N.F.L. Week 17 Predictions: Our Picks Against the Spread

There are two playoff spots up for grabs, and bye weeks to be earned in both conferences, so a jam-packed Sunday should have plenty of excitement.

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  1. Hats off, Mr. Benjamin, for a tough job of predicting the outcome of NFL games. Looks like you are about 15 or 16 units ahead. I have a question. Which NFL franchises have never been to the Super Bowl? Anybody?

  2. @Mr. John Lions, Browns, Jaguars and Texans.

  3. The winner of the NFC East will not have a road game. Also, the wild card team that gets to play that winner will have a good shot at beating a mediocre team, not a great team.

  4. The winner of the NFC East will not have a road game. Also, the wild card team that gets to play that winner will have a good shot at beating a mediocre team, not a great team. The Vikings should be supremely motivated to win to get a road game against a poor NFC East opponent, rather than a road game against an actually good team.

  5. The Giants crush the Eagles and Dallas advances If only the setting was the Polo Grounds

  6. …..and played with leather helmets.

  7. Regarding the Eagles, Cowboys playoff opportunity, the author incorrectly asserts that whoever wins the Division will be playing on the road in the wildcard round. This is not correct. The Division winners are seeded 1 - 4 and seeds 3 and 4 have home field advantage in the wildcard round.

  8. Niners' Shanahan blew it by not playing for the tie earlier against the Seahawks. They'd have the division locked up and two whole weeks for their players to recover.

  9. Two corrections needed: 1. The winner of the NFC East (4th seed) will get home field advantage over the 5th seed team (San Francisco or Seattle). They will still be underdogs in that game. 2. The Vikings cannot improve to the 5th seed. The 5th seed will be the loser of the Seattle/San Francisco game. If SF loses, they will have a better record than Minnesota (13-3 vs 11-5). If Seattle loses, they will share an 11-5 record, but Minnesota loses the tiebreaker due to their head-to-head loss against Seattle in Week 13.

  10. Another correction: if the Vikes win, they won't necessarily play a terrific, or even good, team. They could play Dallas!

  11. Do you believe anyone cares?

  12. @RT I, and many others care. Unimportant, but enjoyable, entertainment. Happy New Year.

  13. The fact that Benjamin Hoffman thinks the NFC East divisional winner, by virtue of its worst-in-the-playoffs regular season record, will be on the road against a wild card team with a better record, tells you everything you need to know about his expertise. Earth to Hoffman: divisional winners get a home game; wildcard winners have to go on the road.

  14. I love my Green Bay Packers. They have played extremely well thus far. But they are not going to get past those two insurmountable brick walls - 49ers or the Patriots. They're just not that good this season. And it breaks my heart to write that.

  15. Marge - as a fellow Packers fan, I will say this. If the Pack gets home field advantage during the playoffs, they still have a good chance of getting to the Superbowl. No other team wants to go to Lambeau Field in January. Go Pack!!!!

  16. The Green Bay Packers are the only team that can't be moved in the middle of the night by a billionaire owner. All the other teams are just rooting for a uniform, not for the hometown team. Sad.

  17. @J. Reb As a long time share holder of the Packers and also a former long time resident of Green Bay, I could not agree more with your assessment. The father of a friend of mine owned his own construction company. A number of years ago, the Packer Stadium needed a new roof. My friend's dad did not even bother bidding on that job because he knew he could not compete with the other construction companies. As it turned out, the construction company who won the bid, ended up either donating the entire job or the materials because they felt so strongly about the Packer organization. No doubt, they garnered a lot more business having replaced the Packer stadium roof on their resume. Bottom line - folks LOVE the Packers, particularly because it IS a hometown team, still carrying that hometown feeling and flavor by millions. No other professional team, regardless the sport, compares to the Packers. There is something to be said for bragging about being "an owner of the Packers."

  18. I like to see Philly get in...just to rub it in Jerry Jones's face one more time. Can't stand the guy. He reminds me of Steinbrenner.