A Sleep Reset for the New Year

Sleep is critical for our health and well-being. Well has some ways for you to sleep better.

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  1. Over 65% of the population sleeps on their side, requiring a knee pillow between their knees to correct their alignment (prevents back and hip pain), as well as cushioning their knees to improve their comfort, improving their restorative sleep.

  2. @Eileen Pelletier You shouldn't keep your knees together either. Draw one leg higher. Switch sides too.

  3. I read a book about sleep, made it a priority, and my whole life and outlook changed for the better.

  4. @EM What book did you read?

  5. What was the book that helped you?

  6. How about alarms ? I have read a research about some detrimental effects of its ring tone on our nerves because it could make us starle to wake up. Sleep quality would decrease. Don't use it daily if not necessary as circadian clock is always the best alarm ever

  7. Yes, indeed, that old circadian clock is the best alarm -- when one does not have to wake up at 5:15AM to get dressed, have breakfast, and taken care of the family pets before getting on the subway for the daily hour-and-a-half commute from Brooklyn to upper Manhattan. After having corrected students' papers until midnight.

  8. Two things drastically improved my sleep: giving up wine and taking my homegrown CBD oil before bed.

  9. I know this might sound crazy, but I like to exercise shortly after dinner. I get on the trainer for 30 minutes, nice and easy pedaling. I break into a sweat and I take a shower just before bed time. I get the best sleep, and this is with no drugs, no alarms, and I feel great in the mornings and hungry for breakfast. For some, the adrenaline is probably not conducive for sleep, but for me, it doesn't interfere with my sleeping. I am tired afterwards from cycling and the warm shower helps.

  10. I've never in my life had a problem falling immediately to sleep, but I often have a problem sleeping straight through. Happily I am at a point in self-employment where I can get up for two or three hours and do something else, and then go back to sleep and get up to or three hours later than my originally-planned wake up time.

  11. As a struggling insomniac who has tried everything, reading articles or hearing reports about how insomnia can kill us is just one more contributor to my insomnia.

  12. In all the articles and books written about improving one's sleep, the issue of noisy neighbors, and the issue of jarring street sounds (loud music emanating in a burst from a vehicle, horns honking, motorcycles revving, etc.) is rarely, if ever, mentioned. These sounds can be prevalent even in somewhat quieter urban areas, making it difficult to fall asleep; they can also jolt one awake. There are some partial remedies: sound machines (white noise, ocean sounds, etc); ear plugs; listening to soothing music or mediations via headphones. An occasional low dose of 1 mg. of melatonin can help one sleep longer, and more deeply. But there is no perfect solution when ambient noise, the behaviors of others living in close proximity, and daily stresses and worries intrude on one's sleep cycle.