To Truly Move On, the Astros Needed Dusty Baker

The Houston Astros have been chastened after their cheating scandal, but they remain talented. Their new manager brings an element that they were clearly missing: integrity.

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  1. Dusty Baker deserved a better fate when he was with the Nationals. I'm glad he found a new position with so much talent on the roster. For the sake of MLB, I hope he finds success in Houston.

  2. @D.M. I am glad the Nats won. However I am thrilled at the possibility of poetic justice; a WS rematch, with Dusty helming the Astros, and winning.

  3. Nats and Astros share spring training facilities in Florida. So they'll be close companions for 6 weeks at least!

  4. Lord knows we need him!

  5. Those with direct involvement in the Astros' cheating should not only lose their jobs, but go to jail.

  6. @fact or friction, Billionaires and millionaires do not go to jail in the U.S. They have a different justice system, sorry. My 99% do the time and pay the fines...

  7. Jail? Please tell us what law they violated.

  8. Doesn't it seem odd the Houston Astros' players are not being punished for cheating? The have to deal with a new manager and G.M., public embarrassment, but the punishment doesn't hold any player responsible. I can only shake my head in disbelief. Are those who carried out this scheme getting away scot-free?

  9. @Alan Gary There's a CBA that governs what punishment can be imposed on the players making it not odd all.

  10. @Rabster really? the stroid abusers seemed to get punished. this is just as bad if not worse

  11. @Casey The CBA provides for PED use punishment. The next CBA might include guidelines for player punishment for electronic cheating but I doubt it. It is too complicated scope. Are pitchers sitting in the bullpen, never getting an at bat, never even being in the dugout liable for hitters stealing signals?

  12. Yeah, we had Dusty here in Chicago with the Cubs years ago, back when a misguided gesture by an otherwise well-meaning fan caused the World Series-hopeful team to go into an irreversible mental meltdown (while blaming their failure on said fan). The one thing I remember about Dusty was this: at his postgame press conferences, when things were going well, he proudly sat fielding questions from reporters. When things were not going well, he always used his young son as a prop to (hopefully) shield him from the harsh realities of his poor gametime decisions. Pretty sure his son is too big to sit on a table in front of his dad these days to be able to hide him from reporters’ tough questions. Sure, he’s had success with other teams, most notably with Washington as of late, but he wasn’t at the helm when they won the World Series. All I can say is, good luck, Houston – you’re going to need it.

  13. Dusty is an interesting choice. He never went out of his way to figure out what everyone else knew about Barry Bonds when he was with the Giants.

  14. Dusty is a wonderful dude and a great baseball mind, but, for various reasons (among them, playoff baseball is not his forte, demoralized team getting beaned all the time) I don't see him taking this team to a World Series title. Go Nats!!

  15. Go get 'em Dusty! Where should I ship a case of (recyclable) toothpicks? Great to see the old guys working. Hope you wind up in Los Angeles for this year's World Series Game 1 against the Dodgers.

  16. My decision for having absolutely nothing to do with the Astros is summarized by the arrogant, infantile comments and attitude by one of the main cheaters, Bregman. Not having his stupidity stain my day, while I will watch an actual baseball team, is welcoming.

  17. Dusty Baker is not an uncle. He's a mensch.

  18. Ask Mark Prior and Kerry Wood about Dusty Baker’s ‘integrity.’ If their arms could talk, they might tell a rather different tale.

  19. Love Dusty Baker but I have two issues with this hire. First, the Astros gave him a one year contract which tells me they plan on bring A.J. Hinch back after his suspension. And second, the Astro players have zero integrity so Dusty has an impossible job.

  20. And if the Astros start losing, will he still be "the right man at the right time"?

  21. The comments by Bergman and Altuve say it all. The World Series championships the club “won” need to be revoked.

  22. Outside of Houston, the Astros were not a very likable team even before this. Now, most opposing fans will be hating, hating, hating. It's not going to be pretty. Baker seems right for the job, but I don't think there is going to be much progress for the team until the payers admit they cheated and genuinely apologize.

  23. Dusty always struck me as a substitute teacher who didn't take attendance.

  24. He’s exactly what the Stros need right now.