Michael Bloomberg Actively Prepares to Enter 2020 Presidential Race

Mr. Bloomberg is expected to file paperwork this week in at least one state with an early deadline, although an adviser said the former New York mayor had not made a final decision to run.

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  1. I could have sworn trump stuck a stake in the heart of “run government like a business = elect a billionaire”

  2. @Joseph McBride Trump is running it like he ran his business. Into bankruptcy. If he can't manipulate things in the next eighteen months for his benefit, he will see lots of imploding business results in the coming years. The Trump name will disappear and he and his family will become totally irrelevant again.

  3. Difference is that Bloomberg really is a billionaire, a self made, never bankrupt one at that. His pinky has a greater IQ and ethical weight than the entire Trump family and cabinet combined

  4. @Joseph McBride And he was also Mayor of New York--very different background than. Trump.

  5. Quite a development! It could upend the race, or fizzle out as fast as Fred Thompson's candidacy did. Are Democratic voters ready for a big-money candidate, even one who is as relatively clean as Bloomberg? He would add additional diversity to the Democratic slate. To my knowledge he would be the first Jewish candidate for President.

  6. Barry Goldwater's father was Jewish

  7. @William O, Beeman Unless and until Citizens United is legislated out of existence, Bloomberg’s deep pockets, experience and liberal cred are just what’s needed to dump Trump.

  8. @William O, Beeman What about Bernie Sanders?

  9. Hallelujah! Finally, the guy who can take down Trump. Go for it, Michael!

  10. A centrist billionaire, what's not to like?

  11. @Matt: So much to not like that you can't even imagine. You'd have had to be in NYC while he was mayor to know what a very small man Bloomberg really is.

  12. I would vote for him! I would vote for most people who are not Trump This is excellent news! the drama continues...

  13. @FerCry'nTears I'd vote for a downed tree. Bloomberg's jump into the fray does not excite me in the least. I find it disappointing.

  14. Is this a joke? Tell me this is a joke. Does he honestly think he has any chance of winning the nomination or the general election? He's the perfect candidate to lose to Drumpf. He could he using his money for much better causes, that can help the Republic...

  15. @Raphael Don't think you know who your talking about. Bloomberg was an amazing peoples Mayor in NYC and has everything plus morals and values that would make a terrific President for ALL the people!!! Take a look at his record....

  16. @Raphael Undoubtedly NYC's greatest mayor - understated, quite brilliant as both a business man, humanitarian and philanthropist. He's given more money to charities and good causes than Trump's claimed fortune - yet never drawn any attention to his altruism. He probably won't win the primary, but he would make one a truly great mayor whom would restore dignity and greatness to the presidency inasmuch the world's admiration and respect.

  17. @Raphael I’d imagine he’d do better than Warren. Her plan to increase federal spending by 50 percent will terrify a lot of voters and scare them into voting Trump or staying home

  18. We have one entitled billionaire in office. He’s done everything his cronies and adversaries could ever dream of. We have two oligarchs in the Democratic primary. We don’t need a benevolent donor class savior. It’s time for the power to return to the people. Bloomberg is more Republican than Democrat.

  19. @Rima Regas he is not entitled. He cares.

  20. @Rima Regas Don has been a crook his entire life. And he has three kids who don't know right from wrong either. Bloomberg is definitely not Trumpian. Never has been, never will be. Intelligent, competent....He will run a clean administration and will select an excellent VP. Not a fool like Pence.

  21. And he has tons of baggage re disparaging and belittling treatment of women.

  22. Yes pls run mr Bloomberg! Save us from Warren’s defeat by Trump

  23. Then Trump is worried.

  24. Save us, mayor.

  25. @james haynes Heart Blue Lake

  26. @james haynes Homelessness increased in NY under Bloomburg. Housing has been a scandal. Is that what you want for the rest of the country?

  27. Bloomberg and Pete can't be beat!!!!

  28. @Mike Tierney -- the two mayors! Buttigieg is everybody's favorite vp. Except the people who keep bringing up Stacey Abrams, like most of the panel on Chuck Todd's MTP Daily as the Bloomberg news was breaking. Must have that black woman to balance the ticket, they say -- a pure identity politics play. For many voters, especially in the Trump swing states, it would be the kiss of death, whoever is at the head of the ticket. An inexperienced angry sore loser who didn't have the interest to engage in the primary but telegraphed that she was available as vice president for the optics. No, thank you-- might as well run Hillary Clinton! If competence and policy compatibility and geographic diversity and generational balance are worth anything, Buttigieg is your man. Yang would be a great complement, too, for the energy, simpatico business perspective, wonky analytical mind, and innovative thinking.

  29. @Mike Tierney Tell that to the women who've been waiting for over one hundred years for their candidate!

  30. Yes - that’s a ticket I would donate to and vote for. Warren and Sanders were born to lose, Biden is demented, and Pete could be President next.

  31. Just what our country is clamoring for - another billionaire megalomaniac. #Bernie2020

  32. @Peter I urge you to take a look at Bloomberg, his record, his beliefs and his person. He would be an excellent President that would do great work on healthcare, and the environment in a way that would move the country further toward Bernie's direction but one that could actually win and bring our country back from the gutter and set us up to move toward a universal healthcare platform, but one that would work and not pie in the sky....not to mention doing the right thing about our problem with guns.....

  33. @Peter Bloomberg is nowhere near the megalomaniac Donald Trump is. At least, he would bring good people into the cabinet and listen to them. I doubt Bloomberg would say he was smarter than the Generals.

  34. @Peter, I agree with you that Bloomberg would run to preserve the status quo - massive income and wealth inequality. Moneyed interests and their lackeys are running scared of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

  35. Just what we don't need!

  36. @Liz814 do we need four more years of DJT?

  37. @Fliegerhund Who would vote for Mike? Moderate democrats, some moderate republicans, some suburban Americans, who else? Not enough.....

  38. @Fliegerhund Yes we do. Pro-life, Pro-Gun, Pro-God.

  39. That's great news for me and a whole lotta people...

  40. @Michael It ensures Trump/Pence another term and a GOP Senate.

  41. @Michael A whole lot of people? Really? Not for me.

  42. People briefed on Mr. Bloomberg's plans could well be wrong. They may be taking broad hints as meaning more than they do.

  43. A centrist who’s deep pockets could instantly erase trump’s funding advantage over all the other Democratic candidates. Also, there happen to be mega-wealthy individuals who have solid progressive values and a genuine sense of social responsibility. Mike is one of them. So, best not to have a knee-jerk aversion to his wealth and appreciate what a formidable opponent he’d be to trump.

  44. @Papa Bumpy "Deep pockets"....so he could buy the nomination? Just what we need to restore 'respectability' to the country.

  45. @Papa Bumpy And he has his own megaphone/ news outlet

  46. @Papa Bumpy Bloomburg is in no way a progressive. Where did you get that idea? He is big money corporate all the way, the antithesis of a progressive. Feel free to admire him and vote for him, but don't call him a progressive. I'm sure he does not see himself that way. That is why he is running.

  47. Bloomberg has the best shot at defeating Trump and restoring this nation's respectability.

  48. @hamishdad How would Bloomberg restore the nation's respectability?

  49. @SepticExceptionalism By removing Trump from the oval office

  50. No Thank you. We have two progressive candidates to choose from that will upset the status quo of the entitled billionaire class and the establishment political and media class. Bloomberg will guarantee the reelection of Trump. Do we really need the most expensive healthcare system of a Rube Goldberg machine in the world just so the rich can keep their tax policy that has killed the middle class in this country? Why isn't the rest of the world out marching for our health care system? Stay away Mr Bloomberg you'll still have more than enough for you to live on if we return to the tax policies of the 50's that actually Made America Great.

  51. @mr. mxyzptlk I think he can done more good being out of office than in it. He can continue to promote his favorite causes such as climate change and gun control as well as giving his support, as he has been doing, to Democratic candidates around the country. This way way he can support his causes without worrying about political consequences.

  52. @mr. mxyzptlk We have two progressive candidates who are out of touch with the electorate and will lose soundly to Trump. Despite left wing delusions, the Democratic Party and the USA are moderate and centrists. Keep dreaming through the second Trump presidency. Bloomberg can beat him and bring decency back to the White House.

  53. @Jake Sorry Jake, yo don't know how to read the polling on the issues that matter most to Americans. Look it up some time.

  54. OMGosh. YES.

  55. @Person No! Twelve years with him as mayor was enough. This man started out as a Democrat. As mayor he was a Republican. In 2016 he was an Independent. Now he is back to being a Democrat. If you want a Nanny State, Bloomburg is your man. He will want to regulate everything. He is too corporate and big business. He does not care that much for the average person nor does he have much use for small businesses. He wanted recreate NY as a big shiny bauble in his own image: all big, tall, glassy buildings. Of course there are good things about him. He has been generous to the city. I think he genuinely care, in his own way. He took no salary and ask wealthy friend to do the same. He donated much to the city such as equipment and refurbishing Gracie Mansion which was too modest for him to live in. He preferred appointees with a corporate background and Ivy League degree, not necessarily experience. He is the odd combination of big business and big government. Go figure.

  56. Billionaire septuagenarian from NYC enters presidential race...where have I heard that one before?

  57. @W At least Bloomberg actually earned his billion. I bet he will release his tax returns as well.

  58. @ W The man from NYC sitting in the Oval Office is not a billionaire, dear. That is exactly the reason why he is afraid of releasing his tax returns.

  59. @W I must have missed something. I heard the one about the septuagenarian and from NYC before but missed the billionaire part. I am open to seeing tax returns that substantiate that.

  60. This is pretty far from what we need right now. His candidacy could be good news for Warren and Sanders, and absolutely terrible news for Biden. I'm looking forward to a debate between him and the progressives in the race.

  61. @Albert Stones Definitely. He will split the moderate vote with Biden. This is indeed great news for Warren and Biden.

  62. Stunningly bad idea. Bloomberg may play well in New York (though, frankly I'd say that is open to debate), but I doubt he will play well in the hinterland. That he is a real billionaire, could legitimately finance his campaign out of his own pocket, is beside the point. This is simply an instance of a man ill-suited to meeting the challenge of winning the Democratic nomination. Without the nomination he has but one of two choices left (following his inevitable ouster): either play nice and back the eventual nominee, (after doing some inevitable financial or political damage to said nominee) or play nasty and run as an independent. The former course wastes his resources and does the opposition a favor, the latter course is precisely what might lead to siphoning off votes - mostly from the anti-Trump cohort. Which risks ending up with exactly what Bloomberg does not want - Trump, back in the White House. Don't do it Mayor Mike, please, don't do it!

  63. @sandgk The former course is fine. Nothing wrong with it - I think all democrats should unite behind the nominee whoever it is regardless of who it is. Else the country deserves Trump. The latter course would be playing spoiler.

  64. @sandgk why would he run as an independent if he didnt get the nomination?? he's doing this because he realizes none of the current candidates can beat trump, and he understands that it's all that matters.

  65. @sandgk : He was a great mayor for NYC.

  66. Very interesting. I will definitely take a good look at Mr Bloomberg, since my main concern is beating trump.

  67. @William Look elsewhere, mate. Bloomberg is a plutocrat. Please remember his last mayoral run he lost Brooklyn.

  68. @Brandon Cole - Brooklyn is not the whole country.

  69. I really hope this works out, I would vote for him. He is smart, experienced, and rich enough to be beholden to nobody. Let's go Bloomberg!

  70. Funny how rich becomes beholden to nobody. He is beholden to his own wealth. This is how concerned America’s ultra-rich are. They want him to run to protect their wealth.

  71. lol yes- he’s beholden to no one except the entire system that allows him to maintain his absurd wealth.

  72. Warren/Sanders too scary for center/right. Pulling out heavy artillery. Trump may win with this strategy.

  73. @How Much Is Enough? I guess he wants Jeff Sessions to win the Senate seat from Doug Jones? TERRIBLE IDEA

  74. We need qualified Democrats to run, but they need to be well organized and serious, and they need to have cogent answers and plans. I'm worried.

  75. We should be so lucky to have him run for President and win. He was the most hard working and successful Mayor of NYC...

  76. Fantastic News. We need someone who has the capacity, the experience and a successful track record in Washington DC. Just what American wants, deserves and needs. Bravo !!!

  77. I’ve only ever voted GOP I didn’t agree with some initiatives of his when mayor- the bike lanes, the environmental focus, etc. but I always knew I could trust him and his decisions weren’t driven by being an ideologue or in the pocket of special interests. I’ve been so hoping he’d jump in. He’ll make an outstanding president.

  78. @Rob You didn't agree with bike lanes and protecting the environment?

  79. @Rob, what do “conservatives” have against things like bike lanes and environmental focus? I’ll never understand this. They don’t like to ride bikes? Breathe clean air? Is it a money thing? Is it economically wise to let climate change decimate us with costly natural disasters? To be behind the curve of progress and have every other country beat us in clean energy and advanced technology? Is it competitive to keep the population dumb and unskilled?

  80. @Rob Yes, of course he's in the pocket of special interests , the interests of the upper tier. He's certainly no progressive.

  81. I welcome Bloomberg’s entry as a candidate in the 2020 campaign. As a moderate, I want to hear new ideas on a variety of issues and I want someone who can beat Trump. Yes, I am especially fond of Joe, Amy and Mayor Pete but I just don’t think they can carry us to victory. And, as much as I respect Elizabeth Warren, I just don’t agree with some of her way out progressive policies.

  82. But Bloomberg can win where the others can’t? Not sure why that would be the case.

  83. @Kathy Berger I’m certain Warren’s policies will be softened by congress should she be elected. She will make an excellent and thoughtful leader, who consults experts, reads briefings, and cares about all Americans.

  84. Yeah... way out like affordable healthcare for all, the rich actually paying their fair share, Wall Street reined in, a climate policy, a green new deal. Yeah Warren is really a threat!

  85. 'I am a New Yorker and I know a con when I see one.' -Mike Bloomberg re Donald Trump (2016 Dem Convention) #bloomberg2020

  86. Yes! Please!

  87. Yes! I hope that he gets serious consideration from the Democratic political establishment, as well as from those who only know him as a billionaire. He has always come across to me as a pragmatic problem solver that isn’t part of any particular political tribe. And that seems like what this country needs.

  88. Yippee! This is the best news I've heard since Trump moved into the White House. Michael Bloomberg would definitely be the strongest Democratic contender. Not only is he a centrist and seasoned politician, he is simply just a 'good guy' who cares deeply about our country. Mayor Bloomberg could definitely grab the Democratic nomination and then beat the H out of Donald Trump. This country needs Michael Bloomberg! Go for it, please....Run, MB, Run. We're behind you and you CAN soon be President Bloomberg!

  89. Terrific. If nothing else, Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren will have adult supervision.

  90. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This man made Manhattan an island for the rich, and the poor people, the artists, and the culture of NY has never been the same. He is a businessman just like Trump. He created some pretty parks in the city in exchange for luxury buildings. He trades peoples lives for gold star edifices. He will also mow down the competition with the most hollow ideas packaged in the idea that he can do anything! Sound familiar? Another egomaniac from NY, but this one lives Upper East. When he left we had to elect DeBlasio, because the needs of the working class and the poor, and especially housing needs, were so huge. It is a lesson to progressives: after a self-obsessed business man we need a progressive, we don't need another self-obsessed business man. I want to cry now.

  91. @rick He is not a businessman just like Trump. Trump has a history of countless bankruptcies and was given millions by his father. Bloomberg made his money.

  92. @rick Spot on!!

  93. @rick He also solved the homeless problem in midtown. He pushed them up to Harlem but didn't solve the reason they were homeless. But he made sure his family and friends didn't have to see these people.

  94. Geez, the egos on these guys is astonishing. Another old Republican businessman? Young people will not be energized by him. Women will find him tone deaf. Middle America will find him elitist. the progressive base will be literally offended by his late entry as a spoiler. So he appeals to exactly the same older, white centrists that are proving NOT sufficient to push Biden over the top. Sit down Mike.

  95. @Marta those others cannot win popular vote. Sorry. Mike can.

  96. @Marta woman here. I would vote for him. I am a registered democrat, bored Hillary even though bated her, but less than Trump. I'm all about fixing healthcare, but definitely not Warren's way. I'm starting to hate her. She will lose. She is against corporations when many of us are employed by them. He is our onky chance. Only a centrist has a chance.

  97. @Madeline "bored Hillary even though bated her" What?

  98. Wall Street is terrified of Warren. Here comes their savior! What a joke.

  99. @jk You've nailed it.

  100. @jk Bloomberg is not Wall Street. We are terrified of Trump, against whom Warren stands no chance.

  101. @jk -- Wall Street isnt the only one terrified of Warren. She's doing the middle class no favors by requiring employers to turn over the money they were paying for health plans over to the government. Medicare for All was supposed to free businesses from the yoke of paying for their employees' health insurance, which was done in lieu of higher wages. Now we'll be back to zero. This amounts to a hidden tax, not just on employers but workers as well. What other misrepresentations are being made about government-run health insurance? You can keep your own doctor?

  102. If he runs, he will have my vote Lifelong, registered Democrat

  103. Finally a Democrat I can enthusiastically get behind! I’d even be willing to give up 16 oz. soft drinks. Please run mike.

  104. Bloomberg should run on the Republican ticket and make it a real race!

  105. @Bruce Savin He's pro-run control, climate control, reproductive rights. Competent, honest, very experienced. He'll be great.

  106. @Bruce Savin Excellent comment! At least in a Bloomberg vs. Warren election, I would not fear for our country regardless of the outcome.

  107. I guess it's time to get serious, Dems . . .

  108. This is good news!

  109. @Greener Pastures Oh yes, another billionaire. What could go wrong?

  110. I never thought anyone could possibly make us forget deBlasio's uninspired and frankly embarrassing run. "You know, Lloyd,[Michael B] just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!"

  111. Just when you thought the Democrats couldn’t work any harder to give the Donald a second term, we get this news.

  112. Most of the founding fathers were wealthy by the standards of their time. Wealth does not disqualify one from being a solid candidate. In fact, most or all of the presidents we consider to be “the best presidents” were extremely wealthy - Washington, JFK, FDR.

  113. Understand the impulse to have a better centrist choice, but Al Gore not Mayor Bloomberg, would be the better Biden. Gore has shown global leadership on Climate Change — something which gives him sizzle with younger voters. And he would carry an appealing comeback narrative. Finally, he would trigger the nostalgia for known competence in governance that has been Biden’s appeal.

  114. @Peter Gore is the only man in history to lose because he failed to carry his home state.

  115. Very good news indeed. Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez old enough to run as his VP. We need people from all parts of our society to come together now and take back our country.

  116. This is great news and will ensure a Trump defeat, which is more paramount than ever.

  117. @Gary sorry, but another 70-something white guy is not going to beat trump

  118. Bloomberg once offered New York homeless families $6300 to leave the city and a one-way ticket to Palookaville as he believed that it cost the City $36,000 for shelter. Wonder what his suggestions will be for all the homeless in the country? Bloomberg once offered New York homeless families $6300 to leave the city and a one-way ticket to Palookaville as he believed that it cost the City $36,000 for shelter. Wonder what his suggestions will be for all the homeless in the country?

  119. @Pike Please don't repeat yourself and say things twice.

  120. Now if only the GOP could convince Romney to run, we’d have two real candidates in this race.

  121. I favor him entering the race. His shared perspective of challenges and solutions might take the rough edges off of Warren. Sanders will not change and has plenty of money to press forward. A voice of reason seldom a negative.

  122. I fully support this. A vote for Biden is settling. A vote for Bernie is unrealistic. A vote for Bloomberg is actually bringing something to the table. Let’s do this.

  123. @Simone Bloomberg will split the moderate vote with Biden, which means Warren will almost certainly win the nomination.

  124. Mike has some great policies and follow-through on climate change and gun control. But it would be very sad for our country if it became a practical requirement that you have to be a billionaire (in this case a real one) to become President. If he wound up as the Democratic nominee, I would of course vote for him, but I would be happier voting for any of the present top candidates Buttigieg, Warren, Harris, Klobuchar, Booker, Castro, Biden, and Sanders. That said, he might topple Biden, who I think - regardless of the present polls and my personal fondness for him - stands the worst chance of beating Trump.

  125. Without hearing from him in debates and so forth I can't say for sure that I'd vote for him, but I think this is excellent news. Biden isn't up to the task. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are in crazy town with their socialism. Bloomberg could be exactly what is needed.

  126. This article suggests that Michael Bloomberg can cut into Joe Biden’s fan base. That’s fine, but how does he plan to appeal to the white working class voters who might’ve voted for Biden if he had been at the top of the 2016 Democratic ticket? I’m also concerned about Bloomberg’s age. He may be healthy and everything, but Trump’s campaign is going to jump on the fact that he’ll turn 80 years old during his term.

  127. Bloomberg would be my first choice if he were running, but I don’t think he is nearly as well known away from The New York area as he thinks he is. Most people would say Who? Or mistake him for Koch or Giuliani. I also don’t think that Sanders or Warren supporters would flock to him if he won the nomination. Alas.

  128. @Ed Christian , don't worry, he's very well known. Yeah!

  129. Bloomberg running for presidents says more about the Democrat candidates running for president than beating President Trump. As a Republican and someone who voted for Trump in 2016, the choice between could not be much clearer. Bloomberg was a Democrat before he was a Republican, before he was an Independent before he was a Democrat.

  130. Three words come to mind with the idea of Mr. Bloomberg running for President, given that the majority of voters that the Dems need to pull into their camp are not coastal elites, not big business or high finance, and not wealthy philanthropists: Klobuchar. Klobuchar. Klobuchar. Centrist, pragmatic, sensibly progressive - not scary, not into complete untested sudden overhauls of major social or governmental programs - she will attract the suburban vote, the African-American vote (especially so given who she selects as a running mate), and will appeal to the Midwest, Rust Belt, middle class voter. Importantly, she can hold her own against Don the Con.

  131. @roc1 Agreed. She’s the best and only choice!

  132. @roc1 I think Senator Klobuchar is very effective as a senator and hope she remains a senator.

  133. Hallelujah! Thank you Mr Bloomberg! I was just despairing this morning that I didn’t think anyone in the current field stood a good chance of winning. I think you’d be a solid, rational, serious and commanding candidate, and President. You’ve got my vote.

  134. I wish he'd run as a Republican. The one sure way of defeating Trump is to remove the middle ground / independent voter. Many centrists will not vote for Sanders or Warren due to their hard left policy shifts. Primary Trump and you take away a sizable portion of the R's who dont like Trump but wont vote for Warren or Sanders.

  135. While I have tried to be enthusiastic about the Democratic front-runners, all have left me with a deep concern either about their policies or the way in which they might further divide our country. Although I am a lifelong Democrat, I voted for Bloomberg when I lived in New York City. Bloomberg was aRepublican. And, I was very satisfied with the job he did. Run, Mike,run!

  136. Don't really understand what's changed since March. Mayor Mike could've been using that valuable time to build up a head of steam. Trump's probably rooting for you to join the fracas now. One more splinter in the vote against him.

  137. Oh great, just what we need, another billionaire who wants to save America for Wall Street.

  138. Wish he had jumped in sooner, but hope he goes for it. Recent polling by NYT showed how tough it would be for Warren to win in swing states. We need a realistic, experienced candidate to take down Trump!

  139. @A Realist Warren is more likely to win if he runs a serious campaign because Bloomberg will split the moderate vote with Biden, thereby putting Warren over the top.

  140. Oh lord no. President Mike. The man who made NYC safe for plutocrats. The man who decided to overturn term limits. This is what happens when democratic government is replaced by private money. Individuals or families with tens of billions of dollars can affect politics at ALL levels, fully funding candidates in any given race in any given year. Democratic values become based on economics rather than political discourse, and equality as a matter of legal standing and participation in shared rule ends -- replaced by the right to compete in world where there are winners and losers. No matter how he tries to hide it, Bloomberg is the apotheosis of "winner take all." God help us all . . .

  141. @Tom Mike Bloomberg was an OUTSTANDING mayor, the best New York has had. He revolutionized the town. He is smart, centrist and sane.....EXACTLY what the USA needs right now!

  142. @Tom I very much agree with you but it's not just about the money. John Feehery, quoted in The Times earlier this week put it splendidly in noting that the Democratic party "has morphed into an insufferable army of virtue-signalling know-it-all's." Between those who can buy their way in, and those who seem to control political discourse with thier arbitrary injections of absolutes, there is no place for 80% of the electorate anymore.

  143. This will put the fear of God into Trump. Few can speak frankly about Trump, his history, personality and shortcomings than Bloomberg. Few have the fire to take on Trump mano mano. I don't know what his policies may be, but if he tells the truth and keeps his integrity then he has gone a long way toward getting my vote. At least we know that Bloomberg is a real billionaire.

  144. @Tom Good points. Unfortunately, politics is a blood sport as far as many voters are concerned. I worry about the fighting abilities of the current crop of democrats, however excellent their character and policies may be.

  145. I like Bloomberg a lot, but he may have waited too long such that the oligarchs were able to effectively destroy the middle class under Trump such that the only solution is a reformation of the country like Warren proposes. He would have been terrific in 2016, but his time may have passed. If he enters, Biden is cooked.

  146. @Mister Ed I'm afraid Biden is already cooked. Thanks, corrupt Trump administration.

  147. "he would present a grave and instantaneous threat to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.", that's absolutely right and justified since I think that Biden will most likely not survive a run against Trump. However, do we need another Democratic candidate who is in his late 70's? I'm also concerned with the current field of Democratic candidates not being electable. Maybe if he ran and picked a woman VP candidate that could make the ticket very strong - Klobuchar or Harris. Booker would be great too as a VP candidate with Bloomberg. It's maddening that we can't find a candidate to run and win against this madman in the WH.

  148. @Roger Mayor Pete would be a good running mate. Wow, two smart people at one time on one ticket.

  149. Bloomberg's only substantive difference from the current Democratic field is he doesn't want to regulate Wall Street or raise taxes on America's plutocrats. Running as a Democrat he'll be laughed off the stage. The real danger is if he runs as a third party candidate. He could get 1 or 2 percent of the anti-Trump vote which, combined with the Republican electoral college advantage, could tip the election to Trump. God forbid!

  150. Wonderful news - much more exciting than any of the leading Democrats - he did a fantastic job as mayor of nyc

  151. I like many of Warren's ideas. I believe Medicare for all is fiscally achievable. Simple point. We spend 18% of GDP on Healthcare. All other Nations with AAA Healthcare, and the US in 1980, spends 8%. So there is is 10% or $2 Trillion a year (of our ~ $20 Trillion GDP) as savings. But - Michael Bloomberg can beat Trump for sure. Warren, it is possible, but a risk. Warren will get pilloried, like Hillary, and the venomous Republicans will just have day after day of talking points. With Bloomberg - what can the Republicans say ? - not much

  152. @George Jackson Before Warren and going back to 2016, I was all for Bloomberg running for president...simply because he is the real deal in regards to creating his own wealth, operating as true "purple" politician (Democrat and Republican) which we desperately need in Washington and he knows how government works and should work. He was a great Mayor of New York City.

  153. @George Jackson It might be counterintuitive, but if you're looking for a candidate with progressive ideas and you're concerned about the general election, consider Bernie Sanders. He polls pretty well against Trump, although a lot of outlets chose not to emphasize that result when the latest round of state polling showed Warren having a tough time against Trump in the upper Midwest. There's this implicit assumption that it doesn't matter what the polls say, that he cant possibly win because he's a democratic socialist, but at a certain point, maybe it's that assumption and not the polls that are wrong. He's got consistency and authenticity in spades, a cogent critique of America's rampant inequality, and what are Republicans going to say about him, that he's a socialist? He'll say "Yeah, so what? Let me tell you how we're going to make your communities stronger, secure a future for your children, and make America more democratic than it's ever been."

  154. Unbelievable. Just what we need. Another old billionaire. I could not be more enraged.

  155. @LFK : Why are you enraged? Every citizen has the right to run if he or she wishes. Too much outrage these days.

  156. @Publius Really...every citizen? Me for instance? No, I'm not able to buy the Presidency.

  157. @LFK Gee, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

  158. This is what entitlement looks like. There is no circumstance under which I would vote for Bloomberg.

  159. Even if the alternative is Trump?

  160. @Cousy Under what circumstance would you vote for Trump?

  161. @Cousy And your arguments are?

  162. Unlike the fake billionaire in the white house, Mr. Bloomberg is the real deal. Pro-choice, pro-environment (he actually does believe in climate change), pro gun-control, he's actually manages a great business, and he doesn't need lobbyist money. I'm in, with Mayor Pete as VP.

  163. @confounded: "He manages a great business"? How do you know that? Have you ever worked for Bloomberg, or known anyone who worked for him? His business is run exactly like the tyrant that he is!

  164. I'd like more details about his anti WeToo skepticism and his targeting of Latino and African men in police searches. I like his progressive policies on gun control and the environment, but I am a woman and I have some Latino members in my family.

  165. @Zoned The Atlantic ran a piece on his deeply problematic attitudes and comments about women. Lots of lawsuits/settlements at his company. It'll be a problem.

  166. I wonder if the "anxious Democratic establishment" asked Bloomberg to step in.

  167. Please make it so! Many of us have been waiting for you, Mayor Bloomberg - please be our next president.

  168. He's 77. To me, age is an issue

  169. @Casey Are you kidding? 77 these days is better today than ever!

  170. Finally, someone who will think of the billionaire class for once!

  171. a real business man and a great mayor. If nothing else we will get better Forest management and more trees.

  172. First we have New Yorkers Trump and Giuliani obliterating our country and now this guy wants to run? Be sensible fellow Americans. We already have two great people running, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Mr. Bloomberg, please continue your work to curb gun violence. Run for a Congress position in NY.

  173. @PM Warren and/or Sanders won't beat Trump. A Centrist, sane, smart, accomplished leader with a proven track record is EXACTLY what the USA needs right now.

  174. Thanks but no thanks, Michael. The country’s already suffering through one “businessman” in office; we certainly don’t need another one using the presidency as a vanity prize.

  175. @John H This 'businessman' has also worked in government for 12 years with an INCREDIBLE track record. He revolutionized New York City! Mike is the REAL DEAL!

  176. He would nominate better judges than Trump, but who wouldn't.

  177. `Shades of H. Ross Perot and Ralph Nader.Just what we needed at this time another cat running on the playing field? Some New Yorkers think Bloomberg sold our city to the developers. Really the thought of Bloomberg entering tells me he thinks the line up on the left is junior league. If Biden was in the commanding lead Bloomberg would have stayed on the side line. Warrens Medicare for All is a sure winner for Trump. Mayor Pete's green horn and Lifestyle is maybe a Bridge Too Far. Trump has to be loving all of this.Biden hasn't proved he has the Chutzpah to battle Sound Bite Trump.I fear a rich former New York Mayor isn't going to fly in middle America but I also never thought Trump would fly either. I really wish Sherrod Brown and Stacy Abrams would save us from the bloodbath I see coming in 2020.I totally want Trump to go but if it is between Trump and losing my healthcare that I love I will be torn. Many employees took less wages over the years to maintain their plans and will not just vote them away even if they detest Trump.

  178. I'm for it. Bloomberg is highly competent. He's one of the few good billionaires.

  179. Hip hip hurray..! Finally things are getting interesting....very interesting indeed..!!

  180. I'm not a centrist, but the ideas Ive heard so far from Warren and Sanders will go absolutely no where. Dem voters need to hear from someone who has actually run something other than a sideshow.

  181. I don’t care. If I can’t vote for Sanders, I’ll go with trump. I. Don’t. Bargain.

  182. Please just do it, Mr. Bloomberg. America needs a strong and wise leader like you but as does the world, the environment, the economy and the list goes on. The mess left behind is horrendous.

  183. Seems a bit arrogant for Mr. Bloomberg and party regulars to bypass all the hard work of current fine candidates, especially given that Mr. Bloomberg can just swoop in with his own money and not have to bother with fundraising from the masses.

  184. @Andrea Whitmore Seems a bit arrogant for some candidates to think America needs to swing so far left it could be as bad as what we have right now?

  185. Another billionaire hungry for more power. Can't these people find a hobby or something and leave us alone?

  186. Great, another Democratic presidential candidate, exactly what we needed. This time it’s former Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Seems like everyone thinks they can be President these days. Let’s invite Bloomberg to the group of delusional candidates such as Williamson, Delaney and Steyer.

  187. Just what Democrats need: a super-rich "moderate" white man to fill the void left by Biden's fading empty-suit candidacy, because a gay white man is unlikely to be able to step into his shoes. Chalk this up as another Washington-Wall Street insider move to stop Warren at any cost. Not because they dread she might lose to Trump -- it's not the affluent who will suffer especially from another Trump term -- but because they are terrified the American people might well, given the chance of a full campaign hearing, prefer someone who so petrifies the wealthy and well-connected.

  188. Mayor Mike and Mayor Pete would be a great ticket.

  189. @Kevin Dudes loving dudes. Been that way for 243 years. What else is new?

  190. It appears early comments are 75% or more in favor, and of those 90% are male. So much for the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment.

  191. @Les Just because everything doesn't revolve around women doesn't make you right. It just makes you sexist.

  192. @Les: Reaching. How can you tell the sex of biblioagogo, NKM, RRI, Hobo, New World, confounded. . .

  193. @Les Democrat females forever make the mistake of believing Democrat/liberals males are a better version of that gender. They are no different than conservative/Republican males and often more misogynist + dangerous.

  194. I have wanted Michael Bloomberg to enter the race from the beginning. Mr. Bloomberg is intelligent, trustworthy and compassionate. This is super great news!

  195. What other corpses can we thaw to run against Trump. This is just hubris on the part of Bloomberg and a sign of desperation, not clever strategy. I listened to the speak of the new governor of Kentucky and all I could think is why isn't he running. We need a southern democrat to beat Trump.

  196. What good news!! Michael is a competent caring organized no nonsense person . Don’t worry about his billions. It’s fine. We have a democracy to save folks and the Republicans have raised so many millions more than the democrats already we are at great risk. Go for it . Please go for it Michael!!

  197. If I was a super rich Democrat from New York City and of the Jewish faith I guess I would jump into the Alabama Democratic Primary as my first choice, too. Good opportunity to see if $50 million in TV and radio ads can make him viable there. And if he can make it there then he can … well you know the rest of the lines of the song.

  198. Yes, please. It’s about time. Or is it too late?

  199. I’ll take the other Mayor...any day

  200. As a registered Democrat, I was surveying the field with despair until now About time we had a practical moderate (who is also not a bumbling fool) run for office.

  201. He’d probably make a good president if elected but his age and ethnicity/religion are two strikes against him. It seems like he’s doing it just to ensure a democratic victorty.

  202. Bye, Bye Biden, Bye, Buttigieg There's a new (ex-Republican) centrist in town. And he's from got billions, and billions of dollars. Good. Nothing will energize progressives more. Will he choose, Bill Gates, or Howard Schultz as running mate?

  203. @ExPDXer yeah right, because millions of dems will just hand him the nomination. What choice do they have.

  204. YES! Bloomberg and one of those exciting and smart and younger candidates from the midwest or the west e.g. Mayor Pete, Sen. Amy K, or Sen. Kamala H as running mate. What an exciting Democratic ticket it would be with real potential for a win.

  205. Out here in the rest of the country, Bloomberg doesn't register. Another rich businessman from NY? Mmm, no thanks.

  206. Hmm....he registers with this Californian!

  207. @Kristine EVERYONE knows Bloomberg. Super-effective, smart and revolutionized New York City. Not perfect, but MUCH more perfect than any other choice we have.

  208. @Kristine Sorry kristine. Seattle isn't "the rest of the country." It's Alabama for progressives.

  209. Please, no, we do not need a billionaire in a country with this much inequality, or a so-called self made man. Disgusting really. Financial services have absorbed way too much of the countries wealth without producing much at all of real value. That's you, Mr Bloomberg.

  210. In some ways, it's nice to know $ can't truly buy everything and is not enough of itself. They desire this type of power too.

  211. Mayor Mike! I'd vote for you in a heartbeat. Welcome to the 2020 asylum. You are THE right candidate to beat Trump and bring the country out of the swamp. Go for it! WIN!

  212. I like Bloomberg. I was anti-Bloomberg when he first became mayor and became a convert. I thought he did a fantastic job. I also love that he really is a self-made billionaire (no small million dollar loan from daddy). He will also really be able to get under Trump’s skin during a debate because he’ll call out the joke people in NY know Trump is. First Jewish President. It will be very hard for GOP to claim Bloomberg is anti-Israel and/or anti Semitic if he is critical of Netanyahu’s policies (but with the GOP there is no underestimating what ridiculous things they might say). However, will Bloomberg split the moderate vote in the primary with Biden, resulting in a far left candidate winning the nomination and losing the general election to Trump?

  213. @Hugh Jorgen Don't worry, you can still celebrate the first Jewish president when President Sanders is inaugurated.

  214. A bad mistake. He would better serve by throwing all in behind whoever the Democrats select. Will Bloomberg take that pledge./?! Or is this all about ego and$?

  215. as a democrat or a republican since he changed party according to his needs?

  216. Yay, finally a real choice!

  217. Just what we need- another arrogant, megalomaniac. The poster boy for the plutocratic nanny- state, Bloomberg has the money to buy the presidency, just like he bought himself a 3rd term as mayor. If he were ever nominated, Trump’s re-election would be assured. Progressives would stay home in droves- me being one of them. However, Democrats have a habit of grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory so I wouldn’t put it past them.

  218. @Stew How was Bloomberg's appointment of Cathie Black as Schools Chancellor any different than Trump's choice of Betsy DeVos? Black's only qualification was that she attended the same cocktail parties as Bloomberg and probably pretended to laugh at his lame jokes. He went with his "gut", no different than Trump in that regard, since they're both supremely wise.

  219. @Stew Smart progressives would learn that Bloomberg's policies and execution would benefit ALL and put this country back on track. Warren's policies are simply never going to happen. Impossible. Progressives will vote for Bloomberg in 2 seconds.....unless of course, they want 4 more years of this?

  220. @Stew If you stay home, you've voted for Trump. I'd vote for a fruit fly before I'd let Trump have the advantage.

  221. Why did he wait out the debates? Hasn't made a very good impression on me. People seem to think he is a Trump-killer. I really don't know Bloomberg enough to believe that he is.

  222. @styleman Bloomberg revolutionized New York City. He is the real deal. Genius! He would bring the USA into the 22nd century. Centrist, smart, brilliant! And effective.

  223. This is the same Bloomberg who said “I hope those who have urged me to run — and to stand up for the values and principles that they hold dear — will understand that my decision was guided by one question: How can I best serve the country?” t

  224. I never voted for him as mayor. We have a tree in front of our house that is a prehistoric species, planted by him. It's known not to do well in this hemisphere- having berries that smell and clog sewers and smear windshields. I would not want him as President. Further the tree is a metaphor of how he would do as President. Warren/Mayor Pete 2020.

  225. @samuelclemons The ginkgo is healthy and beautiful and makes a great street tree. One of the many wonderful things Mayor Mike did was plant many many trees and in the poorer neighborhoods that really needed them.

  226. @samuelclemons: He came out and dug the hole himself? You must be honored. Seriously, what a silly thing to judge a candidate on. (P.S., all tree species are prehistoric.)

  227. Please protect from those who believe that Bloomberg is the savior. Including Bloomberg. I never called him to come out. Stay home.

  228. @Jack Bloomberg will change your mind. Centrist, smart, rational, fair, honest, tough, EFFECTIVE! And truly not beholding to ANYONE! This would be his ultimate legacy and save the USA from a real mess!

  229. New York mayors don't have a good record of success running for President. Dewey probably had the best chance in 1948, and the odds seem to have decreased since then...Lindsay...Guiliani...de Blasio...

  230. @Bettye Underwood Dewey was governor. You’d have to go back to the early 19th century to find a mayor who moved onto higher office: DeWitt Clinton?

  231. @nycpat My bad regarding Dewey. Thanks for pointing that out.

  232. What a waste of time and money... unless you want to destroy Doug Jones in Alabama? I guess the billionaires on every side are afraid of the people these days? Afraid of actually helping people decide on their own candidates? Go back to NY and buy Fox or Sinclair if you want to help people, Bloomberg. No more billionaires are needed in government.

  233. Terrific idea. Better yet, buy Fox.

  234. @ Jerry: check Bloomberg’s record. He has better grasp than just about anyone on how to tackle climate change, runaway guns, and yes, income inequality.

  235. Finally a Democrat that I, as a life long Republican, can vote for.

  236. @Joe Take a look at Mike Bennet - bet he’s a Democrat YOU and your sensible Republican friends could vote for.

  237. Joe That is exactly the point!

  238. @Joe He's NOT a democrat. He "was" a republican, and then ran for mayor again as an independent.

  239. Unlike our president, this guy has been a success at everything he's done! He's smart, he gets the big picture, I can not think of a more capable person to transition us back to a reasonable state of affairs. 100% YES!

  240. @Richard He's 77 years old. We desperately need age limits for national elected officials and appointed judges. Term limits and lifetime appointments don't work. Let's let grampy and grammy be limited to "advisor" status. With age limits in place we'd be spared the likes of Trump, McConnell, Warren, and Biden, just to mention a few.

  241. I see support from NY for this and apathy from most everywhere else.

  242. @Ted Don't underestimate the people of the USA: they are a lot smarter than you think. They voted for an accomplished get-things-done billionaire businessman but were conned. Bloomberg is the real deal. RUN MIKE RUN!

  243. @Ted Agreed, but don't put all of NY State in Manhattan. We Upstaters have opinions that are often quite different from The Big Apple's.

  244. It's a good thing Bloomberg is an "instantaneous" threat to Joe Biden, because Bloomberg is 77 and Biden is 76, so a delayed threat wouldn't mean a whole lot either way.

  245. @Vanessa : Touche'

  246. I for one see the former Republican host of the GOP's 2004 Presidential Convention as the ideal Dark Horse to toss his hat into a crowded ring!