration might cast upon our country. Thank you!

  60. @MIMA: He's hiring staffers in Wisconsin.

  61. I lived in NYC during Bloomberg's mayoralty. He made me a believer. He turned most of the 19th century bureaucracies of the NYC government into modern functioning offices. He hired great people to carry out this work. He had the vision and the wherewithal to make it happen. He can do this for our country. He knows how to get stuff done. Think of all our infrastructure repair that has been promised to us for the last 50 years that could actually get built. He will tackle the climate crisis, the medical crisis and every other issue hurting us that the current administration ignores for their own gain.

  62. I’m just impressed that the Bloomberg campaign was able able to target me on the small bit of social media I use with a strong position on the issue I care most deeply about - climate change.

  63. Based on the comments to this article, Bloomberg may have a chance. People aren't trashing the billionaire anymore. I remember when in 2016 the comments section started praising Sanders and then they became a groundswell. That's when one knew that he was significant competition to HRC.

  64. If you are over fifty, a public option is the most important campaign issue. Period. It’s hard For us to get employed, stay employed and medical is what makes us undesirable.

  65. It is known fact that, in any decision-making, people are motivated by what they might lose rather than by what they might gain. That is why Republicans always play a politics based on fear. Bush won because people feared a degradation of American ethics. Bush continued to win because of people's fear of terrorism. Trump won because of people's fear of invading immigrants and now Trump is trying to win again by playing up on people's fear of losing private health insurance. Other Dem candidates would do well to take a page out of the Republicans' and Bloomberg's books by emphasizing the horrors of a health care system that people will be stuck with if Trump wins rather than arguing about programs Medicare for-all. The time for that discussion will be after the Dems score a victory in the elections.

  66. Do the senate, house and other officials have automatic health care covered by the government? if so, why has that never been an issue to be discussed.?

  67. I am both a dyed-in-the-wool liberal and a pragmatist. I think Bloomberg's messaging on health care has been spot on here in Michigan. He has some hurdles to get over, to be sure, and he needs to keep apologizing a LOT about his stop-and-frisk policy if he wants to gain the trust of people of color. But, in my book, he's the most inspiring - and promising - Democratic candidate in the whole bunch.

  68. If it comes to Biden vs Bloomberg, I am for Michael Bloomberg. I congratulate him for running a different type of campaign and doing it his way. In the end, he will be one of the main candidates. It's still a long time to November 2020.

  69. I am still deciding on Bloomberg, but he is certainly competent. Moreover, I am absolutely enjoying his baiting of Trump, and I think that will be effective whether Bloomberg is the nominee or not. I think of his ads as public service announcements. Good work, Mike.

  70. Bloomberg, like Trump, knows how to deliver a message. The great part about the health care commercials is that they convey both a negative (Trump will take away your health care) and a positive (I will make things work better for you) message. And not scare voters off with single payer now. The 2020 election will be decided in the suburbs. That is where Mike's message is directed. That is a winning strategy.

  71. Bloomberg is focused on the policies not the smoke and mirrors pivoting of most politicians or the personalities of the candidates.He has it right He comes across as grounded. Not every program or policy he pushed as mayor was to my taste,but he was true to values and never did I question if any of them were for his own personal gain or self aggrandizement.

  72. From the year 2000-2013 the number of uninsured was approximately 42 to 49 million. From 2014-2015 approximately 28.6 million to 33 million were uninsured. Now from the years of 2016-2020 approximately 27.5 million were uninsured. Research Enough said.

  73. Bloombergs ads reinforce an idea I’ve had for several election cycles—do the Democrats actually want to win? I think Mike has the right stuff. I hope his polling continues to move up. I will vote for him.

  74. I may have my issues with Mr. Bloomberg, but he is the only one who is actually running against Donald Trump. In the meantime, everyone else is claiming they can beat Donald Trump while doing absolutely nothing to prove it, and doing much to show that they can't.

  75. Bloomberg doesn't stand a chance but his ads are good. Amazing what money can buy. Trump's traveling Big Tent will arrive in Iowa during our vote in time to do some more gaslighting. "Roughly 80 members of Congress, cabinet secretaries and administration officials will descend on the state to drive voter enthusiasm and make a show of force."

  76. Bloomberg is showing Democrats and Progressives how it’s done. How to win. He uses accurate data and zooms in on what voters actually care about. Take note everyone! And, BTW, I consider myself to be quite liberal and Bloomberg is not my first choice. But if he wins the nomination, I will happily canvass for him in the general. Also, I really, really appreciate that Mike has declared that he will support any other Democratic candidate if he isn’t the candidate. One more thing. Would he consider spending some of his vast wealth on a fifty state (or swing state at the very least) advertising campaign to unseat as many GOP senate and congressional seats as possible?

  77. he's already done exactly that in the house! FYI! Google it!

  78. I like Mike. I will be voting for him in my state's primary. He has the gravitas to whoop Trump and take those fiscally conservative but socially progressive Indies and the Never-Trump But Not Sanders either Republicans. And he's got the money to turn Trump's lights out. Hey FDR was super wealthy and he turned out to be one of our best presidents ever.

  79. I'm starting to think that Trump views Illinois as a purple state because he's advertising here. He had the right data to help him get elected the first time so I'm worried for Illinois. Only Bloomberg's ads are countering Trump's ads with solid points that resonate. If it wasn't for Mike, Trump's ads would be unopposed here. I can easily see a scenario where Illinois goes Bloomberg. We already elected two different white, billionaire governors (including one who inherited his billions) so bashing billionaires is not a winning argument here. This is why I think Mike has a a good shot to win Illinois; Trump's run ads in Chicago depicting the Democrats as socialists that will bankrupt the country and that he is responsible for the great economy (I'm not agreeing with him, I'm just telling you what he said). Anyway, Trump's planting the seeds of doubt in case it's Sanders or Warren and I'm already hearing grumblings about either of them from my friends in the suburbs who may sit the election out if they have to vote for either one. (one even said he would vote Trump over either one of them - and this guy doesn't like Trump).

  80. @Sean: Let's not forget, we just got rid of a Republican governor, meaning Illinois can vote Republican if it wants to. I'd argue that Pat Quinn was such a bad campaigner that it was no wonder Bruce Rauner won. Also, I think the Republican party is still smarting from losing all the Congressional seats in DuPage County, historically the Republican Party's paymaster to Democrats in 2018. My understanding of the situation in DuPage Co. was that the college educated women there made the difference. If what happened there happened in the rest of Chicago's suburbs, Trump will have a hard time taking Illinois. We can, though, never be too vigilant.

  81. The other Democrats are arguing about which multi trillion Dollar plan is the best. And in any case, the nation running a trillion Dollar a year deficit doesn’t have the money. Tax the rich ? Maybe, but start with the money to balance the budget. Health Care ? Obamacare is already enough. It is the program best suited to serve the nation.

  82. Thank you! Health care, healthcare, healthcare. I have been saying this for weeks. This election will we won because of the health care issue. I’m personally not a fan of billionaires in charge but if he can deliver healthcare then let’s open the door for him. Get the governor of Michigan as VP and it’s a win.

  83. I have every confidence Mike Bloomberg will take the fight to the incumbent, in ways the Democratic Party have yet to realize is necessary. Mr. Bloomberg, nothing less than the hope for restoring this country to a democracy hangs in the balance. Win by any means necessary.

  84. When Bloomberg launched his campaign I thought it was funny. I could not imagine the Democratic party nominating a Billionaire. Now as I watch Bloomberg’s strategy of going after Trump in key swing states with a massive add campaign I understand his strategy. He wants to damage Trump early and often to weaken him for November. Democratic voters want a candidate who can win, and Bloomberg is the only candidate who is strategically focused on winning in November. The other Democrats field either can’t get traction with the voters (e.g. Klobuchar and others) or are focused on ideology rather than winning in November (Sanders, Warren). Bernie gets votes by shouting about injustice. I agree with most of what he says but even if he is elected his style will make him so unpopular that he will be a one term president. Warren has given us a valuable roadmap on how to repair our unequal society. But, voters choose candidates who they think they can trust to make good decisions about policy and will focus doing what can will realistically be done without being too radical. Her stand on Medicare for all is a bridge too far. Biden is just a familiar nice guy who survives because there is no centrist alternative. Buttigiege is a brilliant young man who has not yet learned to really understand people. He comes accross as very capable but voters particulary black voters do not trust him. I pay attention to their judgement of him. Surprisingly, Bloomberg is beginning to look like a winner.

  85. Bloomberg is so right in attacking Trump. I am dismayed by the sniping going on between the candidates, in part inspired by the format of the debates. One of the very first questions at the first debate was “Raise your hand if you support replacing private insurance with a Medicare for All program”. My heart sunk when the hands popped up, including Senator Warren’s. It’s been downhill since then. The correct response should have been “ no, we are not going to fall for your stupid raise your hands game about complex issues, We are all committed to saving Obamacare and extending health insurance for every American, Donald Trump is committed to taking away your healthcare. Next Question!”

  86. Exactly. The debates are stale leftovers from 20th Century politics. A dozen people “debating” each other? Ridiculous.

  87. @Mary Beth Well said! Trump and his minions are going to take away everything they can from the people of the USA, all while creating a huge deficit. I believe we are 75% more in debt now than when he took office.

  88. @Mary Beth I shared your dismay. People take the trouble to attend to political discourse to find it undermined by gotcha provocations that amount to selectively applied mini impeachments of candidates for office and government representatives. I'm not finding 'all the news that's fit to print' on the digital masthead, has it gone the way of 'do no harm'? The broadcast news offers an opportunity for a sound bite moment to boost viewership and opportunities for agenda pushers, personal or otherwise. More power to people who hold tight to the conviction that falsifications are just part of the game; less to those for whom truth is not a game. This too shall pass, though it leave a wake.

  89. He's smart; he's sensible; he's experienced; he's incorruptible. And, he makes the pricey, non-representative Iowa dog and pony show primary properly irrelevant in this media and digital age.

  90. @P Maris . . . agreed. And I'd like to see Rank Choice voting used. I bet that instead of polls, that would give us a better idea of what American's think about Mike. Let's take big lobbies out of elections. Mike circumvents all the lobbyists because he is self funded. And I think the guy is truly humble enough to know he can only sit on one chair at a time, only live in one house at a time.

  91. @P Maris The dog and pony show is all we have right now and until Mike jumps in. And, it might prove useful as he begins to look for a VP.

  92. @P Maris Yeah no. I remember almost that exact same thing being said about Trump. "Uncorruptible" because he's already rich. That is hilarious, if you actually believe that.

  93. I think Bloomberg is, by far, the best candidate. That said, if he isn't the nominee, he serves a very important purpose. He has the resources to be a targeted battering ram exposing Trump's lies and malfeasance.

  94. Bloomberg is the Democrats only hope to beat trump! This is a fact that the Democrats need to wake up to … now!

  95. I certainly hope that as many critical thinking voters as possible take the time to better understand Bloomberg and his policy positions as well as his extensive proven track record of accomplishing goals. In my opinion, Bloomberg strips away all the silliness of meaningless Sanders Soundbites pandering to his wildly vocal minority base, the infighting amongst all the other deeply flawed candidates, and gets down to the actual business of fixing all that Trump has broken. Bloomberg could actually beat Trump on level-headed substance, unflappable against Trump's idiotic impulsive babyish insults, and more importantly, actually accomplish the things he's identifying as priorities for getting America on track and rebuild it's position as a respectable global leader. Please seriously consider Mike Bloomberg- he's the real deal!

  96. The only Dem I could support is Bloomberg. He won't wreck me financially, he'll improve my healthcare, and he won't roll back the Trump protections for Israel. This is the guy Trump is terrified of, and with his limitless wealth, for good reason.

  97. Thanks to the House Democrats and their impeachment fiasco, Biden is all but finished. Sanders is climbing in the polls, Harvey Weinstein could beat Sanders in a General Election. If you don't believe me, ask Hillary. Wow, what a plan.

  98. The healthcare for all is very timely. With a worldwide pandemic lurking, every citizen needs to consider healthcare. Even if you have insurance, the uninsured will spread the corona virus everywhere and your family will get sick and may die.

  99. As my mom likes to say: "Two dogs fight about a bone, a third one takes it home..." Trump already promised to go after Medicare if reelected, so whoever wins the nomination: Vote Blue, and don't forget the Senate! Your life literally depends on it!

  100. Go Mr Bloomburg. While the rest of our flock is giving the election to Trump and his immoral supporters at least Mr Bloombiurg is tough on the issues. He will shut down the coal mines and through the corrupt mine owners in jail if they start them up. I am glad to see he is attacking Trump on health care. I will vote for Mr Bloomburg or Mr Biden . The others need to drop out and support these to men. We need to save the planet from Republican climate catastrophe with their support of coal.

  101. Keep punching at Trump Mr. Bloomberg. You are doing the nation an invaluable service.

  102. Add some spots about what will happen to SS and Medicare in a second term too. Scare them with the truth.

  103. Yes, yes, yes! All the other Democratic contenders should voluntarily step aside - especially the Hunter Biden hobbled Joe - and let someone with vision, skill, expertise, experience and funding take the lead. They can plow the road for Michael instead of hitting themselves in the head while they run down blind alley's! Go Bloomberg!

  104. Hey, New York Times. Thank you for the quote from the Iowa voter who said "I really like Obamacare." Now how about a quote from an Iowa voter who would prefer healthcare we can actually afford. The New York Times continues to subtly support status quo candidates in ways that are misleading. Obamacare would be great if we could afford all the deductibles and copays, or if I had employer-sponsored healthcare insurance -- but I don't, and neither do millions of Americans. And even for those who do, the premiums, deductibles, copays, and out-of-pockets are making my "insurance" too expensive to use!

  105. As a NYC native, I can say with assurance Michael Bloomberg is the real deal - on every level - a self-made billionaire from a middle class background, hard working, no scandals and using his own money to dislodge the odious Occupant in the Oval Office. A true American who has honestly earned and lived the American dream. He is the only Democrat who can beat Trump - and Trump knows it!

  106. Nonsense. No scandals? He settled multiple lawsuits for discrimination against women. And then there was that little problem of racially profiling hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers. But nah, nothing the Democratic base would care about.

  107. Bloomberg/Klobuchar - I could get excited about that combination.

  108. Is it just me or is the Times coverage of Bloomberg pretty favorable? Especially compared to the Bernie coverage (and I say that as a Warrens supporter. Also, I think Bloomberg would make a great candidate for presidency, as a Republican.)

  109. If Mike Bloomberg can buy the nomination, and his financial resources can help assure he will win in November, I would happily support him. I am the bluest of blue democrats, I never voted for him for mayor, but he may be our ticket to salvation. We are in a catastrophic national emergency dear friends, as Democrats, it seems to me, we need to hold our noses, if necessary, and jump in with both feet to support whomever can crush Donald in November. Yes, even Mike Bloomberg.

  110. There's a possibility Bloomberg is a mensch. I don't think he actually thinks he can win the nomination, he's just making sure the messaging is out there hammering Trump. With bottomless resources behind it to boot. Thank you, Mayor Bloomberg.

  111. All this nonsense from the candidates about this new insurance system they are going to give us. Until it's built, they can make any claim about it. I have worked hard to be in a position to have good health care coverage. I will not support a candidate that threatens my coverage. Let them build the new insurance system. When it matches or exceeds what I currently have, I will gladly switch. But until then, leave my insurance alone.

  112. Bloomberg is the only clear thinking, competent, balanced and electable choice A vote for Bernie is a vote for Trump, unfortunately

  113. Bloomberg should focus his ads on Trump’s “pre-existing conditions” and the need for mental health coverage.

  114. Bloomberg would absolutely destroy trump in a 40 state landslide. He is the most formidable potential nominee because he appeals to the widest swath of the electorate and has unheard of funds to push the issues that matter (not what donors want him to push).

  115. I appreciate Bloomberg's advertisements to remind voters of Trump's demagoguery and Trump's attack on affordable health care. The Democrats need to get their message out there to voters and not split hairs over plans. The number one priority is to get Trump and his ilke out of government.

  116. The Democrats are squabbling among themselves about issues that shouldn't even be on the table (like mandatory Medicare for all). It's worth asking why, but the answer doesn't matter: they're Democrats; infighting is what they do. Bloomberg, who is both savvier and less doctrinaire than the group, holds a very strong position in this respect. He has been above the fray and has timed his entry into the campaign to avoid the shake-out of the early contests. He is impervious to Trump's bullying and bluster. He is head and shoulders sharper than Trump. And he has relatively little baggage that can haunt him (as did Hillary). The only question, and it's an important one is: will Democratic constituencies come out to vote for him against Trump, the way they didn't for Hillary? For the sake of the country, we all hope that they will.

  117. Nobody talks about concrete solutions to solve the rising costs of healthcare. Here it is: A) Automate the entire system; i.e. making appointments online, access to patient's health records, automated billing, guiding healthcare providers in offering treatment, etc. can all be automated. We have way too many administrative people working in healthcare. B) Allow foreign drug companies to sell medicine, especially for generics and force the Feds to negotiate prices for MedicAid and MediCare. C) Sell insurance across State borders with some guidelines. D) Penalize unhealthy people, but only after giving them a chance to get better via covered treatments.

  118. " A spokeswoman for Mr. Trump’s campaign defended the president’s record, claiming he “has protected Americans with pre-existing conditions by offering affordable health care with choice and patient-guided decision-making.” She also pointed to steps he’s taken to give people “access to short-term, limited duration plans and association health plans.” " I missed something or is their actually a Trump/Republican health plan ? No, 3 years into his term and nothing done except the dismantling and trying to bankrupt the ACA. Then lie about eliminating coverage for pre-existing conditions and pretend they have other options for coverage like the Christian "not health insurance" pseudo -coverage plans. How can we survive 4 more years of this lying and corruption?.

  119. Another example of Bloomberg doing good things. He’s not just talking- he’s taking action by going after DJT ! No billionaire or millionaire has ever ( yes, ever!) tried to do more good with their money than what Bloomberg is now doing. Trump really is an existential threat. The clock is ticking for the world as we know it and I hope the Democratic Party starts to appreciate that Bloomberg is the best, and likely only, hope to replace Trump come November.

  120. I have concerns about another billionaire buying his way into the presidency. That said, Bloomberg seems to be one of the few democratic candidates who "gets it" that healthcare is a pivotal issue for voters and one on which Fat Don is weak.

  121. While I will vote for Bloomberg if he is the nominee, I fear it will by a Pyrrhic victory. Money has already corrupted politics, and while some will argue that Boomberg buying his way into the election means he cannot be bought, it is equally true that this just ups the ante to more ridiculous levels. Is the 2024 debate stage going to consist of Bloomberg, Bezos, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg? Is this what we want? One of my favorite things about Amy Klobuchar is she has actually talked about this. It is high time we go to federally funded elections. This is ridiculous. All the money he is currently spending trying to undermine some very good candidates would be much better spent in voter registration and fighting voter suppression. How many of the nearly half a million Puerto Ricans who move moved to Florida in after the hurricane are registered? Bloomberg may or may not have been a good mayor, but I am not at all happy about his candidacy.

  122. I give Bloomberg a lot of credit for getting the word out about the Republican health care lie. The test will be whether the ads get through to the Trump supporters who are immune to any truth that’s contrary to what they choose to believe. Many of whom will be adversely affected by his and the draconian Republican scheme. Even then, it’s a toss-up if they’ll ditch Trump.

  123. @Bags The goal isn't to get through to the Trump diehards - it's to get through to the independents, the ones who could go to either party. That is where elections are won and lost. And the current debate model of "more woke than thou" and who made what statement 20 years ago that doesn't work so well today is not helpful.

  124. @SusanStoHelit I believe it is imperative to get the word out about the Republican health care lies and the meaning of what insurance companies can do if they are not mandated to cover pre-existing conditions will do to each person's friends, family and neighbors - and to themselves. Every Democratic candidate should be beating this drum loudly to all citizens.

  125. @WWW Absolutely. It’s infuriating that this is being consumed by the healthcare for all pipe dream.

  126. This speaks very highly for Bloomberg - he's dedicated himself to going after Trump voters where it hurts: pre-existing conditions. To paraphrase an earlier wise-acre: "It's the health care, stupid!" And while the rest of the pack are savaging each other, Bloomberg's put the focus exactly where it belongs.

  127. Just buy twitter ...

  128. Bloomberg is serving the country well by using his amazing wealth in an excellent cause: destroying the web of lies created by Trump the miscreant and his cabal of Republican enablers.

  129. Who cares if Bloomberg gets the nomination, wins, or just moves the needle against Trump by deploying his wealth? Millions spent countering Trump’s endless lies are millions well spent. Bloomberg should get the Congressional Medal of Honor. Oh, yah - Congress...

  130. Bloomburg is outside the circular firing squad--does that make him a DINO?

  131. Did multi billionaire Trump out of his own pocket fund anything like FM Bloomberg School of Health/Johns Hopkins,? Anything like the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother and Child Center, located on Hadassah's Ein Kerem campus? Bloomberg is a man who believes in healthcare, and does something about it in a big way.

  132. @Lawrence: It's absolutely shocking that people still believe that trump is a "multi billionaire"! That is a farcical lie, promulgated by none other than pathological narcissist trump. As revealed by the verified leaks of his actual tax returns, he is not even a single billionaire. He is always finagling (and cheating) money from our federal government, just to pay his Yuuuge mortgages and loans that he can't afford. On the other hand, Bloomberg is so much more than a multi billionaire, that he has committed to (and is well on his way to) spend ONE BILLION dollars to remove trump. trump has spent nothing of his own money on his campaign, instead taking and spending other peoples' monies. A true multi billionaire would readily spend $100 million (a tenth of what Bloomberg will spend) on their own campaign. trump is an unstable and very scary joker, certainly NO billionaire. Mike is Making America Gain Again! Go Mike!

  133. @Lawrence Yes Bloomberg won the 2009 Lasker award for public health.

  134. Is this a joke? '“This is a really big negative for the president with swing voters,” said Howard Wolfson, a top adviser to Mr. Bloomberg' No...! A top adviser for the contender, saying this new add is the end of the competition. Please say it ain't so! Please. Are you serious? Like Coke posting an add saying their Coke Classic is the end of Pepsi. Yea am sure Pepsi will raise the white flag and close shop, surrendering in shame. That's the level of IQ of 'Howard Wolfson, a top adviser to Mr. Bloomberg'. Sorry Mr Bloomberg, you need advisers that can win, not morons who believe their own PR lines.

  135. Nothing against Bloomberg and his television adds (which I have not seen). It’s just that nobody watches television anymore except perhaps the 17 people who commented on this article. Meanwhile 550 commentators on another NYT times article (on the digital edition of course) are freaking out over Trumps dominance of digital and how that dominance played a major role in his beating of Hillary in 2016. Maybe Howard Wolfson could advise Bloomberg to move some of that television advertising money to digital to help offset Trumps digital advantage.

  136. @Independent: I agree that digital advertising is a must, but still watch/listen to TV. I watch CBS Sunday Morning (the best weekly program on television) every week and have seen Bloomberg's ads and they are the best political ads I've ever seen. I also watch PBS, the BBC news, Turner Classic Movies, many sports events, and some of the lineup on MSNBC for at least a few minutes every night, and check in irregularly with the GOP propaganda machine (Fox, Breitbart, Newsmax, etc. ad nauseum). Imagine that! I'm online all day for the work I do, and subscribe to The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and read other periodicals, blogs, and sourced articles that have good reporting on a host of subjects. What I like about Mike Bloomberg is that he is using some of his well-earned billions for the greater good. When he was Mayor of New York, he rode the subway, and I suspect he still does. He is smart, an incredibly successful, truly self-made businessman, unlike the current white house occupant, and he cares about important issues that affect all of us, not just those in the ubermonied class. If by some chance he were to actually be our candidate, I think we'd win in a landslide.

  137. As someone else posted, Bloomberg is too old. He’s campaigning old. Perhaps he will appeal to the moderate, geriatric set. As of now, I do not see “America is a Christian nation” middle America and swing states voting for him or Bernie or anyone else not washed in the blood of the lamb. Prove me wrong.

  138. @Independent Are you saying no one is going to watch the commercials during the SuperBowl? Bloomberg has a multi-million ad scheduled. (Trump's handlers were so freaked out by this, that they immediately matched dollar by dollar so as to be able to say Bloomberg did not overspend them - They are scared and paying notice!) His ads are also everywhere else, on radio, print and on the web.

  139. Add Sherrod Brown as your running mate and......victory.

  140. @SBFH: Or Michelle Obama, or Stacey Abrams.

  141. @SBFH They love Sherrod Brown in Ohio!

  142. Now the Times is trying to promote a billionaire. The fear that Biden is going down is palpable.

  143. If you look at the mess NYC is in due to the Bloomberg administration and continuing to today, I think Mr. Bloomberg is throwing stones in his glass house.

  144. @Randy L. : As a NYC native, you are incorrect. The New York City "mess" is at the feet of the utterly incompetent current mayor, Bill de Blasio, who is responsible for massive construction (building permit kickbacks for financing his campaign, anyone?) streets and sidewalks like something out of a third world country and infra-structure (including subways) continuing to deteriorate. That has nothing to do with Mike Bloomberg, a three time Mayor who was excellent - or he would never have been voted in as Mayor for an unprecedented third term.

  145. @Randy L. While I don't agree with everything he says or does, NYC was in vastly better shape when he was mayor---do not confuse him with our current mayor DeBlasio!!!!

  146. @Randy L. The only reason that de Blasio the "progressive" mayor, hasn't been able to completely destroy NYC is because of the 12 years of Bloomberg. I am proud to have voted for him for all three terms. While not perfect, because no one is, Mike was the BEST mayor NYC has had in decades.

  147. He’s our nominee.

  148. Another pro-Bloomberg article. These having been coming out at least once a day. Sounds like the NYT should’ve just endorsed him instead of the double non-endorsement they issued last week.

  149. Bloomberg has no chance on the national level and he is too old

  150. @Nycdweller - Ageism stinks. Maybe he has no chance, but he's certainly not too old, and I suspect, has more energy and accomplishments behind him than you ever will, whatever age you are right now.

  151. @Nycdweller I see Bloomberg is 78, which surprises me. He looks younger.

  152. Bloomberg gets my vote!

  153. Because we need more American oligarchs in control?

  154. When a proven pathological liar speaks, aka Trump, check carefully for misstatements, downright blatant falsehoods, fabrications and TRUMPEDup facts.

  155. ‘They should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.” This really says it all. My frustration and disgust at the Democratic candidates just keeps growing, but I love Mr. Bloomberg’s focus on stopping Trump and on healthcare as the top issue. He also has been a strong voice on the need to address climate change, my biggest concern. I never thought a I’d consider voting for a billionaire, but I’m thinking pretty hard about it now.

  156. @mltrueblood Being from NYC - I can attest Bloomberg is most qualified dude running!!

  157. Bernie versus Donald in 2020 is a no win scenario for America!

  158. @Seabrook what about Warren with VP Sanders against Trump? Does that change any calculation or you feel like the centrist vote is still too strong? Honest question - I mean no I'll will by it.

  159. Can you name three specific policies of Bernie Sanders which would be “no-win”? Or are you hung up on the label of “Socialism”?

  160. The fact that Trump and his minions can still make these outrageous claims shows the abysmal ignorance of many Americans. Hey MAGA's, pick up a newspaper for once in your life. Trump has gone after Obamacare with a vengeance, if, for no other petty reason than it contains the name "Obama"; if it was called Trumpcare, he'd be fine with it. The same ignorance extends to those red states who have still refused to accept funds for Medicaid extension or who have now imposed work requirements. I wonder what Bloomberg's intentions really are? I'm sure he'd be delighted to be President, and his inundation of the airwaves have boosted him in the polls, but in lieu of that, is he nominally in the contest just so he can produce these attack ads under the guise of being a presidential candidate? He's not exactly knocking himself out on the campaign trail. I know he and his cronies are in a tizzy about Sanders and Warren, but he hasn't gone after them directly, reserving his ire for Trump, which is wise in any case. I'd love to see money out of politics, but if laying an expensive siege to Trump Towers is Bloomberg's gift to preserving democracy, I'm comfortable with that.

  161. Now, if this "great" newspaper had endorsed Bloomberg, maybe, just maybe the "progressive" Democrats would have taken another look at him. Bloomberg would be great for the nation, but Trump is good for the NYT. Under Trump, the NYT stock price only goes up!

  162. I am voting for Bernie. I hope you take another look at the progressive policies, including the GND. Thank you for your consideration.

  163. W already have government healthcare, medicaid which covers 78 million, and it costs more than private coverage. . The government doesn't want to cut costs , they want to make cronies richer .Coverage for pre existing conditions wouldn't be an issue if the government didn't drive up medical costs. Our healthcare costs 18% of the economy . The way to get the cost down is to allow free market competition . In most counties there is only one option for insurance and lack of competition drives up costs. People should have catastrophic coverage and then pay cash for minor things because the paperwork involved in processing a minor issue is enormous , involving insurance companies, employees benefits managers and others so that doctors spend more time processing paperwork than seeing patients. Most people have homeowners insurance to cover fire but not the cost of painting, flooring because that would cause the price to skyrocket There is tremendous corruption in healthcare A few of the many articles in the WSJ on corruption in healthcare are : Where Does the law Against Kickbacks Not Apply? Your Hospital Zweig, Phillip WSJ May8, 2017 A18 Why CVS Loves Obamacare WSJ May30,2018 A14 Hospitals Push Doctors to Keep Referrals in House Anna Wilde Mathews WSJ Dec28, 2018 A1 CVS Exploits PBM Role and Taxpayers Pay Representative Doug Collins WSJ June 26,2018 A16 Scott Wilkinson MD WSJ letter Sept 13, 2019 pgA14

  164. @Molly Ask the GOP why. Next.

  165. No one knows Trump better than Bloomberg. While the rest of the candidates are attacking and destroying each other with their political fantasies, Trump is laughing at them. Trump fears Bloomberg. So far the worse he has been able to hit back with is "He's shorter than I am". Bloomberg has zero-sighted on Trump's lies and weaknesses. His ads are top of the line and everywhere. Time to reconsider party purity tests and semi-utopian wants for reality.

  166. Thank you Michael Bloomberg! Win or lose, you’re advocating for issues that are important to lives and health of the American people. Although I still prefer single-payer healthcare, putting a spotlight on the importance of healthcare is a great service to the American people.

  167. Bloomberg with his willingness to spend nearly unlimited amounts of money and actually listen to what voters believe will improve their lives (protecting and building on the ACA vs the Medicare 4 All pipedream) might at the very least save Democrats from themselves if not become the party's nominee.

  168. Bloomberg is smart, powerful and rich. He could win this.

  169. @WeHadAllBetterPayAttentionNow He's powerful and rich - which are not good things. He's not exactly smart either, since he became the liberal laughingstock of the world for his behavioralist lawmaking (cf. the soda tax) and out of touch governing. He absolutely, 100%, could not win this.

  170. @Dylan So out of touch that Democratic New York City re-elected him twice. And he's devoted millions and millions of dollars funding anti-smoking and sensible gun-control reform - among many other noble causes.. Perhaps that so-called laughter you're hearing from liberals is actually applause?

  171. He must be smart. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering. You don’t get that with a low IQ.

  172. Michael Bloomberg has stepped up to the plate and is, admirably, financing his campaign with his own money because he is so alarmed by what has happened to the USA in the short almost 4 years Trump has occupied the Oval Office. The only person who can beat Trump is Bloomberg, who is incorruptable, without scandal, a self-made billionaire and a three time Mayor of New York City who did a terrific job - except for the "stop and frisk" for which he apologized. Donald Trump, the "stable genius," apologizes for nothing and has accomplished nothing - except, perhaps, honing his Twitter typing skills and is terrified of Bloomberg - as he well should be.

  173. Bloomberg attacking Trump in his ads? Why? Trump is NOT his Opponent until Bloomberg is the Nominee.

  174. I am tentatively supporting Mike Bloomberg at this time, with a wait and see attitude on issues that he has so far not addressed. I would support the Bernie Sanders medicare for all plan, but ONLY if it includes a believable plan to pay for it over time. All of the Democratic candidates in the first debate promised to extend universal health care to illegal immigrants. Moreover, some of them seem to suggest open borders, which would increase the level of immigration without bound. US population has increased by about 36% since the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986. The US has not increased the training of physicians at the same rate over the last 34 years. That a goes a long way toward explaining why medical costs keep rising. Medical services for immigrants are not free. I have seen recent immigrants speaking Spanish in ER's when I have gone in for medical emergencies. Yes, Trump lies about everything. But the Democratic candidates for president seemed to be lying in the first debate when they promised extending benefits to illegal immigrants. Unless we cut illegal immigration to zero, health care for the poor will continue to be difficult to pay for far into the future. What I like about Bloomberg is that he made no promise to extend health care to all illegal immigrants. Yes, in a perfect world everyone should get health care. Yes, we should cut illegal immigration to zero and gradually extend health care so that it is universal for American citizens.

  175. If you run healthcare for private profit, why should insurers be forced to take on customers they expect to lose money on? Makes absolutely no sense at all. And unless Bloomberg is backing UHC, and I imagine he isn’t, then he’s going after Trump on an issue he has no solution to either.

  176. @Xoxarle: Sick people are not customers in the sense of someone considering buying a car or a dress. Considering them customers does not make sense. Bloomberg for now, is backing universal health care, by having a public option to the ACA and strengthening it instead of sabotaging it. With mandatory health insurance and subsidies for those who need them, this would be a form of universal health care. And let's hope Bloomberg also tackles insurance industries by allowing Medicare (and his proposed public option) to negotiate pricing. Not ideal, but much better than what we have now and palatable to those Americans who are skittish about European style health care (to be honest, I don't know why but that's what it is).

  177. That’s why ACA had the mandate to maintain health insurance To dilute the risk pool with adults who might otherwise decide to roll the dice

  178. Pre-existing condition coverage is important for anyone who has had a life threatening illness, such as cancer (I have had two kinds and both before age 50 while living in the US). I am now a dual citizen of the US and the UK (where I have lived for eight years). My friends ask me if I am going to return to the US to live and my answer is simply "No. I have free healthcare funded by UK taxpayers (including me) through the National Health System of the UK. I would not be able to afford insurance that would give me adequate cancer coverage in the US now as I head into my 60s." I have lived under both the US and the UK healthcare systems. There are vast differences between a for-profit system (US) and a not-for-profit system. However, the it is NOT the quality of care--for me it has been roughly equal thus far. Americans have been fed such lies about nationalised healthcare and single payer systems, while still relying on something similar at age 65 (Medicare). The most important thing the Democratic candidates can focus on is actually educating Americans about the real differences between the two systems. One covers only those who have means to pay for the required care, the other covers ALL (even the poor). The rich can still pay for private medical care in a single-payer system if they want it--but they will not be able to deny care to the poor.

  179. Bloomberg drowns our Democracy. He's the epitome of someone who buys pols, enabling and supporting their addiction to money to do his bidding. Until money (the drug of pols!) is removed from our election billionaire minions will be spewing their reified ego into every household. Never going to happen because ALL POLITICIANS are addicts of power of office and money.... Corrupt junkies.

  180. The old saying "keep it simple stupid" is what these candidates need to remember. Put every single one of Trump's policies out there so people can see how bad he has been for the average American citizen. They will pay attention.

  181. Pun intended Howard? Either way, keep the blood flowing! “ said Howard Wolfson, a top adviser to Mr. Bloomberg. “Now having drawn blood, I think we’re going to continue in this vein.”

  182. Well done Mr. Bloomberg, now please consider flooding Facebook with ads and/or buying Twitter!

  183. It's no contest between Bloomberg and Trump on intelligence. On a debate stage Trump will be dwarfed. This issue could sink the white house "buffoon."

  184. Get out of the race, we don't want you in our primaries or running our government. You did enough damage in NYC, we don't want another dilettante "master of the universe" trying tio run a government like a business.

  185. The night Trump's tax scam passed, he had a party I believe at Mara Lago. He walked in and said, "I've just made you all very rich." Just wondering how many of you are very rich now. I know I'm not. Anybody? Somebody?

  186. Mayor Bloomberg is clearly the smartest guy in the room by a huge margin. He has my vote!

  187. I hope that Bloomberg hits other Trump falsehoods that hit our pocketbooks, like who's really paying for the tariffs! And I hope that he also goes after non-economic falsehoods that Trump utters every day.

  188. If I had to vote for a billionaire; that billionaire would be Tom Steyer. Steyer walks the talk and has actually campaigned and worked to get his voters. Bloomberg pulls another let me buy my way into the nomination process, as he did with his 3rd term as Mayor of NYC. I would have more respect for him, had he proceeded as all other candidates had. Besides, he doesn't have the black votes; he should take a seat with Buttigieg.

  189. @cinnamon roots: And you think Bloomberg is not campaigning with his ads? And who do you think he'd be buying the election from: the voters perhaps? I didn't see an offer in my mail yet... He also promised to support any other of the Democratic candidates if they happen to win the nomination. Bloomberg did not buy himself the 3rd term, he only succeeded in overturning the term limit of two terms. He still needed to get elected, and he didn't force the voters to vote for him.

  190. @cinnamon roots: Bloomberg has been meeting voters in the Super Tuesday states where his candidacy is registered.

  191. @cinnamon roots Steyer has no government experience and his hedge fund profited off fossil fuels. We should have all been so lucky to profit off them. I might as well vote for Rex Tillerson - he dislikes Trump, too, right? Not only does Bloomberg have government experience, he has some of the most impressive and salient experience of any candidate in the race. If anyone needs to drop out of the race, it's Steyer's vanity project.

  192. Mike Bloomberg demonstrates experience, integrity, caring for others, a commitment to Democracy and Capitalism, self-interest and an appropriate lack of perfection to be the Democrat's answer. Democrats have to stop pandering to every special interest group, socialist idea and pipe dream and go with a proven winner who will unite the country, take back the WH and improve America while upholding its ideals. Go Mike!

  193. It’s harder to buy a country than a city

  194. @Michael Livingston’s: Putin disagrees with you.

  195. The best mayor in NYC history, am extraordinarily successful entrepreneur and one of the world’s greatest philanthropists He’s got my vote

  196. Keep it up, Bloomberg! You are appreciated big time right now. Thank you.

  197. “Support for maintaining Obamacare’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions has remained high over time. This past November, the Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll found that 62 percent of the public — including 47 percent of Republicans — did not want the Supreme Court to overturn the protections.” Who? Who answered this question “yes”?? Did they understand the question? Are there people who actually think “well yes by golly, I think the Supreme Court Should overturn protections for people with pre-existing conditions”. Apparently yes — until it affects Them. No wonder the United States is following Rome.

  198. @Almost Can’t Take It Anymore: Same here. Why only 62% of the people against overturning protections for people with preexisting conditions? More than half of Republicans are in favor of overturning protections for people with preexisting conditions? Are those the Evangelicals who think it's God's will if you get sick and then either get better or die? Or are they those healthy people who think they will never get sick and/or old or have an accident?

  199. @Almost Can’t Take It Anymore There are definitely those people - sure they'll never be the one, thinking they don't want their insurance rates to go up to cover a cancer patient who needs chemo.

  200. @Anna They are either the healthy young Republicans/Libertarians or rich enough they can afford to cover all their medical costs.

  201. Good for Bloomberg going straight to the heart of some key weaknesses in what Trump has done to the health of America.

  202. The only way the healthcare situation can be improved is to reduce the share of the pie the healthcare industry as a whole extracts from the economy from its current level of 18%. Shifting the burden from one payer to another does not change the inescapable fact that Americans spend on average $10k+ per year compared to around $6K per year in all other developed countries. It is a $1.3Tr comparative excess (almost twice the size of the military budget) borne by individuals directly, indirectly, and as taxpayers, by businesses, and by public institutions. Any proposal or legislation that does not first reduce the healthcare pie is no more than a political stunt.

  203. @RC Universal health care, as well as Medicare for those who want it both do reduce the overall share of the pie - as is shown by every other first world nation that also has it.

  204. @SusanStoHelit Universal healthcare (which I believe in) in the rest of the world has proved to reduce or at least control the size of the pie while producing equal or better overall results, however public healthcare in the US has not, as currently structured, reduced the share of the pie. Quite the contrary. Public healthcare accounts for 60% of the total. 5% of patients, the chronically ill, mainly covered by public insurance, account for 1/2 of the total of $1.75Tr, approx. $100k per person per year. The chief culprit is cost of service more than insurance or even drug costs. What most commentators tend to miss is that, because the US is essentially a crony capitalist country, the public healthcare structure has evolved to enrich the industry to the detriment of the patient. Unless this situation is attacked and beaten back, medicare-for-all will also end up being developed for the benefit of the industry and the crippling total cost will not be reduced. It should be remembered that the healthcare industry has higher revenues than the GDP of every country except China, Japan and Germany. It has enormous political clout. The first step is to get real.

  205. I'm glad Bloomberg is reminding voters about reasons not to vote for Trump on healthcare, but he must not forget to give them a reason to vote for him as well. Sanders is proposing Medicare-for-All. Buttigieg proposes "Medicare for those who want it". What does Bloomberg propose? He might have stated what he stands for at some point, however, he needs to make himself more clear. The democrats can't win just on what they aren't for. Being against Trump isn't enough. They must also stand for something other than the status quo, because the status quo helped deliver Trump.

  206. @thinktank, reminding that Trump has been trying form Day 1 to kill the Affordable Care Act is critical and tells people what Trump is against, not what Bloomberg is against. Saving the ACA from Trump’s war on healthcare is a legitimate affirmative policy position..

  207. @Emme Now, if only Trump had made the Bidens an issue from Day 1 instead of the ACA he wouldn't be up for impeachment!