NATO Readies a 70th Birthday Party, With Low-Key Celebrations

A short meeting of the alliance’s leaders in London is meant to avoid conflict, but there are worries about the intentions of Presidents Trump and Emmanuel Macron.

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  1. "But the bullying tactics may be paying off. Last week, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the real increase in NATO spending for 2019 is 4.6%, and European allies and Canada will have invested over $100 billion more since 2016. According to Stoltenberg, in 2019, nine NATO members will meet Trump's proposed guideline to spend 2% of GDP on defense." It might be undiplomatic, but it works.

  2. @Henry K. More than likely a reaction to the invasions and takeover of Crimea, and the Eastern portion of Ukraine ongoing live war. Russian expansionism continues.

  3. It’s apparent for all to witness. Donald J. Trump is undermining NATO for our archenemy and his best buddy, Putin. A overall number one objective Russia has been trying to achieve for over 70 years since their USSR failing days. The current POTUS has been using NATO financial concerns to cripple and destroy the NATO Alliance with our most trusted Allies. With a current traitorous president like we have, who needs enemies. Disgraceful!

  4. It’s hard to understand how Trump supporters could be so incredibly stupid not to understand what Trump is doing to harm America and world peace. They don’t think about what an end to democracy would mean, especially for them. They won’t like being treated like the Russian masses. They think this is a game and don’t realize that the very sick joke is on them.

  5. @Justice4America Trump supporters dont even have a clue where Europe is, not to mention Ukraine...

  6. @Tristan Roy Unfortunately true!

  7. Trump is a national embarrassment; however, countries should pay their fair share. It isn't good to have a goal five years away.

  8. As European, I view the current status of NATO with serious reservation. Americans make dirty business in Ukraine. Moreover, their arms arrangements with Ukraine (anti - tank missiles) are very questionable. Americans are involved in Near East(West Asia) with no mandate supported by international law. That is particularly the case in Irak where the U. S. claims to act as peace factor ; in truth, however it merely showcases military power since 15 years (!). To sum it up: NATO members U. S. deserves strong skepticism as long as America is incapable of curbing it's military expansionism. Europe, in turn, shares it's part of the blame by not drawing a clear line to Americans . It takes two for that fatal tango under the umbrella of NATO.

  9. @Rolf Siegen Moscow, Idaho? Hope this post is fully available to the people of Crimea. Talk about military expansionism - Russia following the Nazi pattern established in the lead up to WW2. History repeats itself.

  10. @Gordon Jones - IF European representatives would have timely communicated to Russia in Nov. 2013 their approach to Ukraine, tensions with Russia could have been either avoided or lessened. Part of the trouble with NATO is the reflex of promoting an image of bogeyman with Russia. We shouldn't equalize Putin (with his questionable public appearance) with the Russian nation in general. Moreover, NATO should refrain from humiliating Russia because of it's invasion of an Ukrainian region. Conflict could have long been fixed without the traditional pattern from Cold War era.

  11. ...but Europe truly cannot trust US at the moment. US is led by a mad man who try to destroy US Army high command by backing rogue officers guilty of war crimes, taking mad decisions about Syria, Afganistan, Turkey, not to mention Ukraine, etc... all to the benefit of Russia. What is Europe supposed to think about that?? Its Trump who is brain dead, and he is leading the world's first super power Europe rely on for its security. So until America find a way to retake the helm of an out of control White House and command in chief, Europe can only see that they are on their own until then.

  12. @Tristan Roy Utter nonsense from someone who has no idea, nor has probably read anything about the Issues at hand! NATO's European partners were having the cake and eating it too, and now, they have to come up with their due share for the set up. France is always known to shout the most, pay the least, and then getting away with the largest piece of the pie. The bottom line is --NATO remains viable only if the now richer European partners too come up with a larger share of the expenses. President Trump has the gall to bring in this creative destruction to get the matter sorted out duly!

  13. @Tristan Roy Did I mentionned that Trump decapitated the US diplomatic corp that is in total disarray and has completely lost any credibility, been sidelined by shadow Trump corrupted gang? That US diplomacy is now run by crooks like Guliani only looking for dirt on Biden and help Putin? Again, what is Europe supposed to think of that?? So NATO may not be brain dead, but the US part of its brain definitively is...

  14. @Dr. MB No, yes, yes, hmm (give that one a bit more thought) and no ...

  15. Mr. Macron's strategy seems pretty clear: by imitating Trump's outrageous remarks, like badmouthing NATO, he's trying to steal the show in view of a future supposed greater saying in its affairs. Because of Brexit, Johnson' opinion is pretty insignificant in that juncture, which is actually what he is trying to achieve through leaving the EU, making his political campaign the only one of preference to appeal to Brexiteers and leaving aside more pressing issues that matter to ordinary British people, focusing on his personality as standing out. I suspect Macron is attempting to work Trump to his own advantage to gain more power and gravitas. Certainly the French president has a once-in-a-lifetime occasion sidelining Johnson and keeping Trump at bay to shine on the world stage: whether Trump will get off the rails belittling everyone is a dangerous game for both Macron and Johnson, the latter though might aim at more "favors" the Trumpian way that he, Johnson, so desperately needs.

  16. Mr. Macron is not demonstrating a Gaullist aspiration in asserting NATO's brain death. He is rightly calling attention to the fact that the U.S. president lacks a cerebral cortex and has thus created for NATO a perplexing situation.

  17. Let's suppose this: Russia invades the Baltics (a la Crimea/Ukraine). Will NATO go to war with Russia because of this? Don't think so....

  18. Macron made another valid point in addition to implying Trump brings a malfunctioning frontal lobe to the party. He did concede that the USA has carried more than its fair share of NATO's expenses and he directed that as a confirmation of what Trump has been criticising. But Trump's lack of critical thinking, along with a complete and total void of moral choices, is dangerous in the extreme.

  19. Who wouldn't be anxious with Trump and Johnson's Brexit promoting mayhem and division, using victim blaming and hatred to game the system. And then there's climate change, and it is increasingly obvious that we are underestimating its effects. Europe is on the front lines of billions of refugees. Genocide is on the menu, and not being ashamed is degrading humanity all over.