In Greenwich Village, the Perfect New York Bookstore Lives On

Chain stores have come and gone, but Three Lives & Company remains, and it is still the archetype of a neighborhood hangout.

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  1. Does my heart good to read this. Few places say civilization like a great book store staffed by people who love books.

  2. I love this bookstore, and have for many years, and am so very grateful it remains exactly the same as the first day I joyfully stumbled upon it. It's a book lovers delight. A true haven.

  3. I lived in the neighborhood in the early 80s through the 90s when Jill, Jen and Helene ran it and it was perfect then. They made the best recommendations for curious readers, had the most wonderful readings and a real following not only among residents but among NYC authors. I am SO glad it continues on with a new generation of owners who share their passion and commitment to be a neighborhood refuge. This story has made my day. Live on 3 Lives! Live on!

  4. Heartwarming story especially on a snowy Monday. When I worked in Manhattan many moons ago, I would occasionally walk to Three Lives...all the way from 51st & Ave of the Americas. Hey, I was a top performing salesman, I could afford to take 2.5 hour lunch breaks! This article has me thinking it's time for another visit, it has been way too long.

  5. I feel wildly fortunate to be a few blocks away from this magical bookshop. I go here whenever I need a gift for a friend or a treat for myself. Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to stumble upon a signed book from a favorite author (I've gotten Neil Gaiman and Donna Tartt!). The recommendations for books is always grand. Love love love the staff!

  6. I arrived in New York in 2009. It was a lonely Valentine's Day, and I was drawn into Three Lives as I walked by. I perused the poetry section, and pulled out a volume of Rumi. A little red heart made of construction paper fell out when I opened the book. "You are loved" was written on one side, in fine marker. I turned over the heart. "Yes, you" it said. I bought the book.

  7. Different kind of shop but this reminds me of time spent in the Corner Bistro at Jane Street and West 4th Street.

  8. Excellent vignette of Americana in a quintessential bookstore. I will plan a visit.

  9. Golly, this was a treat to read.

  10. Wasn't this the façade used on "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd" when Molly worked at the bookstore?

  11. I moved out of the Village twenty years ago and I still miss Three Lives. Long may it reign!

  12. Oh, thank goodness!

  13. See op-ed in today's paper. You might not realize it yet but you are destined to disappear.