On Instagram, Houseplant Sellers Turn Likes Into Green Thumbs

Young people love plants. Nursery owners want their business. The two groups have found a way to intertwine.

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  1. Loved this article! There is nothing more uplifting in the middle of a Maine winter than to come downstairs first thing in the morning to discover the summer geraniums I just could not toss out in the fall, in full bloom! There is something calming being around houseplants and the folks who care for them.

  2. I have found these types of services to be wildly over priced....nothing wrong with going to Home Depot or if you're up for it, a local garden store

  3. As a retired nurseryman, landscaper and lifelong plant geek; I am very inspired to hear that younger people are learning to love growing and caring for plants through social media. For many years now tech and gaming seems to have dominated young people's attention. Well, it's time to go for a walk in the garden! P.S. Don't overwater!!!