In N.Y., a Generous Heap of Trouble for Trump and Friends

Wednesday: As he girds for an impeachment fight in Washington, the resignation of an early supporter and shifting re-election prospects are among the president's headaches back home.

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  1. After reading Ken Freydman's article on Rudy Giuliani it seems like his ex-associates and staff are trying to distance themselves from the man, claiming who he is now isn't the person he was in the 90's. I would accept that if it was for the fact that as a life long New Yorker I remember Rudy during the 90's. He was popular because he cracked down on organized crime and Wall Street insider trading. However he wasn't exactly squeaky clean. The crime numbers dropped but that was due to Rudy switching over from FBI crime numbers to NYPD reporting. His administration was plagued by poor or compromised judgement, mainly that of Bernie Kerik, who despite mob ties was promoted to Police Commissioner in 2000. Interesting enough 2000 was also when Giuliani's own connections to Russian security and Ukrainian consulting firms started to develop. Long before he became a Trump confidant.

  2. @Don, regarding "claiming who he is now isn't the person he was in the 90's" But don't you feel that every time we say he's not what he was 20 years ago, we're not only carrying on the conversation about what he did then, but we're tending to look at him then through rose-colored glasses, and adding to the lore - even as we try to suggest "look how he's fallen." In our desire to say "what happened to the old Rudy," we somehow remember the "old Rudy" without all the flaws, because it just makes the contrast to today seem sadder. (In a way, it's like when we recall careers of artists with only their films or other art that have endured, almost as if the flops never existed.) For himself, I've got to wonder if maybe it's not just that he likes feeling relevant now, but also hearing the re-telling of the days of his accomplishments and they're being painted as so wonderful to so many who hadn't really known him then.

  3. @Don What I remember is “it’s Giuliani Time” was the quote that summed up his time in City Hall. Never seemed so terrific to me, and his current behavior doesn’t seem so out of character. He’s just been given greater permission to misbehave publicly instead of trying to conceal his baser impulses, just like his boss.

  4. You have to remember Rudy denied Hilliary Clinton was anywhere near the World Trade Center on 9/11 when there is a photo of them side by side. Of course he said this at a Trump rally !

  5. "Alec Baldwin Gripes About Tour Boat ‘Scam,’ and N.Y.C. Cracks Down" It fascinates me that Alec Baldwin has had so many moments where we thought "this is It, he'll never be taken seriously again" - yet someone with a similar amount of mishaps but certain equal in terms of talent like Lindsay Lohan doesn't get that chance to easily rebound. That he gets these chances, like Mark Sanford in politics got as another example is probably a good thing. But are there women who've been given these multiple chances? I'm trying to think of some who made several complete comebacks. I don't know that it's male vs. female for the audience, but seem to think it's the opportunities given by the people financing work trusting them on set and showing up, etc. Maybe it's that Alec Baldwin, though just as great in drama when he was younger, seems to keep coming back with comedy and was Ok laughing at his past , and we expect that wildness with people who fo comedy?

  6. I’m waiting for Rudy to be disbarred

  7. This had to happen sooner or later. The amount of greed and graft undertaken by Donald Trump and his "friends" has gone on uninterrupted long enough. And that's not even counting the number of times he's put off revealing his personal and corporate tax returns. At this point we can expect him to go full-Roy Cohn. That is, double down and go the route of excessive litigation. But eventually, the truth will come out. Because executive privilege ends when you're no longer the executive.

  8. "Staten Island is the only county in New York City that Mr. Trump won in the 2016 general election." Really! Is this any surprise?