Morning Moods

How do you typically greet the day?

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  1. For me, waking up at 6:50 am for school is always the worst part of the day. When I’m drawn out of a peaceful dream, and forced to leave the comfort of my bed, there no possible way I can have a joyous start to the day. Despite drinking a mug of black tea, every morning, I find myself sluggish, aggravated, and wishing I could be back in my bed, sleeping for another four hours. Paying attention during the first couple periods of school is always a challenge. Although I try to get to sleep at a reasonable hour, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I have great contempt for whoever decided that society should operate on the early-rising schedule that it does. I believe that if I woke up, with the feeling of a good night’s sleep, I would be a much more focused, happier, and nicer person, which is why I find it unfortunate that I am unable to experience a well rested morning.

  2. In the morning, I typically go through 2 alarms before I actually wake up. Some days I wake up on the first one. I have a morning habit of starting my day with a cup of coffee which I like to call my coffee session. During this time, I always listen to music and see if I have homework that I did not due the night before. During the weekends, I still follow the same routine of having my morning coffee. The cup of coffee is not just a typical cup of coffee for me because it makes me realize that I still have potential to do something great that day. Each day we have the choice of using our daily potential and many of use take the cup of coffee for granted and decided not to do anything that is new. I like to think that a new cup of coffee is always a new cup of energy that will get me through the day and it is up to me to put the energy to use in a way that is different to the day before. Everyday is a new day, it is up to us on how me use our cup of coffee.

  3. For me, waking up in the morning is completely dependent on the hours of sleep I get the night before. This fact explains why I, among many students, struggle to get out of bed on school days. Turning out the lights at midnight and waking up six hours later does not invite a whole lot of optimism in the morning. My parents, on the other hand, are both early risers. However, I actually appreciate the fact that my parents get up so early; occasionally I will come downstairs to a breakfast already made, and whenever I need rides to school, I can always count on my mom or dad. I find a great way to adjust in the mornings is listening to music. Playing my latest alternative rock playlist while getting ready for school always gives me the inspiration I need to get the day going. Additionally, knowing I have a hearty breakfast waiting for me in the morning is a great motivator to get out of bed. Although I sometimes wake up cranky and lacking in sleep, having a list of exciting morning activities is motivation enough for me to ignore the snooze button.

  4. As I wake up for the first time, I drearily look at the “6:00” on my phone screen as I push the snooze button and instantly fall back to sleep. I am startled to wake again 9 minutes later and realize that’s the perfect time to get up. I slowly inch up the stairs as that’s where we keep our towels, and then head straight back down to my bathroom. I put on a warm shower as that helps me wake up and hop out by around 6:20. I get dressed and prepare some of my stuff for the school day before I head out to the kitchen. I begin to cook some eggs, some peanut butter toast or oatmeal, and a cup of tea. Around this time I hear the pitter patter of my dog approaching around the corner, in hopes of getting to have some of my food though she never does. As I eat my breakfast, I read my devotional, which my friends and I have decided to do together. Finally I finish up by making my lunch and am ready to leave for school at about 7:10. This is around the same time my sisters come down to get ready, and they are always frantically rushing around the house, while I sit back and wait on my front couch.

  5. Usually I wish I could just stay under my covers until 11:00 every day, and it’s hard for me to drag myself out of bed at 6 am for early gym. But once I’m up and get to see my friends I feel a little bit more upbeat, especially before I’ve taken my ADHD medication and I get really giddy. Then of course my mood changes throughout the day and I try not to doze off during first period, but its nice to start my mornings off with my best friend as we struggle to run laps around the track.

  6. Most mornings consist of me jolting out of bed, excited to start my day. While it sounds cheesy, I really have worked the past year to craft a morning routine that works well for me. School days consist of the slow wake up after a 6:38 alarm, getting dressed and ready in a flash, and then making my way downstairs before it’s time to leave. I will usually fix myself some coffee, but more recently I’ve been super into matcha. I try to be as efficient as possible in the morning so that I have time to relax on the corner of my couch before it’s time to carpool to school. I feel like my school day morning attitude has transferred over to my weekend mornings, which usually consist of an earlier wake up time than desired and load of coffee (I’m obsessed). I think it’s important to start the day off strong- whether with a positive attitude or a delicious breakfast, it’s always beneficial to start moving in the right direction.

  7. In the morning I either wake up at 6am or 6:30am for school. I have the same routine everyday. I go downstairs and say good morning to my dad. I eat breakfast in silence while my dad reads the newspaper because I don’t like to have a conversation that early in the morning. I make my lunch and go upstairs and get ready for school. My friend and I walk to school and we have a conversation which is hard for me, but I manage to talk. I get to school and see all of my friends and that’s when my energy level goes up and I can’t stop talking. Although, I am quiet in the morning, looking forward to seeing my friends wakes me up. It’s a great start to the day.

  8. Typically when I wake up around 6:30 in the morning to get ready for school. I don’t necessarily remember the last time I woke up before school in a good mood. Also, no matter what time I go to sleep I’m always really tired in the morning. On the other hand, both of my parents have a lot of energy when they wake up, which really doesn’t coincide well with me. Therefor, I don’t really talk much at all in the morning; due to how tired I am and how energetic my family is.

  9. I the morning I either wake up at 5 or 5:25am. I often have to fight my way out of the bed getting over the mental block of it “being to early”. Then I follow my everyday routine, until I get to school at 6:00am for morning lifts. Before I get to lifts I am angry tiered and just want to run upstairs and go back to sleep, but when I arrive at school and see the rest of the football team slowly making there way into the gym my energy rises. I get this excitement and energy with the thought of being able to get better with my teammates at my side and push myself to new limits. All before school has even started, all before my fiends wake up, all before I start my day. Having morning lifts in the morning sounds terrible, and it is, but there is something special about it. It helps get me ready for the school day even though I might be tiered during the day. When looking back at the day I am thankful my football team and coach’s push up to become the best version of yourself.

  10. For me, getting out of bed is my least favorite thing of my day. With years of travel sports, extra curriculars, school sports, and work, my body has grown accustomed to waking up as early as need be. However, this doesn’t mean I love it. Usually my mornings consist of walking up when my dog starts going crazy (usually around 5:30) and taking him for a run, then I get back, shower, and go back to bed until 7:15, where I take my robe off throw on some sweatpants, and rush to school. This mindset and scheduling has honestly been good for me because waking up for a soccer game is one thing, but school is a different one. Being able to wake up so quickly and ready to go at the last second possible has lead me to knowing definitely that I got as much sleep as I could have, so I HAVE to be in a good mood after that.

  11. I have found that no matter what time I go to sleep the night before I will always struggle to wake up for school. By the end of the school day I am always exhausted. I know that in theory getting more sleep should make it easier for me to wake up, but I think it is more based on what I’m getting up to do rather than waking up in general. I do not have trouble waking up early for events, or to go to the airport. I think my mentality of “I need to wake up so I can get to school” is what makes me press snooze on my alarm for twenty minutes. I would love to be the type of person that could wake up and immediately be excited for the day—everyday—but I have put so much work onto myself with school and activities that getting up in the morning often comes with the overwhelming feeling of all I have to do that day.

  12. My morning typically begins with me waking up at 5 a.m. everyday in order to arrive on time for a morning workout for school sports. After laying down half-asleep for 5 minutes past my initial 5 a.m. alarm clock, I get up and out of bed and start getting all my stuff together for school. I begin with grabbing all my school Materials first such as my iPad & binder and putting time inside my backpack as they are most important for me to have at school. Afterwards, I grab the extra clothes I need for my morning workout and my after school wresting practice. As soon as I have everything ready to go, I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, clean my face, and do my hair. Lastly I get dressed for my morning workout and grab my bags and drive myself to school at 5:30 to school. Many times this is difficult to get done as I go to bed late and getting up is very difficult as a result.

  13. Waking up in the morning is one of the roughest parts of my day. I feel like no matter how much I sleep I get, it’s always difficult and often times very easy for me to fall back asleep again after hitting snooze(which almost always happens). I wish I could wake up and be ready to take on the day right off the bat but in reality I’m no where near a morning person and don’t really wake up to the point where I want to engage in conversation till 2nd or 3rd period. I really dislike having to rush in the morning on school days but I would rather sleep as long as possible than wake up earlier. On the weekends tho, I tend to sleep in pretty late and I feel refreshed when I wake up. Whatever I’m doing on that weekend day usually sets a happier tone for the morning than school does for me.

  14. Usually I wake up at 7:00am for school and once I’m up, I’m up. I would I say I wake up easily and happy, mostly because if I don’t get my day started I feel unproductive. However, I can definitely sympathize with those who struggle to get up in the morning no matter the amount of sleep they get. Before my sister went to college, she was my ride to school (but pretty unreliable). No matter when she went to bed or when she woke up she was always slow to get up and still tired. While I would complain about her slow pace in the morning, always resulting in being late to school, I recognize the difficulty and opposition to waking up quickly in the morning.

  15. Getting out of bed for school is such a struggle for me. I am not really a morning person especially waking up at 6am every morning for school. Sometimes I’ll hit the snooze button and wait till the last minute to get ready and rush to school. I tend to feel better when I wake up by myself without any disruptions. When I get to sleep in, I wake up around 9am and I feel pretty good and I love to drink some coffee to start my day. I don’t mind waking up early if it’s something I’m excited for.... My parents are early birds however my siblings and I aren’t morning people. Sometimes, knowing that I love to sleep in, my parents will wait for me to wake up and we will go out for breakfast and spend time together since my siblings will not wake up till later in the day.

  16. Every day I wake up at the same time and go through the same routine before I leave for school. While this may seem mundane as each weekday is the same as the next, it serves a purpose in that it helps me remember what comes after. If I don’t have anything memorable happen in the morning, then I am more likely to recall something important that happened later in the day. Although I may not be super excited for what comes next, a sense of routine normalizes the struggles that come with the incredibly early modern school day. I find that through this, mornings have become more bearable for me, and that I have been accustomed to awkward hours in most situations.

  17. I always struggle to wake up in the morning no matter when I go to sleep. Despite that, I love waking up early, though not for school, because, in my mind, it gives me more time in the day to be productive. I think students in general would be able to wake up easier if the school start time was pushed back. Many studies have shown that when schools start earlier students do better academically and their health improves. Our teenage years are critical for brain development and sleep is an important part of that process as well as for the retention of information; however, during these critical years, our natural sleep cycles are pushed back, so we want to go to bed later, but school requires us to get up earlier leading to chronic sleep deprivation among many teens.

  18. I have the same routine every morning. I wake up around 6:00am, get ready, leave the house by 6:50am and wait at my bus stop. However when it comes to being someone who “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” or “ bright-eyed and bushy-tailed”, it depends on what happen the night before or what’s going to happen that day. If I slept really late or couldn’t sleep that night, when I wake up I’m not the best person to be around. However if I have something to look forward to that day then I’ll probably be content and lively. Overall it really depends whether or not I’m going to be grumpy when I wake up or joyful.

  19. Especially during the school year, every single one of my mornings are the exact same. However, over the 4 years of high school I have realized that the amount of sleep I get impacts my day more than I thought. In our teenage years, sleep is one of the most important things we need to be aware of. It is known that the recommended amount of sleep is about 8 hours every night and most of us don’t get that on a daily basis, which can really take a toll on our mood and the way we act. So, I believe that sleep is a key factor in finding happiness and success.

  20. @Maeve I completely agree with you! I can't consider myself as "waking up on the wrong side of the bed" or "bright eyed and bushy-tailed" because there are so many things that factor into that, amount of sleep being one of them. Sometimes, it is hard for us to be happy in the morning when we were up all night doing homework the previous night, and other times, it is hard for us not to be happy the morning after we've submitted an important application or project and got to bed early. There is so many factors that go into determining how we are in the morning and there is variation from day to day.

  21. I’ve never labeled myself as a ‘morning person’, but internally, I kinda love waking up early. Sure, most nights I stay up way too late for my own good and that never makes the mornings easy, but once I’m up I am energized and ready to go. Unfortunately I do have to wake up earlier than most students at my school on weekdays since I have PE before school starts, but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I tell people I do PE before school I get responses like: “I could never do that”, “that’s way too early”, or “I already don’t like PE, why would I wake up even earlier to run?”. But I just say: “It’s worth it.” It’s worth it because I always feel more awake for school and it gives my brain some time to start up and get going. Waking up as early as I do also helps me develop a strict morning schedule to be able to make it to PE on time and it really helps me make sure I’ve got all my ducks in a row for school. Despite outwardly being a night owl, I wouldn’t change my early mornings- groggy, cranky and longing for my bed, as they might be some days- for anything. I can honestly say that even though it is tough to wake up, nothing makes my days better than starting off my morning right with some PE with my best friend; even though we aren’t the most athletically inclined, we try our best and motivate one another and that never fails to start my day off on the right foot.

  22. I wake up fine, you may think I'm crazy but I wake up at 4:45 in the morning and get ready for seminary that starts at 6am. Before I go to seminary I take my time getting ready. I wash my face, eat my breakfast if I feel like eating. After I eat I brush my teeth and look if I have everything in my bag. Turn off the lights before I go out. And I get there by 5:50 or at 6.

  23. @Shai-Lein Acosta I could never do what you do. For one, I wake up almost three hours later than you. And even that’s torture enough. I’m just confused as to why you would wake up over an hour before you leave the house. You and a friend of mine are the only two people I’ve encountered that manage to wake up before five. I just have several questions. How do you even feel like eating so early in the morning? Doesn’t it make you sick? I remember going on a field trip in middle school and almost throwing up after eating at six, an hour after you probably eat breakfast. Also, how late does your seminary release you? School normally ends around three thirty and I still have hours upon hours of homework to do before I can even think about relaxing (which is rare). Does your seminary let you leave earlier because it starts so early, or does it end at around the same time? Do they leave homework or research? That would greatly impact how late one goes to sleep. And what time do you go to bed? If you go to bed at seven, It’s understandable that you wake up so early, but what about if you go to sleep as late as I do? I just don’t really understand how some people can be such early risers while I struggle to get up at seven thirty.

  24. To me personally, I wake up pretty early like around 5:30-6:00 am but that doesn't mean I had good sleep, I usually go to bed around 12 due to binge-watching movies, tv, homework, etc. So although i'm up early and looking ready to go I am indeed slamming the snooze button every 5 minutes. With my family waking up later this makes it harder for me because I can't go make myself breakfast without waking them up. So in a sense, I do and don't wake up the way I want in the morning but I've been used to it for so long it becomes normal for me.

  25. During the weekdays I have the same Schudel I wake up at 5:00 Monday - Friday. when I first started waking up this early I felt super sleeping and unable to process anything but now I enjoy it, its the highlight of my day. there's just something that is super refreshing about waking up before everyone and watching the sunrise almost every day. I feel a lot more productive and that I can get things done.

  26. I have the same routine every morning. I wake up around 7:00 am to read my bible, then eat my breakfast after that, I get ready to go to school. When school is done I get picked up and go to Crossfit to workout, my routine is the same as every other day. I always tend to wake up on my good side of the bed and have a great attitude, my family and I are morning person so we always tend to wake up at the same time or earlier but in the end, I wake up happy and grateful.

  27. I am not a very happy, go lucky person in the morning. I'd much rather wake up in the early afternoon, I know it sounds horrible but I don't like being up without being fully charged. Before I head off to bed the night before I have to set multiple alarm clocks on my phone a minute after the one prior they start t 6:15 and go on till 6:30, I tend to hit the snooze button quite a lot. When I get up I get a cup of coffee and wash my face just to wake myself up and not look my a dead raccoon walking around my house. In my opinion when I get up early it all depends on what my plan for the day is, if i'm going to get up to go shopping or catch a flight i'm up and happy but if I have to get up early to go to school, go to work then it is a totally different story.

  28. Every single morning my alarm goes off at 7:00. I never snooze my alarm! I just get up and get changed and head up stairs to eat some delicious breakfast. When I go to my school sometimes there are some of those people who have "woke up on the wrong side of the bed" but I just either ignore those people or I say hi to them depending on what mood i'm in. But when I go to Kokee to go camping in the mountains with my sister (Natalie), my cousins (Bo and Linkin), and my brother (Lyons) and I all share a room in the cabin. Usually my sister wakes up and she is like NOT a morning person I repeat NOT A MORNING PERSON AT ALL. She wakes up and we like accidentally close the door hard she starts to yell at us and get so angry! But she's changed and now she is doing a bit better at being a morning person :) But people can change they can decide whether or not they want this day to be great or not it all depends on what they decide!

  29. I would never in a million years use the term “morning person” to describe myself. Never. However, I have come to terms with my daily struggle of departing my warm, comfortable bed before nine in the morning. I know that I will not drag myself out of bed without some form of motivation, so I typically run through a list of things I have to look forward to the next day before I go to bed. If it is a particularly late night, and I know that the morning will be a struggle, I use a little less pleasant method. In these circumstances, I run through all of the obligations and important things I have first thing in the morning and purposely scare myself into believing that I will be late due to oversleeping. Of course, I am not deceiving myself because I will be late if I don’t get ready in a timely manner, but this just gives me an extra boost of motivation to not hit that snooze button. In those early hours, I try my hardest to be harshly optimistic in all situations, especially unexpected ones. Others’ moods, or what many refer to as “vibes”, are definitely contagious. The majority of people aren’t the most chipper or joyful in the morning, so I like to try and spread that attitude to everyone. Sometimes I am successful; sometimes I am not. Either way, it is comforting to know that I at least made an attempt to brighten somebody’s day. I think this is important because starting your day out positively makes enjoying your day much easier than trying to recover from a rough start.

  30. BANG BANG BANG BANG! That is the sound that greets me the mornings that I "wake up on the wrong side of the bed". It's the sound of my dad knocking on the door- no, not knocking, knocking would be polite- pounding on the door. It’s usually followed by some singing that makes me want to burrow my face into my pillows and never come out again. These mornings that I'm told every five minutes how grumpy I'm being. I acknowledge this. I also acknowledge it's difficult to move on from such a disposition when you are constantly being reminded of it. It all depends on the way I am woken up. I hate being woken up by screaming or banging or the dog barking, but of course, these things are inevitable and the rest of my day depends on what I do with the sour mood they have put me in. So, frankly, the morning moods of the rest of my family are not handled very well. However, I do have a love for mornings. Mornings are some of the most beautiful times of the day. Everything seems so hopeful, from the singing of the birds to the gleaming gold glimmering in the waking sky. The air seems fresh with possibilities, and my own temperament cannot help but be remedied by this. Plus, it is the best time to read the Bible. I have gradually begun to realize how much I need mornings. I all too often miss out on the perfect hour because I stayed up too late the night before, and I have begun to remedy this. I set my alarm early, pull back my blinds, and watch the sunrise from the comfort of my bed.

  31. @Gracelynn Whitaker I totally relate to this! Why parents feel as though it's a good idea to wake up their kids in a way that ensures a headache and makes them dread leaving the safety of their beds is beyond me. Overtime, though, I guess I've just learned to deal with it like I deal with all somewhat annoying aspects of my life, which would be to just ignore it as long as possible. This does, however, take away from the beauty that only the early hours of the day possess. And while I would love to figure out a way to be able to wake up early and enjoy mornings, I still haven't figured out a way to do so yet.

  32. I wouldn’t consider myself a morning person, but I tend to function like 2 completely different people on the weekends and weekdays. On schooldays, I like waking up at 5 am and being up before everyone else. I like when it’s dark downstairs and I’m the first person to turn the lights on. It gets on my nerves when other people are up before me. On weekends, I wake up late because I enjoy staying up late. On weekends I consider myself a night owl. I think I just really prefer the serenity of the hours before and after other people are awake. Putting up with other people is draining, but I tend to do it well regardless of what time of day it is.

  33. Getting out of bed is a struggle for me since I wake up around 6:00. I always struggle to wake up in the morning no matter when I go to sleep. Sometimes I’ll hit the snooze button and wait till the last minute to get ready and almost miss the school bus. I have a very busy morning because I usually stay in bed around 6:20 and then I run to the bathroom and get ready for school. I usually eat a quick breakfast within 5 minutes and then I gather all my stuff for school. I’m always out the door at 6:45 which amazes me each day. The bus ride to school takes around 25 minutes, so during this time I always put in my headphones and listen to music or watch an episode of my favorite tv show to jump start the day. Once I see my friends in the hallway I feel less tired and more energetic to be at school. By the end of the school day I’m exhausted and can’t wait to go home and relax. I feel like my morning depends on my mentality depends on what I’m getting up to do rather than waking up early.

  34. You could definitely say that I am not a morning person. While I don’t particularly like catering to the thought of waking up before noon, I’m able to do it with little to no complaint on the weekends. Waking up early on a school day, however, is a completely different story. It only worsens my mood that I usually go to sleep way past midnight most days, meaning that by the time my alarm goes off, for the first of many times, I’ve only slept a few hours at most. I already attempt to stay awake for as long as possible in the mornings by the time I finally stop hitting the snooze button, yet it’s still too early. Maybe it’s just the thought of being stuck in a building overcrowded with kids rushing in the hallways in an attempt to make it to class early that discourages any excitement that I’m capable of feeling. Believe it or not, when I know that something interesting will happen in one of my classes, basically when I don’t have any sort of test or due date, it’s definitely easier to get up from under my warm blankets. It also makes me feel better when I know that my mother’s downstairs waiting to say “hi” to me. I still remember times when I would respond to her greeting with a groan and then proceed to put on my headphones. Now, due to the fact that she’s worn me down over the years (the related article was right about that), I look forward to her cheery disposition in the mornings because it always gets me to forget about my bad mood, if only for a few moments.

  35. Personally, I am more of a “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” kind of person. When I wake up in the morning, I am initially tired and don’t want to get out of bed, but usually after I get up and wash my face, I feel fresh and ready to start my day. I think mornings invite optimism and inspiration, but can also provoke repeated hits of the snooze button; honestly, it depends on what day of the week it is. A Monday morning hits differently from a Friday or Saturday morning. It also depends on what time I have to get up at. For example, school requires me to get up at 5-6am and it starts at 7:35am. Some of my friends and family aren’t much of morning people; my family has to get their morning caffeine in because if they don’t they’ll be all groggy and tired. I’m used to dealing with people who have “opposite morning dispositions” so it doesn’t really bother me anymore. During first period on a Monday morning, for example, the students are all quiet and tired. I like waking up earlier than everyone else because it is nice and peaceful —same with getting to school early— there’re not many people, the hallways are empty, and it’s quiet. In the end, weather you’re a morning person or not, I believe that the timings that school starts at is too early and should be pushed back, at least until 8am —that extra half hour would make a great difference.

  36. As a sophomore at Hoggard High School, I have the great disadvantage of getting up early to be at school for 8:15. It also doesn't help that my younger sister, Morgane, goes to another school meaning we have to make two trips. I usually get up at 6:40 am and carry the weight of my late night homework and my sore muscles from my track practices. I guess you could saw that I'm not a morning person but I rarely show it. My mother wakes up even earlier than I do so she can prepare coffee, the lunches, and scrap the frost off the cars. She claims that she isn't tired and I believe her because she goes to bed at 9 pm. We get along in the morning but if anything is added to the plan such as homework help, the day can start out chaotic. Even if my breakfast was horrible, I still arrive at school for 8:15 and greet my friends. Our classes start at 8:30 but you'd be surprised by the number of people who aren't at school when the first bell rings. When I walk out of the care line, I always greet the early birds which usually includes my friend Ella who arrives earlier than I do. I couldn't imagine being grumpy towards anyone in the morning as I believe it can make or break somebodies day. I greet the day as a way to start over even if I had a hard time sleeping or hours of homework. I never blame my mood on waking up early because I can find joy in other things such as talking with my friends. Next time you get up early say Good Morning because you never know who is listening.

  37. The blaring and very annoying sound of the default iPhone alarm fills my room at exactly 5:10a.m. every morning. To say I despise the sound would be an understatement hence the amount of time I spend sitting on my bed after waking up, deciding whether I should get up or sleep for five more minutes. When I’m feeling extra productive-which is not very often-I leave my bed exactly when I’m supposed to: 5:10a.m. sharp. Needless to say, even if I had found out that I had won the lottery that morning, my face would remain stoic and unresponsive. In the mornings, I don’t like speaking to anyone until after I’ve fully woken up and made myself look presentable. Ask me a question in the morning and you can expect to receive an unintelligible answer or no answer at all. Mornings and I have never really been the best of friends, especially not when I’m forced to wake up early—now that’s when I can really get grumpy—and don’t even dare turn on my bedroom lights when I’m sleeping. The list of reasons why I dislike mornings could go on and on but there’s no doubt that the accomplished feeling of waking up early, exercising, and having a healthy breakfast is unmatched.

  38. I like the morning, especially when I don't have school. When I have school, I don't really like waking up because I feel forced to. But your brain is refreshed, and the morning is the best time to get work done. What gets me up is breakfast-- it's usually oatmeal and fruit. I think that if you wake up optimistic, you are more likely to have a better day. Also, I think it is nice to say hello to people. There used to be a security guard in my building who worked the night-shift. Every morning, when I went out to school, she was super-cheerful. "Good morning! Have a nice day!" she would say, even on days when she worked a double-shift because the other guard did not show up. I always admired her optimism, and it always got my day off started well, because I knew that she had just had a long , boring, night. It goes to show that everyone should try and be positive because it makes others feel good, too.

  39. Part Two: She lists off my breakfast options and I ask if I HAVE to eat something. She always wins except for when she lets me off the hook some mornings. I grab my phone off the charger and check my messages till my dad says it's time to leave he's not much of a morning person either but he still manages to make a million dad jokes in the 15 mins I'm downstairs in the morning. I sit in the car with my dad we drop off my brother and me I wake up a little as I read him the news as my morning grumpiness wears off. My morning mood is just short of misery. It's a funk I just can't seem to escape. I dread the mornings that follow my long dreadful nights full of hours of homework. I will never understand those that get up early and still have a smile on their face. I admire them but at the same time I know that's just not who I am.

  40. Mornings have always been my favorite time of the day. Just by looking at me you wouldnt assume this though. Every morning I wake up pretty early because that's just how my body functions. I have tried sleeping in during weekends or breaks but I am never able to accomplish this. No alarm needed. This I feel is one of the benefits to being a morning person With being able to wake up by myself, I am saved from the horrific “BEEP BEEP” in the morning that most students have to start their day off with. I believe that is one large reason that most teenagers are not morning people in the slightest. Dealing with people who “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” everyday is very tough and has challenged my good morning mood a few times. My own mom is one of these people. We argue to most in the morning because we have these clashing moods. It will be about me trying to raise my grade or how my outfit isn't appropriate for the weather. These topics don't get brought up during the day as much at all. Other than these interactions mornings are very peaceful and stress free.

  41. Being a “morning person” is the exact opposite of the word I would use to describe my mood in the morning. In the morning (school day or not) I wake up at 7:15. I wake up and just groan to my alarm but never press the snooze button, because once I am up I have to stay up. I allow myself a lot of time to wake up and get ready for the day by using the bathroom and maybe taking a shower. I then move myself to the kitchen where my mom is usually there preparing her morning coffee. On most days she knows not to even look at me because I am just irritated to be up in the morning. To understand my mom you would have to be in my shoes but a word I could use to describe her would be “jovial” she is in good spirit but I do not respond well to conversation in the morning. So most of the time a simple “good morning” from my mom warrants only a grunt out of me.

  42. I am a weird type of a morning person. If you were to ask anyone I know closely they would describe me as a night owl. If it were up to I would go to bed around 2 am every night and wake up around 9:30 or 10 the next morning. However, life doesn’t allow this very often (unless of course I need to stay up that late for Homework) so I have learned to cope. Every school day morning I get up at 6:15 because I live out of district And take a quick 10 minute shower in time for my brother to take one after he gets up at 6:30. Next I get dressed, pack my backpack, and go downstairs to cook breakfast. Some days I drink coffee, but that is a rare occurrence since caffeine never really seems to wake me up. After that I do random chores, go outside, or do leftover Homework until it’s time to go. I’m definitely not a morning person but over the years I’ve learned to cope despite my hate for the early hours of the day.

  43. @Nathan Hackney, I cannot relate, but I also can a little bit. I am probably the only person commenting on this picture who actually is a morning person-- I live in-district and get up at 6:00 to read for an hour, then get dressed and leave around 7:45 (to arrive early-ish at school). I even get up earlier than that to work out if I'm feeling ambitious. In the summer I like to go to bed for eight to nine hours and wake up no later than 8:30, too. I just like to have a good start to my day. However, this girl here needs her sleep! School plus my personal life make this difficult. Some days I’m up after midnight doing homework after juggling whatever personal activities/extracurriculars. I don't get nearly as much rest as I would like to have, meaning I sleep in late on Saturdays as an attempt to make up for what I'm missing. I wish I didn't have to, but I can be pathetic without the proper amount of sleep. So yes, I am a morning person, but don’t be surprised if you catch me sleeping in late sometimes.

  44. PART 1. Da luda de loo da luda de loo sounds my Alexa, I roll over just to see the blue-green light flashing in circles around the circular base. “ALEXA STOPPP”, I yell annoyed to hear just how fast the morning came, I pull the blankets over my head to sneak in a few more minutes before my alarm goes off for a second (and sometimes third) time. Each time I shut her off I hope my parents will just forget me in my bed and ill get away with a day off. But shortly after the three alarms my little brother who is always up with the sun comes in saying “Mom and Dad told me to wake you up you lazy sleepy head!” “Okay Okay, I'm getting up calm down” I reply. That's when it happens: He turns on the lights in my room…. I yell after him telling him to shut off the extremely bright overhead light that blinds me in the early mornings. It's of no use he runs away proud of himself. Groaning and angry I now sit up from my bed and like a zombie walk to the light switch to turn it off and exchange it for the soft lamp that sits on my nightstand. I continue my zombie walk to my closet where I go to pick out an outfit for the day then to the bathroom where I clean myself up to look half presentable for another day of school. With a heavy backpack on my shoulders but bigger bags under my eyes, I trudge down the stairs. My mom who believes the early bird gets the worm just like my brother greets me with a good morning and I mumble an inaudible half-hearted morning back at her.

  45. Weather you are a morning person or not has allot of factors that play into it. Is it a week day or the weekend, what are the plans for the day, did you get adequate sleep the night before, what is the weather like where you live, and last but not least how is your mood when faced with the alarm telling you to get up?

  46. While everyone reacts different to an early morning awakening, most can agree that mornings can be hard. For example, the weekends are usually easier to wake up on, since you can wake up whenever you want. Weekdays are often difficult due to school or work. School and work make us feel forced to wake up, ruining the day for us.

  47. @Annie Feazel I agree i feel as if theres something to look down upon as i wake up then i will have a bad morning or even day

  48. Although getting up at an early time 5/7 days for school, or work, people tend to forget how lucky we are that we are able to get home at a reasonable hour. Our attitude in the morning reflects how our day (or morning) will go. Going in to your day with a negative mindset, will only make you want to do your task less. Being able to wake up and continue your day with a positive energy is not an easy thing to do, but if more and more people work towards it, our mornings will stop looking so dull.

  49. @Ellie Tarczon I like your positive attitude. When we wake up, maybe we should all think about 1 positive thing that will happen that day. If you wake up thinking, "Ughhhh, I have to do this," there is no way that you will have a pleasant time doing it. As they say, "Starting is half the battle," even though waking up can be a huge struggle if you have not had enough sleep.

  50. Headline: Mood swings When it comes to my mornings i tend to be very sensitive. I could wake up in a good mood and then when someone says something I don't like, my mood completely changes. In order for me to have a guaranteed good morning, the night before i have to be excited for me to wake up to something. Now there are days where I just wake up in a good mood but I usually wake up on the wrong side because i just want to sleep. I never like talking to people right when I wake up in the light of the fact that i want to be left alone also plus i'm still trying to wake up fully. When people try to talk to me I tend to give very short answers so that they get the hint without me having to be rude.

  51. Every morning, my mom wakes me up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off, she does this because I tend to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. After I get up, I put on my slippers and sit at my vanity. I turn on some music, and then fix my hair and sometimes makeup for school. After that, I wake my younger brother up and make sure he gets out of bed. I change clothes, gather up all of my school things, and go to the kitchen to make us breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not a morning person, and it takes a lot of self-convincing to get out of bed every day. However, once I am up and moving (and have had some caffeine), I usually buck up.

  52. For me personally, I am not a morning person but I force myself to be. I am in the rudest, most negative mood in the morning. My pride and joy definitely resides in my bed. I love sleeping, and I am truly grateful to be able to sleep in the comfort of my own bed. However, when I hear that song, I now hate, play every morning I get so angry. I cannot believe 7 plus hours went away in a couple of seconds. On the other hand, my mother is the exact opposite. That woman is magical. My mom can wake up at the exact same time every single day with the biggest smile on her face, coffee already waiting for her from my dad. The worst part about my parents being the happiest early birds, they force me to be one. I walk down the stairs to singing parents at 7 in the morning and It’s not enjoyable for me. I would much rather be asleep, dreaming.

  53. I am not a morning person and I never have been, so waking up at 7:00 five days a week is not funzies. Sometimes I wake up in a good mood, my mood in the morning reflects how the rest of my day will go. Basically the only thing that gets me up and out of bed is coffee. I do have an addiction to coffee I have at least 2 cups before I go to school, I then make my breakfast and I’m sort of awake at that point. While I get ready for school, I mope around and dread having to go to school and sit through classes for 8 hours everyday.

  54. My mood in the morning depends on my mood from the night before or the time I go to sleep at night.My morning moods change almost everyday, there are days I will wake up in a great mood ready to start my day and then there are days where I can't get out of bed and i am not in a very good mood. Mornings can be hard, especially before school, because you are preparing yourself for a long day and for me I only have such little time to prepare for that. I would say I am a morning person because i enjoy getting up in the mornings and getting stuff done throughout the day but it's also hard sometimes.

  55. When I wake up I like to be left alone in order to be given time to wake up. When first waking up my dad always comes up to me all happy and ready for the day to start.When this occurs I tend to get irritated and will get angry telling him to leave me alone. Lets just say I don't get how people are so happy in the mornings. Like how can you be happy this early in the morning, my body needs at least an hour to be fully awake before I can even think about being happy,I just don’t get it. The reasons my little brother gives me include: how aren’t you happy, it's just a beautiful day, and you have to be ready to start the day early. Moral of the story it's not natural to be happy, so stop.

  56. Some people wake up at the crack of dawn and are ready to take on the day. However I am not one of those people, except for on certain days. Tournament days are the only days I hop out of bed ready to go after my first alarm. This is partially because I am excited and partially because I’m afraid to be late and I don’t want to have to rush getting to the school. I don’t really understand how I do it though. Usually the night before a tournament I go to sleep anywhere from ten to midnight, then I wake up at around four. I think that the reason I have so much energy is because I am so incredibly exhausted that I am pushed past the point of sanity. From the moment I wake up, I am ready to go.

  57. Good Morning! Bright-eyed and bushy tailed is the exact opposite of who I am in the morning. It’s not that I want to be drowsy and lagging behind, it’s the fact that I wake up in a comfy bed and would rather stay there than go to school. As much as I wish this was a reality, I know it never will be. This year, I have learned that in order to have a “Good Morning” I must make a choice. I must choose whether my day will be defined by the negative, boring parts, or inspiring, positive parts. Now, don’t get me wrong, declaring victory over a day that hasn’t even happened does not come easy. I’m learning that with each new day, I can sulk in the comfort of my bed, or will myself up and choose to conquer each second, minute, and hour. So, while bright-eyed and bushy tailed may never be a characteristic of mine, I know that I can be someone who strives for an attitude of victory, rather than defeat.

  58. Mornings, for most of the population, are the worst part of their day. It doesn’t matter if you sleep till 6 am or 11 am. You leave the comfort of your bed to go face the outside world. You are no longer at a sense of peace. When you are asleep, there is nothing for you to worry about. Waking up breaks you away from that. The beauty of sleep is, there is no need for a mood. No need to be happy, no need to portray an emotion you don’t really feel. Just a sense of bliss. In the morning, you, your family, everyone just wishes they could go back. That sounds really depressing but it for the most part true. Sleep is everyone's happy place. Sleep is humanity's place of peace.

  59. When I was younger, every new day was exciting and full of opportunities to explore. I always hated going to sleep, because I had plenty of energy and wanted to play and enjoy life. As I’ve gotten older, it’s been a lot harder to keep my optimism flowing. Every morning, I have to set three or more alarms to force me out of bed so I can get to school on time. On top of that, I take way too long getting ready, stalling so I don’t have to go to school. I’ve almost made myself late every morning. Every day is the same. Life is a routine that can be repetitive, dreary, and difficult. I’m trying harder to get myself up in the morning, but I’m not the same morning person I once was. Now, all I want during the day is to go home and rest. I’m hoping that it will get easier after high school, and I will be able to make a schedule for myself that doesn’t involve waking up at 6:00, and getting home barely in time for dinner. In the future, I hope to be a morning person once again, longing to be awake and optimistic the entire day. Instead of dreading each morning, I will jump out of bed and accomplish all of my goals for the day.

  60. My typical morning consists of several snooze buttons, a quick breakfast, and running out the door so I don’t miss my ride to school. I can tell that the drowsiness I experience every morning is directly linked to the lack of sleep I get because of procrastination. This habit causes me to be very tired in school which is why I have recently been forcing myself to wake up in the morning without pressing the snooze button. It is still very difficult for me to wake up in the morning but it gives me more time to get ready for the day.

  61. As a growing teenager, it seems like I never get enough rest. If it was up to me, I would wake up every morning slowly around ten and then roll out of bed 20 minutes later. It is awesome to lay in bed without being hurried. However, this is not possible most days of the week. On school days, I wake up early to multiple alarms and parent calls to get up. And, then I have to rush to get ready. I usually feel groggy until around ten in the morning, as if I am sleepwalking through the morning. So, the last thing I want to do is talk to anyone before nine or ten o’clock. I am usually in no mood for happy greetings, parental questions, or deep thinking. I’m easily annoyed -- especially by my younger brother. Everything gets on my nerves. During the ride to school, I often fall back to sleep. Even a few minutes of extra sleep is treasured. Once I get to school, it seems like I’m not alone. A lot of high school students look like zombies first thing in the morning. I have heard that studies show teenagers have different biological sleep cycles than adults and young children. Teens fall asleep later at night and wake up later. I think that high schools should acknowledge this and adjust school times to increase productivity and learning. Instead of forcing teens to adapt to schedules that don’t work for our bodies, we should respect teenagers’ need for sleep.

  62. I am constantly feel as if I am never getting enough rest. I get up at 5:30 every morning for school, then I have two AP classes which makes it very difficult to go to bed at a good time, usually around 10:30 I am done with homework, then the next thing the next day. On saturdays its the only time I actually have to sleep in. Sundays I get up at 7:30 for church. It feels as if I'm never getting enough sleep. I think most days I wake up grumpy because of all of the stuff I have going on in my personal and school life makes it extremely difficult for me to get out of bed, also considering I am not a morning person at all. I am short tempered with friends and family because I know that I'm in a bad mood, I just feel like I cant do anything about it; I realize it, just not necessarily how to cope with it.

  63. When I wake up in the morning, I usually feel groggy and sometimes I feel rested. When I wake up, I usually get up then fall back onto my bed until I force myself to get up. I am usually irritated when I wake up and I feel I never get enough rest because of school. Weekends are a saving grace as I can sleep in as much as I can and wake up without drowsiness and my entire world blurring and shaking. I handle other people by not handling them, I'm too drowsy so I don't talk as much and interact. I wake up and splash cold water on my face so I don't fall asleep or be tired during the rest of the morning.

  64. Awake My eyes still closed Today is a day I don't want to face Yet I get up and get ready Eat breakfast Get dressed Brush my teeth And Get my backpack I am tired But I got enough sleep Why isn't it the weekend? I sigh Head over to lily's She is less awake than me At least. We complain about Teachers Homework Tests Sleep And I wake up more and more Head to the trolley stop I'm wide awake now Yet Tired But at least Today is A New Day.

  65. In the morning, usually, I’m very tired because I have to wake up early to work as a secretary in the office on Mondays and Tuesdays. On the rest of the weekdays though, I get to wake up at 7 which is nice because I still get to school on time. The only time I really sleep in is on Saturdays, when I get to sleep until like 9:30, because I have violin class, and on Sunday, I have to wake up at 8 to get to church. If I don’t get a lot of sleep, my body will just be very upset. I just won’t really care about anything and I can’t focus well. Unlike other people, it’s very easy for me to get up, I’ll just feel tired for the entire day.

  66. In the morning(especially on weekdays), I am grumpy and tired. I usually don’t start to brighten up until I am in the car on the way to the train. I’m not nearly as grumpy as my sister in the morning, though. She yelled at me on Christmas morning as I woke her up to give her a gift once. When I wake up, I spend the first ten minutes lying in bed trying not to fall back asleep. After I get dressed, I spend the next five minutes sitting on the heater to warm myself up. Then the next 20 minutes are usually spent frantically getting ready to run out the door. I admit, my morning could be much more productive, but I like it the way it is.

  67. I wish I could wake up in the morning absolutely glowing with birds chirping a tune in the background, but, sadly, I'm not a Disney princess. Instead, I'm the slob that hits snooze a couple of times and has to muster all the strength in my body just to stand. I don't eat breakfast, I don't have time for a full face of makeup, and overall, I walk around like a zombie that had a bad attitude even before the apocalypse. As the day progresses, though, I pull my head out of my butt and get cheery. I go from Grumpy the dwarf to Joy from Inside Out in a split second. I greet family and friends and plaster a genuine smile on my face for the rest of the day. Your morning self does not reflect who you truly are, trust me.

  68. Waking up in the morning is very hard for me. I need to take my time, and I only wake up willingly if there is light outside. The sun determines whether I get up or not. On weekends, I go to sleep at 12AM and wake up at 12PM. I get enough sleep to be able to get up and feel, eh, okay-ish. On school days, waking up is harder because I have to get up at 6AM every morning. The sun isn't even up yet so I drift between being awake and still dreaming. This can cause me to see everything in my dream, but hear everything around me (Hallucinating). When I am up though, I'm very tired, and sometimes I need to drink coffee to even be able to get up. That´s usually why i'm late to school.

  69. @Christina I have the same problem as you. I'm not a morning person at all. It takes a lot of time for me to finally wake up. Even if I'm already standing on the floor my brain is still half asleep. Sometimes i do some random , stupid stuff not even realizing what am i doing. Also I prefer not talking for the first 30 minutes at all. Everything seems so hard to do. Its also can be because of me sleep schedule.

  70. From the initial jolt I feel once I hear my alarm, my morning ''moods' ' that ensue after vary. Sometimes I am wide awake and ready to go, other days it takes everything in me, to not fall back asleep. On a typical school day, however, I tend to accept that I do, in fact, have to get up and leave the house. After staring at my closet for approximately 30 minutes, I change clothes and face my groggy self in the mirror. The process of getting ready is a bit of a drag, but after I finish, it's time to pack my lunch and get to school. By this time in the morning I am a little more awake and I am able to greet my family with at least a measly half smile. I consider my mood in the morning, a plane as it ascends. It starts from a lower stance but gradually, with time, gets higher and better, until it levels out into the mood I hold for the majority of the day.

  71. It is safe to say I am not a morning person. I typically have two alarms set and I get up to neither. When I do decide to get up I go throw on whatever is closest and clean. I don't typically eat breakfast and I talk to no one at the house. I leave and drive in silence and most of the time I yell at other cars. When I get to school I tend to give everyone short and smart responses until I get into class. This is when I finally relax and wake up, then the rest of my day is great.

  72. I usually wake up feeling sleepy but feeling great. I talk to my friends if I see them on the subway and everything is good. I feel happy about school days since I usually wake up around 7 in the morning and go to sleep earlier than most of my classmates. I say good morning to my parents unless I get up by myself and they don’t wake up. But on the weekends I just want to lie in bed and just go on my phone. My mom doesn’t like me doing that, and I have other things to do, so I’m usually grumpy on the weekends unless my friend comes over to my house.

  73. @Vivina Dong Haha. This is so relatable. I usually always go say good morning to my mom because she is like my best friend but, it's so funny because on the weekends the same thing happens to me. My mom comes into my room telling me to get up and start doing things.

  74. A responsibility of my job as an elementary teacher is to supervise arrival in the morning by standing at the double doors as 3rd-6th graders walk in from buses and car riders. I do not get a stipend, it's part of my job. Let me preface this response with I am a morning person. Coffee in hand, smile plastered on my face, standing tall with confidence - I find mornings to be filled with absolute optimism. Yep, I one of those people! I love to greet my students with an alliteration paired with the day of the week. "Make it a terrific Tuesday!" I cheer lovingly. "Good morning ladies and gentleman - make it a wonderful Wednesday!" As I greet each groggy face, I try to make eye contact. I do this because individually and collectively, these students matter and I want them to feel that. Do I feel this perky and positive every day? No, but I try my best. That being said, I also understand not everyone is a morning person. I try to read expressions/eyes/body language and if they looked bothered, temper my volume accordingly. I think the students appreciate it. Last week I was gone for training. Today, a student saw me, smiled broadly, and then marched up to me. "Why were you gone all week last week?" she demanded. Before I could answer, the student continues, "I mean, you are the only FUN thing about morning time!"

  75. When asked the question if I'm a morning person or not, I don't have a set answer. I absolutely hate the thought of waking up to the blaring sound of my alarm every morning. Though after fully waking up to my music and eating a filling breakfast, my mood normally changes. I try to start my mornings on a positive note in order to have a good day, but some days it doesn't always go as planned. On the occasion that I'm not having a good morning, I'm an absolute nightmare. Who knew a sixteen year old could contain so much grumpiness? Other than those dreadful days, I guess I would say I'm pretty optimistic and ready to start the day. Though if you are to ever see me on my off day, I apologize in advance.

  76. When I wake up in the morning I’m somewhere in between waking up on the “wrong-side of the bed” and “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed”. I am neither happy nor upset however I’m kinda sad that I had to cut my sleep short (sidenote- I love to sleep). For about the first 15 minutes after I get up I don’t like to talk. I feel like I need to gather my thoughts and think of the tasks for the day to come without any over cheery morning people. If you talk to me within those 15 minutes I won’t necessarily be mean but you’ll know that I don't want to talk. I tend to stay away from the extra cheery people in the morning because there would be a clash of emotions. It would be the battle of “sunshine” and “rainy day”.

  77. When I wake up in the morning I’m somewhere in between waking up on the “wrong-side of the bed” and “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed”. I am neither happy nor upset however I’m kinda sad that I had to cut my sleep short (sidenote- I love to sleep). For about the first 15 minutes after I get up I don’t like to talk. I feel like I need to gather my thoughts and think of the tasks for the day to come without any over cheery morning people. If you talk to me within those 15 minutes I won’t necessarily be mean but you’ll know that I don't want to talk. I tend to stay away from the extra cheery people in the morning because there would be a clash of emotions. It would be the battle of “sunshine” and “rainy day”.

  78. My usual mood when waking up is that I don’t wish to wake up at this time. I’m not really a morning person to be honest. If I had it my way I would never even interact with anyone till the sun goes down. I’ve always been a night owl in my life, I can remember being as young as like six years old and still being awake at four in the morning. My mother would always hate it because she did and still does the same. It’s just something about the sun dipping below the horizon that just invigorates me. If it wasn’t for the sun rising I’d likely be in a much better mood in the mornings. As both me and my family have learned by this point that if there is no reason for me to get up at an early time, then I wont be getting up till around sunset.

  79. I tend to wake up groggy and tired, as I usually spend the night before at work, with my friends, or doing some sort of homework that has accumulated throughout the week. So while I may not be the most cheery and energized in the morning, I try to have a positive outlook at the start of each day. On the other hand, people who “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” can be pretty miserable to be around sometimes. They can get into the mindset that the day is going to be horrible and nothing other than that, before the day has really even had a chance to begin. That kind of attitude tends to bring down the people around them also, creating a snowball effect.

  80. In the mornings, I make it my conscious effort to look through an optimistic set of lenses. I think embodying intentionality is probably one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned here recently. By choosing to seek joy in the vast situations I endure, I’m left far more fulfilled than if I were to dread every moment I’m seamlessly apart of. Today, for example, I spent my free time in my first period class journaling and reflecting back on what I’m most grateful for, rather than sitting there in boredom or unhealthy anticipation for the beholding day’s classes. I chose to write a teacher that I don’t necessarily vibe with, a note of encouragement, in the hopes of bettering her day, instead of allowing my bitter thoughts to get the best of my perspective of her. When I can uplift someone else, it too, adds to my day. I would say that my attitude of inspiration allows mornings to be less characterized by gloom and caffeine swinging, but rather full of opportunity and growth.

  81. I am quite a pessimist when it comes to waking up in the morning. The scenes from movies where the actors so contently wake up on the first attempt with that subtle yawn and stretch before heading on to start the day is unrealistic from my perspective. My morning routine consists of snoozing each and every one of my many alarms scattered within the hour while angrily dreading the disruption of my relaxation and serenity. Eventually I rush myself out of bed in a cloudy minded and drowsy state as I fear being late for school. Still annoyed with the responsibilities hindering me from my beauty sleep, I lug myself into the shower and quickly refresh my body before getting dressed and stomping into my parents room to mumble something along the lines of "good morning." After grunting what sounds more like "mmph!" I run a comb through my hair and dash downstairs after fearfully looking at the time. My hands tremble as I throw a coffee pod into the machine and smash the brew button. From there I throw my backpack over my shoulder and grab my coffee and a pill before sprinting out the door. Although my morning routine may not be efficient, it results in each and every day that I have endured. My moodiness may be extra noticeable in the morning, but it always seems to wear off and allow me to continue my day.

  82. Depending on what I have to do on that specific day, I'm usually NOT a morning person. Once I've hit the snooze button 3 times, I wake up in an eager mood, usually because I'm late. I don't like talking to anyone in the morning, I don't like loud people in my face, especially my mom, and I especially don't like having a limited time to get dressed and prepared for my day. When my mom does get in my face with her cheerful morning mood, I ignore her or try to relax by closing my eyes. But now I am 16 and can drive myself to school, which puts me in a good mood because I can listen to my own music. On the weekends, my mornings start at 10:30 a.m. or 11 a.m. and I then clean my room for about an hour or two then get dressed. I don't drink coffee in the mornings, unless we get new creamers i'd like to try. I don't eat breakfast in the mornings, because i feel bloated and start my day off with a drag.

  83. @Emily Brione Yes! This is so relatable! I always snooze my alarm and make myself late by accident. Although I don't have my licence yet, I do believe I will be way more motivated because I can have that time to myself to have a calm moment before my day really starts.

  84. Everyone does mornings differently. Some people wake up and tell themselves it's going to be a good day, Others wake up and already can't wait for the day to be over. Personally, I am not a morning person at all. I do not like waking up early or being rushed to get ready for school because I decided to hit snooze too many times. Waking up for me all depends on what happened the night before whether I wake up in a good mood or a bad mood. I don't like to immediately check my phone in the morning because I'm still too tired to deal with the chaos of it all. I usually handle everyone the same in the morning. I don't like to talk to people or text people I would rather just focus on what I need to do in order to be somewhat on time. My day officially starts after I've had coffee of course.

  85. Well Good Morning! In the morning I usually snooze my alarm about 2-3 times because I'm always just super tired but, as soon as I wake up I try to tell myself that today's going to be a great day! Although sometimes it doesn't happen that way. My mood in the morning always depends on what time I went to sleep the night before. I personally do not like talking to people in the morning or until I'm fully awake. Some people are morning people which is great! If I sleep in too late I'll definitely be waking up in a bad mood because I'm late. It's always so hard for me to wake up in the morning but after I wash my face and get ready for the day, I'm good to go!

  86. Good afternoon, I am not a morning person at all unless I’m with my bff having a sleepover because we would always wake up early and go downstairs to the basement and play video games. On regular days on school days, I’m usually not fully awake till 3rd hour. So it takes me while to actually wake up. My mom usually wakes me up still in the mornings on the school nights. Although I’m not really a morning person I’m willing to talk to my parents if they need to talk with me. I tend to check my media after like twenty minutes after I’m up. I usually wait till I get to school to talk with my friends and classmates. If I sleep in late then I’ll be like more awake then usual since it’s later in the day.

  87. Morning time is very different for everyone. Some may wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day, while others fight the fog that comes with the first moments of the day. Personally, I heavily on the side of groggy in the morning. It is very hard for me to kickstart my day each morning. I believe that it had to do with what seems like a mountain to climb during the day's activities. I envy those who wake up bright eyed because they are so cheerful and it aids others in waking up. For this type of person, it is clear that they can see the day as endless possibilities opposed to a climb.

  88. I was never one to stay in bed or refuse to get up for school, but I wouldn't consider myself a morning person. Ever since I started spending my entire summer at camps I've gotten used to simply getting up, washing my face, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, and getting picked up by my friend for school. I've found that there really is no point in lengthening the process by refusing to wake up or snoozing your alarm. Literally you are only hurting yourself doing that, because you'll run out of time and will either, be hungry, not look good, or forget something. I don't enjoy waking up early, but I do enjoy starting my day early. I am more productive and feel good about myself.

  89. I've always tried to have a positive start to my day. I am one for sleeping until I naturally wake up, but I know that this is not always realistic. I am always headed off to school, church, or some sort of workout. Regardless, I like to think that every day is a new one that you can make into a positive experience. I love to wake up, listen to music, get ready, workout, make breakfast or do something productive. I don't sleep with my phone in my room which gives me time to myself and an opportunity to not worry about what everyone else is doing and gather my though. In order to have the right start to my day I must keep my usual routine (and sometimes throw in a little coffee).

  90. The morning is absolutely my favorite part of the day. I love waking up early after getting enough sleep and watching the sun come up through the window next to my bed. Those couple minutes make all the difference in my day and give me a second to slow down and appreciate the sunrise. I’ve been a morning person all my life and seem to always be in a good mood after waking up. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. I love eggs so much. I go into the kitchen and make breakfast with my dad and get to talk to him about his work, school, traveling and politics.

  91. I have a terrible attitude in the morning. I don’t like talking to anyone, and I get furious when people talk to me and expect me to respond. I really hate this trait about myself because I like to be a positive person, but in the morning I simply could care less about my character. Just about every day my mom peeks into my room and asks me if I want breakfast, and I roll my eyes and tell her no in an incredibly rude tone of voice. She’s beginning to learn not to bother me in the morning, and to only exchange a goodbye once I’m ready to go. I feel really bad in the afternoon because I realize how rude I was being to her. All of my family is beginning to learn not to talk to me in the morning, unless they want to have a very bad day.

  92. I tend to be a night owl, so with that being said I usually wake up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning. My mornings consist of me hitting snooze several times and rushing to get ready to leave for school on time. I have tried everything that I can to become a morning person like, going to sleep early, drinking coffee, and even waking up extra early to get myself fully awake before school. However, even though I am not a morning person I am not in a bad mood, I just feel weighed down and sluggish. To be completely honest I wish that I wasn't like this in the mornings because it would start my day off more positively and I wouldn't dread the rest of the day. It makes sense though that I am not and probably never will be a morning person because I have never slept well. This is something that I have struggled with my whole life, but hopefully it will get better as I get older.

  93. Every morning I wake up and have to physically throw myself out of bed. Not due to the fact I “wake up on the wrong side of the bed,” I actually tend to wake up feeling refreshed. I wash my face first, to help feel more alive, but go about the rest of my morning very sluggish. I always pick my outfit out the night before because it’s the only way to ensure I won’t be late when I need to be somewhere. Another thing I do every morning is I make my bed. I feel this is a very important thing to note, I once saw a video where someone talked about how you should make your bed every morning because if everything that day goes wrong, you can still come home to a made bed and that, in itself, is an accomplishment. Everyone I’ve talked to is far from a morning person, which is understandable. I think the best way to have a good start to your morning is opening your blinds for some natural light and stretching.

  94. I am definitely not a morning person, which is unfortunate considering todays day and age. As a student involved involved in several extracurriculars, I find myself having to be at school before first period often, and waking up early on weekends to make it to practice, meets, etc... which is definitely a struggle for me. However, I tend to stay up late as well, which for sure is not helping my situation. Yet, hopefully one day I’ll develop a more positive attitude towards mornings—I just don’t like waking up when it’s dark outside. In the mornings, I just keep to myself because I’m usually not in the best mood, but as the sun rises and I get on with my day I tend to feel better and actually am grateful for the fact that a I woke up early. Waking up early means that I get to be more productive and get more tasks done, which definitely does not happen when I get the opportunity to sleep in. So yes, although I may complain about it, waking up early definitely has its benefits and makes my day better in the long run.

  95. I have never been a morning person, but I do like how waking up early gives me more time to do daily activities. I usually hit the snooze button on my alarm at least a couple of times before I actually get out of bed and I can’t talk to anybody until I’m at least a little more awake. I find that the best way to feel more awake is to listen to music right when I get out of bed. This way I’m not focused on any other disturbances and I can just quickly get ready. No one in my family is a morning person. My mom usually isn’t awake until right before I leave for school. I’m usually the first person to wake up, even though I like to sleep in. I’m trying to make myself more of a morning person by waking up a little earlier and not snoozing until I barely have enough time to get ready.

  96. @Anna Kilpatrick Same, I have never been a morning person at all.

  97. @Anna Kilpatrick same here I have never been a morning person and I think never will be.

  98. Mornings are always tough for me, I don't like to wake up early at all. Whenever I wake up it takes me a while to talk and be alert on what is going on around me, i also move super slow in the mornings. There is one reason why I do like mornings and that is because of breakfast, if i sleep in till 11 and we go out to eat lunch I always look to see if they have breakfast because to me it doesn't feel right to skip breakfast and jump right into lunch. Most of my friends are morning people so whenever they spend the night they usually wake up around 7 or 8, and I don't understand how they can do that without an alarm clock. Sometimes I do like waking up early so I have extra time in my day to do things or to get ready, but that is very rare in me. Most people like to drink coffee in the morning but for me I don't like coffee at all. Instead of drinking coffee I just drink water and that kind of helps me wake up a little more.

  99. Mornings are always tough for me, I don't like waking up early. Whenever I wake up it takes me a while to actually get going. no one is my family is a morning person we all take a while to fully wake up and get going.

  100. I would say how I greet the morning always depends on what I get my brain hooked on. If something is going on in my life that is negative, every morning seems like a drag. So basically when it comes to how I greet anything, it really just depends on what is happening at that point in my life.

  101. I usually tend to always wake up in a grumpy mood. Don't know why but its a every morning thing. I take a moment to relax and see my surroundings and wait for my mind to calm down into a better mood. My parents are the only morning people in m family.

  102. I wake up on a bright side of the bed if I wake myslef up but when someone wakes me up I get all "ugh" and then we start yellin. But when one of my family memebers wake up on the wrong side I'm chill and I let her go and get mad.

  103. I usually have my cat wake me up an hour before I have to get up-which is really convenient. I give him food and then I still get to go back to bed for an hour. For the past couple of weeks I've had a song in my head as I wake up. It gets played on repeat in my head throughout the morning until I get annoyed and turn on other music. This morning I was wondering, like a movie, can my dreams have background music? Maybe that's why I have these songs stuck in my head as I get up. Anyways, after I go back to sleep for an hour and my alarm goes off, I press snooze at least ten times (I set multiple alarms since I know I have that bad habit). I start the day off my doing my devotions. It's good to set my mindset and it helps me focus on what's really important. Then I feel great and energized (most of the time).

  104. When waking up I'm usually grumpy I never get a good night's sleep or more than 5 hours of sleep every night. I get up to do school and I'm never too happy about that, I do not enjoy getting out of bed to get ready. If my day could start later I'd be more excited to get my day started, I just need more sleep than I think I'd love it. After getting out of bed and I'm still in a bad mood, I'll listen to music get a cup of coffee and read. it is the best way for me to calm my nerves and relax even though some book characters get on my nerves. So overall I don't hate mornings I just don't enjoy getting up for them.

  105. My mornings will usually start with my alarm trying to wake me up and then finally I will get up and stop it. I will usually grab my phone and try to stay up , but I then fall back asleep. I then have a short dream wondering why my phone won't work and will wake up for the last time irritated at my phone that was to my side while I was sleeping. After I have gathered the energy to physically move I slowly walk up the stairs to eat whatever takes the least amount of effort. I head back down the stairs and then prepare for class still preparing myself to listen and learn.

  106. For me in the morning, it depends on what I am doing in order to call it a good morning. For example, if I have to wake up at 6 am just to go to a meeting, then I will be very sad and tired. I tend to handle these situations with some cold water and a good slap to the face to wake me up. On the other hand, if I'm waking up at 4 am to go to Colorado to snowboard, then I am up and ready to go. Therefore, mornings tend to be situational in order for me to feel inspired or tired.

  107. Surprisingly I wake up usually in a good mood. I do have bad insomnia but after some much needed sleep I feel charged up again and ready for the day ahead. I'm not too angry with my sleeping problems as I'm so used to it that I can go all day even if I got a restless night. I don't use caffeine as a way to get up/wake up as the majority do. The way I greet my mornings is always with positivity even if the night before wasn't the best I always try to believe for a better day. Even if I have school I still try to find happiness in almost everything I do. I don't mind my friend's sleep schedule as I tend to go sleep late so if they are one to go sleep early or late I can deal with it. In addition, just like sleep, I wake up early or late so whether my friends wake up early or not I can easily manage. All in all, sleep is a thing we all need and whether we wake up in a good or bad mood we can all agree school or work was the reason.

  108. Mornings for me are not the best. I am not a morning person at all. I wake up feeling like I've gotten no sleep, even if I got 9 or more hours in. I feel horrible on some days as well. Waking up around 10 is a better time. I usually spent a few minutes in bed trying to get myself together then start the day off. Mornings for me tend to be slow and tiring. unless I know something big is coming in the next day then I wake up more alert though I still need a few minutes to wake up. I sometimes do like to wake up early to get some more stuff in the day, but that doesn't happened often.

  109. I tend to wake up on the wrong side of the bed because I wake up to my alarm clock beeping so loud that is scares me half to death. Every morning my heart is beating so fast that one day I think my alarm clock will give me a heart attack. After I get woken up I get dressed and head upstairs to eat some breakfast. I usually eat cereal and after I eat then start to feel way better and it helps me clam myself down. When I see my family in the morning the only thing I say to them is "good morning" then I go straight to eating cereal. After that then I talk to them more. But it's kind of like how adults are super grumpy until they get their cup of coffee and finish it, that's when adults become more happier and less grumpy. This is my morning mood in the morning.

  110. I wake up five minutes before class and take that time to get up, get dressed and brush my teeth. Im usually up with a negative attitude due to the fact that I have online class first thing 8:00 in the morining. Also because of the lack of sleep due to doing homework the night before. I don't think there's a "wrong side of the bed" for me. My mood when I wake up just depends on the activities I have to get done. If there is none then I usually wake up feeling good knowing there is no weight on my shoulders which is usually never the case.

  111. I often press the snooze button for everything and caffeine is a constant must as I am a night owl and early bird in one. The way I deal with my family's conflicting morning attitudes is Im either quiet and sleepy or quiet and easily irritated, but I just do my best to stay quiet.

  112. Personally, I do tend to wake up early just naturally, with or without an alarm. Granted, it has a lot to do with how tired I was the day before. I do try to go to bed relatively early, around 10:30-11. This helps me really have a good sleep schedule, and I am ready for whatever the next day has to offer. This year, I have something that I have to wake up every morning before 8 for, so I don't have the freedom to sleep in. It makes it hard sometimes, but coffee is a lifesaver. Even though I drink decaf, just the taste of a hot french roast can instantly put me in a better morning mood.

  113. For when waking up in the morning depends on what I did or felt the day before, because for me waking up is just as hard as going to sleep. Some days I am up till 3 or 4 in the morning trying to get assignments done to the best of my ability, then only get 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Realistically I can be either be the happy early bird or the grumpiest early bird. I don't wake up to my family being home so I only get to really see them is at night. But I've been going to sleep pretty late due to stress and having to deal with 3 other kids in the house all doing school at the same time. Most of the time when I wake up the first thing that I say to myself i " and I do it all over again ! ", but I've never been more grateful to sleep than I do when I get the chance to.

  114. I have a pretty set routine in the morning where I set my alarm ten minutes before I want to wake up and put it all the way across my room so I have to get up, walk over, and press snooze. I'm always so grateful to have those ten extra minutes of cozy heaven. Once I wake up for the second time, I somber over to get my coffee. One of my favorite parts of the day is snuggling up with a blanket in front of my computer with my warm cup of wake-up juice. After that, I am good to go and in a pretty good mood when I get dressed and wash my face. No one in my family is a morning person. We do well not communicating at the start of the day. The only living creatures I will acknowledge in the morning are my dogs. After everyone is dressed and looking more alive, we can start interacting.

  115. I am a morning person when I don't stay up too late. Most of the time though I am not a morning person at all. I don't really like having to wake up 7:30 for my classes. When I wake up at 7:30 I lay in bed for a minute to kind of prepare myself for the day ahead of me. One morning person quality I have is being really awake once I wake up I don't need to drink coffee or get caffeine in any other way. Normally on the weekends I will stay up really late and sleep in till 9-10 am which is fairly late for me. When I do that on the weekdays I feel so tired in the mornings.

  116. everyone is different but I tend to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed but occasionally I do wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I tend to wake up around 6:00 am every day it helps me stay motivated to keep moving forward. at first, it is difficult to wake up early but I say it's worth it. I've been able to stay super productive and get the things I need to get done. It helps me get a good start to the day.

  117. I think when it comes to waking up in the morning I'm somewhere in between. I'm not always terribly happy and I'm not always dead tired. It usually differs on the time I've got to wake up, the day of the week, when I went to bed, and what I've got to accomplish that day. Low-stress days are usually slower going and sleepy because I'm not being forced to get up and finish multiple high-energy tasks. On days where I've slept in or have to get up and out to do stuff quickly, I wake up faster. I am usually so focused on staying awake or getting things done that my mood is usually super intense, but I level out as the day goes on. My friends usually aren't near me early enough in the morning to know what I'm like, but my family knows me well enough to stay out of my room until my alarm goes off.

  118. Currently I'm on a schedule. I set an alarm for 7:55 every morning so I can get ready for school at 8:00. I have 5 minutes to brush my teeth, get a shirt on, and get breakfast. I have to bring my laptop downstairs with me so I can eat breakfast during class. And all of this because of school! Ideally, I'd like to just wake up and go to sleep whenever I want. The problem with that is, doing that messes with your head and screws up your sleep schedule!! It makes you even more tired when you're walking up the hill. It makes you yawn when you're on the date. It is awful. So having a schedule is good, sometimes..

  119. I have never been a morning person. I've dreaded waking up early since I started school in the first grade. You would think that after all these years I would have adjusted to early mornings, but it's just not for me. Since COVID, it's gotten worse. I don't have to get ready for school or wake up extra early. I literally just roll out of bed and wake up 5 minutes before class. This isn't the best way to get my day started. I'm always tired and moody in the mornings when I do this. On weekends it's a different story. I sleep in until I decide it's time to wake up, which is usually in the afternoon. I feel well rested from a whole week of late nights and early mornings, but then I realize that I slept half the day away and I get frustrated. I wish I could find a good in between.