Jimmy Kimmel Differentiates Between Trump’s and Clinton’s Offenses

“Bill Clinton had sex with one person,” Kimmel said on Tuesday night. “Donald Trump screwed a whole country.”

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  1. "Soon we will find out if breaking the law is illegal." Brilliant!! All of the comments shown here are sorely needed. Thank the heavens for the comedians that can make us laugh during these sorry times.

  2. Stephen Colbert announced on “The Late Show” on Tuesday. “Soon, we will find out if breaking the law is illegal.” Hey Steve, of course breaking the law is not illegal just look at the millions of people here illegally, nothing happens to them we even give them drivers licenses. Somehow I don’t get your comedy.

  3. Your loss.

  4. Hey Jerry and your President hires them at his golf clubs!!

  5. @Jerry Davenport If you "don't get" the difference between desperate people struggling to escape violence and abject poverty in hopes of a better life, and a deranged two bit criminal con man narcissist with no regard for human life, the planet, or the law, then as NorthStar says, it is indeed your loss.

  6. Love these progressive comedians. JIMMY KIMMEL “McConnell wants no witnesses because, you know, witnesses are the ones who saw the crime, so no good can come of hearing from them.” Hey Jimmy why don’t you consult the police about how reliable car accident witnesses are. Your attempt at a joke actually made me laugh at you.

  7. @Jerry Davenport So you think a trial would be better off WITHOUT witnesses? How is that?

  8. Drinking games? Really? Addiction is a major public health issue today so you glamorize alcohol and being drunk. Not funny.

  9. @ExPatMX Nothing wrong with getting drunk once in a while.

  10. @ExPatMX People have an obesity problem too, should we not have a Cooking or Food section either? They are not glamorizing addiction, they are celebrating having fun in a responsible manner. The majority of people who drink do so responsibly, should they be denied their fun, or should we focus on helping the addicted folks in a more intelligent manner?

  11. Aidy Bryant is a national treasure!