Surprise, Mr. President. John Bolton Has the Goods.

Who’s telling the truth about Ukraine? There’s one way to find out.

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  1. How can Republican senators say that they feel "blindsided" by the revelations in Bolton's manuscript ? We've known for a while that Bolton referred to this mess as a "drug deal." We've all read excerpts from the call transcript. Do they feel blindsided because a Republican revealed the truth to the public?

  2. @Barbara Barran Exactly correct. Blindsided by having their plausible deniability blown after undoubtedly being assured privately of the political cover needed to vote party line. It's bad when the truth accidentally escapes.

  3. @Barbara Barran They feel blindsided because they have been willfully blind to what has been going on. Look back over the last five months at statements by GOP congressmen and senators who didn't ever seem to have time to read the transcripts from the House investigations, watch any hearings, read articles in leading newspapers. They refused to look at anything because to do so would have put them at odds with Trump, Fox News, Breitbart and the "base".

  4. @Barbara Barran Yes.

  5. I hope Adam Schiff takes the initiative at the end of the dinner break or before the end of the session, breaks with protocol, and requests the book manuscript. Make the request public and get it on the record sooner rather than later. The Republicans can't keep acting as if there's nothing there there, and that "no witness had come forward to say that Mr. Trump had explicitly linked the aid to the investigations" as reported by Peter Baker. Since they continue to do so, they need to be called on it. Publicly. On the floor of the Senate.

  6. @avrds Brilliant!

  7. @avrds Exactly. Schiff is amazing... such a compelling and articulate speaker. But, I fear Democrats are once again falling into complacency. I want to see BOLD moves from our Congressional Democrats. I want to see them get CREATIVE.

  8. There's a lot of similarity to the politics of climate change. Siberia burns. Australia burns. California burns. Louisiana sinks beneath the waves. "Nothing to see here folks, move on." All of which is to say that if they're willing to turn a blind eye to global cataclysm I don't think they're going to be too impressed by new evidence in the impeachment case.

  9. @margaret_h But the voting public might care.

  10. @James Siegel And the voting public might even VOTE, as in vote all of them off to a permanent retirement.

  11. If Bolton is not called by the Senate, and even if he is, he can do the obvious: call a press conference, make a statement, and take questions, as soon as possible. Until that happens, he is just another Trump toady complicit in a cover up. Please, show some honor, Mr. Bolton.

  12. @Jsw My sentiments exactly. There are so many people that are - or were - in the Trump administration that could hold their own press conferences. If only they would grow a spine. Instead, they keep showing more loyalty to Trump and the Republican party than they do to the United States of America. Just what, exactly, was in the oath that they took? Oh, and this of course leaves out the sycophantic members of the Trump family that have really never been authorized to represent our nation.

  13. @Jsw Except press conferences are not typically conducted under oath.

  14. Truth Must prevail. It is not too late. It is time for Romney and other true American patriots to put truth and justice and the Constitution ahead of grimy political self interest. What other Republican Senators will put America first. It is time.

  15. @Milton Lewis In what universe is Romney a "true American patriot"? If he were, he would long since have stood up against Mitch McConnell and at the very least have called for witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. All Romney cares about is getting re-elected.

  16. @ALB Agreed. Romney is a weathervane patriot at best -- only tentatively shifting in the direction of principle after he senses the wind might be changing in that direction.

  17. @ALB True, but it's a hopeful sign that he's worried that continued support of Trump might threaten his re-election chances.

  18. I’m sure that this isn’t the last shoe to drop. I really wonder how many times the republicans can be confronted by the truth before they have no choice but to acknowledge that they are on the titanic and the ice is not going away. Or will they just want the band to continue playing??

  19. @JD PULEEZE. That iceberg off the starbaord bow is just "fake news." That must be it. Pass the champagne and the canapes, and let's have another game of bridge. Never let those "altenative facts" get in the way. Until they do. (Mother Nature will win the global warming game too.)

  20. @Joe From Boston I’m not sure but lots of people are saying that the ice is really a Hollywood prop and it’s really not dangerous so let’s just have some more of what hannity and Carlson are smoking. I bet they are praying that this ice just melts so they can continue fleecing the sheep of the fox nation

  21. Closing eyes to the facts will not negate the facts. If Obama did half of what Trump has done he would have been ridden out of town on a rail. It's about time we learned the truth. This is not a monarchy. Trump can't leave too soon for me. The Republican party will be destroyed if they don't stand up to him. They stood up to Obama when he tried to do right. Why can't they go after Trump when he does so much wrong? What are they afraid of? We must keep our country intact even when it means denying a political party any room when they are so destructive.

  22. @Sharon Conway The defense today stated that Obama did do what King Don Jon did, but the House Repubs didn't impeach, therefore he is innocent.

  23. "But Senate Republicans have so far refused to hear from any new witnesses or to demand any new documents, following the lead of Mitch McConnell, the majority leader who has never hesitated to undermine the country’s institutions if he thinks doing so will help his party. " And that in a nutshell is the ethical compass of our Congressional Republican Party. Deny, obstruct, and ignore. Power and party over any shred of principle.

  24. @Fromjersey What is amazing to me is that they don't realize he is mortal threat to their party. Re-elected he will be untethered, re-energized and brazen. Perhaps I am naive, but as little as think of the GOP, I believe THEY will be the ones to bring the next impeachment investigation of Trump as he begins to take them over the political cliff through incompetence, corruption and treason.

  25. It’s all about the money not the power. Power is simply the way to make more money. Threaten the money and you will get their attention. Anything else is just noise.

  26. Instead of waiting for four Republicans to vote yes, the Democratic managers should request that Chief Justice Roberts issue the subpoenas that they need. He is constitutionally empowered to do so, but he’s obviously not going to do it on his own. And I wouldn’t count on him to overrule a vote for no witnesses and no documents either. The Democrats should act now, while there is still time to do so. If the tables were turned, McConnell would have done so during the first minute of the Senate trial. Democrats, this is not the time to be passive, to wait, and hope things work out for the best. Act now.

  27. @Madeleine McKenzie ...or they could petition Roberts after the vote is taken to if or not allow witnesses. Then, all those republicans who voted no will be outted, and will have to live with their shameful, cowardly votes. Then, after Bolton testifies, how corrupt will they look? I think they are timing this perfectly.

  28. @Madeleine McKenzie This is a different kind of trial. The Democrats are not just sitting around being passive. True, they're not rising to the ridiculous Republican arguments and taunts. But rest assured they are acting. You just may not be able to see it.

  29. @Madeleine McKenzie Unfortunately, the senate can override the chief justice with a simple majority vote in an impeachment trial.

  30. It didn’t take long for Republicans to learn what Adam Schiff warned them about Donald Trump when he said, “You know you can’t trust him.” As they built a scorched earth defense denying any witnesses and evidence, he withheld the information that he had the draft of John Bolton’s book since last December 30, and the real possibility it might leak. Now their defense strategy is rapidly unraveling making it impossible to prevent Bolton from testifying without looking completely complicit in Trump’s “obstruction of Congress” for which he’s being impeached while knowing his information will be soon available. Even the rush to acquit Trump now is in jeopardy given Bolton’s credible charges. Mitch McConnell may now realize the other truth that Schiff proclaimed that by Republicans continuing to stick with an untrustworthy Trump, “We are lost.”

  31. Another day in the circus.

  32. the president's request to "take her out" re Yovanovitch warrants much more attention as well...

  33. @sue denim Exactly! I am pretty sure "that man in the White House" wasn't asking for a date.

  34. @sue denim Indeed it does.

  35. That was a shocking to hear! Does Donnie think he is a gangster?? That’s what it sounded to me! Disgraceful!

  36. Aside from Graham's hypocrisy and inability to judge Trump based on the truth and the evidence, we now have a willing witness, Bolton, whose judgement is being Senate republicans are not interested in the truth; they are scared that if they speak up publicly (they have in private!), they may be subject to losing their miserable seats. How despicable is that? In this day and age, being under oath seems irrelevant to their pettiness. It has been said that one lie suffices for you to lose your integrity, and public's trust. What about 15,000?!! But I digress. Let Bolton declare what he knows; I bet it will suffice to stop all big mouths from uttering nonsense, all to save Trump's criminality for later.

  37. Republicans have placed the Presidency above Congress, above the law. They are on the verge of creating a dictatorship. Vote them out now, while we still can.

  38. I am alarmed. Republicans in our U.S. Senate display evidence that their party has successfully cloned sheep with wolves.

  39. @Jim Steinberg or, at least, turtles.

  40. For anyone who's watched a real life addict/alcoholic, or the TV show 'Intervention,' it's breathtaking to see a person; in spite of pain, embarrassment, shame, guilt, or public repercussions; to see them refuse to admit it's an issue, and they need help. The GOP is nothing more complicated than an addict or an alcoholic. They've addicted themselves to minority-vote power & Fox news-driven culture wars...and seeing them in public, stumbling around like the abject cowards and fools that they are is stunning to anyone not drunk on the same elixir. But continue they must, until, perhaps some great shock shows them they can't keep going like this... Important caveat is that most addicts/alcoholics do not recover.

  41. @John - well said! i never thought of it that way but it makes perfect sense.

  42. I'm thinking the Republicans don't have a single fig leaf left to hide their shame. I don't think they realize that yet...SAD!

  43. Yeah, the republican senators were "blindisided" by the Bolton revelations. I mean how can you expect them to recognize facts, let alone something like common sense and even truth? They have been trying to stumble over or climb over the big fat rotting carcass of trump's crimes for so long. It seems they are insurmountable now, and they can no longer defend him. They'll just have to close their eyes, plug their ears, hold their noses, and acquit trump and then quickly get out of the way of the tsunami of shame that will slosh on them. That's if they care about or know what shame is anymore.

  44. I firmly believe that if POTUS came out and stated, unequivocally, that he is guilty of this action, this corrupt Senate would still do nothing. Senators, the world is watching.....this is not fake have a sworn duty that goes beyond personal success. Hundreds of thousands have sacrificed for this country, and if you are willing to let someone who has sacrificed nothing, and cheated thousands, become the equivalent of a monarch, then you will have betrayed all of them and all of us (including those of us who would disown you for doing the right thing). It is that simple.

  45. @Mark Bravo.

  46. @Mark "I firmly believe that if POTUS came out and stated, unequivocally, that he is guilty of this action, this corrupt Senate would still do nothing." AKA: "I could stand on 5th avenue and shoot someone and not lose anyone." The Repubs are proving him so right. To our shame.

  47. Watching the GOP defense of trump is painful in the extreme as essentially all they have in their arsenal are deflective Constitutional abstracts that attempt to cloud over the central and all too obvious issue...he lied and continues to lie, he obstructed and he's uniquely and definitively unfit to hold the office of the Presidency. Case closed.

  48. Can we stop pretending that Republicans like McConnell and Graham are loyal to America and not just to their party?

  49. @Tom Webster they have forgotten Russia is an adversary bent on diminishing our democracy.. Romney was right, he kept saying Putin is the key..during 2016 Republican primaries.

  50. The wheels of justice sometimes grind slowly, but grind they do. The denial of Republicans cannot stand forever -- like cheating husbands, they can make an attempt to bury their sins but their perfidy will come home to roost.

  51. @John Patterson Cheating spouses. Husbands don't have the monopoly. Although I suppose the gender bias of the GOP senate makes cheating husbands the (almost) correct choice.

  52. I have contacted my Republican Senator (Toomey, PA) asking him to vote to allow witnesses. I encourage anyone else concerned that our leaders are not faithfully discharging their constitutional duties to do the same.

  53. @Andrew Clark Good point on contacting our senators. I would add that it's also important to contact our specific senators. It's also important and easty to contact key republican senators especially murkowski, collins, alexander, and gardner to name a few. Just go to the site and click on 'Senators'. I recommend being honest as to your location etc., but tell them this is a national issue, and we expect themm to uphold the oath they signed. In particular we want witnesses and docs or there is no 'exoneration'.

  54. @Andrew Clark I've been contacting mine for days now - Lisa Murkowski seemed amendable initially, but apparently was upset over Rep. Schiff's repeating Trump's threat to put the heads of recalcitrant senators on pikes... I have no doubt that he did say something like that, if not exactly that. But yes - flood the senate offices with our demands - don't let them make a "sham trial" out of this very serious issue. And it's NOT "undoing" the 2016 election - it's protecting our democracy from a tyrant.

  55. @Andrew Clark I just did the same thing. Thanks for the suggestion.

  56. Even if four "to do the right thing and agree to call Mr. Bolton, the former national security adviser, and other key witnesses to testify in Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial" it still will take 2/3 majority to convict this guy and honestly, that just ain't going to happen (I'm disgusted to say). Republicans are presently stomping and bawking and resisting to ANYTHING the Democrats have to say or show in evidence. Even if Bolton DOES testify, his words will fall on closed ears because the Republicans do not now or ever want to hear the truth. Whatever goofy grip Trump has on the these Senators will not loosen any time soon. So much for that Roosevelt quote about having nothing to fear but fear itself. This pack of Republicans seem to fear Trump more than fear itself. And the rest of the country is paying a heavy price for their fear to do what's best for the country than their own party.

  57. @Marge Keller Yes but there IS an Election in November and you have a wonderful deep field of qualified candidates so why the Malaise? You can't lose in November right? Or, is the real problem the fact you can't win in November?

  58. @ Marge Keller. It’s hard to grasp that grown men and women of the GOP really fear trump. Being called out in a tweet? Lose a legislative seat? Wusses...all of them! I’m more fearful of losing the American ideal, rule of law and fair elections. Added to the short list: not having clean air or bodies of water, substandard health care and insurance, voucher educational systems, the gutting social safety nets/programs and the continued erosion of equal rights for ALL. The dark legacy that these fools are leaving future generations should make all of us (even the GOP) fearful.

  59. @GregP But should an impeached man be running for (re)election? we'll never know, because of Moscow Mitch and his Mini Minions.

  60. The only thing “blindsiding” Republicans is the revelation that those deep-state, anti-Trump House witnesses were telling the truth under oath (in theory, we don’t need to hear from Bolton). How they betray their own ethical weakness by assuming such weakness in others.

  61. Early in the Trump presidency, there was a talking point going around to the effect that "Many of the Republican lawmakers don't like him, but they're willing to put up with it, until it gets to be too much." It may have just been wishful thinking, but it never happened. Indeed, the deeper the corruption got, the more they dug in as well. If there ever was a moment that deserved to be called a tipping point, this is it.

  62. @Clyde Re "Many of the Republican lawmakers don't like him, but they're willing to put up with it, until it gets to be too much." I strongly suspect this remains the case, and that virtually all of Individual 1's enablers are fully aware of his, shall we say, limitations. However, so long as 1) the current occupant continues to hold his rabid minions in thrall, 2) GOP partisans can continue to manipulate 45* into doing what they want (conservative judges, tax cuts, deregulation, etc.) and, crucially, 3) Individual 1 does not completely veer out of control, they will march in (impressive, really) lockstep and publicly pretend they "stand with the president." It's one of the most cynical political displays I've ever seen.

  63. This is certainly no accident. Whatever one may think of Bolton's approach to foreign affairs, he is an undisputed patriot with deep dies to the Pentagon going back decades. Our generals have been extremely concerned about Trump since Mattis resigned, and now, a meticulously timed leak that erased the White House's 'defense' overnight. Bolton knew exactly what he was doing. This impeachment is not over yet.

  64. That "undisputed patriot" had no qualms about creating chaos that would send young Americans to die and scores more severely injured. I'm just saying maybe ask around a bit more or is it that we have different understanding of what undisputed means.

  65. @Aaron Since when does being a warmonger make someone an "undisputed patriot"? If Bolton was truly patriotic, he'd have come forward during the House impeachment inquiry and told the American people, under oath, everything he knows about Trump's scheme to extort Ukraine.

  66. @Michael Undisputed means not being called into question. That Bolton is a patriot to the nth degree is undisputed. While not all of his decisions may be to your liking, his patriotism is iron clad. He believes what he believes and he's not backing down.

  67. As Mr. Blow wrote just yesterday, America, the idea, is lost. We are no longer the same country we were before November 2016. We know two things. The impeachment case against Trump is unassailable. There is ample evidence to support his removal from office. But we also know that this Republican Senate will absolve him. Either they will refuse to call Mr. Bolton, or will, after hearing his testimony, ignore it and "exonerate" Trump anyway. But Republican Senators' conduct in this impeachment trial makes perfect sense, once one understands what their motives are. And they want only this: the installation of Trump as dictator and turning this country into a "one party" nation. They want to ensure that he continues acting as a dictator. And this includes his continuing criminal activity, that will only escalate now. Trump has torn this country apart, and this Republican Congress will do nothing but help him consolidate his power. Republicans will never cede leadership to the Democrats again, under any circumstances. Republican Senators will ensure a rigged election in November. In short, they want anything that solidifies their rule and the dictatorship of Donald Trump. Trump and the Republicans will never cede power peacefully. He will not leave peacefully if voted out this November, or in 2024. Republicans want Trump to be able to do anything he wants, for as long as he wants. And for those of you who think we still have a democracy, check your rear view mirror.

  68. @DB Cooper decision I do not dispute what you are saying, but I think the determination whether we still have a democracy will be made apparent in the November 3, 2020 election. If we vote out Trump (assuming as you do that he is not convicted and removed), and if we vote out enough Republican senators to flip the Senate, we still have a shot, as long as the next Democratic Senate leader is willing to play from the Moscow Mitch playbook and ram whatever the Ds want through the Senate by simple majorities (payback for Merrick Garland, thank you). I think Trump will be dragged out of the White House in handcuffs if he loses the election and refuses to leave on January 20, 2021. In 1974, as the end of the Watergate scandal was approaching, the Secretary of Defense issued a notice that no order that did not have his approval was to be obeyed, because there was a concern that Nixon, as Commander in Chief, was going to call out the military to surround the Capitol, declare Congress dissolved, and declare an "emergency" in which he would assume total power. I still have faith in the honor and patriotism of the federal work force, civilian and military.

  69. @Joe From Boston Let's hope the Secty of Defense has a similar notice warning that unless Esper confirms a missile strike or unauthorized use of the military that nothing should go simply on the word of this president.

  70. @mother of two I am not sure about Esper. He and Pompeo were classmates at West Point (class of 1986), and they are right wing hawks. Hopefully, the generals and their troops know not to obey what would be an illegal order if one were issued. My son is a Marine Colonel and I think he was raised to behave honorably. (It is all his mother's fault.)

  71. It’s hard to deny a statement under oath from an ultra conservative GOP witness who was an active participant in several GOP administrations: the truth will hurt if its fully exposed by a distinguished lifelong member of the ranks. Now the Trump lawyers and Trump sycophants in the Congress will have to attempt a media takedown of Bolton as unreliable and untrustworthy, out for personal gain. Where does this crazy train stop?

  72. @Mark B "It’s hard to deny a statement under oath from an ultra conservative GOP witness who was an active participant in several GOP administrations..." Nonetheless, the GOP will find a way.

  73. @Diego "Nonetheless, the GOP will find a way.... [to deny a statement under oath from an ultra conservative GOP witness who was an active participant in several GOP administrations.] An intriguing point. How? Constitutional scholars, criminal lawyers, sci-fi writers -- How could that be done?

  74. @Mark B, Not so hard. "distinguished lifelong member of the ranks" = Deep State Swamp Creature! The Elite Establishment! He's lying to sell books!!!!! Ugh.

  75. They think we are not paying attention. We are. They think we will believe their lies. We don't. They think they are above the law. They are not. What they don't understand is that they all are going to suffer consequences when there is too much light on this subject. We are going to vote out all the Republicans. One by one. All of them. Trump will never save you, he will only try to save himself.

  76. @JaneM, the problem is that some 41% of the population is paying attention only to Fox and there the propaganda supports this fraud and criminality and, worse, foists it on the Democrats. We have a long way to go to reverse this scourge.

  77. @Rover Nowhere near 41% of the population watches Fox News. 41% of voters may support Trump, Lord know why. But Fox viewership numbers hover around 2.5M. Bad enough! Fortunately far more of us read the NY Times whose circulation sits at 4.5M -- nearly twice that of Fox News' audience.

  78. @Rover Which is why we have to win in November. We have to elect those who will reinstate and update the Fairness Doctrine and make it unprofitable to lie to the public.

  79. I grieve the loss of principled conservatism, which used to act as foil & constraint to fringes left and right. Republicans now have an opportunity to at least imagine re-aligning with the baseline decency some of them remember. To begin exhuming their reputations. Not holding my breath, however.

  80. Bolton directly contradicts Trump's defense so it seems like the Senate would absolutely want him to testify under oath. In a normal impeachment trial all of the GOP Senators would be asking for this but the odds are low that we'll get four.

  81. What is really really really sad, is that the supposedly patriotic Mr. Bolton, would wait until he makes an enormous amount of money from a book deal, possibly months after the trial in the senate, to tell the facts, the truth. Instead of having made his declarations in time for this momentous trial.

  82. @Lucien even sadder is the fact that John Bolton won't take any of that money to his grave for afterlife. Such is the story of every money grubbing republican. Most of them will be dead within a couple of decades. But they will destroy our nation for centuries.

  83. @Lucien he did not receive a subpoena; if he did, given parallel legal proceedings he would have already testified. He and Fiona are heroes, even if he is an inveterate warmonger.

  84. So Republicans will agree to have witnesses. They’ll will bring in Biden to to make it a circus and distract from the truth. Republicans will argue that what Trump has done doesn’t rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. They will say they cooperated and gave it the old college try. Despite compelling evidence when they voted against impeachment in the House why should we expect them to act any differently in the end?

  85. As a Reagan Republican who trusts a consistent adversary to Putin like Bolton far more than the Kremlin-quoting and Putin-genuflecting Trump, I can think of no reason not to vote to let Bolton testify. The goal is to seek truth. Of course Senator Blunt, quoted in this article, betrays the larger narrative. He says why hear testimony when no amount of evidence can change the pre-ordained outcome. But Blunt, put bluntly, is wrong. Truth matters, and hearing this new evidence is the right thing to do, regardless of what Senators like Blunt have pre-determined they'll do based on their favorite pollsters and pundits.

  86. I think that most Americans are exercising good judgement. The hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil mantra of Republican Senators regarding the trial does not bode well for them or Trump. Most people see right through it, and it will come back to bite every one of them in their next election cycles.

  87. @Stephen If I were a Dem, I would just keep running adds that say your Sen. XYZ has chosen his loyalty to DJT over you or the United States. He does not stand for the US Flag, he stands for Trump, which flag do you want to stand for? Have Lee Greenwood sing God bless the USA, then Have a song like Trump forever with the Sen xyz saluting a trump flag. It will not take a Trump tweet to have them replaced! If the Reps want to stay in control they better get rid of trump! or they will be on the dustbin of history (like the wig party

  88. There is no executive privilege that covers discussions of criminal behavior. Withholding the aid was criminal, as stated by the nonpartisan GAO. Therefore, the sections of Bolton’s existing book that discuss the withholding of the aid can be used as evidence, whether Bolton testifies or not. Demand access to the book, and testimony by Bolton (separately).

  89. There are no goods. Regardless of the reason, Trump was within his authority to withhold aid funding temporarily, and it's all moot because in this case the funds were released prior to the stautory deadline. And the GAO did not take action to remedy the held funds issue. Quid pro quo or not, it doesn't matter. And there are only opinions about Trump's motivation in the impeachment articles, no evidence. The evidence, is in the transcript - acknowledged by the whistleblower to have no material omissions or errors - where Trump requested the Ukraine government to cooperate with our Department of Justice in investigations of activities surrounding the 2016 elections, and separately, requested the Ukraine government to cooperate with our Department of Justice in investigations into the Bidens. And there's nothing wrong with that, either. The proof is out there for everyone to see: If it was OK for the Obama administration to investigate Trump during the 2016 elections, then it's OK for Trump to investigate Biden during the 2020 campaign. And if it isn't OK, then the next step should be to arrest Barack Obama and James Comey.

  90. @Objectivist It would OK for the Trump administration during the 2020 campaign, which is currently underway. Why then, has it not done so? What is not OK is for the Trump administration to ask a favor of a foreign government as a condition of releasing aid. In this case, the favor was investigating one of his political rivals. The aid was released prior to the deadline, but only after the whistle blower revealed the deal.

  91. @Objectivist It does matter if Trump was doing it for his personal benefit - namely trying to corrupt the 2020 election campaign

  92. @Objectivist Hoo, boy, winger, this is especially unhinged.

  93. Caught robbing a bank at gunpoint, seen by witnesses and recorded on cameras. Now listen to his attorneys accuse the police of being the bank robber, and judge and jury say there is no need to watch the video or depose any of the witnesses. The GOP is very good at spinning lies, but this one is a hard one even for them.

  94. @Donkey Spin When the recording is selectively edited by the police at the request of the prosecutor, of course you accuse the police and prosecutor of the crime.

  95. @A4Ag9#[email protected]* What?? The people spinning the lies like no tomorrow are Trump and his lawyers. How many people need to testify under oath to Trumps doing or or be told by Bolton to "go see the lawyers" for you to accept the truth. Not one shred of evidence exists apparently to show he didn't do it. Pointing fingers at Biden and son and citing fully thoroughly debunked Russian sponsored lies is the height of stupidity. There is a letter from the Senate signed by a bi-partisan group of senators all of whom are sitting in the trial, supporting the removal of the Ukranian prosecutor in 2016 for NOT pursuing corruption investigations. If anything Joe Biden by following U.S./Obama/E.U./Ally policy put his son at risk for being caught in an investigation.

  96. Trump will do all that is legal to prevent Bolton from testifying. What he will do if that does not work will likely first endanger Freedom and the Press, and even Bolton's Life. I do hope if Bolton has more to say he has memorialized it and any actual evidence if there is any.

  97. @Just Me Viewed from the great white north, it seems that Mr.Bolton has something that the Trumpistas want to stay hidden. Am not a fan of Bolton, however if the Democrats can get only one person to testify,he will bury the President and expose many in the GOP as accessories to Trumps criminal behavior. I remember in days and years past that most of the world looked up to the USA as a respected big brother, now thanks to morons like Trump and Mitch McConnell everyone is just sad that you have slid so far . You can do better:remember this when you vote.

  98. @Just Me Trump has no idea what is legal, nor does he care.

  99. This is a simple solution. Joe Biden voluntarily testifies in front of the Senate and John Bolton does the same. It would put an end to the poker play. Should one be allowed to speak while the other is actively blocked by the Senate majority party, then there is confirmation of an active cover-up not by DJT, rather it would be by the Senate Republican leadership for all to witness. The electorate can make their own informed decisions in November about the political parties and their ability to represent their interests then.

  100. @Luis K What probative information does Biden have? What purpose woiuld his testimony serve with regard to the charges against Trump? As far as I can tell Biden has no information that is material to these proceedings and pulling him in will only show weakness to the GOP and make a spectacle of the proceedings, more than they already are.

  101. @Luis K What Joe Biden or his son may, or may not have done is irrelevant. The issue here is what donald trump did and was it illegal and/or impeachable.

  102. @Luis K Just looked up False Equivalency in the dictionary. It says: False Equivalency, see Luis K.

  103. The idea that John Bolton will testify at the impeachment trial is a fig leaf. If enough of the GOP senators agree to call him as a witness (just four are needed), then the party will claim that they have upheld American justice as they vote to acquit the president. Trump will crow that he is completely vindicated in his actions and be free to ignore Congress and the Constitution again and again. The only silver on this dark cloud bank is that the American people will hear testimony from a first-person eye-witness. Let us hope that the truth shall set us free.

  104. What is especially heartening to hear is that, according to Mr. Bolton's lawyer at least, the contents of the upcoming book appears to have come from the White House itself. Now who would have leaked it? Anonymous?

  105. @Rick Morris Someone in the White House understands that Mr. Trump is a danger to the USA. Probably a lot of somebodies, actually.

  106. False. It came from the NSC, which is only technically part of the administration. And Saint Vindman’s brother sits on that council and is responsible for reviewing books that require national security clearance. What a coincidence. There’s your leaker.

  107. The Republicans have surrendered their claim to the moral high ground, which Trump’s base care nothing about. This should be the central theme of any Democratic opponent as we move towards a fierce political campaign. The Republicans have written the ads for their opponents. Americans are watching and eager to throw these morally bankrupt and corrupt “leaders” out. November 3, 2020 is coming!

  108. The leaked information from Bolton's book has put Mitch McConnell and his GOP Senate caucus in a public box. Unfortunately for them, hiding in the corner is not an option.

  109. Senate Republicans should stop and think here for a minute. If they don't call Bolton, it seems like that the House will, on the grounds that new evidence has come forward. For Republican senators, this is their one chance to question Bolton on their own terms. Otherwise, House Democrats will no doubt be happy to grill him for every detail.

  110. It still won't matter. Republicans only care about winning anymore, not about democracy or anything else. And I blame Mitch McConnell more than Trump for this. It was McConnell's job to keep Trump under control, instead he turned into his biggest enabler. This was not unexpected, as he has been building up to this point for years, with denying Obama's SCOTUS pick as the low point pre-Trump. Once McConnell figured out that he could get away with upsetting any settled views of the Constitution and all Congress traditions and ways, he become ever more bold. All it takes is to dig up a few willing Constitutional scholars to sort of confirm his point of view, and suddenly it's the new normal. We need to get rid of both Trump and McConnell. If we fail to achieve the latter, he will find ways to sabotage the Democrats even if they hold the trifecta.

  111. @JaneM in Central Massachusetts wrote: "They think we are not paying attention. We are. They think we will believe their lies. We don't. They think they are above the law. They are not. What they don't understand is that they all are going to suffer consequences when there is too much light on this subject. We are going to vote out all the Republicans. One by one. All of them. Trump will never save you, he will only try to save himself." I agree with Jane. Therefore the one thing that we all can do is work to encourage voting. The higher the turnout, the worse it will be for Trump. That's the campaign in a nutshell. If Trump were impeached it would be just, but at this point the even better scenario is the one where Trump is ejected and both chambers have a Democratic majority. The Republicans have demonstrated that they can only be partisan. I don't believe the same is true of Democrats. Democrats are not generally judgmental and vindictive by nature. We believe in the rule of law, respect for all people, care for the environment, belief in science, and a few other things that conservatives actively oppose. Their ideas are damaging the entire planet. Sorry, that's just the sad truth.

  112. @James Dude, Antifa is NOT related to the Democratic party. The militant left is as scornful of Democrats as you seem to be.

  113. Republicans will still claim that the House should've done all it could to get Bolton to testify and it's not the Senate's job to do the House's work for it. So basically Republicans insist that impeachment should be played exactly by the book - just not Bolton's.

  114. Bolton is not the poster child of human nobility, therefore I don’t consider his testimony with any validity what so ever! People like him should just fade away from the public view. That doesn’t mean I think Trump is innocent; in fact, i’m 99% sure that he’s guilty but guilt spills over political lines in this case. Maybe that is a reason to let “new politicians” take reins instead of the old.

  115. @William Perrigo Why only 99%? It is 100% and it is very obvious.

  116. It's worth reminding everyone that the first president ever impeached, Andrew Johnson, was not accused of abusing his office for his own personal gain. His impeachment was about a policy dispute with Congress over the reconstruction of the southern states. Congress had passed legislation intended to take the issue out of his control and he violated the terms of that legislation. Trump, on the other hand, did what he did not because he disagreed with the decision of Congress to aid Ukraine but because he wanted to use that aid as leverage to get something that benefited him personally. That is corruption pure and simple. The case for impeaching him is much stronger than the case against Johnson or the case against Clinton, who was impeached over a matter of his private conduct, not the use of his official powers. It could hardly be clearer.

  117. Isn't the Republican plan for this basically a replay of the Kavanaugh hearings? Allow for a very short investigation with limited time and only talking to limited witnesses so they can claim that due diligence was done before a party line vote. If they cannot free themselves from this guy with this one chance to get away mostly scott-free (the left will be blamed) and discredit him enough to remove his power then they will be haunted by him (and his surrogates and family) forever. Hobson's choice.

  118. '''...but Republicans will not vote to convict him under any circumstances. '' - and there you have it. I am reminded of the case against Al.Capone (where the fix was almost certainly in as well) and the judge at the fairly last minute decided to swap juries from another courtroom. We all know that Mr. Capone was eventually convicted (of tax evasion of all things) and his kingdom came crashing down. I am sure we could convict this sitting President of something in the tax codes that would bring him down along with all of the other egregious things (that on the face) he has flagrantly committed in full view of the American public. However the founding fathers (inscrutable that they were) put into the Constitution only (2) two ways to remove a sitting President during their term in office was the 25th Amendment or via impeachment. They tried to think ahead of all the possibilities of corruption and also tried to equalize power into three branches of government. They never envisioned that the party of the President would essentially cover for all infractions. (no matter how egregious) So here we are. You the public and electorate are going to have to be judge AND jury. Not only are you going to have to remove a President by vote (and that at this point is not a certainty as well) but you are going to have to remove ALL of the republican Senators (whenever they come up) because of their egregiousness as well. Pay attention. Democracy is in the balance friends.

  119. @FunkyIrishman Actually, the 25th Amendment was passed after Nixon and Watergate.

  120. @FunkyIrishman You've been missed!

  121. Mr. Trump has two defense schemes : lie via tweets and never met the person accusing him of lying. But with Mr. Bolton, Mr. Trump has to have different scheme of defense. lie via tweets or I never meet him will not help because Mr. Bolton worked for him though for a short period. he has all records which he revealed in his book manuscript. dear editorial board, i agree what you narrated here but all seem to be like big sound bite if we have to believe the Senator Blunt: 'All witness testimony to date has only strengthened the case against Mr. Trump, but Republicans will not vote to convict him under any circumstances. By definition, then, no witness could possibly change the outcome.'

  122. Republicans have already reduced that thunderbolt to mere static electricity as far as they are concerned. Nearly every day there is a new damning piece of criminality exposed. Parnas? We've all forgotten already about that mob boss meeting on video. Thunder-Bolton has blown that away. But it makes no difference. Something else will come out tomorrow and Republicans will yawn. There is nothing that the "president" could ever do that Republicans will ever call him out on. That's the way it works when you are part of the conspiracy. Ultimately, the "president" will get in front of microphones - issue a few nasty threats and then say "yeah, I did it, so what? I can commit any crimes I want to, who's gonna stop me?" and Republicans will praise his criminal genius. Maybe he'll do it at the State of the Union address.

  123. How about an investigation into how the NYTs receives all of its convenient leaks.

  124. This is like asking how an accomplished doctor mysteriously keeps getting new patients, the intellect of Trumpsters will never fail to amuse me. *facepalm*

  125. @James From the White House of course!

  126. @James They come from the White House, of course.

  127. What amazes me is that so many of the sitting GOP senators are lawyers. They know how the process is supposed to work. That they are all agreeing to defy the process -- evidence, witnesses, discovery, truth -- just to save face and stay in power is appalling. Ignoring the truth, hiding the evidence, and perpetrating the lie doesn't make the truth of this president go away. It just drives home their complicity in this nightmare. They made their deal with the devil. To quote Ken Starr, impeachment is hell.

  128. @MRose Agreed. I had respected Sen. James Lankford (R-OK). But last Sunday on ABC's This Week George S. asked Sen. Lankford FIVE times if it is OK to request foreign assistance in an election. FIVE time Lankford would not answer the question. Even so-called moderate republicans are bent on destroying our republic. Sen. Lankford is a base coward, just like the rest of the bunch.

  129. @MRose Sounds like a lawyer to me.

  130. @MRose Good Point! I wonder if a lawyer can be dis-barred for lying about an oath of impartiality.

  131. In the interest of fairness, Republican Senators are "human scum". (Yes, I'm talking about you Lindsey Graham.)

  132. I believe John Bolton.

  133. @Pia No matter what the issue is, I don't believe Trump. That goes for forever!

  134. No one beileves anything Trump says, not even his base. He's a proven lier with no integrity. His word means absolutely nothing. He can yell as loud as he wants. We've all tuned out.

  135. Trump being Trump. Liar liar pants on fire.

  136. Are you kidding me? What kind of alternate perverse universe do we find ourselves in? The Monty Python Black Knight skit? "Now stand aside..." "Tis but a scratch!" "A scratch? Your arm's off!" "No it isn't!" "Well what's that then?!" "I've had worse." "You lie!" "Come on you pansy!"... Even with blood squirting out the Republicans will have you believe there are no facts, no Bolton bombshell, no evidence. "Only a flesh wound!"

  137. Thanks for this. (In honour of the late Terry Jones.)

  138. Along with blindsided Republicans I am shocked! schoked! that Trump has lied to them. Or perhaps I am shocked that they let themselves be blindsided when there was overwhelming evidence that Trump is guilty and that Bolton had clearly said he knew things that had not been made public. How stupid are these people? Or perhaps the blindsided comments are a pretense to cover their embarrasement over the Bolton revolations. It is a sad day for our Democracy.

  139. Trump: “I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens.” Trump is a proven tertiary liar. He lies. Then he lies about the lies. Then he lies about the lies he tells about the lies. We already know the aid was tied to investigation into the Bidens because the WH announced it to the whole world when it released the July 25 phone call doing just that. Bolton needs to confirm what we already know. Trump lies as he breathes.

  140. Trump will tell a lie when the truth would sound better.

  141. The American People should march on the White House, physically remove Trump, then march over to Congress and eject the Republican Senators... then throw them in cages and prosecute all of them for the traitors they are. It's time to really drain the swamp... not just talk about it !!!

  142. @Andy Hain that's probably why they are in the process of building a much higher and stronger fence around the whole white house. the irony of it is, that the new fence looks like jail bars.

  143. @Andy Hain. I appreciate the desire to vent. It is healthy. However, we are still a nation of laws. Our aim is to keep it that way, so for now, we need to seek the truth, hold our elected officials accountable, and VOTE! But fantasy can be therapeutic, as long as you don't live in it. Trumpublicans take note.

  144. `John Bolton said what? Curiouser and curiouser!' cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).

  145. Boom goes the dynamite!

  146. Trump and the Republican senators that enable him have no integrity. They are like 9 year old liar boys.

  147. What was the ONE time in decades that the no-longer-credible NY Times did NOT call John McCain an evil right-wing racist with too much money? When he said bad things about Primary Target Number One, Pres. Trump, the frightening rascal who employed all those black people. Obama's black unemployment rate: 21% Trump's: 4% What's the one time the NY Times has not insisted that John Bolton was a frightening danger to the lives and trigger-ability of every man, woman, and child in the United States? When he had something bad or useful to say about... wait, you don't need me to finish this one.

  148. @L osservatore Even a trigger-happy warmonger can tell the truth, you know. And the fact that he is willing to speak should make you stop and think, instead of being blindly reactive. What surprises me is that you would discount what Bolton and McCain had to say about Trump, instead of listening to them. You just don't want to hear the truth about Trump. And that's bad for you, and for your country.

  149. @L osservatore Innocent men do not act like Mr. Trump. Not even close. Next time you use numbers, credit the source, too.

  150. Deflection won’t work when the truth is so bright everyone can see it.

  151. Blindsided????? We Americans have watched these crimes in real time - there are dozens of witnesses. We heard from 17 witnesses in the House proceedings. It is clear to the American people that tRump must be removed from office - as well as Pence and every other cabinet member in office. This is literally a crime mob running our government - the Republicans are colluding and have ensured the last dying gasp of their party. They are no more than thugs and crooks now covering up the crimes of their dear leader.

  152. DJT can shoot someone on 5th Ave and not lose any support.....IS THE SAME AS .... DJT exhorted & bribed a foreign country to cheat in the next election, and not lose any support (Republican). What has our nation come to ?

  153. @Marc, I'd argue this is much worse. Shooting a person kills just one person. What the White House and Republican Senators are doing kills our entire system of government.

  154. Dear GOP - how in the world could you allow a lying huckster hijack you so completely and ruin every bit of dignity you ever had? Somewhere, Lincoln is weeping.

  155. @Brookhawk The GOP did not allow it, its electorate did, and the party tramped along.

  156. I think I smell goose.

  157. Didn't tRump tweet that he has never met Bolton?

  158. @dearworld2 I wouldn't be at all surprised!!

  159. @dearworld2 Next it’ll be Pompeo that he doesn’t know.

  160. @dearworld2 Bolton was just a "coffee boy."

  161. In a sad perversion of the principle that justice is blind, the Senate puts on kabuki theater where the majority pretends to believe our corrupt president’s defenders when they shout terms like “absolutely nothing wrong” and “ridiculous.” Meanwhile the public gets to see the continuing flood of damning information that confirms both impeachment acts are indeed true and that our malevolent leader continues to lie about them. In the chamber, Senators feign outrage over an accusation that they could be intimidated into violating their oaths and holding a sham trial. Outside, the public sees some of that intimidation occurring real-time, tweet by desperate tweet. Inside, the proceedings are led by a Chief Justice who acts as though is sole responsibility is to make sure the Senators get sufficient bathroom breaks. Outside, the public overwhelmingly calls for a trial with information and fairness. This is an existentially disturbing event, because what we’re watching could appropriately be titled, “The Decline and Fall of the American Empire.”

  162. @ChrisMas Well expressed. In some future decade, after we've had to deal with the still-coming tragedies that will be brought by this nightmare of Republican delusion, social psychologists will write of this willful blindness and how it came to overtake a major political party. There will be chapters on Fox News, Russian interference, and the abandonment of reason.

  163. President Trump looks out for no one but himself. John Bolton wants as much free publicity as possible to promote his forthcoming book. Each has their own self-promoting angle. The only people who seem to care about the Constitution are the Democrats and former State Department officials desperately appealing to the conscious of Republican senators who also seem to care only about themselves, their re-election prospects, and their power and position. Evidence won't sway people who don't care about evidence.

  164. "After claiming that it’s perfectly reasonable to put a United States president on trial without hearing from any witnesses..." Yet the Republicans in the Senate have called the proceedings up until now a "kangaroo court," and therefore baseless. The Oxford online dictionary defines a kangaroo court as "an unofficial court held by a group of people in order to try someone regarded, especially without good evidence, as guilty of a crime or misdemeanor." Thanks to the Senate Republicans, a horrific trial without good evidence may be what we actually get to watch now.

  165. @molly We had a kangaroo court. Now we have an ostrich court in the Senate.

  166. @molly, if this does not become a full and fair trial with relevant witnesses and thorough documentation, the American government of laws will be dead in the water. An honest presentation of evidence is, in my opinion, the only hope for saving our country.

  167. @molly A lot of the blame for the evaporation of integrity and morals within the Republican Party can be blamed on the Murdoch family and FOX News. When half the country believes in fairy tales instead of facts this is where we have arrived as a country. The question is, how do we get truth back into the equation?

  168. What Bolton has done is transfer the obstructionism from the White House to Senate Republicans. The WH has had drafts of the book since December 30 and, apparently, have not informed their Senators of its content. But now they know and with that knowledge can no longer claim the House hasn't made its case when evidence exists just for the asking. Each and every Republican Senator will now have to take upon themselves Trump's crimes to bear as Trump bellows his gifted innocence.

  169. @GerardM "But now they know and with that knowledge can no longer claim the House hasn't made its case when evidence exists just for the asking." They most certainly can still claim the House has not made it's case, and most likely will. At no point in recent history have facts and evidence been anything more than a minor inconvienience to the GOP. Just wait for them to recover from the initial shock and you will see tapdancing like nothing you ever imagined.

  170. @AR See now where they are arguing the incredibly dumb defense that the House imposed an artificial political timetable by wanting to impeach the president before the election. Well, duh! They cannot impeach the president after the election. That's a different House and likely a different president at that point. Furthermore, considering the president was being charged with interfering in the election, that charge and the investigation into it would have to finish before he would realize the benefits of his interference.

  171. @GerardM Eloquently stated. Allow me to characterize the recent GOP discomfiture more bluntly: The White House lied to the Senate too. The lawyers are up there now spinning a lie their client didn't divulge to his own attorneys. If they did know, that would mean disbarment. I expect there are more than a few angry conversations taking place outside the public view. If the lawyers did know, I'm sure they asked whether there was any evidence to prove guilt. Evidently, the answer was "no." Whoops. Never trust the Trump administration.

  172. The weakest argument the Republicans have is the one expressed by Blunt that if they call witnesses the trial would be substantially extended. Can't have that. McConnell needs to get back to the business at hand of blocking any bills sent over from the House to better the lives of the American public. He has a schedule to keep in confirming as many conservative judges as is humanly possible. Republicans don't want to hear from witnesses with direct knowledge because they will then be forced to reveal that they lack the moral courage to vote in a manner that demonstrates that, in America, right matters.

  173. @donaldo Yes, and Trump can't prance around like a victorious Emperor at the SOTU address if the "acquittal" takes too long

  174. It seems to me quite probable that Emperor Trump's 'lock-down' of call records on an ultra-high security National Intelligence server provided by merely the 'Acting' DNI, Joseph Maguire, without Trump even exercising his supposed 'Executive Privilege', would be reversed by either Chief Justice Roberts himself, the entire SCOTUS, or the next Snowdenesque whistle-blower in the National Intelligence Community. Either way, Emperor Trump, instead of Rep. Adam Schiff, is likely to find his "head on a pike".

  175. Easy come, easy go. Polls expected Trump to "glide" through impeachment. Polls also said Hillary Clinton is now President. Roy Blunt is probably correct. The outcome is unlikely to change. Voters' minds' on the other hand... Allow me to re-frame the GOP dilemma. McConnell is up for reelection. Senator Romney is not. Even if he were, Utah does not take kindly to broken oaths and lying Presidents. I don't suspect Romney does either. Maybe Mitt is just trying to save Collins. However, I doubt it. He's going to find himself in hotter water than a Venus hot spring if he messes this one up. The world is watching.

  176. @Andy What about Mike Lee? He seemed genuinely horrified in the wake of the attack on Soleimani.

  177. The disaster Trump's presidency has caused Republicans is catastrophic for the future reputation of the party. The Republicans have more to gain by admitting they'd been conned (to use Bloomberg's words) and moving on. They can't be Republicans and Trumpublicans at the same time. The children of the 43 million who voted for him won't trust another Republican for a lifetime, unless they can see some Republican adults man-up and admit they were wrong about Trump.

  178. This is Trump and his Dark State. These Dark State zealots like Rudy and his boys work outside the government to thwart the normal channels of government. It is no surprise that this circumventing government was a red flag for Bolton who is nothing if not part of the government. Its possible that the Dark State is working with Russians and we know the Dark State is trying to tip the outcome of the next election. The Dark State is interested in power and money democracy is not part of the equation. Are they building a private army to protect Trump? That's next.

  179. @Kennyway I think of Giuliani, Parnas, and all as the clown cartel. i.e., somewhat less effective than Nixon's plumbers. I am concerned about Trump as president. Would someone please take the nuclear football away from him? And I am concerned about Putin. Why is it that Trump appears to trust Putin above all others?

  180. SO JOHN BOLTON TAKES THE ROLE OF The deus ex machina in the Senate Trial of Trump. That was to be expected, as John Bolton, asked before the trial began, if he wanted to speak on the issue of Trump's impeachment. His response was that the time would come when he would speak out. Mitt Romney, showing courage and just plain common sense, the rarest of rare commodities among the GOP members, lo these many years. Bolton's testimony may be a game changer. Or not. But it will clarify the conflicting narratives presented to the public. As November looms on the horizon, Romney has taken a step to shed some light on the murkiest of the murk and muckiest of the muck that have become the GOP's stock-in-trade. I believe that McConnell has already lost his grip and will most likely unravel as the trial takes shape. But that is too mild a consequence for his killing off the orderly legislative process in the Senate. McConnell will be judged by history as singularly the most destructive political figure of the history of the Senate. It is my fervent hope that both he and his wife will be called to account for their reported financial improprieties. As with Trump, they will probably have their day in court sooner than later.

  181. If there is an iota of integrity yet remaining in the system, Bolton will be called as a witness, either by the Senate itself or Chief Justice Roberts.

  182. @woofer Frighteningly, it's possible that there's not.

  183. From the Second to last page of the new book "A Very Stable Genius. "We haven't seen anything like this in my lifetime. He appears to be daring the rest of the political system to stop him—and if it doesn't, he'll go further," William A. Galston, a senior fellow in governance at the Brookings Institution, told The Washington Post's Robert Costa. "What we're discovering is that the Constitution is not a mechanism that runs by itself," Galston added. "Ultimately, we are a government of men and not law. The law has no force without people who are willing to enforce it."

  184. The truth has never stopped trump. The truth is something the Republicans bend and mold into the narrative they want and their base eats it up. A square becomes a circle. It was probably inevitable that our republic would enter a banana republic phase. Say good bye to freedom, truth, justice and the rule of law.

  185. I'm so confused by the way the impeachment continues to be covered as if some new piece of evidence is going to change anything. We've been through this so many times already (Comey, Muller, Taylor, etc.) No amount of evidence is going to make senate Republicans vote to remove Trump from office. Treating it as if it will just serves to string along the news reading public through a manufactured fantasy land where government officials actually care about principles rather than wielding power.

  186. @Daniel L. The Bolton Breakthrough will not Impeach Trump, but he will lose the Vote that counts.

  187. @Daniel L. I haven't read any reporting which claims Senate republicans will "vote to remove tяцmp from office." Rather, reporters seem to think four such senators may vote to have witnesses in the Senate trial.

  188. Let's call Bolton. Biden too - perhaps many people on both sides. Enough with our partisanship lets end it here and have our public airing of grievances and come to an honest conclusion about who we are as a nation. Let's decide whether it is reasonable to think that this president would have committed the acts for which he's impeached. We should honestly look at his presidency and consider these years. Let's consider the House's evidence and call new witnesses. Let's hear from from everybody. The soul of our nation is at stake and we just need to let it all out. We still have an election in November but the Senate can make right matter right now.

  189. @Steven You've posted the SAME comment how many times, three??

  190. It is starting to appear that Mitt Romney might be the new John McCain in Senate GOP. John McCain was a politician who projected a conscience and a deep love for America. He was a perpetual thorn in the side of a party so often operating against We The People's best interests. He was a man who I disagreed with more often than not on the issues, but also appreciated his independence from the GOP political hate and division machine. Full Disclosure: I did not vote John McCain or Mitt Romney in their respective presidential bids. But I would gladly vote for either of them over ANY elected or appointed Republican currently "serving" in the United States Legislative, Judicial, or Executive branches of OUR government. Mitt, it seems you are leaning to be on the right side of history. I am keeping my patriotic fingers crossed. What say you, Lindsey Graham?

  191. @Jeff - I can say with confidence - if Romney pushes for witnesses almost everyone on the GOP side of the ledger will say he's doing it because he wants to be President. It's almost impossible to destroy a cult of personality... as we're all painfully finding out.

  192. @George You may be right about that, George. But, like I said, Mitt would likely be a better (less dangerous) candidate than anything else I see the scorched Earth Republican Party putting forth in the foreseeable future.

  193. @Jeff Lindsey is the guy with his finger in the air, testing which way the political wind is blowing...

  194. Ironically, Republicans may actually be right in claiming that there is no purpose in having John Bolton testify. Anyone with even a passing interest in the truth ALREADY KNEW before the Bolton book excerpts came out that Trump conditioned the release of military aid to Ukraine on the announcement of the commencement of investigation of the Bidens. Bolton's confirmation of the truth is unnecessary. What is necessary is for the Republicans to do the right thing already and urge Trump to resign.

  195. @Jay Orchard Bolton would make it harder to deny what Trump did or not. Also harder to deny Trump's attempts to Obstruct Congress.

  196. @Jay Orchard Well, it worked with Nixon. But why would it work with Trump? He's not Nixon.

  197. Let's call Bolton. Biden too - perhaps many people on both sides. Enough with our partisanship lets end it here and have our public airing of grievances and come to an honest conclusion about who we are as a nation. Let's decide whether it is reasonable to think that this president would have committed the acts for which he's impeached. We should honestly look at his presidency and consider these years. Let's consider the House's evidence and call new witnesses. Let's hear from from everybody. The soul of our nation is at stake and we just need to let it all out. We still have an election in November but the Senate can show us if they believe that right matters right now.

  198. @Steven I think you are on to something! Kudos.

  199. While it’s difficult to say who will win the presidency in 2020, there are at least 10 vulnerable republican senators in states likely to be tossups. If the Democrats win the Senate and maintain their lead in the House, they will effectively check Trump’s power even if he wins this year. Bolton’s testimony will be the result of Senate republicans showing their independence, not for the good of the country but their own survival.

  200. The RepubloCONs continue with the distraction. Having just watched Bondi try to detail the comings and goings of Hunter Biden, absolutely NONE of it had anything to do with the charges against Trump. If Don the Con thought there was a problem, why didn't he go through normal diplomatic channels to investigate? Why did he have to create the stipulation of an "investigation" (or at least, the announcement of one) in order to release the funds? The GAO has already determined he broke the law by withholding the funds. The are procedures for implementing the hold and he ignored all of them. Instead, he got Giuliani to approach the Ukrainians through the back door (what office does Mayor G represent?). In the long run it will make no difference because the RepubliCONs will vote to acquit, regardless of their oath to be impartial. Perhaps Roberts could hold them in contempt of Congress, since they lied to Congress. But calling Bolton would at least make the RepubliCONs deny that the truth actually happened.

  201. It appears the train wreck inevitable for so long is finally imminent. Sad to say I'm compelled to keep watching. Happy to admit I'm watching while hoping this train is completely derailed and totally demolished. Thrilled to be anticipating (even if still quite pessimistically) a potential end to the constant chaos.

  202. Honestly, I had to look up the meaning of "depose" to ensure a full understanding this editorial. The irony of the first two definitions is striking- 1 remove from office suddenly and forcefully 2 testify to or give (evidence) on oath, typically in a written statement It seems like these definitions are getting significantly closer in meaning.

  203. A thought from afar . . . why not have tRump and Bolton, Mulvaney, Pompeo et al each answer just one question under oath. A carefully crafted question regarding the Ukraine matter. A watertight question that leaves no wriggle room. That would also circumvent any concerns regarding national security etc. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

  204. So who's, "Playing politics" now? This is the finest example of, "Party over country" I can possibly think of. It's absolutely indefensible, but Republicans will still refuse to own up to it.

  205. It is not enough to have one witness in a presidential impeachment trial. It's frankly absurd. But the Republicans have been working overtime to cover-up Trump's crimes and impeachable offenses, and to weaken the role and power of Congress. In the voting booth this year, remember Trump's crimes, scandals and egregious behavior; and also remember the Republican Senators and Representatives that tried to cover up the truth from the American people because they put party before country.

  206. The Republican senators have been essentially attaching themselves to a dictatorship where a minority rules over the majority of the people. Let's hope that at least some of them will wake up and realize the potential permanent damage that their vote would inflict on our system if they chose to ignore all the evidence.

  207. I would like to see Bolton, Barr, Pompeo, Mulvaney, and Giuliani testify. And let's ask Trump to testify under oath. Surely no one else could explain his state of mind -- his intent -- as well as he could. If that's not possible -- I would like a simple, clear, and coherent public statement as to why it is not. "No one is above the law."

  208. @Sharon Stout You think that Trump will change his behavior if he is "under oath"? I don't.

  209. @Sharon Stout Agreed. But this president thinks that he IS above the law.

  210. @Sharon Stout You write: "I would like a simple, clear, and coherent public statement." A public statement would be written by one of trump's lawyers, and, as such, has little to do with the 'truth.'

  211. An even better way to get to the truth is to subpoena Mr. Trump to testify, just as Mr. Clinton was in his impeachment. It would be interesting to hear his description of what happened given under threat of perjury.

  212. @Bob You wrote: "An even better way to get to the truth is to subpoena Mr. Trump to testify." trump can't even tell the truth about the weather, let alone whether or not he wanted an announced investigation into the Bidens in exchange for military assistance to Ukraine.

  213. @Bob as if he cares about perjury (if he knows what the term means), unfortunately.

  214. OMG - Does anyone still need to question whether Trump ever tells the truth? "15,413 lies or misleading claims". How can anyone ever believe a word this guy utters.

  215. Bolton's testimony won't make a bit of difference. The GOP has turned into a party of criminal enablers. They couldn't care less about facts, evidence right in front of their faces, the rule of law. Stick a fork in this country; we're done.

  216. Here we are, pinning our entire democracy on the conscience of Mitt Romney and Susan Collins.

  217. Boy...we are in trouble...magic underwear and Bret K. Sweetheart

  218. The giant problem is here not the republicans, The democrats, yes democrats. Democrats and their narrative should run this issue with all these evidences. yet Moscow Mitch can silence everything so effectively, soon Adam Schiff will be impeached. How come democrats cannot built a narrative so corrupt so out of line President and Republicans is literally appalling. St Peter is not going to come and reveal the corruption. This issue should be cornered Trump, Republicans and Their solid 30% base on the tightest corner, yet democrats looks cornered like.

  219. This spectacle of utter dishonesty and fealty to the king has to end. If only four Republican senators will acknowledge the obvious where does that leave the rest? Are these senators not sentient beings, do they have not a smidgen of decency? Vote them out!

  220. What resources are going to defeat McConnell in his upcoming election?? I read the papers and I'm not hearing about that!!

  221. @Daisy22 Amy McGrath is running against Mitch McConnell. I've been donating to her campaign.

  222. Had scratching here. Thought Lindsay graham had tiny bit of brain. That he would be open to Bolton as witness. But instead he is harping on the Bidens. He had mentioned just couple days ago that Bidens investigation should be separate from the impeachment. He also said he is curious how Bidens son, John Kerry stepson had both gotten so rich in Ukraine. They say even Pelosi’s son and Romney’s son profited in Ukraine. Of well global business is good, for grown kids, whether parents are public servants or private. Everyone can get rich as long as they pay taxes!

  223. With the fact that nearly 70% of Americans including Republicans and Independents want to hear from RELEVANT witnesses, then why oh why are the GOP senators so deathly afraid of Trump and the 30% who only hear what Fox and the likes of Rush Limbaugh spew out everyday?

  224. It is not a test for Trump's characters-- we all know that he is a liar. It is now a test and trial of the Republicans senators on a very simple question: Do you want to protect the American republic and democracy? Do NOT fail the test and the trial.

  225. Of course the logical and required Senate trial duty is to subpoena Bolton's (as well as Mulvaney and Pompeo's) testimony. Republicans in Congress have created a situation where they've aided and abetted Trump's unpresidential and impeachable behavior. Since they've spent three years defending and excusing it, they must find some face-saving rationale for suddenly realizing that they've been "duped" by Trump. Of course they fear Trump's fusillade of bullying tweets, but they should be more worried about moderate voters this November. Trump's final con is almost over, Senate Republicans. History is watching you.

  226. According to an op ed published today, Chief Justice Roberts can deliver witnesses and documents if requested by the House Managers. Let's get it done.

  227. And what happens if Bolton (and phps. others) testify, and corroborate the obvious (that Trump committed crimes), and the Senate majority STILL votes to acquit? Where will we be then? It's hard not to imagine the worst when 1,102 days into this administration, Trump has eluded accountability for every dishonest, unethical and criminal thing he's done.

  228. The world boils. A deadly virus is spreads. Forests burn, glaciers melt, and seas rise. But the single most virulent affliction on planet earth may be the one on trial now.

  229. To Mitch McConnell and the other 52 GOP Senators: O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. No witnesses or documents needed for this impeachment trial? Drip, drip, drip... At what point does the drip turn into a stream which turns into a river which turns into a deluge? The truth will come out. Which side of the truth do you want to be on?

  230. I'm not much inclined to prayer, but I can't help sending one up that maybe, hopefully, the people in power who are covering for Trump open there hearts to doing the right thing. I know I won't be alone in breathing a huge sigh of relief. I pray this era of corruption, deceit, and hate begins to end.

  231. Do you really think that they have hearts or a conscious.

  232. If Trump's legal team was surprised by Mr. Bolton's revelations they are all guilty of malpractice.

  233. Bolton isn't the story today. Biden is. Right now, as I type, Pam Bondi of the Trump defense team is hammering very hard on the roles played by Joe & Hunter Biden with regard to Burisma. Even Obama is being tarred. Earlier with regard to Giuliani, Team Trump was busy accusing the Democrats of using him as a "shiny object" for the purposes of distraction, e.g., "look over there." Two principles of propaganda are telling a big enough lie often enough that people wind up believing it, and to project upon your adversaries your own worst traits. Team Trump is quite expert at propaganda. Without naming Bolton, the misdirection of Bondi's Biden-bashing is laying the groundwork for an eventual "witness swap" negotiation.

  234. Decision time Senators. Rip off the bandaid now and feel momentary discomfort or delay until Bolton's book comes out and feel the pain daily for many many days. Your choice.

  235. It won't stop here. If the republicans deny the witness and the evidence, it will still come out. Months of drips, more and more corroboration. Sure, the hardcore supporters will refuse to hear it, but what about all those folks in the middle? The ones who voted for Obama and then took a chance on trump? A crushing defeat for the entire GOP would be even sweeter than trump's impeachment.

  236. Just now Philbin asserts that the Democrats argument that the innocent don’t act this way is just like the adage trump knows only too well... I stole it so it is legally mine

  237. I'm hoping this turns into a surprising, and devastating(for Trump) plot twist millions of Americans are praying for.

  238. And yet again Republicans want Americans to disbelieve people who testified under oath under penalty of perjury. Instead we are supposed to believe what is claimed by people who refuse to testify under oath. Bolton would be testifying under oath. Anything Trump says that isn't under oath is a bunch of bird tweet.

  239. How can Republicans be so "blindsided"? Obviously, they know that a number of people were involved in Trump's plan and many of those people have evidence. Trump has been profoundly rude to a number of them. Yet Trump fans never even considered the possibility that one of these people would leak something?