A Narrative Collapses as Trump Tweets: ‘It Doesn’t Really Matter’

President Trump cited Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani’s “horrible past” as possibly reason enough for the drone strike that killed him.

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  1. We have all been concentrating on justification but the bigger is the lack of strategic vision. Unfortunately our allies are acutely aware of this.

  2. Our adversaries are also acutely aware of this.

  3. Foreign Policy knowledge and expertise are considered strong and relevant experience for a US President. This includes things like International Law, International Treaties, etc. A President who appreciates the importance of these things, but is not an expert, might surround him/herself with expert Advisors who can help guide the President's difficult decisions. Consultation with US Intelligence Agencies and Congressional Leaders and the US's Allies are also key components of ensuring that Foreign Policy Decisions are well thought out, and consistent with International Law and the best interests of the US, its Allies, and the World. This President cares nothing about anything except his own personal and business interests, even when his decisions might have serious impacts on US Forces and citizens abroad, and civilians in countries other than our Allies (which are fewer and fewer, according to a recent Pew Poll). For all of the reasons mentioned above, it does matter what the reason(s) for the Suleimani assassination really were, and it does matter (both morally and legally) whether Trump consulted all of the people he should have prior to "pulling the trigger."

  4. If there was no imminent threat there was no legal justification for an attack ostensibly in self-defence. Does it matter to anyone in the US that the flouting of international law is not in the interest of the US whatever their partisan inclinations?

  5. @s.chubin The flouting of International Law became US policy under Bush II.

  6. We have a President who appears to live from moment to moment, who displays an attention span comparable to that of a hyperactive child. A cognitive style whose salient feature is flightiness of thought. Everything seems to come down to a Tweet. Is Trump actually capable of focussed attention during a long, detailed presentation of, say, critical foreign policy issues? Never mind whether he can sustain attentional focus as a variety of initiatives are then carefully considered: where it is necessary to compare the risk/benefit ratio of alternative proposals. I doubt it. Trump seems to require information that comes in Tweet-like nuggets. In turn, the depth of his response seemed limited to what can be formulated within a Tweet. We can only wonder- with frightening anxiety - about all the instances where Trump's signature impulsivity has thus far brought us to edge of dangerous precipices.

  7. Nearly three years on ongoing presidential and administrative lies, shifting stories, photoshopped images, refused documents and witnesses, assertions of executive privilege to protect future presidents (not hide wrongdoing of this one), etc., have taken their toll: truth matters not, not at all. It just depends on whose side you are on as to whether any action or statement is good or bad, right or wrong. A sad state of affairs. I expect the impeachment trial (I use that word loosely) will be more of the same.

  8. If only Trump's words and actions didn't matter; unfortunately they do, and it affects the world.

  9. Besides its incivilty, which most ordinary citizens have come to acknowledge, the retweeted images of Pelosi and Schumer reveal an anti-Muslim bias that comes along just a few days after his expressed alleged concerns about anti-Semitism. It is all so strikingly contradictory which is also an obvious personality trait of the president. What I cannot figure out nor abide is the silence of religious leaders in the face of these "plain-to-see" examples of religious intolerance when so many of them regularly talk about religious freedom being threatened in the nation. That freedom seemingly is being threatened regularly by the president.

  10. @vincentgaglione Seems that, to too many Americans, some citizens are more equal than others.

  11. @vincentgaglione The only freedom the Evangelicals care about is freedom to discriminate against people who don’t think like them. That’s why they love Trump so much.

  12. Is it any surprise that, when his legitimacy is at its nadir, Mr. Trump uses his station as commander in chief to invent an imminent threat? There was no imminent national security threat. This is assassination and not something most Americans or our allies support. The act does not have the imprimatur of Congress, the American public or our allies. Has anyone stopped to consider that the "attacks on Americans" did not happen on American soil? That our young men and women would not have be targeted if they were not put in harm's way? Using American lives and the lives of others as political instruments for personal gain/survival is obscene.

  13. @Yann Exactly. When the chips are down for GOP, it's always handy to start a war, or at least a distraction. What's a few lives (of others, naturally) in the grand scheme of maintaining control (and $$)?

  14. Our president is fantastic at changing the narrative. No one is defending the honor of Soleimani, however many are questioning the lack of process, the timing and the varying justifications. Our president acts like he has absolute power and his party is the most responsible for not holding him to our constitution and values.

  15. The only false intelligence here is Trump himself. Many believe he ordered the strike to distract from or belittle the impeachment news while boosting his chances in 2020 - it did indeed seem to infuse and excite the evangelicals at the rally in Florida, a day or two after the incident. If that is true, the cost of the strike is an illegal campaign contribution - one thing Trump actually knows how to do.

  16. As is true about almost everything that Trump tweets, 'It really doesn't matter'.

  17. Today it's "horrible past". Tomorrow "enemy of the people". Soon after it'll be "a possible danger". If we don't wake up and react strongly, Big Brother will be a reality before we even notice... But the problem is the collective capacity to react... just like with the global climate-change disaster, where we are with the water at our necks and don't even acknowledge it yet.

  18. @Lui Cartin Agreed! Sometimes it feels like we live inside a video game-except it’s terribly real.

  19. On Monday, President Trump put an end to that hash of explanations. “It doesn’t really matter,” he tweeted, “because of his horrible past.” Gosh, you know it doesn't really matter if America dumps trump "because of his horrible past." I wish all media would agree to go 7 days without one picture or story about trump. There are plenty of other topics to cover and I for one would love to see 7 days devoted to the fires, rising sea levels, volcanoes, human interest stories, etc. Just one week to rest my weary brain of trump saturation.

  20. @Nan 24 hours would be a step in the right direction. Call it the Trump holiday.

  21. @Nan No. He's the president of the U.S., with the power to wage war, launch nuclear missiles, change laws, appoint judges, etc., etc. I don't care how tired you are of him - no matter how unfit he is, everything he does is newsworthy because of the position he holds. Telling the news not to cover the news would only give Trump cover to make us truly start living in 1984.

  22. @GS His crazy tweets aren’t necessarily news but I agree with both of you.

  23. Trumps tweets wouldn't matter either if the press would stop reporting on them while ignoring the news from 95% of the planet.

  24. @Robert Scull The Times and other media need to exercise more self- control. Every tweet is not newsworthy. In fact, most are not. How did journalists report the news before Twitter?

  25. @Robert Scull In general, yes. Except this tweet is newsworthy, and may have dire legal consequences for Trump’s future when he is out of office. The is no statue of limitation for murder. You can’t kill or have someone killed because they had a “horrible past”.

  26. @Sophocles Before our POTUS decided -- over the objections of his then-advisors and family members --that ruling by tweet was the new normal, we, the People, were notified by WH press briefings, written communications to Congress, and official announcements. We've elected a monarch wannabe who wishes to rule by electronic, social media, fiat. Our POTUS thinks he's an Augustus but he's more of a watered-down Julius. As was good old Mussolini.

  27. Was the “justification” For assassinating Suleimani an imminent attack on Americans? Or, on “four American Embassies”? Or, “It doesn’t really matter” because of past bad deeds? Listening to President Trump swerve wildly from one excuse to a contradictory excuse to yet another proves that he has no respect for the truth, the constitution or anyone who pays attention. Of course, Mr. Trump long-ago proved that he had no respect for Republicans in Congress, and motivates them solely by threatening the wrath of his base... Sadly, “I was afraid of his tweets” may be what current Republican Senators are most remembered for.

  28. D.J.T == M.B.S, in a will to power sorta way. It's a triumph.

  29. If Trump had said instead, ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’ Dems and ‘progressives’ would be applauding him.

  30. @EGD What's your point? Does that excuse his actions?

  31. @EGD If Clinton were president, we wouldn't be in this mess.

  32. @EGD first, nobody applauded Hillary for saying that. second, it was during one of the several completely useless Benghazi investigations. investigations that concluded with no charges against HRC or anyone else in the Obama administration. to think that trump saying "it really doesn't matter" in regard to his authorized killing of another human being is the same thing? it is the height of trumping reasoning and appallingly wrong.

  33. Some time ago-over 2 years- several upset and panicky voters , much younger than I, asked how anyone might actually justify the "killing " of-(assassination, in other words)-a seeemingly mad man-or person-when the ordinary channels and modes of government failed. In the first few months after the minority election of Trump,(a recapitulation of Bush's election), otherwise intelligent people wanted a suit in the US Supreme COurt to show how he had been-the loser of the election, not the winner. But what was clear was that some on the left, & in the middle who feared and detested Trump seemed willing to act in ways they never considered when the "new president " was G. Bush,(Bush II), or the obviously incompetent and dangerous Reagan. While ideas of legally elimininating the President faded away-and as more voters saw this man willing to govern alone and without the aid of congress and courts-his election seemed s minor offense among his laundy list of crimes against the Constitution. Now what he and the GOP fail completely to see and understand is Trump's willingness to justify assassination of foreigners makes him,(and us), legitimate targets, too. Rabin, in ISrael was killed by his own,with such reasoning. A few outraged religious decided he endangered them, which led them to "sentence" him to death. Such Ignoring of accepted laws of nations-makes Trump, or any another "objectionable" person, -a target for death-and all as easy as pulling a name from a hat.

  34. The amount of lying done by this administration is phenomenal. No, General Suleimani was not the worlds worst terrorist. He was part of Iran's military establishment, an establishment whose purpose was, in part, to counter the efforts of Sunni states, aided by the US to encircle Iran. We will get nowhere in international relations if we believe that we can impose our will without consequences. We need to be honest with ourselves and need a president who can reflect that honesty.

  35. The military operation that killed Maj. Gen. Suleimani does not need to be justified. He was an enemy combatant of the United States and a legitimate target. What does need explaining is whether the advantages of assassinating the general outweigh the consequences, whether those consequences were considered before hand and how this operation fits into a larger strategy. Because it appears none of this is the case. I have long maintained that any good that comes from President Trump's actions will be incidental and only justified ex post facto. This is another example.

  36. @Drew So if Iran feels our troops are enemy combatants, they are free to kill them? In that case, why all the fuss? The fuss is because this reasoning is actually rationalizing.

  37. @Drew Exactly. By this almost whimsical and ill timed decision-no strategy, no credible explanation, no congressional review, no warning except to trump family members-trump has put us all in danger. This is not the act of a brave man defending Americans, this is the act of a coward running for re-election trying to change the impeachment headlines. Trump's gut lurches, people die, his enablers dissemble. Any good that comes from trump's actions will not go to the American people. On the contrary, we will only find out how much damage he has caused us once he's gone.

  38. @Drew : When we refuse to pull our troops from Iraq as they have told us to do, does Iraq have the right to declare them 'enemy combatants' and start shooting them? A 'friend' can become an 'enemy' in an instant. Do we live in a civilized world with guiding principles of decency or do we not? Might does not make right. Trump doesn't have a clue. But his Republican enablers do. Lindsey Graham does. They are truly un-American to support this man who is unfit for the presidency.

  39. Good to know the Trump Administration has the right to decide life or death for any foreign national they find guilty by Sunday morning talk show interview. What could possibly be wrong with that? So much winning...

  40. In other words, he did a Stormy Daniels. Again. Pay attention people, because this is as close to President Trump admitting to a lie as we're going to get.

  41. @Jimal Not to mention the President's tax returns. Lie lie lie about being under audit until after the election, then announce that the voters decided they don't matter...

  42. These guys can't get their stories straight. He should have said this from the start. Instead it is one lie after another.

  43. Remember when Hillary Clinton was accused of callous indifference to the events in Benghazi when she said, "What does it matter?" Will we see similar memes about this administration's callous indifference?

  44. "A spokesman for Ms. Pelosi did not respond to a request for comment about Mr. Trump’s posts." Pelosi refuses to dignify tweets by treating them as policy statements. Good for her. As for the tweet itself, it's not really that different from Dubya's administration's backtracking from the WMD argument that I seem to remember ...

  45. @S North Good point about Dubya and the WMD. "They are the bad guys, we are the good guys, so it doesn't really matter," has now become a familiar Republican refrain and an excuse for vilifying opponents. Agree too about Pelosi ignoring the tweets, too bad the press does not take this approach more often.

  46. @S North The best course of action to take with outlandish posts such as the ones Trump continues to send, is to not respond because he is looking and craving for attention. I just hope she has not done any harm to her tongue from having to bite it so often because of Trump's words.

  47. @Marge Keller Marge, I like the way you put that.

  48. I thought there was a process called international law in which persons accused of war crimes are brought to trial in The Hague. This happened with the leader of Serbia, for example. If there were charges to be brought against the Iranian commander, that could’ve been done in accordance with international law. Instead, it seems the United States decided to break with the rule of law and instead pursue individual justice, further eroding international law and order.

  49. @Paco I suppose we should’ve asked the Iraqi government to arrest him on our behalf, huh...

  50. @EGD So who in the US government apparatus is allowed to act as jury, judge and executioner at once? Maybe I'm next. Trump can accuse me of being a mass murderer and launch a missile at me. Will there be consequences?

  51. @Paco The U.S. WAS formerly a signatory to the Statute of International Criminal Court, but withdrew its signature in May 2002. At the time, Donald Rumsfeld said the U.S. did not agree with the Court's jurisdiction.

  52. Regardless of who is elected President in November 2020, the powers of the Presidency must be restrained. No President, Democratic or Republican, should be able to start a war on his or her own. No President should be able to unilaterally impose tariffs. And no President should be able to declare emergencies without the approval of Congress.

  53. The powers of the president ARE restrained now. It’s just that Trump blows through any restraints, aided and abetted by Republicans. He has shown us that our democratic norms and Constitutional laws mean nothing. The only remedy Congress has as punishment is removal, and that will never happen in the Senate. And you can bet that even if removed by Congress, he would not go. So then what?

  54. @David Levner Seriously? If only we lived in a divided limited different power constitutional republic of united states where the people wielded the ultimate sovereign power over their elected and selected hired help. You need to follow the advice of Gold Star father Khizr Khan to Donald Trump to keep and read the Constitution of our republic. If Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020, he will be bending, bowing and praying in gratitude towards Moscow, Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

  55. @David Levner Yes, and term limits in Congress would be a start.

  56. People use speech and text for various reasons: some to communicate, some to uplift, some to put down. Trump uses language for self-gratification. He says whatever will make him feel good. Relevance to truth, or consistency, or prediction of the future or past, are all unnecessary. Hearing him speak is like watching someone stroke himself on the subway, and conveys just as much meaning.

  57. This is no surprise. Trump and his team seem to have a problem with messaging. They do something and never expect to be challenged. Like the Ukraine fiasco last summer, they can't seem to put out a credible story, day 1. As my dad used to tell me, tell the truth its easier to remember then a lie that can change every time you say it.

  58. Ask the families of the young people who had their whole lives before them and who were killed in the plane that was taken out by a missle strike, if it matters to them. Trump set in progress a situation that resulted in their unnecessary and unforgivable deaths. That matters. Trump has already forgotten them. Collateral damage does not register with him. That matters too. Trump leaves a trail of unnecessary collateral damage behind him everywhere he goes. It all matters. It is piling up. People do not forget these things, even if he does. Trump is weighted down with collateral damage baggage wherever he goes and it is getting heavier by the day.

  59. Normalizing wrongdoing, Trump style. Start with a denial or a legitimate reason, and gradually roll out a confession.

  60. Whether attacking Sulemani was the right move with regard to a broader strategy for an unstable region, is indeed a legitimate question. And Trumps call for respecting human rights in Iran is obviously hypocritical, considering the fact of separated children put into cages. But contempt for Trump should not ruin our own judgement. The killing of Sulemani did not unify anybody. Yes, some hundreds of thousands have attended his funeral. But keep in mind that it is a country of 80 million. And let’s not forget that Iran is no democracy. The supreme leader, Chamenei, rules for as long as he lives. President Mitch McConnell for life – imagine that! Iranians do not have the right to express their opinion. Every time they hit the streets, they are massacred. You walk the streets, and guards in plain clothes shoot with pump guns – just imagine that! The current protests are not just about the airplane accident. Protesters are desperately and explicitly calling for their government to step down. They represent the majority of Iranians, most of whom are just too afraid to participate in such demonstrations. They want regime change. Yes, that is also what some hawks here in the US say – with questionable motivation. But that does not justify the democrat’s downplaying of a people’s fight against a barbaric regime. "She did not directly answer a question about whether it would be a “good thing if they brought the regime down.”" I am disappointed in Nancy Pelosi.

  61. @Jeff You are disappointed with Nancy P? How about this - after the fiasco of Iraq perhaps the idea of regime change is not so great. Why - Iran became a theocracy due to our "regime change" there as well. As Churchill said: "The statesman who yields to war fever must realize that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events." True also about regime change.

  62. @uwteacher or as Mohammed Ali said, no fight strategy survives the first punch in the face.

  63. @Jeff trump has been fomenting unrest in Iran with his attack on their economy. Rioting in the streets is part of the plan. Violence and chaos are the tools. American policy seems to want to make Iran just like Iraq and Afghanistan, a broken country with no stability, yet, this one with nuclear weapons. It's Amateur Hour at the State Department.

  64. Could someone please take Mr Trump aside and carefully explain that having a “good reason” to order that missile strike actually protects him from charges of political assassination or judicial murder? Otherwise he and his administration will be branded murderers and assassins in the judgement of history.

  65. @Bill Richards What makes you think he would listen?

  66. "It really doesn't matter" is the very essence of what passes for analytical thought in the low functioning brains of Trump's supporters and enablers. It doesn't matter that he is credibly accused as a molester. That he has paid millions in penalties for dishonest business practices. That he has debased the Office of the President to a possibly irredeemable level. That he has cooperated with an unfriendly foreign power to assume and maintain that office, and has only been able to hold on to it by obstructing legitimate investigations. That his denial of science for profit is pushing the planet to the brink of extinction. I could go on forever. What DOES matter is that the founders never envisioned such a level of willful and intentional ignorance in the voters subverting the promise of democracy. We need to fix it.

  67. On Monday, Trump---after his staffers on the Sunday shows made him look bad, decided to do away with explanations about an overseas assassination. “It doesn’t really matter,” he tweeted, “because of his horrible past.” The Wall Street Journal---no bastion of liberal thought---reported Trump told associates GOP senators pressured him to do away with the general. For his his part, Trump needed help from those senators with an impeachment trial exoneration. Yet another quid pro quo?

  68. @Chastened Realist That was trump blaming someone else for the assassination. His fragile ego can't take criticism so he deflects. The cash always ends up in trump's pockets, but the proverbial "buck" never stops anywhere close.

  69. “What difference at this point would it make?” would’ve been more effective.

  70. @Midwest Josh Clinton would have been more effective and we wouldn't have this blood dripping from trump's hands.

  71. @Midwest Josh You do understand there's a huge difference between understanding what motivated another's action against one and the need for one to be able to justify what he himself did? Right? I'm not responsible for your actions, but I am responsible for mine.

  72. Lies grow. The truth stays the same!

  73. Trump broke us law, international law, constitution when he assassinated gen S yet Dems impeach him or try to for nonsense phone calls. Pelosi is pathetic, trump will be acquitted and will commit even more atrocious war crimes to destabilize the world.

  74. @Amit Chokshi: Uhm, the impeachment happened BEFORE Trump assassinated Suleimani and those phone calls weren't nonsense, but grave violations of the Constitution, as all those witnesses testified to and Trump and Mulvaney themselves admitted.

  75. @Amit Chokshi Of course, the crimes of the Republicans are always somehow the fault of the Democrats! Nice deflection. Also, as someone else pointed out, Democrats could hardly have impeached on this since it hadn't happened yet.

  76. So, has assassination become part of our country's foreign policy?

  77. He truly is the most dangerous man in the world. It’s time to get this president out of office.

  78. Funny how Iranians in the streets are demanding accountability for the actions of their government while here..... crickets

  79. This guy needs to go, now!

  80. Trump is too obtuse to know why this attack was wrong, and his enablers are too arrogant to care. Meanwhile, America will pay the price for this disaster of a presidency for decades to come.

  81. “It doesn’t really matter,” -donald trump The loss of all those lives aboard that Ukrainian Jetliner does really matter.

  82. So the 'imminent threat' standard that is intended to guide when a president can mount an attack without notification of Congress wasn't met. They deliberately used those specific words simply to justify the unilateral decision to assassinate the guy ....just like the so-called 'national emergency' at the border. The issue isn't about whether Soliemani was a bad actor and should have been taken out, but about an administration that lies and flouts the laws of this country as a regular matter of course. "it happens all the time" Runaway train with no brakes.

  83. Trump is lawless. But he’s not like you or me, because there’s nobody to stop him. Republicans could, if they wanted, reign in the lawlessness, but they would rather let him make his own rules and and act like a king with nobody to answer to but himself. Very frustrating for the law-abiding among us . . .

  84. @Davey Boy : I think the law-abiding among us should withhold our income tax payments until Trump is gone. The only way to stop these people is through our collective economic clout. Time we start using it. If millions of us refused to pay taxes until he's gone, it would make a difference. Our president is not law-abiding. Why should we be? Stop them by hurting them in their wallets. This is insane what is happening to our country. We have a man who assassinates because he wants to. Stop him.

  85. now that anyone with a "horrible past" is open game for assassination, I wonder if this policy will be adopted by the international community and, if so, which Americans become valid targets?

  86. Trump, William Barr, Tom Cotton and I’ll even throw in Mitch McConnell. No matter how much they come out and try to legitimize America’s use of its power to assassinate anyone and be proud of it, just shows the character and caliber of the current U.S. leadership. I’m not buying it. What this administration just did is not the way America does things, in my opinion. It’s un-American.

  87. Trump just gave Speaker Pelosi another article to add to the Articles of Impeachment, "horrible past". It was imminent.

  88. If droning and killing foreign leaders becomes our national norm, future US leaders will be equally at risk for assassination without consequence. „It doesn’t matter“ is not a sustainable strategy.

  89. Time for more Articles. His statement indicates that he clearly broke the law. Keep impeaching since the Senate is violating the Constitution.

  90. Well that’s it then. Confirmation from a morally unmoored administration that the ends justify the means. This sends a message to every petty dictator that American exceptionalism doesn’t apply to the manner in which their armed forces and government act and there is no higher moral imperative guiding its leaders. They could so they did. Welcome to the jungle.

  91. Remember the old adage: Judge not, lest ye be judged. Well, DT has finally settled on being judge, jury, and executioner. He couldn’t wait to have someone killed, if only for bragging rights. And he can’t even get that right!

  92. He’s correct. ‘It really doesn’t matter’ what he says because we are jaded by his cornucopia of lies and the tainted morsels he feeds his base, Anyone but Trump, please.

  93. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief and sadness at trump's lack of concern for the killing of the general. Similar to the killing of the Saudi Arabian in Turkey at the hands of the Prince. Similar to locking children up. "It really doesn't matter." How much longer will I have to shake my head in disbelief and sadness at his cruelty?

  94. @esp Not that I don't do the same, but in a way, shaking one's head in disbelief is like saying "it really doesn't matter." We must not disbelieve, for it is happening before our eyes. Resistance should not be just a meme of the far left but a duty of responsible, informed citizens.

  95. @esp how much longer must we shake our heads at this insanity?

  96. @Mford And exactly what would you recommend? The guy is already under impeachment which will never come to fruition. I can write my senators and congressman. They already vote against trump. I can and will vote for anyone but trump, but have my doubts about that because of the electoral college. What else would you like me to do? Suggestions please. Oh, what are you doing?

  97. This was just a preemption of the real war Trump wants to start: the Second US Civil war. Coming, Nov 2020.

  98. Trump literally flips the bird at the world. Again. And onward he will go, without repercussions or consequences, to re-election and blind adoration by his base.

  99. This is trump's clearly stated philosophy of life: "It doesn't really matter." He has told us so himself. This is why he will lie repeatedly and endlessly to justify his self-centered and irrational impulses. Because "It doesn't really matter." Welcome to the full-blown nihilism of the narcissist. We've known this all along. Do you think he can get his crowds to chant "It doesn't really matter!"? He did get them engaged in a call and response about toilets.

  100. And what will he do if he continues to trail in the polls as election day draws nearer? His repertoire of strategies come from years of reality TV shows and running his businesses into the ground.

  101. Mr Trump wants to campaign on the platform of fighting terrorism with terrorism and he doesn't have the ethical and moral fiber to fight that fight. Before Mr Suleiman was killed, Mr Trump should had tweeted the Iranian terrorist general is a dead man walking. Mr Trump would be lauded as a hero. Instead, Mr Trump campaign is built on lies, deceit and fabrications that puts all Americans in harms way.

  102. In November will there be enough sensible midwesterners to vote against a serial liar despite the good economy ?

  103. Oh I’m afraid Trump and his Republican enablers can and will go much much lower in an attempt to retain power. Trump knows if he loses his predecessor will quickly discover all his crimes and most importantly the Putin tapes if they can’t find a way to scrub the records.

  104. The U.S. is becoming a rogue nation under Trump, unwilling to adhere to internationally accepted rules of conduct. Aren't terrorists those willing to violently strike anyone, anywhere for any reason?

  105. If the president becomes this unhinged and reckless trying to distract from the impeachment process, I shudder to contemplate what he will do when the actual election rolls around. He is a hazard to the humanity and environment of the entire planet. Please let him be gone.

  106. When we were protesting the Vietnam war, the political ancestors of the current Trump supporters were waving flags in our faces to chants of love it or leave it. Time has revealed the thin reed of propaganda used to justify that war, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, as well as the string of falsehoods put forth to keep it going right up to its ignominious end. Calling protesters traitors is, in this case, the last refuge of a scoundrel. Oddly, Trump has warned Iran not to harm its protesters, while at the same time virtually putting a price on Pelosi’s Head. The man is totally unhinged and bereft of any sense of decency. I cry for my country.

  107. "When [Trump supporters] try and defend him, it’s a disgrace to our country. They can’t do that. And let me tell you, it’s not working politically very well for them.” It should "really matter," especially with his "his horrible past."

  108. So now America gets to play judge, jury, and executioner? This has been revealed to be an assassination by the American government, pure and simple. And obscene.

  109. @ERT It's hardly the first time. America has been a rogue nation since it became an empire.

  110. Trump is like a crime boss who self deals and makes decisions with a very small group of people who have not been elected. If we had a senate that was working for the people instead of the crime boss they would put a check on his selfish behavior. The most important vote you will cast in November is for the senate. Vote republicans out for choosing party power over country and failing to protect Americans everywhere.

  111. “ It doesn’t really matter” that the U.S. has now normalized the assassination of foreign government officials in another country’s sovereign territory? Every Democrat I know and a fair number of Republicans readily agree that Suleimani was a heinous, dangerous man; however, far larger than one government official and his terroristic agenda is the issue of what this country should stand for, including its long-term foreign policy and national security interests. That is what concerns Democrats. What matters more: the rule of law, both domestic and international, and honesty in a president, or a president’s shoot from the hip “feel good” moment of revenge that sets a dangerous precedent and that he then uses in disgusting, lie-filled tweets to score political points against his perceived political enemies? Trump’s tweets are an admission that he, as well as Pompeo and Pence, lied about the reason for the biggest foreign policy action of his presidency that could have taken us into war. It is dangerous to entrust such dishonest people with power, now unfettered by a supine Republican Senate. Trump’s tweets are an admission that he has once again abused his power. Trump’s tweets with disgusting photoshopped images of Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer are beyond the pale. The ensuing silence of Senate Republicans is pathetic and dangerous. Vote in 2020 because the future of our country as a functioning democracy and civilized society depends on it.

  112. i remember the campaign of 2016 and his statement " the world is a mess and i alone can fix it". that statement embodies every reason why he needs to be removed from office. if this is the way he "fixes" things, we have much to fear and nothing to gain.

  113. Melania’s green poncho summed up this administration perfectly: “I really don’t care do u?” Her husband doesn’t care about facts, separation of powers, alliances, healthcare, infrastructure, etc. And he will keep pushing the envelope until enough people demonstrate they do care. The midterms showed a lot do care, but not enough to flip the Senate, a crucial shortfall. Hopefully we get it right this November. I really care. Do u?

  114. The headline of this article is misleading. In the tweet he also affirmed the imminent attack defense. Please keep reporting accurate so it is not vulnerable to attack. Here’s the full text of the tweet; “ The Fake News Media and their Democrat Partners are working hard to determine whether or not the future attack by terrorist Soleimani was “imminent” or not, & was my team in agreement. The answer to both is a strong YES., but it doesn’t really matter because of his horrible past!”

  115. So this is who we are now: we are now the hitman for the region’s squabbles. For a decent price, you too can hire the US military and take out a rival. Just like the Saudis and UAE did with Sulemani.

  116. Let's see, Pelosi's lifetime of public service, vs. Trump's lifetime of self-serving...

  117. “Bad person... killed a lot of people. We killed him.” I’m sure Trump doesn’t consider that his own body count is rising. If you include throwing paper towels to Puerto Rico, creating the humanitarian crisis on the Southern Border, and denying health care to his own voters, how does he claim the right to judge others?

  118. Oh, but it does matter, really.

  119. While I shed no tears for the death of Suliemani, was it worth the risks? Trump seems to have no idea that actions can have consequences. At least be big enough to own your decision and say yes, we wanted him dead and we acted when an opportunity presented itself. The spins and lies put forth to justify this action just make the administration look (even more) foolish.

  120. It is well past the time that Republicans need to throw in the towel and wash their hands of their lying, cheating,unscrupulous President. After the events of last week, there is no way that any member of Congress deserves the respect of their constituents if they do not stand up to the administration and demand a full apology for the briefing that they received in the aftermath of Suleimani assassination. It does not seem unreasonable that charges should be brought against anyone who testified if it is proven that they outright lied to Congress. Trump is liar, his Secretary of State is a liar and his Defense Secretary is treading water trying to stay afloat above the lies. None of this is good. With empeachment before the Senate, now is the perfect time to take the off ramp and save any credibility your party has left. Abandon this President and McConnell in droves. It is your duty.

  121. Trump ordered the assassination of General Suleimani because he wanted to kill someone. Period. Full stop. It had nothing to do with supposed "imminent" terrorist attacks. It had everything to do with Trump's pathology. He desperately wants the world to see him as a "tough guy" and a "big man." What easier way to demonstrate raw, unchecked power than by ordering someone to be killed? Pentagon officials say they were "startled" when Trump picked assassination from a list of possible actions. I don't see why they were surprised. Trump is a man of extremes. He has no filter. He has no self-restraint. He has no judgment. He goes with his "gut" every time. (And what a prodigious gut it is!) When confronted with his own lies and backed into a corner, Trump doubles-down and triples-down, because he will never, EVER admit that he is wrong. His ego could not tolerate the shock. This will not be a one-and-done. Trump now has a taste for assassination, and he LIKES it. From now on, whenever some pesky domestic issue threatens to entangle him (impeachment, lawsuits, tax cuts, federal judges, etc.), Trump will distract the public by ordering another assassination. He'll scream "He had it coming!" at one of his rallies, and his base will love him for it. There's nothing like politicized murder to make a guy feel "manly." Once Trump is acquitted by the Senate, there will be no stopping him. I no longer recognize my own country. We are a third-world banana republic.

  122. This is how Trump has operated all of his life. It's how he has "governed" for the past three years, and now into his fourth, simply because he has never been held accountable for a single thing in his personal or "professional" life. He has said it, tweeted it, a million times, "I can do whatever I want." The tragedy here is that more than half of this Nation is just fine with that. His Administration just rolls with his lawless rule. Lie, repeat the lie for a few days, let the outrage of the Democrats fester, accuse them of being traitors to their country, get the base riled enough to spew hate towards anyone in disagreement with Trump, walk back the lie, then completely change course. Ten days is all it takes for a lie, that illegally killed an Iranian Maj. Gen., to throw Iran into a tailspin, see its people enraged with us, nearly start a war, bring down a Ukrainian jet, and kill 176 innocent Ukrainian, Canadian, and Iranian people, further enrage the Iran people with its own government- and yesterday Trump reduces it all to a tweet, "It doesn't really matter..." I guess not.

  123. @Dominique, Fewer than half of this Nation are “just fine with that”. Unfortunately, those who ARE fine with everything Donald Trump does, will get to decide who is the president.

  124. So we can add assassination to the things Trump feels he can do on a whim. Approval for this move was sought seven months ago. He kept the gun in the holster for months before pulling the trigger then justified it with claims of imminent attacks on US embassies. We now know those claims, like most words Trump vomits up, were lies. So why act now? Could it be he's fretting over the looming trial in the Senate and the possibility of witnesses being called? Was it yet another distraction? Or was he seeking some positive press and attention with the Democratic candidates soaking up so much media coverage. It's reported he thought he would be praised for the killing. Vote this unhinged, malignant narcissist out of office. Idealists, your don't b hey you're unattainable perfect scenario be the enemy of the good. Not only will we stabilize the nation with him out, but we'll stop the inevitable right-wing takeover of SCOTUS that will occur with his reelection. How progressive do you think the nation can become in the next few decades if that happens? Voting him out should be priority one.

  125. Because Gen. Soleimani was a bad guy does not justify Pres. Trump's having him assassinated. It was an act of vigilantism. It was wrong, reckless, and Mr. Trump should be held accountable.

  126. Wow. If ten years ago anyone had suggested our nation would be led by Donald Trump, and he and our congressional leaders would spend their days “tweeting” moronic insults, lies, and half-truths at each other... Can we dare to wonder where we’ll be in 2030?

  127. Trump and his America need to take some responsibility for the Ukrainian airliner. His actions provoked a response that ended in this error.

  128. So, now he’s just a cold blooded murderer. And the knock on effect of his murder brought down an airplane and killed over 100 people. And he’s going to get away with it. The “shooting somebody on 5th Avenue” comment pales in comparison to this.

  129. In our constitutional Democracy, it does matter Mr. Trump. That’s often one of the few things that separates us from the “horrible” persons. Shouldn’t we also be assassinating Kim Jong Un, and your best pal Putin? They have horrible pasts and presents. When you are ultimately convicted of many federal crimes, when your lawyer asks for leniency, perhaps the judge should that it “doesn’t matter.”

  130. By the irresponsability of such acts (to have the general eliminated) - without solid proof that the general had given order to have the embassy/ies blown up, I honestly think that 1/ you put your American people, based over there in Iran in unnecessary danger, and 2/ this irresponsible act has indirectly caused the death of all plane crash passengers and crew last week. If it had been YOUR family, President Trump?

  131. He was responsible for killing hundreds of troops. That's good enough for me. And it seems the good people of Iran don't seem to care as much as the NYTimes. That's telling.

  132. @profwilliams What you are missing is this: the question is not whether he was guilty of murder or mass murder. In other words, why did we try those nazis responsible for the holocaust in court, why not just gun them all down without trial? the reason Suleimans killing is questionable is not about where our allegiance lies, those of us who question the decision making, it about this: the importance of the balance of powers between congress and the executive branch when it comes to waging war or making decisions that may lead to war. that due process, systems, checks and balances, debate, moral justification based on political reasoning not political expediency, based on the good for the many not the few or a single person's interests, are the bedrock of democracy; defending our democratic system and its processes is how we hold ourselves accountable; it is also how we can justify any attempts to hold non-democratic systems like Iran accountable; these kinds of *assassinations* are not about whether he was a bad man or not. we all know he was and he deserved to die, but not in a way that undermines the integrity of our system. That is never ok. It weakens and cheapens and will eventually destroy who we are, from the inside.

  133. That’s good enough to risk a full-fledged war? Plenty of others are responsible for killing American troops. We don’t just go blowing them up with missiles, however!

  134. This is what happens when you give a child the keys to the country.

  135. Trump's reckless action for political gain and impeachment distraction doesn't really matter to his rabid supporters. His lies regarding the reason for the attack do not reduce their support. This entire event feeds his appetite for approval with the 35-40 percent. Collateral damage. It does really matter to the 56 Iranians killed in the stampede at the funeral and the 176 people on board the Ukraine plane shot down. It matters to their friends, relatives and fellow countrymen and people around the world who feel for them. It does really matter that the world has been put on edge by one of the worst presidents in United States history.

  136. We all knew this tweet was coming, didn’t we?

  137. No, nothing really matters to this president of the United States – which is why every one of his reckless acts should matter to every American. People, put down your lattes and look around at what is happening in the world.That sound you hear is the collapse of the world order as we have known it. And it matters.

  138. Will Europe and the rest of the world sit and watch as the 1930s repeat themselves, or will they act while they still can?

  139. The reality is that nothing really matters to Trump. What does matter is that there is still a single person in this country who can tolerate this never ending onslaught of political and moral outrages.

  140. Trump understands his electorate. He knows how they talk with each other, how long their attention span is, and how they react to the humiliation of not understanding things that are too complicated. They understand obedience, loyalty, and using glib, passive aggressive remarks to cause the Democrats to turn into strident naysayers. The Trump supporter works long hours, is paid less, has less education than most, and just wants to drink his beer and not get too involved in the liberal pursuit of arguing. He'll get plenty of that when he gets home. Trump knows how to pull their chains and get the rise out of them he needs and he knows they don't have the energy, motivation, nor the gray cells to think on their own. They claim Mr. Trump says what they think. He does.

  141. @Max Trump controls their news, they don't get the same news as we do. So they think something else happened.

  142. "It doesn't really matter" does sum up the Trump doctrine and unifying ethos of Republicanism.

  143. The only way to get Trump out is to demand hand marked, hand counted paper ballots in every polling place. Sanity, and humanity will prevail over the mind-rotting, hate-filled propaganda of the plutocrats. Demand Paper ballots! No electronic machines - they are all insecure and corruptible. No more fake elections. Every Dem candidate must shout this message at the next debate.

  144. “It doesn’t really matter because of his horrible past.” The perfect epitaph for Donald Trump.

  145. @KJ His statement should be engraved, in marble, in his headstone. It's a shame his inclusion will sully all the other courageous, patriotic people buried at Arlington Cemetery!

  146. @Deb Presidents aren’t ordinarily buried in Arlington, just JFK & Taft. I agree with you, however, that should that be where he ends up, it would be dishonoring all those buried there, including both my parents.

  147. And here you have it. Donald J. Trump finally "shoots someone on Fifth Avenue" and his supporters won't care. Neither will the Vichy Republicans. He'll get away with this as he would a literal shooting on Fifth.

  148. @Sara G2 Totally agree that the assassination of Suleimani is Trump's 5th Ave. Just listen to the craven GOP excuses for this act of war.

  149. @Sara G2 and he is responsible for the Iranian reaction that murdered hundreds of Innocents of flight 752. They just don't care, meaning all Republicans. Trump and Melania can get matching jackets now.

  150. @stefanie & rac - exactly, I agree! And Canada's Trudeau has said, out loud, that Trump is responsible for the deaths of their citizens and the others on board the flight. Profoundly horrible and tragic. And unnecessary.

  151. Tell “it doesn’t really matter” to the 176 families who had loved one killed in a plane crash due to a botched retaliation attempt for Suleimani’s assassination.

  152. @AAA I bet your having a difficult time processing the protest in Iran, the fact that Iran's people are protesting their own government for the Airline disaster and not Trump.

  153. The murder of Soleimani set this chain of events in motion. Iran was cowering that night from the potential of the obscene might of the US military being unleashed on their civilian population as had essentially been threatened by Trump many times. Considering the sanctions and Iranians’ lack of access to the best technology, it is not surprising that Trump’s murderous actions led to the death of these innocents. So, yes, he is accountable as well as the Iranian government.

  154. @Jimd I’m having a difficult time with our president lying to our face about matters of national security. Even Iran’s government came clean!

  155. Is America a civilized country? Or are we now a rogue nation with the most nukes with an uncivilized leader? Are we the biggest threat to the world?

  156. @sophia When was the USA ever a civilized country?

  157. It only the biggest threat but actually carrying those threats out.

  158. @Marie : I am not unsympathetic to your macro point. Trump has definitely pulled the band-aid off of the Big Myth. But I don't think the world wants us to fall away into rogue nation with nukes territory. America First is America Alone and that makes us all less secure in a dangerous world.

  159. "It doesn't really matter" is the new "I dont really care, do you?" Those Trumps come up with the most heartfelt slogans. I can't wait to see Melania wearing it on a jacket.

  160. @Leading Cynic, I expect to see the new slogan on signs and trucker caps at the next rally. Some of the signs will be held upside down, of course... indicating Trump fans’ attention to detail.

  161. Trump is a dangerous an who doesn’t observe or recognize any limits to his authority. This is terrifying.

  162. Mr. Trump, sir, let's speak more of "horrible pasts".

  163. Give as you would get. trump certainly doesnt matter. Or his enablers. They demonstrate and give sanction to others to be equally immoral and corrupt.

  164. The Trump Doctrine: “It doesn’t really matter.”

  165. When is the Senate going to do their job? The most irresponsible president in history, and they defend him!

  166. If a “horrible past” is sufficient rationalization in Trump’s mind for a murderous drone strike, he better start keeping one eye on the sky.

  167. And there we have it: Trump’s domestic and foreign policy thought process, boiled down to just four words. The equivalent of shrugging one’s shoulders and moving on, away from the carnage. How very Trumpian. Why did they all waste their time and energy — not to mention ours — if, at the end of the day, this is what it all boils down to? This statement makes it clear that the administration could never articulate, nor defend, a reason for taking out Solemani at this particular moment. This administration is totally clueless — and dangerous. Once again a bad precedent has been set — killing someone for what they might do, rather than for what they have clearly done, regardless of this current non-justification by the president.

  168. They are not clueless. They are corrupt.

  169. Nothing matters to this president except his own ego.

  170. C C Hasnell, and what his current and future financial gain will be.

  171. The president of the USA lying does really matter. I lived through both the Johnson and Nixon administrations and they both lied about the Vietnam war. Neither one wanted to be known as the president that lost that war so they lied about the body count. They lied about going into Cambodia and Laos. Every day that war lasted another American or Allied soldier died or was wounded. The lies emanate from Trump's mouth as easily as he breaths, but there are consequences. The president of this country is entrusted with the safety of all citizens and the lives of our service men and women to be used in the defense of this country when required, but not to used to further the political gains of any individual. Trump commits impeachable offenses almost on a daily basis and that's why this impeachment trial and the Republican party is a joke. Trump and his party must be defeated in November.

  172. Not to mention the blood of literally millions of Vietnamese and Cambodian civilians on American hands. God forbid if Vietnam had sought revenge against all generals and US officials who participated in this bloodshed.

  173. So Trump is thrilled that Iranians didn’t trample on the US flag. He cites that as “progress”. Does he really believe all Iranians were opposed to US before he became president or that they love (or fear?) US now because of his actions on Soleimani?! He now openly supports Iranian people, but what if he did bomb their cultural sites to stones? It’s a scary thought that he did not not know such protestors exist in Iran. How did the US end up with this president who revels in his own ignorance?!

  174. If any of my loved ones (and more than two dozen use twitter), issued a tweet like this, I would see it as a signal of needing help. "It doesn't really matter," -- in the context of life and death decisions --- is a statement made by someone who may be suicidal. There may not be full "ideation", but it's a continuum. I hope that someone who cares about Trump, and has known him longer than this regime, convinces him that: it does matter.

  175. Readers can rage all they want about the blood on Trump’s hands but we have no way to reign him in. He controls the military, the justice department, and the majority party of the senate, which seem quite content to hold whatever little scraps of power Trumps throws their way to protect his presidency. Every one, including his supporters, knows he lies and has corrupt intentions, making it hard to see a way out of this executive mess. Further, he has created precedents that will expand the concept and reality of the unitary executive. Our constitutional democracy has evolved to resemble an “elected” monarchy or autocracy or some unimaginable word that no longer fulfills the needs or aspirations of “we the people.” Given that evolution is something of a one-way process, there will be no turning back from the dangers and damages created by the current CEO of the United States. The ballot box no longer seems to be the answer. Perhaps we simply need to accept Trumpian, and by extension proxy president McConnell’s, methods as the order of the body politic.

  176. Oh, I think the ballot box is the only answer. As a life-long, left-of-center Republican my plan is to vote a straight Democratic ticket come November. Yes, I fear the democratic socialism of the progressive left as represented by Sanders and Warren, but we must communicate to those in Washington that we demand individuals who will adhere to their oaths, who will pledge their loyalty in the constitution not to an individual or an ideal. The ballot box is the only mechanism we have.

  177. @Paul Yes, the ballot box might be the only method we have, but voting seems to be ineffective, to point of being quaint. Millions of people voted in the last election and Trump, McConnell, Graham, and the rest of the senate were the byproducts. All of these individuals took oaths but none seem to care about their sworn duties. Instead, our elected "representatives" care about deception, triangulating to keep voters in their pockets, retention of power, and some sort of misguided rhetoric that makes them seem important in their own eyes. I'm a lifelong right-of-center democrat and lifelong optimist, but for the first time don't see a way out of our mess, even by exercising our right and privilege to vote. I don't see much changing after November 2020, regardless of the outcome of elections. Life rolls on.

  178. The next step is defining each of the possible degrees of horribleness. I'm guessing there's a difference between Suleimani-horrible and bin Salman-horrible. I want to understand the distinctions; I need expectations in order to navigate my days.

  179. He's right in that to his base and the Republicans in Congress, it doesn't really matter. In fact, as long as he gets away with his behavior, it really doesn't matter. Nixon was impeached because of criminal behavior, so Republicans got their revenge in impeaching Clinton for a private, personal indiscretion. The revenge for impeaching trumpy will be when Republicans will get at the next Democratic president. It'll be on a technicality. They harassed Secretary Clinton by conjuring fantastic tales from Bengazi and of her email server. They tried to go after President Obama for just about everything. So in the end, as far as the corporate-shills go, the truth doesn't really matter.

  180. My suspicions that the killing of General Suleimani was politically motivated grow stronger every day. A distraction from his impeachment, a boost to his fragile ego, and a tough-guy statement for his followers to swoon over. Sad.

  181. @Tom ...at a cost of 176 grieving families and destroyed lives. Sad indeed!

  182. @Tom: I agree it is politically motivated. President Obama took out Bin Laden and now #45 can claim he took out a terrorist. Can't let President Obama out do him. But #45 only shows how racist he really is.

  183. Creating an after-the-fact narrative to justify whatever illegal, immoral, or impolitic thing that Trump has said, tweeted, or done has been standard operating procedure since Trump first glided down the escalator at Trump Tower to announce before paid minions his candidacy for President. The “imminent threat” justification has from the beginning appeared questionable. The Times has reported that the assassination was on a list of possible actions to take in retaliation for the protests that occurred at the American embassy in Bagdad. Why would an imminent threat be on such a list? And how imminent is the threat when Administration officials don’t appear to know when or where it is occurring? And if the threat is imminent, how is killing a general supposed to prevent those who are actually to carry out the attack from doing so? The attempt by the administration to come up with an after the fact non-corrupt justification for why Trump asked the President of Ukraine “to do us a favor” is at the core of the articles of impeachment. Now, apparently, the President is judge, jury and executioner of officials of sovereign nations who he has decided are bad people. Under this President, the most dangerous and reckless nation on this planet is not “them” but “us.”

  184. —She added that Mr. Trump was “making the point that the Democrats seem to hate him so much they’re willing to be on the side of countries and leadership of countries who want to kill Americans.”— Coming from the party who would rather be Russian than a democrat. Have these people no shame?

  185. @Steve P You do realize that narrative is dead and buried, no?

  186. @Steve P No, they have no shame. Moral nihilists have no shame, morals, or ethics. Their favorite adjective is "hate" and they never miss a chance to toss it around. In fact, hey need to do this. When you run a house of cards that is as flimsy as the lies you need to incessantly tell, and they know it is, accusing everyone of "hating you so badly" is necessary because they recognize the existential threat of their house of cards crumbling at any moment and they need to be on the offensive tenaciously.

  187. @Moehoward Another adjective thrown around is "jealous", as in those who disavow rampant capitalism are jealous. They don't seem to understand there's no rationalization for oppressive behavior.

  188. How Congress regains control of military spending and peacetime(?) deployment is not as important as that it does. The alternative is endless war commanded by someone who couldn’t process and doesn’t have all the information needed to protect and defend our interests. Bring the troops home and start fresh.

  189. It's telling that they had been considering this for months, and yet still couldn't come up with a coherent explanation for it. "It doesn't really matter" was as far as their thinking ever went. Someone may have been considering this for months but no one actually anticipated the consequences. "It doesn't really matter" is the Trump doctrine. It's the new declaration of bankruptcy. It's the story of his life.

  190. It's what was basically scrawled across Melania's jacket.

  191. @Rick Remember the First Lady's jacket-slogan? "I really don't care. Do U?"

  192. In this example, the word "narrative" is a euphemism for "elaborate fictional construct". So far, the only objectively true element is that "It doesn't really matter" at least not to Donald and his enablers.

  193. My mother, who successfully completed the NY Times crossword puzzle everyday of her adult life reiterated often "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

  194. " Press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, defended the photoshopped image. In an interview with Fox News, Ms. Grisham said the president was “making clear” that Democrats were “parroting Iranian talking points, almost taking the side of terrorists.” So why are taxpayers on the hook for this woman's salary? She hasn't held a press briefing in 300 days denying the press the right to hold this administration's lies to be challenged in the proper forum. And she vilifies democrats, on Fox news. Isn't this a violation of the Hatch Act?

  195. I don't think it was an easy decision for Trump nor would it be for any president, but killing enemies of the United States will always be ok with me.

  196. @Lee Irvine Will it still be ok when thousands of Americans die because of it? There were reasons it was not done before. Too many loose cannons out there ready to take out any convenient American. This is not over.

  197. @Lee Irvine Then other nations are going to use the same logic, only that they decide their enemy is some US official. If we can use that reasoning, so can others, and that is going to come back and bite us.

  198. @Lee Irvine In his world anybody who disagrees with him is an enemy of the US. In my world Trump is the enemy of the US.