L.S.U. Wins the Title the Way It Won All Season: Behind Joe Burrow

The Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback threw five touchdowns Monday night against Clemson, delivering a national championship for L.S.U.

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  1. Ohio is so proud of Joe Burrow. Prior to the game, I was torn about who to root for as the Buckeyes had planned to compete for the national championship until Clemson stood in their way. But watching Burrow take matters into his own hands, last night and frankly, all season, rooting for Joe was easy. Way to make Ohio proud, Joe!

  2. @Preserving America Was Urban Meyer all that good in determining talent?

  3. It’s great that a kid and a football program lived up to the hype...I look forward to watching Joe Burrow play on Sunday.

  4. @Brent Dixon: if he ends up with the Bengals, which has the first pick in the draft, you're likely never to see him again, as the team will have Joe and no one else. However, being well familiar with the Bengals' awful draft history, I can say it's just as likely they will trade down their pick for a couple of third round long snappers or punters. It's what they do.

  5. Possibly one of the best college football teams ever. And certainly one of the games' greatest quarterbacks. I just with they would include subtitles when that coach begins talking.

  6. I watched Joe Burrow defeat our team in a marquee high school match-up and walked away more hopeful that he would go on to play for Ohio State than feel bitter over the loss. He impressed then as now!

  7. I usually pull for the underdog and for that reason I lose a lot of games. In this case, there was no underdog. Clemson was trying to win a third championship in four years! That's enough glory. Eventually, I wanted Burrow to have a dream season for him. It doesn't happen to everyone or that often. Something for people to remember. I think Cincinnati has the first pick so Burrow can go back to Ohio.

  8. @Frank Casa NOOOO - say it ain't so Joe!

  9. Joe Burrows is the epitome of a good sportsman...talented, hard-working, motivated, humble, loyal and smart. And such a pleasure to watch. A wise doctor once said that he sees kids “ peaking “ and burning out too soon usually by the end of high school due to parental micromanagement and stress. Joe Burrows is an exception in college football. May this amazing college championship victory be the beginning for him and his teammates. Looking forward to seeing much more of this amazing athlete in the future.

  10. After several years watching Ohio State go without a downfield passing game at the level of its players' talent, I concluded that it was the coaching. Knowing that Mr. Burrow was on the bench for three of those years makes that seem even more likely to be the explanation.

  11. It was an exciting final. And NY Giants should draft Joe Burrow as its next QB.

  12. Joe is a tough kid who also has what Lombardi called "football instincts." Some things aren't coached, they are natural gifts. Lawrence was throwing too high from the second quarter on. It cost his team greatly. ESPN, as a harbinger of future telecasts, managed to flood the contest with countless, repetitive commercials which not only gave the contest a four-hour window, but irritated me and perhaps millions of others. Two hours of football combined with two hours of commercials is bad gumbo.

  13. Chris Fowler has to go...."that was a terrible punt but a great roll"....that was a short run .....but a first down..... also lets talk over the referees calls after we have to listen to both Chris and Kirk go on and on if it was a TD or not....

  14. You had a good review going, and then you had to ruin it by mentioning someone who was in attendance. Anyway, this game may have taught Urban Meyer a thing or two about football. (Just kidding).

  15. it would have been nice if half the country could have seen the game! college football is seen on broadcast tv for the whole season, and then the biggest games are only shown on a premium channel. college footballs greed in giving the game to the highest bidder even tho it will disenfranchise a large number of fans is discusting. i for one will no longer follow any collage football games.

  16. @garyhere It's only going to get worse since ESPN won the bidding war for SEC games in a couple of years. Pay a premium to watch ESPN's ads seems only fair, right?

  17. Such a great game that I am surprised trump did not stand up a declare that it was because of his greatness. Then hold a rally afterwards.

  18. @Willl W Trump didn't need to hold a rally afterwards. He had it before the game.

  19. @Willl W Cha-ching!

  20. @JD Did he bring his war criminal buddies to parade around?

  21. Joe Burrow should enjoy this moment, because he's about to be drafted by the Cincinnati Bungles and he will turn into a pumpkin. Doe anybody remember these all pro q.b.'s drafted by the Bungles; the throwin' Samoan, Jack Thompson, David Klingler, Akili Smith? Didn't think so and I'm a Bungles fan.

  22. About time someone other than Alabama or Clemson finished #1!

  23. This is the best of college football - a head coach and quarterback both doubted and then redeemed. A total team effort by talented players on both sides of the ball and a great coaching staff. Well deserved Championship LSU!

  24. I'll bet THE Ohio State University is sorry it ever let Joe Burrows from Athens, Ohio, go. By the way...what bowl game did Ohio State go to this year?

  25. @Ross I want to hear from the coach who had Burrows on the bench for three years!

  26. @Ross Joe is one of the smartest football minded QB's to play college ball, but I gotta say - and especially if you compare his stats to last year - that a goodly portion of his success goes to the scheme they placed him in this year and he had the ability to execute it brilliantly. It's also why he might not be as successful at the next level because if the team that gets him does not have the system - or the support cast to back him up - he could be just as ho-hum as he was in 2018. And that's why he should refuse to play for any team other than the Saints.

  27. As a former Ohioan (born and raised in Greater Cleveland area), my heart sang when Joe Burrow won the Heisman and now the championship. I was in awe of Joe's ascension all season long at LSU (I hadn't seen a NCAA quarterback play that well in the 45 plus years I've been watching college ball) and the win last night was incredibly satisfying. I only hope he isn't drafted by Cincinnati (which is mediocre team) but I look forward to seeing where his gifts take this amazingly talented and humble man.

  28. @Sasha Love What was Urban Meyer thinking?

  29. @Sasha Love There's only a 99.9% chance that Cincinnati will take Burrows with the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft.

  30. @RRM Yeah, Cincinnati. Only wish Cincinnati could draft a first round new owner, who'd be willing to spend to build a real team around their soon-to-be-franchise QB.

  31. I believe that the Clemson player was ejected for targeting, rather than for a helmet to helmet hit (as was stated in the article).

  32. @Steve F You're correct. Skalski speared the LSU player in the body with the crown of his helmet

  33. @Steve F You are correct. Targeting, not head to head. I wondered if the writer had even seen the game!

  34. @JD It did look like a head-to-head in real time. It wasn't until they slowed down the replay that it became clear the defender had hit the other player in the shoulder, not the head, but had used the crown of the helmet - thus the targeting judgment. Head-to-head may have been the original thing the writer recorded that he just neglected to correct.

  35. And to think the University of Southern California passed on Orgeron because he didn't have that Hollywood/ Corporate look.

  36. As a Bama fan, Roll Tide. LSU deserves it this year.

  37. I’m glad LSU won, I should have watched til the half at least, sounded like a good game. But between tRump being there and Clemson dominating the first few possessions, I didn’t have the heart. But my god, the SEC doesn’t even pretend to be from academic institutions, does it: “Couple LSU students in my hotel lobby. I ask if they have to return to class tomorrow after partying all night. They said it was cancelled Monday and Tuesday. Me: “Really?” One of the students: “they had to cancel it, ain’t like anybody was gonna go anyways.”- reporter

  38. As a proud Vanderbilt graduate, I have to protest the sweeping generalization about the SEC.

  39. My sons grew up in the south (due to our family’s job relocation). When they were considering colleges, my spouse and I told them they could apply to any school in the top 100 in national polls. That effectively excluded any SEC schools (except for Vanderbilt). They happily attended fine schools on the west coast and have never looked back.

  40. @Alex Kent - I accept your protest- Vanderbilt is an exception and it shows.

  41. What a team!!

  42. burrow was brilliant but their defense deserves some credit for shutting down clemson in the second half.

  43. The feeling that has swept over me after watching LSU become National Champions is impossible to fully describe. I'll just say that when I sat in the stands of Tiger Stadium as a high school senior and LSU scored against Ole' Miss, 67,000 fans stood up, and as one body, pointed to the team with gold helmets and uniforms, chanted, "You're Number ONE! You're Number ONE! You're Number ONE! And then I spent 4 years in Baton Rouge becoming a part of that incredible, transcendental dynamic. From that first moment in 1958 to this in 2020, I have been, heart and soul, a Tiger fan. And every time I see those gold uniforms come out of the gate onto the field, something wonderful awakens in me – something beautiful! Last night was like watching the gates of Heaven on Earth open and reveal what every LSU fan could ever hope to experience. Amen.

  44. Burrow's keen mind is truly what gives him his edge over his contemporaries at this position, who also have big arms and nimble legs. Burrow has that intuition, field vision and quick decision making ability that other QBs lack, even at the pro level. Good luck to him! Great performances this season capped off by a well-deserved championship night.

  45. As a devoted, call that almost rabid, Crimson Tide fan... I’ll agree with LSU’s coach’s assessment : this LSU team is one of the best college teams EVER to take the field. No hyperbole. Just watched in wonder.

  46. Growing up in South Louisiana (largely the part of Louisiana south of I-10) in the 40’s, the first generation not to speak French as a first language, we somehow were given to feel that we were not really a part of America, teetering there on the shores of the Gulf, only special in our own foreign way. The LSU team is only a football program — but it is a program, not just a game — and, for a few moments, South Louisiana stands tall in America.

  47. Geaux Tigers!!

  48. The entire team and staff deserves great credit, but Burrow became a college football immortal in a single season.

  49. Dear Football Godz, hear the plea of this humble Louisiana boy, proud LSU grad, and diehard Saints fan: don't let the magic end, fix the NFL draft so that we get to keep Joe Burrow in Louisiana with the Saints. Amen...JHR

  50. No way do Taints get him; Bengals get him for benefit of owners, split the wealth, all make money

  51. @JHR God answers all prayers. In this case, as in most, the answer is "no."

  52. @JHR Joe could have a say in all of this just as Eli did with San Diego. Or Elway did with the Colts. Not so sure he's got the stomach for such a thing, but I sure would like to see him play in NOLA.

  53. Truly great player, a spectacular season for the coach and entire team, a splendid gift to a football-loving state. But a horrendous broadcast. After a few minutes, I found it unwatchable. The point, ESPN, is the game, this very special game, not your announcers nor your self-absorbed stunts.

  54. @William Parker And the advertisements....they were nonstop...I would love to see a chart showing commercial time per game over the past 5 or so national championships. I can't help but think that its massively grown.

  55. @Southern Hope Same here, I finally gave up watching because of all the commercials. I don't see how the players maintain any continuity when their play is constantly interrupted. It would certainly ruin the rush you get as a player from the flow of the game. But then lets's be honest with ourselves, sports on all levels these days is a business first and a game second. And this is the fault of the supposed "adults" who are running the show.

  56. @William Parker Exactly. Beyond horrendous. Beyond unwatchable. ESPN's "megacast" disrespected the players by making the broacast mostly about ESPN's commentators, who seemed more focused on entertaining than informing. I turned it off. I will never watch sports in such a shallow, self-absorbed format.

  57. I love college football and always have since I was a kid. Now I have been blessed to witness two of the greatest college football teams in history: the 2018 Clemson Tigers and now the 2019 LSU Tigers. That headline "Ed Orgeron Becomes the Cajun Yogi Berra" says everything you need to know about the man. I cannot believe the University of Southern California, Los Angeles passed on hiring this guy. Fine article Billy Witz though I'm a little confused on how LSU scored 28 points before halftime.

  58. Clemson should not have been in this game. They really didn't win the Ohio State. game

  59. @TommyTiger Yes, actually they did. Ohio State had plenty of opportunity to put points on the board -- they blew it.

  60. @TommyTiger Ohio St had its fate in its hands--leading in the 4th quarter. The Ohio St defense let Clemson drive all the way down the field and score. Then Ohio St got the ball back and threw an interception. Game, set, match. The scoreboard and reality totally aligned.

  61. Congratulations Joe Burrows and the LSU Tigers. A game and season for the ages. Adversity crushes most of us but not Orgeron and Burrows who, thru reflection and renewed commitment, completely dominated men's college football this year. A joy to watch such athleticism and execution.

  62. Congratulations to LSU, they are the best team in the country. Coach O is right out of central casting, and looks to have a long and fruitful career in Louisiana. I'm grateful that he teaches his players respect as well as sporting skills!! Seventeen points is huge victory but class comes by taking a knee on the 2 yard line with over a minute left in the game. Joe -- humble, thoughtful, skilled beyond belief, and with a wonderful family -- is the star, yet he lets everyone else shine as well. He thanked everyone, including trainers, equipment personnel, and the kitchen staff -- people not typically remembered in the euphoria after winning a National Championship. LSU is the best because they came through the crucible of the SEC West. This division has won 6 of the past 10 championships between Alabama, Auburn and now LSU, with ACC (3) and Big 10 (1) filling in the gaps. LSU's toughest games were in the division! They played to the wire with Auburn (3 points) and Alabama (5 points). These are week-in, week-out games in the SEC West; not games with weeks of dedicated practice time. And it looks like the competition will get even tougher with Lane Kiffin at Mississippi and Mike Leach at Mississippi State. I have no doubt that LSU will win additional National Championships, but they have to win the SEC West first, and that is their biggest challenge. Projections for the top of the 2020 season list 5 SEC teams with one team each from ACC, Big 10, Big 12 and an independent.

  63. I watched the last half of the game at the neighborhood deli. I was expecting the game of the decade but it turned out to be a little one-sided. What I saw was a team that after a tough first quarter, had solved the problem posed by Clemson's defense, It wasn't just having a pretty decent quarterback with a good arm; there always seemed to be an receiver in enough of an opening to make the catch, and often as not get a few more yards before being crushed by Clemson defense. LSU's defense was better than I expected. Clemson kept turning the ball over. The other thing I saw was LSU at 1-and-goal with fifty seconds on the clock. They had the game won and for whatever reason decided not to further humiliate Clemson and its fans. So yeah, Burrows is good, but so is the whole team.

  64. @jon_norstog I think that was our proudest moment. Proud to be a LSU fan today!

  65. @jan hayden I agree. I grew up in New Orleans, and was watching with my in-laws, and said, "I hope he takes a knee," and that's what he did. Class act, Coach Orgeron, and best wishes for the future.

  66. Congratulations to Ed Orgeron, Joe Burrow and the L.S.U. Tigers. They were clearly the better team in the National Championship Game. It would have been interesting to see L.S.U. matched up against Ohio State. The Buckeyes were badly victimized in their game against Clemson by terrible officiating, with nearly every bad call favoring Clemson and its whiny coach, Dabo Swinney.

  67. @sdw While I've personally been a fan of OSU since the 50s, and would love to have seen them perform last night rather than Clemson, stop whining. OSU's loss is on OSU for not taking care of business. And I'm not defending the refs, but it's such a meely mouthed excuse to use most of the time. Had OSU scored touchdowns on their first four scoring drives of the first half instead of three field goals, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I didn't hear Day or any player making it an issue.

  68. @sdw I really wanted to see an Ohio ST-LSU championship, it would've been a closer game, I think, and so much more back story with Burreaux.

  69. @WJNata Actually,LSU would have preferred Ohio St. they matched up better against them. And it would have been a 20 point LSU win. This sounds exactly like the 2007 LSU-Ohio St championship match-up arguments, which LSU won 37-14, as I recall.

  70. As an ex LSU person I am impressed - but wonder if the LSU is a football team or a higher educational system? Never found an answer till today? We were a Southern School for academic classification.

  71. @Hrao --I checked various national & international college rating sites & LSU is rated in the bottom 25% in all of them, but hey they have a good football team & a 110,000 seat stadium & a nice campus.

  72. @Wayne You are mistaken. USNews & World Report has em at 153/399 = top 40% That list includes the ivy leagues.

  73. How much money did Joe Barrow make as L.S.U.'s quaterback? Did he finish his college education? Nope, he was in truth playing for an 'NFL minor league' club.

  74. @Dave Steffe He completed his undergraduate degree in 3 years at Ohio and earned his masters degree at LSU which he received at graduation in December. NCAA does not allow players to be paid so if rules were followed, he didn't make any money there. He should make quite a lot for his signing bonus when he is drafted by the NFL in April.

  75. @Dave Steffe You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, but I still feel compelled to set the record straight. Joe *Burrow* was awarded a masters degree in liberal arts at graduation in December (he already completed his undergraduate degree).

  76. @Dave Steffe Burrow earned a master's degree from LSU

  77. How bout them Rangers over the Isles last night! And great shootout victory last night Flyers over Boston.

  78. or course Trump & wife # 3 showed up as he'd beat Hillary 58% to 38% in Louisianna in 2016 so he loved his big ovation at the stadium with tons of his cult in attendance. Watched his 'entrance' for 10 seconds, gagged, & changed channels. Millions in Louisianna & other states were conned by Donald & his big con continues daily--sad.

  79. @Wayne No one was "conned" and there is no "cult". What is sad is your little Soy Minister Trudeau. Go ahead and gag -- you really weren't worthy enough to view President Trump anyway. There is no cure for TDS, but there is hope. Please, get some help...

  80. @Wayne Perhaps surprisingly, Coach Orgeron is public in his dislike of President Trump. All the more reason for this transplanted son of New Orleans to root for dem Bayou Bengals.

  81. Congratulations to LSU, Burrow and teammates did great job. I wonder how many SE Ohioans who's budgets don't include cable and ESPN subscriptions would have watched on 'free' (ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX)?

  82. @PC Smith Not if ESPN (& Disney/ABC) can get their greedy mitts on sports entertainment charging you a premium so you can watch their ads instead. And to address your specific watching dilemma in SE Ohio, it's called 'watch parties'. For me personally, having had a Roku for years, I signed up for Sling for $15 the first month, watched two playoff games and the championship then cancelled the subscription this morning.

  83. How many players did LSU have? Were there any other players beyond the quarterback? Oh, I forgot, there were none! Sure he did it all alone. He didn’t need the offensive line to allow him to throw, or the receivers to catch the throws. Yay, quarterback! Did it all himself!!

  84. @Fread you clearly didn't hear his Heisman speech...

  85. @Jim Which began with Joe naming each member of his O-line!

  86. Loved watching Joe Burrow lead LSU to victory over Clemson and their entitled, sanctimonious Dabo Swinney. LSU's Ed Orgeron is everything a football coach should be, and flat out lays to waste the junkyard that was created by Les Miles and LSU's former AD Joe Alleva. (But let's not forget the LSU football booster who in October started serving his 33 month federal prison sentence for embezzling half-a-mil from a hospital to pay former LSU players and their family members - but that's all in the ((recent)) past...)

  87. I am not a football fan, but I read the article about Joe Burrow calling attention to the poverty in the area he comes from and inspiring people to donate over a half million dollars to the food bank there. He won't let stardom make him forget where he comes from or who helped him get where he is. He's a class act, and for that reason I'm glad he won. He will bring his character to the NFL and be a great influence there.

  88. One has to love how Clemson fans in the weeks leading up to the championship game demeaned Oklahoma as being such a poor team not worthy of an appearance in the playoffs. This from a team who feasted on a dozen cupcakes during their regular season. So, I'd just like to point out that Clemson scored less points than Oklahoma did in their playoff game. That should put an end to that criticism and provide a more pointed focus on what a great team LSU fielded this year. I'm sure most of us like it when credit given is due the victors for what they accomplished rather than for what the other team seemingly lacked.

  89. Skalski wasn't ejected for a helmet-to-helmet. he was ejected for Targeting. He lowered his helmet, and hit the opposing player with the crown of it, while accelerating/lunging towards them. There are some that said, "Bah! humbug!" to that. But they need to remember why that rule is in place. it's to remind players that doing what they did put themselves and others in grave danger.

  90. Burrow would look good in a Packers uniform. Maybe the Packers can trade an offensive lineman for the Bengals first pick in the draft. That's what Denver did with Indy for Elway.

  91. Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense! Check the officials bank accounts. Higgins gets a targeted helmet hit to the groin while Clemson's defense is crippled with a shoulder hit expulsion ??! Celebrate your false victory LSU. It wasn't real!! The scores would have reversed if two key players weren't taken out.

  92. Two great teams played to the best of their abilities and the better team won. My favorite player was Derek Stingley, Jr. who was simply amazing and only a freshman. The athleticism of all of the players is remarkable. Sometimes it all works out.

  93. Congrats to LSU! 1) LSU Played a number of top 10 teams during the season, a lot more than the high school schedule Clemson did (only their last two games had top 10 talent). 2) LSU beat a loaded Alabama team AT Alabama. 3) Joe Burrow, a soft spoken class act, putting others and community ahead of himself. The team earned it, and deserve it.