He Was Wrongfully Imprisoned for 36 Years. Now He’s Onstage at the Apollo.

How Archie Williams went from a Louisiana prison to singing in front of a crowd in Harlem.

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  1. What a great story, even though it involved 36 years of wrongful imprisonment -- something that happens far too frequently among a certain segment of our society. At least this is one dream that came true. Good luck to you, Archie Williams!

  2. From the And Finally: “Look, I don’t write poems to cry,” Ms. Craft said. “I write poems to laugh or feel good. So, I just want people to have a New Yorky, fun evening.” Does this quote mean when I've thought there was a socially conscious commentary edge in some of her poems, the edge was never there except in my mind? There's been a running discussion in the Diary comment boxes as to whether people prefer the weeks when the Diary is totally feel-good vs. the weeks when the Diary presents New York in a more real tapestry that throws in the wise-guys/gals that New Yorkers can be. That the poems have actually been in the print paper must be a selling point. Who knows? The Modern Love column made it to Netflix, and this could be a wonderful step to getting the Metropolitan Diary to the stage.

  3. Since comments are closed on the Met Diary, I'll comment here about today's entry. I wonder if the woman turned around at "Hey, Blondie!" simply because it was a woman's voice calling out to her and not a man's.

  4. He is a desperately needed positive voice in troubled times. He rolled up what should have been debilitating anger and resentment and turned it into something beautiful.

  5. I am so deeply happy for Mr. Archie Williams. I hope his career takes off. I saw him when he performed last week and he was fantastic. Can't wait to see him perform again!

  6. Dear Aaron Randle, As a fourth-generation Californian, now in exile in NYS, I must strenuously object to your use of the ersatz term “Cali” to refer to the Golden State. Please never use that word again unless you are mean the city in Colombia. It’s akin to calling San Francisco “Frisco” (consult Herb Caen on that atrocious usage).

  7. This might sound dumb but how did the "Hey Blondie" phrase get the woman's attention instantly?

  8. Best of luck, Mr. Williams. "As" is a great song.

  9. What would really be the icing on the cake is when he comes back, after he finishes his next Apollo performance, some club owner gives him a shot