Book Review: In ‘A Warning,’ Anonymous Author Makes Case Against Re-election

The same official who wrote an Opinion essay in 2018 argues in a new book that the president’s contract shouldn’t be renewed.

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  1. Thank you Anonymous for sounding the alarm on what a hateful, inept, ignoranus Donald Trump is, which was already painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain / moral compass who was paying attention to the 2016 presidential campaign. Our democracy is in smoldering ashes, but thanks for the warning. Would have been better if you didn’t help start the fire.

  2. @JEV Sounding the alarm! The alarm has been going off for years, and it's been loud and consistent. People have become so habituated and conditioned that the alarm is merely as a bell to Pavlov's dogs it just makes people salivate, it doesn't make them think.

  3. I have no use for anonymous enablers.

  4. @irunrva - Devin Nunes, when he headed the House Intelligence Committee, said: “We don't talk about sources at this committee. We want more people to come forward. The good thing is that we have continued to have people come forward, voluntarily, to this committee and we want to continue that and I will tell you that that will not happen if we tell you who our sources are and people that come to the committee.” Six years ago, Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican, received an award for his work to protect those who come forward anonymously with allegations of wrongdoing by the powerful. In 2006, in support of whistleblower anonymity, The Pillar Human Rights Commission said, "We are very excited about this year's conference, because our coalitions have grown, and our partners are stronger. We are honored to present Senators Charles Grassley a perennial supporter of whistleblowers and Susan Collins the sponsor of the original Whistleblower Protection Act the prestigious Pillar Human Rights Award for their support of whistleblower rights first amendment advocates," The Intelligence Community law requires that the whistleblower's name be kept secret, if needed, to protect him from retaliation. Stronger protections are in place for CIA employees. Making any threat or indication of retaliation is itself a separate crime, such as Trump mentioning bringing treason charges.

  5. why is anybody paying attention to someone who lacks the courage to be accountable?

  6. I know, but they still cover Trump's daily lies and nonsense.

  7. @reynoldsman Do you mean like a whistle blower?... Of course his identity should be protected!

  8. @reynoldsman ++ Well, you seem to be okay with the cowardice of all Republican Senators and Congressmen, but take exception when an insider reveals to the villagers that the king has no clothes. Listen to the message, forewarned is forearmed.

  9. This sounds a lot like my fellow a Texan who was well qualified ( one of few by Trump) Rex Tilerson who didn’t have a chance to actually lead the state Department . And who had an amazing career and reputation, only to have it sullied by his sacrifices to work for the Trump Administration. It likely cos him millions.

  10. Yes Rex has an amazing career burying evidence of global warming and hastening earth’s destruction.

  11. @fallen Tillerson is no hero--and who cares if he lost millions. What sacrifice? "Rex Tillerson, the former chief executive of ExxonMobil and former secretary of state in the Trump administration, has denied in court that the oil and gas giant committed fraud by concealing from investors the true financial impact of the climate crisis. Tillerson told the New York supreme court that Exxon had acted properly over disclosing its financial exposure to climate-related regulations while he was chief executive."

  12. @fallen Boo hoo, poor Rex! He'll recover, but what about the rest of us,?

  13. We will gage how near the mark this book is by Trump's response.

  14. @Darchitect How will Trump ever know what's in this book? Or any book?

  15. @A.. True...I hadn't thought of that!

  16. @A Perhaps if it's one page long & has lots of pictures.

  17. An interesting sidebar. But let’s stay focused on the people who are now talking on the record. Anonymous might embarrass Trump. The Taylors and Vindmans of the world will remove him.

  18. Just another gutless and pathetic grasp at regaining any semblance of conservative integrity. It is a descriptor of the “Republicans;” all utterly devoid of character and ethics. Looking at your senator Toomey....

  19. Thanks for the warning!

  20. This guy is beginning to sound like Comey…he likes the limelight and the money, but prefers to be on the sideline.

  21. The author is obviously a man. A woman this disgruntled would have the courage to step into the light.

  22. @Leading Cynic really? I think the author is Kellyanne. Her hubby is her ghost writer. At least that’s what I think.

  23. @Leading Cynic So true! I have given up on the men; power is too important for them to sacrifice. And yes, this is a sexist comment but the reality is evidenced by the women who continue to come forward and face the bully in the WH.

  24. Courage for writing this? I see only self vindication. The true courageous real Americans are the brave women and men who have testified and will testify publicly next week. Writing a gossipy tell all with no facts or proof behind being anonymous is a coward's way out. For sure Graham won't read it. He can't even read even the transcripts.

  25. Having read this, I don’t see that the book will move anyone to act in the best interests of the country. I’ve read two other books on the Trump White House that yielded nothing. I certainly don’t plan to buy it. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  26. Everything anonymous says rings true but he is no hero or patriot. No republican can call themselves a patriot. They have bowed and cowed to a self dealing, money laundering, corrupt autocrat and have allowed him to defile the office of the president and destroy the constitution. Every day republicans allow this to go on is a day they are un-American.

  27. The fond wish, then, of Anon: the bland leading the blind

  28. This author has the same amount of courage as the rest of the GOP. A big, fat zero. Sorry, ma'am, or mister, or whoever you are, either resign and shout the message from the rooftops, or stick a sock in it. An anonymous book is just another sensationalist ploy. Imagine if Emile Zola had decided to publish J'Accuse anonymously? Who would remember it? Not a one. But Zola had the courage of his convictions. This author here is just a weak, timid, wilting flower who is afraid of a bully. Which pretty much sums up the entire Republican Party.

  29. @Andrew Excellent analogy and brilliant point. Thank you! Do you have a dog named Scout?

  30. @Andrew " An anonymous book is just another sensationalist ploy." Right--and a money grab

  31. @Dawn , it’s worse: evidence of a supposed “deep state” working in the shadows to subvert an elected president. This is a gift for Trump.

  32. "Anonymous" seems to be preaching to the choir. Most reasonable voters have already decided to register their disapproval of the president by supporting the Democrats. The recent election showed their feelings. Trump is losing support rapidly. Whoever he is, the author is capitalizing on the impeachment process. It validates the sentiments he expressed in his first book. Anyone who keeps up with the news knows that we have a liar and con man in the White House. They know the Republicans are enablers of this horrible man. And they will vote against the entire party next year.

  33. It's astounding how many of the "adults in the room" witnessed the daily, methodical abuses of power and corruption of the Trump administration and never came forward, or even abetted it. These cowards have a lot to answer for.

  34. Yet another act of colossal cowardice by a member of the GOP.

  35. "All sound and fury, signifying nothing." And three years too little, too late. The coward who wrote this may try to comfort themselves with "at least I tried" but you know what? He or she remains just following orders. That didn't work at Nuremberg - and won't work after this stinkingly corrupt regime is dismantled root and branch. Anonymous, if you still have a reflection, look hard at it in the mirror and know that what you see is the face of an enabler. Then try to work up the courage to come into the light. Your country is owed that much at least.

  36. First of all, anyone that wasn't over DT 28 years ago, wasn't well read, interested in voting for only those who are competent to be serving as President. Please, Anonymous, come out of the shadows, when this book is released this month, and reveal yourself, otherwise, you really don't have the character that you are trying to say is necessary in the position of President. Are those serving in this administration clueless, indifferent, or only gutless wonders? Probably, all three!

  37. It is impossible to ignore the significant news of the Trump Presidency... But.....the voters who have done their best to tune out the Trump Presidency.... There is no chance they will read this book. The Trump Presidency does not lend itself to undecided voters.... Trump will not be the main factor in choosing the next President, the Presidential candidate Demcrats chose matters most.... A moderate Democrat Presidential candidate would be enough to defeat Trump in 2020, but thatprimary outcome is far from certain.

  38. Anonymous speech was employed by John Jay and Alexander Hamilton in the writing of the Federalist Papers and as such, the focus is on the ideas not the author.

  39. @richard There's a big difference between writing about political theory anonymously and writing a tell-all anonymously.

  40. Figures. By definition, a conservative can never be a revolutionary. At most, he or she can be a reactionary.

  41. @Alex Cody Bingo. Conservatives voted for Trump as a sad interpretation of being 'punk rock'.

  42. If he is the danger you say he is, and I absolutely believe he is, then come into the light and stop hiding. Your “anonymous” account is worthless at this point. Not that I don’t believe it but, it is nothing without you putting yourself on the line. Totally unfair, but totally necessary to be of any import.

  43. I have never met a single liberal with enough courage for the open and frank discussion… If there is any, provide me with his or her name and the public platform for the free exchange of ideas…

  44. @Kenan Porobic why do you think it's liberals that think that T is bad for the country? Many, many, many thinking conservatives believe that too.

  45. Sounds as if you don’t get out of North Carolina very much...

  46. @Kathleen What I have written has nothing to do with Trump but stems from my personal experience gathered over the last two decades.

  47. Really it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out who this "senior official" is; they were working for Trump a year ago and are still working for him now. Not many cabinet members have a tenure that long. From the tone of the writing, this sounds like a man, but then nearly all the cabinet are. It's not a total sycophant like Pompeo, Mnuchin, Barr, Acosta, or Ross. It's not Ben Carson, who has been asleep this whole time. Rick Perry isn't intellectual enough. My guess is it's Sonny Perdue, who's been Ag. Sec. long enough, and who has stayed completely out of view. But it doesn't matter much, as this book doesn't matter. The people who would be receptive to its message already know Trump is an incompetent liar whose only motivation is self-enrichment. The people who will vote for Trump next year no matter what are incapable of being swayed by anything. Weirdly, anything everyone says against Trump is discounted as lies by his followers, and all his constant lies are embraced as truth. They worship him and they'll heap scorn on this book without reading a word of it. So this warning will fall on deaf ears for all those who need to hear it. The anonymity has saved the author his job but it makes the book easy to disregard.

  48. @Dan Stackhouse Secretary Perdue's at a pleasant distance from the White House in a department that the President probably doesn't notice much.

  49. Sounds like the author was involved in national security issues. That doesn’t sound like an Agriculture Secretary. In addition, a senior administration official might be a member of the White House staff, not necessarily a Cabinet member.

  50. @Dan Stackhouse I’m pretty sure the guy has a military background. The classical references are classic West Point.

  51. This is not news. Any decently functioning adult, or child, could easily see the issues the occupant of the WH would bring with him and/or cause through his presidency. It's folks like the whistleblower who should be applauded for their bravery. The question remains will the far right media in conjunction with Don Jr. out anonymous (as they did with the whistleblower) or do they already know who it is?

  52. Sounds as if this book is destined for the bargain bin.

  53. What is the point of this book and why should we care? Everyone except die hard Trump worshippers knows four more years would be a disaster. We don’t need to be warned. And why is this person remaining anonymous? If they want to influence us they should have the courage to come forward.

  54. "Any revealing details have been explicitly and deliberately withheld to protect this person’s identity." Wow...a Republican with an allergy to evidence. Not to mention courage. These days, you can't spit without hitting one of these fine people. We can expect the whitewashing to come from all corners of this administration, but of course only once Adam Schiff publicly makes a case for impeachment, only when we vote to remove Republicans from as many positions of power as possible. And why listen at all to their "warnings," and eventually to their apologies, when from the start they willfully blinded themselves to the evidence? When they couldn't muster the courage to speak publicly and in their own name when, finally, they did?

  55. How could a person without character write a book about necessity of character?!

  56. @Kenan Porobic How do you know this person has no character? At least everything is on record showing T has none...

  57. @Kenan Porobic The short answer is Republican thinking.

  58. @Kathleen those who lack courage to sacrifice self personally to save the country have no character.

  59. This book will have limited impact unless the author comes out of the closet. How seriously can you take his disclosures if he lacks the courage to tell the world the role he played in the Trump administration? Maybe young Trump should out Mr.Anonymous and not the very courageous Whistleblower.

  60. @Milton Lewis The whistleblower followed the law. The law was made to protect people who see criminal or immoral actions and report it without retribution. It's like a tip line that law enforcement uses for certain crimes. Read the whistle blowers report. It's online. Virtually everything he claimed has been backed by all the people you will see on TV over the coming weeks. Read it and tell me what hasn't been backed up by the transcripts that you can read as well.

  61. Anonymous is realistic: Trump's Republicans will probably not allow impeachment to derail this president, but we should all follow what we know we must do: vote character first, not pa on Nov. 2020. Even Senators, if allowed to express their views privately, do not support this man. God help us if Trump gets re-elected.

  62. @Jonathon McCleren God help us if the Republicans come up with another candidate who is actually competent and personable, yet still determined to replace our Democracy as envisioned by our Founders with something more like a new form of Global Fascism, employing all the seductive powers of media saturation and the continued full-throated support of the entire Republican Party.

  63. His argument does make sense that by remaining anonymous doesn’t allow Trump to distract from the argument by targeting the messenger but I am fairly confident that’s not the reason Rex is remaining anonymous.

  64. Rex was long gone when a lot of the stuff in the book took place.

  65. Whatever. We know all of this. Michael Lewis’ fine book ‘The Fifth Risk’ should be required reading for the nation. Register to vote right now. And vote. Vote Blue No Matter Who.

  66. @Will. Vote?! What did you change or accomplish by voting? The current conditions?!

  67. @Will. It is absolutely true Vote Blue No Matter Who. As long as Blue commits to ending all gerrymanders and outlawing all voter suppression tactics. They should also move election day to Saturday. Then they can put strict limits on election donations and spending while outlawing ads that attribute false policies and postions to rivals. Finally they can balance the voting power in Senate elections to reflect actual populations. If you do all that then the U.S. might start to approach something like actual democracy. Compulsory voting would also be nice but that's probably a step too far.

  68. @Kenan Porobic -You speak like someone who lives in a highly gerrymandered state, continually corrupted by Republicans willing to do anything to enshrine and protect their power. Understand. It is painful.

  69. Given the details we know of this person, they likely are quite aware of the phrase “preaching to the choir”. Man up and take your indictment to the people that need to hear it since they won’t listen to us. My feeling is they want to be able to salvage their soul and political future when this nightmare ends, but it’ll be too late.

  70. Such bravery to hide behind the Anonymous moniker. It seems akin to being the first mate on the Exxon Valdez, standing next to an intoxicated captain, knowing full well that the tanker's going to pile into a reef soon. And secretly tweeting about it instead grabbing the helm. I love reading about these "ex" and "former" or "soon-to-be-retired" Republicans who can call out the danger this President poses to our democracy and the planet. Yet the people who are currently "in" office can't find the backbone to do anything about it. So a lot of good it does us. I, for one, won't spend a moment of my time reading this book. If Republicans want to gain my respect, start boning up on the testimonies being given now, start looking for the facts in this matter, and get ready for impeachment.

  71. @Gig Just for your edification, neither the Capt. or first mate were at "the helm" of the Exxon Valdez. They were not even on the bridge as it was not their watch. The 3rd Mate was on the bridge, most likely with an ordinary seaman as helmsman. And please, don't spread false tales about Capt. Joseph Hazelwood. He was cleared of all drinking charges at his trial. He was scapegoated by Exxon.

  72. Whoever this author is, he thinks so highly of himself that he assumes the godly pose, except he recognizes that, unlike any real god, he is humanly vulnerable and must therefore hide in anonymity. The only point is exhibitionism.

  73. Warning: If Donald Trump was freely elected three years ago, then America has nothing better to offer! Wouldn’t those “the brightest among us” create the new party capable of fairly and justly winning the elections? If you lost from Trump, then you are worse than him… Please, face the truth finally! Stop fooling yourself! It wasn’t Russia, it wasn’t the electoral college! It was your personal incompetence, corruption and dishonesty that got Trump elected!

  74. What I absolutely hate is when people say ""Obama was out of touch with mainstream America" when I was on board with a lot of his positions mean that the speaker thinks I am not mainstream America. What he or she is really saying is that mainstream America consists of uneducated, moralistic, climate change denying and racist people. Is that what they mean?

  75. @davey385-Exactly. Anonymous appears to be waking up slowly from an alternative reality. Both in misjudging an incompetent and ethically AWOL Trump (fueled by a coterie of sycophants, Fox Entertainment News, and Republican enablers) and in mischaracterizing President Obama's accomplishments, a real statesmen and leader worthy of the office. "Nearly 500 Accomplishments by President Obama, With Citations"

  76. @davey385 Obama was, and is, a Black man. That's what folks mean when they say "Obama was out of touch with mainstream America." What else can it mean? After all, he was far to the right of many of the current Democratic presidential candidates, where the "mainstream" is supposed to be, and his personal life was above reproach, indicating by his example that marriage is better than philandering and serial divorce. And he wanted all Americans to have access to affordable healthcare, to reverse the Bush-era recession so that people could have jobs and a decent life, and to do something about our human-caused overheating planet before it was too late. All sounds mainstream to me.

  77. @davey385 I agree. His election was inspirational to large swaths of "mainstream America," especially if we include people who aren't white. But of course, when people say "mainstream America" they almost always mean "white America" and specifically "white conservative America," which is a minority of the country.

  78. All who voted for and continue to support this awful man will forever have my anger for the destruction brought upon our nation and the world. I thought Republicans had some basic underlying decency, but obviously a stacked Supreme Court, lots and lots of money from the oil and gas industry running free, and making sure lower/middle class Americans pay all the taxes are what really matters. Oh, and to heck with the rest of the world who look to us for guidance, friendship and assistance. You're on your own. Go Anonymous! You're may not be perfect, but the truth needs to be told.

  79. Anonymous books and hushed conversations in the bowels of Congress: such is the extent of the GOP’s “courage” these days. This the best you’ve got? It’s time the Republicans step aside for another decade or so.

  80. There’s the eternal complaint that President Barack Obama was “out of touch with mainstream America.” The lack of 'tell all' books, even three years later, about the Obama administration, speaks volumes.

  81. @Leigh this implies that Republicans somehow think THEY are mainstream America. This person's commentary is suspect on those words alone. To wit they still haven't learned how out of touch and foul they really are.

  82. @Leigh Excellent point!

  83. I believe “out if touch” is code for skin color.

  84. Why be anonymous? If this personn was serious about telling the "truth" (or more of it) why not resign or file a whistleblower complaint. Is this person trying to somehow get others to resign "en mass", or secretly work against Trump. Suspect, really.

  85. Sounds like “Warning” is a book every Trump supporter, donor, campaign worker and Senate Republican need to read. The rest of us already know all this . . . unseemly stuff.

  86. Far from being an "adult in the room", the author of this book is acting like a frightened, selfish child; hiding and irresponsibly blaming others; pretending to be trustworthy while refusing to come clean. The original op-ed should never have been published. The Times did readers and the country a disservice by printing it. Why is the author being allowed to protect his job by remaining anonymous? I don't need him to tell me Trump is a nightmare. It's obvious. What I need is for his enablers to go on the record like men.

  87. @Joe Agreed. If he is not "whole" enough to stand up and claim who he or she is, why would we think he or she has the courage to do what's necessary while there? Also, and i haven't heard anyone mention this, does Anonymous say anything about the president stealing a 2nd term? I just read a piece elsewhere that said Russia is going to DC to team up for cybersecurity. In light of the recent resignation of the person that said they resigned because the president was all but welcoming , or inviting, (can't remember their exact words) a cyber attack. apparently the president has been purging cyber security officials. I haven't heard anyone say that anonymous has said a word about that.

  88. Such a waste of time and resources. Where’s the outrage with others’ conduct over the years with zero consequence.

  89. So now we have both an anonymous author and an anonymous whistle-blower, both of whom, of course, "stand up" to Trump with myriad accusations. Guys, this just ain't workin.

  90. @Mark91345 Maybe, Mark, Anon. still fights the good fight from within, and ALL whistleblowers are guaranteed anonymity if they worry about retribution. That's a lawful thing. Don't shoot the messenger. Read the message.

  91. The problem is that whistleblowers can say whatever they want without impunity. They can hide behind their anonymity and either tell the truth, or fabricate the most salacious of stories. It’s the equivalent of saying “you just have to believe me”, but you don’t know who “me” is

  92. The Executive Branch needs a Spartacus moment.

  93. I remember two important books that were originally published as ANONYMOUS: Through Our Enemies’ Eyes (2002) and Imperial Hubris (2004). Written by Michael Scheuer, a long serving CIA officer with expertise in this area.

  94. "Presenting anonymity as not just convenient but an ultimately selfless act" So, what are those who sign their thoughts, convictions and ideas by their personal names? Selfish?!

  95. I am unmoved. Yes, I believe everything this author says. Yes, Donald Trump will be remembered as the worst President in this country's history, elected by a fluke, aided by our enemies and, evidently, in thrall to them, still. BUT, by remaining "anonymous", the writer has robbed his message of most of its power. The President is all these things, and yet you continue to serve him. He's an active threat to our country, but you continue to lurk in the shadows. Your coming forward, doing the right thing, would encourage others to do so, yet... I know, it's easy for me to say, but, whoever you are, you asked for the job, and you're not doing it; instead, you are shirking your duty, as you write, for profit, a "tell all" book that refuses to "tell" the most important thing: who you are.

  96. I cannot think of one single reason to read this book.

  97. @Elizabeth Grey, good point. The media's incessant repetition of Donald Trump's tweets, along with the coverage of his silly rallies and his rants over the sound of his helicopter, are more than enough. Of course, I doubt that is what you meant.

  98. @Elizabeth Grey Reading the news and hearing the media daily is enough. We already know and are sick.

  99. I don't need an "anonymous" author to tell me Donald Trump is not fit to be president. Unless it is someone who is still there; a witness holding things together for the good of this country, they should make themselves known.

  100. It sounds as though Anonymous is seeking to inoculate himself from the inevitable stench that will waft from every individual who has played a role in this criminal conspiracy of a presidency. Publishing this book is a cynical act, one that smacks of self-preservation and not public service. Unfortunately quite typical for a Republican

  101. “The president has failed to rise to the occasion in fulfilling his duties,” No, the entire Republican Party has failed.

  102. @Phil Spot.on.

  103. “Anonymous” is shining light behind the veil, where for accountability’s sake, the American people deserve to know how radically different—indeed how dysfunctional, inept, and corrupt—this President appears to be. Such an insider’s view may not have been needed before in our history, but it is obvious to anyone paying attention that our democracy is at stake.  I used to be a Republican until Trumpism took over, and now cannot see myself ever voting Republican again. What the GOP has become is every bit as dishonest and dysfunctional as Trump. (Where is an “Anonymous” Senator who can step up to do as much for voters?). These venal politicians must be voted out of office and I will be supporting Democrats to make sure that such a disaster never happens again. And Mike Pence had better change his clueless attitude. If nothing else, Anonymous reveals that Pence has to be well aware of what is going on.

  104. @Hacked Pence has a rock on one side ands a hard place on the other. He's either complicit or idiotic. Neither is presidential material.

  105. So, Anonymous thinks we're in grave danger, but lacks the moral fortitude to come forward to fight the fight as himself? The fear this despicable president has instilled in people, on purpose and to be used as a weapon, is beyond comprehension. He must not be allowed to inhabit the Oval Office for another term. It's taken us three years and countless maniacal tweets to get here. We dare not look away or falter. We must defend our democracy from this threat.

  106. I am not a fan of Trump. It would not shock me a bit if all the author said is true. What I have witnessed from the worst President i have seen in my 60 years of life, is bad enough. Having said this I don't agree with this persons decision to not reveal himself. This is completely different then the whistle blower. He followed the law. And the law was designed to allow people to tell the truth without fear of retribution. And virtually everything the whistleblower claimed has been verified by all the witnesses who have testified openly. The author of this book needs to step up like Col Vindman. He knew he would be slandered by these thugs and yet he did his duty. The time to hide is over. Our countries future is at stake. Not revealing himself allows the Trump team to ignore the reality of this incompetent administration.

  107. Do we know that the Whistle Blower and Anonymous are not one and the same?

  108. @Anne Tomlin Do we have any indication that they are the same person?

  109. So now this scandal has its own “Deep Throat”. How is Anonymous any different from that?

  110. This "Anonymous" is more than a day late and a dollar short, and the cliche is intentional in a couple of ways.

  111. @matt harding amen.

  112. I think it’s great. Look at him as a whistleblower

  113. The author of "A Warning" is disparaged by the reviewer here for not being as much against Trump as most Democrats - a kind of purer-than-thou approach that does the country no good. But in any case this book is clearly not intended for Democratic NYT readers, but for another demographic: the substantial nuumber of Republicans for whom Trump is still a kind of holy figure, and who no doubt plan to vote for him again in 2020. The author's reference to "removing my identity" by remaining anonymous is indeed significant, given the strategy of Republican demagogues to battle for Trump by means of personification and personal villification. Consider the intensely personal attacks in the name of conservatism on Schiff, Pelosi, and of course Obama -- infuriating to those who care about ideas, but highly effective in influencing that demographic so attached to Trump. May this author have some impact on those he or she (or both) is addressing).

  114. @Bbwalker The tone of this review is exceedingly snarky and I just stopped reading it because there was far more snark than substance.

  115. @Bbwalker Sorry, but what might have an effect is actual, open Republicans turning on him and speaking the truth. An anonymous screed talking about a protest that didn't happen and so on... My God, what is that supposed to accomplish at this late date?!

  116. @Bbwalker Those who still support Trump either can't read or don't care about anything but money. This book will do nothing to change their minds

  117. It’s hard to imagine an act more likely to give credence to Trump’s complaints about a deep state and Never Trumpers. Anonymous’s cowardice stands in contrast to the courage of officials who have been telling the truth to Congress in the impeachment inquiry despite the real risks to their careers and their very lives. This book will only help Trump create a false sense that he is a victim of disloyalty while doing nothing to help remove him from office. Shameful.

  118. @Roger Agreed. No need to read the book. The weak, self-aggrandizing op-ed told us all we need to know about Anonymous. If we're quoting presidents, who better to speak than Theodore Roosevelt? “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

  119. @Roger If he was a Never Trumper, he never would've gone to work for Trump in the first place. Conspiracy theorists are always going to come up with theories. Their paranoia will never change.

  120. I get the sense from reading this review that knowing Anonymous' identity is irrelevant inasmuch as anyone paying attention could have written the same book. In that sense, not only is knowing Anonymous' identity irrelevant, apparently so too is the book.

  121. There is the musky odor of opportunity in this book. If I read it, I assume there wil be much truth about this unstable President. While we have seen most of it already, I am skeptical of the truth of the author, dropping a controversial book at an opprtune time Trump, the self professed Biz Wiz can only appreciate the marketing chops of the writer. For the main line rank and file, possibly nothing here that's really new, and to the unwashed hoi polloi... they don't read anyway. I doubt that there will a redaction on Fox

  122. The republic still stands. The flag is still there. The question is for how long? I found this excerpt to be highly credible, written by someone with renewed patriotism and a sharp mind. It's frightening how far we have regressed in only three years.

  123. @Andy dB How long? Until Bernie or Liz gets elected.

  124. It's late in the day for mea culpas. Anonymous might have better spent time helping his fellow citizens devise ways to remove the culprit from an office he doesn't deserve to occupy. With one more year in power it would have been helpful to offer both political and personal strategies to survive the inevitable acting out as King Lear realizes his throne is crumbling. Who, pray tell, will yank the "football" away when he reaches for the button?

  125. @Tribal Elder " more year in power"? Try 5. Sadly the Dems have no one capable of going toe to toe with this threat to America. They always bring a knife to a gun fight . The front runners are way too far left. Biden is damaged on so many levels it's not funny. And now Bloomberg is testing the waters? Does anyone from the party really think that 2 Jewish guys from NY (Sanders and Bloomberg) are going attract a base from Wisconsin, Ohio, Western PA . Minnesota or Michigan. They'd be lucky to carry south Jersey. Unless the economy crashes (and it won't) we will have this confederacy of dunces for 5 more years and I'll be scouting real estate in Canada

  126. How do we know that this is by the same Anonymous who penned the op-ed? Presumably the original author was known to the Times Editorial Board and to no-one else. To publish this book s/he either furnished an anonymous manuscript to the publisher and self-identified as the original writer - in which case we have to take it on trust - or the Times Editorial Board confirmed the ID to the publisher.

  127. A new low to give this book any publicity. This person is almost as unpatriotic, spineless and weak as Trump.....almost.

  128. Sounds like a guilt ridden confession of a die hard Republican that fell for whole Trump enchilada with high hopes and then found out that they couldn't stand being in the same room with a raving lunatic. So the problem with Trump is his character, mental instability, and extremely low powered intellect. But man, those policies of his are something to behold. Never mind the all the racism stuff, the hatred, the never ending flood of lies, the abuses of power and all the those pesky illegalities. My question to Anonymous is the same one that I have for all these politicians who degrade themselves by kowtowing to Trump. What are you people afraid of? Trump is not a god. He only has power over people so long as they allow him to have that power. So he fires you. So what! Get another job. Have you no self respect? Have you no sense of honor or integrity. Trump is like a debasement disease. Everyone who gets close to him, goes into an automatic debasement syndrome. In a recent service at my temple, we had a guest speaker, an Imam. He said that in Islam, one cannot achieve righteousness until one removes oneself from those that are unrighteous. Yeah buddy! He got one one right. This Imam should have a long talk with every Republican in Congress and Anonymous.

  129. "once considered resigning en mass." Sure you did. Please rename this book "times we almost made a stand, but chickened out."

  130. Hit the EJECT button, America. There's a giant dumpster fire in the White House. EJECT.

  131. Anonymous isn’t telling anyone anything new. For those of us who know how diseased trump is—we’ve been there since day one. trump supporters either can’t or won’t read Anonymous’ book. Go away, Anonymous.

  132. Every person who supports this president after seeing what a disaster he is for democracy and the rule of law, our position in the world as a country that still values the ideals of freedom and democracy, no matter how imperfectly we have been in actuality, is part of the movement to degrade this country to the status of a third world country with nuclear weapons. How cowardly and timid every person who works or worked in the White House and political appointments in cabinet positions are to sit silently as they observe our nation being so debased and the office of the president defiled. They could have been heroes and demonstrated their love of this country and spoken out, whatever the consequences might be. All those dumped by Trump because they were insufficiently cowed into being yes men sit yet silent as the nation's reputation falls into the gutter. Shame on them and shame on anyone who still supports this reality TV fascism led by an ignorant moronic used car salesman. The founders of this country were brave enough to start an actual revolution to gain the liberties and freedoms we now enjoy. They put their very lives on the line to create this democracy. Every person should take a lesson from that resolve. The founders of this country signed a document wherein they said: "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

  133. Trump terrifies me. Anonymous makes me sick to my stomach. May God save the United States of America...from Republicans.

  134. Kelly told Trump not to replaces him with a 'yes man' because it would lead to him being impeached. So Kelly MUST have witnessed impeachable behaviour that Trump was steered away from many times. And still they laugh and make jokes about them. People like Anonymous are silly trying to preserve a place for themselves in society when one of Trump's crimes in office comes more fully into the light. Coward

  135. As a Navy veteran (‘65-‘69) and a proud member of the “Deep State” [retired federal prosecuting attorney (1995-2010) I would add the following. Mr. or Ms. Anonymous please read the biographies of the true patriots [excepting, of course the cowardly, inept, and buffoonish Gordon Sondland] who testified to the Intelligence Committee and ask what you can do for your country in this time of crisis. And if you are truly the patriot you want us to believe you are, you will step out of the darkness and shine the light on 45 and all of his enablers who have betrayed our country. I would have died in the service of my country had that been my destiny. So what sacrifice will you make.? We all await your answer.

  136. Anonymous, a student of history and a patriot should emulate Claus von Stauffenberg.

  137. I’m a lifelong Dem. Trump deserves to be ridden out of Washington on a rail. Tarred and feathered. So... I was thrilled with the absolute put down of this book, and Anonymous, by this reviewer. This book, the author’s words, mean very little without the courage to show one’s face, to attach one’s name. This book is little more than a rant one would find in a reader’s comment in a newspaper. Basically, we already have seen the movie, and Anonymous is showing us the YouTube version. This kind of blarney just empowers the apologists for Trump. It should show up among the cheap books at Ollie’s soon.

  138. I could be someone trying to help, or it could be another greedy “conservative” cashing in.

  139. "There needs no ghost, my lord, come from the grave To tell us this."

  140. The drama-porn commentaries of an active participant of the drama only highlights the addiction the masses have for such drama; we are willing to indulge and consume the regurgitation of stories of bad behavior as a form of political entertainment. What this brings to light is that Trump’s ability to distract and control the narrative permeates any means to define him and his actions. Ultimately, anonymous is not forecasting doom if Trump is re-elected, but instead he’s foreshadowing the salaciousness of what four more years of Trump will bring - buckle up folks it’s going to be a bumpier ride!

  141. It's interesting that so many comments refer to "Anonymous" as "he". I think it's just as likely that "Anonymous" is a woman.

  142. @Karen Lee Possible that it's a woman? Sure. "[J]ust as likely"? Only if senior Trump administration officials were distributed anywhere near evenly along gender lines.

  143. Those who buy a book by Anonymous more than deserve Trump as president..

  144. Donald Trump & his most fervent followers have made it physically dangerous for anybody to come out publicly against Trump. Trump stops at nothing to vilify a critic & destroy his career. He vilified Andrew McCabe, acting director of the FBI & gloats about punishing him by waiting to fire him until 26 hours before he qualified for a pension. That was not enough for Trump. He has been trying for the intervening 18 months to get McCabe indicted on criminal felony charges for talking to the New York Times (press liaison is part of the director's & assistant director's job description!!!). Barr empaneled a Grand Jury, but they failed to find any crimes to indict McCabe on & Barr disbanded the Grand Jury months ago. Recently, still trying to punish McCabe, Barr either recalled the original Grand Jury or empaneled a new one - Barr won't say which. Barr announced that charges against McCabe were days away. Again, the Grand Jury failed to bring charges & was dismissed. Before this, in tens of thousands of federal Grand Juries, only 6 have refused to bring charges. When the whistle-blower first came to light, Trump labeled him a traitor, a crime carrying the death penalty. Trump & Co are now trying to out him though the law protects his anonymity. Thousands of Trumpistas have sworn to kill him. Trump called Anonymous a traitor last year when he wrote his first article & is now hunting his identity high & low. No wonder he won't go public. He would be subject to Trump's vengeance.

  145. @Beartooth Mr. Trump continues to get away with this behavior precisely because no one on the inside has stood up and called him out. Well, not until the impeachment witnesses, at least. The emperor has no clothes.

  146. Our morality has been in the free fall over the last quarter of century and now you blame Trump for it?!

  147. I look at the brave public servants like Yovanovitch, Taylor, Vinland and Kent, braving all the threats and marching into Congress to tell what they know. Then I look at ole Anonymous telling tales out of school (since they won’t come forward to be accountable for their statements) and offering to donate “part of” the proceeds from the book to charity. Like night and day, really.

  148. It's hard to take serious anyone who voted for Trump to begin with.

  149. “Profiles in Courage” it ain’t.

  150. Superfluous. The 35% will be unchanged. The rest of us know anyway. Only one thing counts: remove this creep from office . ASAP.

  151. The bravery of those Dept of State officials who have given depositions under great stress for the sake of the country puts Anonymous’s plastic-wrapped revelations in perspective.

  152. the false sense of heroism and righteousness with which Anonymous is portrayed in this review suggests that he/she is just as comfortable as the rest of the GOP to futz along with Trump until someone else puts in the hard work to keep Trump accountable. more importantly, to say it’s not good for the country to impeach or remove Trump is an asinine argument as impeachable offenses are just that, offenses that require due process. to not put it on record and make Trump stand trial as long as he doesn’t get re-elected is the same as giving him a pass. just as getting a divorce doesn’t protect an abusive spouse from charges for domestic violence, whether Trump should get re-elected is secondary to the matter of impeachment and immaterial as penance for his bribery of Ukraine. to suggest that the correct course of action is to pass the removal of Trump onto the voters proves Anonymous is part of the system allowing Trump to thrive.

  153. I vividly remember crying hysterically on November 8, 2016 believing America had stepped off a deep cliff which would rip up our basic American values. The daily chaos wrought by this man has plunged us into a black hole of unimaginable depths.

  154. If Anon was serious about wanting the election (not impeachment or 25th Amendment) to be the solution, he/she would not have moved the publication date up. So this smacks of commercial opportunism. For such a book to be really useful it will name names of the worst enablers, especially the hypocrites who fawn to Trumps face and privately mock him, making their position untenable after Trump realises their disloyalty. All who enabled this terrible episode in the history of the USA (and the world) should be named and shamed and made to pay reputationally in history books for decades thereafter. I guess the problem right now is that there are still a lot of rats who think the ship can be kept afloat by barefaced lying.

  155. This is brilliantly written!

  156. For all those who feel the need to denigrate the author for remaining anonymous, ask yourself whether or not you would be willing to go public after reading about nut jobs who drive to Washington for the express purpose of shooting or blowing up those publicly denigrated by Trump. Would you feel safe if Trump publicly called you a snitch, enemy of the state or declared you were guilty of treason? How about if both Trump and his fans on Capitol Hill and on Fox screamed the same? Now add on the web zealots and radio hair-on-fire wind bags. My suspicion is that you would like someone else to start your car for you. Don't criticize the author if you are unwilling to walk in his or her shoes.

  157. @Tom Q unless Anon is claiming that they’re a hostage in Trump’s white house, there are many ways to be more effective than this book. heck, at least be a formal whistle blower.

  158. So he'll donate "a portion" of the royalties to charity, but doesn't say how much that portion is? I guess that's how you know for sure he's a member of the Trump administration.

  159. Some times I'm shocked the lights are still on. I have zero faith in Government nowadays. None.

  160. Anybody who needs a warning at this point if probably too far gone to help even if you conked them on the head with a 2x4. The book, though probably excellent, will be either preaching to the choir or be considered "fake news"...

  161. Think of all the many people who have been hurt by Trump and his policies. Had anyone had the courage to call out Trump on his unhinged behavior early on, Trump might have been ousted already. Instead, the country has had to endure these awful three years and incurred damage that will take years to undo. I won’t buy this book. I don’t want to put money in the author’s pocket. Too little, too late. A REAL “adult in the room” would have spoken up at the first signs of Trump’s crazy antics. I have no patience for enablers.

  162. Great review!!! Obviously, "Anonymous" should remain so. Not for the reasons stated in this article though. Anonymous should remain so because I for one, am not interested in reading the philosophical floundering of "buyers remorse" by a former political wanna-be. Whomever they are, they hitched their wagon to the Tasmanian Devil of ReTrumplicanism. I am a New Yorker. We've seen and lived with a lot of Trumpian hooliganism for decades. The entire Republican establishment as well as the rest of the country decided to ignore New Yorkers warnings about Trump. His shady business operations and nonexistent ethical nature. His elitist proclivities and sexual shenanigans. I will not say we told you so because no one in Washington DC lives in or listens to those in the real world. The body politic of the nation today behaves as if they are avid stock holders within their own corporation. Thank you NYT. I really do appreciate this review.

  163. Nothing to see here folks, move along. A bad attempt to make money before the brave ones tell the truth under oath.

  164. Let’s call the book what it is: a cowardly hedge. Anonymous wants his/her tax cuts, deregulation, and conservative justices but doesn’t want the career stain of working for this president. Folks like anonymous want to be reaccepted into polite society, and many probably will, but people like Spicer are showing how difficult that can be.

  165. How can these 'steady staters' consider themselves in service to their country when this caveman is destroying everything we stand for day-by-day? In the interests of the American people, steady-staters (Trump's SS?) simply MUST come forward. The oath they took was not to a person, it was to a country and they are failing badly in their jobs.

  166. The time has come for politicians in the right to act out of principle and not fear or tribalism. History will judge them in these historic times. If they lose their jobs, so be it. By the way, I’ll hire then if they do and pay them a fair salary. The time has come for integrity to return for the sake of liberty. -Austin Eudaly Dalkas, TX

  167. As far as I’m concerned, Anonymous is just as timid as the rest of the republicans in the government.

  168. I’m not sure why I should bother to read anything written by someone who thought Trump could possibly be fit for public office in the first place?

  169. It would have taken real courage to write a book arguing that Trump is secretly an exemplar of intelligence, wit, discernment, empathy, and sensitivity. Such an author would definitely need the cover of anonymity. In this case, however, the sheer obviousness of Trump's boorishness and incompetence eliminate any need to whisper the awful truth on a moonless night in a forgotten alley somewhere in the dank, dark depths of Anacostia.

  170. Anonymous’s choice to remain incognito represents the mix of cynicism, opportunism and moral cowardice that has driven the nation to this moment. How many times have we read about anonymous republican senators confiding to access journalists that Trump is unfit, but that they like the judges and tax cuts? How many times have the Rich Lowries of the world argued that Trump may be bad, but division (or name your reactionary virtue of the moment) is worse? We can longer allow these guys to have it both ways, play all sides. That silence, tacit assent, and access to power, has brought us here, and shaken the old bones of our republic to their breaking point. But no more. We must demand our political leaders and opinion makers to make a true binary choice. Our conservative consciences must find their voices. We must train the spotlight directly on them, and light up with flood lights all the shadowy murky places where these men might hide.

  171. Rachel Maddow read some excerpts from Anonymous' book, A Warning. From what I heard, I happen to believe what he or she writes. It meshes with what we are learning relating to the goings-on behind the closed doors of the Oval Office as well as the skewed and downright bizarre psyche of Donald Trump. Yet I have a real problem with it. Deep Throat from the Watergate era? No. Hero or heroine? No. Indeed this is a coward's way of telling what is most likely the facts of the matter. We have witnessed brave, ethical people of dignity, with years of diplomatic experience and incomparable expertise in their chosen field, risk their livelihoods and reputations to come forth to speak truth to power. This Mr. or Ms Anonymous lacks the moxie and conviction needed so much right now. This president is not of sound mind. This we know. He is a danger to our personal and national security. This we know. A true patriot is one who dares to expose himself rather than hide behind the guise of "protecting" Mr. Trump from himself.

  172. The book refers to Trump's inattentiveness and his impulsiveness; I think some unpredictability would also fit in with that description, even though Trump seems more predictable than not. But I'd suggest that those three descriptors are probably often hiding a thought process going on in Trump's head that, rather than always being a sign of a random or ignorant mentality, are at least as often tied to figuring out how to respond to events in ways that tie in with the plans he's made, and the plans of others which he's agreed to, but for which we don't yet know all the details. I'm not suggesting he's a genius, but a person doesn't have to be, in order to form and be part of complex plans that do great damage to others. He proves that every day.

  173. With a flood of information and allegations coming from the House impeachment proceedings, I wonder whether anyone will have time for a book that, if accurate, confirms what's been more or less common knowledge as reported in the mainstream media. Publication of this book may further heighten what seems to be a serious atmosphere of distrust and a seemingly isolated President in the White House.

  174. I understand the frustration exhibited by most of the comments here, but if this book gets exposure on Fox News it could have a positive impact on enough Republicans to make a difference. It is time to allow folks on the “other side” to feel comfortable in admitting they had made a mistake. We should welcome anyone who is willing or able to change his or her mind. I sure hope Anonymous will vote country before party this time around.

  175. @DB Lindsey Graham will not read the testimonies and Trump TV (Fox) viewers will not read this book!

  176. This book , regardless of its author has great credibility and is indeed a warning not just about the mental instability of our American equivalent to Caligula in the White House, but is also a heads up to all Americans about those “yes men“, who in their attempt to enable and appease Donald Trump ,are putting the nations security and well-being in peril. This is the thing that Republicans in Congress, in their obstinate pride and willful ignorance refuse to examine or acknowledge . And when this is all over, the enablers of Trump will be brought into account one by one, and it’s not going to be pretty.

  177. I do not think that the use of "anonymous" changes the sincerity of anyone. Given the climate of America these days, if a person were to be inside the Trump administration, s/he would be well advised to be hazy about identity, or else hire a body guard. I continue to hope that a conscientious Republican is waiting for the moment to tell all. I suppose that is naïve?

  178. Donald Trump will still say that this is all part of a continuing conspiracy, to oust him from Office. Refer to his responses to the Impeachment Investigations. 'hoax', witch hunt' 'read the 'transcript' etc.,

  179. It’s no longer acceptable to be anonymous, unless you are a true whistleblower. Come out and help us save the USA.

  180. We all can reason out out whatever we want on any topic. This anonymous writer does not instill confidence in his story especially since he, like millions of others, failed to take an accurate measure of Trump before pulling his lever on election day. We have enough confessors already that have credentials and are not anonymous.

  181. Here's hoping that this individual does his/her duty to the country, approaches the House Intelligence Committee and comes out as a whistleblower - non-disclosure agreement be da..ed. If any of this material, much of it no surprise, is proved true, we're in even bigger trouble than we thought.

  182. I’m going rogue, from the piece and from most of the comments here. From myself even. Maybe it’s Stockholm syndrome, but I feel relief when I hear persuasive arguments against, offered to erstwhile Trump voters from “one of their own.” We already know they’re not listening to the moderates of either party. As for anyone to the left of that, well.. ? So no, I don’t think snarking back at the newly converted is going to help, even if s/he held a high position in this scurrilous administration, seems disingenuous, or lacks the courage to put it all on the line. (Have we?) Let’s be the adults in the room.

  183. @Patricia Wolfenden Then post it on right wing media. If it helps awesome but I seriously doubt Fox News will report it in a way that harms Trump. And I truly doubt most right wing supporters will read it. The ones that do read it have probably already turned the page on Trump. My only hope then is it would solidify their support to remove him further.

  184. I have written and published more than 200 book reviews for a large academic readership, perhaps the largest in North America. My reviews were pretty brief and hidden among scores of others in each volume of the publication. The one question that guided me while I produced a page about a several hundred page book was "What did I read and how did it stand within its genre?" This review might have been more convincing if we learned how the book is structured and how it compares to others like it. I'm sorry, I read the review and have little sense of either its structure or is comparison to similar work.

  185. @drbobsolomon I agree. And the author may recognize this from the comments as well.

  186. Interesting review. I think it's wise to be skeptical of this "anonymous" character, and to include in that a skepticism of his motives for writing the op-ed last year, as well as this book. If this person is truly a "dyed-in-the-wool Republican" then the law of averages tells us that they likely love the president. This person is just trying to float a little distraction, a little detour of hope that someone is behind the wheel with at least a basic sense of human decency. Of course, this is just a neo-con who believes all the hateful things a neo-con must, so the idea that they have any semblance of a conscience is laughable. They care about money, that is all. They care about it more than the planet, more than the republic, and more than any notion of political morality or our national soul. They want a payday. The book, the op-ed, the nonesense, all of it is little more than an audition for FOX news once the administration is over.

  187. The reality of a Trump presidency was crystal clear from the beginning from his lack of understanding the issues that would advance American interest both at home and abroad. His strange conspiracy theories on Obamas birth and incoherent ideas on climate should have sent out red flags as to his lack of competency to occupy any high office let alone the presidency. Any person with principles would have distanced themselves from such a connection--Anonymous didn't.

  188. I have strong disagreement with the author remaining anonymous and attacking the president from within. This is exactly the Deep State Trump complains of. I disapprove of the current Republican President, more than any other in my lifetime. He deserves to be impeached and removed from office. But this kind of behavior is wrong on several levels and sets a terrible precedent for future presidents. This individual either needs to stand up to the president and resign or do the job they were hired to do: support the president and carry out his policies. Instead, Anonymous tries to have it both ways and, in doing so, perpetuates the Faustian bargain the Republican party has struck with Trump, deeply damaging both the Office of the President and the United States of America.