14 Hours Inside the Church of BravoCon

Over the weekend, Bravo hosted its first conference, bringing together “Bravolebrities” and the people who really, really love them.

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  1. Excellent shows for husband/wife discussions. I keep the remote handy and we pause throughout a show to comment. Often an hour show takes two hours to watch. Also helps me Raise my EQ by being able to read people better. Thanks Bravo!

  2. @Joe Aerospace Record your discussions and put them on YouTube. You'll be viral stars.

  3. I hope next year's is on the west coast! For all the seriousness in the world today, Bravo provides a welcome respite. Thank you Andy Cohen and all the Bravolebrities for what you do! In the comment below the last picture, it is written that Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne appear in the image. Sorry to be that fan, but Erika Jayne is the stage name of Erika Gerardi. Was she appearing as Erika Jayne during BravoCon?

  4. @Coco Great point - only a true bravoholic would notice ;) I’d guess she was there as Mrs. Girardi based on her dress and the “seriousness” of the event.

  5. Isn’t Andy’s 15 minutes up yet? He’s done enough to ruin American Culture, Someone please show him the exit door!!

  6. My girlfriend must never, ever learn of this event, please.

  7. That's cool everybody connects, you don't see too much of that in America, anymore.

  8. I hate to love these shows.

  9. Reminds me of the people in the Capital in the Hunger Games.

  10. Wait, what: "Everyone seemed happy to do it, and just really (really) happy to be there. When three-day passes for BravoCon went on sale in August, they were gone in less than a minute. A weekend of live events in New York City and the chance to get up close to the faces normally seen only on TV and on social media? Sold — for $299.50 to $1,499.50 to attend all three days, depending on how much access you wanted." Yeah, welcome to: “The Bizarro World – also known as Htrae, which is 'Earth' spelled backwards, is a fictional planet appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. In the Bizarro world of 'Htrae,' society is ruled by the Bizarro Code which states 'Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!"

  11. Disgusting

  12. These shows are not reality, they are in fact scripted. Read the credits. What it is, is eye candy and a way to escape the world for a few hours a week. I used to watch but the vulgarity and rants and phony arguements (goaded by producers) made me turn them off for good. They drink way too much and the language is over the top. Bravo to Andy for what he did for the network but it's time for these shows to end.

  13. @Margo Channing So because you don't still enjoy them they should be taken off the air? If you don't wanna watch turn the channel but some of us enjoy the "eye candy and a way to escape the world for a few hours each week". It's called entertainment and your implication that everyone doesn't know they aren't "reality" is a bit condescending.

  14. Some comments: I think the appeal of these shows is like watching a slow mo car wreck over and over again. At the end you think, " I have problems and I'm learning from them, but I'm glad I don't have Real Housewives type problems." This is despite the over-obvious LIfe$tyle appeal that is central to these shows. The real personal lesson I have learned is to forgive and forget. Sometimes carrying around all that vitriol is really too much. Cheers to the RH who have accomplished that.

  15. I can remember when Bravo was a outlet for things like a documentary about the life of Henry Purcell. It's swill like the present day Bravo that made me decide to drop cable. The thought that however indirectly I was paying money to keep these people on the air was repulsive.

  16. In previous generations the urge for vicarious glamorous/tragic lives was filled by hours of soap operas. Today it is the real housewives. Same appeal which is an odd mix of envy and schadenfreude. This too shall pass but something will take its place.

  17. Jimmy Kimmel does this bit about asking people on the street what they think about such and such. The other day it was questions about trump--one question was whether or not trump had the right to declare the war in Vietnam. The lady answered that she thought he had that right. I'll bet she is a Bravo fan too.

  18. What's sad is how many people on Bravo reality shows have either killed themselves, endured financial ruin or ended up in prison. Take a look at the numbers - they're much higher than the general public. Bravo is a reflection of the complete degeneration of the American people and Andy Cohen is its dancing, shucking minstrel and ring leader.