How Marla Maples Spends Her Sundays

Far from the Trump White House, the actress and entrepreneur is pursuing a more spiritual path in Manhattan.

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  1. How does she survive in NYC. Central Park apartment does not come cheap.

  2. She has an apartment in a neighbourhood in which Donald owns at least 3 buildings. I doubt she has any housing expenses.

  3. I'm guessing she got a very hefty divorce settlement.

  4. Are you kidding? Who do you think pays the bills so she can have a “spiritual” life?

  5. This is a very nice article about Ms. maples. I wish her the best of luck in life.

  6. Good for Ms Maples in living a comfortable life outside of the Trump hellscape. I remember he gloated about a "Dynasty"-style prenup that allowed him to escape before substantial payments kicked in. Horrible. Guess her lawyer was able to negotiate a decent settlement for her despite the prenup. I would be hangry all the time if my diet consisted of sprouts and vegan gluten-free pizza but whatever makes people happy....

  7. she married a horrible person, could release lots of information that is helpful to the country .... hard to be sympathetic

  8. Could we see how Stormy Daniels spends her sundays next?

  9. She seems like the only nice person to ever have been drawn into or come out of Trumpworld. Oh, and her daughter too. Quite a feat actually

  10. The healthiest thing that ever happened to her was getting divorced from the ego maniac, demagogue Trump (and those are some of the nicer things I can say about him). She seems to be living a more healthy life.

  11. Interesting article. Ms. Maples seems to be a nice, simple American woman. What on earth did she see in Donald Trump?

  12. Once DT asked how does he get all those beautiful women ? I think it’s the “money”, was his answer ! For once , he was honest ! Good luck ms maple !. (It’s very interesting she chose to live in New York thou )

  13. For her daughter’s sake she’s smart to be quiet about Trump but I’ve often wondered if he put some kind of hold on her in their divorce settlement. It would be just like him.

  14. She sounds so spiritual and at peace. Don’t know how she was ever married to trump.