Where to Watch ‘Parasite,’ ‘Joker’ and More 2020 Oscar-Nominated Movies

Most of the top contenders are available from the comfort of your couch. Here’s a guide to help you get a jump on the field.

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  1. Excellent movies this year with exception of The Marriage Story which I viewed as over-acted by the leads. The screaming and shouting could only be done by actors which was too evident.

  2. okay, um, you did know that the two characters are actors, right? it's actually integral to the plot, that these people have lost their boundaries.

  3. @Philip W Thank you! It was a horrible movie and I felt the acting was about as good as high school theater club trying to do Virginia Woolf and the writing just as bad. I only watched until the end because I wanted to see if the ending redeemed it somehow but, no.

  4. Ha! You need to come visit me for a day and listen to the couple in the condo next to me. And I’m seventy years old and half deaf.

  5. Hmm. So these movies are being offered by streaming services because they have been nominated, otherwise, they might show up a year from now, or not at all. I subscribe to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu and recently I have been missing the original Netflix service, when I could choose from a variety of movies, both classic and recent releases. Now the selection of actual movies available on any of these services at any moment is pretty limited as they have shifted their models to original content. I'll cancel at least two streaming subscriptions and give my money to the first clever entrepreneur who offers a first-run movie service.

  6. @B Sherman Don't be so quick to cancel your streaming subscriptions - and do google The Irishman and Marriage Story releases. The window between theatrical release and streaming service release is beginning to shorten to point will soon not exist (and you'll be able to stream under your subscription without waiting 2 months for a film's theater run to end).

  7. Scott Why not a single mention of JOJO RABBIT in your Where to Wade in the Streaming”?

  8. I appreciate your list of where I can easily find these acclaimed movies, particularly the obscure ones. Dont forget Redbox. Redbox is also a cost efficient way to view movies in your own home or to catch the ones that have left theaters but not yet on streaming services.

  9. Honey land is also streaming on Hulu.

  10. A crucial omission: 'Honeyland' -- NYT critic A.O. Scott's top film of 2019 -- is currently streaming on Hulu. It's easily one of the most incredible films I've ever seen. You could see it twice in less time than it would take to see 'The Irishman' once, and probably learn more about humanity in the process. Note that I also enjoyed 'The Irishman'.

  11. Just saw Knives Out in a theater. Great fun and complex story with quite a cast. Highly recommend as entertainment and not so dark as some Oscar hopefuls.

  12. After watching the 60 Minutes feature on Joaquin Phoenix (being interviewed by Anderson Cooper), I was so moved by this brilliant young (to me) and unassuming actor, and having an annual ritual where I binge-watch as many of the Oscar-nominees as possible, I reluctantly decided to stream Joker, expecting to cringe for two hours. It was such a powerful story - violence notwithstanding - harder to watch for its backstory as well as the movie’s plot. The other best-actor nominees (with the exception of the preening machos of “Once Upon a Time...”) are very strong but I think this is Phoenix’s Oscar.

  13. Tried to watch “The Irishman” three times, but the furthest i got into it without falling asleep was about sixty minutes.