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  1. Stress can have drastic impacts on our mind and our body. Clouding up our brain when there's already so much on our mind. I scramble to find the information I need, the things I want to remember, and the things I still enjoy. Balancing academics, athletics, and relationships between friends and family is incredibly stressful. Sometimes I lie awake at night unable to fall asleep just because i'm stressed for all the things I need to accomplish the next day. High standards I need to meet. To throw more on top of it all, social media. I spend more time on social media apps than I know I should. Instead of sitting downstairs talking to my family, I sit in my ill-lit room scrolling through the endless feed. The thought of losing family relationships enter my mind and I become even further stressed. I've become more aware of the effects of stress and social media have had on me. With less social media time on my hands, my mind has opened up and created more time for the people I want to spend my time with, and the important things that need to be done.

  2. I think that this picture shows the conflicting thoughts inside a teenager's brain. Teenagers can be very explosive at times and often have crazy thoughts that are all over the place. Add hormones to the mix, and you've got craziness brewing inside the brain. I think that this picture shows all of the thoughts and emotions within a teenager's brain, at just one small moment of the day. This is what causes stress, emotional breakdowns, and other traumatic things that happen during the teenage years.

  3. This picture shows how someone has so many different things going on in their head. Everything in the person's head looks messy and all over the place. This could easy mean that they are stressed. When someone's head is feeling like this they usually can't think straight. The story this picture could tell is that someone is going through a very hard time in their life. They're thoughts are all over the place. This person is most likely to have an anxiety attack because they have so many thoughts that they don't know what to do.

  4. This reminds me whenever I have a Migrain and lots of thoughts just race across your mind.

  5. This reminds me of people reading news paper

  6. This reminds me of when I try to read something and get distracted in the past or the future and then I can't focus.

  7. I think this picture shows the rough thoughts inside a teenager's head. This picture is what some teens think and stress about like its an explosion. Teens stress daily. Stress can cause dramatic changes to our appearance. Most teenagers stress about their schoolwork and other important things they have to do and worry about. During the teenagers years, teens get stressed, have emotional breakdowns, and other terrible things. This picture looks like the teen has too many things going on in their mind and cant handle it, which could lead to the teen being depressed.

  8. I find it interesting how humans go through life, only able to see what is on the outside of each others heads when what really controls the entirety of our consciousness and movements is what is on the inside of our bodies. Currently taking psychology has made me appreciate the extent to which our brains enable us to not only breathe, but keep up with the day to day rollercoasters of life. The various colors, words, scribbles, and shapes in the picture remind me of the constant messiness that our neurons and sensory inputs have to keep up with 24/7. Yet, even with this complicated factory inside our skulls, the woman displays a straight face. In my imagination she continues on with her day, displaying only a face rather than the control center for her entire being that it really is.

  9. It could mean that there´s a lot of stuff going on in our mind and we just don´t know how to clear it.

  10. it's mines but I can't claim it I don't dare raise my hand can't let them know that I know it so my brain inflates slowly refilling when nothing was taken out my head has exploded let out all of my thoughts too bad it left my mouth intact ready to betray

  11. This That Everything at once Drowning Phrases and thoughts Everywhere? Nowhere and somewhere No, yes, no, Here and there Anywhere? Dreams and reality Mixing All the same That This Sometimes the voices in your head lead to nowhere or anywhere...

  12. I think that that picture shows what is going on their mind.

  13. This could mean that the thoughts in your head affect your actions, your health, and your feelings. Your head is a mess during these thoughts. The thoughts that might affect you would be "what if", "when is", even "where is." These thoughts are the ones that affect your health, actions, and feelings. All of these are connected because the actions can affect your health and the health could affect your feelings.

  14. I think this picture could show that either 1. They have a lot on their mind and cannot focus 2. They have their thoughts and their own system that work but everyone else see a mess an thinks their unorganized

  15. The person in the picture cannot see clearly. The thoughts that the person is thinking are being faded into one. He cannot think clearly for himself. The outside world as barged in and taken over his head. The pieces of newspaper, the scribbles and the color variation convey all his thoughts and how much he is lost inside of them. His eyesight is being distorted and he is only able to see what the world wants him to.

  16. Headlines flashing, people lashing- When will it ever end? Colors swirling, images unfurling- Does everything become a blend? Blinded by the worries Blinded by the doubt Blinded by the chance That tomorrow won’t work out. Can’t stop, won’t stop- Can you ever get a break? More time, more work- Do you ever stop to think? Blinded by the stress Blinded by the work Blinded by the chance That tomorrow bad things lurk. You say you want a difference. You say you want a change. But you are far too overwhelmed to help Because time cannot be gained.

  17. This picture shows what is going on inside someone’s head, and it just looks like a big jumble. You can see this person’s thoughts, but you have no idea what they are thinking about because they have so much going on inside their head. This jumble of thoughts, this never being able to shut your brain off and take a minute to relax is what causes a lot of our stress and health problems. It has been proven in recent studies that “persistently high levels of social and emotional stress” can “dampen the immune system.” While it is impossible to avoid stress all together we can try to decrease the amount of stress we bring into our lives by taking breaks from technology, and optimizing your sleep and diet. If we work to declutter our mind and make our jumble of thoughts manageable we can work to lower our stress levels.

  18. When looking at this image it’s showing that this person literally has thing’s scrambled in their mind. A memory this picture makes me think of is everyday after school how much homework I have to do. When reading the article it says how man had a hard time dealing with Type 2 diabetes and how much stress was stacked up on top of him. The doctor Dr. Chatterjee worked with him with trying to change his blood levels and they did improve by the patient doing yoga and meditation. Another thing that helped the improvement of the patients blood level was that he also put his computer down before going to bed for 90 minutes each night. In the article it was saying how technology can be another problem for causing stress which I didn’t even think about. After reading this article I realized I need to take a break from being on my phone and excercise more too because that could also be another reason which could lead to why I can be stressed out. I believe everyone should try to do one of the suggestions that this article provides to help decrease the stress level for people.

  19. Thoughts and ideas aren't always organized, I like to think that my knowledge is tucked away neatly in my mind- a cabinet of alphabetized files, sorted by color and category. But in reality, my mind is full of combinations from a ballet I danced last spring, a halfway completed "to do" list, the theme of Charlotte Brontë's "Jane Eyre", and the anatomy of a cell. Our thoughts may not be neat and tidy, and at times all the knowledge we receive can be overwhelming, but the bouncing around and mingling of ideas can create something beautiful, and entirely unique.

  20. The person in the picture cannot see clearly because of all of the information that is thrown at them. You can make out different words that are seen on the “cloud” in front of their face. The different words and articles in front of them represent how so much information is thrown at us this day and age, that it is hard to understand what is actually happening. After reading the article, I see how much of a problem that stress can be to people. “Dr. Chatterjee counseled him to focus on the root cause of his problem: Chronic stress. The patient, a 53-year-old businessman, had been putting in long hours at the office, working late into the night and skimping on sleep.” This businessman got Type 2 diabetes from being way to stressed with all of his daily activities. “The public needs to be more aware of how prevalent and damaging it is, and doctors need to be aware of some simple things to help people.” Dr. Chatterjee explains how stress is a lot worse than people may see it. It can cause really bad things to happen. On the contrary, simple things like getting more sleep at night, using less technology, and having good friendships can help to lower stress levels.

  21. This picture can show how overwhelmed a teenagers brain really is. Filled with social media, school, homework, family life, and friends. Having a brain that is as crowded as this can cause so much stress in our day to day lives. According to Doctor Chatterjee, stress can weaken our immune system, promote inflammation, heart disease, and even cause premature aging. So, we all should take steps towards lessening the load of stress our brains have to handle like taking time out of each day to let our minds rest and not think about anything. Because in this day and age so much stress is put on teenagers in school as they are being flooded with homework and, just like in the photo, become blinded. Unable to see anything but the swarm of information and colors closing in right in front of their eyes.

  22. This image is very creative and very intriguing, however, it can be interpreted in many different ways. I find it interesting how the clutter and chaos of the piece is located at the top of the head sort of like a brain. It looks as though there are words under the blue, black and grey swipes of color. That could represent thoughts that were lost by all the background noise or activity going around the person. This looks like a chaotic head, someone who doesn't have their stuff straight. Looking at this image I seem to get lost in what is going on, there are so many paths to take, words vs images, and color vs no color. I think this image is intending to depict a mind that is lost, confused, and we can all relate to that by the confusion and chaos our world has endured today.

  23. Stress clouds the mind of almost all of the people in the world. Whether it be with a job or school, stress is always there somewhere. Most of my days are filled with the stress of performing well in sports and school work. The main source of stress is the large sums of homework that I receive. Most of the assignments that I am given are difficult, ill-explained, and/or time-consuming. Dr. Chatterjee in his latest books states that “the public needs to be more aware of how prevalent and damaging it is,” referring to the problem of stress. Stress contaminates the brain, making everything feel more difficult. Dr. Chatterjee also says that “having a bit of pleasure in your life makes you more resilient,” creating a method of prevention.

  24. Lately I’ve been stressed to the max. If you asked me to draw what’s going on in my mind right now it will just be a canvas of scribbles, you might call it abstract. It’s too crowded in there. Overthinking about every little detail that was off throughout the day. My routine has gotten worse. Wake up, go to school, go straight to work after, come home at night stay up late to do homework then repeat. My chest starts to get heavier and heavier as the scribbles and thoughts in my head caught up to the rest of my body. I only get weaker and weaker as the week goes on. The stress shutting down my body functions one by one but no adult seems to understand as this is “a part of life.” Well it was time for a change. Waking up to go for a walk clears my head before starting the day. Starting the day off with an empty mind is far better than worrying about what I did in the past week. Sometimes I just have to take a moment out of my day to just breathe, meditate and relax it can be for one minute or ten. It makes my days easier and all the scribbles start to erase while slowly lifting the pressure from my chest. Time that I make for myself is worth every second.

  25. The picture is obviously about stress, but I personally can relate to what it appears the person is stressing about. The most noticeable parts for me are the newspaper clippings strewn about chaotically throughout the brain. I definitely feel overwhelmed by the news some times, and it can feel like everything going on in the world is just floating chaotically in my head. I also identify with the expression of the man- he appears emotionless, hiding his stress away. I’ll vent to my friends, but for the most part I maintain the appearance of calm and carefree. Reading the article I think that I should try doing what Dr Chaterjee recommends- turning off electronics 90 minutes before bed, etc. I think that I could definitely benefit from some of these stress-reducing activities.

  26. This image is depicting many different thoughts, all scrambled to create a mess in this individual’s mind. This scrambled mess is known as stress. Everyone goes through stress, even the people who hide it through their facial expressions, just like the person in the image. The abstract portion of the image, shows clearer messages on the outside, like words from newspapers and different individual colors; but these messages and shapes start to fade toward the center, where you can only differentiate scribbles, showing chaos. This depiction is revealing how so many outside thoughts and opinions eventually get caught up inside someone’s brain, which causes them to stress out. When too many people try to tell me about something and there are so many different opinions trying to sway me one way or another, I get stressed out. Too many opinions and news, is too much for my brain to handle. In the article, Dr. Chatterjee discusses the negative impacts of stress and different strategies to help people reduce their stress. He suggests that social media and phones are a big factor of stress, which I can relate to. Not only does social media cause anxiety and depression for some people, like Dr. Chatterjee says, it is also very distracting and causes me to fall behind on some of my school work, which stresses me out more than anything.

  27. My heart skips a beat. I realize after a moment that I have been holding my breath; I’m not sure for how long. It’s happening. I start gasping for air, life-sustaining air. I want to fill my lungs, but I can’t seem to get enough. My vision starts oscillating, not like I’m passing out; rather, like I’m dissociating from the world around me. My head hurts. I’m swimming in a flood of thoughts: cloudy, tangled thoughts that won’t separate enough for me to recognize. Is the room spinning? I still can’t get enough breath in my lungs. I’m petrified. Where is that music coming from? I can’t put my finger on the tune. I’m trapped in a bubble; the world is here but I’m certainly not. I can’t think straight. I can’t breathe. When you look at me, you see composure. When I look at me, I see a scramble.

  28. Tuesday night; a cool 61 degrees; the West Texas sunset making me feel at home only, I didn't want to go home yet. Staying out late is never my favorite, especially when I'm staying out because of practice, but tonight was different. I sat outside surrounded by isolation and nothing more than a few crickets making their presence known. As much as loved my team, I just needed to get out of there. It had been a long day, filled with the judgment I faced from my mom, the realization my best friend/sister was one thousand four hundred thirty miles away, and my dad, packing his bags to move eight hours away. I had gone to practice, happy to be away from my home; Only when I arrived I was ambushed with comments such as, "Why don't you know this, you're the captain?" "Why can't you just do your job!" I felt as though i couldn't breathe. I had been one month clean, no cutting, no more letting my depression run the show; Yet today I fell. This picture reminds me of that day. The day I felt as though I was drowning in a pool of my own thoughts. I had gotten better and wasn't in the constant state of my that me, the biggest disappointment to burden this Earth, was better off leaving it. When I look at this picture, I see a person. A person with their mouth shut, keeping what's really going on inside (even though everything feels like it's going to spill out at any second.)

  29. The mind is a mess of everything and nothing All at the same moment Things to do Things to not do Places to be And people to please Numbers and faces and thoughts Confusion and numbness and a far away dream All at the same moment My mind is a mess of everything and nothing

  30. This image can be depicted in so many different ways by so many different people. For me, this image portrays the stress of everyday life. My life. My messy, stressful, crazy life. I feel stress everyday, it feels like my mind is being pulled in a million different directions and I can’t get it to stop. It can be caused by school, my family, or even my friends, but at the end of the day we all are affected in one way or another by the outside world. For some, the chaos from that outside world can start to get cloudy the more it’s thrust upon us until finally it’s just scribbles on a page. There have been days when I feel like no one can relate, and I try to deal with it alone. People will deny the fact that I’m stressed, they say that I’m just overreacting. Why should my scribble be an overreaction? Everyone has their own level of stress, we can’t assume that it’s all an overreaction when we all have our own scribbles on a page.

  31. The mind is a mess A jumble of pleasures A collage of moments Many thoughts competing To be the one you are thinking Influences from the outside trying to break in making you feel lost unable to tell right from wrong dragging you down making you feel like you don't belong But these thoughts make you who you are embracing them makes you unique so don't be scared to think then go ahead and speak because the mess in your mind is to beautiful not to share

  32. This image can be viewed by many different people in many different ways. To me this image screams hectic, messy, chaotic mindsets that people have. The craziness and artistic designs are in the upper part of the emotionless person head leadings gme to believe its the brain. No matter what is going on around you, there is always that background mess in your brain. I can relate to this image because for me it would represent the amount of stress I put myself under. The image is all over the place almost scrambling for order but there is none there to be put in place. What really sticks out to me is the random lines and colours. The swirls and mess that all comes together to be an art.

  33. Published 24, Oct. 2019 Scramble Comment: I believe that the picture could mean that the person having the thoughts is so worried about taking care of different things in their lives that they constantly worry about. Many adults do this as they have more concerns in life than minors. Adults must pay attention to a multitude of different things such as money, payments, work, or their well being. This picture shows me someone whose thoughts have become so abundant that they can't keep up with everything becomes mixed together, which can confuse them and make them lose track of other things which can lead to stress. The calm expression on the bottom half of the face appears to be calm and collected to other people but is merely hiding the mess that is their thoughts.

  34. The second I saw this image one word came to mind; stress. Stress comes in many different forms but either way it affects all of us. As much as we try to be stress free, we can’t avoid it. Stress makes us feel frantic and like we can’t control anything. This picture represents how I feel when I’m stressed. Like the related article states, stress doesn’t just hurt us mentaly it harms us physically. It can dampen our immune system, promote inflammation, heart disease, and premature aging. Stress can be dangerous to our health. However, we can help ourselves, Research shows that simply going on a 15 minute walk device free can ease our fragile anxiety.

  35. When I look at this picture I see a person who has a crazy life. Everyday they have something going on somewhere to be. They might be going through personal on the side and their mind is just filled with anything and everything. The blue color scheme leads me to believe he may be sad or going through some sort of trauma. A time in my life when I feel this way is all the time. Every week my schedule is jam packed with places to be, people to see, things to do. I have cheer 4 days a week sometimes 5, I have therapy 2 times a week, I have school, homework and just sprinkle of free time between all of that. In the related article is all about how to reduce stress which leads me to believe the picture is a person who is dealing with stress because of all the things on his mind. The article showed a study where stress can “wreak havoc” on your blood sugar levels which is actually really scary to think about. I agree with the British Doctor when she says “stress is a chronic disease.”

  36. When I first saw this picture, the first thought that popped into my mind was “That’s me. That’s all of us.” I look around the room and see the tired and stressed look on all of my friends faces. The bags under their eyes from no sleep because they’ve been studying for a test. The scrunched faces to try and concentrate so maybe, just maybe, they won’t have homework. Faces in their hands because of the headaches received from no food or water because we all forget to eat sometimes. But I know my friends minds are racing exactly as this image shows. Then I turn and look at me. The messy hair because I was rushing out of my house to make it on time. The laid back clothes because I no longer have the energy to try and pretty myself up anymore. Even though me and my peers have empty looks on our faces, as the picture seems to, our minds are running with a thousand thoughts. Throughout the day, I don’t stop and sit down until about 10:30 or 11:00 pm. The animals I own that need to be taken care of, I have to work, there’s a practice thrown in the middle of the week, I have a test tomorrow that I need to study for. There’s all of these things that keep me from slowing down and taking a breath. In my life, it feels as if there is no time. I can’t focus because my mind is thinking about what needs to be done next and how I can make it work into my schedule. No matter the day, time, or place my mind will never stop.

  37. In this image it is conveying stress in a visual form. Stress is overwhelming and takes control of your mind especially. This image shows how confusing it is and the amounts of things that a single person can be dealing with at one time. It is a great way to see what it looks like, because you can only feel stress, others can't always see it. In the related article Dr. Chatterjee says that “A lot of people are oblivious to the effects of stress,”. The artist portrays stress and what it feels like so that the oblivious can see and feel it.

  38. @Mary Lamporte I also took this image as how stress can affect a person. We are constantly being looked at and judged and I think a lot of people like to look past the fact that someone could be hurting, because they themselves are hurting just as much as the other person. Everyone deals with stress but some people are better at dealing with it or holding it in and I think that is perfectly represented in this Image.

  39. This is all of us. All of us in high school, all us with honors classes, all of us with lives outside of school, and all of us who have too much to do in such little time to do it. This image could represent everyone who has too much stress or weight on their shoulders. In high school it starts to actually matter. Grades make the difference, sports make you look good, and you can’t even forget about being student president. What they forget about is our outside lives. We get told everyday that everything matters so much and that we need to be thinking about when this or that is due. Not only do we get it at school but most of it get it at home as well. The straining conversations with our parents after school about how our day was or what homework we have. All the never ending clusters in our minds cause us to forget things, I mean there is only so much we can keep up there at our age. All of the stress causes us to feel down, like we are in a bottomless pit up to our necks. We start to overthink everything which makes us blue and begin to doubt ourselves along with our work and abilities.

  40. @Mary Westendorff I think this image really resonates with us because, like you said, we start to have too much to do with no time to do it. All the weight makes us feel like we are being crushed. Our intense schedules start to crowd us and we stress. The related article tells us that stress isn't just bad for us mentally, it is bad physically. From dampening our immune system, promoting inflammation, heart disease, and premature aging. Stress harms us.

  41. Tick, Tick, Tick The sound of the clock sitting on my bedside table is the only sound present in the room. As I lie awake, staring unseeing at my ceiling, the darkness makes the enclosed room feel as expansive as the space between the stars outside. The suspension of peace present throughout the room did not extend itself to the endless caverns of my mind. I could find no rest as the thoughts of my brain continued to whirl in tandem with the complex mechanisms present in the clock. Tick (What if-), Tick (Why did-), Tick (When will-) The endless chatter of possibilities and regrets continued to overlap each other and become more tangled as the hours slipped by. 1 am. I felt the guilt and shame of falling behind in my class overwhelm me. What could I have done better? 2 am. The fear of losing the people I love grasp me and my breathing becomes ragged and the grip doesn’t ease up. What if I don’t have time to say goodbye? 3 am. I’m struck with the blow of self-loathing when I realize it’s been weeks since I last talked to my friends. How awful could I be? Tick (Stupid-), Tick (Worthless-), Tick (Disgusting-) The spiral continues on throughout the night. Layers upon layers of doubts, memories, fears collide on top of me, pulling me under as my eyes began to sag from unstoppable exhaustion. A restless night of sleep takes hold of me, only relenting when the clocks endless noise becomes one of an alarm. I awake from my marathon and repeat the process when I lay down again.

  42. This picture shows the chaos I go through on my day to day life. I could imagine my brain looking exactly like that. Thoughts and ideas scrambles everywhere caught in the stress. Every morning, I have to find the courage to get up and get dressed because I got so little sleep from being up last night doing my homework after going to my extracurricular activities. Even that sentence is chaotic, but that’s my life. Even on the weekends, there is always something going on and homework piled on top of that. How am I supposed to remember anything? How’s that even good for my health? I should be able to have the time to be with my family and my friends, and I don’t! After I get dressed, I run downstairs and shove a breakfast down my throat as fast as I can while everybody yells at me for being late, and I’m not even actually late. Then, we have about 2 minutes to talk about the plan for the day. “No, I can’t drive her; I have to do this, this, and this.” “Well I can’t pick her up either so..” “Okay. Well somebody needs to, so figure it out!” “Fine, I will, but you’re taking her to..” See my point. Stress not only affects our personal lives, but our health too. It increases our risk of being sick or getting a chronic disease, as the article states. The picture seems to be everybody’s life lately, and that’s a big problem that is widely overlooked.

  43. @Shivani Patel, I love your dialogue. I almost feel like it's my parents telling me to get a ride to whatever kind of event we're scrambling to get to. The feeling of the stress of dull day to day things like getting ready piled on top of other things that people will say that is important. Still, the question that you pose of how is any of the responsibilities are benefiting you is powerful. I see the benefit of maybe taking a mental health day to decompress to deal with the craziness that life will dish out.

  44. @Shivani Patel I feel that your statement that life has become too stressful in our day to day lives as we try to juggle everything in the air. I personally have a lot of stress dealing with my English class, the teacher is wonderful, but she gives alll this stuff to do and a deadline with confusing add ons along the way, and even when we are almost doen, she doesnt stop to make sure everyone is up to speed and moves on with something new. meanwhile leaving me in the dust trying to sprint after a car down the highway. so then I dont turn stuff in and my grade pays dearly, while she gets mad at me for not doing the work.

  45. This picture makes me think of everything I been through since I was a little kid. When I was little, I didn't have what other kids had when they were babies. When I was a kid, I had to play with my friends' toys because I didn't have toys like they did. My parents have been working all their lives from morning to night. My mom wakes up at 5:00 am to make food for us so when we arrive home back from school we have something to eat. My dad wakes up at the same time my mom does , they both leave at the same time but my mom arrives home like at 6:00 pm. When my dad comes home it is ike at 8:00 pm so basically, we don't spend enough time together like other kids do with their parents. Now that I'm old enough and know how to take care of myself, my parents go to work without worrying because, I wake up to wake my 8 yr sister up and walk her to the bus stop in the morning. My older sister is 11 so she leaves after I leave. I wake her up and when I leave the house I have to make sure she is fine and ready to go.

  46. In this picture it depicts a person with half of their face hidden but blocks of text, scribbles of color and random pictures. This is supposed to represent their mind. How people always have things going on in their brain. This picture tells the story of someone with so much going on they feel so crowded inside. Someone, maybe a student who is struggling with so much school they can’t stop stressing over every bit. They don’t know how to calm their thoughts because the overwhelming feeling of stress won’t let them. This is someone struggling with too much on their shoulders and it’s hurting them. The article talks about the same thing with the title “Stress can make you sick..” It talks about how stress can raise your blood sugar, heighten your anxiety and cause heart disease. Stress has a hard impact on your body when you receive too much. The article mentions ways to reduce stress which i think everyone should know. “Some of his techniques are easy to adopt, like simple breathing exercises and calming morning routines. Others require significant lifestyle changes, like optimizing sleep and diet, cutting back on smartphone and social media use, and fostering friendships and purpose to build resiliency.” These are some solutions mentioned that could ultimately save a life. Being stressed is one of the worst feelings, it just sits in your chest like a parasite you can’t get rid of.

  47. To me, this picture explains what goes on in everyone’s minds as we go throughout the day. I can’t speak for anyone else but for me a million thoughts go through my mind on a daily basis. This image especially depicts to me the mind of a musician. Musicians are constantly erasing what they write and bettering their music. With creating music comes stress. Multiple thoughts going through your mind at one time can be stressful for anyone but for a musician trying to create a song I think it can be especially stressful. In the article, Dr. Chatterjee mentions stress being inevitable and talks about the drastic effects stress can have on people. The picture shows the person with their eyes covered to me showing just how stress can overtake someone’s life or consume them. I can agree with what Dr. Chatterjee said because I often find myself feeling overwhelmed and not realizing the effect that stress will have on me if I don't take a minute to relax.

  48. I feel this image whenever I sit in the desk to my Math class; first class of the day in the unholy hours of 8:30. I feel at the end of the day when I sit down in English or AP world with three essays to do and hundreds of pages to read. I feel it in the middle of the night when I’m supposed to be sleeping but instead I dread all the work I didn’t finish that day, all the work I need to finish the next. Of course, I have only myself to blame for putting all my work last minute, and lately I’ve been working to fix that problem of mine. But nowadays the problem feels different. It’s no longer because I spend too much time slacking and lazing around. For the past months as soon as I get home it’s work, sometimes well over the time I’m supposed to sleep. I went from lazing around to working all the time, and the effects show. I snap at my friends, barely have time to go out with them and when I do I’m just not in the mood because I’m so tired. For what it's worth I get the job done. Stress scares me into working and finishing it all on time. But stress scares me into thinking it’s not good enough. Stress scares me into thinking I’m not working hard enough. Stress scares me. It’s all I can do not to scream and yell in my teachers’ faces and tell them to make the essay’s themselves even though I know that’s not how it works. It’s all I can do not to snap my pencil, or punch a wall, or kick someone because I’m just so tired.

  49. @Natalia Rivera I think this is so relatable. School just takes up so much of our lives nowadays, and the stress seems inescapable! My mind is always jumbled, and all throughout the day I’m stressing for my next class or about what I have to do when I get home. I wonder if I’ll be able to finish all of my work when I get home, or if I’ll even remember to, or if the stress will be enough that I just can’t do anything. I wish we could just have a break.

  50. When I first saw this image, I instantly felt I could connect with it. This picture shows a person with a jumbled mess of a mind filled with words, scribbles, and frustration. I believe this represents any highschooler struggling with stress and mental health. During school, useless information is shoved in our faces and it’s often overwhelming to take it all in. There are plenty of times I have felt what this image is illustrating. I will be sitting in class, trying and failing to collect my thoughts. I’m struggling to understand what’s right in front of me and managing my stress all while trying to silence my overactive imagination. Having an organized, peaceful state of mind just seems unreachable. There is just too much going on up there. The article mentions how depression and stress can lead to a variety of health issues, and how oblivious one can be to it. I personally understand how frustrating and agonizing stress can be to the point where you don’t even realize what it’s doing to you.

  51. Look at me. I’m just a speck of dust in this universe of things, and yet how does the human mind expand with such accuracy? Far much larger than the universe, so it seems. I imagine what it’s like to die, and whether my expansive mind lives on to a new destiny or if it fades into oblivion, never again to be embodied. Is the world only what I believe it to be? Does it even matter that I have thoughts of how the sun shines and how it affects me? Isn’t creation only a story to be told, and is struggle the actual thing that makes life so beautiful? I mean just think, who would you be if you never felt an ounce of sorrow? Would you appreciate anything? That’s what scares me. Why must heaven be made of perfection? Why do we crave this sanctuary? But maybe these are just small things that make life so interesting. Or maybe this is just deranged poetry.

  52. The picture at hand, initially caught my eye because it looks really nice. When I enlarged the photo to get a deeper understanding I noticed that the scramble of things was plastered over the forehead. When you look below the area of scramble nothing about the face is changed. The image shows me that even though all of this mess is happening in his/her head the person is still showing a normal face, and has trained themselves to not be overpowered by their emotional stress. I hear people say a lot that they always have things running through their head, and it's really crazy, but I can't relate. I feel like I may just be really boring because my brain thinks about something vividly and tones all other things out. It seems as if this really hurts my creativity, because I personally have a lot of trouble writing anything interesting.

  53. This photo depicts a person with many things in front of them. There is no main focus of the person’s scattered thoughts. There are so many things swirling around, that it is hard to focus on just one. As a student, friend, family member, volunteer, club member, and athlete, I wear many hats -- making this picture is easy to relate to. My brain is so usually packed with lots of things to do - both fun and work - that is is hard to focus on just one thing. My brain often moves onto the next thing on my list, even though I am not done with with the task in front of me. It is hard to focus on one thing with a jumble of life all around you.

  54. This picture shows someone having many thoughts running through their mind at once. They don't have a clear focus on what’s going through their mind. This reminds me of when I get overwhelmed with school work and swim. In school I have to remember things like what I learned in american history or a certain formula in math for homework, or study for a test coming up all on the same night. After school I go straight to practice and focus on what I need to do while I'm there and I just end up forgetting stuff I need to know later than night. If I have too many things going on at once it ends up stressing me out and I get very little done. On those types of days now I try to make a plan for that night so I don't have to worry too much about if I need to do this or that.

  55. I think that this picture, while also showing that there are many thoughts running through the person’s head, says that together and scrambled up, utterly confuse the person or take up all of the space that they have to perceive things correctly or be productive or keep up with everything that’s going on. Like you said, being overwhelmed by many different assignments as well as extracurricular activities can definitely cause a similar predicament to what I see in the photo. Making a plan can definitely help you in those circumstances, but sometimes we’re all consumed by this haze over our minds that comes with all of the tasks we’re faced with in our lives.

  56. I believe this picture shows all of the thoughts one certain person can be thinking about throughout the day. I have a bad over-thinking anxiety disorder & seeing something that I can relate to like this is fairly easy to correlate my mental problems with. I'm sure most people can relate to this, especially teenagers who struggle with anxiety as well as depression.

  57. Hurt. Afraid. Smart. Confused. Try. Run. No. You. Them. Me. Help. The words run through my head. What do I do? Do I look all right? Will they accept me? Am I good enough?

  58. Anxiety. Our generation has a constant reminder that we are not good enough. We are told that we aren't attractive enough, we aren't tall enough, short enough, good enough in general. Our generation needs to learn that not everything is on the outside. Personalities need to become more important than the way we look.