Dog the Bounty Hunter Is Hunting Alone

Life after Beth.

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  1. I've got nothing against Dog, but these kinds of television shows are examples of how we are entertaining ourselves to extinction.

  2. @aimlowjoe ; H.L. Mencken: 'No one ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

  3. @aimlowjoe - Dr.Oz is right on the same level.

  4. @aimlowjoe Might I suggest a PBS or NPR break. That's what I do.

  5. While everything is milked for publicity in reality tv, this is a man who really loved the woman in his life - without reservation -- and the loss is deep. He also isn't the first performer to search for some version of love and approval from his audience.

  6. Sure, imperfect, as so many of us wind up proving ourselves, sooner or later, to all of those who are important to us, still I can't help but feel great compassion for the man. I wish him well.

  7. I can’t help but think that this type of ‘entertainment’ illustrates how endemic the lack of education and the generational waterfall of poverty/low expectations are in America. I feel certain that those individuals comprise the base of trumpists, yet how do I then explain/understand my friends-literate, well-educated model citizens otherwise-who support the man-child currently occupying the White House?

  8. @Rupert I absolutely do NOT look down on anyone either for their taste in entertainment or their level of education. You do not know me well enough to pigeon-hole me or to say that I have a lack of respect for anyone. I was stating my opinion: there was no need to disparage me for that opinion.

  9. @Shari Mauthner : I'm sorry you feel that way, but your words speak for themselves.

  10. @Rupert Nobody is against Trump because he aligns himself with reality TV shows. We didn't want him elected because of his background. He basically stole from women, children, and orphans. How could we trust him to safeguard our constitution "when he took from everyone anything he could steal." Our greatest fears have come true. We're in danger of losing our constitutional government based on our three tiered system of sharing power.

  11. What a story! Only in America, as they say. Hard not to like this guy.

  12. @Brian Brennan It's hard but I've done it

  13. A tender portrait of a complicated man. As someone who did plenty of late night post-date watching of dog, I always enjoyed his bizarre combination of bloodthirsty love of the chase and very real compassion as someone was going into jail on one of the worst days of their life. I hope that his next act is sweet.

  14. I hope he can be happy again. May his wife rest in peace. To the first comment: he is a person just like the rest of us, trying to get through life.

  15. I'd always dismissed this man and his show as just mindless entertainment. Now, in reading this, I realize there's more there, a humanity I'd overlooked. Excellent article. I'll be thinking about this for a while.....

  16. I never watched his show, and know very little about the man. What I came away with, this morning, after reading this article is the profound love and respect these two people had for each other. May we all be so lucky in our own lives. Godspeed Beth.

  17. I haven't watched his show much but have to say that in all the press I've seen him on over the years, his love for Beth always showed. I hope he finds some peace without her by his side, it must be really hard for him. Stay strong Dog, Beth would've wanted you to be happy.

  18. Thanks for the article. I knew there was something there of Dog, this certainly confirmed it. Best of Luck, Dog.

  19. Don't recall that I ever watched a full episode of "Dog, the Bounty Hunter." Just never saw it as educational or, the crime of crimes for the broadcast industry, entertaining.

  20. If they made a reality show about anyone not white who was convicted of murder there would be outrage. Being an accessory to murder during the commission of a felony isn't "murder under Texas law" its murder under the laws of every state in the Union and every Common Law state in the world.

  21. @Karin Really? Where is the outrage about Cardi B or other Entertainers? She has admitted to prostitution, administering drugs for the purpose of robbing her clients and a handful of other criminal acts. I don't see any "outrage" about that. Now she wants to be in politics!!!!!

  22. Without the hair he's just another guy. This is a crazy looking package, some people think it's interesting, but when you open the package you see that it's empty. This is what is wrong with our society, and how TV has shaped our cultural down slide. Bring on Judge Judy, Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, Maury Povich and the other clowns. It's slightly different, but all the same.

  23. @Gerry Hear, hear!!

  24. An absolutely excellent outline of one of America's new hero type of characters, born from "reality TV" PLUS America's growing class of poorly educated, poorly read, rural, welfare class. Just imagine. In 1770, in Boston MA, John Adams, with his lengthy, well written political analyses, became and American hero. He championed the cause of both American Independence and a British soldier accused of killing an American (John won the jury trial). Back then, John Adams wrote lengthy, well written, well reasoned essays stemming from his long study of British law. Americans gathered waiting for his next essay. Adams went on to write, solo, the Massachusetts's constitution. A document which served the founding fathers in 1787 as they wrote the US Constitution. Back then, America's hero's were sober, well read, well published and sensationalized through newspapers, and gave birth to humanity's first legal Democracy. Americans were hard working and well read themselves. Now? America has the Dog. America has Trump. We sure are a long, long, long ways from 1770 in America.

  25. @Michael - You are absolutely spot on!

  26. Well stated! He and Abigail were both very serious about education for everyone, and I seem to recall that he included education in his drafting of the state constitution.

  27. Back then was the “golden age” you say. But you forget the many characters that defined American life on the other side of John Adams eloquence. I start with Andrew Jackson, a president, continuing with revered characters such as Jesse James, Billy the Kid, George Armstrong Custer, Wild Bill Hickok, and the list goes on and on. Buffalo Bill had even the equivalent of reality TV with his Weld West show.

  28. kind of tickled to find an article in 2020 that puts the word *only* ahead of "two packs of cigarettes a day" and suggesting that filters makes them healthy. kudos!

  29. @Paul Well you do know that it was kind of an inside joke, right? The writer was conveying how Dog thinks about it.

  30. Dog, for your own health, get off the cigarettes!!! My family used to watch your show on A&E all the time!

  31. Does dog vote? who did he vote for and why

  32. @Franpipeman As the article says, Dog wouldn’t say who he voted for - nor should he or anyone else for that matter.

  33. His wife Beth dies of throat cancer and yet Dog still smokes “only” two packs of cigarettes a day?

  34. @proffexpert Addiction is a terrible master.

  35. not sure if this will be a continued thing, but really appreciate the new "The Great Read" section on the digital front page. it's nice to see great prose given the spotlight, knowing how difficult it is to write this way, the attention to detail, and dedication to craft required.

  36. This was the first article I read today here at the NY Times. Then, gritting my teeth, I plowed through the rest of the news about the impeachment hearings, Iran, a pro-gun rally in Virginia in which neo-Nazis (led in part by a Canadian) might participate and other news. It dawned on me that the editors at the NY Times might just know what they are doing. They said to one another, it’s all too much. Let’s provide a distraction to our readers on page 1. Those who like Dog will enjoy the article. Others, who don’t, can be condescending to their heart’s content. It worked. For a few moments, I was distracted from the horror and damage being caused by the GOP and President Trump in the US and around the globe by reading about Dog, someone I can’t stand and whose TV show I cannot watch.

  37. @John Barry I, too, liked the article, but never watched one of his shows for more than 5 minutes or so. Also, I arrived at this article via the same awful news route, this morning, and found the distraction refreshing. I figure that if the NY Times doesn't offend people regularly, they probably aren't doing their job.

  38. @John Barry "condescending to their heart's content" has just become my phrase for the week! haha Love it!

  39. @John Barry I did not vote for Trump, but i might add that the so-called "progressives"are doing their share of horror and damage (to unity among other things) as well. It all reminds one of the political battles (and battles in the streets) between the NAZI party and various moderate-left to far-left, and "Red" factions (of various hues of crimson) in Germany in the 30's. No one's hands were clean then. Coincidently enough, one of the reasons the NAZI's were able to succeed was that their multiple left-wing opponents were so disorganized, so prone to infighting, so unable to get their act together, thus, so likely to keep shooting themselves in their collective foot. All this while the NAZI's had one nationalistic candidate (supported by the industrial complex) to stand behind. Sound familiar?

  40. @ aimlowjoe I agree. Nothing against Dog, like you have stated. Having said that, television has gown down the tubes. My word is "Kardashionism". The world has turned into stupidity with so many garbage television shows. How do these shows attract so many viewers? Reminds me of what has happened to the Today Show. I watched it for decades. But I stopped quite some time ago. Today is no longer about the news as much as it has turned into an entertainment show. I've gone over to CBS and Gayle King. The show is more news-like. We might not be a 3rd world nation but our television programming is proof positive on how stupid we have become. Maybe we've been there all along...?

  41. It’s all fun and games until the goofballs that make you cringe and laugh on reality TV are given the nuclear codes.

  42. @RDA The best comment I've read all week. Thank you for this!

  43. What can say about Dog. Good luck!

  44. Dog the Bounty Hunter was always a guilty pleasure whenever it popped up channel surfing. The perfect mix of nonsense and reality, patriotism wrapped in rhinestones, and bad hair shielded in testosterone and body armor. And the prayers for the captured were a coda that could only be made in America!

  45. what a character - I wish him well - life can go on in a new way - I hope he finds it - from a psychiatrist in Iowa

  46. T saw his show a couple of times and they would sometimes try to help the people they caught. People can change and become better people. Past mistakes do not have to define who someone is.

  47. Poor man, hope he learns to stand on his own feet, suck up what comes and stop supporting adults who should be supporting themselves. Also, get that house into an irrevocable trust for charity when he dies. That way he only looses to death. Get a good estate planner.

  48. His 15 minutes is up

  49. @Phil I'm hoping we don't have to go through his experiences with dating apps.

  50. This guy has such a racist past. Who cares about him? I'm sorry his wife died but in this age of division, why highlight him?

  51. So you can utter racial slurs and still keep your show and get additional publicity. Noted.

  52. Homophobic ones too. Just ask Joy Reid. At least the Dog apologized. Joy Reid still claims that they “were somehow put in by an “external party” that “manipulated material from my now-defunct blog.”

  53. @C Lee - As of just now, Trump seems to be hanging onto his show.

  54. Reality TV was a pipeline to Trump. Seriousness of purpose, modesty and probity - all of which are essential in leaders and are important traits in society - don’t play well on reality TV. This article has the structure and content of reality TV to a large extent, and it is baffling why the Times ran it.

  55. @William M. Palmer, Esq. They ran it at least in part to point out all the issues referred to in your comment.

  56. This man called his son’s black girlfriend a racial slur and demeaned her.

  57. And apologized.

  58. He apologized only after he got caught and lost money. That doesn’t count.

  59. @Sunny Everyone has done things in their life they regret. Everyone has done bad things. That does not make everyone a bad person. Remorse, and forgiveness are noble traits. Lack of the two, not so much.

  60. Moronic! This is the most absurd article I have seen in this Times. Now sure what the point is other than to accurately portray the decline of America that Dog represents. Gees!

  61. @wintersea ...Amen!

  62. @wintersea - Journalism's job is to cover what's happening in the world, warts and all.

  63. I remember my grannie from O-hi-a reading True Detective magazine and others of that pulp ilk. That has morphed into reality shows like Dog’s. I don’t get the appeal, though I know there is always a portion of the public who enjoys these both larger and smaller than life figures. He is a criminal but he has “heart”. He stares down health warnings, hacking and hacking, as he lights up another. Well, jeebus, he is worse than me they say. They will read this comment and say who does she think she is? She thinks she’s better than us and lectures us like she’s from New York City. They will point to the President with the same adoration, and see no conflict of morality. This phenomena has always been present, but it passed from a minority to a seeming majority only recently. My grannie had her crime dreadfuls and loved her Camels, but she had a mind like a prosecutor. She could see deception from a mile away. Even in O-hi-a.

  64. Interesting portrait. As I never watch TV I have never heard of Dog. I feel some empathy for him. On the other hand I cannot wrap my mind around how a former felon can take pride in arranging posses to pursue other felons. There is a dichotomy my poor brain can not comprehend.

  65. 66...?!?

  66. Eww... just ewww. A criminal con man who turned himself into a reality tv show. Not much different than DJT... DJT just had a rich daddy.

  67. Donald Trump without Russia and Fifth Avenue...PERIOD

  68. @Mrs. America ~ Based on the following, I would say you're a bit off base. "Dog won’t say who he voted for, but he did attend Donald Trump’s inauguration. He said it didn’t matter to him who is in the White House. “I feel an allegiance,” he said. “I think Michelle Obama would make a great president.” His other political opinions include: Teachers should be armed to protect students, and he is open to gay marriage and freedom of religion — he wears a skullcap for Shabbat dinners with Marty Singer, an entertainment lawyer."

  69. @Mrs. America Compared to Trump "Dog" is an exemplary human being. He at least knows he's flawed and he seems to mean well. I couldn't sit through 10 minutes of his show though, but I couldn't make it through 5 minutes of "The Apprentice."

  70. @Paul Don't you think it is a tad nasty to Dog to compare him to Trump? In fact, don't you think it is insulting to anyone to compare him/her to Trump. Trump is as low as a person can go.

  71. An American original. We need more people like Mr. Chapman. He's far from perfect, but then, who is? To err is human, to forgive is divine.

  72. @TRA We need more people like Chapman? Please—a serial lawbreaker? He may have cleaned up his act, but —really?

  73. Wow! This guy is a shining example of an American original?

  74. Not counting the nightly weather forecast, don't believe I've watched an hour of TV in the last year. Probably haven't watch 3 hours in the last decade. I see I haven't missed much. Clearly falling behind the cultural curve. But I do try to read at least a book a month.

  75. I’d like to point out here Fred that nobody cares and you’ve added only self indulgent nonsense to the conversation. Let’s talk about how outlandish this individual is

  76. People who don’t watch TV act like it’s a virtue. Where did they get that idea?

  77. @Gabrielle Rose I got this idea thanks to TV shows about Dog.

  78. I’m sorry for his loss. That said, to me he’s an emblem of a society and a nation in decline.

  79. From time to time, I am shocked at the intolerance expressed in these comments. He is not perfect, has made mistakes, some serious, but that doesn't justify writing him off as someone undeserving of our sympathy. When did our more progressive liberal friends become so intolerant to the suffering of those deemed ideologically impure?

  80. @RC What, from this article, led you to believe '... progressive liberal friends' are intolerant to the suffering of this man? I'm about as liberal as one can get ... that's what we do, care about the suffering, pain, and welfare of everyone. Thank you for not writing him off as someone undeserving of our sympathy, I feel the same way.

  81. @RC I agree with you. This is a good piece, and it's humbling to see this guy's mortality and humanity revealed. With regard to the other commenters, whether they are liberal or conservative, the anonymity the internet provides reveals one's true nature...

  82. @RC Oh, for a minute while reading your comment "He is not perfect, has made mistakes, some serious" I thought of priests, politicians, police, parents, coaches, doctors... Then I realized you meant Dog.

  83. Puh-leeze. He hasn't lost a step since his wife died, when it comes to partying and bad behavior. His girlfriend, Moon Angell, was his wife's assistant. She's a bad influence. She was his girlfriend even before his wife died. But this article doesn't even mention her once. All you need is a Google search.

  84. @Joe “Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Again he bent down and wrote on the ground. And in response, they went away one by one, beginning with the elders. So he was left alone with the woman before him. Then Jesus straightened up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She replied, “No one, sir.” Then Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you."

  85. Bounty hunting: or "How To Make A Living In America With No Henerally Marketeable Skills". I.e.: The American Dream.

  86. @Erik van Dort Well, we can all work harder on avoiding "No Henerally Marketeable Skills " -- as you suggest. Yup.

  87. @Erik van Dort And hopefully you avoid any future calling as a writer.

  88. Dog is doing what law enforcement should be doing, bring criminals to justice. I support the Dog as should all Americans.

  89. Someone who claims to live in the Confederacy has no right to tell real Americans what to think.

  90. Listen: Haven’t we all done wrong deeds yet never got caught?! Dog has been trying for years to do the Right thing and turn over a new leaf. He deserves some compassion and a helping hand. A lot of ex felons don’t (or can’t) stay away from crime & end up back in jail. Dog is making a Positive difference. I pray that he leans Hard on the LORD and keeps on going.

  91. @Susan Biddle Amen

  92. I don’t think most of us have committed murder after a botched drug deal, no.

  93. Counting on the lord in caps. Yeah that’ll do it. Sarcasm.

  94. All of these people condemning this man and America's so called "love" of this type of television is actually pretty funny. I wonder how many of these same people have lived perfect lives and have never turned on the idiot box for their own entertainment, maybe some of them have never watched anything but wholesome great tv like Lawrence Welk or Mr. Rogers but I'm willing to bet that's not the case. Maybe if we as Americans, ( and in general a human race) stopped judging one another and simply loved one another we could get "it" right. But I don't ever see that happening.

  95. So, this guy arranges posses for the entertainment of others and his profits. America truly is the land of opportunities.

  96. Seems like a cross between a one man carnival show and a car crash. I feel pity and fascination and revulsion all at once.

  97. Here is the human condition condensed down to one guy. I wish him the best.

  98. Reminds me of Mickey Rourke .. Always on the verge of losing everything then suddenly find a way to get by..

  99. Dog, if you're reading this, a whole mess of people are pulling for you, don't quit! And thank you for the NY Times for doing this article. Also - aside from losing your spouse, which of course is devastating and I'm sorry, boss --- Loneliness doesn't come from an absence of humans beings. There is companionship in the entire world, especially the world of Colorado. It's in the trees, in the skies, in the sun, in the air coming in and out of your body. Peace, brother, and best of luck finding that guy!

  100. @Zellickson A lovely sentiment with your poetic words

  101. I have not been a regular television- watcher for a long time but I admit to having seen this guy’s show. It made me sad to see yet another example of the media lionizing such a weak, insecure, adolescent character. This whole “redneck reality show” hero treatment has surely been a factor in putting the current so-called administration in the White House. But I’ll say one thing for “Dog”; he’s obviously spending big for a p/r team to get a big, splashy NYT profile.

  102. Dog eats supermarket sushi. He carries a taser around so nobody can mess with him. Why bother, that sushi will get him sooner or later......just wait.

  103. I live 40 miles away from Dog. I’m sitting here reading some of the most condescending, snooty comments I have ever seen in my life! Let me tell you, if I were stranded in a storm by the side of the road, Dog or someone like him would be the person who would stop to help me. When I’m at church and I see the line of disabled people sitting in the back with their care givers, it’s basically one Dog after another helping out the less fortunate. But most readers can only focus on his education level and credentials. I find that so sad and discouraging and when I think about the ‘decline’ of America it’s most of the commenters here that come to mind.

  104. And his sordid past?

  105. @Amanda Schwartz The decline that you're talking about came as a result of generations of right wing activities convinced that it is better to deny the rights of everyone because to do otherwise, would raise taxes or give them a worse deal than somebody else. We live in a time that can be characterized by selfish and narcissistic values. Look to Trump as a case for example AND we will be paying the piper for a long time afterwards for his hateful messages.

  106. @Sam Got my own to think on.

  107. Rode hard and put away wet..... But it’s people who idolize someone like this, and “you know who” , that causes me despair for our country. An excellent reminder of why there hasn’t been a TV in my home for 30 years! NYT: Don’t you know of far more interesting and intelligent people/things to write about? Yuk!

  108. @William B. They do write about more interesting and intelligent people, but your assumption that they should not profile individuals like is a dangerous one. All types need to be profiled and we should be exposed to a full spectrum of humanity.

  109. You didn't have to read it. If the NYT only did articles on people you like no one else except people like you would bother to look at it. It's a big ol' world out there and full people who are different than you. Surprise!

  110. @Paul Dog is not 'all types'. He's a fake media star that follows a script. You might as well follow Harry Potter since he's just as real.

  111. Reality Check our system of justice based on tolerance. Other wise we all be in jail. Dog would be perfect for show how Made In USA . Hes a prime example of true american who thru all worse times he rose up Made it,Alot people get stuck with wanting in life but dog saw greater . Whats we can do if we choose right path amazing what we can do in life not just for our selves but for ones we love.

  112. I think every highly educated liberal intellectual should watch a few episodes of Dog. It's a window onto another world. You may cringe at the simple religiosity, but you cannot deny that there is actual non-judgmental empathy shown towards the poor, mostly white, throw-away people they track down. The Apprentice it is not.

  113. @WT Pennell I'm sorry, but you do realize that the entire show is fake and follows a script, right?

  114. @Jonahh There is nothing fake in this show, it is all real, Dog is not only a bounty hunter, he is also a great Christian with faith in God, he does many mativation speeches and he cares for the people who needs to be helped getting away from crime, drug usage etc. GOD bless you and your family and your team, Dog.

  115. A touching piece on Dog. What a life he’s lived. I really hope nothing but the best for him. Can’t imagine the loneliness and stress he feels after such a momentous loss. People can poke fun at our society and obsession with shows like Dog’s, but entertainment is entertainment - subjective and fluid. I never watched a whole lot but when I did I always enjoyed his attitude and optimism, even if the constant biblical quotes were a tad corny. But, that’s why people loved watching him and his family, though. Best of luck, Dog. Hope you catch the guy you’re looking for and find your new path to peace.

  116. I could never get through an entire episode of his TV show, but since his wife died, he sort of became more human - a lovable rogue. However, given his lifestyle, Dog hardly seems destined for old bones, but then again - Keith Richards is still alive...

  117. @Allan B : "Every time you smoke a cigarette, God takes an hour off your life and gives it to Keith Richards." -- I can't remember which comedian said that, but I can't see his name without thinking of it.

  118. @Allan B Agreed, Dog "hardly seems destined for old bones..." I doubt Dog has access to the sophisticated (and expensive) health care and counseling that gives Keith Richards more time... And, Keith Richards recently worked hard to reduce and stop smoking (don't know if he did, though). Lack of access to good health care and smoking do not add up to a strong chance for longevity.

  119. I never watched the show but know of the family from People mag, etc through the years. I will say, upon the loss of his beloved wife, Dog made some of the most moving, down to earth comments on loss & grief that I’ve ever heard. And I lost my mom when I was 17 so I’ve heard a lot. My heart breaks for him.

  120. @Annie Mack Time and again, People Magazine comes to The New York Times. Enough said.

  121. Wow this article is amazing. I love being able to have such a close look at this man’s humanity.

  122. I trust you are being sarcastic

  123. Using OTA TV as my only source, I have seen several episodes of his clan. The death of Beth is lamentable. The overall take-home of his show is also lamentable. The man's team tracks down people who would typically be in his social circle, in order to subject them to a socially unjust system, ultimately for money i.e. bounty. Given, the man has been through a lot, but he is dispersing pain to those he tracks down. As an outsider, I have to say, I don't feel his pain requires others to feel pain.

  124. @GP You're not looking at this correctly. The offenders being tracked down committed a crime and were given bond. Bond agencies are paid a fee for fronting the cash to bail an offender out of jail. The offender agrees to appear in court, and in return for the offender returning to court the bondsman is off the hook for the money they (or their insurance company) fronted. If the accused fails to show up then the bondsman is on the hook for the money. There's no way we can accuse bondsmen of dispersing pain. The accused offender makes the decision to jump bail, knowing full well that someone else will have to pay the money. GP, do you expect bondsmen to be fine with losing their money so that an offender can get off scot-free? The criminals are the ones choosing to commit crimes, and you can't accuse the bail bond industry of causing pain.

  125. @Steve It's an unjust system, of which the bondsman is a piece/pawn. Just look at the demographics of the incarcerated. If you are saying some parts of an unjust system are free of culpability, I don't agree.

  126. I put bail bondsmen in the same class as loan sharks, taking advantage of people who are down on their luck and can least afford it. Bounty hunters are the equivalent of the loan shark’s leg breakers. The only difference is they are dealing with people who may be guilty of a crime, so that makes everything OK in many minds. Did you imagine bail bondsmen front this money for free out of some altruistic need to reform people? And that they employ bounty hunters to remind them gently of their obligations? Call a bail bondsman sometime and ask how much they charge for their services. The whole prison - industrial system is rotten to the core and these people are the bottom feeders in that ecosystem.

  127. I feel sad reading some of the comments here. I am a hardcore progressive left wing atheist and I have always been a big fan of Dog and Beth. While they come from a different place, I was always impressed with how they showed compassion for their captors and treated them with dignity. Our prison system should take a page out of their book. I always told everyone this show is about redemption and it is: Dog's, Beth's and the fugitives. Their use of their faith to lift them doesn't put me off at all. It is beautiful. I would hope they support my freedom not to believe as well. I suspect they would. The world of criminals and flawed humans (all of us writing here) is not always pretty or perfect and our hero's will inevitably fall but it is in the getting back up and the struggle to be better where we all shine. Bless you Dog and Rest in Peace Beth.

  128. I agree. I think it would have been good to know them personally. I’ve never watched much of the Show, just while channel flipping. But, that doesn’t make them less interesting or worthwhile. Lighten up, people. We’re all different. Seriously.

  129. @Jane - Wallowing in gross sentimentality is what is drowning our country's culture, thanks to Social Media & reality TV.

  130. @Jane I take issue with your view that they treated the people they captured with dignity. The whole premise of the TV show was to exploit these people for ratings and the few times I saw the show consisted of the two of them referring to their targets in negative terms and then after having them in custody, providing some facile counseling.

  131. A true role model for America's youth. Drugs, jail, endless racism, violence, and a love for Trump.

  132. Dog, I don't know you , so maybe I should shut my mouth. But, man, I watched part of your show once and thought "If this is based on reality , Maybe the world should be blown up ". Regardless, I send my sincere condolences.

  133. OK, so I am a high tech city guy, but hey give this guy a break. He is an honest man by reference, an American original and, I hate to say it, I respect him. PF changes, supermarket sushi, and being nice to the people.... Trump could learn a lot from the Dog on life and professional ethics...

  134. It takes a thief to catch a thief. That was a recurring thought when I watched the show, though I will admit wasn't often. I also wonder how much he made thru the years, since it mentions he is broke. Really?

  135. As a subscriber to the NY Times, which I've long considered my main source of news, I can not begin to convey my disappointment in the editorial staff that chose to run this article. There is nothing more real about this particular character than the one currently occupying the oval office who duped much of the American public into making them believe he is "the chosen one." And how did he do that? Through the medium that has come to be known as "Reality TV". Both of these made up personalities are just that. Carefully scripted, completed fictionalized, and marketed to reach a very gullible audience. The only possible value this article could have had was if it revealed the fraud that 'reality' TV is perpetuating on the public. Granted, this "Dog" character has had less impact and inflicted less damage but he contributes nothing that should have landed him in the NYT. For anyone who thinks there is some great insights to be learned from the life of Dog the Bounty Hunter, you probably would have excelled in the curriculum offered by Trump University.

  136. @Phil Yeah, Trump can be appalling. But I suspect your concerns over fraud took a backseat to wanting the venal and duplicitous Clintons back in the White House in 2016.

  137. @Phil It is in the "STYLE" section. What earth shattering revelations and personalities were you expecting? MAybe someone who designed a trendy new lamp or a slightly altered article of clothing? Im sure such a person would have dramatically improved the world for everyone around them as well. At least he went from being a criminal to an honest citizen.

  138. You say “can be appalling” as if he has momentary lapses of appalling-ness. Actually, his entire being is appalling.

  139. I don't think my life as anything in common with Dog's and I can't imagine many people's do, but I am rooting for him. He's a fallen man right now and he just needs a little goodness to come his way. I hope it does.

  140. Dog is uniquely human. That much is clear. And yes, Michelle Obama is also uniquely human. She would make a great president. That much is clear too -- and more. Too bad that it'll never happen.

  141. I'm a liberal educated business owning Democrat and I love and respect Dog and his family and his beloved Beth. They always treated those they captured with respect and love. I love the show and I hope it continues. I look at America as one big family and Dog is the real deal delivering to viewers a slice of our family. And regarding your dream.... maybe Beth is saying "what took you so long" to get back on track! Being healthy and the best you can be! God has a plan for you Dog. Let it unfold. God Bless you bro.

  142. Hm. I figured there would be a number of comments lamenting the NYT for running a piece about such "low-brow" personality but I didn't think there would be so many comments that were so inhumane & unempathetic about a flawed individual. I've never seen the show but just by not being completely out of touch with pop culture, know the basics of the drama. And drama...that is simply what some people live for and that's what he did. That is nothing new. I'm glad he was able to monetize it, support his family and wife and turn his life around. None of us are perfect. I wish him all the best.

  143. I think when dog catches his bounties and speaks to them, he's so relatable they show him respect. He cares for them and hopes to change their lives for the better and they see that, eventually. He's not catching them for the money or to make them pay, he wants to help them out of the system they're trapped in. He's a good dude.

  144. @Josh "He's not catching them for the money or to make them pay, he wants to help them out of the system they're trapped in". In the mind of Josh: Bounty hunters don't do it for the money. Even though bounty can mean monetary reward, maybe Josh means the term "bounty hunter" should be changed to , I dunno, "liberty hunter, or system liberating hunter, or get and stay out of jail hunter, But it surely doesn't mean "working for free hunter".

  145. @GP Bounty Hunter is actually an anachronistic term. He is really a Bail Bond agent. He provides the money so UNCONVICTED people can be released from jail prior to trial. The reason he wants to "catch" people is that they are essentially forfeiting HIS money which was used to free the person who decides to evade a trial. There is no "BOUNTY" on criminals these days. You cannot just go abducting known or unknown criminals in order to exchange them for money.

  146. @GP No kidding! I didn't realize people get paid to work... Thanks for the enlightenment. I can die peacefully now that I have the secrets of the universe bestowed upon me by someone who read my NYT comment that I typed while in the jon.

  147. I am 68 (two years older than Dog). Last run in with the law was a speeding ticket in 1971. Worked hard all my life, ran my own business. Pretty dull life? And I wouldn't trade my life for his, no way.

  148. "He’s lost, but he knows he must go on and provide for his family.” Considering Dog's age, his family must all be adults by now. The man is old and ailing. Can't they provide for themselves?

  149. @Bob Bunsen If only adult children would provide for themselves! Many never reach that threshold.

  150. Wish I could meet Dog and hear more of his stories. Truth... I'd never heard of him before this very moment. But I relish learning about lives, especially those that are very much unlike mine. I appreciate the fact that he found and kept great love, kind of outlier in this uncommitted society.

  151. Not a fan

  152. @Dale Stiffler Good for you

  153. The guy's been married five times. I'm sure he'll be fine.

  154. From watching Dog on the TV shows it's clear that he truly cares about the people he tracks down. Before he turns the person over to the police he will often talk to the person to try to understand where he is coming from, and will then try to motivate the person to want to turn their life around once they get out. Dog will sometimes buy the guy a sandwich and give them time to eat before turning them in. He has a lot of compassion.

  155. You do know that reality TV is more pro wrestling than documentary, right?

  156. The poor drug addict is still rotting in a jail cell while Dog is cashing his check for “arresting” him. I’m sure the convenience store sandwich and bogus advice are a great comfort.

  157. I'm so pleased Dr. Oz (real doctor in life, snake oil salesman on TV) flew out to help with an intervention. The whole problem is the point of view about this man that he and his methods are so wonderful, so deserving of accolades and cameras following him around, all done with producers making it seem as dramatic as possible. I'm sure the ratings and the antics of those stopping by to visit him show there are folks who think this is all real and necessary. After all, there is 'professional wrestling', too. But the need for some folks to watch episode after episode of this enhanced stuff is sad. Time would be better spent reading a good book or volunteering to help people.

  158. Best wishes to Dog for health and happiness. So sorry for his loss; it was obvious how much he loved Beth. Keep on truckin'.

  159. I think we're missing the point, here. A public personality (love him or hate him) has lost his wife, his business partner and love of his life. I was not an obsessed fan with the TV show, but I was impressed by the relationship they shared and their support of each other. No doubt, Beth was an awesome woman. I am not surprised nor would I expect anything less from her to make the decision she did. As a cancer survivor after four surgeries, chemo, radiation and the threat of recurrence looming over my head, I greatly admire the courage it must have taken for her to say,"enough is enough." Dog, grieve in peace, and get a clue. She left all her strength and compassion behind for you and the family to serve as an example.

  160. Dog always made me feel good, never bad. I hope he recovers and finds a new or renewed purpose and identity as he recovers from the loss.

  161. I think overall he is a good man that had a hard life. I wish him well, and understand how hard it an be when we loose a spouse of so many years. My own husband passed just two years ago after 30 years together. It isn't easy to go on, but we must do the best we can to carry on till we are called.

  162. Well, if Duane's contract is not renewed, he can always run for. president.

  163. A Warren/Dog ticket would shake things up.

  164. I once interviewed Dog and Beth for a local TV station in Hawaii when their show was based here on Oahu. I'll never forget their bickering on and off camera. When they left the studio, I forgot to collect their wireless mike, so I heard their angry bickering all the way down the block as they made their way to their car. I chased after them and retrieved the microphone. Talk about an unfiltered couple with a strange but undeniably strong bond.

  165. I am a doctor, "older", in fact the same age as Dog. In the past I would be horrified by the drug use, drinking and smoking described in this article. In my younger days I spent a lot of time lecturing patients, delivering sermons on healthy living. Now I just talk to them. I listen to their stories and appreciated the rich tapestry of life that each an every one of them is part of. The Dog won't live to be a hundred, but so what? All of us are here on earth for a brief moment. What matters is not the length in years, but how we use our lives to help people and how we make the earth a better place. Dum vivimus, vivamus.

  166. @Jon Tolins Thank you for sharing you thoughts. Also thank you for listening & being so understanding to your patients. That trait is always so refreshing when visiting a doctor.. 🤗 Also I totally agree with what you said in your comment regarding how life is not about length but rather about how you live it helping others and the environment too be a better place. So true and thanks again.

  167. I watch very little TV, but somehow ended up watching this show. I suspect I'm one of millions !!!

  168. Hospital's dont have orderlies and haven't for decades and anyone that works in a hospital knows who is committed and who is there voluntarily.

  169. @alvnjms they said a janitor tried to stop him. Not an orderly. If they did say that I'm sure that they meant a janitor which is what I read. I'll verify after I send my comment. But regardless yes in the states, I'm not saying every state but as far as even California and North Carolina, I've had this happen to me personally twice. I didn't have a janitor try to convince me to stay but a nurse and 2 different doctors at each location, but I went ahead and signed myself out even at doctor's, nurses, and other ppls suggestion and advice not to do that. So this happening to him ISN'T AT ALL SURPRISING. NOT AT ALL. I'VE SEEN MY DAD ALSO DO THE SAME AND ACTUALLY BE HELD BACK WHICH WASN'T A SMART THING TO DO OF THAT DOCTOR. Let's just say I'm glad my pops was sick because he'd not of been very nice back to him

  170. He is only 5’7”? That surprised me.

  171. @Ben he's 67 if I remember correctly.

  172. I was on a flight with him and Beth a few years ago and while we were in line waiting to check in, a man said to Dog “you’re much shorter than I thought you’d be” - Dog good naturedly replied , “everyone looks different on TV.”

  173. You’ll notice nearly every shot of Dog was from below his chin, making him appear to be about 6’5”.

  174. This guy is the USA personified.

  175. RIP Beth Chapman. Bless you for your humanitarianism with people who have made poor choices. Dog, I deeply admire how you have faced and mounted all the challenges you have had in your life. All the best to you in this one.

  176. I always enjoyed watching Dog the Bounty Hunter. I appreciated his love of family, especially his love for his wife. He gave those he apprehended a chance at redemption and that is all any of us can ask for. He is a brave man now on the hunt of his life- a make or break effort to save his home and protect his family. He is a reality show in itself and I wouldn't mind watching him fulfill his ultimate catch. His son's legacy will be the ultimate betrayal of a great man.

  177. I discovered Dog, the Bounty Hunter while home sick with nothing else to watch --it was a case of "lop", least objectionable programming. But I got hooked right away; I love murder mysteries and genealogy, which combine psychology and clues to find people! I loved the over-the-top personalities and admired the energy of Dog, Beth and all the kids! Also, it was one of the few shows depicting people of faith utilizing sincere prayer in the conduct of their business, which just happened to involve dangerous people and unpredictable situations. I am sad to hear of Beth's passing. Watching the show, I realized right away it was Beth holding everything together in that big clan. Beth had the "gift of tongues", the ability to listen and to make herself understood to any person in any situation, in any emotional state. Sometimes it was cursing and scolding, sometimes it was commiserating and cajoling; many times it was hugging and crying with and comforting the distressed person. Beth was just an amazing person; I hope Dog can pull it together and carry on for the sake of the kids and his many fans who love him.

  178. I never watched the show, but I loved this profile. Dog sounds like a complex man with an important personal story to tell — one that can’t be fully captured on a television show or even in an excellent feature like this. I hope he will write that book about his life with Beth. It sounds like it would have many insights into what it means to commit unconditionally to your life partner. May I suggest a working title? “Bounty.”

  179. I'll always have a soft spot for Dog. I watched his show before reality TV went insane and there was still something called "appointment television." Guilty pleasure? Maybe. But I don't think he ever faked his devotion for his wife.

  180. Dog I am and have been a fan of yours. You have been through so much and still walked forward. You have to keep walking forward. It is what Beth would have wanted and you still have a lot more help to give. You need to take care of you to help you give help to others

  181. Thanks for this story.

  182. This is a wonderfully written article, I really hope that everything turns out the best for him, and that he's going to be able to process his grief. By the way, the charcoal drawing's done by my friend Candy, let's give the artist some credit:

  183. I'm a little bit shocked at all the disparaging comments toward Mr. Chapman. Do I like "redneck" reality TV? No. Do I know anything really about "Dog the Bounty Hunter?" No. But what I do know is he is a human being just like the rest of us. He's seen hard times and is grieving the loss of a person whom he clearly held dear. And then I read all these comments about "this is what America has come to." An article highlighting a man clearly in pain, never mind his politics and whatnot, and there are people commenting with their nose in the air looking down and talking negatively about him. So, yes, apparently this is what America has come to. People that judge based on appearances and opinions - as if this single man is the cause of America's problems (hint: redneck TV is a symptom, not the cause). What I see is a man made of flesh and feelings that is hurt and in trying times. What I don't see is a former crack smoking felon that gained success and fame from a "trashy" reality television show. Some people, and I don't mean Dog, really need to reflect upon themselves. I would have thought my fellow New York Times readers would be a little more enlightened and forgiving.

  184. @Zero We have not come far enough since MLK Jr. urged us to judge others by the content of their character 57 years ago. Several generations born since then have not embraced that ideal however, many have and much good work has gone on since that time. Those that have come to the light and are understanding of others are, of course, happier and richer in this living of life. Being open to others helps us learn and grow and humanity is not something you can teach in a textbook. You, Zero, are not alone. As my favorite poet wrote, "He not busy being born is busy dyin"

  185. Dog makes no mention of his, at least in Colorado, alleged extensive methamphetamine use. He was able to extend his 15 minutes of fame, into 45. I have no problem with the man at all, and have empathy for his sorrow. As the old adage goes, when you sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas.

  186. What a character. I haven't seen his shows but I think I would quickly tire of them. Maybe just a little too much.

  187. I don't like or dislike the man, I've barely watched his show, maybe for 10 minutes twice. He showed folks the white, dirty, crude underbelly of the USA... the ignorant, the uneducated, the full-of-themselves, trying to make a living, but despite poverty (or because of it), not containing their bad habits of smoking/drugs/alcohol, and still coming across as vulnerable humans. I saw such men in my clinics and in ICU in mid-west time and again. Men who practically live off smoke and testosterone and think nature won't catch up with them. There is a ruggedness, wildness and rough quality, which you don't see anywhere else except perhaps in the SA's ghettos. And that always reminded me, this was living by the teeth, by your mojo, by hustling on the street. Still, they are humans. And perhaps Dog (gah, even the name!) is more human because of his grief. However, this blatant use of self for showbiz, making oneself into a commodity, an object to monopolize, I find this distressing to see. As a physician, when I see folks loose loved ones to throat cancer but they, themselves continue to smoke is so baffling. I wish him well and my sympathies for the tragic loss of a loving partner. I hope he finds contentment.

  188. If you never watched the show, then how do you know what he showed his audience?

  189. Hey Dog - God Bless and better days ... you have touched a lot of people in many "walks of life" with your humanity. That is a good work, take comfort in that.

  190. It's disheartening to read such snooty comments I would expect to see in a British tabloid. Beth and Dog's shows were fun. I certainly learned a lot more about compassion and empathy, which I thought I had already, by watching how they treated people that I wouldn't have touched with a 10ft barge pole. I'm as liberal as many NYT readers, but to see so many reject Dog for one-strike-and-you're-out crimes makes me wonder how conservatives in Congress will ever be convinced to reform the revenge, the bail/prison industrial complex .

  191. It is disheartening to me how many people seem to think Dog the Bounty Hunter was a documentary. Reality TV is as fake as pro wrestling.

  192. An organization such as the NYT’s should not be wasting time and resources on this

  193. Got to admire the Dog, no matter your political stance or legal background. He's an individual who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, after, FUBing mightily. I never liked the shows, but reading this gives me a new perspective on Duane, the man, as opposed to the character from the shows. I wish him the best, good hunting on his bounty, and just got to say, don't be in no rush to go meeting up with Beth. The Big Kahuna has plans for you yet!

  194. How much is everyone enjoying calling a grown man "Dog". Haha. Only chance you'll probably get. Enjoy.

  195. Who cares about him and his 15 minutes of fame.

  196. Dog, you are the best. Hope you live a long and fulfilling life

  197. It occurs to me that by using the term "redneck reality" the author is choosing to use a racial epithet. I wonder if the author could have written an interesting and engaging article without using racial epithets?

  198. A liar and a fraud—guarantees for success in today’s United States.

  199. please this guy needs no more sun than he's overly indulged in. he is a common species of american opportunist. and he is a great great practictioner but he ought not be given anymore light. he is a glutton that feasts off of others misery. a despicable character if there ever was one. the only saving grace is that he is no doubt a deeply compromised man past present and future and next.

  200. why do you want to earn income at the expense of others. I think it’s disgusting.

  201. Thank you, Dog, for your example of American maleness - a model for all us, especially those of us desk-bound effete office workers, endlessly pushing keys and getting overpaid for it. You show what American virility is all about - from your Menthol Marlboros, to your 12 children, from your murder conviction to your pulmonary embolism caused by taking too much testosterone. I love you for all of it - and there is no man I would rather share a cramp foxhole with than this Man - who, with his dyed skin, fearless occupation, marital profligacy, and comfort with automatic weapons is a bright beacon to all of us in this very dark time. Dog, I thank you, honor you, and would welcome the opportunity to ride shotgun in your leased SUV, as you and I hunt for another bounty together.

  202. Very strange. I was reading the NY Times online when a warp in space/time occurred and a story from Entertainment Weekly magazine suddenly appeared.

  203. I'm glad the Times have stories about Dog the Bounty Hunter and others like it. I think it's cool to learn about all kinds of people. Some commenters here act as if they only spend their precious time reading about high end bounty hunters like Bill Barr and Alan Dershowitz! Do keep writing about everybody doing all kinds of things and let the snobs skip the stuff they consider low brow. But I know they are secretly glued to the Hallmark Channel or watching Judge Judy. Why judge what others like? It's all relative to our personal experience. Party on, Garth.

  204. Foul garbage show which portrays everything that is wrong with reality TV culminating in the election of a trump personality.

  205. @Joe Kaiser It depicts a lower middle class family in the business catching bail jumpers. After they invariably capture the low level drug offender, they will pray with him or her to get better. Why is this offending your noble tastes? Masterpiece Theater only? Didn't Steinbeck depict the noble working class?

  206. Dog certainly found his niche in the prison-industrial world Republicans have built. Non violent drug addicts shouldn’t be arrested in the first place. Nor be bailed out. Nor be re-arrested by a convicted murderer with a two bit fake badge and an obsession with jesus and cheez whiz.

  207. @AG Dog is hardly the noble working class. He loves the attention and the money. His words don't necessarily match his behavior. He doesn't believe in taxidermy, but wears deerskin clothing?

  208. Bread and circus. We're the enablers that voyeuristically feast on these gruesome and grisly car crashes, then smile and move on to the next one. This is what turned Jerry Springer fans into Trump fanatics. Stay tuned for more and for worse.

  209. "The popular show, broadcast on A&E, spurred what was called a wave of “redneck reality,” bringing America hit shows like “Duck Dynasty” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” It lasted eight seasons." Dear Aldous Huxley, You were so terribly accurate about our brave new world.

  210. May justice and mercy follow him for the rest of his days as he has tried to live by those attributes. This coming from an Atheist.

  211. After reading some of the comments one thing is certain. Some of the people commenting tend to be self righteous in the words. Feeling they are above people like the Dog or Beth. Like they have some sort of elite group of people that can look down from on their throne upon others. But the fact is those people tend to be far more insecure and tend to be ignorant to the world outside of theirs while trying to act like experts on the people they know little to nothing about. Every human, include those in the comments acting self righteous, are flawed humans. None of us a perfect and we all have went through different life situations to shape who we are. Self segregation benefits no one. A lack of empathy and understanding benefits no one. Acting superior when you very much aren't, benefits no one. The fact is, The Dog is the perfect imperfect human. Through all of his trials and tribulations. Through all of his good times and horrible times. Through it all he still holds out hope and a kind heart and understanding for others while sacrificing himself for his friends and family. That's more than many commenting can say they do. He's got a better overall attitude than many commenting even after all he's been through. And that right there says everything you need to know about many that are commentating and about The Dog. So what's their excuse? Intellect doesn't equate to being a better person. It's clear, he's the better person than many commenting.

  212. He was convicted of murder.

  213. If I ever get convicted of murder, divorce a few wives, smoke crack for a year, drown my sorrows in cheez whiz and spend years on TV impersonating law enforcement I’ll consider whether this guy is my superior. Until then.....

  214. @Ben and he served time for thst

  215. I grew up watching them ever since i was young and it was the family and gary boy was a lil baby all the way to beth passing i even got my kids watching.. i love these guys... i love dog...i think everyone has a past n everyone does things there not proud of its what u do when u mess up and i think hes done great with his life i pray for him and his family everyday...i would love to meet them someday i hope dog gets better and back to the great guy we know and love