Where Is the Dog Poop in New York City?

A new study answers the question, but also shows that things have been improving.

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  1. This is great. Do they have Manhattan neighborhoods as well? I want to see more.

  2. It would be interesting to know the ratio of the complaints as far as was the pet owner a male or a female -- I've got my own theory.

  3. I would never think of reporting this sort of situation to the city. What do people imagine will be done? There will not be stakeouts to catch the offenders. I am fortunate to live in a neighborhood of co-ops that most prohibit dogs. It is nice to be able to walk without constantly looking down.

  4. New York is better than Paris! Drop in a Paris France neighborhood but watch your step while enjoying the scenery! Parisien dog walkers don't scoop after their pets.

  5. Anecdotally, I see things worsening on the Upper East Side.

  6. I agree. And people don't pick up all of the poop, they leave a residue on the sidewalk. They also let their dogs urinate anywhere and everywhere.

  7. What happened to the "Curb your dog" rule?

  8. @Bleu Bayou I believe "curb your dog" rule went by the wayside when the "pooper scooper" law came in i.e. it now doesn't matter where the dog poops as long as it's picked up.

  9. The positive statistical trend is little comfort when one finds himself faced with scraping off the intricately grooved soles of a pair of designer boots.

  10. It seems every hipster here in Greenpoint Brooklyn has a dog but the great majority clean up after them. I do have two major issues with them though. It seems that every hipster does not know what the term hold your dog on a short leash means. You have to go out of your way to avoid bumping into the dog, starting a fight with another dog or having the sidewalk impassable for a senior. Also bringing dogs in outside dining areas is grossly unhealthy. I have witnessed many fights with dogs walking by and dogs in outside diners sneezing or slobbering all over food and people.

  11. If people who are blind can and do clean up after their “seeing eye” dogs, there is no valid reason why any of the rest of us don’t.

  12. No doubt ,this must be the most complied with civil law in New York City.

  13. At last there's a law that you clean up your dog's poop. I'd like to see some attention to dog urine. It's EVERYWHERE! And people seem to think it's fine if their dog urinated in the middle of the sidewalk. I think if a building allows residents to have dogs they should be required to create a hygienic space for dogs to urinate and poop.

  14. @judith I agree totally! When I walk my Brussels Griffon, I carry a bottle of tap water so that her urine can be rinsed off or “diluted.” I have not come across anyone doing the same yet. Mine weighs 10 pounds and could still produce quite a bit of urine. (She also uses a pad in my bathroom, so her urination is not always a full version outside.) As someone else commented, I also consider rain a welcome relief in terms of dog urine on the street.

  15. Clearly, people in Chelsea aren’t filing complaints. Dog poop is omnipresent, as are rivers of urine. It’s particularly bad on 10th and 11th Avenues.

  16. @Carrie I believe Chelsea has the highest concentration of dogs in the city. Two observations. First, urine all over the sidewalks all the time. Second, it takes a very small percentage of non-pickeruppers to cause a big mess. So many doing a great job but the 1% still mess things up.

  17. It is the worst part of living in the Upper West Side. The older I get the more likely I am to point out that the curb is two feet from the spot in front of my door that the offender has chosen. The owners stare at me like I'm the crazy one. I can't remember the last time I saw an owner direct its pooch to the curb. And people wonder why I am so happy when it rains hard.

  18. Problem is that too many people have dogs. It’s not for dogs.

  19. Another reason to not be staring at your phone while walking outside

  20. This study doesn't really tell us where the dog poop is. It just tells us where the people who complain about dog poop are.

  21. For ppl saying curb your dogs, this is a great idea in principle (and in the burbs), but extremely dangerous in manhattan. So many cars speed close to the curb, not to mention that bike lanes run alongside the curb. After many, many close calls, my dog was struck by a bike while peeing right up against the curb. The bike had plenty of space to avoid him but did not. 16K in vet bills and permanent damage. He won't have a normal lifespan. It isn't just me, this is a fear of many dog owners. Imagine if this happened to your pet. However, the solution is not to just let the dogs pee and poop in the middle of the sidewalk. Edges of the sidewalk very close to the curb, next to poles or trees (sorry trees), is safer and less disruptive to the public. And owners need to clean up well and not leave residue!

  22. When it snows, apparently there's this unwritten rule that you don't have to clean up poop on a snowbank. But when the snow melts, you're left with the evidence of someone's carelessness.

  23. Further to my point about “curb your dog”, just like bike lines are dangerous to pedestrians, they can really smack your dog. Did they think about creating space when they gave us all these bike lanes?

  24. @Alan What are you and your dog doing in the bike lane? Unless you're walking across it at an intersection with the pedestrian "walk" signal, then you and your dog do not belong there.