The Only Women’s Pro Hockey League in America Plays On

Olympians and other top stars are boycotting the N.W.H.L. this season, but that has made the league more accessible for those who thought pro hockey was not an option.

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  1. Go N.W.H.L! Much success to you all!

  2. So, I am a fan of women's hockey. My daughter played for years. I love watching the Girl's High School state tournament and the Gopher women. I'm also a supporter of unions and equity in women's sports. So nice article but despite the alleged lack of ill -will from those sitting out the season, these women are strikebreakers. Also known as scabs.

  3. I would happily pay cable prices to watch women's hockey. This is a sport that American women do so well in at the Olympics, but when it comes to regular league play, there's just so little support. When will women's sports get the money and tv time they deserve?